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by his wife Arabella Jane, d. of Archibald Argyll Hay, and
widow of Charles Tennant. Armorial bearings (L.O. , 15
Nov. 1816) — Quarterly, i and 4, gyronny of eight or and
sable ; 2. argent, a horse's headcouped sable, bridled gules ;
3. argent, a fesse gules, all within a bordure compony ermine
and purpure. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest —
On a wreath of his liveries, a dexter hand and arm couped
at the e;bow erect proper, holdmg a spur or. Motto—
' Forget not." Seat — Craigie House, Ayr,

CAMPBELL of Achalader (L.O.). Quarterly, first

and fourth, gyronny of eight or and sable ; second,

argent, a lymphad, sails furled, oars in action, sable,
flagged gules, on a dexter canton of the last, two bars or,
third, or, a fesse chequy azure and argent. Mantling
sable, doubled or. Crest — A dexter hand grasping a
scimitar all proper. Motto — " Without fear."

Son of J. L. Campbell, Gentleman, of Achalader,

b. 1820 ; d. 1891 ; tn. Isabella, d. of Sir Colin

Campbell, K.C.B. :—

Brig.-Gen. John Colin Livington Campbell, late R.E.,

J. P. Perthshire, Member of Roy. Company of Archers

(King's Bodyguard for Scotland), b. 1853 ; m. 1892,

Elfrida, d. of P. A. Lloyd, of Pentrehobyn, Flints. ; and

has issue — (i) Colin Campbell, Esq., M.C., Capt. Argyll

and Sutherland Highlanders, b. 1893 ; (2) Archibald

Campbell, Esq., Capt. R.A., b. ; and Isabel.

Res. — -Acholader, Blairgowrie, Scotland. Clubs — Army

and Navy, New (Edinburgh).

CAMPBELL of Glenfeochan (L.O., 1789 ; rematric.
1927). Gyrormy of eight or and sable, in the dexter
chief point a boar's head erased of the second, and in the
sinister base point a salmon naiant azure. Mantling
sable, doubled or. Crest — On a wreath of the liveries,
a goat statant azure, armed and hoofed or, in his mouth
a sprig of ivy proper. Mottoes — (i) Above the crest,
" Mar bu mhiann leinn " ; (2) below the shield, " Fortitu-
dine et prudentia."

Eld. surv. son of Duncan Alexander Campbell,

Gentleman, of Barriemore, Port Appin, Argyllshire,

b. 1803 ; rf. 1861 ; m. 1842, Margaret, d. of William

Macfie, Esq., 3rd Laird of Langhouse, Inverkip : —

William Macfie CampbeU, Esq., J. P. County Borough

of Liverpool, M.D. (Edinburgh), late surgeon 2nd V.B.

King's Liverpool Regt., b. 1848 ; m. 1872, Jessie Barbara,

d. of James Macfie, Gentleman, of Gerhallow, Dunoon ;

and has issue — Duncan Alexander Campbell, Gentleman,

b. 1886 [m. 1913, Yde Marion Iphorte de Hamel ; and

has issue — Alan John Duncan Campbell, Gentleman,

b. 1926 ; Francis Marion ; and Sheila Margaret Macfie] ;

Mary Graham ; and Ethel May. Res. — Runnymede,

Shrewsbury Road North, Birkenhead. C/M6^Liverpool


CAMPBELL (L.O.). Gyronny of eight or and sable,
a bordure invected chequy ermine and ptuTDure. Mant-
ling sable, doubled or. Crest — A dexter hand proper,
holding a spur or. Motto — " Forget not."

Son of the late Archibald Samuels Campbell, b.

1820 ; w. 1871, Mary Alice, d. of Henry Pumptre

Gipps, M.P., of Elmley and Harbledown, co. Kent : —

Archibald Young Gipps Campbell, Esq., C.S.I., CLE.

C.B.E., V.D., Chief Sec. to Govt, of Madras 1924, temp.

M.E.C. Madras 1926-8, b. 1872 ; m. 1910, Frances Irene,

d. of the late Rev. Henry SaviU Young, of Mallards

Court, Stokenchurch, co. Oxford. Res. — Gamblers

Gardens, Adyar, Madras ; Flowers Court, Pangboume,

Berks. Club- — E.I. United Service.

CAMPBELL (L.O.). Quarterly, first, gyronny of
eight or and sable (for Campbell) ; second, argent, a
lymphad with her oars in action sable ; third, or, a fesre
chequy azure and argent (for Stewart of Lim), fourth or,
a lion rampant gules, armed and langued azure (for
Mackintosh of that ilk) as a maternal difierence. Mant-
ling sable, doubled or. Crest — A boar's head erased
proper. Motto — " Recta sequor."

Sons of CampbeU, Gentleman, b. ;

d. ; m. , Lettice Margaret Armitage :- —

James Armitage Campbell, Gentleman, b.

John Norman Campbell, Gentleman (Matric. L.O.),
Arms, Crest, and Motto as above ; in the centre of the
quarters a crescent gules for difference, b. . Res. —

CAMPBELL (matric, L.O., cadet of Campbell of

Airds). Quarterly, i. gyronny of eight or and sable

(for Campbell) ; 2. or, a stag's head caboshed sable,

attired gules (for Calder) ; 3. argent, a galley, sails fiu-led,

oau"s in saltire sable, flagged gules ; 4. or, a fesse chequy

azure and argent (for Stewart), all within a bordure

engrailed gules. Mantling sable and or. Crest — A swan

proper, imperially crowned or. Motto — " Be mindful."

Son of Frederick Campbell, Esq., C.B., V.D., J. P.,

of Airds, Sydenham Hill, S.E., late Col. ist Argyll

and Bute Royal Garrison Artillery Voltmteers,

b. 1843 ; m. 1869, Emihe, d. of late Donald Maclaine,.

of Lochbuie, N.B. : —




Edwaxd TasweU CampbeU, Esq., M.P. (C.) N.-W.
Camberwell since 1924, b. 1879 ; m. 1904, Edith Jane,
d. of Arthiir John Warren, of Epsom ; and has issue —
Charles Duncan Macnair Campbell, Gentleman, b. 1906 ;
Gillian Lome Campbell, Gentleman, h. 1920 ; and three
daughters. Res. — Elmhurst, Bickley, Kent. Cliib —

CAMPBELL (R. L., 1923, H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1st
and 4th, quarterly i. and iv., gyronny of eight or and
sable ; ii. argent, a lymphad sable, sails furled and oars
in action ; iii. or, a fesse chequy azure and argent, all
within a bordure embattled ermine (for CampbeU) ;
2nd and 3rd, argent, guttee-de-poix, on a fesse engrailed
sable, three towers of the field (for Higgins). Mantling
sable and or. Crests — i. On a wreath of the colours,
a boar's head erased or, langued gules (for Campbell) ;
2. on a wreath of the colours, a tower sable, issuant from
the battlements a demi-griffin holding in the dexter claw
a sword or (for Higgins). Motto — (Above the crest of
Campbell), " Follow me."

Son of Captain Frederick Augustus Campbell, 60th

Rifles, b. 1839 ; d. 1916 ; m. 1862, Emma, d. of

Major Hugh Brabazon, of Brabazon Park, co. Mayo,

Ireland : —

Guy Edward Spencer Ouseley CampbeU, Gentleman,

b. 1873 (by R.L., 1923, he was authorised to use the

additional surname of Ouseley, and the arms of Higgins

quartered with those of CampbeU) ; m. 1922, Nathalie,

d. of John Holmes Magruder, of Washington, D.C.,

U.S.A. Res. — 4 Sussex Place, Hyde Park, W.2.

CAMPBELL (L.O., 1899). Gyronny ol eight ermine
and gules, charged in each division with a mullet or.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — Upon a wreath
of his liveries, an eagle's head couped proper. Motto —
" Constanter et prudenter."

Eldest son of Leveson Granville Alexander Campbell

of Fairfield, Ayrshire, Esq., J.P. co. Ayr, late Capt.

H.M. Indian Army, b. 1825; d. 1907; m. ist, 1849,

Sara Anne [d. 1890), d. of D. Cowan:—
Leveson Granville Campbell, Hon. Major late Ayrshire

Yeomanry Cavalry, *. 1854; in. 1876, Mary Douglas, d. of
W. A. Bethune, and has issue— (i) Leveson Granville Byron
Alexander Campbell, Esq., D.S.O. R.N. (ret.), b. 1881
\m. 1906, Harriet Mary Eleanor, d. of late Rev. R. Here-
ford, and has issus — Leveson Granville Robert Campbel,

Gentleman, b. 1907 ; and Mary Eleanor] ; (2) Charles Hay
Campbell, Esq., Capt. Queen's Own Corps of Guides,
Indian Army, b. 1883 ; (3) Walter Gunning Campbell,
Gentleman, 6. 1886; (4) Frederick Fincastle Campbell,
Gentleman, b. 1887 ; and eight daus. 5<?a/— Fairfield House,
Monkton, Ayrshire. Res.— Rock, Wadebridge, Cornwall.

D.L. for CO. Ayr, formerly Lieut. Royal Engineers,
late Capt. Ayr and Wigtown Militia. Born September 16,
1841, being the only son of the late Major-Geneial Andrew
Campbell of the Bombay Artillery, J. P., by his second wife
Nicola Anne, dau. of the late Colonel Richard Maxwell
of Birdstown, co. Donegal. Armorial bearings (L.O. ,
1844) — Gyronny of eight ermine and gules, m middle
chief a covered cup and in base a hunting-horn stringed or ;
a canton quarterly, i and 4, argent, on a fesse azure, three
mullets of the first ; 2 and 3, azure, three garbs or, a
crescent ermine for difference. Mantling gules, doubled
argent. Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, an eagle dis-
played gules with two heads, in a flame of fire or. Motto
— " I byde mytyme." Married, June 9, 1870, Marianne
Letitia Georgiana, second dau. of George Robert Steven-
ion, late of Tongswood, Hawkhurst, Kent; and ha.s Issue
— (i) Arthur Maxwell Mitchell CampbeU, Esq., Major
Reserve of Officers, late Capt. 3rd Battalion Royal Scots
Fusiliers, b. 1874 I (2) Montagu Irving Mitchell CampbeU,
Esq., Capt. 3rd Batt. Connaught Rangers, b. 1879; and
Hilda Burella Mitchell, Lady of Grace of the Order of
St. John of Jerusalem, and Lady of the Order of Mercy.
.Sfrt^f— Auchmannoch, by Galston, N.B. ; also Glaisnock,
Old Cumnock, N.B. Res.—

CAMPBELL of Ashfield, Cadet of Duntroon (L.O.,
1837). Quarterly, i and 4, gyronny or and sable; 2.
argent, a lymphad, oars in action, sails furled sable; 3.
argent, three Moors' heads couped sable, banded ( f the
first, the whole within a bordure azu;e, charged with eight
annulets or. Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a
wreath of his liveries, issuing out of a mount vert, two
arms drawing an arrow in a bow proper. MottO — " Agile
pro viribus." Liverv — Black and gold.

Eld. son of William Henry Campbell, Esq., J.P.

Berks., b. 1839 ; d. 191 3 ; m. 1869, Augusta Elizabeth

(d. 1906), eld. d. of Ormus Biddulph (ygst. son of

John Biddulph (_f Ledbury): —
Robert Ormus Campbell, Esq., D.S.O. , Lt.-Col. late R.
Welch Fusiliers, b. 1872 ; m. 1898, Beatrice, ygst. d. of
Thomas Cadell ; and has issue — Donald Robert Ivar
Campbell, Gentleman, b. 1904; and Dorothy Elizabeth.
Res. — Barland, Kington, CO. Hereford. Clubs — Wellington,

CAMPBELL ofCraignish and Blackerton, Devon (L.O.,
1886). Gyronny of eight or and sable, the shie'd placed
in front of the mast of a galley, cars in action sable, flags
flying. Mantling gules, doubled argent.^ Crest — On a
wreath of his liveries, a boar's head erased proper. MottO
— " Fit via vi."

Eld, son of James Campbell of Craignish, Ardna-

creggan, Callander, N.B., and Blackerton, Devon, b

1830 ; d. 1895 ; Jii. 1883, Agnes, d. of George Frederick

White of Porchester Gate, Hyde Park, W. : —

Maj. Ronald Campbell of Craignish, D.S.O., served

Great War as Major Roy. Tank Corps, and Capt. Argyll

and Sutherland Highlanders (despatches), b. 1884 ; m.

1915, Muriel Mary, d. of Edward Griffith Scale; and has

issue — Ian James Campbell, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; and Una

Mary. Res. — Queenscroft, Ekham, S. E.g. Club— A.xmy

and Navy.

CAMPBELL, of Colgrain (L.O., 1864).— Gyronny of
eight or and sable, in chief a mullet counterchanged of the
field, all within a bordure embattled vert, charged with eight
buckles of the first. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a \vreath of his liveries, a boar's head erect and erased
or. Motto — " Fac et spero."

Eld. son of William Miidleton Campbell, Esq., J.P. ,

D.L., of Colgrain, b. 1849; d. 1919 ; m. 1873, Edith

Agneta, dau. of the late R. C. L. Bevan of Fosbury

and Trent Park : —

Colin Algernon Campbell, Gentleman, of Colgrain, b.

1874; m. 1911, Mary Charlotte Gladys, elder d. of J. B.

Barrington of Ashroe, co. Limerick, and has with other

issue — John Middleton Campbell, Gentleman, h. 1912.

Res. — Under-river House, nr. Sevenoaks, Kent.

Plate III.







CAMPBELL-COLQUHOUN (L.O., igoi). Quarterly.
I and 4, argent, on a saltire engrailed sable, a buckle
or (L.O., 1672); 2 and 3, gyronny of eight sable and
or, charged in the centre with a crescent counterchanged
for difference with a bordurevair (L.O. , 1757). Mantlings
sable, doubled argent, and sable, doubled or. Crests —
I. on a wreath of his liveries, a hand proper, hulding a
buckle or ; 2. upon a wreath of his liveries, a boar's head
erect and erased or, langued azure. Mottoes — "Omnia
firmat" (Colquhoun) ; " Kac et spera" (Campbell).

Only surv. son of Rev. John Erskine Campbell-Colqu-
houn. Lord of the Barony of Killermont and Ciarscad-
den, CO. Dumbarton, M.A., J. P., U. L., b. June 15,
1831 ; d. 1917 ; m. 1864, Emily Agnes, dau. of the Rev.
David Barclay Bevan of Amwellbury, Herts. : —
Archibald John Campbell-Colquhoun, Esq., Capt. (ret.)
6th Batt. Q.O, Cameron Highlanders, J. P. co. Dumbarton,
^.1874 ; m. 1907, Annabella, eldest d. of Benjamin Ross of
Riverside, Poolewe, Ross-shire, and has issue — Ian
Archibald Erskine Campbell-Colquhoun, Gentleman, b.
1917; William Lawrence Campbell-Colquhoun, Gentle-
man, i^. 1921 ; Christian Anna Lily; Mhora Agnes; and
Helen Mairi. Seats — Killermont and Garscadden, co.
Dumbarton, N.B. ; Balig, co. Perth. C/m^j— National,
Western (Glasgow).

CAMPBELL-MEIKLEJOHN (L.O., 188 1 and 23 Dec.
191 1 ). Parted per pale or and gules, on a chief parted as
before of the last and first, two martlets counterchanged, a
bordure argent, charged with three boars' heads erased
sable, armed and langued of the second. Mantling gules,
doubled or. Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, a dexter
arm in armour resting on the elbow, the hand holding a
scimitar, all proper. Motto—" Spes magna in Deo."

Eld. son of David Ogilvy Campbell-Meiklejohn
(formerly David < )gilvy Meiklejohn), Gentleman, Barr.-
at-Law, late I.C.S. , b. 1847; d. 1928; m. 1898, Edith
Margaret, second d. of Col. Charles Hallyburton
Grace, I.S.C. : —
Kenneth Campbell-Meiklejohn, Gentleman, b. 1907.
Res. — n8 Oakwood Court, Kensington, W.14.

CAMPBELL-SWINTON (L.O., 1850) — Quarterly, i
and 4, sable, a chevron or, between three boars' heads
erased argent, within a bordure engrailed ermine (for
Swinton) ; 2 and 3, counterquartered, i. and iiii. gyronny of
eight or and sable, each charged with a trefoil counter-
changed, ii. and iii. argent, a lymphad sable (for Campbell).
Only dau. of John LiulfCampbell-Swinton, Esq., J. P.,
Capt. 2nd Vol. Bait. King's Own Scottish Borderers,
Member of the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen's
Body Guard for Scotland, b. March 3, 1858 ; d. 1920 ;
tn. June 6, 1893, Agnes Cecil, youngest daughter of the
late George I'owry White, Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's
Inn: —
Margaret Anne Cecil. Estate and postal address —
Kimmerghame, Duns, N.B.


CANDLER of Moreton Pinkney Manor (R.L.). Per
fess indented, the chief per pale argent and azure, and
the base or, a canton gules. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an angel proper, vested
argent, holding in the dexter hand a sword, the blade
wavy of the first, pommel and hilt gold. Motto— " Ad
mortem fideli=;."

Sons of Waldemar C Candler (formerly Wolff)

of New Jersey, U.S.A., b. ; m. 1886, Anna-

bella Mary Ascough, Mrs. Candler [now of Moreton
pinkney Manor, only child and heiress of the late Capt.
Charles Edward Ascough Evered, 37th Regt., who on
succ. her great-uncle, George Candler of Moreton
Pinkney, assumed for herself, her husband, and issue
the name and arms of Candler]: —
Charles Ascough Candler, Gentleman, b. 1890.
Walsingham Candler, Gentleman, b. 1891. Seat —

CANE (U.O.). Azure, on a fesse per pale gules and
argent, between in chief out of the horns of a crescent a
dexter hand couped at the wrist and apaumee, sur-
mounted by an estoile, between on the dexter a horse
counter salient, and on the sinister a lion rampant, each
also surmounted by an estoile, and in base a salmon
naiant, all argent, on the dexter side three lizards
passant in bend sinisterways argent, and on the sinister

an oak-tree eradicated proper, over all an escutcheon
argent charged with a Cross Calvary on three grieces
proper. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a cat-a-mountain rampant proper.
Motto — " Felis demulcta mitis." Livery — Black, with
yellow facings.

Sons of Arthur Beresford Cane, Esq., of St. Wol-
stan's, Celbridge, co. Kildare, b. 1814 ; d. 1864 ;
m. 1st, 1849, Selina (d. 1859), d. of John Trant,
Esq., of Dovea, co. Tipperary ; 2nd 1864, Eliza,
d. of Sir John Stevenson, Mus. Doc. : —
Richard Claude Cane, Esq. (The O'Cahan), late Col.
4th Batt. Royal Irish Regt., formerly Capt. Royal




Artillery, J. P. and High Sheriff of co. Kildare, b. 1859 ;
m. ist, 1882, Eva, d. of Surgeon-Major W. H. Mackintosh,
Royal Horse ArtiUery ; 2nd, 1916, Edith, d. of Joseph
Humphreys of Frome, Somerset ; and has had issue — by
ist marriage, Maiuice Cane, Esq., b. 1882 ; killed in
action 1917 [tn. 191 1, Hilda Jessie Bisset, d. of R. G.
Kennedy, of Victoria, B.C. ; and left issue — Donall
Cane, Esq., b. 1912] ; Evadne ; and Olive ; by 2nd
marriage — Edward Claude Arthur Cane, Gentleman,
b. 1917. Seat — St. Wolstan's, Celbridge, co. Kildare.
i?es.— Alens Grove, Leixhp, co. Kildare. Clubs —
Carlton, Kennel, Kildare Street (Dublin).

Arthur Beresford Cane, Esq., C.B.E., b. 1864 ; m. 1894,
Lucy Mary, C.B.E. (d. 1926), d. of Edward William
O'Brien. Res.—(>6 Ehn Park Gardens,

CANNAN (H. Coll., 31 Oct. 1923). Azure, on a bend
between in sinister chief a horse forcene, and in dexter
base a palm branch or, a fleur-de-lys of the field, on a
chief argent a cross gules surmounted by a castle
proper. Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a lion rampant or, gorged with a collar gules
and supporting a morning star erect gold. Motto —
" Vincit qui patitur."

Son of James Cannan, of Salt Lodge, Stafford : —

Astley Cuthbert Cannan, M.B.E., Capt. (ret.) 5th
Lancers, b. 1887 ; tn, Margaret Helen Grace, d. of
George Arthur Goslett, of Chelworth, Chelwood Gate,
Sussex. Res. — Greenways, Chippenham, Wilts.


CANNING. Quarterly of six, i and 6. argent, three
Moors' heads couped in profile proper, wreathed about
the temples argent and azure (for Canning); 2. gules,
three spear-heads palewise in fesse argent (for Salmon) ;





3. sable, a goat salient or (for Marshall) ; 4. argent, three
bendlets azure, within a bordure gules (for Newburg) ;
5. per pale argent and sable, a fesse nebuly, between three
grifiBns' heads erased, all counterchanged and within a
bordure engrailed, also counterchanged of the field (for
Spencer). Mantling sable and argent. Crests — i. a demi-
lion rampant ermine, holding in the paws a battleaxe
proper ; 2. a demi-griffin segreant sable, beaked and
legged or ; 3. a demi-lion rampant argent, holding in
his dexter paw an arrow, point downwards or, feathered
argent. Supporters — On the dexter, a griffin regardant,
wings elevated and expanded, azure, guttee-d'or ; on the
sinister, an eagle regardant, wings elevated and
expanded, sable. Motto — " Ne cede malissed contra."
Son of Rt. Hon. Charles John Spencer George Can-
ning, 3rd Baron Garvagh, b. 1852 ; d. 1915 ; nt.
1877, Florence Alice, M.B.E., d. of Baron Joseph
de Bretton, of Copenhagen : —
Rt. Hon. Leopold Ernest Stratford George Canning,
4th Baron Garvagh, of Garvagh, Londonderry (28 Oct.
1818), late Lieut. Highland L.L and R.A.F., J.P., D.L., b.
1878 ; m. 1919, Dora, d. of Bayley Parker, of Oaklands,
Edgbaston, and widow of Lieut. -Col. D. M. Dimmer,
V.C. ; and has issue — Hon. Alexander Leopold Ivor
George Canning, b. 1920 ; Hon. Victor Stratford de
Redcliffe Canning, 6. 1924 ; Hon. Dora Valerie Patricia
and Hon. Daphne Rose. Seat — Ashby Hall, Lincoln
Clubs — Carlton, R.A.C.

CAPEL (H. Coll.). Chequy or and azure, on a fesse
gules, three lozenges argent.

Son of William Capel, Esq., J. P. and D.L., i. ;

d. 1883; m. , Sarah (rf. 1888), d. of :—

Lt.-Col. William Capel, late South Lanes. Regt., D.L.,
J. P., d. 1848; OT. 1870, Sophia Arabella Edith {d. 1900),
eldest d. of late Fitzmaurice Gustavus Bloomfield, Esq.,
J. P. ; and has issue — Edith Beatrice [m. 1904, Brig.-Gen.
Hugh Broderick Stockley, CLE. , R.E. ; and has issue].
Seal — The Grove, nr. Stroud, Gloucester. Clui — Naval
and Military.

Son of Arthur Capel, Esq., J. P., 6- 1815 ; d. 1889 ; m.

1853, Elizabeth Catherine, only d. of Lt.-Col. John

Smith Keats of Spring Hill, Wiveliscombe :—
Arthur Capel, Esq., J. P.. M.A. (Oxon.), Barr.-at-Law. i.
1854 ; m. 1891, Amy Isabel, d. of Frederick Norton of Hil-
grove Road, Hampstead ; and has surv. issue— Arthur
John Capel, Esq., D.S.O., D.F.C., Squadron-Leader
R.A.F., 6. 1894 {Clui—R.A.F.); Amy Catherine [?». 1917,
James Taylor, Esq.. F.R.C.S.. Glasgow, and has issue];
and Hester [m. 1926, Charles E. Hancock, Esq. of Spark-
ford, Somerset]. Seai—BuUand Lodge, Chipstable. Wivel-
iscombe, CO. Somerset. Clui — Oxford and Cambridge.

CAPEL of Prestbury (H. Coll.). Chequy or and
azure, on a fesse gules, three lozenges argent. Mantling


CANTLEY (L.O.). Argent, on a sea undy azure and
of the field in base, an ancient galley proper, in full sail,
the sail charged with the old arms of Nova Scotia, oars
in action, pennon gules, on a chief engrailed of the
second, three cinquefoils of the first. Mantling aziure,
doubled argent. Crest — A dexter arm in armour, couped
at the wrist, holding in the hand a thistle slipped proper.
Motto — " Better drive than be driven."
Son of : —

Howard Cantley, Esq., Lieut. 78th Picton High-
landers, Canadian Army, b. . Res. — New Glasgow,
Nova Scotia.

CANTRELL-HUBBERSTY. Quarterly, first grand
quarter, quarterly i and 4, vert, two bars engrailed
between two moles erect in chief, and in base a griffin's
head erased all or (for Hubbersty) ; 2 and 3, argent, a
pelican in her piety, in chief two roses, the whole within
as many flaunches all sable (for Cantrell) ; second grand
quarter, Hubbersty ; third grand quarter, Cantrell ; fourth
grand quarter, or, a pile azure, over all a chevron invected
between two garbs in chief, and in base a mullet of six
points, all counterchanged (for Boultbee). Mantling vert
and or. Crests, i. upon a wreath of the colours, in front
of a griffin's head erased argent, charged with a fesse
engrailed vert, a mole fessewise or (for Hubbersty) ; 2.
upon a wreath of the colours, in front of a tower argent,
a rock proper, thereon a boar passant sable, armed or
charged on the body with two roses argent (for Cantrell) ;
with the Mottoes, ' Propositi tenax " over the Hubbersty
crest; and "Pectus fidele et apertum " over the Cantrell
crest. Livery — Green and gold.

Sons of Col. Albert Cantrell Cantrell-Hubbersty of
Ragdale Hall, and Radcliffe Hall, Leics. , b. 1S43 ; d.
1915 ; m. December 5, 1876, Martha Lydia [d. 1910),
younger daughter of the late William Jessop, Esq., of
Butterley Hall, co. Derby:—
William Philip Cantrell Cantrell-Hubbersty, Esq.,
O.B.E. , Maj. Res. of Officers, late Lieut. 15th Hussars,
Deputy Assistant-Director of Remounts, Northern Com-
mand, 1905-10, b. 1877; m. 1923, Phyllis, only d. of
William Bethell, of Rise Park, Hull, .S^a/s— Ragdale,
Leicester ; and Alvaston Field, Derby. C///*— Cavalry.

Edward de Burgh Cantrell-Hubbersty, Gentleman, b.

CANTWELL (U.O.). Gules, a muUet between four
annulets, two in chief and two in base all or, a canton
ermine. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a leopard's head couped below the neck
proper. Motto — " Ne cede malis."

Son of Patrick Cantwell, Gentleman, of Temple-
more, CO. Tipperary : —
Daniel Cantwell, Gpntleman, b . Res. —

azure and or. Motto — " Fide et fortitudine." Livery —
Dark drab coat, blue collar and cuffs, gilt buttons,
striped blue and yellow waistcoat.

Only son of Christopher Capel, Esq., of Prestbtiry

House, Glos., J. P., b. 1822 ; d. 1905 ; m. 1876,

Elizabeth, d. of the late John M. Davies, Esq., J.P.,

D.L., of Carygie, co. Cardigan : —

Christopher Capel, Esq., Maj. (ret.), late Capt. and

Temp. Maj. Glos. Regt. Special Res., formerly Capt. 4th

Batt. Glos. Regt., b. 1877; m. 1922, Laura Mary, d. of

Col. Killigrew Wodehouse, of 42 Cadogan Square. Seat

— Prestbiu-y House, Glos. Clubs — Junior Carlton ; New


CARNEGY-ARBUTHNOTT, Gentleman. Born 1864,
being the e der son of the late Arthur Risdon Capel
(who assumed the additional surnames of Carnegy-
Arbuthnott). Armorial bearings (L.O. , 1891)— Quarterly,
I and 4, azure, a crescent between three mullets within a
bordure argent (Arbuthnott) ; 2 and 3, or, an eagle dis-
played azure, beaked and membered gules, within a
bordure vair^ (Carnegie). Mantling azure and argent.

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 1) → online text (page 81 of 256)