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Crests— I. on a wreath of the colours, a peacock's head
and neck couped proper ; 2. on a wreath of the colours.




a hand grasping a thunderbolt proper. Mottoes (over)—
" Interna praeitanl" ; "DreadGod." .IfarrieJ, 18^4. Ethel
Lydia, eldest d. of Arthur Gibson Hill; and left issue-
Helen Mary; Enid [m. 1919, Lt.-Col. Wilinot Boys
Carnegy-Arbuthnoit (q.v.)] ; and Elizabeth.


CAPELL(H. Coll., 1503). Gules, a lion rampant between
three cr^ss crosslets fitch^e or. Mantling gules and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a deini-lion rampant or,
hiilding in the dexter paw a cross crosslet fitch^e gules.
Motto — " Fide et fortitudine."

Only son of Rt. Hon. George Devereux de Vere Capell,

7lh Earl of Esse.v, Lt.-Col. Herts. Imp. Yeo.

i. 1857; J. 1916; m. ist, 1882, Ellenor Harriet Maria

((/. 1885), d. of William Henry Harford of Oldoun,

CO. GK ucester ; 2nd, 1893, Adela, d. of Beach Grant

of New York : —

Rt. Hen. Algernon George de Vere Capell, 8th Earl

of Essex and Viscount Maiden (Eng., 20 Ap. 1661) and

Baron Capell (Eng., 6 Aug. 164 1) [Supporters — Two lions

or, ducally crowned gules], late Lieut. Herts. Imp. Yeo.,

formerly 7th Hussars, d. 1884; m. ist, 1905, Mary Eveline

Stewart (who obtained a divorce 1926), d. ot Stewart

Freeman of Wingrave, co. Bucks., D.L. ; 2nd, 1926,

Alys Montgomerie, d. of Robert Hayes Falkiner, and

formerly wife of Ernest Scott-Brown; and has issue (by

1st marriage) — Reginald George de Vere Capell, commonly

called Viscount Maiden, 6. 1906. Seat— The Kennels,

Kintbury, Berks. 6V«*— Turf.

Yr. son of Rt. Hon. Arthur Algernon Capell, 6ih Earl

of Essex, fi. 1803; d. 1892; m. 2nd, 1863, Hon.

Louisa Caroline Elizabeth (</. 1876), d. of Hon. Charles

Boyle, commonly called Viscount Dungarvan : —

Hon. Arthur Algernon Capell, Barrister-at-Law, fi. 1864;

m. 1890, Isabel .Anne, d. of Col. Townshend Wilson ; and

has issue — Constance Audrey [;/;. 1917, Capt. Harold

Lister Farquhar, M.C. , Coldstream Gds. , and has issue ] ;

and Rachel Julia. A'es. — King John's Farm, Chorley

Wood, Rickmansworth. C/ud — Bachelors'.

Son of Capt. the Hen. Algernon Henry Champagne

Capell, R.N., d. 1807; rf. 1886; m. 1832, Caroline

{d. i88o), d. of Adm. the Hon. Sir Charles Paget,

K.C.B. :—

Reginald Randolph Algernon Capell, Esq., late Indian

Navy, t>. 1841 ; m. 1875, Marion, d. of Strathen ; and

has issue — Two sons. Jfes. —

Son of Hon. Adolphus Frederick Charles Molyneux
Capell, 6. 1813 ; d. 1899; m. 1834, Hon. Charlotte
Mary (d. 1871), d. of last Viscount Maynard : —
Rev. Horatio Bladen Capell, Rector of Great Easton,
1877-1918, i. 1839; /«. ist, 1866, Ada Augusta ((/. 1916),
d. of Theophilus Hawkins of Newton Abbot ; and, 1916,
Violet, d. of Robert Frost of Snape, Suffolk ; and has
issue — (i) Horace Charles George Arthur Capell, Esq.,
f. 1868 [m. 1896, Clara Isabel, d. of Ozro Jackson
of Daykin, Nebraska, U.S.A., and has surv. issue —
Bladen Ozro Capel, Gentleman, i. 1897; Mary Daisy; and
Ada Laurena];(2) Algernon Essex Capell, Esq., C.B.E..
D.S.O., Chief of Police, Grenada, W.I., late Insp.
of S. African Constabulary, d. i86g [;«. 1903, Lois Ethel,
d. of William Slatter of Stratton, co. Gloucester; and
has issue — Algernon Arthur Capell, Gentleman, 5. 1903;
Robert Devereux Capell, Gentleman, 6. 1909 : and Joan
Lois]; (3) Henry Addison Devereux Capell, Esq., J. P.,
d. 1873 [»«. 1901, Olive, d. of William Richardson-Bunbury
of Bunbury, W. Australia ; and has issue — Robert Capell
Capell, Gentleman, d. 1903]; Mary Kathleen [m. ist,
1894, Francis George West, who d. in S. Africa 1900;
2nd, 1900, Edward Aubrey Courtauld Lowe of Cantfield,
Takeley, Essex; and 3rd, William Frederick UUathorne
Cosens, Capt. 5th Batt. Royal P'usiliers, formerly 13th
Hussars, of Sampson's Farm, Tillingham, E^sex, and 46
Cleveland Square, W.] ; Beatrix Violet. .^sj.— Great
Easton Rectory, Dunmow.

CAPPEL (H. Coll., 1883). Azure, two palmers' staves
saltirewise or, on a chief of the last, as many catherinc-wheels
of the first. Mantling azure and or. Crest— On a wreath
of the colours, in front of a palmer's staff erect, a catherine-
wheel or, between two wings azure, gutt^e-d'or. Motto —
" Plus ultra." Livery— B\ue.

Sons of Rev. Louis Cappel, D.D. , d. 1817; d. 1883 ;
m. 1851, Theresa, d. of William Matthiessen: —
Louis Cappel, Gentleman, d. 1855 ; m. 1885, Anna, d. of
Emil Springman, Gentleman; and has issue — Norman
Cappel, Gentleman, d. 1886. J?es. — 5 Ullet Road, Liver-
pool. C/«^- -Jun. Carlton.

Edward Louis Cappel, Esq., CLE., 6. 1856. A'«. —
46 Holland Street, Kensington, W. Clu6 — East India
United Service.

CAPPER (H. Coll., 1804). Quarterly, 1 and 4, azure,
a chevron engrailed erminois, between two bees volant in
chief and a beehive in base or, on a chief of the last two
bucks' heads caboshed sable (Capper, this coat having been
prev. granted 1765 to a cadet branch of the same family) ;
2 and 3, chequy argent and sable, on a bend erminois
three billets azure (Smallwood). Mantling azure and or.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dexter arm embowed,
vested azure, cuff erminois, the hand grasping a staff in
bend sinister proper, thereon hoisted a banner of the first,
fringed and charged with a bee volant or. Motto — "Qui
potest capere capiat."

Sons of William Copeland Capper, Gentleman,

Bengal C.S. , d. 1832; d. 1902; m. 1855, Sarah, d.

of William Taylor Copeland, sometime Lord Mayor

of London and M.P. : —
Col. William Baume Capper, C.V.O. (1919), served
in Afghanistan 1879-80, Egyptian War 1882, Soudan
1884-5, Great War 1914-18, d. 1856; m. 1888, Helen
Parry; and has issue — two daus. J^es. — Pentwyn, Clyro,
Hereford. Clud — United Service.

Maj.-Gen. Sir John Edward Capper, K.C.B. (1Q17),
K. C.V.O. (1922), R.E., served in Tirah Expedition 1898,
and in South African War 1899-1902, Great War 1914-18,
Lt.-Gov. of Guernsey 1921-25, Col. Comg. R. Tank Corps,
6. 1861 ; m. 1895, Edith Mary, eld. d. of the late Joseph
Beausire of Noctorum, Cheshire ; and has surv. issue —
I dau. J?es. — Bramdean House, .Alresford, Hants. Clud —
Naval and Military.

Lt.-Col. Alfred Stewart Capper, D.S.O. (1917). served




in Tirah Exped. 1898, and Greai War 1916-18, J. P.
Somerset, b. 1871 ; m. 1909, Norah, d. of late Joseph
Beausire of Noctorum, Cheshire, and has issue: — William
Stewart Capper, Gentleman. Kes. — Langley House,
Wiveliscombe, Somerset. <17w^— Cavalry.

Son of Walter Capper, Gentleman, of Blackheath, b.
1815 ; d. 1890 ; m. Eliza Kent : —
Walter Kent Capper, Gentleman, b. 1842 ; m. Caroline
Adelaide Garrod ; and has issue— Harry Kent Capper,
Gentleman, b. 1898; and Rita Kent. Jies. —

Son of Jasper John Capper, Gentleman, of Edinburgh

(yr. br. of Walter Capper above mentioned), b. 1820;

d. 189s ; m. ist, 1854, Harriet Millington, d. of John

Stanway Jackson of Falcon Cliff, Douglas, Isle of

Man: —

John Brainerd Capper, Gentleman, M.A. Edin., b.

185s ; m. 1884, Emily Sophia, d. of Henry Benjamin

Spalding of Eastbourne, and widow of Harold Henbest

Capper (yr. brother of Walter Kent Capper aforesaid, by

whom she had issue three daus. ) of Blackheath. lies. —

St. Michael's, Reigate, Surrey. C/w/i— Athenaeum.

Son of David Sing Capper, Gentleman, M.A. Edin.,
M. Inst. C.E. , Professor of Engineering, Univ. of
London, King's College, b. 1864; d ; tn. 1893,

Lillian Grace, d. of late Di. Archibald R. Shaw, of
St. Leonards-on-Sea: —
Derick Jasper Capper, Gentleman, b. 1895. j^^.r.— 38
West Heath Drive, N.W.ii.

CAPPER (H. Coll., 1804). Quarterly, i and 4. azure, a
chevron engrailed erminois, between two bees volant in chief
and a beehive in base or, on a chief of the last two bucks'
heads caboshed sable (Capper) ; 2 and 3, chequy argent and
sable, on a bend erminois three billets azure (Smallwood).
mantling azure and or. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, a dexter arm embowed, vested azure, cuff erminois,
the hand grasping a staff in bend sinister proper, thereon
hoisted a banner of the first fringed and charged with a
bee volant or. Motto — "Qui potest capere capiat."
Son of : —

Jasper Stephen Capper, Gentleman, b. 1877 ; m. ,

and has issue: — Noel John Capper, Gentleman, b. 1907.
Res. — West View, Bard^ey, Leeds.

CAPRON (H. Coll., 25 Nov. 1825)— Quarterly, i and 4,
per chevron gules and azure, on a chevron engrailed
argent, between two lions combatant in chief erminois
and a cross flory in base or, three mullets sable (for
Capron) ; 2 and 3, sable, on a chevron between three
lozenges charged with an ermine spot, another chevron gules
(Capron, ancient). Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a cross flory or, in front of a
demi-man affront^e in armour proper, garnished gold, hold-
ing in the dexter hand an arrow point downwards proper,
the sinister hand resting on the cross. Motto — " Vigilate
et orat"-."

Sons of Rev. George Halliley Capron, Esq., J. P., B.A.

St. John's Coll., Camb. , formerly Rector of Stoke

Doyle, b. 1816 ; d. 1909 ; m. 1855, Anna Henrietta,

fifth dau. of John Smith, Oundle, co. Northampton : —

George Herbert Capron, Esq., J. P., B.A. Trin. Coll.,

Camb., b. 1855; tn. 1896, Edith Mirabelle, eldest d. of

Theodore Walker of Great Glenn, co. Leicester ; and has

issue — (1) George Theodore Herbert Capr' n, Gentleman,

Lieut. R.E., B.A. (Cantab.), b. 1897 [m. 1926, Hon. Edith

Christian, d. of 9th Baron Polwarth] ; (2) Frederick

Foulkes Capron, Gentleman, b. 1898 ; (3) Ronald

Shukburgh Capron, Gentleman, b. 1900; (4) Dennis Lucas

Capron, Gentleman, b. 1906; (5) Roderick Halliley

Capron, Gentleman, b. 1908; and Constance Elaine. Seat

— Southwick Hall, Oundle, co. Northampton.

Frederick Hugh Capron, Gentleman, B.A. (Oxon.), b.
1857; m. 1883, Enid Alice, third d. of Sir S. B. Boulton,
Bart., of Copped Hall; and has issue — Norman Capron,
Gentleman, B.A. (Camb.), b. 1884 [m. 1920, Elizabeth
Marjorie, d. of Fleetwood Rynd]; and Juliet Henrietta
[w. 1912, Arthur Douglas Dodgson of Keston, Kent].
Res. — 3 Northgate, Regent's Park, N.

Athol John Capron, Gentleman, b. 1859; tn. 1888,
Catherine, second d. of W. Dickinson of Croydon ; and has
issue ( I ) Maurice Athol Capron , Gentleman , B. A. (Camb. ) ,
b. 1890 \_m. 1922, Katherine Scarborough]; (2) John
Theodore Capron, Gentleman, 3. 1896 [w. 1922, Ruth H.
Adam]: (3) Gerard Athol Capron, Gentleman, b. 1898;
Dorothy Catherine [tn. 1916, F. H. B. Claudet] ; and
Clare. Res. — Westlowe, Hathersage, nr. Sheffield.

Walter Evelyn Capron, Gentleman, B.A. (Camb.),
Barristr-at-Law, b. 1865 ; tn. 1894, Mary, third d. of Rev.
R. F. Whistler, Rector of Elton, Hunts. ; and has surv.
issue — Evelyn Charles Capron, Gentleman, b. ; Mary

Elsie; and Brenda. Res. —


Sir JOHN CRAVEN GARDEN, fifth Baronet, of
Templemore, in the county of Tipperary, Justice of the
Peace for that county. High Sheriff 1882, formerly Lieu-
tenant Queen's County Militia. Born January 30, 1854,
being the eldest son of the late Sir John Craven Garden,
fourth Baronet, by his second wife Julia Isabella, only daugh-
ter of Admiral Charles G. Robinson ; succeeded his father
1879, under the creation of August 31, 1787. Armorial
bearings — He bears for Arms : Argent, a mascle gules,
between three pheons sable. Above the escutcheon, which
is charged with his badge of Ulster as a Baronet, is placed
a helmet befitting his degree, with a Mantling argent and
gules ; and for his Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, a
pheon sable. Married, February 10, 1891, Sybil, only
surviving child of the late General Valentine Baker ; and
hz.s Issue — John Valentine Garden, Esquire, M.B.E. (1919),
late temp. Capt. R.A.S.C., b. February 6, 1892 [tn. ist,
1915, Vera Madeleine (who obtained a div. 1925), d.
of William Henry d'Egville, cf Springbourne Lodge,
Queen's Park, Bcurnen-outh] ; and, 1925, Dorothy, d. of
Charles Luckraft McKinnon ; and has issue — John Craven
Garden, Esq., b. 1926]; and Audrey. Seat — Templemore
Abbey, in the county of Tipperary.

GARDEN of London (H. Coll., 1887). Per pale sable
and gules, a staff sling bendwise, between four pheons in
saltire, all argent. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On
a wreath of the cok urs, a fasces fessewise or, thereon a
wolf's head erased sable, pierced in the neck by an arrow
in bend sinister, point downwards, gold, embrued proper.
Motto — " Fide et amore."

Son of Sir Frederick Walter Garden, and Bart., J. P.

(High Sheriff Hants. 1891), Lt.-Gol. (ret.)sth Lancers.

b. 1833; d. 1909; tn. 1870, Rowena Laura, d. of

Rowland Ronald, and widow of Capt. Alexander Lester

Copland : —
Sir Frederick Henry Walter Garden, 3rd Bart. (14 June
1887), Major late ist Life Gds., High Sheriff Hants. 192a,
*. 1873; tn. 1901, Winifred Mary, d. of Philip Wroughton,
M.P. , of WooUey Park, Wantage; and has issue — Henry
Christopher Garden, Esq., b. 1908 ; and Enid Evelyn.
Seat — Stargroves, Newbuiy, Berks. Clubs — Bachelors',
Arthur's. Guards'.

Sons of Alexander James Garden (yngst. son of

ist Bart.), b. 1839; d. 1897; tn. 1863, Ann Rule. d. of

John Thomas Clements : —
Rev. James Garden, b. 1865 ; tn. 1894, Cornelia Charlotte
d. of late Cornelius Turner ; and has issue — Cornelia. Res.
72 Wormholt Avenue, W.

George Frederick Garden, Gentleman, b. 1868; m. 1895,
Katherine Judith, d. of G. Mannix. /?«.— Florida, U.S.A.
Henry Garden, Gentleman, b. 1872; tn. 1894, and has
issue. Res. — New Orleans, U.S.A.

Robert Walter Garden, Gentleman, b. 1875; tn. 1901,
Ethel May, d. of late Lemuel Johns of Christchurch, N.Z. ;
and has issue — (i) Derick Walter Garden, Gentleman,
b. 1902 ; (2) Ronald Tracy Garden, Gentleman, b. 1903.
Res. — 76 Brook Green, W.6.

GARDEN of Barnane (U.O.). Argent, a lozenge gules
between three pheons sable. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a pheon sable. Motto
— " Fide et amore."

Sons of Capt. Andrew Garden, 6oth Rifles, of Barnane,

J. P., D. L., High Sheriff co. Tipperary 1873, b. 1815;

d. 1876; tn. 1847, Anne, d. of Lt.-Gen. Sackville

Hamilton Berkeley : —
Gapt. Andrew Murray Garden, late R.H.A. , J. P. co.
Tipperary, High Sheriff 1888, b. 1853. Seat — Barnane, nr.
Templemore, co. Tipperary. Clubs — Naval and Military,
Arthur's, Kildare Street (Dublin).

Admiral Sir Sackville Hamilton Garden, K.C.M.G.
(1916), R.N., b. 1857; tn. ist, 1878, Maria Louisa, d. of
Gapt. Loftus J. Nunn ; 2nd, 1909, Henrietta, eldest d. of
W. English Harrison of Gosmore, Hitchin, Herts., and has
issue — Florence Anne Henrietta. Res. — Highfield End,
Lymington, Hants. C/w*j— United Service, R.Y.S.




Arnold Philip Garden, Gentleman, County Inspector
R.I.C., b. 1859; tn. , Eva, 1. of Robe-t Hamilton ; and
has issue — Philip Garden, Gentleman, Lieut. R.E. , b. 1903;
and 1 dau. Res. —

Colonel Louis Peile Garden, R.A., b. i860 \ m. ,

May, d. of Morrough of Innishheg, co. Cork ; and has

issue — Eileen Annie. Res. —

Son of Capt. Charles Wilson Garden, 36th Itertfordsh.
Regt., b. 1818 ; d. 1894 ; m. , Jane (d. 1903), d. of
EJward Bolton King, Esq., D.L. , of Ghadshunt :—
Charles Edward Garden, Gentleman, b. 1856; m. ,

Eliza, d. of VVyi ill ; and has issue. J?es. —

Son of Col. John Garden, G.M.G., Col. and Gomdt.
Northern Rhodesian Police, b. 1870 ; killed in action
1915 ; m. 1909, Susan Ellen, d. of late Drury Wake
of Pitsford House, Noithampton: —
Andrew Garden, Esq., b. 1910. Res. —

GARDEW (H. Coll., 26 Jan. 1787). Or, on a cross
engrailed gules, between four bees volant proper, a dove
argent. Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, on a cross calvary or, a serpent entwined
proper. Motto — " Digna sequamur."

Sons of Rev. James Walter Cardew, M.A. (Camb.), b.
iSii ; d. 1872 ; m. 1856, Margaret, d. of Michael Francis
Gordtn, Esq., of Abergeldie Castle, Aberdeenshire: —

Sir Alexander Gordon Cardew, K.G.S.L (1916), late
LG.S. , sometime Chief Secretary to and late a member of
Madras Government, b. 1861 ; m. 1886, Evelyn Roberta,
G.B.E., d. of the late E. J. Firth; and has issue— (i)
Alexander Evelyn Cardew, Esq., b. 1888 [w. 1920, Evelyn
Gertrude, d. of Rev L. Staniforth] ; (2) Francis Mackay
Cardew, Esq., b. 1904; Margaret Isabel [w. 1919, Guthbert
George Bellord, Esq., late Capt. R. F.C.J ; and Janet Mary
[m. 1919, Charles Edgar Wood]. Res. — 7 Avenue du
President Wilson, Paris (xvi).

Major Francis Gordon Cardew, late loth Bengal Lancers,
b. 1862 ; m. 1900, Evelyn Margaret, d. of Sir Thomas
Sarle, Bart., < f Allerton Tower, Woolton, Lanes. ; and has
issue — Peter Gordon Cardew, Gentleman, b. 1901. Res. —
3 Marloes Road, S.W.8.


CAREW of Haccombe (Vn. Devon, 1620). Or, three
lions passant in pale sable. Mantling sable and or.
Great — On a wreath of the colours, a mainmast, the
round top set off with palisadoes or, a demi-lion issuant
thereout sable. Motto— ' ' Nil conscire sibi."

Only son of Henry Garew, Esq., b. 1808 ; d. 1871 ; m.
1858, S isan, d. of John Symes : —
Sir Henry Palk Garew, 9th Bart. (2 Aug. 1661), b. 1870 ;
m. 1889, Frances Gertrude, d. of Robert Lock Roe, Esq.,
J. P., of Lynmouth Manor, North Devon ; and has issue —
(i) Thomas Palk Garew, Esq., b. 1890 [ot. ist, 1913, Ivy
Madeline Laura (divorced 1921), d. of Major John Arthur
Breakey, late R.A. ; 2nd, 1927, Phyllis, d. of Neville May-
man of Syflney, N.S.W., and has surv. issue (by 1st
marriage) — Zia] ; and Dora Gertrude. Res. — Haccombe,
Newton Abbot. Devon.

Son of Rev. Henry William Garew, B.A., Vicar of
Rattery, b. 1845 ; d. 1901 ; m. 1885, Maude Eliza, d.
of Rev. Fitzwilliam John Taylor: —
Peter Fitzwilliam Garew, Esq., Lt.-Col. 5th Batt. Devon
Regt.jb. 1887; m. 1919, Joyce, d. of the late Capt. the
Hon. Arthur Fortescue ; and has issue — Nicholas Jasper
Grenville Garew, C,entleman, b. 1920 ; John Mohun Carew,
Gentleman, b 1921. Res. — Widey Court, nr. Plymouth.
Sons of Alfred Curtis Garew, Esq., Commander R.N.,
b. 1847; d. 1927; m. 1893, Susannah, d. of late
Edmund Grantham : —
Thomas Alfred Curtis Garew, Gentleman, b. 1895 ; tn.
1921, Christina, d. of John Hanna ; and has issue — 2 daus.
Res. — Vernon, British Columbia.

Henry Walter Palk Garew, Gentleman, b. 1896.
Nicholas John Garew, Gentleman, b. 1904.
Son of Rev. Robert Baker Garew, M.A. (Oxon. ),
Rector of Bickleigh, b. 1823; d. 1899; m. 1851,
Augusta Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Daniel of Stood -
leigh : —
Charles Robert Sydenham Garew, Esq., M.P.Tiverton
1915-22, J. P., B.A. (Camb.), b. 1853; m. 1891, Muriel
Mary, d. of Sir John Heathcoat-Amory, Bart. ; and has

issue — (i) Peter Gawen Garew, Esq., Capt. late 1st Roy.
Devon Yeo.,^. 1894 [m. 1927, Ruth, d, of Arthur Chamber-
lain of 6 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea] , (2) Francis Ludi vie
Garew, Gentleman, Lieut. 20th Hussars, b. 1895; killed
in action 1914 ; Nesta .Muriel ; Elizabeth Dora ; and
Nancy. Seat — GoUipriest House, Devi n. Res. — Warni-
combe, Tiverton, Devon. Clubs — Windham, Carlton.

GAREW (Arms confd. and supporters granted U.O. ,
18 June 1834). Quarterly, i. or, three lioncels passant
sable (Carew); 2. per pale gules and ermine, a saltire
counterchanged ( ) I 3- argent, three eagles displayed

gules, ducally crowned or ( ) ; 4. quarterly, argent and

gules ( ). Mantling sable and or. Crest— On a

wreath of the colours, an heraldic antelope passant sable,
crined and armed or. Motto — " Nil admirari."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Gerald Shapland Garew, 5th Baron
Garew, b. i860; d. 1927; m. 1904, Catherine, only d.
of late Thomas Gonolly, M.P. , of Castletown : —

Hon. William Francis Garew, 6th Baron Carew of co.
Wexford (Irel. 13 June 1834) and of Castle Boro in the
same co. (U.K., 9 July 1838), Lieut. D.G.L.I. [Sup-
porters — Two heraldic antelopes gules, crined and
armed or], b. 1905. Res. — 13 Tedworth Square, Chelsea.

Gavin George Carew, Gentleman, b. 1906.

Peter Guthbert Garew, Gentleman, b. igo8.

CAREW (Confd. U.O., 1918). Or, three lions passant
in pale sable, a crescent for difference. Mantling sable
and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an heraldic
antelope passant sable, crined and homed or, a crescent
for difference. Motto — " Nil admirari." Livery — Buff
and claret.

Only son of Col. Robert Thomas Carew, of Ballina-

mona Park, Waterford, b. i860 ; d. 1917 ; m. 1887,

Constance Mary Charlotte, d. of Gen. William

Creagh : —

Robert John Henry Carew, Esq., M.C., J. P., D.L.

CO. Waterford, Major (retired) Royal Dublin Fusiliers,

b. 1888 ; m. 1915, Leila Vernon, d. of Sir Arthur N.

Macan. Res. — Ballinamona Park, Waterford. Club—

Army and Navy.

CAREY (H. Coll., 12 Aug. 1920). Argent, on a bend
sable, three roses of the field barbed and seeded proper,
in chief an antique crown gules. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a swan
rousant argent, wings vair, gorged with an antique
crown, pendent therefrom a chain or, Motto — " Sine

Son of Maj. Langer Carey, Mimster Fusiliers, of
Blackwater, Ireland : —

Sir Willoughby Langer Carey, Knt. Bach. (1924), East
India Merchant, b. 1875 ; w. 1918, Elizabeth, d. of Robert
Blackie. Res. — Moimt Tryon, Torquay, Devon. Clubs
— Bengal, Oriental.

ARTHUR CAREY, Gentleman, M.I.G.E. Born-

Aimorial bearings — Per fesse azure and sable, four roses
fessewise argent, barbed and seeded prope,-, between three
swans of the third. Mantling azure and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, between two roses argent,
^talked and leaved proper, a horse's head couped sable,
in armour and bridled proper, holding in the mouth an
ostrich feather or. Motto — " Utroque fidelis." Postal
address —

CAREY of Guernsey (H. Coll., confirmed 1915, 1921.
Lineage by direct descent from John Carey of St.Martins,
Guernsey, 1364-93). Argent, on a bend sable, three
roses of the first, barbed and seeded proper, in the
sinister chief point a crescent sable. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a swan
argent, wings endorsed, charged on the body with a
crescent, as in the arms. Motto — " Sine macula."

Son of the late Ven. J. G. Le M. Carey, Archdeacon

of Essex, Vicar of Boreham, Essex, b. 1831 ; d.

1885; m. 1856, Eliza Anne, d. of Rev. W. Knox,

of Clonleigh, Strabane, Ireland : —
Gaspard William Carey, Gentleman, b. 1864 ; m. 1888,
Louisa Mary, d. of Rev. W. Hunt. i?«.— Great
Wheelers, Sarratt, Herts. C/tt6— United Umversity.

Sons of Rev. Carteret Priaulx Carey, of Castle




Carey, Guernsey, Clerk in Holy Orders, M.A.,

(Oxford), Vicar of St. John's, Guernsey, b. 1819;

d. 1858 ; m. 1850, Martha Eliza, d. of Maj. Robert

McCrea, 5 th Royal Veterans : —
Carteret Walter Carey, Esq., C.B.E., C.V.O., Maj.-
Gen. (ret.), served H.L.I. 1873-1904, Egyptian Campaign
1882 (medal 4th Class Medijieh and bronze star), N.W.
India Frontier War 1897-8 ; Gov. Mil. Knights Windsor
Castle, 1913 ; b. 1853; m. 1890, Florence Margaret, d.
of William Ravenhill Stock, O.B.E. 2?£S.— Governor's
Tower, Windsor Castle. Club — Army and Navy.

William Wilfred Carey, Esq., Maj. (ret.) Royal Guern-
sey L.I. Militia ; was Assistant-Commissioner Egyptian
State^Domains, served in Egypt (1882), and Great War

Eld. son of Thomas Carfrae of Gloucester Place,
Portinan Square, and Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park,

(1915-18), has Osmanieh (3rd Class) and Medjidieh (2nd
Class) medals, b. 1856; m. 1880, Louisa Sophia (d.
xgo8), d. of the late Lt.-Gen. Broadley Harrison, Col.
13th Hussars. Seat — Oberland. Guernsey, C.I.^ Club—
Junica: United Service.

CAREY-THOMAS of Penarth (H. Coll.). Gules, a
wolf rampant or, between three swords points upward
proper, pommelled and hilted of the second. Mantling
gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a wo5
rampant or, holding in the forepaws a sword as in the
arms. Uotto — " Facta non verba."

Sons of Charles Carey Carey-Thomas, Gentleman, of

Steynton, Penarth, co. Glamorgan, b. 1848 ; rf.1918 ;

m. 1872, Eliza Ann, d. of Seth Morgan, of Caerleon,

Newport, Mon. : —
Arthur Percy Carey-Thomas, Esq., Lieut.-Col. R.A.,
T.D., J. P., b. 1876 ; m. 1909, Grace EmUy, d. of Col.
Joseph Gaskell, C.B.E., t.D., J. P., D.L., of Llandaff,
CO. Glamorgan ; and has issue — Oswald Gaskell Carey-
Thomas, Gentleman, 6. 1913 ; Rosemary Grace. Res. —

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