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Arnold de L. Cazenove, Esq., Capt. Coldstream Gds. ,
b. 1898.






CECIL (c. 1525). Barry of ten argent and azure, six
escutcheons sable, each charged with a Hon rampant of
the first langued gules. Mantling azure and argent.

Crest— On a cap of maintenance gules, turned up ermine,
a garb or, supported by two lions, the dexter argent, the
sinister azure. Motto — " Cor unum via una."

Son of the 4th Marquess of Exeter, b. 1849 ; d. 1898 ;
nt. 1875, Isabella, only child and heir of Sir Thomas
Whichcote, 6th Bart. : —
The Most Hon. William Thomas Brownlow Cecil, C. M.G.,
5th Marquess of Exeter (4 Feb. 1801), 14th Earl of Exeter
(4 May 1605), 15th Lord Burghley (25 Feb. 1571). Heredi-
tary Grand Almoner, Lord Lieut, co. Northampton, A.D.C.
to H.M. The King, late Capt. 3rd Batt. Northaniptonsh.
Regt. [Supporters — Two lions ermine] ; b. 1876; m. 1901,
Hon. Myra Rowena Sibell Orde-Powlett, d. of 4th Lord
Bolton ; and has issue — (i) David George Brownlow Cecil,
commonly called Lord Burghley, b. 1905 ; (2) Lord William
Martin Alleyn Cecil, Midshipman R.N., b. 1909; Lady
Letitia Sibell Winifred ; and Lady Romayne Elizabeth
Algitha. Seat — Burghley House, Stamford. Town res. —
64 Rutland Gate, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Jun. Carlton.
Sons of late Lord Francis Horace Pierrepont Cecil,
Lieut. R.N., b. 1851 ; d. 1889; m. 1884, Edith
(d. 1923), d. of Sir William Cunliffe Brooks, ist Bart. : —
Ean Francis Cecil, Esq.,^. 1880; m. 1901, Hilda Mary
Daubeny, d. of Col. Francis Charteris Wemys, late H.M.
Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms ; and has issue — Aileen Hilda
Frances. Res. — Hilltop, Sunningdale, Berks ; Fasna-
darach, Dinnet, Aberdeenshire. Clubs — Junior Carlton,
Carlton, Marlborough.

Richard William Francis Cecil, Esq., Capt. late Gen.
List, b. 1882 ; m. 1901, Jessie, d. of J. F. H. Bain of Ardilea,
Green Island, and has issue — Richard Francis Bain Cecil,
Esq., Lieut. R.N., late R.A.F., b. 1902 [tn. 1926, Marjorie
Joan, d. of — Lloyd Evans of Wishford House, nr. Salis-
bury]. Res. — Welbeck House, Wigmore Street, W.

Yr. sons of third Marquess of Exeter, b. 1825 ; d. 1895
m. 1848, Lady Georgiana Sophia Pakenham, d. of
Earl of Longford : —
Lord William Cecil, C.V.O., Groom-in-Waiting to
Queen Victoria 1892- 1901, Comptroller and Treasurer to
H.R. H. Princess Henry of Battenberg 1899 1909, Extra
Gentleman Usher to the King since 1924, b. 1854 ;
m. ist, 1885, Hon. Mary Rothes Margaret (d. 1919),
Baroness .Amherst of Hackney ; 2nd, 1924, Violet Maud, d.
of late Percy Frier, and has had issue — Hon. William
Amherst Cecil, Esq., b. 1886; d. 1916 [tn. 1910, Gladys,
only child of H. C. Baggallay of Heatherhurst Grange,
Frimley, Hants., and left issue — William Alexander Evering
Cecil, 3rd Baron Amherst [q.v.), b. 1912]; Hon. Thomas
James Amherst Cecil, Capt. K.R.R.C, b. 1887 [w. 1912,
Vera, d. of Hedworth Barclay of the Hermitage, Ascot ;
and has issue — Barclay James Amherst Cecil, Esq.. ^.1913] ;
Hon. John Francis Amherst Cecil, Charge d'Affaires at
Washington, U.S.A., b. 1890 [»z. 1924, Cornelia, d. of late
Geo. Vanderbilt of U.S.A., and has issue— George Henry
Vanderbilt Cecil, -Esq., b. 1925]; Hon. Henry Mitford

Amherst Cecil, Lt.-Comdr. R.N. ,^. 1893 [m. 1923, Yvonne,
d. of Col. F. S. Cornwallis, C.B.E. , and has issue— Oswald
Nigel Amherst Cecil, Esq., b. 1925; and Rachel Mary.
/?«.— Linton Park, Maidstone]. 5ifa/'— Foulden Hall,
Norfolk. iV«.— 6 Onslow Houses, S.W. 7. C/«*j— Carlton,
Junior Carlton.
Lord John Pakenham Joicey-Cecil {q.v.).

CECIL. Barry of ten argent and azure, six es-
cutcheons sable, each charged with a lion rampant of
the first, langued gules. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, six arrows in saltire
or, barbed and flighted argent, girt with a belt gules,
buckled and garnished gold, over the arrows a morion
cap proper. Motto — " Sero sed serio."

Sons of Lord Arthur Cecil, M.A. Camb., Capt.

4th V.B. Hants. Regt. (yngr son of 2nd Marquess of

Salisbury, 6. 1791 ; d. 1868 ; by his 2nd marriage,

1847, with Lady Mary Catherine, d. of 5th Earl

de la Warr), b. 1851; d. 1913 ; m. ist, 1874,

Elizabeth Anne (d.igoi), eld. d. of Joseph Wilson of

Woodhom Manor, Northumberland ; 2nd, 1902,

Frederica, eld. d. of Baron Otto von Klenck of

Gmunden, Austria : —

Arthur William James Cecil, Esq., J. P., late Capt.

Grenadier Gds., b. 1875 ; m. 1906, Hon. Beatrice Susan

Theodosia, eld. d. of the late Lord Stuart of Wortley,

K.G., P.C., M.P., and has issue — James Charles Cecil,

b. 1915 ; Robert Arthur Cecil, Gentleman, b. 1921 ;

and Mary EUzabeth. Res. — Finchcox, Goudhurst,


Reginald Edward Cecil, Esq., D.S.O., Lieut. -Col. late
2ist Lancers, b. 1858 ; m. 1902, May Beatrice, d. of
H. Drayson Pilcher ; and has issue — Lionel Cecil,
Gentleman, b. 1902 ; Margaret Mary ; and Catherine
Angela. Res. — Passford House, Lymington, Hants.

CECIL. Quarterly, i and 4, grand quarters barry of
ten argent and azure, over all six escutcheons, three,
two and one, sable, each charged with a Uon rampant
of the first (for Cecil) ; 2 and 3, quarterly, i. gules, three
tilting spears, two and one or, headed argent (for
Amherst) ; ii. per saltire argent and or, in fesse two lions
rampant gules, in chief and in base a dexter arm couped
at the elbow habited of the third, cuffed azure, hand
proper, holding a cross crosslet fitchee, also of the third
(for Daniel) ; iii. or, on a chevron azure between three
marigolds slipped proper, two lions passant respecting
each other of the first, within a border compony argent
and azure (for Tyssen), quartering Auchmuty, Evering,
Wayland, Sidnor, Morris, Earde, Barisford, and Leach.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a cap of mainte-
nance gules, turned-up ermine, a garb or, supported by
two lions, the dexter argent, the sinister azure. Motto —
" Cor unum via una."

Sons of Hon. Capt. William Amherst Cecil, M.C.,
b. 1886 ; d. 1914 ; m. 1910, Gladys (granted by R.W.,
Aug. 1920, the style and precedence of a widow of a
peer) {Res. — Hothampton Court, Bognor, Sussex),
d. of Henry Charles BaggaUay, of Heatherhurst
Grange, Frimley : —
Rt. Hon. WiUiam Alexander Evering Cecil, 3rd Baron
Amherst of Hackney (26 Aug. 1892), b. 1912 [Sup-
porters — On either side a heron proper, collared or], s. his
grandmother 1919. Seats — Foulden Hall, Norfolk ; Stow-
langtoft Hall, Bury St. Edmund's. Res.— The Red
House, Windsor.

Hon. Heru-y Kerr Auchmuty Cecil, b. 1914 (granted by
R.W., Jan. 1921, the style and precedence of the younger
son of a baron). Res. —

CELY-TREVILIAN formerly Ceely-Trevillian of Midel-
ney (R.L. 1774, H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, sable, a
demi-horse argent issuant from waves of the sea proper,
twoflaunches ermine, each charged with a cinquefoil gules
(Trevillian) ; 2 and 3, azure, a chevron or, between three
mullets argent (Ceely). Quartering the arms of Furnellby,
Grant and Angeville. Mantling sable and argent. Crests
— I. on a wreath of the colours, between two arms embowed
vested sable, semee of cinquefoils or, cuffed argent, the
hands proper, holding a bezant, a robin close, also proper
(Trevillian); 2. on a wreath of the colours, an heraldic
tiger sejant gules, gorged with a ducal coronet and chain
passing between the forelegs and reflexed over the back
and passing between his hind legs or (Ceely). MottO —
" Christi laus suprema lex." Liver}'— Chestnut brown.




Only son of Edwin Brooke Cely'Trevilian, Esq., J. P.
and D.L., Barrister-at-Law, of Midelney, b. 1833;
d. 1914 ; m. 1880, Kate Sedley, d. of William Sedley
Fearing of Waverley Place, New York, U.S.A., and
widow of Alexander Carter of Kenilworth : —
Maurice Fearing Cely-Trevilian, Esq., J. P., and D,L
Somerset, Hgh Sheriff 1926, B.A. O.xon., Maj. W. Somer-
set Yeo. , served Great War in Gallipoli and Egypt, b.


CHADWICK. Per pale gules and sable, an inescutcheon
argent, within an orle of the last, charged with eight
martlets of the first. Mantling gules and argent. Crest—

1881 ; m. 1908, Mary, eld. d. of Rev. Herbert Athill,
Rector of Digswell, Herts. ; and has issue— Richard
Edward Fearing Cely-Trevilian, Gentleman, b. 1912 ;
Thomas Maurice Herbert Celv-Trevilian, Gentleman, b
1917; Nicholas John Cely-Trevilian, Gentleman, ^.1919;
Joan Raymond ; and Ursula Mary. Seats — Midelney
Place, Curry Rivel, Taunton; Midelney Manor, Langport,
Somerset. Clubs — Wir.dham, M.C.C., Somerset County



CHADS (H. Coll., 21 Oct. 1913). Argent, a wreath of
laurel proper, over all on a bend sinister, between three
estoiles gules, as many roses of the field. Mantling gules
and argent. Crest— Issuant out of a naval crown or, a
dexter arm embowed in armour proper, the hand holding a
sword in bend sinister argent, pommel and hilt gold,
between two branches of laurel also proper. Motto — " En

Sons Cf William Henry du Curroy Chads, Comdr.

R.N., J. P., h. 1859; d. 1924; m. 1897, Helena

Lucena, d. of the late Albon Taylor: —
Henry Cedric Chads, Gentleman, R.N.,*. 1900. Res.
— Lauriston House, Fareham, Hants.

Campbell W D Chads, Gentleman, Lieut.

The Green Howards, b. 1901. Res. —

Only surv. son of Maj. -Gen. William John Chads,

C.B., of Dover Court, Southsea, b. 1830 ; d. 1915 : —
Harry Campbell Chads, Esq., Maj. in the Army, b.
i860; m. Eugenie Constance, d. of M. Coll, Esq. ; and
has issue— William John Chads, Gentleman, late Lieut.
R.A., M.C., b. 1893. C/«(5— United Service.

Upon a wreath of the colours, a lily stalked and leaved
proper between two quatrefoils or. Motto — "Nil desper-

Son of Alfred ChaJwick, Gentleman, b. 1836; w.

firstly, Caroline Skuse, who died without issue ; and

secondly, Nov. 16, 1876, Anne Simpson, elder dau.

of Edward Harby :—
Alfred William Chad wick. Gentleman, b. Dec. 31,
1878. Seat—

CHADWICK (Confn. U.O.)— Party per pale gules and
sable, within an orle ot eight martlets, an inescutcheon
argent, charged with a cross of the first, and in the first
quarter a crescent of the second. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a martlet
argent, bearing in his bill fesseways a white lily slipped,
stemmed, and leaved proper, borne fesseways ; the flower
to the sinister. Mottoes — (Above), " In candore decus " ;
(below), " Toujours pret."

Only son cf His Honour Austin Cooper Chadwick,
County Judge for co. of Wellington, Canada, Local
Judge of High Court of Justice, 2. 1842; d. ; m,

1867, Caroline Christie, daughter of Ralph Charles
Nicholson : —
Henry Austin Chadwick, Gentleman, Barrister-at-Law,
b. 1883. Postal address — Guelph, Canada.

CHADWICK. Party per pale gules and sable, within
an orle of eight martlets an inescutcheon argent, charged
with a cross of the first, and in the first quarter a crescent
of the second. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a martlet argent, bearing in his bill
a white lily slipped, stemmed and leaved proper, borne
fesseways, the flower to the sinister. Mottoes — (above),
" In candore decus " ; (below), " Toujours pret."

Sons of Edward Marion Chadwick, Esq., of Toronto,

Major (ret.) in Active Militia, late Queen's Own Rifles,

Barrister-at-Law, K.C., h. 1840; d. 1921 ; m. firstly,

1864, Ellen Byrne, dau. of James Beatty (</. 1865) ;

secondly, 1868, Maria Martha, d. of Alexander

Fisher: —

William Craven Vaux Chadwick, Esq., Lt.-Col. Reserve

of Officers, late comdg. 9th Mississanga Horse (Active

Militia of Canada), b. 1868 ; m. 1898, Jessie Dorothea, d.

of Robert Murray of New York, and has had issue —

Patricia Katharine, (/. 1901. Postal address — BankofNova

Scotia Building, 132 Church Street, Toronto.




Edward Alister Eade Chadwick, Gentleman, t. 1871 ;
m. 1898, Florence Edith, d. of Thomas Campbell Kemp ;
and has issue — Edward Norman Loud Chadwick, Gentle-
man, b. 1899 ; Austin Ralph Chadwick, Gentleman, b. 1901 ;
and Edith Marion. Res. — Toronto.

George D'Arcy Austin Chadwick, Gentleman, b. 1880;
m. 1907, Bessie Carlisle, d. of late Capt. John Edward
MacCorquodale, and has issue— John D'Arcy Chadwick,
Gentlemin, b. 1912; and Mary Theresa. Res. —

Richard Ellard Garden Chadwick, Gentleman, Dock and
Bridge Engineer, b. 1885 ; m. 1913, Josephine Potter, d. of
William Joseph Uavies (dec). Res. —

Brvan Damer Seymour Chadwick, Gentleman, b. 1888.

HARRY CHADWICK, Gentleman, B. A., S.C.L, Wor-
cester Coll., O.xford, Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple.
Born Oct. I, 1849, being the only son of Henry Stret-
tell Chadwick, by Elizabeth Pearce. Armorial bearings -
He bears for Arms : Gules, an inescutcheon within an orle
of martlets argent, all within a bordure engrailed or, charged
with cross crosslets sable. Upon the escutcheon is placed
a helmet befitting his degree, with a Mantling gules and
argent ; and for his Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, in
front of two cross crosslets fitch^e in saltire, the flower and
stem of a white lily slipped proper. Motto — " In candore
decus. " Livery — Dark blue, brass buttons. Married,
Dec. 2, 1875, Jane Lane, 2nd dau. of William Percival
Bo.xall, Esq., of Ivories, co. Sussex, and Brighton ; and has
Issue — (i) Harry Elias Lane Chadwick, Gentleman, b. Nov.
10, 1876; (2) Percival Strettell Chadwick, Gentleman, b.
Dec. 29, 1880 [w. 1914, Charlotte, d. of Henry Pickford
Gait] ; (3) Rupert Pemberton Chadwick, Gentleman, b. May
23, 1887. Seat — Chad Wyche, Bovey Tracey, co. Devon.
Club — Conservative.

terly, I and 4, gules, four fusils engrailed and conjoined
in bend ermine, between two lilies leaved and slipped
proper (for Healey) ; 2. and 3. gules, an anchor cabled
within an orle argent, charged with eight martlets of the

Sir Gerald Edward Chadwyck-Healey, 2nd Bart.,
(6 May 1919), of Wyphurst, Surrey ; C.B.E. (1919), M.A.
Oxford; Lieut, (ret.) R.N.V.R. [Arms as above impal-
ing the Arms of Watson namely — .\rgeut, on a chevron
engrailed azure between three' martlets sable a trefoil
slipped between two crescents or], b. 1873 ; m. 1897,
Mary Verena, d. of George Arthur Watson, of East Court,
Finchampstead, Berks. ; and has issue — Edward Randal
Chadwyck-Healey, Est]., M.C., Lieut. R.A. (ret.), b. 1898
[m. 1924, Rachel, d. of L. C. Whitehead-Phillips, of
Unstead Park, Godalraing [Clubs — Bath, Garrick, Naval
and Military)] ; Charles Arthur Chadwyck-Healey, Esq.,
b. 1910 ; Rosa Mary Phillippa. 5efl^— Wyphurst, Cran-
leigh, Surrey ; Balbeg, Ayrshire. C/m6s— Garrick ; United
University; Savile.

Sons of Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healey by 2nd wife,

m. 1884, Frances Katherine (d. 1909), d. of William

Wait, M.P. :—

Oliver Nowell Chadwyck-Healev, Esq., b. 1886 ; m.

1916, Gwendoline Mary, d. of Maj.'HughCharrington,of

Dove Cliff, Burton-on-Trent ; and has issue — John Hugh

Chadwyck-Healey, b. 1922 ; Patience Mary. Res. — New

Place, Porlock, Somerset ; 42 Prince's Gardens, S.W.7.

Club — United University. ,n\u

Hilary Philip Chadwyck-Healey, Esq., Capt. T.F. Res.,

b. 1888. Res. — 2 Weymouth Street, W.i. Clubs—

Union, Brooks's, Beefsteak.

CH.AFY, formerly of Rous Lench Court and now of Sher-
borne (H. Coll., 1924, in substitution of an earlier grant
in order to revert to a much earlier version). Azuie, five

field (for Chadwyck). Mantling gules and argent. Crests
— I. In front of four fusils engrailed and conjoined
fessewise ermine, a lily as in the arms (for Healey) ; 2.
on a wreath of the colours, a talbot's head couped gules,
charged on the neck with an escutcheon argent, thereon
a martlet as in the arms (for Chadwyck). Motto — " Crede

Son of Sir Charles Edward Haley Chadwyck-Healey,
ist Bart., K.C.B., K.C., b. 1843 ; d. 1919 ; by ist
wife, «!. 1872, Rosa [d. 1880), d. of John Close, of

fusils conjoined in fesse argent, and in the dexter chief a
lion rampant also argent. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wrtath of the colours, in front of a demi-lion
azure, bezantee, holding between the paws a lozenge argent,
tliree lozenges conjoined in fesse of the same.

Sons of Rev. William Kyle Westwood Chafy, F.S.A. ,
D.D. Oxon., of Rous Lench Court, Worcester, b. 1844;
d. 1916; m. 1S72, Mary Clara, d. of Evelyn Philip
Shirley, Esq., J. P., D. L.,'of Ettington Park, Stratford-
onAvon, and Lough Fea, co. Monaghan : —
Hugh Edmund Chafy, Gentleman, b. 1876 ; in. 1903,




Henrietta Sibyl, d. of G. M. Swinhoe, 9Sth Regt. , and has
issue— (i) Bryan Westwood Hugh Chafy, Gentleman, b.
1905 ; (2) Rupert Corbyn Chafy, Gentleman, b. 1906; and
Esme Henrietta. 5^(7/— Holnest Park, Sherborne, Dorset.
Club—]\xv(\ox Carlton.

Ralph Evelyn Westwood Chafy, Esq., Consul-General
formerly at Constantinople, b. 1884. ^(/i^.— British Con-
sulate, Athens.



, being the son of Henry Chalke, late of Groveleigh,

Torquay. Armorial bearings— Per pale sable and argent ,
three bars counterchanged, a swan rising between three
cinquefoils ermine. Mantling sable and argent. Crest-
On a wreath of the colours, in front of a demi-swan, wings
expanded or, a fountain, each wing charged with a cinque-
foil gules. Motto — "Semper virtute vivo." Residence —
Coryton Terrace, Mutley, Plymouth.

CHALKER of Wakefield (H. Coll.). Azure, a saltire
between a fleur-de-lys or, and a Sheffield axe proper in
pale, and in fesse on either side two keys endorsed in
bend sinister, a sword interposed between them in bend
or. Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
coloiu-s, upon the battlements of a tower, a roll of parch-
ment proper, sinmounted by a key saltirewise or. Motto —
" Custodio et servo."

Son of Chalker, of , 6. ;

m. : —

Henry Chalker, Esq., J. P., Solicitor of the Supreme
Court of Judicatture, Clerk to the Magistrates of the City
of Wakefield, b. . Res. — Menindie, Sandal, Wake-

field, Yorks.

CHALLINOR (H. CoU.) Sable, on a chevron between
three cherubs' heads or, as many garbs azure. Mantling
sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
demi-sea wolf or, holding between the paws an escallop

Only son of William Challinor, Gentleman, M.A.,
Dublin; b. 1821 ; d. 1896; tn. 185 1, Elizabeth, d.
of Thomas Pemberton, of Birmingham : —

William Edward Challinor, Esq., J.P., b. 1852 ; tn.
1879, Catherine, d. of WilUam Allen, of Leek, Staffs. ;
m. and has issue — William Francis Challinor, Esq.,
D.S.O., late Lt.-Col. R.F.A., b. 1882 [m. 1917, Florence,
d. of Clement C. Ellis, of Knivedon Hall, Leek, and has
issue — Rosemary]; John Challinor, Gentleman, M.A.
Cantab., F.G.S., Lecturer, Univ. of Wales, fi. 1894 ; and
2 daus. Res. — Pickwood, nr. Leek, Staffs.

CHALMERS (H. Coll.). Argent, two swords in pale
proper pommelled gules hilted or, each enfiled with a
wreath of laurel vert, on a chief of the second a crescent
between two mullets of the third. Mantling gules and
argent. Ctest — An elephant statant uprooting a tree
eradicated, all proper. Supporters — On either side an
antelope regardant argent, collared and chain reflexed
over the back or. Motto—" Felix merendo."

Son of John Chalmers, of Aberdeen ; m. Juha, d. of
Robert Mackav, of Stoke Newington : —
Rt. Hon. Robert Chalmers, P.C, G.C.B., ist Baron
Chalmers (24 Ap. 1919), M.A. Oxford and Camb., Hon.
LL.p., D.Litt., Trustee of British Museiun, Fellow of the
British Academy, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge;
b. 1858 ; m. 1888, Maud Mary (d. 1923), d. of J. G. Pigott,
and has surv. issue— Hon. Mabel [m. 1914, Sir Malcolm
Stevenson, K.C.M.G., Governor and C.C, Seychelles ;
and has issue, (ifes. — Government House, Mahe,
SeycheUes)]. -Res.— Peterhouse Lodge, Cambridge. Club
— United University.

CHALMERS (Rematric. L.O. , ig Aug. 1907). Argent,
a demi-lun sable, issuing out of a fesse gules and in base
a fleur-de-lys of the last (Chalmers of Cults, matric. L.O.,
1726-9). Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest— On a
wreath of his liveries, a lion's head erased sable, langued
gules. Motto— " A van ce. "

Son of Henry Robert Chalmers of the Bank of

England, b.

d. 1907 ;

Stevens Tripp, Barrister-at-Law: —

Jessie Lucilla, d. of

Howard Alexander Deschamps Chalmers, Gentleman,
b. 1876. Res.—

CHALMERS (L.O., 1886). Argent, a demi-lion sable,
armed and langued gules, issuing from a fesse azure, charged
with a bear's head couped of the first, muzzled of the third,
in base a fleur-de-lys also of the third, a bordure of the
second. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a
wreath of his liveries, a dove holding an olive branch in
its beak proper ; and in an escroU above this Motto,
" Spero."

Son of James Chalmers of Wesburn, Aberdeen, Esq.,
J. P., b. 1814 ; d. 1896; m. i860, Theresa Isabel
Brander, widow of the Rev. William Elliott, M.A. ,
of Holy Trinity Church, Paddington : —
David Montague Alexander Chalmers, Gentleman, Advo-
cate in Aberdeen, b. 1861. Post. add. — 18 Golden Square,

CHALMERS. (H. Coll., 15 Nov. 1898)— Argent a
fesse, in chief a demi-lion couped between two fleurs-de-lys,
and in base a falcon rising, all gules. Mantling gules
and argent Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a falcon,
wings addorsed proper, sem6e-de-lys, between two quatre-
foils all gules. Motto — " Quid non Deo juvante."

Sons of John Henry Chalmers, Gentleman, b. 1849 ;

d. 1921 ; m. 1888, Emily Frances, second dau. of

William Silvester, Esq., J. P., of Stafford: —

Ronald Ward Silvester Chalmers, Gentleman, B.A.

(Oxon.), b. June 5, 1889. Res. — 415 Upper Richmond

Road, Putney, S.W.15.

Colin Ward Silvester Chalmers, Gentleman, b. Sept.
5, 1891 ; m. 1921, Audrey Kate Mervyn, eld. d. of Mervyn
Voules, ofCamberley. Res. —

CHALONER (H. Coll., Ped.). Quarterly, i. sable, a
chevron between three cherubim or (Chaloner, R.L., 1888) ;
2. sable, a lion rampant argent between four crosses botonny,
two in chief and as many in base or, two flaunches of the
last, each charged with three like crosses in pale of the first
(Long) ; 3. sable, a lion passant argent, on a chief of the
last three crosses crosslet of the first (Long of Rood Ashton,
granted 1589) ; 4. gules, a sword in pale, point upwards,
proper, pommel and hilt or, in chief two mullets of the last




(Dick) ; 5. vert, a lion rampant argent (Hume) ; 6. argent,
three popinjays vert, collared gules (Pepdiel, and many
other quartcrings. Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a demi-sea-wolf or. Supporters
(H. Coll. , July 23, 1917). On either side a kneeling angel,
wings elevatetl, inverted, and endorsed, each ensigned on
the head with a cross, all or. Livery — Black and yellow,
gilt buttons, gold lace.

Second son of Richard Penruddocke Long, Esq., J. P.,

D. L. . M. P. , of Rood Ashton and Wraxhall, co. Wilts. ,

d. 1825; d. 1875; m. 1853, Charlotte Anna (</. 1899),

only surv. child of late Rt. Hon. WiUiani Went-

worth Fitzwilliam Hume Dick, P. C, of Humewood,

CO. W^icklow : —

Rt. Hon, Richard Godolphin VV'almesley Chaloner (R. L. ,

1888, consequent upon will of late Admiral Chaloner,

C. B. , of Longhull, Gisborough, Yorks.), ist Baron

Gisborough of Cleveland, Yorks. (23 June 1917), J. P. co.

Wilts., late Capt. 3rd K.O. Hussars, Lt.-Col. comdg. ist

Wilts. R.Vols., Maj. 4th Res. Cavalry Regt. I9I4,M.P. for

Westbury Div. Wilts. 1895-1900, and Abercromby Div. of

Liverpool Jan. 1910-17, /•. 1856 ; m. 1882, Margaret

Brocklesby, d, of Rev. W. Brocklesby Davis, Vicar of

Ramsbury, co. Wilts. ; and has had issue — Hon. Richard

Godolphin Hume Chaloner, Capt, 3rd Batt. Wilts. Regt.,

b. 1883; killed in Great War 1917 [m. 1914, Evelyn Maud,

d. of VV. A. Benyon, of Ashe, Windsor, and left issue —

Diana Margaret Bruce] ; Hon. Thomas Weston Peel Long

Chaloner, T.D., B.A. (Cantab.), J. P. N. R. Yorks., Maj.

4th Batt. The Green Howards, d. 1889 [m. 1923, Esther

Isabella, d. of Charles Hall, of Settrington House, Malton,

Yorks., and has issue — Thomas Richard Long Chaloner,

Esq., b. 1927 ; and Angela Mary (/?es. — Hurworth Old

Hall, Darlington]; Hon. Margaret Bruce Esm6 ; Hon.

Ursula Violet ; Hon. Cynthia Frances Charlotte [m. 1921,

Capt. Herbert Pease, D.S.O., Durham L.L ; and has issue] :

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