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head erased between two pheons in pale argent, two
(launches of the last, each charged with a cross crosslet
fitch^e gules. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, in front of a cross crosslet fitch^e
gules, a griffin argent, resting the dexter claw on a pheon
in bend and erect sable. Motto— " In hoc signo vinces."
Livery — Black, white pipings, red and white striped waist-

Sons of Thomas Coxhead Chisenhale-Marsh, and Eliza

Ann Chisenhale, d. of John Chisenhale Chisenhale of

Arley Hall, Lanes.: —

William Swaine Chisenhale-Marsh, Esq., J. P., D.L.,

C. Aid. CO. Essex, b. 1857; tn. 1881, Esther Eleanora Mary,

M.B.E., eldest d. of Edward Byrom of Culver, co. D''«oo.

and Kersal Cell, co. Lanes. ; and has had issue — -Atherton
Harold Chisenhale-Marsh, Esq., Capt. 9th Lancers, b. 1883,
killed in action igi8 [m. 1914, Lorna, d. of Col. Francis
Charrington, C.M.G., of Pishiobury Park, and left issue —
Hugo Atherton Chisenhale-Marsh, Gentleman, /'. 1915];
Katherine Mary I';sba [m. 1913, Capt. A. D. Bell (killed in
action 1918), 4th Queen's Own Hussars]; and Dorothy

Eleanor [tn. 19 13, Harold Clements Montague Lucas (killed
in action), 2nd King's Own Goorkha Regt.]. Seat — Gaynes
Park, Epping. Clubs — Athenaeum, Garrick.

Edward Chisenhale-Marsh, Esq., Hon. Capt. in the
Army, Capt. 6th Middlesex Regt., Barr.-at-Law, LL.B,.
b. 186^. Res. —

CHISHOLM-BATTEN. Quarterly, i and 4, azure, a
chevron nebuly ermine between three anchors erect,
entwined by a cable or, a chief in arch of the last
(for Batten, H. Coll. 1899) ; 2 and 3, gules, a boar's
head couped or, langued azure (for Chisholm, I^.O. i8i6
and 1859, but of ancient origin). Crest (for Batten)
— In front of the stump of an oak-tree, sprouting on
either side proper, three roses argent, barbed and seeded
proper. By a matriculation in Scotland, dated i860, he is
entitled to bear the arms and crest of Chisholm alone, the
arms being as above ; the Mantling gules, doubled argent ;
and the Crest, on a wreath of his liveries, a dexter hand
erect holding a dagger proper, and on its point a boar's
head erased or ; and on an escroll over the same this Motto,
" Feros ferio." Badge (for Chisholm) — A fern-leaf.

Only surv. son of Lt.-Col. James Forbes Chisholm
Chishclm-Batten, of Argas Forest, Strathglass, co.
Inverness, J.P.,(J. 1847; d. 1915; m. 1883, Anne
Douglas, relict of Capt. W. B. Potter, 22nd Foot, eld.
d. of John de Havilland Utermarck, Esq. : —
Edmund Rodolphe Chisholm- Batten, Esq., "The Chis-




holm," Lord of the Manor of Thornfalcon, late Midshipman
R.N. , i. 1887 ; m. 1920, Winifred Mary, d. of Ernest Henry
Cain, of Chobham, Surrey, and has issue— Walter Rodolphe
Chisholm-Batten, Gentleman, A. 1923; and Evelyn Anne-
Estate — Arglas Forest, Strathglass. Seat — Thornfalcon,
near Taunton.



CHOLMELEY of Easton. Gules, two esquires'
helmets in chief proper, and a garb in base or. Mantling
gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
garb or.

Son of Sir Montague Aubrey Rowley Cholmeley,

4th Bart., b. 1876; d. 1914 ; m. 1903, Mabel

Janetta, d. of Montagu Richard Waldo-Sibthorp,

of Canwick Hall, Lincoln : —

Sir Hugh John Francis Sib thorp Cholmeley, 5 th Bart.,

(4 Mar. 1806), of Easton Hall, Lieut. Grenadier Gds., b.

1906. Seat — Easton Hall, Grantham. Town res. — 9

Cadogan Gardens, S. W3 .


CHOLMONDELEY of Cholmondeley (H. Coll.).
Quarterly, i. gules, in chief two esquires' helmets
argent, and in base a garb or (Cholmondeley) ; 2.
quarterly, urgent and gules, in the second and third
quarters a fret or (Dutton of Dulton) ; 3. argent,
a greyhound passant sable (Holford of Holford) ; 4.
gules, a chevron between three heraldic tigers' heads
erased at the neck argent (Edwardes of Shrewsbury) ;
5. per bend sinister ermine and ermines, a lion rampant
or (Tudor Trevor) ; 6, argent, three battering-rams barwise
in pale proper, armed and garnished azure (Bertie); 7.
sable, a shattered tower, triple-towered argent ( Willoughby ) ;
8. or, fretty azure (Willoughby) ; 9. quarterly, gules and
or, in the first quarter a mullet argent (Vere, Earls of
Oxford); 10. vert., a lion rampant ermine (Bolebec); 11.
barry wavy argent and azure (Sandford) ; 12. argent, a fesse
between two bars gemelles gules (Badlesmere) ; 13. vair,
on a chief gules, three mullets or (FitzBarnard) ; 14. or,
three chevrons gules, a label azure (Clare) ; 15. argent, on
a chief azure, three saltires or (St. Liz) ; 16. gules, a lion
passant or (Ghisnes) ; 17. azure, a lion rampant or (Fitz-
hamon) ; 18. gules, a bend lozengy or (Marshall); 19.
argent, on a chief azure, three crosses pat^e fitch^e of the
field (Strongbow); 20. sable, three garbs argent (Mac Mur-
chad) ; 21. argent, a saltire sable, between twelve cherries
gules, slipped vert (Sergeaux) ; 22. argent, three chevrons
sable (Archdeckne) ; 23. bendy argent and sable (Hac-
combe) ; 24. gules, three roach fesse wise in pale argent
(Roche) ; 25. argent, a lion rampant gules, debruised by a
fesse or, charged with three crosses patee fitch^e sable
(Colbroke) ; 26. argent, a chevron sable between three
roses gules, seeded vert (Smith); 27. vert, a chevron ermine,
between three escallops argent (Chedder) ; 28. sable, a
chevr>jn between three alerions or (Postmer) ; 29. argent,
fretty gules, a bezant at each intersection (Trussell) ; 30.
azure, a cross engrailed or (Charnells) ; 31. vert, threeeagles
displayed in fesse or (Wynn of Gwydyr). Mantling gules
and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-griffin
segreant sable, beaked, winged, and membered or, holding
between its claws a helmet as in the arms. Motto — "Cassis
tutissima virtus."

Sons of the Most Hon. George Henry Hugh Cholmonde-
ley, 4th Marquess of Cholmondeley, P.C, b. 1858 ; d.
1923; m. 1879, Winifred Ida, O.B.E., d. of the
late Col. Sir Robert Kingsctte, K.C.B., of Kings-
cote :—
The Most Hon. George Horatio Charles Cholmondeley , 5th
Marquess of Cholmondeley and Earl of Rocksavage (U.K.,
22 Nov. 1815), 8th Earl Cholmondeley and Viscount Malpas
(Gt. Brit., 27 Dec. 1709), and Lord Cholmondeley of Nant-
wich (E. , 10 April 1687), 9th Viscount Cholmondeley of Kells
(Irel., 29 March 1661), and Baron Newborough, co. Wexford
(Irel. 12 Apl. 1715). Joint Hereditary Lord Great Chamber-
lain [Supporters — Dexter, a griffin sable, beaked, winged,
and membered or ; sinister, a wolf or, gorged with a collar
vair], Capt. (ret.) S.R. 9th Lancers and R.A. F. , b. 1883 ;
m. 1913, Sybil Rachel Betty Cecile, only d. of the late Sir

Albert Edward Sassoon, Bart., and has issue — George
Hugh Cholmondeley, commonly called Lord Rocksavage,
b. 1919 ; Lord George John Cholmondeley, b. 1920; and
Lady Aline Caroline. Seats — Cholmondeley Castle, Malpas,
Cheshire; Houghton Hall, King's Lynn, Norfolk. Town
res. — 12 Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

Lord George Hugo Cholmondeley, O.B.E., M.C., late
Maj. Notts. R. H.A. ,^. 1887; m. ist, 1911, Clare Elizabeth,
d. of Charles Henry Taylor of Washington, U.S.A. (who
obtained a divorce 1921) ; 2nd, 1921, Ina Marjorie Gwendo-
line, d. of the late Canon Pelly, and has issue (by ist wife) —
Irene. Clubs— Tnif; R.A.C.

Cholmondeley of Vale Royal. Quarterly, i to 3, as
above ; 4. azure, an estoile of six points, issuing from a
crescent argent (MinshuU of Minshull) ; 5. azure, on a bend
engrailed or, between two wolves' heads argent, three crosses
crosslet gules (Cowper of Overleigh, co. Chester, granted
1642). Mantling as above. Crest as above. Motto as

Only son of Hugh, 2nd Baron Delamere, b. 1811 ; d.

1887 ; m. 2nd, i860, Augusta Emily, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir

George Hamilton Seymour, P.C, G.C. B. , G.C.H. : —
Rt. Hon. Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere of
Vale Royal (17 July 1831), formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt.
Cheshire Regt. , and late Capt. Cheshire Y. Cav. , b. 1870 ;
m. ist, 1899, Lady Florence Anne Cole (d. 1914), d. of
4th Earl of Enniskillen; and has issue — Hon. Thomas
Pitt Hamilton Cholmondeley, 2nd Lieut, late Welsh Gds. ,
b. 1900 [ot. 1924, Phyllis Anne, eld. d. of Lord George
Scott of Kirklands, Ancrum, N.B., and has issue— 2 daus.] ;
2nd, 1928, Gladys, Lady Markham. Seat — Vale Royal,
Northwich, Cheshire. Res. — Elmenteita, Nairobi, Kenya

Sons of Capt. Hon. Thomas Grenville Cholmondeley,

b. 1818 ; d. 1883 ; m. 1850, Katherine Lucy, d. of

Sir Tatton Sykes, 4th Bart. : —
Col. Hugh Cecil Cholmondeley, C.B., C.B. E., Hon. Brig.-
Gen., Col. late comdg. ist City of London R.V. , late Capt.
Rifle Brigade, J. P. co. Salop, b. 1852; m. 1885, Mary
Stewart, d. of late Horace Payne Townshend of Derry, co.
Cork ; and has issue — Cecily Charlotte [»i. 1911, Richard
St. John Jefferyes Colthurst (whom she divorced 1927),
and has issue]. Seat — Edstaston, Wem, co. Salop. Club

Henry Arthur Cholmondeley, Gentleman, b. 1855 ; m.
1920, Helen Mary (d. 1923), yngr. d. of H. Wrigley of
Ganton Hall, Scarborough, and has issue — Henry Paken-
ham Greville Cholmondeley, Gentleman, b. 1923, and
Essex Lucy. Res. — Sledmere, Malton, Yorks.

Sons of Rev. the Hon. Henry Pitt Cholmondeley, M.A. ,

R.D., Hon. Canon of Gloucester, b. 1820; d. 1905;

m. 1848, Hon. Mary Leigh, d. of Chandos, ist Lord

Leigh : —
Rev. Francis Grenville Cholmondeley, M.A. (Oxon.),
Fellow of All Souls', b. 1850. .^«.— The Rectory, Adle-
strop, Glos.

Rev. Lionel Berners Cholmondeley, M.A. (Oxon.),
formerly Chpln. British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, Vicar of
The Edge, Painswick, Glos., since 1922, b. 1858. Res. —
The Beacon House, Painswick, Glos.

Edward Chandos Cholmondeley, Esq., J. P. Worcester,
M.A. Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, ^. i860; m. 1895, Ethel
Elizabeth, d. of Sir J. R. Crosthwaite, K.C.S. I. ; and has
had issue — (i) Hugh Grenville Cholmondeley, Gentleman,
late 2nd Lieut. i6th Batt. K.R.R.C. , b. 1897; (2) Rupert
Wynn Cholmondeley, Gentleman, i^. 1902 ; d.i()2y. Res. —
Eckington Manor, Worcestershire.

Maj. Henry Reginald Cholmondeley, D.S.O., late Devon
Regt., formerly Capt. Cheshire Regt., served in Burmah
and with Brabant's Horse in S. Africa, and in Great War,
b. 1862 ; m. 1903, Cordelia Mercy, d. of late James Cross
Ormrod of Wrysdale Park, Garstang ; and has issue —
Anthony Pitt Cholmondeley, Gentleman, b. 1908 ; and
Diana Mercy. Res. —

Rev. Charles Fiennes Cholmondeley, M.A. (Oxon.), Vicar
of Adderbury since 1913, (J. 1863; m. 1897, Katharine, d.
of W. J. Courthope, Esq., C.B. Res. — The Vicarage,
Adderbury, Oxon.

Cholmondeley of Condover. Quarterly, i. gules, in
chief two esquires' helmets argent, and in base a garb
or (Cholmondeley) ; 2. quarterly, argent and gules, in the
second and third quarters a fret or (Dutton of Dutton) ; 3.
argent, a greyhound passant sable (Holford of Holford) ;
4. azure, an estoile of six points issuing from a crescent
argent (Minshull of Minshull) ; 5. azure, on a bend en-




grailed or, between two wolves' heads argent, three crosses
crosslet gules (Cowper of Overleigh, co. Chester, granted
1642) ; 6. the arms of Smythe of Condover ; 7. quarterly, per
fesse indented or and gules (Loighton of Mattlesborough) ;
8. argent, three boars' heads couped sable (Cambrey) ; 9.
azure, a lion rampant queue fourch^e or (Stapleton) ; 10.
argent, a wyvern sable (Drake); 11. or, three bendlets
gules; 12. azure, three escallops or (Mallett) ; 13. azure,
a chevron ermine between three fleurs-de-lys of the same
(Burgh) ; 14. or, a lion rampant gules, within a bordure
engrailed sable (William, Lord of Mawddwy, fourth son of
Griffith ap Wenunwin, Prince of Powis) ; 15. gules, a lion
rampant within a bordure indented or (Theodor) ; 16. or,
a raven sable (Corbet) ; 17. gules, a bend between six
pears erect or, stalked and leaved vert (Clopton) ; 18.
quarterly, per fesse indented gules and or, in the first
quarter a lion passant argent (Besyn — quarterings 7-18 being
the quarterings of Leigh ton, Vn. Salop, 1623); 19. per pale
azure and gules, an eagle displayed with two heads or,
within a bordure engrailed of tlie last (Mytton of Halston) ;
20. sable, three towers triple-towered argent (Tower); 21.
azure, three eels hauriant in fesse argent (Pride) ; 22. the
same arms of Burgh ; 23. the same arms of Mawddwy ; 24.
the same arms of Corbet ; 25. the same arms of Clopton ;

26. the same arms of Besyn (quarterings 19-26 being the
quarterings of Mytton of Halston, Vn. Shropshire, 1623) ;

27. argent, a lion rampant sable, a canton of the second
(Owen of Condover, granted 1574) ; 28. argent, a cross
engrailed, the ends fleur^e sable, between four Cornish
choughs proper, on a chief azure, a boar's head couped
close of the first (Owen); 29. gules, six fleurs-de-lys, three,
two, and one argent (Ireland) ; 30. argent, on a bend azure,
three garbs or (Oteley) ; 31. argent, a chevron gules
between three scorpions sable (Cole) ; 32. gules, an eagle
displayed with two heads or ; 33. azure, three bars or,
in chief three gryphons' heads erased of the second (Barker,
alias Coverall) ; 34. gules, three birds close argent standing
on as many stumps of trees couped and eradicated of
the same; 35. argent, a fesse gules between six Cornish
choughs sable (Onslow) ; 36. argent, a chevron between
three talbols sable : 37. gules, a fleur-de-lys or ; 38. azure,
a fesse between six crosses form^e fitch(?e or (Pipe) ; 39.
argent, a fesse azure, in chief a bull's head erased sable,
armed or, in base a gryphon passant of the third, winged
gold (Pipe, ah'as Walker) ; 40. argent, a chevron gules
between three hurts, a crescent for difference (Baskerville—
quarterings 27-40 being quarterings of Owen of Condover,
Vn. Salop, 1623). Mantling^ as above. Crest as above.
Motto as above.

Only son of Thomas Richard Cholmondeley (eld. son
of Rev. Richard Hugh Cholmondeley, see below). Major
(ret.), Shropshire Yeo. Cav. , /■. 1856 ; if. 1922; m. 1897,
Lady Margaret Augusta Herbert, d. of the Rt. Hon.
Sir Percy Egerton Herbert, and sister of Rt. Hon.
George Charles, Earl of Powis: —
Richard Hugh Cholmondeley, Gentleman, i. 1901.
/fes. — 32 Palace Gardens Terrace, W.8.

Yngr. son of Rev. Richard Hugh Cholmondeley, Rector
of Hodnet (1873-96) and Rural Dean, M.A. Camb. , d.
1828 ; d. 1910 ; m. 1855, Emily, d. of Henry Ralph
Beaumont of Newby Park, co. Yorks. : —
Reginald Harry Cholmondeley, Esq., of Anderson Manor,
Blandford, late Capt. the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, /■.
1857 ; m. 1888, Florence Sophia, d. of John Remington Mills
of Tolmers, co. Hertford ; and has surv. issue — Hugh Chol-
mondeley, Gentleman, fi. 1899 ; Mary Florence [m. 1918,
Roger Edmund Plowden, of Plowden Hall, and has issue] ;
Essex ; Hester Jane ; and Joan. Seat — Anderson Manor,
Blandford, Dorset.

Sons of Richard Vernon Cholmondeley (yngst. s. of
Rev. Richard Hugh Cholmondeley (see above), f". 1862 ;
d. 1918 ; m. 1900, Hilda Naylor, d. of the late
Christopher Leyland of Haggerston Castle, Northum-
berland : —
Richard Vernon Cholmondeley, Gentleman, f. 1909.
A'es. — Vale Royal Vineyards, S. Australia.

Charles Christopher Cholmondeley, Gentleman, fi. 1917.

CHOVIL (H. Coll.). Azure, three horses' heads couped

argent, bridled gules, within two flaunches of the second.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a horse's head couped argent, bridled gules,
charged on the neck with a fylfot sable. Motto — " Mon
privilege et mon devoir."

Eld. son of Alfred Samuel Chovil, of The Elms,
Denham, Bucks., b. i860; m. ist, Harriet, d. of

Albert Newey, of Harbornc, Staffs. ; 2nd, Caroline
Tucker : —
Alfred Harold Chovil, Esq., Capt. R. Warwicks. Regt.,

6. 1889; m. 1914, Doris Muriel, only d. of Sydney
Howard Padmore, of Carlton Lodge, Moseley, Birming-
ham. J?(r5— Peterbrook, Warstock, nr. Birmingham.

CHRISTIAN (H. Coll., 1788). Azure, a demi-mascle
between three covered cups or. Mantling azure and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a unicorn's head erased
argent, armed and gorged with a collar invected or. Motto
— " Salus per christum."

Son of the late Rev. William Bell Christian, B.A. ,
J. P., of Ewanrigg Hall and Milntown, Member of the
House of Keys and Receiver-Gen. in the Isle of Man,.
d. 1815 ; d. 1886 ; m. 4th, 1874, Vio, d. of Carl L.
Schlaet of Schwerin, Germany : —
The late Edward Alan Christian, Gentleman, d. 1879;-
d. 1918. Seat — Milntown, Ramsey, Isle of Man.

CHRISTIAN (H. Coll., 1797). Azure, a demi-mascle
betyveen three covered cups or, on a canton argent, an
anchor erect with part of a cable round the stock proper.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — Out of a naval coronet
or, an unicorn's head argent, collared gules. Motto —
" Perseverando."

Eld. son of Rev. Frederick White Christian, b. 1834 ;

d. 1908 ; m. 1861, AUce, d. of Rev. Joseph Clarke,

of Little Bytham, Lines. : —
Reginald Arthur Christian, Gentleman, b. 1864 ;
m. 1902, AUce Georgiana, d. of Richard C. Strelley, of
Oakenthorpe, Derbyshire ; and has issue — Richard
Frederick Christian, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; and Anthony
Hugh Reginald Christian, Gentleman, b. 1909. Res. —
South Wingfield, Alfreton, co. Derby.

and (1911) High Sheriff co. Devon. Bom Aug. 8, 1857,
being the eldest son of the late William Langham Christie,
Esq. J.P. , for the co. of Northampton, and J.P. and D. L.
for the CO. of Sussex, formerly Captain Northamptonshire
Militia, was Member of Parliament for Lewes 1874-1885,
by his wife Agnes Hamilton, daughter of the late Colonel
Augustus Saltren Cleveland of Tapeley Park. Armorial
bearings— He bears for Arms: Azure, a lamb passant,
the dexter leg supporting in bend sinister a banner argent^




he staff or, on a chief of the last a tower with two turrets
between two gabions proper, and impaling the arms of
Fellowes, namely azure, a fesse indented ermine between
three lions' heads erased or, murally crowned argent.
Upon the escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting his
his degree, with a Mantling azure and argent ; and for his
Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, a brown bear passant,
muzzled and the chain reflexed over the shoulders or, on the
back a bezant, charged with a cross sable, the dexter paw
resting on an escutcheon per pale of the last and gules.
Married, February 15, 1882, Rosamond Alicia, commonly
known as Lady Rosamond Alicia, third daughter of the
Right Honourable Isaac Newton Fellowes, fifth Earl of
Portsmouth ; and has /jj?/^— John Christie, Esq., M.C., J.P.,
Lord of the Manor of Ringmer, Sussex, temp. Capt.
K. R.R.C., served Great War, born December 14, 1882
(S^a/— Glyndebourne, Sussex). Seat — Tapeley Park, In-
slow, N. Devon.

CHRISTIE (L.O.). Or, a saltire wavy between four
mullets pierced sable. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, a withered holly-branch
sprouting out afresh proper. Motto, "Sic viresco."

Son of Hector Christie, Esq., J. P., b. April 12, 1828;
d. 1915 ; w.'Sept. 8, 1852, Mary Elizabeth (d. 1868), d.
of William Simpson of Singleton Brook, co. Lanca-
shire: —
William Lorenzo Christie, Esquire, J.P. N.R. Yorks.,
b. 1858 ; m. ist, 1907, Eglantine Marie [d. 1908), youngest d.
of Joseph Limoges of High River ; 2nd, Rachel, d. of
Capt. T. Reynard, of Camp Hill, Bedale, and has issue-
Hector Lorenzo Christie, Gentleman, b. 1907; Eglantine
Elizabeth Marie ; Mary Frances ; and Joan Rachel. Seat—
Jervaulx Abbey, Middleham, Yorks. Clubs— C&T\\.on,
Cavalry, York.

Fife. Born 1857, being the second son of the late Robert
Christie, Esq., late Captain 5th Bengal Cavalry, J.P. and
D.L., by his third wife Eleanor Roper, dau. of William
Cotton, and widow of Donald Maclennan, Stipendiary
Magistrate, Demerara. Armorial bearings— Or, a saltire
cantoned between two stars in flank sable, in chief a demi-lion
couped at the joints gules, and in base a cross pat^e of the last.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of his
liveries, a dexter hand holding a missive letter proper.
Motto — "Prorege." Married, ist, 1881, Emily (<^. 1908),
eldest dau. of Col. Nicholson, late loth Regt. ; 2nd, 1909,
Lilian Helen, 2nd d. of above Col. Nicholson, and has had
Issue— (i) Robert Christie, Gentleman, b. July 8, 1882; (2)
James Maitland Christie, Gentleman, b. Nov. 10, 1883 {d.
May 13, 1887) ; (3) Ralph Lindsey Christie, Gentleman, b.
June 25, 1887 [>w. 1913, Violet Morgan, d. of late M. J.
EUingsen of St. Martin's, Edinburgh] ; (4) Louis Desmond
Christie, Gentleman, b. Feb. 19, 1890; (5) Leslie Fitzherbert
Christie, Gentleman, b. July 12, 1893 [d. Feb. 6, 1894) ;
(6) Douglas Albert Christie, Gentleman, b. Dec. 20, 1894
[m. 1921, Faith, d. of the late Maj. George Campbell, The
King's Regt.]; (7) Alan Christie, Gentleman, b. Aug. 13,
1900 ; (8) Colin Napier Christie, Gentleman, b. 19 11.
Seat — Durie, near Leven, co. Fife.

CHRISTIE. Quarterly, i and 4, azure, a lamb passant,
the dexter leg supporting in bend sinister a banner argent,
staff or, on a chief of the last a tower with two turrets,
between as many gabions proper (for Christie) ; 2 and 3.
azure, a hare salient or, collared gules, to the collar a
bugle-horn pendent sable (for Cleveland). Mantling azure
and argent. Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, a brown
bear passant muzzled, the chain reflexed over the shoulder or,
on the back a bezant charged with a cross sable, the dexter
paw resting on an escutcheon per pale of the last and gules.
Motto— "Integer vitse."

Sons of William Langham Christie, Esquire, of
Glyndebourne, Sussex, M.A., J. P., D.L., Capt. North-
amptonshire Militia, b. May 31, 1830; d. 1913 ; m.
October 22, 1855, Agnes Hamilton, eldest daughter and
coh. of Colonel Augustus Cleveland of Tapeley Park,
North Devon : —
Augustus Langham Christie, Gentleman [to whom refer.]
Edward Christie, Gentleman, born January 5, 1864 ;
married, July 16, 1886, Ethel Mary, daughter of John Alison
MacMahon, and has issue— Merrial [m. 1920, Sir Gerald
Burke, Bt., and has issue]. i?ej.— 84 Sloane Street, S.W.

CHRISTIE (L.O., 1855). Or, a saltire indented between
four mullets sable, on a chief of the last three crescents
argent. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath

of his liveries, a branch of holly leaved and fructed proper.

Motto — " Sic viresco." Livery — Dark blue, with yellow or

gold facings.

Only son of Thomas Craig Christie, Esq., of Bedlay
and Petershill, Lanarkshire, J.P. and D. L. for Lanark-
shire, and J.P. COS. Dumbarton and Glasgow, b. 1816;
d. 1910 ; m. 2nd, 1859, Anna Boiling (d. 1912), eldest d.
of John Cross Buchanan, Esq., Auchentoshan, Dum-
bartonshire, J.P. : —
Walter Cross Buchanan Christie, Esq., Writer to the

Signet for Lanarkshire, b. 1862. Estates — Bedlay, and

Petershill. Post. add. — Bedlay, Chryston, Lanarkshire.

Esq., J.P. CO. Down, High Sheriff 1898. late Lt. 3rd Batt.
Oxfordshire Light Infantry (Mil.), M.A. (Oxon.). Born
1874, being the eldest son of the late Wakefield Christie-
Miller, Esq., J.P.,D.L. for Bucks., Cheshire, and co. Down,
Lord of the Manor of Black Notley, Essex (who assumed
by Royal Licence, 1890, the name and arms of Christie-
Miller on succeeding to Britwell on the death of his uncle,
Samuel Christie-Miller), by his wife Mary Elizabeth, d. and
coh. of Jonathan Joseph Richardson of Kircassock, co.
Down. Armorial bearings (L.O., 1862)— Quarterly, iand4,
argent, a cross moline azure (for Miller); 2 and 3, or, a saltire
engrailed between two mullets in pale and two roses in fesse
sable (for Christie). Mantling gules and argent. Crests —
I. on a wreath of the colours, a dexter hand erect, holding
an open book proper (for Miller) ; 2. on a wreath of the
colours, a holly stump withered and sprouting out leaves
proper. Mottoes — " Manent optima coelo"; and "Sic
viresco." Married, 1904, Evelyn Norah, d. of Hector
Stewart Vandeleur of Kilrush and Cairacon, H.M. Lieu-
tenant CO. Clare ; and has issue — Samuel Vandeleur Christie-
Miller, Gentleman, b. 1911; Micliael Vandeleur Christie-
Miller, Gentleman,^. 1922; Norah Veronica ; Rosemary;
and Violet Lavender. Seats — Clarendon Park, Salisbury ;
Craigentinny, Midlothian. Clubs— C^aXlon, Arthur's.




CHRISTISON (L.O., 1864). Or, a chevron sable,
between three laurel leaves proper. Mantling gules,

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 1) → online text (page 97 of 256)