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azure, three dexter gauntlets or (for Fane) ; 2 and 3, gules,
a chevron between three combs argent (for Ponsonby).
Mantling azure and or. Crests — 1. out of a ducal coronet
or, a bull's head argent, pied sable, charged on the neck
with a rose gules (for Fane) ; 2. out of a ducal coronet
five arrows, one in pale and four in saltire, points downwards
or, entwined with a snake proper (for Ponsonby).

Son of John Henry Ponsonby, Esq., b. 1848; d. 19 16;

m. 1875, Florence, d. of Harvie Morton Farquhar,

Esq. : —
Richard Arthur Brabazon Ponsonby, Esq., b. 1878.
Res. — Brympton, Yeovil, Somerset; Shimofusamachi,
Kyoto, Japan.

PONTIFEX. Azure, in base barry of four argent and
of the first, a bridge of three arches embattled proper, and
a chief of the second, thereon two pallets between as many




mullets of the field. Mantling 1 azure and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a tower proper, charged with a

POOLE (H. Coll.). Azure, semde-de-lys or, a' lion
rampant argent. Mantling azure and or. Crest— Out of

cross moline azure, surmounted by a rainbow also proper.
Motto — "In hoc signo vinces." Livery — Dark blue.

Sons of Edmund Lionel Pontifex, Gentleman, M.A.,
T.C.D., b. 1856; d. 1927; tn. 1901, Janet Chambers
(Res. — Bishopscourt, Tunbridge Wells), d. of the late
Sir William Overend Priestley : —
William Lionel Pontifex, Gentleman, b. 1902.
Claud Edmund Chambers Pontifex, Gentleman, b. 1903.
Reginald Holdsworth Pontifex, Gentleman, b. 1907.
Sons of William Pontifex, Esq., Maj. 2nd Surrey
Militia, b. 1821 ; d. 1896 ; tn. 1849, Adelaide Maria, only
child of Christopher Dalton of Watford, Herts. : —
Arthur Rupert Pontifex, Gentleman, b. 1855; tn. ,

Medina, d. of Hugh Macniel, of New Zealand ; and has
issue — 2 sons. Res. — Basingstoke.

Reginald Dalton Pontifex, Gentleman, B.C.L., M.A.
(Oxon.), Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn), b. 1857; tn. ,
Kate, d. of William Knight, and has issue — Geoffrey
Knight Dalton Pontifex, Gentleman, b. [tn. 1929,

Evelyn Louise Bennett]. Res. —


POOLE of Marbury Hall (R.L. 1907, H. Coll.).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, azure, a lion rampant ermine, within
an orle of fleurs-de-lys or (for Poole) ; 2 and 3, or, a chevron
gules.between two lions passant guardant sable (for Cooke) .
Mantling azure and argent. Crests — Issuant from a
ducal coronet gold, a griffin's head per fesse or and
azure (for Poole) ; outofamuralcrownargent.ademi-lion
guardant sable, ducally gorged or (for Cooke) .

Son of Bryan George Davies-Cooke, Esq., of Colo-
mendy, J.P., D.L. (High Sheriff, 1865), co. Flint.
b. 1835 ; d. 1913 ; tn. i860, Judith Caroline Halsted,
d. of Capt. William Halsted Poole, R.H.A. :—

Bryan 'Davies Poole (formerly Davies-Cooke), Esq.,
J.P. and D.L. Cheshire, J. P. Salop, late Capt. Denbigh
and Merioneth Mil., b. 1861 ; tn. 1890, Georgiana Mary, d.
of Charles A. Fenwick, of Harpenden, Herts.; and has
issue — (1) Capt. Bryan Cudworth Halsted Poole, R.
Welch Fus. (ret.), b. 1892 ; (2) Richard Domville Poole,
Lieut. Rifle Bde., b. 1900 ; Judith Mimi. Seat — Marbury
Hall, Chester. Club — Arthur's.

a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head azure, beaked and eared

of the first. Motto— "Pro libertate." Livery— Blue, with

gold buttons.

Sons of Henry Skeffington Poole, Esq., of Halifax,
Nova Scotia, M.A., F.G.S., Associate of the Royal
School of Mines, F.R.S.C, M. Can. Soc. C.E., Ex-
Govt. Inspector of Mines for Nova Scotia, b. 1844 ;
d. 1917; tn. 1876, Florence Hope Gibsone, third dau.
of John Hamilton Gray, Esq., Capt. 7th Dragoon
Guards, Col. E. Kent Militia: —
Henry Raynolde Poole, Esq., D.S.O., O.B.E., Major

late R.A., served in S. Africa 1899-1902, and Great War

1914-17 (despatches, D.S.O. , Legion of Honour), £. May 2,

1877; tn. 1913, Zoe France, d. of Rev. S. H. Dodgson ;

and has issue — Henry Godfrey Poole, Gentleman, b. 1915 ;

and Margaret Mary Frances. Res. — Red Eaves, Chilworth,


Eric Skeffington Poole, Gentleman, b. Jan. 20, 1885.


Sons of Skeffington Poole, Esq., Colonel 1st Bombay
Lancers, H.E.I.C.S. , and Isabella, d. of James Deacon
Hume, Secretary to the Board of Trade: —
Arthur Poole, Esq., Colonel late Indian Staff Corps,

b. 1841.

Reginald Poole, Gentleman, b. 1853. Post. add. —

POORE of Rushall, Wilts. (H. Coll.— Arms confd. Vn.
Wilts. 1623 ; Crest granted by Patent, 27 July 1795). Argent,
a fesse azure, between three mullets gules. Mantling
azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
cubit arm vested sable, cuff ermine, the sleeve slashed argent,
and charged with two mullets gold fesseways, in the hand
an arrow barbed and flighted proper. Motto — ' ' Pauper non
in spe " (formerly " From henceforth").

Son of Sir Edward Poore, 3rd Bart. , b. 1826 ; d. 1893 ;

tn. 1851, Frances Elizabeth, d. of the Rev. Henry

Riddell Moody, Rector of Chartham, Kent, and Hon.

Canon o Canterbury : —
Sir Richard Poore, 4th Bart. (8 July 1795), K.C.B.,
C.V.O., Admiral (ret.), formerly A. D.C. to King Edward
VII, Officer of the Legion of Honour, Grand Cross,
Order of the Crown of Italy, J. P., D.L. Wilts., b. 1853;
tn. 1885, Ida Margaret, d. of the Rt. Rev. Charles
Graves, D.D. , Bishop of Limerick; and has had issue —




Roger Poore, Esq. Lieut. R.F.A., b. 1886 ; killed inaction
1915. Res. — Winsley Corner, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts.
Club — United Service.

Son of Herbert Poore, Esq. (son of Sir Edward

Poore, 3rd Bart., and Frances Elizabeth Moody), b.

1863; d. 1905; m 1891, Josefina, d. of Don Maxima

Pujol : —
Edward Poore, Gentleman, b. 1894; tn. 1922, Senorita
Amelia Gullimoni, and has issue — 2 daus. Res. — Colonia
Acuna, Provincia Corrientes, Argentine.

Sons of Robert Poore , Esq. , J . P. , late Maj . 8th Hussars ,

b. 1834; d. 1918 ; m. 1863, Juliana Benita (d. 1926), d.

of the late Rear-Adm. Sir Armar Lowry Corry,

K.C.B. :—
Robert Montagu Poore, Esq.
1 92 1, Col. late 7th Hussars, b.
Marie Ida Douglas-Hamilton.
Wimborne, Dorset. Clubs-
Mark Saurin Poore, Esq.,

, C.I.E., D.S.O.,Brig.-Gen.
1866 ; tn. 1898, Lady Flora
Res. — Rose Lawn Coppice,
-Cavalry, Ranelagh.
late Capt. 3rd Batt. Liverpool

Regt., b. 1869; m. 1900, Irene, d. of Edward Hanslope
Watts of Hanslope Park, Bucks. ; and has surv. issue-
Robert Poore, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; Louisa Florentia ;
and Sibyl Madeleine. Res. — 171 Greenwich Road, S.
Club— Bath.

Son of Roger Alvin Poore, Esq., D.S.O. , Magistrate in

Transvaal, Major Royal Wilts. Imp. Yeo. , b. 1870;

killed in action 1917 ; m. 1913, Lome Margery, d. of

Major R. J. W. Dennistoun : —
Roger Dennistoun Poore, Gentleman, b. 1916.

Yngst. son of Major Robert Poore (see above).
Philip Poore, Gentleman, Mining Engineer S. Africa, b.
1874; m. 1918, Ciceley Eleanor, d. of Sir Edward Barry,
2nd Bt., and has issue — Philip Barry Poore, Gentleman,
b. 1919 ; Robert Roger Poore, Gentleman, b. 1924; Anne
Benita ; and Eleanor. Res. — The Livery, Winterslow,
Salisbury. Club — Arthur's.

POOLER (U.O. ). Per pale or and argent, a fesse azure,
between two lions' heads erased in chief gules and a cres-
cent in base of the third. Mantling 1 azure and or. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, a falcon rising proper, belled

or, and charged on the breast with a lozenge gules. Motto
— " Vi et virtute." Livery — Dark blue, velvet collar and

Son of Ven. Lewis Arthur Trevor Pooler, D. D., Arch-
deacon of Down, Rector of Down-with-Hollymount,
co. Down, Examining Chaplain to Lord Bishop of
Down, Rural Dean of Lecale East, Chaplain to
Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, b. 1858; d. 1924; tn. 1885,
Augusta, second d. of the Ven. John Charles Wolfe,
Archdeacon of Clogher : —

Rev. James Galbraith Pooler, B.A., T.C.D., Rector of
Loughinisland, b. Feb. 1887; tn. 1923, Norah Margaret,
eld. d. of Hampden Holden lllingworth, of Netherwood
House, Ilkley, Yorks., and has issue — James Hampden
Wolfe Pooler, Gentleman, b. 1927 ; and Margaret Anne.
Seat — Tyross, Armagh. Res. — Naghan Lodge, Seaforde,
co. Down. Club ~T>ovm County (Downpatrick).

Son of the late Rev. James Galbraith Pooler, D.D., of
Tyross, co. Armagh, Rector of Down,
Rural Dean of Bangor, Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral,
by his wife Angelica, fifth d. of the late Rev. Edward
Leslie, B. D. , Rector of Anahilt, co. Down, and grand-
dau. of Charles Powell Leslie of Castle Leslie, Glass-
lough, M.P. for co. Monaghan: —
Rev. Charles Francis Knox Pooler, M.A. , B.D. Trin.
Coll., Dub., Litt.D., M.R.I. A., b. i860; tn. 1897, Mary
Olivida, third d. of the late James Thompson of Macedon,
co. Antrim, and Rosedernot, co. Antrim. Res. — Strang-
ford, co. Down ; Carnbinn, Whitehouse, co. Antrim.

POPE (H. Coll.). Per pale or and argent, two chev-
ronels engrailed gules, on a chief arched of the last an
escallop between two crosses botonee fitch^e of the first.
Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, out of park pales or, two gryphons' heads ad-
dorsed sable, gorged with an annulet gold.

Only son of Richard Pope, Gentleman, b. ; d.

; m. : —

Harold Blackburn Pope, Gentleman, ^.1870; tn.
and has issue — Richard Blackburn Pope, Gentleman, b.
1898. Res.—

Only son of Edward Phelps Pope, Gentleman, of
Loversall Hall, Yorks., b. ; a?. 1894; m. : —

Major Maurice Edward Weston Pope, 17th Lancers
(ret.), Lord of the Manor of Marshfield, b. 1879 ; tn. 1907,
Dorothy Alice, d. of late George Acheson Warre ; and has
issue — John Edward Buckingham Pope, Gentleman, b.
1909. Seat— Ashwicke Hall, Marshfield, Glos. Town res.
54 South Street, Park Lane, W. 1. Clubs — Cavalry,

POPE (H. Coll.). Argent, two chevronels engrailed
gules between in chief as many mullets of six points pierced
and in base an escallop sable. Mantling gules and argent.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a tilting-spear erect
proper between two griffins' heads addorsed azure, each




attached to the staff of the spear by a collar and chain or.
Motto — " Nunquam tentes aut perfice. "

Son of John Allen Pope of Over Kingcombe, Dorset,
b. 1803; d. 1875; m. 1826, Anne, d. of William
Dunning of Sydling, co. Dorset: —
Alfred Pope, Esq., F.S.A., J. P. (1887) co. Dorset, Lord
of the Manors of Stratton and Grimstone, b. 1842; m. 1st,
1869, Maryjenner, d. of George Rolph of Thornbury, Glos. ,
Barr.-at-Law ; 2nd, 1874, Elizabeth Mary, d. of Amos
Whiting of St. George's Square, S. W. ; and has had issue —
(ij Alfred Rolph Pope, Esq., T.D., Capt. and Hon. Major
4th Batt. Dorset Regt. 1914-19, J. P. Dorset (1902), M.A.
(Camb.), b. 1871 [m. 1900, Kate, elder d. of William Rendall
of Maiden-Newton, Dorset, M.R.C.S. E. ; and has issue —
Alfred Cecil Rolph Pope, Gentleman, B. A. (Camb.),^. 1901 ;
Philip William Rolph Pope, Gentleman, B.A. (Camb.),
b. 1907; Conway Rolph Pope, Gentleman, b. 1911 ; and
Katharine Mary [m. 1929, Capt. D. Percy-Jones, Dorset
Regt. (Res. — Culliford House, Dorchester, Dorset. Clubs —
Jun. Carlton, New University)] ; (2) Edward Alexander
Pope, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. comdg. 3rd Welsh Regt.,
served in S. Africa, b. 1875 ; killed in action [m. 1904,

Sybil Aline, d. of Col. C. J. Briggs, D.L., J. P., of Hylton
Castle, co. Durham] ; (3) George Clement Pope, Gentleman,
M.A. (Oxon.), of Rodlands, Dorchester, Solicitor, b. 1876
[m. 1907, Margaret Emily, eldest d. of Richard Langhorne,
Esq. , of Whitmore, N. Devon ; and has issue— Clementina
Margaret ; Alison Hylda ; Gillian Barbara ; and Marie
Ursula] ; (4) Charles Alfred Whiting Pope, Esq., Capt.
R.A.M.C., M.A. , M.B. (Camb. J, b. 1877; killed inaction
1917 [m. 1909, Marion Ruth, d. of Capt. J. J. A. Grasvenor,
RN..; and left issue— Alfred Richard Pope, Gentleman,
b. 1910; John Gorton Pope, Gentleman, b 1913; and
Audrey Grasvenor] ; (5) William Eldridge Pope, Sub-
Lieut. R.N., b. 1881 ; d. 1901 ^ (6) Percy Paris Pope, Lieut.
Welch Regt., M.A. , Barr.-at-Law of the Inner Temple,
b. 1882 ; killed in action 1915 ; (7) Godfrey Pope, Solicitor,
b. 1885 [m. 1925, Sybil, d. of Smith, of Wimbledon,

and has issue — Hugh Godfrey Pope, Gentleman, b. 1928] ;
(8) Albert Victor Pope, Esq., Major 14th (King's) Hussars,
b. 1887 [m. 1928, Barbara, d. of Harry Shaw, of Beenham
Court, Berks.]; (9) John Allen Pope, Gentleman, b. 1888
[m. 1924, Ruth, d. of Badderley, of Croydon]; (10)

Decimus Pope, Esq., Major 8th (Royal Irish) Hussars,
b. 1889 [m. 1924, Elspeth, d. of Alex. Fraser McEwen, of
Seattle, U.S.A., and has issue— Patricia] ; (n) Cyril Pope,
Esq., Capt. Bedfordshire Regt., b. 1891 ; Elizabeth Kate;
Violet Mary [m. 1907, Lt.-Col. Alan Roderick Haig Brown,
M.A. , (killed in action 1918), and has issue — 1 son, 2 daus.] ;
Hilda [m. 1918, H. Leas, and has issue — 3 riaus.]; and
Evelyn Grace [m. 1907, Rev. Richard Grosvenor Bartelot,
M.A. (Oxon.), and has issue— 1 son, 4 daus.]. Seats —
Wrackleford House, Dorset; South Court, Dorchester.
Clubs— Junior Carlton, Dorset County, Roy. Dorset Yacht.

POPE of Part-y-Seal, Mon. (H. Coll.). Argent, two
chevronels gules, on a chief of the last, between as many
mullets, a popinjay all or. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount vert, a
wolf passant, holding in the dexter forepaw a key palewise
or. Motto—" Cavendo tutus." Livery — Blue.

Sons of Rev. Andrew P«pe, M.A. (Camb.), Rector of

Langley Burrell, b. 1844 ; d. 1924 ; m. 1874, Harriet

Mary Ernie, d. of late Lt.-Col. John Ernie Money-

Kyrle of Homme House, Herefordshire, and Whetham,

Wilts. :—

Andrew William Waring Pope, Esq. , formerly Capt. 4th

Batt. K. Shropsh. Lt. Inf. and R.A.F., late Lieut. Welsh

Regt., J. P. co. Monmouth, b. 1878; m. 1923, Nina Mona

Dartnell, d. of the late Lt.-Col. H. Blyth, Essex and

Warwicksh. Regts., and has issue— Scott Andrew Waring

Pope, Gentleman, b. 1926. Seat— Part-y-Seal, Grosmont,

Mon. Club — Junior Constitutional.

Rowland Kyrle Cecil Pope, Esq., D.S.O., Lieut. -Comdr.
R.N., £.1888; m. 1915, Agnes Jessie, d. of Donald Mac-
donald. Res. — Shenstone, Farnham, Hants.


PORCH (R.L., 8 Dec. 1830, H. Coll.). Quarterly,
1 and 4, argent, between three wolves' heads erased, a
chevron engrailed gules, surmounted by another plain or,
charged with a battleaxe erect between two bows stringed,
each surmounting two arrows in saltire, barbs downward,
sable (Porch) ; 2 and 3, azure, within two chevronels en-
grailed or, between three pelicans feeding their young proper,

a portcullis between two crosses pat£e argent (Reeves,
H. Coll. , 1806). Mantling gules and argent. Crests — 1. on a
wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, a wolf passant,
holding in the mouth an arrow, the barb downwards, and
the dexter paw holding a bow stringed all proprr (Porch) ;

2. on a wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, an eagle,
wings elevated sable, each charged with a cross pat6e as in
the arms, the dexter claw resting on a cross botonn^e or
(Reeves). Motto — " Cordi dat robora virtus."

Sons of John Albert Porch, Esq., J. P. co. Somerset,

b. 1833 ; d. 1914 ; m. 1866, Margaret, d. of Edward

Bagehot : —
Cecil Porch Porch, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. (ret.) East
Surrey Regt., served S. Africa (despatches, Queen's medal,
4 clasps), Great War 1914-17 (despatches, D.S.O. with Bar),
£.1873; m. 1912, Edith Maturin. Post. add. — Littlestone,

Robert Bagehot Porch, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxon.), b.
1875; m. 1919, Kathleen Mitchell, d. of Alexander Hector
of Berrie, co. Kincardine, and has issue — Robin Ogilvie
Hector Porch, Gentleman, b. 1920 ; John Alexander Hector
Porch, Gentleman, b. 1926; and Margaret Kathleen.
Res. — 3 The College, Malvern.

Edward Albert Porch, Esq., CLE., C.B.E., M.C., Col.
S. & T. Corps, Indian Army [ret.), 6. 1879; m. 1st, 1904,
Maud Cecil, d. of Rev. George Palmes of Naburn Hall, co.
Yorks. ; 2nd, 1926, Florence, d. of Lt.-Col. F. Lund, 9th
Lancers. Club — United Service.

Sons of Reginald Porch, Gentleman, LL.M., B.C.S.,

b. 1838 ; d. 1886 ; m. 1870, Anne Rebecca, d. of James

Austin of The Abbey, Glastonbury : —
Austin Reginald Porch, Gentleman, served Great War
1917-20, R.A.S.C., b. 1871 ; m. 1897, Eileen Constance,
fourth d. of late E. Akraman Greenslade of Clifton ; and
has issue — Esme Austin Reeves Porch, Esq., Capt. East
Surrey Regt., b. 1900 ; and Bryda Paull Lindley. Res. —
Dane End, Northwood, Middlesex.

Montagu Phippen Porch, Esq., M.A. Oxon., b. 1877,
served in S. Africa 1900 (Queen's medal, three clasps),
Resident Magistrate N. Nigeria; m. 1st, 1918, Jeannie (d.
1921), widow of Lord Randolph Churchill; 2nd, Donna
Giulia Patrizi, d. of Marquis Patrizi della Rocca of Umbria,
Italy. Postal address — Edgarley Lodge, Glastonbury.

Ygst. surv. son of Thomas Porch Porch, b. 1808;

d. 1877:—
Arthur Edward Elliott Porch, Gentleman, b. 1852 ;
tn. 1880, Elizabeth, d. of James Austin of The Abbey.
Glastonbury ; and has issue — Dorothy Margaret. Res. —
Southfield, Glastonbury.

PORTAL (H. Coll., 7 July 1891)- Argent, a lion ram-
pant sable, between a Heur-de-lys on the dexter azure, and




on the sinister a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, on
a chief of the second six mullets of as many points, three
and three, or. Mantling sable and argent. Crest On a
wreath of the colours, upon a castellated portal, flanked by
two towers proper, a fleur-de-lys or, and on each tower a
rose as in the arms. Motto — " Armet nos ultio regum."
Son of the late Richard Brinsley Portal, by his wife
Sarah Harriott, d. of Thomas Robinson : —

William Richard Portal, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxon.), b.
1838. Res. — Tonge House, West Norwood, London, S.E.
Club — St. Stephen's.

Son of the late Bernard Bedwell Portal, by his wife
Lucy, d. of Thomas Welch : —

Frederic Welch Portal, Gentleman, b. 1847; m. 1883,
Marian Caroline, d. of Rev. John Wallace ; and has issue
— Andrew Wallace Portal, Gentleman, Lieut. 3rd Batt.
Roy. W. Surrey Regt., b. 1892; Olive; Freda Marion [m.
191 1, Rev. William Alexander Dunn of 39 Elms Road,
Clapham Common] ; Katharine ; Agnes Joan ; and Maude
Elise. Res. —

Son of the late William Thomas Portal, by his wife
Betsy, d. of George Attenborough : —

Edward Robert Portal, Esq., J. P. co. Berks., M.A. Christ
Church, Oxon., Barrister-at-Law, Major Berks. Imp. Yeo. ,
b. 1854 ; m. 1st, 1878, Rose Leslie, d. of John Moore
Napier ; 2nd, 1892, Ellinor Katherine, d. of Capt. Charles
West Hill, late 69th Regt. ; and has had issue— (1) John
Leslie Portal, Esq., D.S.O., Major Oxford and Bucks. L.I.,
served Great War 1914-17 (despatches),^. 1886 [?n. 1921,
Violet Eleanor, d. of Maj.-Gen. Thomas Baldock, C.B.] ;
(2) Gervas Edward Portal, Esq., Capt. 2nd Lancers, Ind.
Army, b. r8go [m. 1927, Iris Mary, d. of Sir Montagu
Butler, C.B., Governor of Central Provinces, India]; (3)
Charles Frederick Algernon Portal, Esq., D.S.O., M.C.,
Wing-Comdr. R.A.F. , served Great War (despatches,
D.S.O. and Bar, M.C.), b. 1893 [m. 1919, Joan Margaret,
d. of Sir Charles Welby, C.B., Bart.] ; (4) Reginald Henry
Portal, Esq.,D.S.C, Comdr. R.N., b. 1894 [m. 1926, Helen
N., d. of Frederick Anderson, Standen Manor, Hungerford ;
(5) Hubert Victor Evelyn Portal, Gentleman, late R.F.A.,
b. 1895; ( 6 ) Nigel Hugh Portal, Esq., Lieut. R.N.,
6.1902; d. 1926. Res. — Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham.

PORTAL (H. Coll.). Per saltire azure and gules, a
castellated portal flanked by two towers argent, on a chief
ermine a crescent of the field between two mullets of the
second. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a portal as in the arms, each tower charged
with a fleur-de-lys azure, and a wreath of laurel in base vert.
Motto — " Armet nos ultio regum."

Sons of Sir Wyndham Spencer Portal, 1st Bart., J. P.
and D.L. Hants., Lord of the Manor and Patron of
Laverstoke and Freefolk, b. 1822; d. 1905; m. 1849,
Mary Jane, d. of William Hicks-Beach of Oakley
Hall, Hants.: —
Sir William Wyndham Portal, 2nd Bart. (11 March
1901), F.S.A. , Vice-Lieut, co. Southampton, D. L., J. P.
(High Sheriff 1886), Alderman (Vice-Chairman 1897-1920),
Hants. C.C., late Capt. Hants. Art. Mil., Knight of Grace
of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem,
Member of the House of Laymen for Diocese of Win-
chester, Lord of the Manor and Patron of Laverstoke and
Freefolk, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1850 ; m. 1880, Florence Elizabeth
Mary, C.B.E., Dame of Grace of the Order of the Hospital
of St. John of Je usalem, d. of Hon. St. Leger Richard
Glyn ; and has had issue — (1) Wyndham Raymond Portal,
Esq., D.S.O., M.V.O., Lt.-Col. late comdg. Household
Batt. and Machine Gun Batt., late Lieut. 1st Life Gds. , b.
1885 [m. 1909, Lady Louise Rosemary Virginia Cairns,
M.B.E., only child of 2nd Earl Cairns (Res. — Kingsclere
House, Kingsclere, Hants.)]; (2) Robert St. Leger Portal,
Esq. , Lieut. Rifle Brie. , b. 1892 ; d. 1926 ; Margery [m. isf ,
1907, Thomas Geoffrey Rawstorne (d. 1917); 2nd, 1918,
Charles H. Evan-Thomas, Esq., J. P. of Caerwiron, Builth].
Seat — Laverstoke House, Whitchurch, Hants. Clubs —
Athenasum, Marlborough, Royal Yacht Squadron.

Sir Spencer John Portal, Knt. Bach., J. P. Hants., b. 1864;
m. 1890, Mary Laura Florence, d. of the late William Mure,
M.P., of Caldwell ; and has had issue -(1) Oldric Spencer
Portal, Esq., Capt. Household Cavalry, b. 1893; killed in
action 1917; (2) Raymond Spencer Portal, Esq,, Sub.-
Lieut. R.N., b. 1897; killed in action 1917; (3) Francis
Spencer Portal, Esq., b. 1903; and Constance Spencer.
Seat— Bere Hill, Whitchurch, Hants. Clubs— Travellers' ,
Cavalry, New University.

Bertram Percy Portal, Esq., C.B., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. and

Brev.-Col. late Res. of Officers 17th Lancers, Hon. Brig.-
Gen. 1 919, served S. Africa 1899-1902 (despatches, D.S.O. ),
and Great War 1914 (despatches, C. B.), J. P., D.L. Hants.,
b. 1866; m. 1899, Hon. Margaret Louisa Littleton, d. of
Baron Hatherton ; and has issue — Melville Edward Bertram
Portal, Gentleman, Lieut. Coldstream Gds., b. 1900 [m.
1926, Hon. Cicely Winifred Goschen, d. of 2nd Viscount
Goschen, G.C.I.E., and has issue — Simon George Melville
Portal, Gentleman, b. 1927 (Res.— 10 Roland Gardens,
S.W.7)] ; Charlotte Mary ; Hyacinthe Eveline ; Margaret
Cecilia Sophie ; and Cecilia Violet. Res. — Southington
House, Overton, Hants. Club — Naval and Military.


PORTER of Dublin (U.O., 1902). Argent, on a bend
azure, three bells of the field between in chief a portcullis
and in base two keys in saltire sable (Porter). Mantling
azure and argent. Crest — On a fasces fessewise, a cherub
all proper. Motto — " J 'ay me porter secours."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew Marshall Porter, 1st Bart.

P.C., late Master of the Rolls in Ireland, b. 1837 ; d.

1919 ; m. 1869, Agnes (Res. — 35 Raglan Road, Dublin),

d. of late Col. Alexander Horsbrugh of Horsbrugh,

Peebles-shire : —
Sir John Scott Horsbrugh Porter, 2nd Bart. (1902), B.A.
(Oxon.), a Senior Clerk in House of Commons, b. 1871 ;
m. 1st, 1906, Elaine Maud (d. 1919), d. of Thomas Jefferies,
Esq., J. P. ; 2nd, 1924, Edith Dorothy, d. of the late Major-
Gen. Richard Worsley, and has issue — Andrew Marshall
Horsbrugh Porter, Esq., b. 1907. Res. — 26 Cheyne Row,
Chelsea, S. W.

Alexander Horsbrugh Porter, Esq., b. 1872; m. 1904,
Hon. Frances Maud Gibson, d. of 1st Baron Ashbourne,
and has issue — William Eric Porter, Gentleman, b. 1905;
Alexander Ashbourne Porter, Gentleman, b. 1911; and
Agnes Constance. Res. — 2 Elgin Road, Dublin. Club —
Kildare Street (Dublin).

PORTER ( ). Quarterly, 1 and 4, per fesse

nebuly sable and ermine, a pale counterchanged and three
bells argent (Porter) ; 2 and 3, or, on a fesse dancettee
gules, between two escallops sable, a ducal coronet of the
first between two roses argent, barbed and seeded proper
(Taylor). Mantling sable and argent. Crests — 1. upon a

wreath of the colours, upon a mount vert, in front of a
portcullis, with chains, or, a tilting-spear fessewise proper
(Porter) ; 2. upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion sable,
gorged with a collar, and pendent therefrom an escutcheon
or, charged with two escallops palewise sable, and holding
between the paws a ducal coronet or (Taylor). Motto —
" Quod vult valde vult."

Son of Henry Robert Porter, Esq., J. P., formerly
Lieut. 1st Royal Dragoons, b. 1857 ; d. 1909 ; m. 1881,




Justine Henriette, d. of Colin George Ross of Grui-

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