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colours, a rock, therefrom an eagle rising proper, charged on
each wing with a mullet of six points, in the beak a staff
raguly or. Motto — " Lumen sevimus antique."

Sen of Bernard Boverton Redwood, Esq., B.A. St.

Peter's Coll. (Camb. ),£. 1874 ; d. 191 1 ; m. 1905, Gladys

Dora, d. of William Joseph Pattinson Sherwen of

Heasingham, Whitehaven, co. Cumberland : —

Sir Thomas Bovertcn Redwood, 2nd Bart. (24 June 1911),

b. 1906, s. his grandfather 1919. Res.— 10 Christchurch

Road, Winchester.

Sons of Theophilus Redwood, Ph.D., of Boverton,

Glamorganshire, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, b.

1806 ; d. 1892 ; m. Charlotte Elizabeth, d. of Thomas

Newborn Robert Morson : —

George Herbert Redwood, Gentleman,^. 1852; m. 1886,

Catherine, d. of the late Charles Shaw, of Kensington ; and

has issue. Res. — Stillands, Chiddingfold, Surrey.

Robert Redwood, Gentleman, b. 1856; m. 1888, Florence
(d. 1922), d. of the late W. S. Horner, of Fern Hill, Wal-
thamstow ; and has issue. Res. — Hope Cottage, Harding's
Green, Cookham Dene.




REDDAWAY (H. Coll., 1914). Gules, a bezant
between three owls argent, each crowned with an Eastern
crown or. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath
•f his colours, issuant from a bank of clouds, a dexter arm

embowed entwined by a serpent, the hand grasping it
by the neck all proper. Motto — " Per bonum malumque

Eldest son of Joseph Reddaway, ot Belston

Devon : —
Frank Reddaway, Esq., J. P. Lanes., b. 1854 ; m.
1877, Elizabeth (d. 1928), d. of John Baxter, of Manches-
ter. Seat — Winmarleigh Hall, Garstang, Lanes. ; Manu-
chino Park, Spass Setun, nr. Moscow, Russia.

REDMOND originally of Redmond Hall, The Hook,
co. Wexford (U.O.). Gules, a castle with two towers argent,

Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a beacon fired proper
Motto — " Pie vivere et Deum et patriam diligere." Livery
— Chocolate, with red facings.

Seventh and only surv. son of Henry Edward Redmond,

Esq., J. P., R.M., Capt. 2nd Queen's and 54th Regts.,

of Dungarvan, co. Waterford, b. 1823; d. 1892; m.

1849, Mary O'Connell, d. of Christopher FitzSimon,

M.P., J. P., of Glencullen:—

John Johnstone Redmond, Gentleman, M.D., b. 1864;

m. 1895, Freda, d. of Louis Blomfield of Hampstead.

Res. — 41 Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, S.W.10.

Sons of Gabriel O'Connell FitzSimon Redmond,
Gentleman, M.R.C.P.I., of Cappoquin, co. Water-
ford, b. 1850; d. 1924 ; m. 1881, Helen Catherine, d.
of John Quinlan, Esq., J. P., D.C.L., Clonkeidin,
Cappoquin, co. Waterford : —
Henry Edward Redmond, Gentleman, b. 1882 ; m. 1918,
Blanche, 4th d. of Louis Blomfield, of Bradneck, Hamp-
stead, London. Res. — Pippin Cottage, Over Stowey,
Bridgwater, Somerset.

Raymond John Redmond, Gentleman, b. 1883 ; m. 1908,

Marie, d. of Muller, and has issue — Raymond

b. 1909. Res. — Tigh Beg,

Redmond, Gentleman, b.

between three woolpacks or. Mantling gules and or.

Patrick Redmond, Gentleman,
Horsell, Woking, Surrey.

Robert Hamon FitzSimon
1888. Res.— New Zealand.

Rev. Gabriel Reginald Redmond, Clerk in Holy Orders,
b. 1898. Res. — Redcar, Yorkshire,

Sons of Thomas O'Connell Redmond, Physician, of

Dublin, b. 1858; d. 1917 ; m. Ellen, d. of John Butler,

of Dublin : —

Henry Edward Redmond, Gentleman, M.D., b. 1882;

in. 1908, Elsie Marie, d. of Robinson, of Paris.

Res. — Lyndhurst, Sandf rd Road, Dublin.

Norman Walsingham Butler Redmond, Gentleman,

b. 1902 ; m. 1923, Kathleen, d. of Becker, of Dublin,

and has issue — Desmond Gerard Redmond, Gentleman,
b. 1924. Res. — 8 Fitzwilliam Terrace, Dartrey Road, Dublin.
Sons of Charles Sennett Redmond, M.D., of Popefield,
nr. Athy, Queen's Co., b. 1843; &• I 9 20 '• m - 1880.
Anna Helen, d. of William Robinson, M.D. , of Gates-
head-on-Tyne :—
Charles Henry Sennett Redmond, Esq., M.D. , Colonel

R.A.M.C. (T), b. 1882 ; m. 1911, Annie, d. of Alsop,

of Manchester. Res. — jj Alexandra Road South, Man-

Henry Michael Stennett Redmond, Esq., late Capt.
Royal Engineers, b. 1884; m. 1919, Violet, d. of Thomas
O'Connell Redmond, of Dublin. Res. — Popefield, Killy-
ganard, nr. Athy, Ireland.

Alexander de Raymond Stennett Redmond, Esq., Capt.
late R. Dublin Fus. and Q.M.G.'s Staff, b. 1887; m. 1921,
Sheila, only d. of Henry Trentham Maw, M.D., of West-
cott, near Dorking, Surrey, and has issue — Henry Michael
Redmond, Gentleman, b. 1924 ; and Aingelda Mary.
Res.-32 Elm Park Road, Chelsea, S.W.3.

REDFORD (H. Coll., 26 Aug. 1918). Argent fretty
sable, on a chief azure, three carrier pigeons of the first.
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a bull's head erased argent, gorged with a collar
chequy or and argent. Motto — " Imprudentis est sine
consilio agere."

Son of George Redford, F.R.C.S., b. 1816; d. 1895;
m. 1842, : —

Sir Edward Pigott William Redford, C.B., Knt. Bach.
(1912), b. 1850; m. 1884, Florence, eld. d. of the late
Frederick Buckton, of Beechgrove, Leeds; and has issue
— Dulcie Edythe Angela [m. 1914, George Owen Sandys,
Esq., D.L., J. P., of Graythwaite Hall, Lanes.]. Res.—
48 First Avenue, Ho\e, Sussex.


REED of Horton Grange (H. Coll., 2 Oct. 1922).
Gules, a chevron between three reeds argent. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, in
front of a tower proper, a griffin dormant argent. Motto
— " Ne me excitaveris."

Third son of Richard Bagnall Reed, of Forest Hall,
Northumberland, b. 183 1 ; d. 1908 ; m. 1858 :—

Sir Joseph Reed, Knt. Bach. (1922), b. 1867 ; m. 1892,
Annie, d. of the late Frederick Robson, of Newcastle-
upon-Tyne. Res. — Horton Grange, Seaton Burn, North-
umberland. Clubs— Livery ; Junior Army and Navy ;
Garden ; Union (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)




REED (H. Coll., 7 Nov. 1916). Per chevron argent
and or, in chief two reed-warblers, and in base issuant
from water reeds all proper. Crest — On a wreath argent



and gules, in the midst of reeds a reed-warbler all proper.
Motto—" Recta pete."

Elder son of Walter John Reed, of Darlington, b. 1843 ;

d. 1925; m 1876, Eliza Emma (d. 1894), yngr. d. of

James Agars, of Great Harwood, Lanes. : —

Reginald Charles Reed, Gentleman, M.A. , b. 1878; m.

1911, Lilian Rose, elder d. of William Balfour Clarke, of

Well End, Bourne End, Bucks. ; and has issue — Derek

Neville Reed, Gentleman, b, 1914 ; Errol Dudley Erskine

Reed, Gentleman, h. 1917. Res. — Canford, High Beech,

Hayward's Heath, Sussex.

REED (H. Coll., 15 Dec. 1921). (Per chevron or and
ermine, in chief two lymphads sable, and in base
a cormorant, holding in the beak a branch of seaweed

called " haver " all proper. Crest — On a wreath or and
sable, issuant out of water, two reeds or bulrushes
proper. Motto — " Veritas prevalet."

Robert Charles Reed, Esq., J. P., b. 1857; m. 1893,
Sandades, d. of Frederick Boxon ; and has issue — Charles
Boxon Reed, Gentleman, b. 1894 [in. and has issue— two
sons]; and Agnes Mary [m. and has issue]. Seat — Wirral,
Mosman, New South Wales. Offices— Pitt Street, Sydney.
Club — New South Wales (Sydney.).

REED (H. Coll.). Within two pallets azure, a fleur-de-
lys of the last between two roses in pale gules, barbed and
seeded proper, all between two eagles displayed sable.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of
the colours, a demi-man in profile, looking to the sinister,
supporting in his dexter hand a hammer resting on an
anvil, and holding in the sinister hand an iron ship all
proper. Motto— " Jucundi acti labores."

Son of Sir Edward James Reed, K.C.B., F.R.S., J. P.

co. Glamorgan, b. 1830; d. 1906; m. 1851, Rosetta,

eld. d. of the late Nathaniel Barnaby of Sheerness: —

Edward Tennyson Reed, Esq., J. P. co. Surrey, b. 1S60 ;

m. 1891, Beatrice Bullen ; and has issue — 1 son ; 1 dau.


REED (U.O.). Or, on a chevron between three garbs
gules, as many trefoils slipped argent. Mantling gules,
doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a griffin segreant or, charged with a trefoil slipped gules.
Motto — " Memor et fidelis."

Only son of Sir Andrew Reed, K.C.B., C.V.O., LL.D.

Inspector-General R. Irish Constabulary, b. 1837 ;

d. 1914 ; m. 1867, Elizabeth Mary (d. 1913), d. of

the late Hamilton Lyster, of Crogham House,

Parsonstown, Ireland : —
Maj. Gen. Hamilton Lyster Reed, V.C. (1899), C.B.
(1918), C.M.G. (1915), late R. A., served S. Africa 1899-
1900 (despatches 3 times, V'.C), Balkan Campaign 19 12- 13)
and European War (despatches 7 times, C.B, C.M.G.,
Legion of Honour, Croix de Guerre), b. 1869 ; m. 1911,
Marjorie Eleanor, ygr. d. of the late Theodore Olive, of
The Cedars, Datchet ; and has issue — Andrew Patrick
Reed, Esq , b. 1913 ; Elizabeth Olive ; Anne Buzancy.
Club — Naval and Military.

REED. Or, five reeds leaved and flowered, issuing from
water in base proper, on a chief sable, a mascle between two
roses of the field. Mantling sable and or. Crest - Upon a
wreath of the colours, a greyhound's head erased sable,
thereon a rose argent, leaved and slipped proper, between
two reeds as in the arms. Motto—" Esse quam videri."

Son of William Reed, Gentleman, b. 1831 ; d. 1920 ;

m. i860, Mary Anne Vaughan, only dau. of the late

Thomas Morgan of Glasbury : —
Leicester Morgan Reed, Esq., J. P. Sussex, b. 1861 ; m.
1898, Cecil Hester Lennox, d. of the late Col. Peel, of
Wokingham, Berks. ; and has issue — 1 son ; 1 dau. Res. —
The Warren, Handcross, Haywards Heath, Sussex. Club

REES-MOGG (R.L. 1805, H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4,
argent, on a fesse pean, between three ermine spots, each sur-
mounted by a crescent gules, a cock or (for Mogg) ; 2 and
3, gules a chevron engrailed erminois, between three swans
argent, wings elevated or (for Rees). Mantling sable and
argent. Crests — 1. upon a wreath of the colours, between
two spear-heads erect sable, a cock proper (for Mogg) ;
2. upon a wreath of the colours, a swan argent, wings
elevated or, holding in the beak a water-lily slipped proper
(for Rees). Motto — " Cura pii Diissunt."

Sons of William Rees-Mogg, Gentleman, of Cholwell
House, Somerset, b. 1815; d. 1909; m. 1847, Ann,
d. and eventually heiress of William Coxeter James,
Esq. , of Timsbury, Somerset : —

Rev. Henry James Rees-Mogg, M.A. (Oxon. ), formerly
Vicar of Midgham, b. 1851 ; m. 1877, Charlotte Elizabeth
Sarah, eldest d. of the late Henry Newton of Mount Leinster,
co. Carlow, and widow of Capt. Thomas John Mitchell,
King's Dragoon Guards ; and has issue — (1) Robert James
Rees-Mogg, Esq., D.S.O. , Lt.-Col. (ret.) Roy. Irish Regt. ,
b. 1878 [m. 1913, Evelyn Mary, d. of Sir Arthur Percival
Heywood, 3rd Bart. ; and has issue (Res. — Heathfield,
Mortimer Common, Berks.)]; (2) Graham Beauchamp
Coxeter Rees-Mogg, Esq., Vet. -Major 1st Life Guards, b.
1881 [m. 1922, Kathleen, widow of Dr. E. H. Douty, and d.
of Sir Frederick Wills, 1st Bart. (Res. — Clifford Manor,
Stratford-on-Avon]. Res. —

Leyson Rees-Mogg, Gentleman, b. 1855 ; tn. 1889, Mary
Swete Admonition (d. 1917), second dau. of Walter Cople-
stone Radcliffe of Warleigh, Devon ; and has had issue —


Louis Leyson Rees-Mogg, Gentleman, B.A. (Camb.), temp.
Lieut. R.E., b. 1890; kiiled in action 1915; and Mary
Joyce Ann. Res. —

Son of William Wooldridge Rees-Mogg, Gentleman,

b. 1848; d. 1913; m. 1884, Emily Walcott, third d.

of Rev. Henry Stiles Savory, Rector of Camely,

Somerset : —
Edmund Fletcher Rees-Mogg, Gentleman, B.A. (Oxon.),
b. 1889; m. 1920, Beatrice, d. of Daniel Warren, of
Mamaroneck, New York ; and has issue— William Rees-
Mogg, Gentleman, b. ; Elizabeth and Ann Elain.
Seat — Cholwell House, Temple Cloud, Bristol.

REEKIE (L.O. ). Argent, an antique merchant ship
sable, sails all set proper, flagged at each mast-head
with the banner of Scotland, viz., azure, a St. Andrew's



elevated and addorsed proper, holding in the dexter claw
a fleur-de-lys or, and supporting with the sinister claw an

Cross of the first, and at the stern with an ensign gules,
cantoned with the arms of Scotland as above, in a sea in
base undy of the third and of the first, on a chief or a rose
of the fourth, barbed and seeded vert, between two mill-
rinds of the second. Mantling sable, doubled or. Crest-
On a wreath of his liveries, a stag couchant below a moun-
tain-ash tree all proper. Motto— ' ' Reviresco. ' '

Eldest son of John Reekie, of West Didsbury, Man-
chester, b. 1843; d. 1910; m. 1868, Mary Ann, d. of
William Maxwell, C.E., of Closeburn, co. Dumfries:—
William Maxwell Reekie, Esq. , O. B. E., J. P. Manchester,
Hon. Serving Brother of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem!
b. 1869; m. 1901, Mary Helen, eld. d. of David Robert
Paterson, founder and general manager of the Equitable
Fire and Accident Insurance Co. ; and has issue — Charles
William Maxwell Reekie, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; and Marian
Maxwell. Res. — Rowsley, West Didsbury, Manchester.
Clubs — Reform, Athenaeum (Manchester).

REES (H. Coll.). Argent, a chevron sable, between
three ravens proper, on a chief of the second between two
plates, each charged with a cross gules, a like plate, charged
with a demi-lion rampant erased azure. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-
lion rampant erased azure, chaiged on the shoulder with a
plate, thereon a cross gules.

Son of Sir John David Rees, 1st Bart., K.C.I.E.,

C.V.O., M.P., b. 1854 ; d. 1922; m. 1891, Hon. Mary,'

third d. of Gen. the Hon. Sir James Dormer, K.C.B.,

and sister of 14 th Baron Dormer : —

Sir Richard Lodowick Edward Montagu Rees, 2nd Bart.

(8 May 1919), b. 1900. Potal address— a Chesham Place,


REES (H. Coll.). Per chevron or and argent, two
gnus' heads erased in chief and a rock in base, thereon a
dragon statant, wings elevated and addorsed all proper.
Crest- On a wreath of the colours, a demi-dragon wings

escutcheon gules, charged with an annulet gold. Motto
" A barcho a berchir."

Eld. and only surv. son of David Rees, b. 1815 ; d.

1874; m. 1855, Mary, d. of David Simon :—
David Rees, Esq., J. P., b. 1857; m. 1884, Catherine
Mary, yr. d. of Thomas Jones Watkins ; and has issue—
(1) David Watkins Rees, Gentleman, b. 1896; (2) Cecil
Simon Rees, Gentleman, b. 1899; Florence Mary [m.
1912, Joseph Harry Green]; Gwladys Kate ; andGwenllian
Mildred. Res.— Park House, Park Avenue, East London,
South Africa.

Lieutenant-Colonel ELLIS PHILIP FOX REEVE,
late Coldstream Guards, J. P. for Kesteven Div. co. Lin-
coln. Born Nov. 1838, being the eldest son of the late
Ellis Reeve, by his wife Charlotte Frances, dau. of
William Wainwright. Armorial bearings— Quarterly, 1
and 4, gules, a chevron engrailed vain* or and azure, cotised
argent, between three roses of the last, barbed and seeded
proper; 2 and 3, per bend or and argent, two bendlets
ermines. Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, a horse's head erased per fesse nebuly argent
and gules, charged on the neck with two mullets in pale
counterchanged. Motto— " Revera pro regina." Married,
1864, Hon. Fanny Dundas (d. 1892), sister of the Rt. Hon.
fifth Viscount Melville; and has Issue— Violet Edith [m.
1893, H. R. F. Frampton] ; Lilian Constance ; Rosaline
Emma ; and Iris Ismay Charlotte. Postal address— 31 First
Avenue, Hove, Sussex. Clubs— Carlton ; United Service.

JOHN SHERARD REEVE, Esquire, Capt. late Grena-
dier Guards, D.L..J.P. for Kesteven, Lincolnshire (High
Sheriff igir). Born 1872, only child of the latejohn Reeve,
Esq., Lieut. -Col. late Grenadier Guards, J. P., by his wife
the Hon. Edith Anne, dau. of the late Rev. the Hon. Charles
Dundas (sister of the 5th Viscount Melville). Armorial
bearings — Quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, a chevron engrailed
vaire' or and azure, cotised argent, between three roses of
the last, barbed and seeded proper (for Reeve) ; 2. per bend
or and argent, two bendlets ermines (for Key); 3. argent, a
chevron gules, between three torteaux (for Sherard) ; im-
paling the arms of Oldfield, namely or on a bend invected




plain cottised gules, between two catherine-wbeels sable,
three crosses patee fitchee argent. Mantling gules and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a horse's head erased per
fesse nebuly argent and gules, charged on the neck with two
mullets in pale counterchanged. Motto — " Revera pro
rege." Livery — Drab, with green waistcoat, brass buttons.
Married, June 7, 1900, Sybil Christine, elder dau. of Capt.
C. Campbell Oldfield of South Warnborough Lodge,
Hants. ; and has Issue— William Reeve, Lieut. Gren.
Gds., b. 1906; Susan Edith [m. 1925, Capt. J. R. C.
Rawnsley, 12th Roy. Lancers] ; and Eleanor [m. 1924, John
Hector M. Gordon]. Seat — Leadenham House, Lincoln.
Clubs — Guards', Carlton.

REEVES (U.O.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, on a chevron

engrailed between three escallops azure, as many eaglets

displayed of the first (Reeves) ; 2 and 3, argent, on a fesse

sable, three pheons of the first (Spaight). Mantling azure

and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dragon's

head erased or, collared azure. Mottoes — (Over the crest),

" Animum rege '' ; (under the arms), " Virtute et fidelitate."

Son of Robert William Cary Reeves, Esq., of Bes-

borough and Burrane, J. P. and D.L. co. Clare (High

Sheriff 1869), b. 1837; d. 1901 ; m. 1866, Grace

Dorothea, d. of Col. Crofton Moore Vandeleur and

Lady Grace Vandeleur : —

William Vandeleur Reeves, Esq., J. P. co. Clare, b. 1874 ;

m. 1906, Aileen Jane, d. of Ven. John Alexander Long,

Archdeacon of Cashel and Rector of Templemore, Tip-

perary. Clubs — Carlton, New Oxford and Cambridge.

Sons of William Maunsell Reeves, Gentleman, £. 1843;
d. 1907 ; m. 1876, Letitia, d. of Gen. Thomas Arm-
strong Drought of Hill House, Winchester : —
Robert William Drought Reeves, Gentleman, b. 1876 ;
m. 1902, Laura, d. of Francis Pedro Fladgate of Oporto!
and has issue — Laura Joan Letitia ; and Sonia. Post,
add. —

John Maunsell Reeves, Gentleman, b. 1878 ; m. 1909,
Hilda Margaret Smith of Pollokshields ; and has issue —
Sheila Marjorie Maunsell. Res,—

July 23, 1842, being the younger son of the late Rev. Samuel
Rudolph Reichel, by his second wife Matilda, youngest dau.
of Joseph Hurlock of Oxted, Surrey. Armorial bearings
(granted by Emperor Ferdinand Sept. 9, 1554, Con. U.O.,

a sickle and charged with a mullet for difference, all
counterchanged. Mantling sable and or. Crest — Out of
a ducal coronet, a demi-lion rampant, double queued,
holding in the paws a sickle all or, the coronet charged
with a mullet sable for difference. Motto — " Vitam
impendere vero." Married, June 23, 1888, Bertha Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of Henry Frooks Ellery, of Southampton.
Seat— Canon Well, Woodbury, Salterton, co. Devon.

Sir HARRY RUDOLF REICHEL, Knt. Bach. (1907),
M.A. (Oxon.), LL.D. (Glas., Bristol, Perth, and Toronto),
sometime Fellow of All Souls' Coll. , Oxford, and Principal
of the Univ. Coll. of N. Wales. Born Oct. 11, 1856, being
the second son of the late Most Rev. Charles Parsons
Reichel, D.D., Bishop of Meath, by his wife Mary Brown,
dau. of Henry Joy M'Cracken of Belfast, co. Antrim.
Armorial bearings — Per fesse sable and or, a lion rampant,
langued gules, double queued, holding between the paws a
sickle, all counterchanged. Mantling- sable and or. Crest
—Out of a ducal coronet, a demi-lion rampant, double
queued, holding between the paws a sickle, all or. Motto—
"Vitam impendere vero." Married, Feb. 1, 1894, Charity
Mary (d. Nov. n, 1911), eldest dau. of Henry Mulock
Pilkington, Q.C., of Tore, co. Westmeath. Residence—
Bryn Haul, Bangor, N. Wales.

REID of Springburn and Kilmaurs (L.O., 16 Feb.
1923). Argent, a demi-eagle wings expanded, in chief an
ancient handbell between a mullet in the dexter, and a

Ped. H. Coll.). — Per fesse sable and or, a lion rampant,
langued gules, double queued, holding between the paws

cross moline in the sinister all sable. Mantling sable,
doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a
demi-eagle wings expanded sable. Motto — " Fortitudine
et labore."

Third surv. son of James Reid, M.Inst.C.E., of

Auchterarder, co. Perth, b. 1824 ; d. 1894 ; by 1st

wife, m. 1851, Margaret (d. 1881), d. of James Scott,

Greenock : —

Sir Hugh Reid, 1st Bart. (26 Jan. 1922), of Springburn,

Glasgow, C.B.E., V.D., LL.D, J.P., D.L., M.I.C.E., Lieut.,

Col. (ret.) ; a member of the Royal Company of Archers,

b. i860 ; m. 1888, Marion Maclune (d. 1913), d. of Capt.

John Bell, of Craigview, Prestwick ; and has issue —

Douglas Neilson Reid, Esq., Lieut. Highland L.I. and

R.A.F., b. 1898 [m. 1926, Margaret Brighton Young,

d. of Robert Young Maxtone, Esq., M.B.E., J. P., of

Tighnamana, Campbeltown, co. Ayr] ; George Hugh

Neilson Reid, Esq., b. 1901 ; Madeline Constance Maud

[m. 1915, Lieut. -Col. William Lilburn, Highland L.I. ;

and has issue]. Res. — Belmont, Springburn, Glasgow.

Clubs — Royal Societies, Junior Army and Navy, Western

(Glasgow) ; New (Edinburgh).

REID of Barnaigh (L.O., 17 July 1912). Argent, an
eagle displayed sable, beaked and membered gules, on its
breast an escutcheon of the field, charged with a mell en-


signed with a rose of the third, a bordure azure for differ-
ence. Mantling sable, doubled argent. Crest — On a
wreath of his liveries, a demi-eagle displayed sable, beaked
gules. Motto — " In sublime."

Fourth surv. son of the late Joseph Reid, b. ; d.

; m. 1870, Agnes Bell, d. of : — ■

Arthur Ebenezer Reid, Gentleman, of Barnaigh, co.
Renfrew. Res. — 62 Bothwell Street, Glasgow.

REID (L.O , July 1914). Gules, an eagle displayed
argent, beaked and membered azure, on a chief embattled of



Rt. Hon. Edward Charles, 1st Lord

dau. of the


Sir Edward James Reid, 2nd Bart. (26 Aug. 1897), M.A.
(Cantab.), b. 1901. Res.— 72 Grosvenor Street, w'- The
Chesnuts, Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Clubs — Athenaeum ;

REID (L.O. , 1901). Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, an
eagle displayed sable, beaked and membered gules, on
the breast an escutcheon of the first, charged with a bordure
engrailed of the third; 2 and 3, gules, three lions rampant

the second, a cross moline between two antique bells sable.
Behind the shield two croziers in saltire proper, the es-
cutcheon surmuunted by his mitre.

Son of James Reid, of Auchterarder, Perthshire,
b. 1823; d. 1894; m. 1851, Margaret Ann, d. of
James Scott, Greenock :—
Rt. Rev. Edward Thomas Scott Reid, M.A., D.D. (Glas-
gow University), Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway 1921,
b. 1871 ; m. 1899, Ethel Shaw, d. of Henry Shaw Macpher-
son, Glaigow; and has issue — Rev. Henry Reid, M.A.
(Oxon.),6. 1900; Eric Charles Scott Reid, Gentleman, B.A.
(Oxon.), b. 1904; Colin Scott Reid, Gentleman, b. 1911;
Ann; and Nora Margaret. Seats— Castlebrae, Auchter-
arder, Perthshire; Ravelston, Glasgow, W.2. Club—
Scottish Automobile (Glasgow).

REID of Ellon (L.O., 1897). Azure, a stag's head
erased or, between two torches inflamed proper, and as
an honourable augmentation (granted by Royal Warrant
to the first Baronet and his descendants), on a chief gules a
lion rampant guardant or, armed and langued azure, being
one of the lions from the Royal Arms. Mantling azure,
doubled or. Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, a pelican
in her nest feeding her young proper. Motto — "Nihil
amanti durum." Supporters (granted by Royal Warrant
to descend with the Baronetcy) -On either side a royal stag
or. gorged with a chain proper, suspended therefrom an
escutcheon azure charged with a representation of the
Imperial crown also proper. Livery— Dark blue, with gold

Eld. son of Sir Tames Reid, 1st Bart. G.C.V.O. (1901),
K.C.B. (Civ. 1895), M.D., LL.D., M.A., and Master
in Surgery, all of the University of Aberdeen, F.R.C.P.
(London), Physician in Ordinary and Resident
Physician to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; to the
Prince of Wales 1899; to King Edward VII. 1901,
and to King George V. ; Surgeon Lt.-Col. (V.D.) 2nd
Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, J.P.Aberdeenshire,
b. 1840 ; d. 1923 ; in. 1899, the Hon. Susan Baring,
late Maid of Honour to H.M. Queen Victoria, yngst.

argent, a bordure engrailed parted per pale or and azure.
Mantling sable, doubled argent. Crest — Upon a wreath
of his liveries, a cubit arm issuing out of clouds, holding

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 147 of 282)