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1880 ; tn. 1910, Madeleine Ethel, d. of Ellis Goodbody,
of Thornville, Limerick ; and has issue — Roger Ellis
TudorSt. John, Gentleman, b. 191 1 ; Michael Beauchamp
St. John, Gentleman, b. 1915. Res. — Old Mill House,
Preston, Crowmarsh, nr. Wallington.

St. Andrew Oliver St. John, Esq., D.S.O., Commdr.
(ret.) R.N., served China 1900, and Great War 1914-19
(desp., Cr«ix de Guerre), b. 1882. Res. —

Richard St. John, Esq.,Comdr. (ret.)R.N., served Great
War 1914-18 (desp.), b. 1883 ; tn. 1st, 1909, Eda Meriel,
d. of Lt.-Col. Neil Edmonstone, late 4th Hussars ; 2nd,
1913, Margaret Louise Causton ; and has issue — (by
second wife) John Richard St. John, Gentleman, b. 1917.
Sons of Richard Fleming St. Andrew St. John,
b. 1839 ; d. 1919 ; tn. 1st, 1871, Julia Louisa, d. of
Rev. William Churchill, of Muston, Dorset ; 2nd,
1907, Lilian Margaret Rothwell, d. of C. T. Bur-
ton, of Feltham, Middx. : —
Winstan St. Andrew St. John, Esq., M.R.C.S.,
L.R.C.P., formerly Capt. R.A.M.C. (T.F ), Hon. Assoc.
Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem,
b. 1872 ; tn. 1909, Violet Julia, d. of H. J. Twigg
of Petane, Hawkes Bay, N.Z. ; and has issue — Orford
Henderson St. Andrew St. John, Gentleman, b. 1910.
Res. — Derwent House, Derby.

Richard Stukeley St. John, Esq., C.B., CLE., D.S.O.,
Maj. -Gen. Ind. Army, Brigade Commdr. of Lahore 1 922-27,
b. 1876 ; tn. 1905, Edwardine Annie Georgina, d. of the
late Capt. L. Jourdier, 20th French Dragoons. Club —
United Service. Postal address — Northern Command,
Rawal Pindi, India.

Edward Churchill St. John, Esq., M.I.E.E., Maj. late
R.A.F., b. 1878 ; tn. 1906, Irene, d. of Col. C. Shepherd,
late Indian Army ; and has issue — Edward Richard Gor-
don St. John, Gentleman, b. 191 1 ; and Katherine Mar-
garet. Res. — Iddesleigh, Granville Road, Sevenoaks.
Arthur Beauchamp St. John, Esq., Commdr. (ret.)
R.N., b. 1884 ; tn. 1914, Lucinda Mary, d. of Hon. John
French, of Miramar, Queenstown, Ireland ; and has issue
— two daughters. Res. —

Son of Rev. Henry St. Andrew St. John, b. 1796 ;
d. 1874 ; tn. 1835, Emily Murray (d. 1875), d. of
Andrew Belcher: —
Rev. Henry Beauchamp St. John, formerly Rector
of Ninfield, Sussex, b. 1850 ; tn. 1878, Emily Anne (d.
1923), d. of Charles Bailey, of Redhill ; and has surv.
issue — Emily Gladys [tn. 1907, Edward Bradish, Manager
of the Royal Bank of Canada ; and has issue]. Res. —
Son of George Beauchamp Fleming St. John, Gentle-
man, b. 1845 ; d. 1908 ; tn. 1880, Sarah, d. of G. B.
Abrey, of Canada : —
Henry Beauchamp St. John, Gentleman, b. 1886 ; tn.
1919, Mary Katherine, d. of M. Fitzhardinge.of Sydney,
and has issue — two daus. Res. — Nulwala, Towns Road,
Vaucluse, Sydney, N.S.W.

Sons of Rev. Harris Fleming St. John, of Dinmore
Manor, Leominster, b. 1833 ; d. 1903 ; tn. 1878,
Gertrude (d. 1923), d. of the late Charles Ward, of
Clifton :—
Oliver Stukeley Fleming St. John, Gentleman, b. 1881 ;
tn. 1st, 1913, Agnes Margaret (d. 1916), d. of Arthur
Jenkins, of Pencombe, co. Hereford ; 2nd, 1924, Eliza-
beth Sarah, d. of John Ross, of Dinmore, co. Hereford ;
and has issue — Richard Stukeley Fleming St. John,

Gentleman, b. 1914 ;

St. John, Gentleman, b.

1929 ; and two daughters. Res. — Ferncliff, Bridgnorth,

Rev. St. Andrew Fleming St. John, b. 1887. Res. —
Silverdale Vicarage, Stoke-on-Trent.

Rev. Fleming St. John, B.A. (Camb.), Priest of the
Church of Rome, b. 1891. Address — Cardinal Howard's
School, Laxton Hall, Stamford.

Charles Edward Fleming St. John, Esq.,Lieut.-Comdr.
R.N.R.,6. 1893; tn. 1927, Eira.d. of Rev. W.Humphreys,
Rector of Braunston, Rugby. Res. — Simonstown, S.

Son of Sir Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St. John,

K.C.S.I., Col. R.E., b. 1837; d. 1891 ; tn. 1869,

Janette.d. of thelate James Ormond, of Abingdon : —
Sir Henry Beauchamp St. John, K,C.I.E., C.B.E., Lt.-
Col. Indian Army, agent to Gov. -Gen. and Chief Commr.
in Baluchistan, b. 1874 ; tn. 1907, Olive Amy, d. of Col.
Charles Herbert, C.S.I. ; and has issue — Oliver Charles
Beauchamp St. John, Esq., b. 1907 ; Neville Tudor St.
John, Esq., b. 1912. Res. — The Residency, Quetta,

Sons of Lieut. -Col. Oliver Henry Beauchamp St.

John, b. 1847 ; d. 1917 ; tn. 1880, Bertha Frederica,

d. of the late Cel. John Scriven, J. P. : —
Robert St. John, Gentleman, b. 1884 ; tn. 1912,
Dorothy, d. of the late Daniel Willink ; and has issue —
Oliver Mowbray St. John, Gentleman, b. 1921. Res.
Rev. Ernest Perkins St. John, M.C., Vicar of St.
Paul's, S.E., R.D. of Newington, served Great War,
1915-18, as C.F., b. 1886. Res. — St. Paul's Vicarage,
Lorrimore Square, S.E.

Philip George St. John, Gentleman, Res. of Officers,
LA., b. 1890 ; tn. 1920, Lois Irene, d. of Rev. R. P.
Willock, Rector of Warmington, and Canon of Coventry ;
and has issue — Anthony St. John, Gentleman, b. 1925.

Eld. son of Robert Newell St. John, Gentleman, b.

1850; d. 1897; tn. 1886, Gertrude, d. of J. H.

Brooke, of Yokohama, and widow of W. H.

Smith : —
Robert St. Andrew St. John, Gentleman, b. 1887 ;
tn. 1st, 1918, Joan Hartland (obtained a div. 1921) ;
2nd, 1926, Hannah Sophia, d. of Rev. Arthur Handyside,
Vicar of Cockerington, Louth. Res. — 196 Brixton Road,
Brixton, S.W.

Sons of Commdr. Thomas Charles St. Andrew St.

John, R.N., b. 1853; d. 1920; tn. 1877, Cecilia,

d. of the late Maj. Henry Lavie, Bombay Army : —
Robert Henrv Beauchamp St. John, Gentleman, late
Paymaster Lieut. R.N.V.R.,*. 1878 ; tn. 1st, 1901, Agnes
Mary (d 1915), d. of the late Capt. Shelton, Argyll and
Sutherland Highlanders; 2nd, 1916, Edith Mary, d. of
the late Capt. Hutton, of Iver, Bucks. ; and has issue —
Peter Cape Beauchamp St. John, Gentleman, b. 1917 ;
and two daughters. Res. — The Meads, Amersham
Common, Bucks.

St. Andrew Newell St. John, Gentleman, b. 1884 ;
tn. 1910, Mary, d. of G. Hicks, of Battleford, Canada.

Sons of Frederick St. John, Gentleman, b. 1809;

d. 1863 ; tn. 1845, Mary Anne {d. 1883), d. of Edward

Bramah : —
Henry St. John, Gentleman, b. 1852 ; tn. 1877, Jessie,
d. of Donald MacDonald, of Port Macquarie, N.S.W. ;
and has issue — (1) Rev. Frederick de Porte St. John,
Vicar of Uralla since 1918, b. 1879 (tn. 1908, Hannah
Phcebe, d. of the late Samuel L. C. Pyrke, Esq., J. P., of
Tamworth, N.S.W. ; and has issue — Oliver Beauchamp
St. John, Gentleman, b. 1909 ; Roland Edward St. John,
Gentleman, b. ; and two daus. Res. — Vicarage,

Uralla, N.S.W.) ; (2) Henry Beauchamp St. John, Gentle-
man, b. 1889 ; (3) Ambrose St. John, Gentleman, b.
1896; and 4 daus. Res. — Norwood, Telegraph Point,
Port Macquarie, N.S.W.

Rev. Edward St. John, Canon of St. George's Cathe-
dral, Southwark,6. 1855. Res.— Convent Lodge, Harrow-

Oliver St. John, Gentleman, b. 1857 ; tn. 1891, Alice,
d. of Samuel Richardson, of Ingatestone, Essex ; and has
issue — Oliver Beauchamp St. John, Gentleman, b. 1895,
and 2 daus. Res. —

ST. JOHN-MILDMAY. Argent, three lions rampant
azure, armed and langued gules. Mantling- azure and
argent. Crett — On a wreath of the colours, a lion rampant




guardant azure. Motto — " Alia ta Hara." Livery — Dark
blue, white and blue waistcoat.

Sons of Rev. Charles Arundell St. John-Mildmay , M. A. ,
J. P., b. 1820; d. 1904; m. 17 Jan. 1854, Harriet
Louisa Neville, d. of Hon. and Very Rev. George
Neville Granville : —

Wyndham Paulet St. John-Mildmay, Esq., J. P. Somer-
set, late Capt. Rifle Brigade and North Somerset Yeo.
[impaling the arms ot Hamilton-Russell, namely, quar-
terly 1 and 4, argent, between two chevronels a cinquefoil,
all between three cross crosslets fitchee sable (Russell);
2 and 3, gules, three cinquefoils pierced ermine (Hamilton).
Livery — Blue and silver], b. 1855 ; tn. 1889, Hon. Alice
Hamilton Russell, d. of Viscount Boyne. Seat —

George St. John-Mildmay, Esq., J. P. Somerset, late Major
Labour Corps, Barr.-at-Law (impaling the arms ofHambro,
namely : — azure, a chevron between three annulets in chief
and a lion passant in base or), b. 1856; tn. 1898, Grace
Mary, d. of late Percival L. Hambro. Res. — Queen Camel
House, Queen Camel, Somerset ; 4 Ashburn Gardens,
S.W.7. Club— Bath.

Paulet Bertram St. John-Mildmay, Gentleman, b. 1862 ;
tn. 1893, Selina Jane (d. 1925), d. of the late Rev. Evelyn
Hardolph Harcourt- Vernon. Res. — Westrope House,
Corsham, Wilts,

Rev. Aubrey Neville St. John-Mildmay, M.A. (Oxford),
b. 1865 ; m- 1900, Louisa Jane, d. of late John Maunder of
Johannesburg ; and has issue — Verus Arundell Maunder
St. John-Mildmay, Gentleman, b. 1906. Res. — West 6th
Avenue, Vancouver.




ST. LEGER (R.L., 1 April 1863, H. Coll.). Quarterly,
1 and 4, azure, fretty argent, on a chief or a cross crosslet

Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, a griffin passant or
charged with a cross crosslet as in the arms (St. Leger) ; 2.
out of a ducal coronet or, a goat's head argent, attired
or (Bagot). Mottoes — (Over the crests), "Antiquum
obtinens" ; (below the arms), " Haut et bon. " Livery —

Sons of Col. John St. Leger, J. P., D.L., of Park Hall,

Yorks., b. 1823 ; d. 1905 ; m. 1858, Philippa, d. of John

B. Rooper of Abbot's Ripton Hall: —

Arthur John Bonfoy St. Leger, Esq., late Major King's

Royal Rifle Corps, b. 1859; tn. 1896, Hilda Geraldine,

second d. of Sir Gerard Smith, K.C.M.G. , Governor of

West Australia ; and has issue — Brenda Mary ; and Vera.

Estates in Limerick. Res. — Little Mowhurst, Edenbridge ;

38 Ovington Square, S.W.3. Club — Naval and Military.

Henry Berners St. Leger, Gentleman, B. C.S. , b. 1861 ; tn.
1921, Sylvia, d. of Douglas Kingsford, Barrister-at-Law.
Reginald Warham Antony St. Leger, Gentleman, b. 1868 ;

ST. LEGER. Azure, fretty argent, a chief or. Mant-
ling azure and argent. Crest — A griffin passant or.
Motto—" Haut et bon."

Sons of Rev. Edward Frederick St. Leger, M.A.,

Rector of Scotton, Lines., b. 1832 ; d. 1881 ; tn.

1864, Elizabeth (d. 1913), d. of William Richard

Bishop, of Exeter : —
Rt. Hon. Edward St. Leger, 6th Viscount Doneraile
(22 June 1785), Baron Doneraile, of Doneraile, co. Cork
(2 July 1776) [Supporters — On either side a griffin or,
wings elevated and indorsed azure fretty argent], J. P.
co. London, M.A. Oxford ; Barrister-at-Law, Inner
Temple; b. 1866; s. his uncle 1891. Res. — 91 Victoria
Street, S.W. Clubs — Bachelors', Carlton, Oxford and

Hon. Hugh St. Leger, Solicitor of the High Court,
b. 1869 ; tn. 1919, Mary Isobel, d. of Frank Morice, of
Whakapunake, Gisbome, N.Z. Res. — 25 Holbein House,
Sloane Square, S.W. Club — New Oxford and Cam-


of the first for distinction (St. Leger) ; 2 and 3, ermine, two
chevronels azure (Bagot). Mantling azure and argent.

ST. LEVAN, Baron, see ST. AUBYN.


ST. OSWALD, Baron, see WINN.

ST. QUINTIN (R.L., 1795, H. Coll.). Or, a chevron
gules, a chief vair. Mantling or and gules. Crest — Out
of a ducal crest coronet gules, a branch of Pease proper,
on the top of a fluted column between two horns or.

Son of Col. Matthew Chitty Downes St. Quintin of

Scampston and Lowthorpe, b. 1800; d. 1876; tn. 1850,

Amy Elizabeth, d. of George Henry Cherry of Denford,

Berks. : —

William Herbert St. Quintin, Esq. , J. P. and D.L. East

Rdg. and J. P. North Rdg. Yorks. (High Sheriff Yorks.

1899), b. 1851; in. 1885, Violet Helen, d. of Hon. Cecil

Duncombe of Nawton Grange, Yorks. ; and has issue —

Margery Violet [tn. 19 10, Major L' Estrange Malone, Royal

Fus., and has issue — ]. Seats — Scampston Hall, York;

Lowthorpe Lodge, Hull. Club — Carlton.

ST. VINCENT, Viscount, see JERVIS.

The Late MARIA BUTLER (n/e ST. PAUL), a
Countess of the Holy Roman Empire (d. 1901), only
child and sole heiress of the late Sir Horace St. Paul,
Bart., Count of the Holy Roman Empire, formerly
M. P. for East Worcestershire, by his wife Jane, dau.
of George Annett Grey, Esq., J. P. and D.L. , of Mil-
field, Northumberland. Armorial bearings (of St.
Paul) are as follows, upon a lozenge — Quarterly, 1 and
6, argent, an eagle displayed sable; 2 and 5, divided in
tierce into three compartments ; i., azure, three lions
rampant or; ii., azure, a lion rampant argent ; iii., gules,
on a cross argent, nine billets sable ; 3 and 4, per pale or
and sable, a bend engrailed counterchanged, and over all,
on an inescutcheon argent, a lion rampant, double-queued
gules, ducally crowned or. Supporters — On either side
a lion regardant argent, langued gules, each supporting
between the paws a tilting-spear or ; from the dexter, a flag
or, charged with an eagle displayed sable ; from the sinister,


a flag argent, with fringe or, thereon a lion rampant,
double-queued gules, and ducally crowned gold. Married,
Jan. 19, 1893, George Grey Butler, Esq., M.A. Trin. Coll.,'
Camb.J.P. co. Northumberland (son of late Canon George



SALE (H Coll.). Argent, on a bend engrailed sable,
three fleurs-de-lys of the field. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest-On a wreath of the colours, a pheon's
head sable. Motto— " Vincit qui se vincit."

Butler, D.D. ) — vide Butler — and had issue — Horace George
St. Paul Butler ; Hetha Grey St. Paul ; and Irene Maria.
Seat — Ewart Park, Wooler, Northumberland.

SALE (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, on a bend
engrailed sable, three fleurs-de-lys of the field (for Sale) ;
2, or, a griffin passant sable, on a chief of the second three
pomegranates of the field (for Granger) ; 3, quarterly
argent and gules, in the first and fourth quarters a martlet,
and in the second and third an annulet counterchanged
(for Cowper).. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a pheon sable.

Son of William Sale, Gentleman, of Derby, b. 1797;
d. ; m. , Sarah (d. 1877), d. of William

Sheavyn, of Sutton Coldfield, co. Warwick: —
George Sale, Gentleman, b. 1841 ; m. 1867, Marion
(d. 1920), d. of William Morley, of Derby ; and has issue—
(1) Charles Vincent Sale, Gentleman, b. 1868 \m. 1892,
Mary Maud, d. of William Alfred Rose, of Ontario,
D.C., and has issue— Alfred Vincent Sale, Gentleman,
b. 1894 [m. 1914, Doris, d. of the late Thomas Hart-
Davies of Chester] ; George Sheavyn Sale, Gentleman,
M.C., b. 1896; Walter Morley Sale, Gentleman, b.
1903 ; and Marion Maud {Res.— Astor Rowant House,
Oxford; 10 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair)] ; (2) Herbert
William Sale, Gentleman, b. 1869 [m. 1892] ; (3) Frederick
George Sale, Gentleman, b. 1871 [m. 1899] ; (4) Robert
Sheavyn Sale, Gentleman, b. 1877 ; (5) Vivian Morley
Sale, Gentleman, b. 1881 ; Marion; Ada Louisa; and
Lilian. Res.— Fixby, Milner Road, Bournemouth.

Sons of William Henry Sale, of The Uplands, Derby ,

b. 1835 ; d. 1903 ; m. 1865, Margaret, d. of William

Craven, of Clapton Lodge, Halifax, Yorks. : — )n\i>

Reginald William Sale, Gentleman, B.A., b. 1866; m.

1895, Rosalie Marion, d. of Capt. Edward Hayward, late

H.M. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, and has had issue —

Harold William Sale, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; d. 1922 ; Guy

Edward Sale, Gentleman, b. 1907 ; d. 1908 ; and Dorothy

Marion. Res. — Eastmead, Duffield Road, Derby.

Harold Bernard Sale, Gentleman, b. 1879. Res. — San
Fernando, Buenos Aires.

Eldest son of William Hanson Sale, Esq., J. P., of Arden

Hill, Atherstone, co. Warwick, b. 1847 ; d. 1925 ; m.

1880, Alice Mary, d. of Thomas Bromwich of Wolston,

nr. Coventry : —

Charles Hanson Sale, Esq., J. P. co. Warwick, b. 1881 ;

m. 918, Laura, only d. of Robert Day, of Eynsham, Oxon. ,

and has issue — Laura Joan Hanson. Res. — Southleigh, 26

St. Mary's Road, Leamington Spa.

SALE-HILL. Sable, a chevron erminois, between three
leopards' faces erminois. Mantling sable and or. Crest—
Upon a wreath of the colours, a talbot's head couped sable,
guttde-d'eau, collared gules, studded and ringed or. Motto
— " Ne tentes aut perfice."

Son of Sir Rowley Sale Sale-Hill, K.C.B., General
Indian Army, *. 1839; d, 1916 ; m. 1873, his cousin,
Caroline Sophia, daughter of Lieut. -Colonel Robert
Henry Sale: —
Alan Rowley Sale Sale-Hill, Esq., late Major Somerset




Light Infantry, b. 1877; w. 1st, 1914, Elizabeth Caroline
(d. 1924), d. of late Hon. Albert Yelverton Bingham and
widow of William John Wallace ; 2nd, 1925, Mary Eliza,
d. of the late William Sullivan, of Liverpool. Post. add. —
72 West Cromwell Road, S.W.5.


SALISBURY, Marquess of, see CECIL.

SALT of Standon and Weeping Cross (H. Coll., 2 April
1849). Argent, a chevron rompu between three mullets in
chief and a lion rampant in base sable. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, three
annulets interlaced sable, thereon a dove holding in the beak
an olive-branch proper, and charged on the neck with a
chevron also sable. Motto — " In sale salus."

Sons of Sir Thomas Salt, 1st Bart. , M.P. , M. A. (Oxon. ),
D.L., J. P., b. 1830 ; d. 1904 ; m. 1861, Emma Helen
Mary, d. of John Lavicount Anderdon of Chislehurst : —

Sir Thomas Anderdon Salt, 2nd Bart. (8 Aug. 1899),
D.S.O., J.P. and D.L. co. Stafford (High Sheriff 1909), J. P.
co. Dorset, late Major nth Hussars, served on W. Coast
of Africa 1887-8 (desp.), on the Punjab Frontier 1897, in
S. Africa 1902, and Great War as Lt.-Col. Comdg. 3rd Co.
of London Yeo. 1916-18 (desp., D.S.O., Order of the Nile),
b. 1863 ; m. 1905, Elinor Mary, d. of Sir Henry Arthur
Wiggin, 2nd Bart. ; and has issue — (1) Thomas Henry
Salt, Esq., 2nd Lieut. D.C.L. I., b. 1905 ; (2) George
Stevenson Salt, Esq., Midshipman R.N., b. 1908; and
Patience Elinor. Res. — Hooke Court, Beaminster, Dorset.
Club — Naval and Military.

Herbert Edward Anderdon, Esq. (q.v.).

Reginald John Salt, Esq, b. 1874; m. 1901, Maude, d.
of Robert Wigram of Longcroft, Surrey; and has issue —
Laura Enid; Barbara; and Olive Mary. Res. — 75 Lilling-
ton Road, Leamington.

Rev. William Manning Salt, M. A. (Cantab.), Rector o
Newport, b. 1876 ; m. 1907, Mildred Nairne (d. 1926),
d. of the late Lt.-Col. C. H. E. Graeme ; and has issue-
Joan Mildred; Rosemary; and Elizabeth. Res. — The
Rectory, Newport, Salop.

Harold Francis Salt, Esq., C.M.G., D.S.O., Col. late
R.A., served Great War (desp. 3 times), has Order of the
Nile, b. 1879; m. 1914, Phyllis Dulce, d. of late Major
Cameron, R.F.A. ; and has issue— Primrose Phyllis; and
Babette Irene. Res.— R.M.A., Woolwich. Club — Army
and Navy.

SALT (H. Coll., 1869). Azure, a chevron indented
between two mullets and a demi-ostrich displayed holding
in the beak a horse-shoe or. Mantling azure and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a rock an alpaca
proper. Motto — "Quid non Deojuvante."

Sons of Sir Shirley Harris Salt, 3rd Bart., M.A.

(Camb. ), Barrister-at-Law, J.P. , b. 1857; d. 1920; m.

1880, Charlotte Jane (d. 1925), only d. of the late Very

Rev. John Cotter MacDonnell, Canon of Peterborough,

sometime Dean of Cashel: —

Sir John William Titus Salt, 4th Bart. (30 Oct. 1869),

Lieut.-Comdr. late R.N., b. 1884; m. 1st, 1913, Dorothy

(who obtained a div. 1926), d. of Col. W. Baker Brown,

R.E. ; 2nd, 1926, Stella Houlton, d. of Richard Houlton

Jackson, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., of Bakewell, co. Derby.

Res. — 3 Eaton Mansions, Eaton Place, Kemp Town,

Brighton. Club— Junior Carlton.

Robert Shirley MacDonnell Salt, Esq., b. 1888 ; m. 19 14,
Stella, d. of H. G. Marquis. Res.— The Cottage, Great
Longstone, Derby.

Sons of Titus Salt, Esq. (son of Sir Titus Salt, 1st
Bart., and Caroline Whitlam), D.L. co. York., J. P.,
b. 1843 ; d. 1887 ; m. 1866, Catherine, d. of Joseph
Crossley of Broomfield, Halifax, co. York.: —
Gordon Locksley Salt, Gentleman, b. 1866; m. 1903,
Florence Mary, d. of the Rev. J. W. Scarlett of Rossington ;
and has issue— (1 (John Scarlett Alexander Salt, Gentleman,
Lieut. R.E., b. 1905; Sythe Margaret Isabella; and Nesta
Catherine. Res.— The Old Rectory, Thorpe Arch, Yorks.
Harold Crossley Salt, Gentleman, b. 1868; m. 1906,
Grace Ethel Muriel, d. of Rev. H. Madan Pratt, late Rector
of Gt. Rissington, and granddau. of Sir Mathew Wilson,
Bart. ; and has issue— Denys Geoffrey Crossley Salt, Gentle-
man, b. 1918 ; Herbert Wharton Salt, Gentleman, b. 1920;
Marjorie Doreen ; and Rosalind Diana. Res.—

Lawrence Titus Whitlam Salt, Gentleman, b. 1874.
Res. —

SALTMARSHE of Saltmarshe (Vn. Yorks. 1563, 1585-
1612, 1665, H. Coll. ). Argent, crusily, and three cinquefoils
gules. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath
of the colours, a rudder or. Motto— "Ad astra virtus."
Livery — Fawn.

Sons of Philip Saltmarshe, Esq., J.P. and D.L. for
East Riding co. Yorks., b. 1825 ; d. 1912 ; m. 1st, 1852,
Blanche (d. 1880), d. of Robert Denison of Waplington
Manor, by his wife Charlotte, d. of Colonel Hotham
of Bishop Burton : —
Philip Saltmarshe, Esq., J.P. and D.L. East Riding of co.
Yorks., Alderman E. R. Yorks. C.C., Col. late R.A. , served
Afghan, S. African, and Great War (medals), b. 1853; m.
1883, Ethel Murray, d. of C. Murray Adamson of North
Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; and has issue — Philip Salt-
marshe, Gentleman, Lieut. K.R.R.C, served Great War, b.
1894 ; Blanche Violet [m. 1907, 3rd Baron Deramore] ; Ivy
Oswald [m. 1914, Reginald Herbert Woods, 60th Rifles] ;
and Myrtle (d. 1918). Estates — Saltmarshe, including
Lordships of Saltmarshe, Laxton, Balkholme, Linton, &c. ,
in East Riding of co. Yorks. Postal add. — Saltmarshe,
Howden, Yorkshire. Clubs — Carlton ; Yorks. (York).
Ernest Saltmarshe, Gentleman, b. 1859.
Harold Saltmarshe, Gentleman,*. 1866; m. 1901, Lilian,
d. of Edward Drury, Manager Bank of Queensland ; and
has issue — 2 daus. Res. —

Humphrey Arthur Saltmarshe, Gentleman, b. 1868.

SALUSBURY (H. Coll.). Gules, a lion rampant argent,
crowned or, between three crescents of the last, and for
difference a canton erminois. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion rampant
argent, crowned or, holding between the paws a crescent
of the second, and, for difference, gorged with a collar
invected gules. Motto — "Sat est prostrasse leoni."
Livery — Dark blue, scarlet collar and cuffs, scarlet waist-

Son of Edward Pemberton Salusbury, Esq., late Capt.
and Hon. Major 3rd Batt. Shropshire Light Infantry,
b. 1854; d. 1908; m. 1884, Julia Melville (d. 1913), d.
of James White Smith of Kathali, Bengal : —
Edward Clare Frederick Salusbury, Gentleman, b. 1886.
Seat —

Son of Rev. George Augustus Salusbury, of Brynbella,

co. Flint, b. 1822 ; d. 1893 ; m. 1852, Fanny, d. of

Luke T. Crossley of Olive Mount, nr. Liverpool: —

Frederick Hamilton Salusbury, Gentleman, B.A., LL.B.

(Camb. ), of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, b. 1856; tn.

1892, Isabel Adelaide, d. of the Hon. William Henry




Suttor of Bathurst, N.S.W. ; and has issue — Frederic
George Hamilton Salusbury, Esq., Capt. Res. of Officers,
late 3rd Batt. K.S.L.I., b. 1895 [m. 1922, Joan Poole, d. of
Major H. A. Cummins, C.M.G. , R.A M.C. (ret.), and has
issue — Isoult Ann Pamela [Club — Union). Res. —

Son of Rev. Norman Salusbury, formerly Vicar of
Wigton, Cumberland, b. 1859; d. 1927; m. 1890,
Helen Louisa, d. of Horace A. Coates of Stanley
House, Andover, Hants. : —
Norman Horace Pemberton Salusbury, Gentleman, b.
1893. Res. —

Son of Rev. Augustus Pemberton Salusbury, M.A. ,

Vicar of Wrockwardine, nr. Wellington, Salop, b.

1826; d. 1896; m. 1852, Henrietta Sophia, d. of John

Perkins of Norris Lodge, Herts. : —

Rev. Francis Russell Salusbury, M.A., Oxford, formerly

Rector of Durley, Hants., b. 1865; w.1893, Mabel Constance,

d. of the late Charles Warner of Northlands, Winchester.

Res. — Weeford Rectory, Lichfield.

SALUSBURY (H. Coll.). Gules, a lion rampant argent,
ducally crowned or, between three crescents of the last.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, a demi-lion rampant couped argent, crowned or,

holding in the dexter paw a crescent of the last. Motto—
" Satis est prostrasse leoni." Livety — Dark blue coat with
gold buttons, black breeches with orange stripes, blue waist-
coat with yellow pin stripe.

Sons of the late Rev. Charles Thelwall Salusbury,

of Tredunnoe, Llangibby, Mon. , b. 1840; d. 1916;

m. 1867, Florence, d. of Samuel Stewart, of Connaught

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