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M.R.C.S., b. . Res. — -Malabar, Truro, Cornwall.


KERR (L.O., matric. 10 March 1913). Gules, on a
chevron argent, three mullets of the field, in the chief point
a mullet of the second for difference. Mantling gules,
doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a
stag's head erased proper. Motto — " Forward in the name
of God."

Eld. and 4th s^ns of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Walter
Talbot Kerr, G.C.B., Knt. Grand Cross of the Order
of Charles III. of Spain, of Melbourne Hall, Derby,
b. 1839 ; d. 1927 ; m. 1873, Lady Amabel Cowper (d.
1906), ygst. d. of George Augustus Frederick, 6th
Earl Cowper : —
Rev. Ralph Francis Kerr, B.A. (Oxon.), Superior of

io 9 4



Brompton Oratory since 1925, b. 1874. Address — The
Oratory, Brompton Road, S.W.

Philip Walter Kerr, Esq. [Arms as above, but (matric.
L.O.) a bordure of the second], F.S.A., B.A. (Camb.),
Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms since 1929, late Capt.
R.A. (S.R.), b. 1886. Res.— G.een Hill, Hertford. Clubs
— Travellers', Roy. Automobile.

KERR (L.O., 1880). Quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, on a
chevron cottised argent, three mullets of the first (Kerr);
2 and 3, argent, on a saltire azure, between four boars'
heads erased gules, five mullets of the first, a canton of the
third, guttee-d eau, thereon a lion rampant double-queued of
the field (Malcolm, L.O.). Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a mullet argent ; and
on an escroll above this Motto, " Praise God."

Eld. surv. son of Robert Malcolm Kerr, Esq., LL. D.
Barrister-at-Law, J. P., D.L. , Comr. of Lieut, for City
of London, formerly Judge of the City of London
Court, and one of the Corns, of the Central Criminal
Court, b. 1821 ; in. 1848, Maria S. L., d. of late Charles
Knight, Publisher in London : —
Robert Malcom Napier Kerr, Gentleman, Barr.-at-Law,
b. 1857. Chambers —

KERR of Hythe(H. Coll.). Quarterly, azure and gules,
a chevron ermine between in chief two mullets and in base
a sun in splendour or, upon an escutcheon of pretence the
rams of Goodwin, namely, argent, two bars potent counter-
potent sable between five martlets in cross gules. Mantling

azure and or. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, in front
of a sun as in the arms, two scimitars saltirewise, points
upward, pommelled and hiked gules. Motto— "Sero sed
serio." Livery — Dark blue, gilt buttons.

Son of William Mitchell Kerr, Esq., of Terlings Park,

Gilston, Herts., sometime Lt.-Col. St. James's Regt.

of Foot, Jamaica Militia, b. 1789 ; d. 1862 ; m. 1837,

Eleanor (d. 1899), only d. of Richard Aynsworth of

Clonmahery, Strangford, co. Down, Ireland: —

William James Kerr, Gentleman, formerly Ensign 79th

Regt. (Cameron Highlanders), present at siege and capture

of Lucknow and the battle of Bareilly, b. 1838; m. 1861,

Ann. only child and heiress of George Goodwin of Harlow,

Essex; and has surv. issue— (1) Rev. William Goodwin

Kerr, M.A., Pemb. Coll. Camb., Vicar of St. Paul's, Truro,

b. 1862 [m. 1888, Ethel Caroline Lindsey, d. of Charles Lind-

sey Page of Westbourne Park and of Oporto ; and has issue

—George Goodwin Arnold Kerr, Gentleman, b. 1889; Effie

Theodora Eleanor; and Ida Kathleen {Res. — St. Paul's

Vicaage, Truro, Cornwall)] ; (2) Herbert Kerr, Gentleman

b. 1867. Res.—

KERR (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, azure, the sun
in splendour proper ; 2 and 3, per fesse gules and vert,
on a chevron argent, three mullets of the first between

in chief three mascles or and in base a unicorn's head
erased argent. Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, the sun in splendour proper.

Sons of John Macgregor Kerr, Esq., Col. 3rd Regt.

Madras Cavalry, b. 1839 ; d. 1915 ; m. 1879,

Janetta Margaret, eld. d. of John Mellis Nairne, of

Dunsinnan, co. Perth : —
Alexander Nairne Kerr, Esq., M.C., Lt.-Col. 17th
Dogras, b. 1882 ; m. 1922, Eva Theresa, only d. of
Francis Herman Milford Wayne, O.B.E., and has issue —
John Kinloch Kerr, Gentleman, b. 1924.

Loraine Macgregor Kerr, Esq., M.C., Capt. W. Yorks.
Regt., b. 1893 ; m. 1922, Ellen Beatrice, d. of Sir Charles
John Oakeley, Bart., of Frittenden, Staplehurst, Kent,
and has issue — Anne Oakeley.

Evan Sinclair Kerr, Esq., Capt. W. Kent Regt, b.
1894 ; 7/i. 1925, Marian, eld. d. of Canon Sopwith, Vicar
of Maidstone ; and has issue — Janetta Marian.

KERR (L.O. , 1806). Gules, on a chevron embattled,
between a fleur-de-lys in chief and a martlet in base argent,
three mullets of the field. Mantling gules, doubled argent.

Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a stag's head
erased or. Motto— " Deus solamen." Livery — White and

Eld. son of Russell J anifs Kerr, Esq., J. P.. Chairman of

Quarter Sessions, Barr.-at-Law, Vice-Chairman County

Council, and a Verderer of H.M. Forest of Dean,

b. 1832; d. 1910 ; »i. i860, Ro=a Marv Anne, eldest d.

of George R. Griffiths of Castle Hill, Englefield Green,

Surrey : —

Russell James Kerr, Esq., J. P., D.L. , Verderer cf H.M. 's

Forest of Dean, Chairman C.C. co. Gloucester since 1920,

Deputy Chairman Glos. Qr. Sessions, Lord of the Manors

of Newnham and Ruddle, Barr.-at-Law (Inner Temple),

Lt.-Col. (ret.) 3rd Batt. Gloucestershire Regt., b. 1863;

m. 1888, Miriam Matilda, eldest d. of J. R. Pine-Coffin of

Portledge, North Devon ; and has had issue — (1) William

John Kerr. Lieur. Scottish Rifles, b. 1890; d. of wounds

received in action 1915 ; (2) Ralph Kerr, Esq., Comdr.

R.N., b. 1891 [m. 1920, Margaret Currey, and has issue —

Russell Charles Kerr, Gentleman, b. 1921 ; and Jane];

Helen Marv \ni. 1913, Robert Millington Holden] ; Miriam

Joan ; and Elizabeth Cicely. Seat— The Haie, Newnham-

on-Severn, co. Gloucester. Club — Windham,




KERR (L.O.). Vert, on a chevron argent, between three
maple-ieaves slipped or, as many mullets gules. Mant-
ling vert, doubled or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries,
a stag's head erased vert. Motto — " Bon i bel assiz."
Son of : —

Stanley Chandos Staveley Kerr, Gentleman, Bai rister-at-
Law, b. . Res. — Osgood Hall, Toronto, Canada.

PEARSE, Esq., M.V.O., Major (ret.) Rifle Brigade, Private
Secretary to the Governor of West Australia. Born 1871,
being the eldest son of the Rev. Beauchamp Kerr Warren
Kerr-Pearse, Clerk in Holy Orders, M.A. University Coll.,
Oxford, who assumed by Royal Licence the additional sur-
name of Kerr in 1889, by his wife Geraldine Henrietta, third
dau. of Richard Samuel Guinness, Esq., Barrister-at-Law,
sometime M. P. , of Deepwell, co. Dublin. Armorial bear-
ings—Quarterly, 1 and 4, quarterly i. and iiii., azure, the
sun in his splendour proper (for Pearse) ; 2 and 3, ii. and iii. ,
gules, on a chevron argent, three mullets of the field, all
within a bordure quarterly argent and or (for Kerr). Mant-
ling azure and or. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours,
a dexter arm embowed in armour, the hand grasping a
tilting-spear in bend sinister all proper, between two estoiles
gules (for Pearse) ; 2. on a wreath of the colours, the sun in
his splendour proper (for Kerr). Mottoes — " Cadente por-
rigo dextram," and " Sero sed serio." Married 1909,
Lily, d. of the late Capt. Cecil George Assheton Drummond,
of Enderby Hall, Leics. ; and has Issue — Rupert Miles
Beauchamp Kerr-Pearse, Gentleman, b. 1915 ; and Eliza-
beth Alice Durbtra. Address — Government House, Perth,
W. Australia. Club — Army and Navy.

KERRICH-WALKER (R.L., 1877, H. Coll.). Quar-
terly, 1 and 4, argent, a fesse embattled counter-embattled,
with plain cottises sable, in chief a quatrefoil between two
crescents, and in base a crescent between two quatrefoils
gules (Walker) ; 2 and 3, sable, on a pile argent, between two
galtraps or, a galtrap of the field (Kerrich). Mantling
sable and argent. Crests — 1. upon a wreath of the colours,
in front of a greyhound's head couped argent, gorged with a
collar gemel sable, a crescent gules (Walker) ; 2. upon a
wreath of the colours, in front of two spears in saltire
proper, a galtrap or (Kerrich). Motto — " Faire sans dire."
Sons of Henry Walker Kerrich-Walker, Esq., J. P.,
b. 1832; d. 1909; m. 1864, Isabella (d. 1899), d. of
G. Reid of London : —
Edward Henry Walker, Gentleman, b. 1864. Seat —
Denton Bank, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

William B. Kerrich-Walker, Gentleman, b. 1867. Seat —
Belgrave, Coxhoe, co. Durham,

KERSEY (H. Coll.). Argent, on a pile between two
roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, a boar's head
couped of the field. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —

On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount vert, between
two branches of cinquefoils, a boar's head as in the arms.
Motto — " Peractus conamine."

Son of Robert Kersey, Gentleman, b. 1818 ; d. 1904 ;

m. 1st, 1837, Caroline Charlotte, ygst. d. of late

Richard Osborn : —
Alexander Henry Kersey, Gentleman, b. 1850 ; m. 1887,
Alice, d. of Thomas James Steel ; and has issue — Robert
Hogarth Kersey, Gentleman ; Kathleen ; and Eileen. Res.
—54 Argyll Road, W.8.


, being the son of the late Edward Newman Kershaw

of Heskin Hall, Eccleston, Lanes. Armorial bearings—
Per fesse indented argent and sable, a pale counterchanged,
three cross crosslets of the last, a chief azure, thereon as
many bezants. Mantling sable and argent. Crest On a
wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, in front of two
trunks of trees erect, sprouting from the sinister, a pheasant
proper, holding in the beak two ears of wheat slipped or.
Motto — "Fide semper Deo." Residence — 10 Hanover
Square, London, W.

KETTLEWELL. Or, three bulls' heads caboshed in
bend, between two bendlets inverted sab e, a cross pat6e
in the sinister chief point, also sable. Mantling sable and
or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, in front of a
demi-bull sable, gorged with a collar and line reflexed
over the back, holding between the legs a cinquefoil, three
crosses patee fessew ise all or.

Sons of William Wildman Kettlewell, Esq. , of Harptree
Court, East Harptree, Somerset. J. P. (High Sheriff
1891) Somerset. M.A. (Oxford), b. 1844; d. 1916 ; m.
1875, Florence B.dfour, ygst. d. of Wybrants Olphert,
E'-q., D.L., of Ballyconnell House, Falcarragh, in the
co. of Donegal : —
Henry Wildman Kettlewell, Esq., Lt. -Col. (ret.) Shrop-
shire L. I., served in S. Africa (wounded), b. 1876; m. 1903,
Sheila Gladys, d. of James Noel Miiller For.syth, D. L. ;
and has issue — Jasper Wildman Kettlewell, Gentleman,
b. 1905; William James W r ildman Ketilewell, Gentleman,
b. 1908 ; Henry Noel William Wildm <n Kettlewell, Gentle-
man, b. 1911 ; Alison Mary; Florence R semary ; and
another dau. Res. — Dibdrn House, nr. Hythe, South-

William Robert Wildman Kettlewell, Esq., Capt. (ret.)
R.N. , b. 1877 ; m. 1913, Margaret, only d. of T. A. Walsh
of Adrivale, Kilmaliock. Res.~ Westhall Hill, Burford,

George Wildman Kettlewell, Gentleman, b. 1879 ; m.
1906, Mildred Frances, third d. of late Rev. T. Atkinson ;
and has issue — John Robert Wildman Kettlewell, Gentle-
man, b. 1908; Richard Wildman Kettlewell, Gentleman,
b. 1910; George Victor Wildman Kettlewell, Gentleman,
b. 1916 ; and Marion Mildred.

KEY (H. Coll., 1831). Per chevron dovetail ermine and
gules, three keys erect, the wards upwards and to the sinister
or. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a mount vert, thereon a hnrt lodged full-faced
proper, charged on the br dy with three mullets fessewise
sable. Motto — "In Domino confido."

Son of Sir Kingsmill Grove Key, 2nd Bart., of Thorn-
bury, Glos., b. 1815 ; d. 1899; by his 3rd wife, m.
1862, Mary Ann, widow of Rev. Arthur Tidman, M.A. ,
and d. of James Kershaw, M.P. : —
Sir Kingsmill James Key, 4th Bart. (17 Aug. 1831), B.A.
(Oxon.), b. 1864; s. his half-brother 1926 ; m. 1888, Helen,
d. of William Abercrombie of Brooklands, Cheshire ; and has
issue — Violet Esme' Kingsmill. Res. — Wittersham, Kent.

KEYES (U.O., H. Coll.). Per chevron gules and
sable, three keys or, the wards of the two in chief facing
each other, and of the one in base to the sinister, on a
canton argent, a lion rampant of the first. Mantling
gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an
open hand couped at the wrist proper, holding between
the forefinger and thumb a key or. Motto — " Virtute

Sons of Gen. Sir Charles Keyes, G.C.B., b. 1820 ;
d. 1896 ; m. 1872, Katherine, d. of James Norman:- —

Vice-Adm. Sir Roger John Brownlow Keves, 1st Bt.
(1919), K.C.B. (1918), K.C.V.O. (1918), C.M.G. (1916),
D.S.O. (1916), Hon. LL.D. (Camb., Aberdeen and
St. Andrew's), D.C.L. (Oxon.), Acting Adm. C.-in-C.
Mediterranean Fleet 1925-8, is Grand Officer Legion
of Honour, Croix de Guerre (France and Belgium).
D.S.M. (America), G.C. Order of Leopold (Belgium),




Supporters — On the dexter, a sailor of the
R.N. in blue working rig proper, supporting in the
exterior hand a staff argent, ensigned with a naval
crown or, and flying the banner of St. George, also
proper ; on the sinister, a Royal Marine in field service
dress, armed and equipped for trench raiding, all proper],
b. 1872 ; tn. 1906, Eva Mary, d. of the late Salvia Bowlby,
Esq. , D.L., of Gilston Park, Herts.; and has issue — Geoffrey
Charles Tasker Keyes, Esq., b. igiy. Roger George
Bowlby Keyes, Esq., b. 1919 ; Diana Margaret ; Kathe-
rine Elizabeth ; Elizabeth Mary. Clubs — Naval and
Military, Marlborough.

Lt.-Coi. Terence Humphrey Keyes, C.S.I. (1928),
C.M.G. (1919), CLE. (1917), F.R.G.S..F.R.Z.S., British
Envoy at Court of Nepal, has Orders of Vladimir, St.
Anne, and St. Stanislaus of Russia, Order of the Crown
(Rumania) 3rd class, b. 1877; tn. 1909, Edith Beatrice,
d. of Lt.-Gen. C. McMahon, F.R.S. ; and has issue —
Roger McMahon Keyes, Gentleman, b. 1910; Patrick
Terence Keyes, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Michael Patton
Keyes, Gentleman, b. 192 1 ; Rosemary; and Lavender
Phyllis. Address — Freezeland Farm, Lunsford Cross,
nr. Bexhill-on-Sea; The Legation, Kathmander. Club —

KEYWORTH (H. Coll.). Argent, a bend gules,
surmounted by a bendlet or, between, in the sinister
chief, three arrows palewise, heads upward, and in dexter
base a windmill sable. Mantling gules and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, a cubit arm in chain armour
sable, the hand grasping a mace proper. Motto — " Vi
defendum ars protectum."

Son of John Kirk Keyworth, Gentleman, of Green,
Bishop's Teignton : —
John Walter Keyworth, Col. (ret.), b. . Res. —

Green, Bishop's Teignton, Devon.

Sons of Thomas Michael Keyworth, Gentleman, r of
Cottesford Place, Lines. : —
? Sons.

Born January 18, 1871. being the only son of Archibald
Napier Kidd, Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Arts of the
University of Dublin , by his wife Laura Isabella, d. of Andrew
Lyle. Armorial bearings — He bears for Arms : Argent,
a tree eradicated vert, pendent from the branches a bugle-
horn or, stringed gules, on a chief engrailed azure a rose
between two mullets of the field ; and for his Crest, upon
a wreath of the colours, an increscent argent, charged with
a rose gules; with the Motto, "Donee impleat orbem."
A ddress —

KIDSTON (L.O., 1871). Sable, three salmon hauriant
in fesse proper, on a chief or, three goats' heads erased of
the first within a bordure argent. Mantling gules, doubled
argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a unicorn's
head erased argent. Motto—" Pro rege et lege."

Son of Archibald Glen Kidston, Esq., Capt. 3rd Batt.
"Black Watch," b. 1871 ; d. 1913 ; m. 1898, Helene,
d. of Spencer Chapman : —
George Pearson Glen Kidston, Esq., Lieut. R.N.,
b. 1899. Res.— 65 Eaton Square, S.W.

KILBURN (L.O., 1909). Sable, a chevron between
three cak-leaves or (impaling per ben i sinister embattled
argent and sable). Mantling sable, doubled or. Crest-
On a wreath of his liveries, a < exter hand ct uped at the



KIGGELL of Cahara (U.O.). Ermine, three lynxes
passant in pale gules. Mantling gules and argent. Crest
— -On a wreath of the cole u s, a boars' head erased gules
transfixed by a spear fessways, the point protiuding from
the mouth or. Motto — " Fortis et constans."

Son of Lancelot John Kiggell, Esq., J. P. cos. Limerick,

Cork, and Kerry, Major S. Cork Lt. Inf. Mil., b.

1829; d. 1911 ; m. 1858, Meliora Emily, d. of Edward

Brown of Wilton House, Ballingarry, co. Limerick: —

Lieut. -Gen. Sir Launcelot Edward Kiggell, K.C.B.,

K.C.M.G.,/'. 1862; m. 1888, Eleanor Rose, d. of late Col.

Spencer Field, 2nd Roy. Warwickshire Regt. ; and has

issue— (1) Launcelot Spencer Kiggell, Esq., Capt. late

R.F.C.,b. 1890; (2) John Kiggell, Esq., M.C., Major (ret.)

R.E., b. 1894; (3) Arundel William Kiggell, Esq., Lieut.

R.E.,<5. 1903. Seat — Cloheen, Fleet, Hants.


wrist holding a broken sword in bend sinister proper,
hilted and pommelled or. Motto — " Usque ad finem."
Eld. son of John Kilburn, b. ; d. ; tn. ,

Janet, d. of William Dawson : —
John Dawson Kilburn, Gentleman, b. . J?es.- —


KILLIK (H. Coll.). Azure, a cross anchory between
four anchors in saltire, flukes to the fesse point or.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a swan, wings endorsed argent, resting the
dexter foot on an anchor in bend or. Motto — "Up,

Son of George Joynt Killik, of Kensington, b. 183 1 ;
d. 1875 ; tn. i860, : —

Sir Stephen Henry Molyneux Killik, Knt. Bach. (1923),
J. P. co. London, Alderman of the City of London,
b. 1861 ; tn. 1887, Emily Seymour (d. 1919), d. of the
late Thomas Fell Molyneux, of Windsor ; and has
issue — Stephen George Molyneux Killik, Esq., b. 1890;
Dorothy Lilian Molyneux [tn. 19 18, Stanley Greenland, of
61 Ladbroke Road, Kensington, W.]. Res. — 80 Palace
Gardens Terrace, W.8. Clubs — Ranelagh, City of London ,



C.M.G. (1901), a Justice of the Peace for the Cape of Good
Hope Province, entered the Cape Civil Service in London
1874, Private Secretary at Cape Town to Sir Charlrs Mills,
K.C.M.G., C.B., Under Colonial Secretary, 1876; to the
Rt. Hon. Sir Gordon Sprigg, G. C.M.G., Prime Minister,
1878; Clerk-Assistant of the House of Assembly, Cape
Town, 1880 ; Clerk of the House from 1897 until the Union
of S. Africa in 1910, when he retired on pension (Union
medal); served as Secretary on the following Government
Commissions: Dorthesia 1877, Kaffir War Expenditure




1881, Liesbe.k Municipality 1883, Diamond Laws 1887,
Liquor Laws 1889, Lighthouses 1890, Fisher es 1892, Sheep
Disease 1893, and Defence 1895; vvas Acting Private Sec-
retary to tne Hon. Sir Thomas Scanlen, Prime Minister,
1883 ; Sec. to Imperial British and German Commisssion on
West Coast Claims 1885, and was Chief Sec. of the S. African
National Convention 1908-9; is Author of" Parliamentary
Agents' Manual" 1902, 2nd edition 1906, of " South African
Union and Private Bill Legislation " 1908, has published
Index to Records of Cape House 1854-1910, was Proprietor
and Editor ot Cape Civil Service List 1887-1910, and was
an Examiner u der Cape Civil Service Commissioners
1889-1910; at invitation of Orange River Colony Govern-
ment assisted at inauguration ot Parliamentary Institutions
there 1907, and has frequently been consulted on Parlia-
mentary Procedure by all the South African States. Born

KIMBER (H. Coll., 28 July 1904). Argent, a torteau
between three choughs proper, on a chief engrailed gules,

May s, 1854, being the only son of the late Rev. S. W.
Kilpin of Reading, by his wife Elizabeth Ann, dau. of
William Coles Fuller of Kettering. Armorial bearings—
Per fesse argent and or, three crescents fessewise azure,
between two oak-trees eradicated in pale proper ; the
escutcheon being surrounded by the ribbon of the Most
Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, and
pendent his I adge as a Knight Commander thereof.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the
colours, in front of an oak proper, charged with a pheon
or, amount vert, thereon a saltire azure. Motto — " Firmus
in firmis." Married, Oct. 23, 1880, Augusta [Lady of The
Royal Red Cross, 1902], dau. of the late G. W. Pilkington,
Esq., of Cape Town ; and has Issue — (i)Tyrell Kilpin, Esq.,
M.C., J. P., Resident Magistrate Thaba Nchu, O.F.S.,
served Great War as Lieut. 5th S. A. Heavy Artillery, b. Dec.
7, 1881 [m. Sept. 28, 1911, Florence [d. Nov. 20, 1912),
d. of late E. R. Brooks of Grahamstown] ; (2) Cecil Fuller
Kilpin (Blantyre, Kenilworth, nr. Cape Town), b. Oct. 3,
1884 [m. Aug. 20, 1910, Daphne, d. of Lt.-Col. P> rceval
Writeht. late R. M.L.I. ; and has issue — John Cecil Kilpin,
Gentleman, b. June 29, 1911 ; Peter Perceval Kilpin, Gentle-
man, b. 1917 ; Malcolm Brydon Kilpin, Gentleman, b.
1918 ; Mary Barbara ; and Patricia] ; (3) Ralph Pilkington
Kilpin, Esq., Clerk Assist., Houseof Assembly. Cape Town,
*. Oct. 10, 1887 [ot. 1914, Hilda Marv, d. of Gilbert Main-
waring Robinson]; (4) Denis Pilkington Kilpin, Esq.,
Capt. Northampt nshire Regt., b. June 17, 1893 [m. 1921,
Hilda, d. of W. S. Sim, M.I.Mech.E., and has issue —
Geoffrey Denis Kilpin, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; and Jill Vivien
[Res. — Mardale, Elgin, Cape Province)]. Postal address
— Linford, Kenilworth, near Cape Town. Clubs — Civil
Service (Cape Town), Authors'.

three estoilles of the first. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a bull's head caboshed
sable, horned argent, between the horns an estoille or.

Sons of Sir Henry Kimber, 1st Bart., M.P. for Wands-
worth 1885-19 13, Solicitor of the Supreme Court
1858-90, b. 1834; d. 1923; in. i860, Maty Adelaide, d.
of the late Gen. Charles Dixon, R. E. : —
Sir Henry Dixon Kimber, 2nd Ba, t. (24 Aug. 1904),
M.A. (Lincoln Coll., Oxford), Solicitor of the Supreme
Court, b. 1862 ; m. 1st, 1890, Florence Sarah (d. 1907), enly
d. of late Charles Boyes Noel Snewin of Putney Heath ;
2nd, 1910, Lucy Ellen, d. of the late G. W. Crookes; and
has had issue — Henry Cyril Dixon Kimber, Esq., Lieut.
R.F.A. , b. 1894; d. of wounds received in action 1916 ;
Charles Dixon Kimber, Esq. , b. 1912; Ella Florence Irene;
Helen Margaret; and Audrey Patricia Res.— Hitcham
Place, Burnham, Bucks. Clubs — Jun. Carlton; City Cail-
ton; R.A.C.

Percy Dixon Kimber, Esq., b. 1867; m. 1892, Janet
Margaret, d. of William Mackenzie of Cramond, Pieter-
maritzburg, Natal ; and has issue — Guy Mackenzie
Kimber, Gentleman, b. 1899 [m. 1926, Ellen Elizabeth
Margaret, d, of the late Rev. J. Jardine-Lockhart of
Paignton, Devc n]. Res.— Selsby, The Dargle, Natal.

Sons of Walter Dixon Kimber, Esq. (4th son of 1st
Bart.), Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and
Natal, b. 1869; d. 1916; m. 1898, Florence, d. of
Charles Brown of Durban and widow of T. J.
Holmden : —
Eric Dixon Kimber, Gentleman, b. 1898 ; m. 1926,
Gwendolen, d. of L. C. French, of Donnyb 00k, Natal,
and has issue — Anthony Dixon Kimber, Gentleman, b.
1927. Re*. — Berwyn P.O., Ficksburg, O.F.S., Africa.
Allan Dixon Kimber, Gentleman, b. 1903.

Yngst. son of 1st Bart. :—
Hugh Dixon Kimber, Esq., b. 1871 ; m. 1st, 1902, Sarah,
d. of N. H. Kellog of Rugby, Tennessee, U.S.A. ; 2nd,
1916, Ethel Skelton. Res.— Brockham Green, Surrey.



KINDERSLEY (H. Coll.). Per bend gules and azure,
a lion rampant argent, within an orle of cross crosslets
and fleurs-de-lys alternately or. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount
vert, in front of a hawthorn-tree proper, charged with
an escutcheon azure, thereon a lion rampant argent, a
greyhound sejant also argent.




Sons of Capt. Edward Nassau Kindersley, of

Sherborne, Dorset : —
Sir Robert Molesworth Kindersley, G.B.E. (1920),
J.P. Herts., Lieut, for City of London, a Director of the
Bank of England, Comdr.of Order of Leopold of Belgium,
Officer Legion of Honour, b. 1871 ; m. 1896, Gladys
Margaret, d. of Major-Gen. J. P. Beadle, R.E., of 6
Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W., and has issue — Hugh
Kenyon Molesworth Kindersley, Esq., late Lieut. Scots
Guards, b. 1899 [m. 1921, Nancy, d. of Dr. Geoffrey
Boyd, of Toronto] ; Richard Francis Kindersley, Esq.,

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 18 of 282)