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and leaved proper (for Smith) ; with the Motto, " Not the

Son of Charles Alston Smith-Ryland, Esq., J. P. co.

Warwick (High Sheriff 1894), b. 1859; d. 1914 ; m.

1887, Edith, eldest daughter of W. F. Richards of

Folkestone : —
Henry Dennis Smith-Ryland, Gentleman, born Sept. 13,
1891. Estates — Sherbourne and Barford, Stratford-on-Avon,
Harbury, in the county of Warwick ; and in Birmingham
and Northfield, in the county of Worcester. Res. — Chateau
Meret Monts, Mentone, France.

Son of Charles Ivor Phipson Smith-Ryland, Esq., J. P.

co. Warwick, Capt. Warwick Yeo., formerly Lieut.

Coldstream Gds. , b. Jan. 8, 1898; d. 1929 ; m. 1919,

Leila Mary, d. of Hon. M. G. Tollemache : —
Mortimer Tollemache Smith-Ryland, Gentleman, b.
1927. Seat — Barford Hill, nr. Warwick.

(formerly SMITH), Esquire, J. P. and D.L. for cos.
Stafford and Sussex, and J. P. for co. Worcester, Hon. Major
Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars, Barrister-at-Law,
High Sheriff of Sussex 1886. Second son of the late Richard
Smith, Esq., J. P. and D.L. , of The Priory, in the co.


between two salamanders in flames proper, a crescent for
difference. Crest — On a mount vert, in front of a rock
proper, a chamois charged with a crescent ; with the
Motto, " Per saxa per ignes." Livery — Dark blue, with
red and white edging. Married, Feb. 6, 1873, Augusta
Emma Grace, dau. of Hambley Knapp, Esq., late Capt. 5th
Fusiliers; and died 1916, leaving Issue— Adela Caroline.
Estate — Sutton Hall, co. Sussex.

SMITH-SLIGO (L.O. matric. 1929). Quarterly, 1 and
4, gules, on a saltire between a falcon volant in chief and
three covered cups in the flanks and base or, l'ombre du

soleil of the first (Sligo); 2 and 3, argent, a saltire azure
between a crescent in chief, a chess-rook in base and two
stags' heads cabossed in the flanks gules (Smith). Mantling




gules, doubled or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, the
sun in his splendour. Motto — " Seligo veritatem." Livery
— Claret and yellow.

Eldest son of Archibald Vincent Smith (afterwards
Smith-Sligo), Esq., J. P., b. 1815 ; d. 1891 ; m. 1859,
Margaret, d. of George Sligo, Gentleman, of Seachff,
East Lothian : —
Archibald Dominic Smith-Sligo, Esq., J. P., Fife, late
Capt. Fife Art. Militia, b. i860; m. 1886, Eliza Mary, d.
of George Charles Fletcher, B.S.C. (ret.), and has had issue
— Archibald George Smith-Sligo, Gentleman, b. 1887;
killed in action 1914 ; Ronald William Smith-Sligo, Gentle-
man, b. 1889 ; Mary Lucy ; Margaret ; and Winifride.
Res. — Inzievar, Oakley, Fife. Club — Conservative (Edin-

SMITHERS of Knockholt (H. Coll.). Per chevron or
and sable, in chief two maple-leaves proper, and in base an
eagle wings addorsed and inverted of the first. Mantling
sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, issuant
from a chaplet of maple-leaves proper, an eagle wings
expanded or, each charged with a fesse chequy azure and

Sons of Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers, Knt. , of Home-
field, Knockholt, Kent, b. 1850; d. 1924; m. 1880,
Emma Roberta, d. of R. M. Theobald, M.R.C.S.:—

Waldron Smithers, Esq., J. P., M.P. Chislehurst since
1924, served Great War, Capt. Remount Service, b. 1880 ;
tn. 1904, Margery, d. of Rev. F. Page Roberts ; and has
issue — 2 sons ; 2 daus. Res. — Shelleys, Knockholt,

Langley Smithers, Esq., served Great War, Lieut.
R.N.V.R., b. 1884; tn. 1909, Mabel, d. of W. R. Bishop,
and has issue — 3 sons ; and 2 daus. Res. — Court Lodge,

Hubert Smithers, Esq., O.B.E., served Great War, Major
(temp. Lt.-Col.) 2/4 R.W. Kent Regt., b. 1885. Res. —
Homefield, Knockholt.

Norman Smithers, Esq., M.C., served Great War, Capt.
2/4 R.W. Kent Regt., b. 1887. Res. — Homefield,

SMYLY of Camus (U.O.) Azure, a chevron ermine
between three pheons argent. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an armed arm em-
bowed proper, the hand holding a pheon by the point
gules. Motto — " Viribus virtus." Livety — Dark blue,
with gilt buttons.

Sons of His Hon. Judge William Cecil Smyly of Castle-
derg and Camus, co. Tyrone, K.C., County Court
Judge at Bow and Shoreditch, J. P. co. Derby, b. 1840 ;
d. ; tn. 1884, Alice Mary, only d. of Samuel William
Brooks : —
Cecil Ferguson Smyly, Gentleman, b. 1884. Res. —
Alexander Ferguson Smyly, Gentleman, Barrister-at-Law
(Inner Temple), b. 1886. Chambers — 2 Paper Buildings,
Temple, E.G.

Sons of Sir Philip Crampton Smyly, Knt. Bach.,

Surgeou in Ordinary to H.M. Queen Victoria and to

H.M. King Edward, President Royal Coll. of Surgeons

in Ireland (1878), b. 1838; d. 1904; tn. 1864;

Hon. Selina Maria (Nina), dau. of Rt. Hon. the third

Baron Plunket (sister of the late Archbishop of Dublin

and of Lord Rathmore) : —

His Honour Sir Philip Crampton Smyly, Knt. (1905),

LL.D., Chief-Justice of Gold Coast since 1911, b. 1866;

tn. 1905 (his cousin), Eileen, d. of Sir William J. Smyly,

M.D. ; and has issue — Philip Crampton Smyly, Esq.,

b. 1917; William John Plunket Smyly, Esq., b. 1919 ; and

Aileen Grace. Res. — Accra, Gold Coast. Club — Royal


Josiah Gilbart Smyly, Esq., Professor of Latin, late
Fellow Trinity Coll., Dublin, b. 1867. Res. —

William Cecil Plunket Smyly, Esq., M.D., b. 1883. Res.
—4 Merrion Square. Dublin.

Sons of Matthew John Smyly, Gentleman, M.A., of
Bbden Park, Dublin, b. 1848 ; d. ; tn. ,

Katherine, d. of John Davis Garde, of Mount Dillon,
Dublin :—
Richard Josiah Smyly, Esq., Capt. North Lanes. Regt.,

b. 1879 ; tn. 1910, Pilkington ; and has issue — Richard

Patrick Pilkington Smyly, Gentleman, b. 1911; Dennis
Douglas Pilkington, Gentleman, b. 1913; and Sybil
Elizabeth Pilkington. Club — Junior United Service,

Neville Smyly, Gentleman, b. ; m. , Erne, d. of

David Tennant ; and has issue — John David Smyly, Gentle-
man, b. 1905 ; Smyly, Gentleman, b. 1911.

Percy Smyly, Gentleman, b.

Son of late Josiah Smyly, Surgeon to the Meath

Hospital (son of John Smyly, Esq., K.C.), b. 1803;

d. 1864 ; tn. , Ellen, d. of Matthew Franks of

Merrion Square, Dublin : —
Sir William Josiah Smyly, M.D., Ex. Pres. of Roy. Coll. of
Physic, Ireland, b. 1850; tn. 1881, Eleanor Colpoys, d. of
Henry Tweedy, M.D., M.R.C.S.; and has issue— Joscelyn
Henry Smyly, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S.I., b. 1.882 [tn. 1921,
Eileen, M.D., d. of David Bell; and has issue — William
Jocelyn Smyly, Esq., b. 1922; David Paul Smyly, Gentle-
man, b. 1923 (Res. — Union Medical College, Peking,
China)]; Eileen [m. 1905 (her cousin), Sir Philip Crampton
Smyly, Knt.]; Rachel; Phyllis; and Vivienne. Res. — 58.
Merrion Square, Dublin.


SMYTH of Ash ton Court (R.L., 16 May 1915 ; H. Coll.).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, on a chevron between three
cinquefoils argent, as many leopards' faces sable, and (for
distinction) a canton or (for Smyth) ; 2 and 3, argent,
t'retty sable on a canton gules a chaplet or (for Irby).
Mantling gules and argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of
the colours, a gryphon's head erased gules, gorged with
a collar gemel and beaked and eared or, charged on the
neck (for distinction) with a cross crosslet argent (Smyth) ;
2. upon a wreath of the colours, a Saracen's head in
profile proper, wreathed about the temples argent and
sable (for Irby). Motto — " Qui capit capitur."

Third son of the 5th Baron Boston, of Boston,

Lines., b. 1837 ; d. 1877 ; m. 1859, Augusta Caroline,.

2nd d. of 3rd Lord de Saumarez : —

Hon. Gilbert Neville Smyth, b. 1864; assumed by R.L.,

16 May 19 1 5, the surname of Smyth in lieu of Irby

and the arms of Smyth quarterly with those of Irby ;

m. 1891, Esme.d. of George Oldham Edwards, of Redland

Court, Bristol, and step-dau. of Sir John Henry Greville

Smyth, istBart., of Ashton Court; and has issue — Esme

Frances Sylvia \m. 1923, Lieut. -Commdr. George Charles

Cavendish]. Seats — Ashton Court, Long Ashton,

Somerset ; Ness Castle, Inverness.

SMYTH of Camberley (H. Coll.). Azure, a chevron
cottised argent, between in chief two chess-rooks, and in
base a flaming cup or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, a dolphin hauriant proper,

gorged with an Eastern crown or. Motto — " Mediis
tranquillus in undis." Livery — Blue, white facings, silver
braid and buttons.

Third son of George Watson Smyth, Esq., C.B. , J. P.,
of Blackheath, b. 1837 ; d. 1910 ; tn. 1863, Frances
Anna, d. of the late Alexander Middleton : —




Sir Robert Middleton Watson Smyth, Knt. Bach. (1922),
M.C.L. Bengal 1919-22, President Bengal Chamber of
Commerce 1921-22, Mem. Council of State for India 1923-4,
b. 1872 ; m. 1908, Nellie, d. of the late Col. William Cubitt,
V.C. , D.S.O. , of The Grove, Camberley ; and has issue —
Mary. Seat — The Grove, Camberley, Surrey. Clubs —
Oriental, Ranelagh.

SMYTH of Elkington (Certified by Robert Cooke, Claren-
ceux, 1576, Ped., H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 12, per bend
dancettee azure and or, two crosses moline counterchanged
(Smyth) ; 2. gules, a cress moline argent, over all a bend
sable (Willarby) ; 3. gules, two bars and in chief three
plates argent (Otterby) ; 4. sable, a rose between three
lions rampant argent (Lilborne) ; 5. gules, three roach
naiant in pale proper (Roche) ; 6. gules, on a bend between
six bezants, three fleurs-de-lys azure (Besby) ; 7. argent, a
Jew's harp in pale sable between six laurel leaves, three and
three, in pale of the last (Scopham) ; 8. argent, on a fesse
gules, three fleurs-de-lys or, in chief a crescent sable (Disney) ;
9. gules, a fesse dancettee or, between three escallops ermine
(Dyne); 10. argent, three lions passant guardant in pale
gules (Humfines); 11. argent, a saltire engrailed vert
(Middleton). Mantling- gules and argent. Crest — Out of

a ducal coronet or, a demi-falcon rising proper. Motto —
•' Crux Christi spes mea." Livery — Blue and gold.

Sons of William Henry Smyth, Esq., J. P. and D.L.

Lines. (High Sheriff 1882), J. P. North Riding Yorks.,

High Steward of the Borough of Louth, Major (ret.)

Lines. Rifle Vols., b. 1821 ; d. 1912 ; m. 1849, Sarah

Anne (d. 1909), d. of Rev. J. Sargeaunt of Stanwick

Rectory, Northampton: —

William Grenville Smyth of Elkington Hall, Esq., J. P.,

D.L., b. 1857; m. 1889 (div. 1903), Anna Lillie, d. of

Cosmo Gordon of New York ; and has issue — William

Henry Gordon Smyth, Esq., Capt. 5th Batt. Lines. Regt.,

b. 1893 [m. 1918, Aim6e Angela, d. of Major Reginald

Pepys Whateley, of 75 Harcourt Terrace, W. ; and has

issue — William Pepys Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; and

Angela]; and Dorothy Emma \_m. 1920, Capt. John Grey,

M.C. , 7th Dragoon Gds. ; and has issue]. Seats — Elkington

Hall, Louth, Lines. ; Addo, Cape Province, S. Africa.

George Edmund Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1859.

Charles Glastonbury Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1862 ; m.

1892, Clyde, d. of John Utter of Chehalis, Washington,


Sons of Rev. Christopher Smyth, M.A., Vicar ot

Bussage, b. 1827 ; d. 1900 ; m. 1857, Clementina (d.

1903), d. of Clement Royds : —

Rt. Rev. William Edmund Smyth, Warden of Anglican

Hostel College of Fort Hare since 192 1, Bishop of Lebombo

1893-1912, M.A., M.B., b. 1858. Res.— Anglican Hostel,
Fort Hare, P.O. Box 8 Alice, Cape of Good Hope.

Cyril Randolph Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1859; m. 1891,
Helen, d. of William G. Dobie ; and has issue — William
Edmund Royds Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1892 [m. 1912,
Elizabeth Marshall ; and has issue — Marshall Leighton
Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; and 2 daus.]. Res. — 2024 W.
41st Street, Los Angeles, California.

Son of Rev. Christopher Smyth, M.A. , of Little

Houghton, Northants., b. 1812 ; d. 1897; m. 1850,

Catherine, d. of T. C. Sneyd-Kynnersley of Loxley

Park, co. Stafford: —

Christopher Smyth, Esq., J. P. and D.L. Northants., M.A.

(Oxon. ), Barr.-at-Law, late Capt. Northants. and Rutland

Mil., Chairman of Qr. Sessions 1904-16, b. 1851 ; m. 1890,

Emma Louisa, d. of Sir George William Gunning, Bart. ;

and has issue — Barbara Mary ; and Ursula Catherine [m.

1928, Cecil Vere Davidge, Barrister-at-Law]. Seat — Little

Houghton, Northampton.

June 7, 1877, being the third but second surviving son of
James Smyth, Gentleman, of Norton Hall, near Baldock,
Herts., and Georgiana Margaret his wife, dau. of Tohn
Bowman of Barkway, co. Herts., and Charlotte his wife.
Armorial bearings — Azure, three horse-shoes fessewise or,
between three horses' heads erased argent. Mantling

azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a horse's
head argent, erased azure, within a horse-shoe or. Motto —
" Ferrum equitis salus." Estate — Lord of the Manor of
Kendals, otherwise Wrestlingworth, co. Beds. Seat —
Northfield House, Henlow, Beds.

SMYTH (H. Coll.). Vert, a chevron erminois, charged
with a chevron gules, between three Saracens' heads habited
in profile couped at the neck proper, and for augmentation
a chief argent, thereon a mount vert inscribed with the Greek
letters K Y P A gold and issuant therefrom a representation
of the plant Silphium proper. Crests— 1. of augmentation,
on a wreath of the colours, a mount vert inscribed with the




Aforesaid Greek letters and issuant therefrom the Silphium
as in the arms ; 2. on a wreath of the colours, an anchor
fessewise sable, thereon an ostrich erminois, holding in
the ueak a horse-shoe or. Motto — "Vincere est vivere."
Livery — Blue, white facings.

Sons of Sir Warington Smyth, Kt. , F. R.S. , b. 1819 ;

d. 1891 ; m. 1866, Antonia, d. of Anthony Story-

Maskelyne, Esq., J. P., F.R.S. :—
Herbert Warington Smyth, Esq., C.M.G., M.A., LL.M.,
F.R.G.S. , Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple), Chief Inspector
of Factories, S. Africa, Knight of Order of White Elephant
of Siam, b. 1867; m. 1900, Amabel, d. of Sir Henry John
Sutton ; and has issue — 3 sons ; 1 dau. Res. — Calamansac,
Falmouth, Cornwall. Clubs — Athenaeum, Royal Thames

Maj.-Gen. Sir Nevill Maskelyne Smyth, V.C., K.C.B.,late
6th Dragoon Guards, served Dongola Exped. 1896, Nile
Exped. 1897-9, S. Africa 1902, Great War 1914-19, Maj.-
Gen. comdg. 47th Div. (T.A. ) 1919-23, ret. 1924, b. 1868 ;
m. 19 18, Evelyn Olwen, d. of Sir Arthur Osmond Williams,
1st Bart. ; and has issue — Osmond Nevill Hunter Mackay
Smyth, Esq., b. 1920; Dacre Henry Deudraeth Smyth,
Esq., b. 1923; and Olwen Annarella Deudraeth. Res, —
Balmoral, Victoria, Australia. Club — Cavalry.

JAMES HUGH SMYTH, Gentleman. Born March 22,
1870, being the eldest son of the late James Smyth, Gentle-
man, of Norton Hall, near Baldock, Herts , and Georgiana
Margaret his wife, dau. of John Bowman of Barkway, co.
Herts. Armorial bearings (H. Coll.)— Azure, three horse-
shoes fessewise or, between three horses' heads erased
argent. Mantling azure and or. Crest— on a wreath of
the colours, a horse's head argent, erased azure, within a
horse-shoe or. Motto — " Ferrum equitis salus." Seat —
Cold;Harbour, Ashwell, Herts.

^SMYTH. « Argent, 'on a saltire between three crescents,
one in chief a and two in fesse, and a leopard's face in base
azure a.n Eastern crown or. Mantling azure and argent.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dexter arm couped
below the elbow and erect, charged with a palm-branch,
and holding in the hand a scimitar all proper. Motto —
"With thy might."

Sons of John Watt Smyth, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, of

Lincoln's Inn, J. P. for co. Antrim, formerly of the

Bengal Civil Service, and one of the Judges of the Chief

Court of the Punjab, b. 1836; d. 1914 ; m. 1871,

Annabella Charlotte, second dau. of Rev. the Hon.

Henry O'Brien : —

Henry John Watt Smyth, Gentleman, B.A. (Oxon.),

b. June 16, 1872. Postal address — Duneira, Larne, co.


Gerald James Watt Smyth, Esq.,D.S.O., Lt.-Col. (ret.),
Royal Engineers, b. March 29, 1874 ; m. 1917, Florence
Mabel, d. of H. T. Sayers. Res.— The Knowe, Larne, co.
Antrim. Club — Jun. United Service.

Austin Edward Arthur Watt Smyth, Esq., Librarian,
House of Commons, M.A. (Cantab.), b. May 28, 1877.
Res. — 15 Cottesmore Gardens, Kensington, W. 8. Club —
Oxford and Cambridge.

SMYTH of Ballynatray (R.L., 3 June 1892). Argent, on
a bend, between two unicorns' heads erased azure, armed,
crined, and tufted or, three lozenges of the last. Mant-
ling azure and argent. Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or,
a demi-bull salient argent, armed and unguled or, and
charged with a crescent gules for difference. Motto —
" Cum plena magis."

Sons of Col. John Henry Graham Smyth, C.M.G.
(1901), J. P., comd. 3rd Batt. Prince of WalesJ Lein-
ster Regt. in South Africa 1900-1901, served in New
Zealand 1864-65 (medal), and in Egypt 1883-85
(Medjidie), comd. the Irish Militia Brigade at H.M.
Jubilee 1897 (Jubilee medal), b. ; d. 1904 ; m.

1872, Lady Harriette Gertrude Isabella, of Ballynatry,
co. Waterford, d. of the 5th Earl of Mountcashell : —
Roland Henry Tyssen Holroyd Smyth, Esq., D.L. Water-
ford, Capt. 3rd Batt. Prince of Wales' Leinster Regt. , b. 1874 ;
m. 1902, Alice Isabelle, yst. d. of late Chambre' Brabazon
Ponsonby of Kilcooley Abbey; and has issue — (1) John
Rowland Chambr6 Holroyd Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1903 ; (2)
Henry Horace Digby Holroyd Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1905 ;
(3) Bryan Hubert Holroyd Holroyd Smyth, Gentleman, b.
1908 ; (4) Oliver Grice Holroyd Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1914 ;
and Mary Lavender. Seats — Ballynatry, Youghal ; and
More Park, Kilworth, co. Cork.

William Baker Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1885.

SMYTH of Headborough (U.O.). Argent, on a bend,
between two unicorns' heads couped azure, three
lozenges or, a mullet for difference. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-bull
salient sable, armed and unguled or, a mullet for
difference. Motto — " Cum plena magis."

Son of Percy Smyth, Esq., B.A, J.P. (High Sheriff
1872), b. 1839; d. 1910; tn. 1865, Mary, eldest d. of
Robert Perceval Maxwell of Finnebrogue and Grooms-
port House, co. Down: —
Robert Riversdale Smyth, Esq., C.M.G., D.S.O.,
Lt.-Col. (ret.) Leinster Regt., b. 1875; m. 1906, Evelyn
Irene, second d. of Lt.-Col. Norton C. Martelli, of Creg,
Fermoy. Seats — Headborough, Tallow ; and Monarea, co.

SMYTH, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. late Coldstream
Guards. Born 1864, being the elder son of the late Edward
Skeffington Randal Smyth, Esq., D.L. and J.P. for Queen's
Co., High Sheriff 1865, by his wife Hon. Gertrude Valentine
Fitz-Patrick, dau. of Rt. Hon. John, 1st Lord Castletown,
of Upper Ossory. Armorial bearings— Argent, on abend
azure between two unicorns' heads erased sable, three
lozenges or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a unicorn's head couped sable.
Motto — " Cornu exaltabitur honore." Married, 1889,
Beatrice Virginia Louisa, d. of the late Col. the Rt. Hon.
T. Edward Taylor of Ardgillan, M.P. for Dublin. Res.—
North Cheriton, Somerset. Club — Arthur's.

SMYTH. Argent, on a bend azure between two unicorns'
heads erased sable, three lozenges or. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a unicorn's
head couped sable.

Second son of Edward Skeffington Randal Smyth, Esq. ,

of Mount Henry, Queen's Co., Vice-Lieut., J.P. and

D.L. for that co., High Sheriff 1865, b. 1831 ; d. 1897;

m. 1862, Hon. Gertrude Valentine Fitz-Patrick, d. of

John, 1st Lord Castletown, of Upper Ossory : —

Geoffrey Henry Julian Skeffington Smyth, Esq., D.S.O.

(1900), Lieut. -Col. (ret.) 9th Lancers, served South African

War 1899-1900, appointed a Gen. Staff Officer 1914 (Legion

of Honour, Croix de Guerre), and one of H.M.'s Hon.

Corps of Gen tlemen-at- Arms 1920, b. 1873 '• m - IQ °4, Hon '

Violet Frances Monckton, d. of 7th Viscount Galway;

and has issue— (1) Terence George Randal Skeffington

Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1905; (2) Noel Edward Vere

Skeffington Smyth, Gentleman, b, 1908 ; (3) Denys Brian

Skeffington Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1910. Clubs— Cavalry ;

Orleans ; Royal Automobile.

SMYTH of Deer Park (Confmd. U.O.). Argent, on a
bend gules between two double-headed eagles sable, armed





of the second, three lozenges or. Mantling gules, doubled
aigent. Crest — A unicorn's head purpure, armed argent,
issuant out of a ducal coronet or, and charged with a lozenge
of the second. Motto — " Exaltabit honore."

Only surviving son of John Smyth, of Deer Park, co.
Leitrim, /'. t8oo ; d. 1846 ; m. 1835, Frances Lloyd, 2nd
d. of John Carson, of Annesville, co. Roscommon, by
his wife Jane, d. of Yeadon Lloyd and grand-d. of Owen
Lloyd, of Rockville, co. Roscommon: —
Thomas Smyth, Gentleman, of Abbeyleix, Queen's Co. ,
Ireland, b. 1846; m. 1873, Sarah, d. of William Munro, of
Ballineen, King's Co.; and has surv. issue— (1) William
Henry Munro Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1874 {Res. — Hills-
borough, co. Down, Ireland); (2) Thomas Francis Smyth,
Gentleman, b. 1878 [m. 1909, Annette Elizabeth (d. 1924).
d. of Henry Gorman, of Ballymote, co. Sligo ; and has issue
— Percy Hubert Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1913; and Evelyn
Maud(/tV.r. — Dagenham, Essex)]; (3) Henry Carson Smyth,
Esq., L.R.C.P., late Capt. R.A.M.C, served Great War
1915-18 b. 1880 [m. 1918, Janet Park, M.B. , B.Ch. (Edin.),
served Great War with R.A.M.C, d. of Rev. James
George Walton, M.A. , of Dundee; and has issue —
Isabel Munro Carson (Res. — 44 Heme Hill, London,
S. E. )]; (4) Walter Munro Smyth, Gentleman, served Great
War with Tank Corps, b. 1884 (Res.— Auckland, N.Z.);
(5) Herbert Smyth, Gentleman, B.A. (Trin. Coll.
Dublin), late Lieut. 3rd Royal Irish Fusiliers, served Great
War, b. 1896 (Res. — 13 Cheriton Place, Folkestone) ; Francis
May, Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, served
Great War as Nursing Sister with R. R.C. ; Emily Sarah,
R.R.C. (2nd Class), served Great War with Q.A.M.N.S. (R)
[m. 1922, George Dufour Hodgson, M.A. (Sch. Queen's
Coll. Oxford), late Lieut. Roy. Fus. , served Great War,
only son of J. J. Hodgson, of Appleby] ; Eileen Mary,
R.R.C. (2nd Class), served Great War with Q.A.M.N.S.
|R); Evelyn Maud [m. 1917, Major Gordon Frank
Steevenson, R.A.V.C. , served Great War, yngr. son of
Robert H. Steevenson, of Torrington, Devon].

SMYTH of Ardmore (U.O. ). Argent, on a bend en-
grailed between two unicorns' heads erased azure, three
lozenges erminois. Mantling azure and argent. Crest —
Out of a ducal crest coronet, a unicorn's head azure,
charged with a lozenge as in the arms. Motto — " Exaltabit
honore." Livery— Dark blue, white facings.

Sons of the late John Acheson Smyth of Ardmore, by

his wife Alice, d. of Robert M'Clintock, Esq., J. P.,

D. L. , of Dunmore, Carrigans, co. Donegal: —
Ross Acheson Smyth, Esq., Major late Roy. Irish
Regt. , b. 1862; m. 1892, Edith, d. of Thomas Malcomson
of Minella, Clonmel, co. Tipperary ; and has surv. issue —
Norah Kathleen. Seat — Ardmore, co. Londonderry. Club
— County (Tipperary).

Robert M'Clintock Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1864; m. ;

Dorothy, d. of Rev. Canon John Gould Adams ; and has
issue — Ralph M'Clintock Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1911 ; and
Dorothy. Res. —

Hugh Lyle Waring Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1868 ; m.
1900 (his cousin), Una Maud Lyle, d. of Hugh Lyle Smyth
of Barrowmore Hall. Res. — Drumahoe, Londonderry.

Son of Godfrey Lyle Smyth, 6. 1878; d. 1910; m.

1902, Evelyn Cholmeley, eldest d. of Col. Johnson

Savage, R.E.: —
Bryan Lyle Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1903. Seats — Barrow-
more Hall, Chester ; Drumahoe, co. Kerry.

Son of Hugh Lyle Smyth, Esq., J. P. and D.L., b.

1834 ; d. 1911 ; m. 1st, 1862, Eliza (d. 1883), eldest d.

of James Turner of Rusholme, Manchester: —
Maxwell Lyle Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1883. Res. —

SMYTH (H. Coll.). Azure, three horseshoes fessewise
or, between three horses' heads erased argent. Mantling
azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a horse's
head argent, erased azure, within a horse-shoe or. Motto —
" Ferrum equitis salus." Livery — Blue, gold facings.

Sons of Thomas Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1828 ; d. 1906 ;
m. 1867, Louisa, d. of James Kidman : —

Thomas Hugh Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1870; m. 1913,
Lilian Maud, d. of David Mackair ; and has issue — Thomas
Hugh Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1913 ; David Smyth, Gentle-
man, b. 1915 ; Robert Smyth, Gentleman, b. 1917. Res. —
Edworth Manor, nr. Baldock, Herts.

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 188 of 282)