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or (to denote connection with the family of Molineau) ;
3. gules, two straight swords in saltire points downwards
proper, pommelled argent, between two fleurs-de-lys, one in
chief and one in base of the second, and two mullets, one
in each flank argent (McCaul). Mantling azure, doubled
argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a dexter
arm and vambraced, holding a spear in bend sinister
proper. Motto — " Salvet me Deus." Seats — Houston
House, co. Renfrew; Neilston House, co. Renfrew. Res. —
Eastbury Manor, Guildford, Surrey ; 4 Hill Street, Berkeley
Square, W. Clubs— Brooks's, New (Edinburgh), Western

SPEIRS of Culcreuch (matric. 28 Sept. 1810, cadet of
Elderslie, matric. 1767 (q.v. )). Azure, a ship in full sail
argent, ensigns flying gules between three bezants, in the
middle chief point a crescent. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, an arm in armour
embowed, wielding a lance all proper. Motto — " Salvet
me Deus." Livery — Dark blue and white.

Eld. son of Peter Alexander Speirs, Esq., of Pclmont

Park, Polmont, J. P., D.L., B.A. (Camb.), Advocate

and late Sheriff - Substitute cos. Roxburgh, Berwick,

and Selkirk, b. 1842; d. 1907; m. 1880, Florence, d.

of late Richard Cooke of Woodford, Essex : —

Archibald Douglas Speirs, Esq., Capt. in the Army, b.

1882 ; m. 1915, Marion, d. of G. B. Sparkes, of Green

Place, South wick, Sussex. Seat— Laurel Hill, Stirling.

Club— New (Edinburgh).

SPEKE (H. Coll.). Argent, two bars azure, overall an
eagle displayed with two heads gules, and as an honourable
augmentation (granted by Royal Licence, dated July 26, 1867,
to commemorate the discoveries of the said John Hanning
Speke), a chief azure, thereon a representation of flowing
water proper, superinscribed with the word "Nile " in letters
gold. Mantling azure and argent. Crests— 1. (of honour-
able augmentation) upon a wreath of the colours, a crocodile
proper ; 2. upon a wreath of the colours, a porcupine proper.
Motto — "Super aethera virtus."

Son of Rev. Benjamin Speke, Rector of Washfield and

Dowlish Wake, b. 1830; d. i88r ; m. 1869, Caroline,

d. of J. Fuller, Esq., Neston Park, Corsham : —

Walter Hanning Speke, Esq., D.L., J. P. co. Somerset,

Lt.-Col. late 6th Batt. Devon Regt., and Major 5th Batt.

Somerset L.I., b. 1870 ; m. 1901, Lilian, d. of late Arthur

Birch of Agden Hall, Cheshire. Seat— Ilminster.


and D.L. co. of Somerset. Born 1837, being the son
of the late John Plummer Spencer of Oakhill, Somerset.
Armorial bearings — Per chevron nebuly azure and or, three
acorns leaved and slipped in chief, and as many foun-
tains one and two in base, all proper. Mantling azure
and or. Crest -On a wreath of the colours, in front of
a dragon's head erased azure, holding in the mouth an
acorn leaved and slipped or, between two wings per bend
argent and azure, a fountain between two escallops of the
third. Motto — "No hope, no endeavour.'' Married,
1874, Jamesina C, eldest dau. of the late James Mac-
pherson, Esq., J.P., of Biallid, Inverness-shire and died

. £*a/— Pondsmead, Oakhill, Somerset ; Southill, W.
Cranmore, Somerset.

SPENCER(H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1. quarterly, argent and
gules, in the second and third quarters a fret or, over all on a
bend sable three escallops of the first (Spencer) ; 2. per
chevron azure and or, three lions passant guardant counter-
changed, on a chief argent a rose gules between two fleurs-
de-lys of the last (Catlyn) ; 3. or, on two bars gules, three
water-bougets argent, two and one (Willoughby of Wool-
laton) ; 4. sable, a lion rampant argent, on a canton of the
last, a cross gules (Churchill). Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head argent,
gorged with a bar gemel gules between two wings expanded
of the second. Motto—" Dieu defend le droit."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Robert Spencer, 6th Earl
Spencer, K.G., P.C., G.C.V.O., Grand Cross of the
Dannebrog, J.P. (and Lord-Lieut. 1908)00. Northants.,




b. 1857; d. 1922; m. 1887, Hon. Margaret Baring (</.

1906), d. of 1st Baron Revelstoke : —
Rt. Hon. Albert Edward John Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer,
and Viscount Althorp (G.B., 1 Nov. 1765), and Viscount
and Baron Spencer (G.B., 3 Ap. 1761), 1st Viscount Althorp
(U.K., 19 Dec. 1905) [Supporters — Dexter, a griffin
per fesse ermine and erminois, gorged with a collar
sable, the edges flory counterflory, and chained of the last,
on the collar three escallops argent; sinister, a wyvern,
erect on his tail, ermine, collared and chained as the
griffin], J. P. and C.C. Northants., Hon. Col. 4th Batt.
Northamptonshire Regt., Capt. (ret.) Life Guards, served
in the European War 1914 (wounded), b. 1892; tn. 1919,
Lady Cynthia Ellinor Beatrix Hamilton, d. of 3rd Duke
of Abercorn, and has issue— Edward John Spencer,
commonly called Viscount Althorp, b. 1924 ; and Lady
Anne. Seats— Althorp Park, Northampton ; North Creake,
Fakenham, Norfolk. Town house — Spencer House, 27 St.
James's Place, S.W. Clubs— Turf, Brooks's, Carlton.

Hon. George Charles Spencer. Sub-Lieut, (ret.) R.N.,
b. 1903.

SPENCER. Quarterly, 1 and 4, quarterly argent
and gules, in the second and third quarters a fret or,
over all on a bend sable, three escallops of the first (for
Spencer) ; 2 and 3, sable, a lion rampant argent, on a
canton of the last a cross gules (for Churchill). Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a
griffin's head between two wings expanded argent,
gorged with a bar gemel gules, beaked gold. Motto
" Dieu defend le droit."

Son of 2nd Baron Churchill, b. 1802 ; d. 1886 ;

m. 1849, Lady Jane Conyngham, d. of Marquess of

Conyngham, K.P. : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer,
G.C.V.O., 1st Viscount Churchill, of Rolleston, co.
Leicester (14 Julv 1902), Baron Churchill, of Wychwood,
co. Oxford (11 Aug. 18 15), J. P. cos. Oxford and
Leicester, Prince of the Holy Roman Empiie, Lord-
in-Waiting to Queen Victoria 1899-92 and 1895-1901,
to King Edward 1901-05, Master of the Buckhounds
1901, Lord Chamberlain 1902, late Lieut. Coldstream
Guards, and Col. in the Army 1917 [Supporters — On the
dexter, a griffin wings erect per fesse argent and or,
gorged with a collar of the last, thereon three escallops
sable, linereflexed over the back also or ; on the sinister,
a wyvern the wings erect gules, collared as the dexter], b.
1864 ; tn. 1st, 1887, Lady Verena Maud Lowther (whom
he divorced in the Scottish Courts 1927), d. of 3rd
Earl of Lonsdale; and has surv. issue — Hon. Victor
Alexander Spencer, Capt. and Brev.-Maj. Reserve of
Officers, b. 1890 [tn. 1916, Katherine Emily, d. of Hon.
Robert Beaven, former Premier of Victoria, Australia,
and widow of' Capt. Stanley Venn-Ellis, R.N. ; Hon.
Victoria Ivy Louise [tn. 1920, Cecil Brassey, Capt.
Reserve of Officers, Life Gds.] ; and Hon. Ursula [tn.
1928, Frederick Tod, R.H.A.] ; 2nd, 1927, Christine, d.
of William Sinclair. Seat — Langlee House, Galashiels.
Clubs — Carlton, New (Edinburgh).

Only son of Lt.-Col. John Winston Thomas Munro-

Spencer (formerly Spencer), b. 1849 ; d. 19 16 ; m. 1st,

1884, Synolda Ellen Le Petit (d. 1890), d of James

William FitzGerald Butler :—
Capt. Almeric Stuart John Munro-Spencer (q.v.).

Sons of Lt.-Col. Augustus Spencer, b. 1851 ; d. 1912 ;

tn. 1886, Hilda, d. of A. W. T. Grant-Thorold, of

Weelsby House, Lines. : —
Maj. Richard Augustus Spencer, D.S.O., R.A., b. 1888 ;
tn. 192*, Maud Evelyn, d. of Lt.-Col. Henry L. Ramsay,
I. A., and has issue — Richard Harry Ramsay Spencer,
Gentleman, b- 1926 ; Charles Geoffrey Campbell Spencer,
Gentleman, b. 1928. Res. — Lascombe, Puttenham,
Surrey. Club — Army and Navy

Capt. Edward Almeric Spencer, R.A., b. 1892 ;
tn. 1918, Elsie Winifred, d. of Arthur Macan, D.L., of
Drumcashel, co. Louth ; and has issue — Guinevere
Elsie. Club — United Service.

Son of William Francis Spencer, Esq., of Erdisland,

Pembridge, J. P. co. Worcester, Capt. late 46th Regt.,

b. 1838; d. 1923; tn. 1874, Margaret Georgiana, d.

of Walter Hemming, of Spring Grove, Worcr.. : —
Col. John Almeric Walter Spencer, C.M.G., D.S.O.,
late Rifle Brigade, served Great War, desp., Legion of
Honour, b. 1881 ; tn. 1913, Eleanor Georgiana, d. of
William Peel, of Knowlmere Manor, Yorks. ; and has
issue — John Lawrence Spencer, Gentleman, b. 1917.
Res. —West Hall, Northaw, Potters Bar.

Son of Col. Almeric George Spencer, late Comm. 33rd

Regimental District, and. Essex Regt., b. 1841 ; d.

1929 ; tn. 1st, 1869, Alice Isabel (d. 1913), d. of Col.

T. G. Fraser ; 2nd, 1914, Ada, d. of Henry Downing,

of Stratford-on-Avon : —

Lt.-Col. Almeric Arthur William Spencer, late West

Yorks. Regt., b. 1874 ; served Great War, desp., Legion

of Honour; tn. 1907, Sydney (divorced 1927), d. of the

late Frederick W. Lawson, of Adel, Leeds. Club — Junior

United Service.

Son of Lt.-Col. Charles Francis Henry Spencer,
R. Inniskilling Fusiliers, b. 1848 ; d. 1922 ; tn. 1879,
Emily Lydia, d. of W. W. Ball, of Carlow :—
Lt.-Col. Francis Elmhirst Spencer, D.S.O..M.C., R.A.,
served China, Tibet Expedition, and Great War (des-
patches 5 times), b. 1881 ; tn. 1916, Augusta, d. of Col.
Arthur Tracey ; and has issue— Francis Tracey Spencer,
Gentleman, b. 1917 ; and Joan Elizabeth. Address —
c/o Messrs. Burton, Hart & Yeates, 23 Surrey Street,
W.C.2. Club — United Service.

Son of Henry Beresford Spencer, Lieut. West
Somerset Yeo., b. 1881 ; d. 1918 ; tn. 1908, Dorothy
Acton, d. of Rev. Frederick Farrer, of Brayfield,
Bucks. : —
Denis Henry Spencer, Gentleman, b. 1913. Res. —

SPENCER -CHURCHILL. Quarterly, 1 and 4,
sable, a lion rampant argent, on a canton of the last,
a cross gules (for Churchill) ; 2 and 3, quarterly argent
and gules, in the second and third quarters a fret or, over
all on a bend sable, three escallops of the first (for
Spencer) ; and as an honourable augmentation, in chief an
escutcheon argent, charged with the cross of St. George
gules, and thereon an escutcheon of the arms of France
namely : azure, three fleurs-de-lys or. Mantling sable
and argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, a
lion couchant guardant argent, supporting with the
dexter paw a banner gules, charged with a dexter hand
apaumee of the first, the staff or (for Churchill) ; 2. out
of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head between two wings
expanded argent, gorged with a collar gemel gules, beaked
gold (for Spencer). Motto — " Fiel pero desdichado."
Onlv son of the 8th Duke of Marlborough, b. 1844 ;
d. 1892 ; tn. 1869, as 1st wife, Lady Alberta Frances,
d. of 1st Duke of Abercorn, K.G. : —
The Most Noble Sir Charles Richard John Spencer-
Churchill, K.G., P.C., 9th Duke of Marlborough (14
Dec. '702), Marquess of Blandford, Earl of Sunderland,
Earl of Marlborough (9 Aug. 1689), Baron Spencer, of
Wormleighton (21 July 1603), and Baron Churchill (14
Mav 1685), of Sandridge, all in the Peerage of England,
Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Mindelheim,
in Suabia, Lord Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum co. Oxford,
Lt.-Col. (ret.) Oxford & Bucks. L.I. and Oxfordsh. Hussars
(T.D.) [Arms as above, the whole borne upon an imperial
eagle, as a Prince of thejHoly Roman Empire, surmounted
by his Princely coronet.' Supporters — Two wyverns gules],
b. 1871 ; tn. 1st, 1895, Consuelo (who obtained a divorce
1920), d. of the late William Vanderbilt, of New York ;
2nd, 1921, Gladys, d. of Edward P. Deacon, of Boston,
U.S.A. ; and has issue (by 1st wife) — John Albert
Edward William Spencer-Churchill, Esq., commonly
called Marquess of Blandford, Capt. late L. Gds.
b. 1897 [m. 1930, Hon. Alexandra Cadogan, d. of the
late Viscount Chelsea ; and has issue — John George
Vanderbilt Spencer-Churchill, Esq., commonly called
Earl of Sunderland, b. 1926; Lady Sarah Consuelo;
and Lady Caroline (Res.— 27 Hill Steeet, W.)]— Lord
Ivor Charles Spencer-Churchill, b. 1898. Seat — Blenheim
Palace, Woodstock, Oxon. Town Res. — 7 Carlton House
Terrace, S.W. Clubs— Carlton, Travellers', Marl-

Sons of Rt. Hon. Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill,

P.C., M.P. b. 1849 ; d. 1895 ; tn. 1874, Jennie,

C.I..R.R.C. (d. 1921), d. of Leonard Jerome, of New

York :—

Rt. Hon. Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, P.C.,

C.H., M.P. Epping Div. Essex, Hon. D.C.L. (Oxon.),

Pres. Board of Trade 1908-10, Secretary of State, Home

Dept., 1910-11, First Lord of Admiralty 1911-15,

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 19 15, Minister of

Munitions 1917, Sec. of State for War and Air 1918-21,

for the Colonies 1921-22, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Nov. 1924-29 ; b. 1874 ; m. 1908, Clementine Ogilvy,

C.B.E., d. of the late Sir Henry Hozier, K.C.B., and Lady

Henrietta Blanche, his wife, d. of 7th Earl of Air lie, K.T. ;

and has issue — Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer-

Churchill, Esq., b. 1911; Diana; Sarah Millicent
Hermione ; Mary. Res. — Chartwell, Westerham, Kent.
Club — Turf, Athenaeum.

Maj. John Strange Spencer-Churchill, T.A. Res.,
served South African and European Wars (desp.), has
Legion of Honour, Croix de Guerre (France) and Mil.
Order of Avis (Portugal), b. 1880; m. 1908, Lady
Gwendoline Bertie, d. of 7th Earl of Abingdon ; and
has issue — John George Spencer-Churchill, Gentleman, b.
1909 ; Henry Winston Spencer-Churchill, Gentleman, b.
1913 ; Anne Clarissa. Res. — 41 Cromwell Road, S.W.
Club — Marlborough.

Son of Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill, b. 1853 ;

d. 1911 ; m. 1874, Augusta, O.B.E., d. of Maj.

George Warburton, R.A., M.P. : —
Capt. Edward George Spencer-Churchill, M.C., G. Gds
(ret.), B.A. (Oxon.), D.L. Worcs., served S.African and
Great Wars, has Croix de Guerre, b. 1876. Seat — North-
wick Park, Blockley, Worcs.

SPENCER-COOPER (R.L., H. Coll.). Argent, a chevron
ermine, cottised gules, between three olive-leaves erect
vert. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a dexter cubit arm erect argent, the hand
holding two branches of olive, the leaves alternately vert
and gules. Motto— " Virtute."

Son of Col. Charles Lacon Harvey of Hazeldene,
Exmouth, b. 1839 ; m. 2nd, 1877, Mary, d. of late Joseph
F. Darley of Dublin : —
Henry Edmund Spencer-Cooper (formerly Harvey),
Esq., M.V.O., Comdr. (ret.) R.N., served S, Africa, and
Great War 1914-19, Chief of Staff to C.-in-C. North
American Station 1920-22, b. 1884 ; m. 1917, Nonie, d. of
the late Lt.-Col. John Sherston, D.S.O., Rifle Bde., and
widow of R. H. Handcock, of Karma, B. E. Africa, and
has issue — Peter Henry Spencer-Cooper, Gentleman, b.
1923 ; and Rosemary Vivien. Res. — Doyley Manor, Hurst-
bourne Tarrant, Hants. Clubs — United Service, R.A.F.

SPENCER-STANHOPE of Cannon Hall. Quarterly
ermine and gules (Stanhope). Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a tower azure, with a
demi-lion rampant issuing from the battlements or, ducally
crowned gules, holding between his paws a grenade fired
proper (Stanhope). Motto — "A Deo et rege " (Stanhope).
Sons of Sir Walter Thomas William Spencer-Stan-
hope, K.C.B., J. P. and D.L. West Riding co. Yorks.,
b. 1827 ; d. 1911 ; m. 1856, Elizabeth Julia (d. 1880), d.
of Sir John Jacob Buxton, Bart., of Shadwell Court,
Norfolk: —
John Montague Spencer-Stanhcpe, Esq., J. P. and D.L.
W. Riding Yorks., J. P. co. Argyll, late Capt. and Hon.
Major 2nd Vol. Batt. Yorks. and Lancaster Regt. , M.A.
(Camb. ), b. i860; m. 1890, Ida Mary, second d. of Sir
Lionel Pilkington, Bart. ; and has issue — Margaret Eliza-
beth Ida [m. 1920, Hon. George Fraser, D.S.O., Comdr.
R.N., 2nd son of Lord Saltoun of Abernethy, and has
issue]. Seats — Cannon Hall, nr. Barnsley ; Horsforth
Hall, co. Yorks. ; Glen Ure, Argyllshire.

Philip Bertie Spencer-Stanhope, Gentleman, b. 1868;
m. 1904, Theodora Grace, d. of John Sheddon Scrimgeour
of Natsworthy Manor, Ashburton. Res. — The Haven,
Wrotham, Kent.

HAM SPENS, Archdeacon of Lahore 1892-1900, S.P.G.
Chaplain at Monaco 1908-13. Born 1844. Armorial
bearings — Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, alion rampant gules, within
a bordure of the last, charged with eight roses argent, in
the dexter chief point a heart ensigned with an Imperial
crown, both proper, for difference ; 2 and 3, gyronny of eight
or and sable, the whole within a bordure or, for difference.
Mantling gules, doubled or. Crest— Upon a wreath of his
liveries, a hart's head erased proper. Motto — "Si Deus
quis contra." Married, 1st, , Sarah (d. 1894), d. of

Capt. Amos Parr Middleton, 1st Lancers; 2nd, ,

Emmie (d. 1892), widow of Middleton Scott ; 3rd, 1902, Ella
Maud James ; and has issue by first mar. — Andrew William
Spens, Gentleman, b. 1872 [m. 1900, Helen Hulmes, d. of
Charles Andrew Bowman]. Post. add. — c/o Lloyds Bank,
6 Pall Mall, S.W.

SPENS, formerly of Lathallan (L.O., 1764 and 1780).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, a lion rampant gules within a bordure
of the last, charged with eight roses argent (for Spens) ;
2 and 3, gyronny of eight or and sable (for Campbell of

^>PC 1819

Glendouglas). Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest-

On a wreath of his liveries, a hart's head erased proper.
Motto — " Si Deus quis contra."

Only son of Archibald Lockhart Spens, Esq., J. P.,

late of Lathallan, Stirlingshire, b. 1834; d. 1916; m.

1859, Caroline, dau. of Thomas Waller, Esq. : —

Archibald Thomas Spens, Gentleman, b. 1876 ; m. 1504,

Amy Edith, d. of W. H. Moores of Argentina; and has

issue — Archibald Lockhart Spens, Gentleman, b. 1905 ; and

Margaret Joan. Res. — Dunruadh, Paignton, Devon.

SPENS (L.O., matric. 1764, amended 1780, rematric.

1895) — Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, a lion rampant gules within
a bordure of the last, charged with eight roses argent, in




dexter chief point a heart ensigned with an imperial crown,
both proper ; 2 and 3, gyronny of eight or and sable, the
whole within a bordure invected, parted per pale azure
and ermine. Mantling gules, doubled or. Crest — Upon
a wreath of his liveries, a hart's head erased proper ; and in
an escroll over the same this Motto, " Si Deus quis contra."
Eld. son of John Alexander Spens, Gentleman, Writer,
Hon. LL.D. (Glasgow), b. 1847; d. 1928; m. 1881,
Sophie Nicol, d. of Hugh Baird : —
William Spens, Esq., C.B.E., J. P. Borough of Cam-
bridge, M.A., Chevalier Legion of Honour, Officer of Order
of Crown of Italy, Master of Corpus Christi College,
Cambridge, b. 1882; m. 1912, Dorothy Theresa, d. of late
Rt. Rev. John Richardson Selwyn, Bishop of Melanesia,
and Master of Selwyn College, Cambridge ; and has surv.
Issue— Paul George Spens, Gentleman, b. 1921 ; Stephen
Nicholas Spens, Gentleman, b. 1923 ; and Mary Theresa.
Res.— The Master's Lodge, Corpus Christi Ccllege, Cam-
bridge. Clubs — Carlton, United University, County

NATHANIEL SPENS, Esq., J. P. Born April 22, 1850,
being the fifth son of William Spens, Actuary, Glasgow, by
his wife Janet Hill, dau. of Walter Cook, W.S., Edinburgh.
Armorial bearings (L.O. , 1764, 1780, and 1895) —
Quarterly 1 and 4, or, a lion rampant gules, within a bor-
dure of the last, charged with eight roses argent, in the dexter
chief point a heart ensigned with an imperial crown, both
proper ; 2 and 3, gyronny of eight or and sable, the whole
within a bordure invected, parted per fesse ermine and
azure. Upon the escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting
his degree, with a Mantling gules, doubled or ; and upon a
wreath of his liveries is set for Crest, a hart's head erased
proper ; and in an escroll over the same this Motto, ' ' Si Deus
quis contra." Married, July 26, 1882, Emily Jessie (d. 1926),


•d. of William Connal of Solsgirth ; and has had Issue —
(1) William Patrick Spens, Esq., O.B.E., K.C., Barrister-
at-Law (Inner Temple), served Great War as Capt. and
Adjt. 5th Batt. R.W.Surrey Regt. (desp.),i5. 1885 [w. 1913,
Hilda Mary, d. of Lt.-Col. Wentworth Grenville Bowyer of
Western, Underwood, Bucks., and has issue — William
George Michael Spens, Gentleman, b. 1914 ; Robert Richard
Patrick Spens, Gentleman, b. 1917 {Res. — The Corner

House, North Foreland, Kent. Clubs — United University,
Carlton)]; (2) Robert Francis Connal Spens, Gentleman, b.
1890, d. 1907 ; Emily Jessie Campbell [m. 1903, Col E. W.
Furse (killed in action 19 18), and has issue] ; Janet Dorothy;
and Mary Helen [m. 1922, Flight-Lieut. Robert Hugh
Hanmer, M.C., R.F.A., and has issue]. Postal add.—
1 St. Mary Abbot's Court, Kensington, W.14. Club-
Junior Carlton.

SPERLING of Dynes Hall (H. Coll.). Argent, issuant
from a mount in base vert, three gillyflowers stalked and
leaved proper, on a chief azure, four mullets of the field.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, between two wings, conjoined at the base and
displayed argent, a mullet or, charged with a gillyflower
proper. Motto — " Sapiens qui assiduus."

Son of Charles Brogden Sperling, Esq., J. P., D.L. ,
b. 1825; d. 1910; m. 1852, Eliza Mary (d. 1900),
d. of Denne Denne of Elbridge House, Kent : —
Charles Frederick Denne Sperling, Esq., J. P. co. Essex,
Capt. 4th Batt. Essex Regt., Barrister-at-Law, M.A.
(Oxon.), F.S.A.,^. 1861; m. 1st, 1891, Edith Anne (d. 1925),
d. of Lt.-Col. Henry Auriol Prinsep ; 2nd, 1927, Helen
Mary, yngst. d, of Rev. Canon W. S. Hicks, of Great
Cornard, Suffolk, and widow of Capt. H. L. Syer, M.C. ;
and has had issue — Charles Auriol Sperling, Esq., Lieut.
R.N., b. 1892; killed in Battle of Jutland, 1916; and
Barbara Harriet [m. 1918, Wing-Commdr. Lionel Thomas
Nutcombe Gould, R.A.F., and has issue]. Seat— Dynes
Hall, Halstead, Essex. Club — Oxford and Cambridge.
Son of Charles Robert Sperling, Esq., J. P., of
Hargrave, Stanstead, Essex, b. 1798 ; d. 1864 ; m. 1823,
Louisa, only d. of Col. Thomas Astle of Gosfield Hall,
Essex: —
Henry Reginald Sperling, Esq., J. P. Sussex, b. 1839;
m. 1867, Harriet Emma, d. of Stephen Ponder Kennard
of Woodlands, Harrow Weald ; and has had issue — (1)
Reginald Kennard Sperling, Gentleman, b. 1869, d. 1908 ;
(2) St. John Van Hagen Sperling, Gentleman, b. 1870
[m. 1904, Cecily Anne, d of late Edward Courage of
Shenfield Place, Brentwood, and has issue— John Antony
Sperling, Gentleman, b. 1907 ; Robert Evelyn Sperling,
Gentleman, b. 1912; Diana Cecily; and Susan Astle] ; (3)
Rochfort Henry Sperling, Gentleman, b. 1876 [m. 1909,
Fleurette Lily Macpherson, and has issue — Elizabeth Amy] ;
(4) Eric Sperling, Gentleman, b. 1878 ; Amy Rosalie \m,
1905, Major Achille Protti] ; Dorothy; and Edith Harriett
[m. 1908, Capt. Charles Lewes, Essex Regt.]. Seat —
Netherfield Court, Battle, Sussex. Club— Junior Carlton.
Son of Commander Rowland Money Sperling, R.N.,
b. 1841 ; d. 1873; m. 1873, Marion Charlotte, d. of
Charles Keyser of The Warren House, Stanmore : —
Rowland Arthur Charles Sperling, Esq., C.B., C.M.G.,
British Minister at Berne, b. 1874 ; m. 1905, Dorothy
Constance, d. of late W. H. Kingsmill of Sydmonton Court;
and has issue. Res. — British Legation, Sofia.

SPEYER (H. Coll., 1906). Azure, a caducens between
two suns in fesse and a winged morion in chief, all or,
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours.
a turkey-cock proper, between two elephants' trunks erect
or. Motto — " Arduus ad solem."

Second son of Gustavus Speyer of Frankfort-on Maine,

b. 1825; d. 1883; m. 1860, Sofie, d. of Rudolph

Rubino, Doctor of Medicine : —

Sir Edgar Speyer, 1st Bart. (25 July 1906), b. 1862 ; m.

1902, Leonora, d. of Ferdinand, Count von Stosch, of

Mantze, Silesia ; and has issue — Pamela ; Leonora ; and

Vivien Claire. Res. — America.

SPICER (H. Coll.). Per chevron or and sable, in chief
two cinquefoils and in base a tower all counterchanged.
Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, issuing out of the battlements of a tower, a cubit
arm in armour proper, holding in the gauntlet an annulet
or. Motto — " In Deo solo spes mea." Livery — Dark blue
with blue velvet facings.

Sons of James Spicer, Esq., J.P., D.L., of Harts

Woodford, Essex, b. 1807 ; d. 1888 ; tn. 1838,

Louisa, d.of Evan Edwards, of Denmark Hill, S.E. : —

Rt. Hon. Sir Albert Spicer, 1st Bt. (1906), P.C. (1912),

J. P. Essex, M.P., Monmouth 1892-1900, and for Central

Div. Hackney 1906-18, b. 1847 ; m. 1879, Jessie Stewart,

d. of David Stewart Dykes ; and has issue — Albert,

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