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Robert Frederick Strickland-Constable, Gentleman,
b. 1903.

STRODE of Newnham Park, co. Devon (R.L., 27 Feb.
1897, H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, a chevron
between three conies sable (Strode — Vn. Devon, 1620);
2 and 3, or, on a bend cottised sable, three lions' heads erased

of the first (Lowe— 18 Feb. 1657). Mantling sable and
argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, on a mount
vert, a savin-tree proper, fructed gules (Strode) ; 2. on a
wreath of the colours, a demi-griffin rampant or (Lowe).
Mottoes — " Hyeme viresco," " Spero meliora." Livery —
Dark blue, yellow waistcoat.

Son of Admiral Arthur Lowe, R. N., b. 1814 ; d. 1882 ;

tn. 2nd, 1858, Florence, d. of George Strode of

Newnham Park, Devon, J. P. and D.L. Devon (High

Sheriff 1825):—
George Sydney Strode Strode, Esq., O.B.E., J. P., D.L.,
and C.A. co. Devon (High Sheriff 1906), late Capt. and Hon.
Major 3rd Batt. Devonshire Regt., b. 1861 ; tn. 1887, Anne





Fielding, d. of the late Thomson Boyd of Edinburgh ; and
has issue — Anna Margaret Dorothea, J. P. co. Devon
[m. 1912, Henry Williams Grigg of Cann House, Tamerton-
Foliot, Devon] ; and Eileen Ruth Admonition. Seat —
Newnham Park, Plympton, Devon. Clubs— Royal Western
Yacht (Plymouth), Devon and Exeter (Exeter).

STRONG (H. Coll., 1901). Per fesse or and argent, a
cross patee between a leopard's face in the first and fourth
quarters, and a martlet in the second and third, all azure.
Mantling azure and or- Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
upon a rock proper, a griffin sejant azure, semee of crosses
patee argent, supporting with the dexter fore-claw an
annulet or, encircling a portcullis with chains of the second.
Motto — " Dominus fortitudo mea."

Sons of Thomas Banks Strong, of St. John's Road,

Putney, late of the Adjt. -Gen's. Dept. of the War

Office, b. 1825 ; d. 1904 ; m. 1857: —

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Banks Strong, G.B.E.. D.D.

(Oxon.), Bishop of Oxford since 1925, b. 1861. Res. —

Cuddesdon, Oxford.

The late Rowland Strong, Gentleman, b. 1865 ; d. 1924.

STRONG (H. Coll., 1904). Ermine, a chevron per pale
sable and erminois, between three lozenges sable, over all
a book expanded proper. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an eagle with two heads
displayed sable, holding in each paw a pen or.
Son of John Strong : —

The late Right Hon. Sir Thomas Vezey Strong, P.C.
(1911), K.C.V.O. (1911), Kt. Bach. (1905), Lord Mayor of
London 1910-11, Chairman H.M. Prison Commissioners,
Holloway, Hon. Col. 1st London Brigade R.F.A., b. 1857 ;
d. 1920 ; m. 1900, Elizabeth Mary, Lady of Grace of the
Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem (Res. —
Ganwic, Barnet, Middx.), eld. d. of late James Hartnoll, of
Ganwic, Potter's Bar.

STRONGE (Confn. U.O., 16 Apl. 1805). Quarterly,
1 and 4, argent, a chevron wavy sable, between three
lozenges azure, in the centre chief point an estoile gules
(Stronge) ; 2. azure, an eagle displayed or (Manson) ; 3.
quarterly, i. and iiii., or, a ship of one mast sable ; ii. and
iii., gules, a fesse chequy argent and azure (Echlin). Mant-
ling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a double-headed eagle displayed sable, armed azure.
Motto — " Tentanda via est."

Sons of Edmond Robert Francis Stronge, Esq., B.A.
Dublin, formerly Capt. Royal Tyrone Fus., J. P., b.
1822 ; d. 1911 ; m. 1859, Charlotte Newman, d. of
John Piercy Henderson of Summerford, Stirling-
shire : —
Sir Walter Lockhart Stronge, 6th Bart. (22 June 1803),
J. P., co. Down, lat? Capt. 4th Batt. R. Inniskilling Fus.,
b. i860. Seat — Tynan Abbey, co. Armagh.

Charles Edmond Sinclair Stronge, Esq., J. P., D.L., late
Lieut. 4th Batt. R. Inniskilling Fus., b. 1862; m. 1892,
Marian Iliff, d. of Samuel Bostock, of The Hermitage,
Walton Heath, nr. Epsom ; and has had issue — Charles
Norman Lockhart Stronge, Esq., M.C., late Capt. 10th Batt.
R. Inniskilling Fus., J. P. Londonderry, has Croix de
Guerre, b. 1894 [m. 1921, Gladys Olive, d. of Major
Henry Thomas Hall, of Knockback. Galway ; and has
issue — Daphne Marian ; Evelyn Elizabeth ; and Rose-
mary Diana (Res. — Tynan Abbey, Tynan, co. Armagh)] ;
and Pauline Marian (d. 1922). Res. — Lizard Manor,
Aghadowey, co. Londonderry.

Edward Owen Fortescue Stronge, Gentleman, b. 1871 ;
m. 1903, Maude Elizabeth Mary, d. of Edward W. Bailey,
late of Glenluce, Ballycastle, co. Antrim ; and has issue —
Maxwell Du Pre James Stronge, b. 1904. Res. — Garvagh
House, co. Londonderry ; Raheenduff House, Foulk's
Mills, co. Wexford.

STRONGE (H. Coll.). Argent a chevron wavy sable,
between three lozenges azure, in the centre chief point an
estoile gules, a bordure wavy of the second, impaling the
arms of Phillips, viz., or, a lion rampant sable, gorged with
an Eastern crown of the field, on a chief dancettee of
the second a Sikh helmet proper between two spurs also of
the field, all within a bordure wavy ermine. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a double-
headed eagle displayed sable, charged for distinction
Motto— " Tentanda via est."
Son of Charles Walter Stronge, Esq., C.B., b. 1816 ;

d. 1898 ; m. i860, Harriet (d. 1893), d. of William 1
Eades : —
Walter Cecil Stronge, Esq., formerly H.M. Consul at
Lucerne, Switzerland, b. i860 ; m. 1888, Violet Ada, d. of
the late Major-Gen. Sir Benjamin Travell Phillips, late
Bengal Cavalry ; and has i>sue — Humphrey Cecil Travell
Stronge, Esq., D.S.O., M.C., F.R.G.S., Capt. The Buffs,
b. 1 891 [m. 1923, Elsie Margaret, eld. d. of Rev. Canon
W. F. Buinside, Headmaster of St. Edmund's School,
Canterbury ; and has issue — Jane Bridget] ; Rupert Maxwell
Stronge, Esq., Asst. -Native Commissioner S. Rhodesia
Service, J. P. S. Rhodesia, b. 1892 [m. 1918, Leonora
Gertrude Coffin ; and has issue — Rupert Humphrey Cecil
Stronge, Gentleman, b. 1919 ; and Violet Cecily]. Post. add.
— c/o Messrs. Drummonds, 49 Charing Cross, S.W. 1.
Club — Carlton.


STRUTT. Azure, on a chevron argent between three
cross crosslets fitchee or, as many leopards' faces proper.
Mantling argent and azure. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a demi-lion azure, gorged with a mural crown,
holding in the dexter paw a cross crosslet fitchee or, and
resting the sinister on a shield sable, charged with a
chevron argent, between three cross crosslets fitchee also
or. Motto — " Tenax propositi."

Sons of Rt. Hon. John William Strutt, 3rd Baron

Rayleigh, O.M., P.C, b. 1842 ; d. 1919 ; m. 1871,

Evelyn (Res. — 65 Cadogan Gardens), d. of the late

James Balfour, Esq., of Whittinghame, and Lady

Blanche, his wife, d. of 2nd Marquis of Salisbury : —

Rt. Hon. Robert John Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh

( 18 July 1821), of Terling Place, Essex [Supporters — On the

dexter, a reindeer or, collared and attired sable ; on the

sinister, a monkey proper, banded about the middle and

chained or], F.R.S., M.A., Sc.D., ;and late Fellow Trin.

Coll. Camb., D.L., J. P. Essex, b. 1875; m. 1st, 1905,

Lady Mary Clements (d. 1919), d. of 4th Earl of Leitrim ;

2nd, 1920, Kathleen Alice, O.B.E., d. of John Coppin-

Straker, of Stagshaw House, Northumberland, and widow

of Capt. James Cuthbert, D.S.O., Scots Gds. ; and has

issue (by 1st marriage) — Hon. John Arthur Strutt, b.

1908 ; Hon. Charles Richard Strutt, b. 19 10 ; Hon.

Hedley Vicars Strutt, b. 1915; Hon. Daphne; and (by

2nd marriage) — Hon. Guy Robert Strutt, b. 192 1. Seat

— Terling Place, Chelmsford, Essex. Town res. — 69

Cadogan Square, S.W. Club — Athenaeum.

Hon. Arthur Charles Strutt, C.B.E., Capt. R.N., Dir.
of Navigation, Admiralty, 1923, A.D.C. to H.M. King
George since 1928, b. 1878. Res. —

Son of Hon. Richard Strutt, M.A. Oxford, b. 1848 ;
d. 1927 ; m. 1879, Hon. Augusta (d. 1903), d. of
5 th Lord Braybrooke :—
Geoffrey St. John Strutt, Esq., C.B.E., Capt. Essex
Regt., b. 1888 ; m. 1912, Sybil, d. of Sir Walpole Green-
well, 1st Bart. ; and has issue — Antony Geoffrey Strutt,
Esq., b. 1913 ; Ivan Cornwallis Strutt, Gentleman, b.
1916 ; Stephen Alastair Strutt, Gentleman, b. 1918. Seat
—St. Catharine's Court, Bath. Club— Bath.

Son of Rt. Hon. John James Strutt, 2nd Baron
Rayleigh, b. 1796 ; d. 1873 ; m. 1842, Clara, d. of
Capt. Vicars, R.E. : —
Hon. Edward Gerald Strutt, C.H., b. 1854 ; m. 1878,
Maria Louisa, d. of John Tuf nell ; and has issue — ( 1 )
Gerald Murray Strutt, Esq., b. 1880 [m. 1910, Rhoda, d. of
Collingwood Hope, K.C., and has issue — James Hedley
Strutt, Esq., b. 1013 ; Pamela; and Ursula Joyce (Res.
— New House, Terling, Essex)] ; (2) John James Strutt,
Gentleman, b. 1881 [m. 1914, Hon. Agnes Dewar, d. of
Lord Forteviot ; and has issue — Edward Alexander
Strutt, Gentleman, b. 1914 ; and Jean Eleanor (Club —
Union)] ; (2) Edward Jolliffe Strutt, Esq., Capt. Essex
Regt., b. 1884 [m. 1912, Amelie, d; of Frederick Devas ;
and has issue — Mark Frederic Strutt, Gentleman, 6. 1913 ;
Nigel Edward Strutt, Gentleman, b. 19 16 ; Gilian
Leonora (Res. — 30 Walpole Street, S.W. Club— Union)] ;
Emily Nora ; Evelyn Mary [m. 1906, Claude Tritton, of
Lowndes Square ; and has issue] ; Clara Helena [m. 1915,
Lt.-Col. William Parsons, D.S.O. ; and has issue]. Res. —
Whitelands, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, Essex ; 49
Cadogan Square, S.W. Club — United University.

STRUTT of Belper (H. Coll. , 1856). Per pale sable and
azure, two chevronels engrailed between three cross crosslets
fitchee or. Mantling sable and or. Crest— On a wreath of




the colours, in front of rays of the sun proper, a cubit arm
erect vested bendy of six or and sable cuffed argent, in the
hand a roll of paper also proper. Motto — "Propositi

Son of Rt. Hon. Henry Strutt, 2nd Baron Belper,
Hon. Col. and late Lt.-Col. comdg. S. Notts. Imp.
Yeo., A.D.C. to the King, Capt. of the Corps of
Gentlemen-at-Arms 1895-1906, D. L. and Chairman
C.C. Notts., M.P. East Derbyshire 1868-74, and for
Berwick-on-Tweed 1880, LL.M. Cambs., b. 1840; d.
1914; m. 1874, Lady Margaret Coke, d. of 2nd Earl
of Leicester : —
Hon. Algernon Henry Strutt, 3rd Baron Belper (29 Aug.
1856), D. L. co. Nottingham, Major Res. of Officers late
2nd Life Guards [Supporters — Two leopards proper, each
gorged with a collar gemel azure, therefrom pendent an
escutcheon also azure, charged with a cross crosslet fitchee
or], b. 1883 ; m. 1st, 191 1, Hon. Eva Isabel Marian Bruce
(who obtained a div. 1922), third d. of 2nd Baron Aberdare ;
2nd, 1923, Angela Mariota, d. of Hon. Douglas Tollemache,
and has issue (by 1st marriage) — (1) Hon. Alexander Ronald
George Strutt, b. 1912; (2) Hon. Michael Strutt, b. 1914 ;
and Hon. Lavinia Mary ; (by 2nd marriage) — Hon. Peter
Algernon Strutt, b. 1924 ; Hon. Desmond Rupert Strutt,
b. 1926. Seat — Kingston Hall, Derby. Clubs — Marl-
borough, Carlton, Guards'.

Son of Hon. Arthur Strutt (son of 1st Baron), b. 1842 ;

d. 1877; m. 1873, Alice (d. 1926), d. of Ambrose Lisle

March Phillips de Lisle of Garendon Park and Grace

Dieu Manor : —

Lt.-Col. Edward Lisle Strutt, C.B.E., D.S.O. , The Royal

Scots, served in S. African War 1900-2 (two medals, six

clasps), and Great War 1914-19 (desp. 4 times), has Legion

of Honour, Croix de Guerre, Order of Leopold (Belgium),

Star of Roumania, b. 1874 ; m. 1905, Florence Nina, d. of

John Hollond of Wonham Bampton, Devon. Res. —

12 Somers' Place, Hyde Park, W. Clubs — White's, Turf,

Alpine, New (Edinburgh).


STUART. Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, a lion rampant
within a double tressure flory counterflory gules, sur-
rounded with a bordure gobony argent and azure ; 2,
or, a fesse chequy azure and argent (for Stewart of
Doune) ; 3, or, three cushions two and one of a lozenge
form within a double tressure flory counterflory gules (for
Randolph, Earl of Moray). Mantling gules, doubled
ermine. Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a pelican
in her piety proper. Supporters — On either side a grey-
hound argent, collared gules. Motto — " Salus per
Christum redemptorem."

Third son of Rev. Edmund Luttrell Stuart, Rector

of Winterborne Houghton, Dorset, b. 1798 ; d.

1869 ; m. 1834, Elizabeth, d. of Rev. J. Jackson,

Rector of Swanage, Dorset : —
Rt. Hon. Morton Gray Stuart, 17th Earl of Moray
Lord Abernethy, Strathearn (30 Jan. 1561-2, New
Charter 17 April 1611), Doune (24 Nov. 1581), and St.
Colme (7 Mar. 1611), in Scotland, Baron Stuart (G.B. 4th
June 1706), of Castle Stuart, co. Inverness, b. 1855 ; s.
his brother 1909 ; m. 1890, Edith Douglas, d. of Rear-
Adm. George Palmer, and has issue— Francis Douglas
Stuart, commonly called Lord Doune, M.C., Capt. (ret.)
R.A.F., b. 1892 [in. 1924, Barbara, d. of J. Murray,
of New York ; and has issue — Hon. Mary Anne ; and
Hon. Sarah Grey] ; Hon. Archibald John Morton Stuart,
Lieut.-Comdr. (ret.) R.N., b. 1894 [m. 1922, Mabel
Helen, d. of B. Wilson, of Battlefields, Rhodesia ; and
has issue — Douglas John Murray Stuart, Esq., b. 1928 ;
and Hermione Mary Morton] ; Hon. James Gray Stuart,
M.V.O., M.C., M.P. Moray and Nairn since 1923, Capt.
(ret.) Royal Scots, b. 1897 [m. 1923, Lady Rachel Caven-
dish, d. of 9th Duke of Devonshire ; and has issue—
David Randolph Mores Stuart, Esq., b. 1924 ; John
Douglas Stuart, Gentleman, b. T925 (Res. — 36 Eaton
Square, S.W. Clubs— Turf, White's, New (Edin.j)] ; Lady
Hermione Moray [m. 1919, Vice-Adm. Sir Henry Tritton
Buller, K.C.V.O., C.B., A.D.C, R.N. ; and has issue].
Seats — Castle Stuart, co. Inverness ; Darnaway Castle,

Forres, co. Elgin ; Donibristle Park, Aberdour, Fife ;
Doune Lodge, co. Perth. Res. — Kinfauns Castle, co.

STUART (U.O.). Or, a fesse chequy argent and
azure, cotised of the third, all within a bordure pean.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the

colours, a demi-lion rampant issuant from a fasces in
fess or, and grasping in the dexter paw a thistle slipped
proper. Motto — -" Justitias proporitique tenax."

Son of Ernest Henry Stuart of Montreal, b. 1843 ;

m. Letitia Mary Brydges : —
Sir Campbell Arthur Stuart, K.B.E. (1918), Director
The Times Publishing Co., b. 1885. Res. — Hyde Park
Hotel, London, W.i ; Montreal, Canada. Clubs — Marl-
borough, Mount Royal (Montreal), Century (New York).

STUART of Inchbreck (L.O. , 1676). Or, a fesse chequy
azure and argent between a lion passant in chief and a rose
in base gules, all within a bordure engrailed and gobonated
compon^e of the second and third. Mantling gules, doubled
argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a civet-cat
couchant proper. Motto — " Semper paratus."

Eldest son of Alexander Stuart, Esq., of Inchbreck,
co. Kincardine, and Laithers, co. Aberdeen, J. P.,
D.L., M.A., b. 1832; d. ; m. 1864, Hon. Clemen-

tina Arbuthnott, d. of 9th Viscount Arbuthnott: —
John Stuart, Gentleman, head and present representative
of the families of Stuart of Inchbreck and Sibbald of Kair,
b. 1877. Post. add. —

1862, being the son of James Meliss Stuart, Esq., F. R.G.S.
and F.S.A. (Scot.), of Eriska, J. P. for co. Argyll, and
formerly a merchant in New Zealand, by his wife Mary,
fldest dau. of the late John Gordon of Glasgow. Armorial
bearings (L.O., 1884) — Per fesse or and argent, a fesse
chequy azure and of the second, surmounted of a bend
gules, in base a galley, oars in action, sable. Mantling
azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a pelican
feeding her young or, 'in a nest azure. Motto — " Vulnere




man, of the Univ. of Sydney, New South Wales, M.D.
and LL.D. of Edinburgh and Sydney Univs., Prof, of
Physiology, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Fellow of the
Senate of the Univ., Chairman of the Royal Prince Alfred
Hospital, Member of the Medical Board of the Colony.
Born 1856, only son of late Alexander Stuart of Cromwell
House, Dumfries, Scotland, by his wife Jane Anderson.
Armorial bearings (L.O., 1887)— Per fesse or and argent.

Luttrell Stuart, Gentleman, b. 1871 ; m. 1892, Clara, d.
of James Williams of Chicago. Res. — Chicago, U.S.A.

Son of Major Arthur John Stuart, b. 1828 ; d. 1868 ; m.

1858, Frances Emily, d. of late John C. Kennedy of

Ballyrainey House, co. Down: —
Arthur Kennedy Stuart, Gentleman, b. 1859 ; m. 1892,
Louise Franziska, d. of Carl Joseph Pfeifer of Freilberg,
Baden; and has issue — (1) Arthur Ernest Stuart, Gentle-
man, b. 1896; (2) Charles Edwin Stuart, Gentleman, b.
1897. Res. —

Yr. son of Sir Simeon Henry Stuart, 5th Bart., b. 1790;

d. 1868 ; m. 2nd, 1857, Eliza, d. of John Fewings :—
Frederick William Stuart, Esq., b. 1858; m. 1888,
Mildred Florence, d. of William Grover Ashby of High-
lands, Burgess Hill, Sussex ; and has issue — Lesley Mildred ;
and Joyce Mary. Seat — Birch Green, Hay ward's Heath.

J.P. for co. Beds., Lieut.-Col. late Bedford Regt., formerly
King's Royal Rifle Corps. Born Oct. 18, i860, being the
eldest son of the late Col. William Stuart, J. P. for Herts. ,
J.P. and D.L., Hon. Col. 3rd Batt. Bedfordshire Regt.,
Barrister-at-Law, by his wife Katherine, eldest dau. of John
Armitage Nicholson of Balrath. Armorial bearings— Or,
a fesse chequy azure and argent, within a double tressure
flory counterflory gules. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, a demi-lion rampant
gules. Motto— " Avito viret honore." Married, July ir,
1893, Millicent H. O., eldest dau. of the late Captain G.
W. Bulkeley Hughes, Esq., J.P. ; and died 1922, having
had Issue— William Esme Montagu Stuart, Gentleman,
Lieut. Roy. West Kent Regt., b. Nov. 22, 1895, killed in
action 1916. Seats — Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Beds ; and
Aldenham Abbey, Watford, Herts.

STUART (L.O., 19 Dec. 1902). Or, a fesse chequy
azure and argent, between two boars' heads erased gules,
armed and langued of the second, and an antique crown of
the fourth. Mantling gules, doubled or. Crest — On a

a fesse chequy azure and of the second, between a lym-
phad, sails furled and oars in action sable, flags flying
gules in chief, and a saltire couped of the fourth in base.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, a lymphad as in the arms. Motto (over)—
"En avant." Residence— The University, Sydney, New
South Wales.

STUART of Hartley-Mauduit (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1.
or, a fesse chequy azure and argent, on an escutcheon of
pretence of the last, a lion rampant gules debruised by a
bend raguly or (Stuart — Vn. Cambs. 1575 and 1619) ; 2.
azure, a buck's head caboshed or (Dereham); 3. argent,
a fesse sable between three otters of the last, in the mouth
of each a fish proper (Luttrell, Earls of Carhampton) ;

4. per fesse azure and argent, a fesse counter-embattled or,
in chief a mullet of six points of the second, in base on a
mount vert, an elm-tree proper (Olmius, Baron Waltham).
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a rcebuck statant proper, attired and unguled
argent, ducally gorged gules. Motto — "Avito viret

Only son of Sir Simeon Henry Stuart, 6th Bart., b.

1823 ; d. 1891 ; m. 2nd, 1850, Catherine Henrietta, d. of

Gen. Henry Lechmere Worrall : —

Sir Simeon Henry Lechmere Stuart, 7th Bart. (2 June

1660), D.L. Essex, Col. (ret.) T.F., late Major 2nd London

Imp. Yeo. , Hon. Major in Army, late Capt. Suffolk Imp.

Yeo., formerly Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards, served in

5. African War 1900-1 (medal and three clasps) and Great
War comdg. 2/2 Co. of London Yeo. 19 14-16, 2nd En-
trenching Batt. B.E.F. 1916-17, Personal Staff, 6th Div.
1918 (despatches), b. 1864; m. 1891, Florence Louise,
M.B.E., only d. of Henry Harmoud Gudge, Sec. to Austrian
Legation. Seat — Patching Hall, Essex. Town res. — 2
Queen's Gate, S.W. 7. Clubs — Army and Navy, Boodle's.

Sons of Lt-Col. Robert Charles William Stuart, b.
1826 ; d. 1883 ; m. 1862, Madeline, d. of J. Cooper : —
Houlton Stuart, Gentleman, b. 1863. Res. — Moosejaw,

Denny Macdougall Stuart, Gentleman, b. 1869; m. 1909,
Georgina Frances Mary, d. of J. B. Vizenia of Quebec.
Res. — Quebec, Canada.

wreath of his liveries, a lion rampant gules, armed and
langued azure. Motto — "Avito viret honore."

Son of the late Charles Urquhart Stuart (s. of Robert
Stuart of Grantown, Inverness-shire), b. ; d. 1855 ;
tn. : —

Charles Urquhart Stuart, Gentleman, Barrister-at-Law
(Inner Temple), b. . Seat — Wootton, Berks.




STUART-FRENCH (U.O.) Quarterly, 1 and 4, sable, a
bend between two dolphinsnaiant bendways argent (French) ;
2 and 3, grand quarters, quarterly, i., or, a lion rampant
within a double tressure flory counterflory gules ; ii. , or, a
fess chequy argent and azure, in chief a label of three
points gules ; iii. , argent, a saltire between four roses gules ;
iiii. , azure, a lion rampant argent, the whole within a
bordure compony argent and azure (for Stuart). Mantling
sable and argent. Crests — 1. upon a wreath of the colours,
a dolphin naiant argent (French) ; 2. upon a wreath of the
colours, a unicorn's head couped argent, armed, crined and
tufted or (Stuart). Motto — "Veritas."

Yngst. son of Major-Gen. William James Stuart, late

R.E. , b. ; d. ; m. 1859, Eleanor Dorcas,

yst. d.of the late Thomas George French, and sister and

co-h. of the late Pascoe Savage French of Marino, co.

Cork : —

Pascoe William Grenfell Stuart-French, (formerly Stuart),

Esq., Major (ret.) Remount Dept. assumed by R. L. 1917,

the additional surname of French, in compliance with the

will of Pasco Savage French, of Marino, b. 1868 ; m. 1894,

Elizabeth Eve Julia, d. of J. K. Soames of Westcombe

Park, S.E., and has issue — Robert Fitzroy Hamilton

Pascoe Stuart-French, Gentleman, Lieut, nth Hussars;

and Margaret Granvill [m. 1923, P. L. Wilson, Esq., Capt.

1st Royal Dragoons.] Seats — Marino, co. Cork; Drumas-

pil, co. Tyrone. Clubs — Jun. Naval and Military, M.C.C.,

Cork County.

STUART-MENTETH of Closeburn (L.O. 1838).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, a bend chequy sable and argent ;
2 and 3, azure, three buckles or, all within a bordure
gules. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a
wreath of his liveries, a lymphad proper, the flag gules,
with a canton argent, charged with a cross of St. Andrew
azure. Mottoes — " Dum vivo spero," and " Sub sole

Eld. surv. son of Sir James Frederick Stuart-

Menteth, 4th Bart., Lieut.-Col. 2nd Dragoon Gds.,

b. 1846 ; d. 1926 ; m. 1st, 1868, Frances (d. 1887), d.

of the late Gen. Sir James Sleigh, K.C.B. ; 2nd, 1888,

Elizabeth (d. 1915), d. of the late Capt. Edward

Blackett, R.N. :—

Sir William Frederick Stuart - Menteth, 5th Bart.

(11 Aug. 1838), b. 1874; m. 1921, Winifred, d. of

D. Francis, and widow of Capt. R. A. Raw, D.S.O. ;

and has issue — James Wallace Stuart-Menteth, Esq.,

b. 1922; Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth, Esq., b. 1928 ;

and Ludivina Frances. Res. — Mansfield House, New

Cumnock, co. Ayr.

STUBBER. Quarterly, 1 and 4, ermine, on a pile
sable, an heraldic antelope's head erased or (for Slubber) :
2 and 3, argent, on a bend gules, three martlets of the
first (for Sewell). Mantling sable and argent. Crest-
On a wreath of the colours, on a mural crown gules, a
martlet argent. Motto — " Gladio et arcu."

Only son of Robert Hamilton Hamilton Stubber, Esq.

of Moyne, Queen's Co., J. P. and D.L., b. 1844;

d. 1916 ; by 1st wife, m. 1887, Adele Grainger, dau.

of Alexander Duncan of Knossington Grange, co.

Leicester : —
Robert Hamilton-Stubber, Esq., D.S.O. , Major Res. of
Officers late 1st Life Guards, served S. Africa and Great
War, b. 1879; m. 1920, Lady Mabel Florence, M.B.E., d.
of 4th Earl of Erne, and widow of Capt. Lord Hugh
Grosvenor, 1st Life Guards; and has issue — 1 son, b. 1921.
Res. — Marston Hill, Fairford, Glos. ; 9 Southwick Crescent,
W.2. Clubs— Turf, Kildare Street.

STUBBS ( ). Sable, on a bend nebuly or, between

two bezants, each charged with a pheon of the field, three
round buckles also sable. Mantling sable and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a demi-eagle displayed sable,
charged on each wing with a pheon, and holding in the

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