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(for Pitfield) azure, a bend engrailed between two cygnets
argent, ducally gorged and chained or. Mantling vert

and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion
rampant gules holding a banner also gules, charged with a
rose argent, staff and fringe or.

Son of Lt.-Col. Robert Ramsay Napier Sturt, C. B.
(Mil., 1902), Bengal Staff Corps, b. 1852; d. 1907; m.
1894, Ethel Harriette (12 Avonmore Mansions, Avon-
more Road, W.r4), youngest d. of Major Spence
Turner, late Bengal Army, of Melbury Lodge, Wim-
borne : — -
Napier Pitfield Sturt, Gentleman, b. 1902. Residence —

STURT (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1. vert, on a fesse or,
between three colts courant argent, as many roses gules
(Sturt, granted 19 Oct. 1691) ; 2. argent, a saltire engrailed
between four roses gules (Napier) ; 3. sable, a bend en-
grailed between six billets argent (Alington) ; 4. azure, a




bend engrailed between two cygnets argent, ducally gorged
and chained or (Pitfield). Mantling vert and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion gules, holding a
banner of the last, charged with a rose argent, the staff and
fringe or. Motto — " En Dieu est tout."

Son of Rt. Hon. Sir Humphrey Napier Sturt, 2nd

Baron Alington, K.C.V.O., D.L. and C.C. co. Dorset,

M.P. for E. Dorset 1891-1904, b. 1859; d. 1919; m.

1883, Lady Feodorowna Yorke, d. of 5th Earl of

Hardwicke : —
Rt. Hon. Napier George Henry Sturt, 3rd Baron Aling-
ton (U.K., 15 Jan. 1876), late Capt. R.A.F. [Supporters—
On either side a talbot argent, billetee sable, holding in the
mouth a rose gules, slipped and leaved proper], b. 1896.
Seat — Crichel, Wimborne, Dorset. Town house — 38
Portman Square, W.

Son of Col. Napier George Sturt, R. E. , b. 1836; d.

1901 ; m. 1876, Beatrix Marion, eld. d. of James
Patrick Muirhead, Esq., D.L. , M.A. (Oxon.), of

Haseley Court, Tetsworth : —

Geoffrey Charles Napier Sturt, Esq., B.A. (Oxon.), Barris-

ter-at-Law Inner Temple, served Great War (wounded)

[Motto — "Major providentia fato"], b. 1884; m. 191 1,

Edith Frances, elder d. of Philip F. Wood, C.B., K.C. ;

and has issue — Anthony Napier Sturt, Gentleman, b.
191s ; Philip Charles Napier Sturt, Gentleman, b. 1914 ;
Evelyn Lennox Napier Sturt, Gentleman, b. 1917. Seat—
Winterdyne, Bewdley, Worcs. Res. — 10 Perceval Avenue,
Hampstead, N.W.3. Clubs — Union, Oxford and Cam-
bridge Musical.

STYLE of Wateringbury. Sable, a fesse or, fretty
of the field, between two fleurs-de-lys gold, all within
a bordure of the second. Mantling sable and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a wolf's head couped
sable, collared or, the lower part of the neck fretty of the
1 ast.

Sons of Sir William Henry Marsham Style, gth Bart.,
b. 1826 ; d. 1904 ; by his 1st wife, m. 1848, Hon.
Rosamond, d. of 1st Lord Tredegar : —
Sir Frederick Montague Style, 10th Bart., of Glenmore
(21 April 1627), b, 1857; m. 1886, Caroline, d. of
Frederick Schultz ; and has issue — William Frederick
Style, Esq., b. 1887 [m. 1911, Florence (d. 1918), d. of
J. Timm ; and has issue — William Montague Style, Esq.,
b. 1916 ; and Helen] ; and Louise Violet. Seat — Glen-
more, Cloghan, co. Donegal.

Brig.-Gen. Rodney Charles Style, late Q.O. Roy. West
Kent Regt. b. 1863; m. 1911, Helene Pauline, d. of
Hermann Kleinwort, of 45 Belgrave Square ; and has

issue — Godfrey William Style, Gentleman, b. 1915 ;
Rodney Gerald Style, Gentleman, b. 1920 ; Rosamond
Marguerite ; Mary Dorothy. Res. — Wierton Grange, nr.

Son of Rev. Charles Montague Style, D.D., M.A.

b. 1830; d. 1916 ; m. 1867, Jessie Elizabeth (d.

1922), d. of Robert B. Marsham, D.C.L., of Cavers-
field House : —
Richard Charles Montague Style, Gentleman, b. 1870
tn. 1892, Esther Lavinia, d. of the late Edwin Potter.

Sons of Albert Frederick Style, b. 1837 ; d. 1895 ;

m. 1868, Eliza (d. 1898), d. of Henry Tubb, of

Bicester : —
George Montague Style, Esq., B.A. Oxon., Major late
West Kent Yeo., b. 1869; m. 1st, 1896, Eleanora, d. of
James Morrison Kirkwood, of Yeo Vale, Bideford, and
has issue — Oliver George Style, Gentleman, b. 1897
[m. 1923, Guinevere, d. of the late Rev. W. H. Parker,
of Georgeham, Devon, and has issue — George Molesworth
Style, Gentleman, b. 1927] ; Priscilla [m. 1923, Eric Pardoe,
of Kenya] ; and Patience Pauline. Res. — Muden, Natal.
Charles Humphrey Style, Esq., late Capt. R. East
Kent Yeo., b. 1877 ; m. 1899, Anne, d. of the late Gen. Sir
Hugh Gough, G.C.B., V.C., and has issue — Charles Richard
Style, Gentleman, Lieut. 14th Hussars, b. 1901 ; Hum-
phrey Bloomfield Style, Gentleman, b. 1902 ; Hubert
Anthony Style, Gentleman, b. 1910 ; Barbara Anne ;
and Camilla. Res. — 46 Evelyn Gardens, S.W.

Robert Henry Style, Esq., Capt., late Roy. East Kent
Yeo., late Dragoon Gds., b. 1881 ; m. 1905, Grace, d. of
John Bazley-White, Esq., J. P., D.L., of Gennings, and
has surv. issue — David Leslie Style, Gentleman, b. 19 13 ;
Betty Winifred ; and Gabrielle Ursula. Res. — Boxley
House, Maidstone.

SUCKLING of Barsham (R.L., 1821, H. Coll.). Quar-
terly, 1 and 4, per pale gules and azure, three bucks trip-
pant or (Suckling, confirmed by Cooke, Clarenceux, 1578) ;
2 and 3, argent, a chevron paly often alternately of the
first charged with an ermine spot, and gules, cottised and
between three boars' heads erased of the last (Fox). Mant-
ling gules and or. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours,
a buck courant or, holding in the mouth a branch of honey-
suckles (or suckling) proper (Suckling, granted 1617); 2.
on a wreath of the colours, the battlements of a tower
proper charged with four ermine spots, thereon a boar's head
as in the arms (Fox). Motto— " Mora trahit periculum."
Livery — Dark blue.

Son of Rev. Robert Alfred Suckling, Incumbent of

Bussage, co. Gloucester, by his wife Anna Maria, d. of

John Yelloly of Cavendish Hall, Suffolk :—

The late Thomas Suckling, Esq., Capt. R.N., J. P. co.

Southants. [and upon an escutcheon of pretence the same

arms of Suckling], b. 1844; m. 1876, Florence Horatia

Nelson, only child of Admiral William Benjamin Suckling

of Highwood, Romsey, Hants. ; and d. 1922, having had

issue — Robert William Shelton Suckling, Gentleman, b.

1877 '• d. 1877. Seats — Highwood, near Romsey, Hants. ;

and Henwick Grange, near Worcester.

Sons of Frederick Herbert Suckling, Gentleman, b.
1858; d. 1909; m. 1880, Harriet Jane, ygst. d. of
Peter Heaven : —
Edwin Nelson Suckling, Gentleman, b. 1887.
Horatio Maurice Suckling, Gentleman, b. 1892.

Sons of Frederick Herbert Suckling, 10th Hussars and
52nd Regt., b. 1828 ; d. 1878; m. 1857, Elizabeth Ann,
d. of Dr. William Latham : —
William Suckling, Gentleman, b. 1865. Res. — Highwood
House, nr. Romsey, Hants.

Alfred Suckling, Gentleman, b. 1868. Res. —
Maurice Suckling, Gentleman, b. 1870. Res. —

SUCKLING of Barsham (R.L. 1924, H. Coll.). Per
pale gules and azure, three bucks trlppant or (Suckling,
confirmed by Cooke, Clarenceux, 1578). Mantling gules
and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a buck
courant or, holding in the mouth a branch of honeysuckles
or suckling) proper (Suckling, granted 1617). Motto —
" Mora trahit periculum." Livery — Dark blue.

Son of Capt. William Frederick Robert Perry and his
wife Wybrew Jane, d. of William Nelson Suckling : —

William Frederick Suckling Suckling (formerly Perry),
Esq., J. P., Southants., b. 1868; s. to the Highwood and
Henwick Grange Estates 1923, on the death of Florence
Horatia Nelson Suckling, and assumed by R. L. , 1924, the


surname and arms of Suckling, m. 1895, Grace, d. of Rev.
A. G. Barber, and has issue — Katherine [m. 1920, James
•Coulthard Walker, Major Ind. Army, and has issue] ; and
Ann. Seat— Highwood House, Romsey, Hants.




SUGDEN (H. Cell.). Azure, on a fesse or, between in
chief two maidens' heads couped at the shoulders proper,
and in base a leopards' head erased of the second, spotted
sable, an annulet gules. Mantling azure and or. Crest-
On a wreath of the colours, a leopard's head erased sable,
spotted and gorged with a baron's coronet or. Motto—
" Lahore vinces."

Only surv. son of Hon. Henry Frank Sugden (Patent

of Precedence as son of a Baron 1875), b. 1850; d.

1889; m. 1879, Edith, eldest d. of Abraham Bowman

of Stangrove, Edenbridge : —
Rt. Hon. Frank Edward Sugden, 3rd Baron St.
Leonards (1 March 1852), late Lieut. R. H. Gds. Res.,
b. 1890. Club— Bachelors'.

Son of Rev. the Hon. Arthur Sugden, Rector of Newdi-

gate, Surrey, b. 1822; d. 1868 ; m. 1854, Annie Jane, d.

of Rev. George Eiton, M.A. :—
Arthur Henry Sugden, Gentleman, formerly Chinese
Customs Service, b. 1863 ; m. 1888, Edith Lilian, eld. d. of
Henry E. Bush; and has issue— (1) Arthur Herbert
Sugden, Gentleman,/*. 1889; (2) Edward Charles Sugden,
Gentleman, b. 1902 ; and Edith Eleanor Winifred. Club —
Junior Constitutional.

SULLIVAN of Garryduff (U.O., 19 Dec. 1881). Per
pale gules and azure, on a fesse between in chief a boat-
passant and in base another boar counter-passant or, three
cross crosslets sable. Mantling gules and or. Crest— On
a wreath of the colours, the Roman fasces fessewise proper,
banded gules, thereon a robin-redbreast of the first. Motto
— " Tot praemia vitas."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Sullivan, 1st Bart., Lord

Chancellor of Ireland, LL.D., P.C., M.P., b. 1822;

d. 1885; m. 1850, Bessie Josephine (d. 1898), d. of

Robert Bailey of Cork : —
Sir William Sullivan, 3rd Bart. , of Garryduff, co. Cork
<29 Dec. 188 1 ), Barrister-at-Law, late Lieut. 4th Batt.
Inniskilling Fus. , b. i860; m. 1886, Charlotte Anna, d. of
late Rt. Hon. Richard Dowse, Baron of the Exchequer in
Ireland ; and has issue— Kathleen [m. 1914, Wilmot H. C.
Lloyd of Losset, Killiney]. Clubs— Reform, Royal St.
George's Yacht (Kingstown), Kildare Street (Dublin).
Rev. John Sullivan, S.J., b. 1861. Res. —

SULLIVAN of Thames Ditton (H. Coll.). Per fesse, the
base per pale, in chief or, a dexter hand couped at the wrist,
grasping a sword erect, pommel and hilt gules, the blade
entwined by a serpent proper, between two lions rampant
respecting each other of the second, the dexter base vert,
charged with a buck trippant or, the sinister base per
pale argent and sable, a boar passant counterchanged.
Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a ducal coronet or, a
robin holding in the beak a sprig of laurel.

Son of Adm. Sir Francis Sullivan, 6th Bart., K.C.B.,

C.M.G., T.P., b. 1834; d. 1906; m. 1861, Agnes (d.

1917), d. of Sir Sydney Bell, Chief-Justice of the Cape

of Good Hope: —

Rev. Sir Frederick Sullivan, 7th Bart. (22 May 1804), Clerk

in Holy Orders, late Rector of Southrepps, Norwich, b.

1865; m. 1901, Hon. Judith Harbord, d. of Rt. Hon. 5th

Lord Sufneld, P.C., G.C.V.O. Res.— n Palmeira Square,

Hove, Sussex. Club— Athenceum.

Sons of Richard Sullivan, Esq., Capt. (ret.) R.N.,
b. 1866; d. 1928; m. 1905, Beatrix Evelyn, eld. d. of
Arthur Magniac of Hermitage, Ascot : —
Richard Benjamin Magniac Sullivan, Gentleman, b. 1906.
Valentine Arthur Sullivan, Gentleman, b. 1907.
Dermot Ogle Sullivan, Gentleman, b. 1909.

SUMNER, Viscount, see HAMILTON.

SUMNER (H. Coll., 8 Sept. 1921). Ermine, two
chevronels or, between in chief as many lozenges, and



in base a bull's head erased sable. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours : in front of a

lion's head erased ermine, ducally gorged or, two escar-
buncles gold. Motto—" Do ye nexte thynge." Livery—
Dark green, black facings, red and black striped waist-

Sons of William Sumner, Gentleman, of Butt Hill,
Prestwich, b. 1830 ; d. 1905 ; m. 1868, Emily, d. of
Arnold White, of Bury, Hants. : —

Harold Sumner, Esq., O.B.E., J.P., Lanes., b. 1869 ; m.
1908, Nina Mary Hazel, d. of late Ven. R. C. Fletcher,
Archdeacon of Blackburn ; and has issue — William
Donald Massey Sumner, Gentleman, b. 191 3 ; Nina
Massey. Res. — Ashfield House, Standish, Lanes. Clubs
— Junior Carlton, Clarendon (Manchester).

Leonard Sumner, Esq., O.B.E., J. P., b. 1870. Res.—
Butt Hill, Prestwich.

Bertram Sumner, Gentleman, b. 1874 ; m. 1907, Eliza
Marion, d. of Isaac Crothers, of Croix, France ; and has
issue — Gerald Bertram Crothers Sumner, Gentleman, b.
1912 ; Robert Arnold Crothers Sumner, Gentleman, b.
1916. Res. — Mayhurst, Woking. Clubs — Sports, Con-
stitutional (Manchester).

C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O., late Mil. Attache at Con-
stantinople and Athens, J. P. and D.L., co. Durham (High
Sheriff 1927), Chairman Durham County Board of Magis-
trates, M.P. Gateshead 1918-22, Col. late Coldstream
Guards, served Great War, comdg. 52nd Infantry Brigade
1915-16, then Inspector of Infantry (despatches twice.
C.M.G.), has the Orders of the 4th class Medjidie and the 2nd
class Osmanieh, also 2nd class of the Order of the Redeemer
(Greece), Lord of the Manor of Mainsforth. Born Jan. 13,
1858, only son of the late Col. Charles Freville Surtees of
Mainsforth Hall, co. Durham, J. P. and D.L. co. Durham,
formerly M.P. for South Durham, by his wife Bertha, dau.
of Nathaniel Snell Chauncy of Green End, Herts.
Armorial bearings— Ermine, on a canton gules, an orle
or ; quartering for Crozier, azure, on a fesse argent,
between three crosses of St. Julian placed saltirewise or,
as many Cornish choughs sable ; and for Lambton, sable,
a fesse between three lambs passant argent. Mantling gules
and argent. Motto—" Malo mori quam fcedari." Livery—
Dark blue, yellow facings. Married, June 27, 1887,
Madeleine Augusta (has order of the Chefakat of Turkey),
dau. of Edward Crabbe ; and has Issue— Dorothy Cynthia
[;«. 1st, 1913, Christopher Cecil Tower (d. 1915). eldest
son of Christopher John Hume Tower of Weald Hall ; 2nd,
Hon. Patrick Ramsey, brother of Earl of Dalhousie] ;
and Bertha Etelka [m. 1st, Edward Bell, Counsellor,
American Embassy, who died 1922; 2nd, James Dodds,
Esq., 1st Sec. H.M. Dipl. Ser.]. Seal— Mainsforth Hall,
Ferryhill. co. Durham. Clubs— Carlton, 1900, County

SURTEES of Dinsdale-on-Tees (H. Coll.). Ermine,
on a canton gules, an orle or. Mantling gules and argent.




Crest — On a wreath of the colours, out of an orle or,
a plume of three feathers proper. Motto — " Malo mori
quam foedari." Livery — Plum-coloured coat, with gilt
buttons, orange waistcoat.

Elder and only surv. son of Aubone Alfred Surtees,

Esq., 9th Northumberland Fusiliers (1914-18),

eldest son of Alfred Wright Surtees (see below), b.

1865; d. 1923; m. 1892, Jeannetta, d. of Bryce

Smith, of Ryebank, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lanes. : —

Aubone Bryce Surtees, Esq., formerly Capt. 1st Batt.

Northumberland Fusiliers, served Great War 1914-19,

A.D.C. to G.O.C. 68th Div. 1916-18, Embarkation Staff

1918-19, A.D.C. to G.O.C. 1st Div. 1920, b. 1893. Club

— Conservative.

Sons of Rev. Richard Surtees, M.A., of Dinsdale,
Rector of Holtby, York, b. 1819 ; d. 1899 ; m. 1849,
Caroline Maria, d. of S. V. Dashwood : —
Edward Alexander Surtees, Gentleman, b. 1863.

Francis Vere Surtees, Gentleman, b. 1864 ; m. 1895,
Elizabeth Stanley, d. of Henry Gray Faber, of Stockton-
on-Tees, and has issue — (1) Vere Nathaniel Faber Surtees,
Lieut. Scottish Borderers and R.F.C., b. 1897 ; (2) Siward
Faber Surtees, Lieut. R.F.C., b. 1899. Res .— Banham,
co. Renfrew.

Rev. Charles Henry Surtees, Clerk in Holy Orders,
b. 1870 ; m. 1906, Dorothy Alexina, d. of Richard
Sale, of Rep ton, and has issue — (1) Richard Eilsi Surtees,
Gentleman, b. 1907 ; (2) Charles William Surtees, Gentle-
man, b. 1912 ; (3) Gordon Vilhers Surtees, Gentleman, b.
1923; Dorothy Elizabeth ; and Mary. Res. — The
Rectory, Brancepeth.

Yngr. sons of Alfred Wright Surtees, of Dinsdale and

Clifton, b. 1820; d. 1906; m. 1861, Henrietta,

d. of Col. W. H. Robinson, 72nd Highlanders : —

Henry Patrick Surtees, Gentleman, b. 1868 ; tn. 1897,

Violet Hilda, d. of Robert Montague Nicholas, and has

issue — (1) Montagu Jocelyn Surtees, 2nd Lieut, late

Durham L.I., b. 1898 ; (2) Vilhers Nicholas Surtees,

Esq., Lieut., R.N., b. 1899 ; (3) Robert Siward Surtees,

Gentleman, Lieut., Northumb. Fus., b. 1905 ; (4) Alfred

Conyers Surtees, Gentleman, b. 1907; and Dorothy

Patricia. Res. — Aston Rise, Henley-on-Thames.

Ven. William Frederick Surtees, M.A. Camb., Arch-
deacon of Exeter, Canon of Exeter Cathedral, b. 1871.
Res. — The Close, Exeter.

SURTEES of Redworth (H. Coll.). Ermine, on a
canton gules, an orle or (Surtees) ; quartering azure, on a
fesse argent between three crosses of St. Julian placed
saltirewise or, as many Cornish choughs sable (Crozier) ;
sable, a fesse between three lambs passant argent (Lamb-
ton) ; with many other quarterings introduced by these two
families. Mantling gules and argent. Motto— "Malo
mori quam fcedari."

Sons of Henry Edward Surtees of Redworth, J. P. and

D.L., M.P. 1864-68, b. r8ig ; d. 1895; m. 2nd, 1870,

Mary Isabel, ygst. d. of Francis Adams of Clifton : —

Major Henry Siward Baliol Surtees, J. P. ana D.L. co.

Durham, late 2nd Life Guards, served S. Africa 1899-1902,

and Great War 1914-19, b. 1873; m. 1898, Helen Winifred

Muriel, only d. of late John James Thomson ; and has issue

— Henry Ralph Crozier Surtees, Gentleman, b. 1901 ;

Dorothy Joan ; and Isabel Muriel. Seats — Redworth Hall,

Darlington ; Devonshire Lodge, Maidenhead, Berks.

Club — Carlton.

Major Robert Lambton Surtees, O.B.E., J. P. co.
Durham, late 85th Shropshire L.I., Asst. Chief Constable
of Kent since 1921, served S. Africa 1899-1902, Great
War 1914-19, b. 1879; m. 1913, Anne, ygr. d. of the late
Col. C. E. Beck, 12th Royal Lancers, of Bridge, near
Canterbury; and has issue — John Freville Henry Surtees,
Gentleman, b. 1919; and Isabel Susan Anne. Res. —
Redworth Cottage, Littlestone-on-Sea. Club — Army and

co. Lancaster. Born 1870, being the eldest son of the late
James Smith Sutcliffe, Esq., J. P. co. Lancaster, of Beech
House, Bacup, co. Lancaster, by his wife Lucy Heald, dau.
of the late Peter Wood, M.D., and niece of the late James
Heald, Esq., M.P. , of Parrs Wood, co. Lancaster. Ar-
morial bearings — Argent, on a mount in base a hind
lodged, holding in the mouth three ears of wheat slipped
proper, on a chief engrailed azure, a sprig of oak leaved
and fructed between two garbs or. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a stag proper,

gorged with a collar gemel, holding in the mouth three
ears of wheat slipped, and resting the dexter forefoot on
a garb fessewise or. Motto — "Tout en foy." Married
1903, Helen Blanche, granddaughter of the late Henry
Hoyle Hardman, Esq., J. P. of Rawtenstall, Lanes. Seat —
Beech House, Bacup. Res. — 4c Bickenhall Mansions.W.i.

SUTHERLAND of Forse (L.O. matric. 1738, and 8
Nov. 1928). Gules, three mullets or. Mantling, gules
doubled or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a cat
salient proper. Motto — "Sans peur."

Eld. son of George Sutherland of Forse, co. Caithness,
Esq., J. P., D.L., b. 1827; d. 1905; m. 1848, Mary
Elizabeth, d. of William G. Sheppard of Lamogue, co.
Waterford: —
The late John William Sutherland of Forse, co. Caithness,
J. P., Lieut, late Roy. Dragoons, Capt. Imperial Yeo., Chief
of Clan Sutherland, b. 1851 ; m. 1881, Louisa Henrietta,
2nd d. of Col. Charles G. Walsh, 14th Bengal N.I., and
d. 1909, leaving issue — Dorothea Mary Gladys ; Mary Eliza-
beth Sheppard ; Margaret Monica ; Mariota Cheyne ; and
Frances Mary Winter.

[Mr. Sutherland was heir male of the ancient Earls of
Sutherland, a title which was held by his ancestor early in
the 13th century, William, Earl of Sutherland, who m.
Lady Margaret Bruce, dau. of Robert I., King of Scotland,
and in consideration of this alliance and the coheirship it
brought, a Royal Warrant granted the royal tressure to
John, Earl of Sutherland. Mr. Sutherland was entitled as
chief of the Sutherlands to Supporters, viz., on either side
a savage wreathed about the head and middle with laurel,
having a club in his exterior hand resting on his shoulder
all proper].

and Commissioner of Supply co. Stirling, second but eldest
surv. son of George Sutherland, Latheron, co. Caithness, and
his wife Elizabeth, d. of Robert Mackay, Forse, co. Caith-
ness. Armorial bearings (L.O., 1896) — Or, on three
lozenges conjoined in fesse, between as many mullets
gules, the same number of bears' heads couped argent,
muzzled of the second. Mantling gules, doubled or ;

and upon a wreath of his liveries is set for Crest, a
cat salient proper, charged on the shoulder with a lozenge
gules ; and in an escroll above, this Motto — "Still without
fear." Married, June 12, 1877, Isabella, dau. of James
Fleming; and has Issue — (r) George Sutherland, Gentle-
man, b. July 21 1882 ; (2) James Fleming Suther-




land, Gentleman, b. August 25, 181
Elizabeth ; and Isabella Fleming.
Dollar, N.B. Clubs — Conservative
(Glasgow), Royal Clyde Yacht.

18 ; Alice Duncan ;

Seat — ■ Solsgirth-

(Edinburgh), New

SUTHERLAND (L.O.). Per pale gules and or, a
boar's head erased, between in chief a cross crosslet fitchee
between two mullets of six points, and in base a mullet of six
points between two cross crosslets fitchee within a bordure
engrailed, the whole counterchanged. Mantling gules and
or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a cat sejant
guardant proper, gorged with a collar dancett^e gules, and
holding between the paws a mullet of six points also gules.
Motto — " Sans peur."

Son of Evan Charles Sutherland, Esq., Vice-Lieut, co.

Sutherland, J. P. and D.L. co. Inverness, and J. P.

W.R. ofYorks.,/'. 1835 ; d. 1913 ; m. 1859, Alice Sophia,

d. of Henry Tudor of Portland Place, London: —
William Tudor Sutherland, Gentleman, b. 1862 ; »:.
1893, Ethel Mary, eldest d. of James Mortimer Garrard of
Pinner ; and has issue — Aileen Mary ; and Eveline Betty.
Res. — Ramsay Hall, Ramsay, Essex.

SUTHERLAND. Or, a fesse wavy azure, issuant
therefrom a sun in splendour or, betweeen two mullets
in chief and a fleur-de-lys in base of the second. Mant-
ling azure and or. Crest — A cat salient, holding in
the mouth a thistle leaved and slipped proper, between two
roses gules, leaved and stalked vert. Motto — " Sans peur."
Livery — Blue.

Only surv. son of Sir Thomas Sutherland, G.C. M.G.

(1889), LL.D. Aberdeen, b. 1834; m. 1880, Alice,

dau. of Rev. John Macnaught, M.A., Vicai of St.

Chrysostom's, Liverpool : —
Thomas Leslie Macnaught Sutherland, Esq., b. 1885.
Res. — Coldharbour Wood, East Liss, Hants. ; ['7 Bucking-
ham Gate, London.

SUTHERLAND (L.O.). Gules, three mullets or, on
a chief of the last, three cross crosslets fitchee of the field.

m. 1864, Anne Sinclair, d. of George Dunnet of Thurso,

Caithness : —
Sir George Henry Sutherland, Kt. Bach. (1908), Member
of the Bengal Legislative Council 1900-2 and 1907-8,
Sheriff of Calcutta 1901 and 1908, Pres. of Bengal Chamber
of Commerce 1900-1, a Commissioner of Supply, and J. P.
Peebles-shire, b. 1866; m. 1st, 1890, Nellie Georgiana Carr
(d. 1891), d. ofLt.-Gen. Sir John P. CarrGlyn, K.C.B. ; 2nd,
1904, Arabella Elizabeth Wolfe, d. of Lt.-Gen. Sir James
Wolfe Murray, K.C.B. , of Cringletie, Peebles-shire ; and has
issue — by first marriage, Arthur Henry Carr Sutherland,
Esq., O.B. E. , M.C., Chevalier Legion of Honour, Lt.-
Col. The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), served Great
War 1914-19, Mil. Sec. to Gen. Lord Home, comdg.
1st Army, a Commissioner of Supply for Peebles-shire.

Mantling gules doubled or. Crest— On a wreath of his

liveries, a cat sejant guardant proper. Motto — " Sans peur."

Sons of Henry Holmes Sutherland of Wetherby Gardens,

S. Kensington, sometime Member of the Legislative

Council of the Viceroy of India, b. 1833 ; d. 1903 ;

(Arms, Matric. L.O. 19 15. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sutherland
as above ; 2 and 3, argent, an eagle displayed with
two heads sable, guttee-d'or (Glyn) ; Crest and Motto
as above.); b. 1891 [m. 1st, 1919, Ruby, d. of the late
Capt. W. G. P. Miller of Thistleton, Lanes.; 2nd, 1928,
Ruth Myrtle Muriel Joan, d. of George McKechnie, of
Beaufort Gardens, S.W. ; and has issue — David George
Carr Sutherland, Esq., b. 1920 {Res. — 15 Connaught

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