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Jane Violet (d. 1907), d. of William Scarlett ; 2nd, 1908,
Sarah Margaret \d. 1924), d. of Alexander W. Stalker ;
and by her has issue — Margaret. Res. — Clevedon, Fairy
Road, Wrexham.

Anthony Swainson, Gentleman, b. 1861 ; tn. 1891, Mary
Margaret, d. of Thomas Minton ; and has issue — (1) Edward
Swainson, Gentleman, b. 1893 [m. and has issue — Edward
Clare Swainson, Gentleman, b. 1924 ; Peter Minton Swain-
son, Gentleman, b. 1926 ; Colin Roger Swainson, Gentle-
man, b. 1928 (Res. — 23 Eileen Grove, Acton, Wrexham)] ;
(2) Richard Minton Swainson, Gentleman, b. 1896 ; (3)
Charles Anthony Swainson, Gentleman, b. 1912; and
Margaret Rosalie. Res. — The Firs, Hope Village, Wrexham.

SWAINSON of Lancaster (H. Coll., 18 June 1913).
Gules, a boar's head couped argent, pierced by a sword
bendwise the point downwards proper, between two
pheons in pale or. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a boar's head couped proper,
resting on two like boars' heads fessewise. Motto — " Ridet
■mendacia famse."

Sons of William Swainson , Gentleman, of Marshrange,
Lancaster, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature
in England, b. 1841 ; d. 1928 ; m. 1876, Harriet Machon,
d. of Rev. John Gallienne Richard of Guernsey and
Hull, late Vicar of Surlingham, Norfolk : —
Rev. William Goad Swainson, M.A. (Cantab.), Clerk in
Holy Orders, Vicar of Rainhill, b. 1877 ; m. 1908, Dora
Isabella Thomson, d. of late George Gilchrist, of Southport,
Seat — Marshrange, Lancaster. Res. — The Vicarage, Rain-

John Gallienne Swainson, Gentleman, Solicitor, b. 1881.
Res. — Lancaster.

H.Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, sable, two lions passant, paly
of six argent and gules, a canton of the second (for Strang-
wayes) ; 2 and 3, azure, a fesse or, charged with three maidens'
heads veiled proper (Swainston). Mantling sable and argent.
Crests — 1. upon a wreath of the colours, a lion as in the
arms (Strangwayes) ; 2. out of a ducal coronet or, a

I] Hstoygcui-et r>e • doubtero j}j

boar's head sable between two wings azure, billeted or
(Swainston). Motto—" Ystoyeau et ne doubtero."

Son of Giles Edmund Nevile Swainston-Strangwayes,
Gentleman, b. 1871 ; d. ; tn. 1899, Meta Isabella,

eldest d. of late William A. Oliver Rutherfurd of
Egerston : —
D'Arcy Charles Swainston-Strangwayes, Gentleman, b.
1900. Postal add. — Alne Hall, Easingwold, Yorks.

Sons of John Swainston-Strangwayes, Esq., J. P. and
D.L. for the N. Riding of co. of Yorks., b. 1836; d.
1914 ; m. 1868, Martha Elizabeth, only surv. child of
Capt. James Golden Heap of Dringhouses, co. Yorks. :—
James de la Hep Swainston-Strangwayes, Gentleman, b.

1872 ; m. , d. of Simpson ; and has issue— John

Swainston-Strangwayes, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

John Philip Norman Swainston-Strangwayes, Gentle-
man, Lieut. Durham Artillery, b. . Res. —

Robert Rollo Swainston-Strangwayes, Gentleman, b.
1883. Res. —

PERCIVAL SYMES SWAN, Gentleman. Born 1841.
being the eldest son of the late Richard Waddy Swan of
Baldwinstown, by his first wife Barbara, only dau. of the
late Sandham Symes. Armorial bearings— Azure, on a
fesse wavy argent, between three swans displayed proper,
crowned or, a trefoil vert. Mantling azure and argent ;
and for his Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, a swan
proper, ducally crowned or, and charged with a trefoil vert,
Motto — "Sit nomen decus." Married, 1877, Elizabeth





Sarah, second dau. of the late John Johnston ; and has
Issue — Four daus. Seats — Baldwinstown, Bridgetown.
Wexford ; Garville Avenue, Rathgar.

The Late ROBERT CLAYTON SWAN, Esquire, Lt.-
Col. Lines. Yeo., late 3rd Batt. (Mil.) Lincoln Regt., J. P.
cos. of Northumberland, Durham and Lincoln. Born
1864, being the eldest son of the late Robert Swan,
Esq., of The Quarry, Lincoln, J. P. , M.A. (Camb.). Ar-
morial bearings— Azure, a chevron wavy argent, gutt^e-
de-poix, in chief a fountain proper between two swans of
the second, and in base a swan of the last between two
fountains, and impaling the arms of Elliot, namely, or, on
a fesse engrailed cottised wavy gules, an annulet between
two fleurs-de-lys of the first, in chief three roses of the
second, barbed and seeded proper. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest -Onawreathof the colours, amidst bulrushes
proper, a demi-water-spaniel argent, gorged with a collar
azure, and holding between the paws a fountain. Mar-
ried, 1st, 1892, Mildred Mary (d. 1917), dau of the late Sir
George W. Elliot, 2nd Bart. ; 2nd Violet, d. of C. Perkins,
of Carham-on-Tweed, and died 1929. Seat — Barrowley
Grange, Grantham.

SWANN. Azure, a swan rousant proper, within an
orle of lymphads sails furled flags flying to the dexter
or. Mantling azure and or. Crest — Between two buffaloes'
horns, a demi-swan wings expanded all proper.

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Ernest Swann, P.C.,
1st Bart., M.P. N. Manchester 1886-1918, b. 1844;
d. 1929 ; assumed by R.L., Dec. 1913, the name of
Swann in lieu of Schwann; m.1877, Elizabeth (d.
1914), d. of David Duncan, of Manchester : —

Sir Charles Duncan Swann, 2nd Bart. (16 July 1906),
of Prince's Gardens, Kensington, M.A. Oxford, Barrister-
at-Law, Inner Temple, M.P. Hyde 1906-10, b. 1879 ;
m. 1909, Dorothy Margaret, d. of Capt. R. Johnson, 64th
Regt. ; andhassurv. issue — Anthony Charles Christopher
Swann, Esq., b. 1913. Res. — 151 St. James's Court,
Buckingham Gate, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Beefsteak.

Harold Swann, Esq., b. 1880 ; m. 1907, Dorothea Alma,
d. of Henry de Courcy Agnew, Esq., J. P.; and has
surv. issue — Charles Brian Swann, Gentleman, b. 1913.
Res. — Standon Lordship, Herts. Club — Carlton.

Lawrence Averil Swann, Esq., b. 1881 ; m. 1913,
Emeline, d. of John Prejent, of Boston, U.S.A. Res. —

Geoffrey Swann, Esq., Lieut, (ret.) R.A.S.C, b. 1883;
m. 1911, Florence, d. of John Brodie, of Hamsell
Manor, Eridge ; and has issue — Kenneth Geoffrey Swann,
Gentleman, b. 19 15 ; Janet Elizabeth ; Phyllis Mildred ;
Kathleen Mary Prudence. Res. — Ludwick Corner,
Hatfield, Herts.


SWAYNEof Tillington Court, Herefordshire (H. Coll.).

Azure, a chevron between three pheons or, on a chief

argent, as many roses gules, barbed and seeded proper.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a demi-dragon azure, holding in the dexter claw an arrow
in bend sinister, point downwards argent, and resting the
sinister on a rose as in the arms. Motto — " Metuenda
corolla diaconis." Livery — Blue.

Son of Rev. George Carless Swayne, B.D. , Fellow of

Corpus Christi Coll. (Oxon. ), b. 1818 ; d. 1892; m.

1851, Margaret Sarah, d. of Rev. John Eagles, M.A. : —

Harald George Carlos Swayne, Esq., C.M.G., F.R.G.S.,

F.Z.S., Col. (ret.) R.E., b. i860; m. 1st, 1894, Katherine

Aimee (d. 1905), d. of Sir William Holmes of British

Guiana ; 2nd, Amy Christina, fourth d. of Robert Arthur

Swayne, Esq., J. P., of Tillington Court, nr. Hereford; and

has issue, by first mar., Helen Mary. Res. — Burghill

Court, Hereford ; Villa Cristina, Bordighera, Italy.

Sons of Rev. William John Swayne, M.A. (Oxon.),

formerly Vicar of Heytesbury ; and Custos of St. John's

Hospital, Heytesbury, b. 1833; d. 1918 ; m. 1861,

Diana (d. 1892), d. of William Shuckburgh, Esq., J. P.,

of The Moot, Downton, Wilts. : —

Rt. Rev. William Shuckburgh Swayne, D.D., M.A.

(Oxon.), Lord Bishop of Lincoln since 1920, b. 1862 ; m. 1st,

1886, Emma Louise (d. 191 6), d. of J. des Reaux of Jersey ;

and has issue — John George des Reaux Swayne, Esq., Major

Somerset L.I., b. 1890 [m. Edna Winifred, d. of Col.

Edward Hopton Swayne (q.v.) and has issue — 1 dau.] ; and

Dorothy Louise ; m. 2nd, 1917, Madeleine Angelique, d. of

W. W. Farquharson of Edinburgh. Res. — The Old Palace,


Edward Hopton Swayne, Esq., Col. (ret.) P.A.S.L. Inf.,
b. 1863 ; m. 1898, Muriel, d. of C. Ashworth of Cranley
Gardens, S.W. ; and has issue — Edna Winifred [m. 1919,
Major John George des Reaux Swayne (q.v.)] Res. —
Green Gate, Lower Bourne, Farnham.

Edgar John Swayne, Gentleman, Solicitor, b. 1863 (twin
with his brother) ; m. 1894, Katherine Alexandra, d. of
R. Lloyd-Williams of Denbigh ; and has issue — Roderic
Swayne, Gentleman, b. 1897 [m. 1925, Alex, d. of Rev. J.
McKean of Edinburgh, and has issue — 1 son, and 1 dau.
Res. — Denbigh, N. Wales.

Rev. Charles Noel Swayne, M.A. (Oxon.), Rector of
Whittlebury, b. 1868 ; m. 1st, 1894, Constance Arabella (d.
1896), d. of Charles Clay of Whitchurch ; 2nd, 1899, Kath-
leen Louisa, d. of Netterville Barron ; and has issue — Charles
Broughton Clay Swayne, Esq., Lt.-Comdr. R.N., b. 1895;
William Barron Guy Swayne, Gentleman, b. 1902; Bridget
Diana ; Kathleen Mary ; and Esme\ Res.— The Vicarage,
WhittleDury, Towcester.

Son of Walter Thomas Swayne, Solicitor, of Glaston-
bury, b. 1835 ; d. 1897 ; m. 1868, Agnes Jane, d. of
Rev. Canon Coney, Vicar of Pucklechurch, Glos. : —
Philip Coney Swayne, Gentleman, b. 1877; m.1912, Vera,
d. of Hugh Wilbraham, of Delamere House, Nantwich,
Cheshire ; and has issue — Philip Michael Swayne, Gentle-
man, b. 1918; Peter Wilbraham Swayne, Gentleman,
b. 1923. Res.— Castle Hill, Nether Stowey, Somerset.

Son of Walter Carless Swayne, Gentleman (eld. son of
Robert Arthur Swayne— see below), M.D. (Lond.),
Obst. Phys. to Bristol Roy. Infirm. , b. 1862 ; d. 1925 ;
m. 1894, Louisa Margaret, d. of Rev. R. F. Heath : —
Richard Carless Swayne, Gentleman, b. 1905. Res. —
Sons of Robert Arthur Swayne, Esq., J. P., of Tillington
Court, co. Hereford, b. 1837; d. 1918; m. 1861, Grace
Pyke, d. of William Wickham of Bideford : —
Rev. Arthur Wickham Swayne, M.A. (Oxon.), formerly
Vicar of St. Aiden's, Leeds, of Tytherington, Glos., of The
Parish Church, Stroud, Glos., and Rural Dean of Bisley,
b. 1863 ; m. 1897, Eva Margaret, d. of the late James
Kitson, Esq., J. P., of Elmete, Leeds; and has issue —
Arthur Christopher Carless Swayne, Gentleman, M.A.
(Oxon,), Nigerian C.S. ,b. 1900. Res.— Llys Bach, Harlech,
N. Wales.

Francis Griffiths Swayne, Gentleman, M.B. (Cantab.), b.
1864 ; m. 1900, Etta Ellen, widow of George Lyon, I. C.S. ,
and d. of Sir Warren Hastings D'Oyley, Bart. Res.—
140 Church Road, Upper Norwood, S.E.19.

Rev. Robert Carless Swayne, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1874;
m. 1905, Eleonora Mary, d. of the late Rev. Joseph Tarver
of Filgrave, Bucks. ; and has issue— Joseph Anthony Tarver
Swayne, Gentleman, b. 1906 ; and 2 daus. Res.— Thornton
Steward Vicarage, Bedale, Yorks.

George Champeney Swayne, Gentleman , Solicitor, b. 1876 ;
tn. 1901, Agnes Evelyn, d. of Walter Thomas Swayne of
Glastonbury; and has issue— one dau. Res.— Abbey Wood,




Oswald Rocke Swayne, Esq.,D.S.O., Lt.-Col. (ret.) R.A.,
b. 1879 ; m. 1904, Brenda, ygr. d. of Arthur Butler of
Chislehurst ; and has issue — (1) Arthur Oswald Swayne,
Gentleman, b. 1905 ; (2) John Walter Roche Swayne,
Gentleman, b. 1906; (3) Harold Denys Swayne, Gentleman,
b. 1910 ; (4) Ronald Oliver Carless Swayne, Gentleman,
b. 1915 ; and Pauline. Res. — Tillington Court, nr. Hereford.

Thomas Edward Griffiths Swayne, Esq., Major (ret.)
R.A.S.C., b. 1882; m. 1909, Dorothy, only d. of Henry
Grandage ; and has is<=ue — Rosamund Frances ; and
Pamela. Address — Burghill Court, nr. Hereford.

SWANZY (Confn. U.O., 14 Dec. 1898). Gules, a fesse
argent, between two unicorns counter courant or. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,

a unicorn's head or, collared with a bar gemel gules.

Motto — " Per Deum et ferrum obtinui."

Sons of Rev. Thomas Biddall Swanzy, M.A. , Vicar of
Newry, b. 1836 ; d. 1884 ; m. 1867, Elizabeth Anne
(d. 1924), fourth d. of late Rev. Henry Swanzy, M.A. ,
Prebendary of Subulter in Cloyne Cathedral, Rural
Dean of Bothon, and Rector of Kilshannig, Diocese of
Cloyne : —
Rev. Thomas Erskine Swanzy, M.A. (Oxon.), B.A.

(Trin. Coll., Dub.), Prebendary of Leighton Beaudesert,

in Lincoln Cathedral, Vicar of All Saints', Lincoln, b. 1869.

Res. — All Saints' Vicarage, Lincoln.

Rev. Henry Biddall Swanzy, M.A. (Trin. Coll., Dub.),

Prebendary of Wicklow in St. Patrick's Cathedral and

Canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Rural Dean of Newry and

Mourne, Vicar of Newry, b. 1873. Res. ^The Vicarage,

Newry, co. Down. Club — University (Dublin).

Rev. Robert Archibald Swanzy, B.A. (Camb.), Vicar of

Withnell, Lanes., b. 1875. Res. — Withnell Vicarage,

nr. Chorley, Lanes.

Sons of Francis Swanzy, Esq., J. P., of The Quarry,
Sevenoaks, Kent, b. 1854; d. 1920; m. 1879, Mary
Nina, eld. d. of Robert Stephen Patry of The Chestnuts,
Sydenham : —
Francis Hugh Swanzy, Gentleman, O.B.E.,£. 1884; m.

1915, Olave Muriel, d. of Henry Putter, M.R.C.S., of

Nottingham. Res. —

Robert Edward Swanzy, Gentleman, B.A. Oxon., Indian
Civ. Ser. , b. 1888; m. 1926, Mary Aubrey, d. of Rev.
Edward Moore Burney, M.A. , Vicar of St. Peter's, Droit-
wich. Res. —


SWEET (H. Coll.). Sable, a lion rampant within an
orle of eight cross crosslets argent, on a chief of the second
three iucrescents of the first. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest— Issuant from a coronet composed of nine cross
crosslets set upon a rim or, an eagle's head between two
wings proper and holding in the beak an increscent gold.
Motto — " Virtus vera nobilitas."

Eldest son of Charles Sweet, of Plymouth, b. 1842 ;

d. 1899 ; m. 1863, Fanny Sarah, d. of Nicholas Uglow,

of Bude, Cornwall: —

Owen William Sweet, Gentleman, b. 1868 ; m. ,

Ethel May, d. of Robert Banting Paten, and has issue —

Robert Owen Sweet, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Beatrice Doreen ;

and Marjory Joan. Res. — Tankerfield, Datchett, Bucks.


J. P., D.L. co. Kilkenny, High Sheriff 1892. Born
March 24, 1864, being the only son of the late Godwin
Meade Pratt Swifte of Swiftsheath and Lionsden, by his
second wife Mary Jane, dau. of Robert Hare Clarke, Esq.,
J. P., of Bansha, co. Tipperary. Armorial bearings
(as on record in Ulster's Office) are— Sable, an anchor
in pale or, timbered azure, the stem entwined with a
dolphin descending argent. Mantling sable and or.
Crest -A sinister arm embowed, vested azure, cuffed argent,
in the hand a sheaf of five arrows or, barbed azure, flighted
argent. Motto — " Festina lente virtute et sanguine."
Livery -Dark green, yellow facings, gilt buttons, buff over-
coat. Married, 1909 (his cousin), Nathalie, d. of late Jerome
O'Brien, 28th Regt. Seats — Swiftsheath, Jenkinstown, co.
Kilkenny; Lionsden, Castlerickard, co. Meath. Clubs—
R.A.C. ; Kildare Street (Dublin).

SWINBURNE (H. Coll,). Per fesse gules and argent,
three cinquefoils counterchanged. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-boar
rampant argent, crined of the first, langued gules. Motto —
" Semel et semper."

Sons of Sir John Swinburne, 7th Bart., of Capheaton,

co. Northumberland, J. P., b. 1831 ; d. 1914 ; m. 1st,

1863, Emily Elizabeth (d. 1881), only d. of Rear-Adm.

Henry Broadhead, R.N.: —

Sir Hubert Swinburne, 8th Bart. (26 Sept. 1660), J. P. and

High Sheriff Northumberland, late Major Northumberland

Yeo., served in S. Africa 1899-1900,*. 1867; tn. 1905, Alice

Pauline, d. of the late Nathaniel George Clayton of Chesters,

Northumberland ; and has issue— Joan. Seat — Capheaton,

Newcastle-on-Tyne,co. Northumberland. Clubs — Brooks's,


Umfreville Percy Swinburne, Esq., Major late 8th Batt.
Seaforth Highlanders, served Matabele War 1895-6, S.
Africa 1899-1901 ; and Great War 1914-16 ; b. 1868;
m. 1905, Arnoldine Georgiana, eld. d. of late Thomas
Marten of Oystermouth, Glamorganshire. Clubs — Bache-
lors', Brooks's.

SWINFEN, Baron, see EADY.



SWINTON (Matric. L.O., July 1923). Sable, on a
chevron invected or, between three boars' heads erased
argent, armed and langued gules, a crescent of the last
(for difference) ; impaling the arms of Clayton, namely : —
argent, across sable between four pellets. Mantling sable,
doubled or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a boar
collared and chained to a tree proper. Motto (over crest)
— " J'espere."

Son of Robert Blair Swinton, of Madras Civil

Service, b. 1829 ; d. 1912 ; m. 1858, Elizabeth

Dorothv, dau. of James Rundall : —

Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton, K.B.E. (1923), C.B.,

D.S.O., M.A. (Oxon.), Commander Legion of Honour,

Col. and Hon. Maj.-Gen. late R.E., Pioneer of Tank




Corps, b. 1868 ; m. 1897, Grace Louisa, d. of the late
Major Sir Edward Gilbert Clayton, Kt.,C.B., R.E. ; and
has issue — (1) Robert Clayton Swinton, Esq., M.C., late

SWINTON of that Ilk (in use since circa 1271, matric.
on user 21 Feb. 1903, but matric. by cadet line c. 1680-7).
Sable, a chevron or, between three boars' heads erased argent.

Lieut. R.A., b. 1898 ; (2) John Liulf Swinton, Esq.,
o-i905 ; and Margaret Elizabeth. Res.— Tudor House,
Woodstock Road, Oxfori

Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries,
a boar chained to a tree proper. Mottoes — (Above)
"J'Espere"; (below) "Jepense." Supporters (personal




to head of the family) — Two boars rampant sable, armed,
crined, and unguled or, langued gules.

Only s. of John Edulphus Swinton, Esq., of Swinton

Bank, J. P., Capt. Indian Army, b. 1832 ; d. 1871 ; m.

1863, Frances Jane, d. of Daniel Ainslie of The Gart,

co. Perth : —

John Edulf Blagrave Swinton of Swinton Bank, Esq.,

Chief of his name, late Lieut. Lothians and Berwicksh. Imp.

Yeo. , b. 1864 ; in. 1910, Frances Harriet, d. of Sir William

J. G. Baird, 8th Bart., of Saughton Hall, Midlothian.

Seat — Swinton Bank, co. Peebles. Clubs — Arthur's, New


Sons of Archibald Campbell-Swinton, Esq., of Kim-

merghame, J. P., D.L., Advocate, LL.D., F.R.S.E.,

F.S.A.S. , Brig. -Gen. Roy. Company of Archers, b.

1812 ; d. 1890 ; m. 1st, Katharine Margaret (d. 1846),

d. of Sir John Pringle, 5th Bart. ; 2nd, 1856, Georgiana

Caroline, d. of Sir George Sitwell, 2nd Bart. : —

The late John Liulf Campbell Swinton of Kimmerghame,

Esq. (q.v.). [For details of Arms, Matjic. 1850, see


George Sitwell Campbell Swinton, Esq., late Capt. High-
land Lt. Inf., Lyon King of Arms, and Secretary of the
Order of the Thistle 1927-29, formerly March Pursuivant
of Arms, D.L. co. London, b. 1859 [Anns of Swinton as
above, but (matric. 1850) a bordure engrailed ermine, and
(matric. 1903, and rematric. 2 Aug., 1905), on the chevron a
crescent gules; he impales the arms of Ebsworth (q.v.)],

— On a wreath of the colours, a swan's head and neck

m. 1895, Elizabeth, only d. of E. H. Ebsworth of Llandough
Castle, Glamorgan ; and has issue — Alan Henry Swinton,
Major Scots Guards, b. 1896 ; and two daus. Res. —
45 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W.2. Clubs — Carlton,
Naval and Military, New (Edinburgh).

SWIRE (H. Coll.). Sable, three swans' heads and
necks couped two and one proper, and as many roses
one and two argent. Mantling sable and argent. Crest

proper, ducally gorged and charged with a rose or.

Motto — " Esse quam videre."

Sons of John Samuel Swire, Gentleman, of Leighton
House, Leighton Buzzard, b. 1825 ; d. 1898 ; m. 1st,
i860, Helen (d. 1862), d. of Adam Fairrie, of
Greenock and Liverpool; 2nd, 1881, Mary, d. of
George Warren, of Liverpool : —
John Swire, Gentleman, Hon. LL.D. (Hong Kong), b.

1 861 ; m. 1889, Emily Hamilton Campbell, d. of George
Jardine Kidston, Esq., D.L., of Finlaystone, Renfrew-
shire, and has had issue — (1) John Kidston Swire, Esq.
D.L., Essex, Capt. Territorial Res., formerly Major Essex
Yeo., b. 1893 [m. 1923, Juliet Rickenda, d. of Theodore
Barclay of Fanshaws, Hertford, and has issue — John
Anthony Swire, Gentleman, b. ; Bridget Elizabeth] ;
(2) Alexander Kidston Swire, Gentleman, Lieut. Essex
Yeo., b. 1896 ; killed in Great War 1915 ; Helen Lindsay
[m. 1915, Viscount Adare] ; and Agnes Mary [m. 1927,
Edward J. Todhunter, Lieut. Territorial Res., formerly
Essex Yeo., son of Benjamin Todhunter, Esq., O.B.E.,
J. P., of Kingsmoor House, Parndon, Essex]. Seat — >
Hillingdon House, Harlow, Essex. Clubs — City, New
University, Leander.

George Warren Swire, Esq., Capt. Territorial Res.,
formerly Major Roy. Bucks. Hussars, b. 1883. Res. —
27 Princes Gardens, S.W.7.

Son of William Hudson Swire, Gentleman, of
3 Holland Park, W., b. 1830 ; d. 1884 ; m. 1857,
Mary, d. of Samuel Martin, of Roby Hay, Roby,

L3.I1CS *

William'Swire, Esq., C.B.E., J. P., co. Salop, Lord of
the Manor of The Oaks, Salop (High Sheriff 1915), b.

1862 ; m. 1885, Jessie Lindsay Edith, eld. d. of George
Jardine Kidston, Esq., D.L., J. P. of Finlaystone,
Renfrewshire, and has had issue — (1) Douglas William
Swire, Esq., Capt. Shropshire Yeo., b. 1886 ; d. 1920 [m.

Theodosia,d. of Capt. E. Boyle, C.M.G., R.N., and
left issue — Patrick William Swire, Gentleman, b. ;

and Cynthia Stephanie] ; (2) Cyril George William Swire,
Esq., Major 1st Roy. Dragoons, b. 1891 ; Noel Lindsay
[m. 192 1, Allan Nicholas Fielden, of Condover Hall,
Shropshire]) ; and Mary Frances [m. 1928, Reginald
Culcheth Holcroft, Lieut. Ind. Army {q.v.)]. Res. — Long-
don Manor, Shrewsbury. Clubs — Boodle's, Conservative,

Son of Swire, b. ; m. ,

d. of :—

Claudel Martin Swire, Gentleman, b. 1868. Club —
Jun. Carlton.




SWITHINBANK. Or, two bars nebuly azure, guttee-
d'or, on a chief ermine, a bugle-horn sable, stringed gules,
garnished or, between two grenades also sable, fired proper.
Crest— Upon a wreath of the colours, out of the battlements
of a tower argent, a demi-dragon issuant, wings displayed
proper, holding between the claws a grenade as in the


arms, pendent from its neck by a ribbon gules, a bugle-horn
also as in the arms. Motto — " Froena, vel aurea, nolo."
Livery — Blue and scarlet.

Son of Harold William Swithinbank, Esquire, of

Denham Court, Bucks., Lieut, nth Hussars, Capt.

Her Majesty's Yeomanry Forces, Comdr. R.N.V. R.,

D.L. and J. P. for the co. of Buckingham, High

Sheriff 1891, b. 1858 ; d. at sea, 1928 ; m. 1883, Amy,

d. of James Crossley Eno of Wood Hall, Dulwich : —

Crossley Swithinbank, Gentleman, late Lieut. R.N.,

b. '1884; m. 1915, Phce be Dingwall, d. of Alexander Williams

of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, and has issue — Maurice

Swithinbank, Gentleman, t. 1918 ; John Swithinbank,

Gentleman, b. 1920 ; and Phoebette. Estate and post. add. —

Denham Court, Denham, Buckinghamshire.

M.A. (Oxon.), sometime Rector of Wonston, Hants.
Born 1853, being the son of George Edwin Swithinbank,
LL.D., F.S.A.S., and Constantia Anne, his wife. Armorial
bearings — Or, two bars nebuly azure, guttee-d'or, on a
chief argent, a bugle-horn sable, garnished or, stringed
gules, between two grenades also sable, fired proper.
Mantling azure'and or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the
colours, out of the battlements of a tower argent, a demi-
dragon issuant, wings displayed proper, holding between
the claws a grenade as in the arms, pendent from its neck
by a ribbon gules, a bugle-horn also as in the arms. Motto
— " Fama semper viret." Married, 1883, Amy, dau. ot
Admiral George Winthrop ; and has Issue — (1) Bernard
Winthrop Swithinbank, Gentleman, I. C.S., Scholar of Balliol
Coll. and Craven Scholar, Oxford, b. 1884 ; (2) Cuthbert
Winthrop Swithinbank, Esq., D.S.O., Comdr. (ret). R.N.,
b. 1886 [m. 1919, Molly, d. of P. Furnivall] ; Hilda Spenser
m. 1919, Peter Christopher Fogarty, I.C.S.] ; and Mildred.
Postal address — Linden Lodge, Clevedon, Somerset.


SYKES (H. Coll.). Argent, on a chevron sable, guttee-
d'eau, between three tufts of grass vert, as many fountains
proper. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, upon the trunk of a tree eradicated fessewise,
and sprouting to the dexter proper, a swan with wings
addorsed argent, beaked and legged sable, and charged on
the breast with a fountain also proper. Motto — " Puritas

fons honoris.' Livery (dress) — White, black facings
dress), claret, scarlet waistcoat, brass buttons.

Son of Rev. William Sykes, Hon. Mil. Chaplain to

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 209 of 282)