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Queen Victoria, b. 1829 ; d. 1893 ; m. Mary, eld. d. of

late Capt. Hon. Antony Molesworth, R.A. : —

Brig. -Gen. Sir Percy Molesworth Sykes, K.C.I.E., C.B.,

C.M.G., H.M. Consul-Gen. and Agent to the Government

of India in Khorasan 1905 ; Consul-Gen. Kashgar 1915 ;

Brig.-Gen. comdg. troops in South Persia 1916-18, Indian

Army (ret.), b. 1867 ; m. 1902, Evelyn, eld. d. of late Lt.-Col.

Bruce Seton, R.E. ; and has issue— (1) Arthur Frank Seton

Sykes, Esq.. b. 1903; (2) Charles Mortimer Sykes, Esq.,

b. 1908; (3) Edward Molesworth Sykes, Esq., b. 1910; (4)

Geoffrev Richard Sykes, Esq., b. 1913 ; Rachel Mary ; and

Elinor Grace. Res. — Riant Chateau, Territet, Switzerland,

Club — Athenasum.

Sons of Thomas Hardcastle Sykes, Esq., J. P., D.L. ,

of Cringle House, Cheadle (High Sheriff Cheshire

1899), formerly Capt. 20th Cheshire R.V., b. 1833; d.

1901 ; m. 1864, Mary, eld. d. of John Piatt, M.P. for

Oldham :—

Harold Piatt Sykes, Esq., late Col. comdg. Denbighsh.

Hussars Yeo. , late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Gds. , b. 1865 ; m. 1st,

1895, Frances Fowke [d. 1902), d. of late D. P. M'Donald

of Keppoch ; 2nd, 1903, Winifred Charlotte Jane, d. of
late Col. W. H. C. Wellesley, Roy. Fus. ; and has surv.
issue — (1) Peter Thomas Sykes, Gentleman, Lieut. Queen's
Bays, b. 1903 ; (2) Thomas Henry Sykes, Gentleman,
b. 1910; Winifred Mary ; and Nesta Mabel. Res. — Long-
ford Hall, Newport, Salop. Club — Cavalry.

Sir Alan John Sykes, 1st Bart. (17 July 1917), late Lt.-Col.
comdg. 6th Batt. Cheshire Regt. , J. P. and D.L. Cheshire,
M.A. Oxon., M.P. Knutsford Div. of Cheshire 1910-22,
b. 1868. Res— South View, Cheadle ; 2 Down Street, W. 1.
Clubs — Carlton, Jun. Athenaeum, Conservative, Union

Sons of Richard Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1839; d. 1923;

m. 1904, Fanny Elizabeth Walton of Broughton, nr.

Manchester: —
Richard Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1905 ; m. 1928, Alice
Virginia, d. of Brakeman, of Denver, Colorado.

Res. — Santa Barbara, California.

Edward Christopher Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1907. Res. —
Santa Baibara, California.




Son of Arthur Henry Sykes, Esq. , of Lydham, J. P. and
D. L. co. Chester, J. P. co. Salop, Lord of the Manor
of Lydham, b. 1841 ; d. 1926 ; tn. 1st, 1868, Harriett
Elizabeth (d. 1922), d. of the late Thomas Lever
Rushton of Bolton-le-Moors ; 2nd, Edith, d. of the late
Louis Jennings, M.P. : —
Herbert Rushton Sykes, Esq., late Major Montgomery
Yeo., M.A. (Oxon.) [Livery— Claret], b. 1870; m. 1905,
Hon. Constance Harriet Georgiana Skeffington ; and has
issue — Arthur Patrick Sykes, Gentleman, £. 1906; Hum-
phrey Hugh Sykes, Gentleman, 2nd Lieut, The Shropshire
Regt., b. 1907; Victor John Sykes, Gentleman, b. 191 1 ;
Robin George Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1917. Estate and
Seat — Lydham Manor, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire.

Yngst. son of Richard Sykes of Edgeley, b. 1793 ;

d. 1876 ; tn. 1825, Jane, d. of Thomas Hardcastle of

Firwood, Bolton-le-Moors, Lanes. : —

Walter Harry Sykes, Esq., Lt-Col. late R.E., b. 1848;

tn. 1880, Cecilia Louisa Jane, d. of Col. William Henry

Charles Wellesley ; and has issue — (1) Claud Walter

Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1833; (2) Philip Hector Sykes,

Esq., Capt. late Royal Tank Corps, b. 1894; (3) Edmund

Arthur Sykes, Gentleman, late Lieut. R. Welch Fusiliers

(twin with Philip), b. 1894 ; Esme Cecilia Jane [tn. 1915,

Capt. F. Pardoe] ; and Doreen Evelyn Wellesley [tn. 1922,

Capt. F. E. Beavis]. Seat — Firfield, Merrow, Guildford.

Clubs — Junior United Service, Surrey County (Guildford).

SYKES of Sledmere (H. Coll.). Argent, a chevron sable •
between three sykes or fountains proper. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest (1723) — On a wreath of the colours, a
demi-triton issuant from flags, blowing a shell, and wreathed
about the temples with like flags or reeds all proper.

Sons of Sir Mark Sykes, 6th Bart., J. P. and C.C. East

Riding, Capt. 3rd. Batt. Yorks. Regt. , b. 1879 ;

d. 1919 ; tn. 1903, Edith Violet, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir John

Gorst, P.C. :—

Sir Mark Tatton Richard Sykes, 7th Bart. (28 March

1783), late Lieut. The Green Howards, b. 1905. Seat —

Sledmere, Malton, Yorks.

Christopher Hugh Sykes, Esq., b. 1907.
Daniel Henry George Sykes, Esq. , b. 1916.

Sons of Cam Sykes, Esq., late Major 48th Foot, J. P.
Dorset, b. 1827; d. 1910 ; tn. 1858, Emily (d. 1902), d.
of Henry Sykes Thornton : —
Henry Joseph Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1861. Res. — Grey-
stoke, Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth.

Ernest Ruthven Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1867. Res. — Lewell,
Dorchester, Dorset.

Son of Henry Reginald Sykes, Gentleman, Lieut. 1st
West India Regt., b. 1833; d. 1865; tn. 1857, Emma
Jane, d. of Henry Van Straubenzee of Spennithorne,
Yorks. : —
Henry Richard Frederick Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1858.

Son of Nicholas Richard Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1838 ;
tn. i860, Catherine Elizabeth, d. of Richard Words-
worth Cooper of Dumboden, co. Westmeath : —
Otway Richard Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1864. Res. —

SYKES of Basildon, Berks. (H. Coll. 1 March 1763).
Argent, an eagle rising between three sykes or fountains
proper, on a canton gules, a caduceus or, wings of the first.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a demi-lady of Bengal in the complete dress of
that country, holding in her dexter hand a rose gules.
Motto — " Sapiens qui assiduus."

Sons of Rev. Edward John Sykes, M.A. , Vicar of

Basildon, Berks., b. 1827; d. 1891 ; tn. 1866, Constance

Mary, d. of Edward Brown : —
Sir Arthur Sykes, 7th Bart. (8 June 1781), s. his cousin
1916, b. 1871. Res. — 2 Greenhill Terrace, Weymouth.

Rev. Frederick John Sykes, b. 1878. Res. — Butterleigh
Rectory, Cullompton, Devon.

Sons of Rev. John Heath Sykes, B.A. (Oxon.), Rector

of Bellesleyand V. of Haselor, b. 1834; d. 1912; m.

1862, Frances Amelia, d. of Rev. Philip Henry Nind,

Francis William Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1864; tn. 1905,
Beatrice Agnes, d. of Edward Webb; and has issue —
(1) Francis Godfrey Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1907; (2) John
Patrick Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1909 ; (3) Edward Heath
Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1912; (4) Paul Lionel Sykes, Gen-
tleman, b. 1915; Beatrice Honora; May Agatha ; and Janet
Edith. Res. —

William Sykes, Esq., Lt.-Col. late 3rd Dragoon Gds.,
b. 1867 ; nt. 1896, Elinor Mary, d. of Capt. Henry Naylor ;
and has issue — (1) John Henry Sykes, Esq., Capt. K.E.O.
Cav. , Ind. Army, late 3rd Dragoon Gds., b. 1896 [tn. 1919,
Leila Flowerdew, d. of D. S. Macphee, of Glasgow ; and
has issue — William Alan Flowerdew Sykes, Gentleman, b.
1924 ; and Margery Hope] ; (2) Hugh William Sykes, Gen-
tleman, b. 1901 ; (3) Paul Carton Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1903 ;
(4) Richard Alexander Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1912; and
Alice Margery. Res. — Hazeldene, Emley Castle, Pershore,

Frederick Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1868.

Alfred Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1872 ; tn. 1902, Scenie Mar-
guerite Genille ; and has issue — Maccedesse Frances
Doyley ; and Scenie Gwendoline Doyley. Res. — 228, nth
Avenue East, Vancouver, B.C.

Edward Ernest Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1876 ; tn. 1910,
Rosalind, d. of Comm. Clements, R.N., and widow of R.
Fitzstubbs ; and has issue — Clement Edward Heath Sykes,
Gentleman, b. 1911 ; and Dorothy Heath. Res. — 218,
13th Street West, North Vancouver, B.C.

Charles Henry Sykes, Esq., D.S.O. , Capt. late 6th Batt.
R. Fus. , b. 1877.

SYKES (H. Coll., 30 April 1869). Ermine, two chev-
ronels gules, between in chief two fountains proper, and in
base a horse's head erased sable. Mantling gules and

argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a horse's head
erased sable, charged with a fountain and holding in the
mouth a branch of oak slipped and fructed proper.
Motto — " Par sit fortuna labori."

Sons of James Sykes of The Cedars, Enfield, b.
1838; d. 1923; tn. 1862, Elizabeth Neville, d. of
Robert Neville Upton of North Elmham, Norfolk :—

Edmund George Sykes, Gentleman, Solicitor, b. 1866.
Res. — The Cedars, Enfield.

Reginald James Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1868 ; tn. 1899,
Amy, d. of Charles Robinson Timperley, and has issue —
Reginald Charles Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1903 ; Richard
Lawrence Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1907 ; Anthony Edmund
Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1912. Res. — Highfield, Watford,
Herts. Clubs — Constitutional, R.A.C., Aldwych.

Henry Dugdale Sykes, Gentleman, LL.B. (Lond.)
b. 1873 ; tn. 1909, Beatrice, d. of Francis George Johns,
and has issue — (1) Robert Henry Dugdale Sykes, Gentle-




man, b. 1910; (2) Martin Colin Dugdale Sykes, Gen-
tleman, b. 1919; (3) Christopher James Dugdale Sykes,
Gentleman, b. 1924 ; and Elizabeth Beatrice* Dugdale.
R es _ — Claysmore Cottage, Enfield, Middlesex.

Richard Bertram Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1875. Res.—
Hartley, N. Rhodesia.

Sons of Adam Sykes, of Wadbury, near Frome,
b. 1845; d. 1907; m. 1890, Frances Mary, d.
of :—

Arthur Clifton Sykes, Esq., D.S.O., O.B.E., F.R.G.S.,
A.M.I.E.E., Major Roy. Signals, served Great War (desp.
5 times, D.S.O., O.B.E.), b. 1891 ; m. 1919, Lorna
Evelyn, d. of Ernest Stanier, of Elmhurst, Isleworth,
and has issue — Richard Adam Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1920 ;
William Anthony Sykes, Gentleman, b. 1923. Seat—
Wadbury, nr. Frome, Somerset. Res. — Gotham House,
Camberley, Surrey. Clubs — Army and Navy ; Hurling-

Francis Adam Sykes, Esq., Capt. late 4th Hussars, has
Croix de Guerre, b. . Res. — 258 Sheen Lane, East

Sheen, S.W.14

SYKES(H. Coll., 28Feb. 1895). Argent, three chevronels
sable between two fountains in chief proper and a bugle-
horn stringed in base of the second. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-man
in profile, holding in the dexter hand a fountain and resting

SYKES of Kingsknowes (H. Coll., 27 Mar. 1918).
Per chevron gules and sable, in chief two sykes (fountains)
proper, and in base a fleece or. Mantling gules and or.
Crest — On a wreath or and gules, a cubit arm habited
in a khaki sleeve and holding in the hand a teazel
slipped and leaved proper. Motto — " Esto fidelis."

Son of Benjamin Sykes, of Kirkburton, b. 1830 ;

d. 1902; m. 1852, Rachel (d. 1903), d. of George

Carter, of Kirkbuton : —
Sir Charles Sykes, 1st Bart., K.B.E. (Civ. 19 18), J. P.
Huddersfield. b. 1867 ; m. 1892, Mary, d. of Benjamin
Newsome, of Huddersfield; and has issue — (1) Benjamin
Hugh Sykes, Esq., 6. 1893; (2) Stanley Edgar Sykes,
Esq., Capt. W.R. Yorks. Regt., b. 1895 [m. 1921, Florence
Anaise, d. of Francois Le Gallais (Res. — Catherine Road,
Surbiton)] ; (3) Charles Newsome Sykes Esq., b. 1899 ;
Mary Margaret [m. 1920, Capt. Guy Clifford, W. R.Yorks.
Regt. {Res. — Westwood, Galashiels)]. Seat — Kings-
knowes, Galashiels, N.B. Clubs— R.A.C., National

The Late JAMES NIELD SYKES, of Field House,
Lindley, Huddersfield, Esquire, J. P. for the West Riding of
the County of York and the Borough of Huddersfield.
Born 1825, being the sixth son of John Sykes of Lindley,
Huddersfield, by his wife Charlotte, daughter of John
Bray. Armorial bearings — Argent, three chevronels
sable between two fountains in chiet proper, and a bugle-
horn stringed in base of the second, for distinction, in

the sinister hand on a whelk-shell sable. Motto — " Hodie

non eras." Livery — Blue and silver.

Only son of Frederick William Sykes, Esq., of Green
Lea, Lindley, Huddersfield, J. P. W.R. Yorks. and for
the Borough of Huddersfield, b. 1858 ; d. 1923 ; m. 1880,
Catherine, daughter of John Whitley, J. P., of West
House, Halifax, Yorks. : —
Stanley William Sykes, Esq., O.B.E., M.C., M.A.

Cantab., Capt. Gen. List Res. of Officers, Barrister-at-Law

Inner Temple, b. 1884. Postal addresses — Balls Grove,

Grantchester, Cambridge; 76 St. George's Road, S.W.i ;

4 New Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C2, Clubs — Arthur's,

Pratt's, United University.

the honour point a fleur-de-lis azure. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest— Upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-
man in profile proper charged on the breast with a fleur-de-lis
azure, holding in the dexter hand a fountain, and resting
the sinister hand on a whelk-shell sable. Livery — Green
coat, scarlet waistcoat, silver buttons, drab overcoat, green
collar. Married, April 29, 1852, Ann Fox, daughter of
John Fox of Daisy Lea, Lindley, Huddersfield ; and died
1903, leaving Issue — Sarah Ann [married William Alfred
Whitehead, Baildon, Shipley] ; Lucy Jane ; and Mary Alice




SYMINGTON of Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A. (L.O.,
7 Nov. 1907). Argent, on a bend gules, a sword proper!
hiked and pommelled or, between two mullets, one in
chief and one in base of the second. Mantling: gules,

doubled argent. CreBt— On a wreath of his liveries, a

cross moline gules, charged with a lozenge argent. Motto

— " Progrediendo et alta petendo."

Only son of Robert Brown Symington, Gentleman, of
Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., b. 1852; d, 1918 ; m.
1878, Jeanie, d. of William Abercrombie (of the family
of Abbots Thrush and Abbots Kersie), Banker,
Paisley : —
William Clark Symington, Gentleman, Ph.B. (Yale),

served Great War 1917-18, with American Field Artillery,

b. 1879. Res.— 2 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A. ;

The Pines, Plymouth, Mass. Clubs— Union, Merchants',

Yale (New York), etc.

SYMON of Adelaide (H. Coll.). Per fesse sable and
argent, in chief a pale erminois, between two roses of the
second, barbed and seeded proper, in base a thistle also
proper. Mantling sable and argent. Crest— On a wreath
of the colours, on a scroll of paper fessewise argent, a grey-
hound's head erased or. Motto — " Dum spiro spero."
Son of the late James Symon, Stirling, N.B. : —

Hon. Sir Josiah Henry Symon, K.C.M.G., K.C., Attor-
ney-Gen. Australian Commonwealth 1904-5, Senator
1901-13, b. 1846; m. 1 881, Mary Eleanor, d. of Charles
Tobin Cowle, of Adelaide, and has issue— (1) Charles James
Ballarat Symon, Esq., M.C., Barrister -at- Law, Inner
Temple, b. 1886 ; (2) Romilly Josiah Edward Symon, Esq.,
£.1889; (3) Oscar Sturt Symon, Esq., b. 1891 ; (4) Carril
Hector Nicholson Symon, Esq., b. 1893; (5) Oliver Jose
Levers Symon, Esq., Lieut.-Comdr. (ret.) R.N., b. 1895;
and 5 daus. Res.— Manoah, Upper Sturt, Adelaide, S.
Australia ; Selma, Fitzroy, Adelaide. Club— Adelaide.

TAYLER, Esquire, J. P. co. Hereford, late Major 4th Batt.
(The King's) Shropshire Light Infantry (Herefordshire
Militia), B.A. of the University of Cambridge, served Great
War as Lt.-Col. 1st (Res.) Hereford Regt. 1915-18. Born
July 27, 1867, sixth son of the late J. F. Symonds, Esquire,
of Okeleigh, in the county of Hereford, Justice of the
Peace ; and assumed the additional surname of Tayler and

SYMNS (H. Coll.). Or, a lion rampant between two
pallets and as many cross crosslets in fesse azure.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wceath of the
colours, issuant out of a mount vert, a demi-lion rampant
azure, holding in the paws a battleaxe erect between two
olive-branches all proper. Motto — " Ferio tego."

Sons of Rev. J. E. Symns, M.A. (Cantab.), of Wood-
ford Wells, Essex, b. 1837 ; d. 1906 ; m. 1867, Mary,
d. of Robert Corser, of Redhill, Surrey : —
Robert Corser Montfort Symns, Esq., late I.C.S., late
Major Moulmein Vol. Rifles, has Frontier Medal, Sima
Clasp (1893), Delhi Medal (1912), b. 1867; m. 1894,
Mary Pauline, d. of the late William Jones, of Hove.
Res.— 53 HollandPark, W.i 1. Club— E.I. United Service .
John Montfort Symns, Gentleman, Indian Educational
Service, b. ; m. and has issue — John Anthony

Symns, Gentleman, b. 1909. Res. —
Club — Authors'.

Son of Symns, b.

d. of : —

John Llewellyn Montfort Symns,
(Cantab.), D.M.O. Scottish Board of
b. . Res. — Glasgow.


Gentleman, M.D.
Health, Glasgow,

the arms of that family quarterly with his own, by Royal
Licence, in the year 1886. Armorial bearings— He bears
for Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, on a chevron between two
lions passant in chief and a lion rampant in base sable, a
lozenge between two annulets of the field (for Tayler) ; 2 and
3, sable, a dolphin naiantembowed, devouring a fish, in chief
three trefoils all argent (for Symonds) ; and for his CreBte,
1. upon a wreath of the colours, the battlements of a tower,
and issuant therefrom a demi-lion rampant sable, collared
and charged upon the shoulder with a lozenge within an
annulet all argent, and holding in his dexter paw an
arrow point downwards proper (for Tayler) ; 2. upon
a wreath of the colours, in front of a well sable, a dolphin
as in the arms (for Symonds); with the Motto, " Miseris
succurrere disco." Married, January 17, 1894, Edith Sarah,
fifth daughter of the late Henry Kingsley, M.D. , of Strat-
ford-on-Avon ; and has had Issue — (1) Frederick Kingsley
Symonds-Tayler, Esq., Capt. K.S.L.I., b. 1894 ; killed in
action 1917 ; (2) Richard Victor Symonds-Tayler, Esq.,
D.S.C., Lieut.-Comdr. R.N., b. 1897 [m. 1925, Letitia
Mary, d. of the late Ernest J. Gunner, of Camberley] ; and
Mary Edith Joy [m. 1926, Lieut.-Comdr. J. T. Borrett,
O.B.E., R.N.]. Residence — Copelands, Holmer, Hereford.

1894 &ym


dau. and heiress of the late Thomas P. Symonds, Esq., of
Pengethly, J. P. and D.L. for the co. of Hereford
(High Sheriff 1874), by his wife Anna, third dau. of
the Rev. Peter Cotes, Rector of Litchfield, in the co. of
Southampton. Armorial bearings are, upon a lozenge :
Sable, a dolphin naiant embowed vorant, a fish in chief,
three trefoils slipped all argent. Estate and postal address
— Pengethly, near Ross. Postal address — 34 Windmill
Road, Headington, Oxford.


Bertram Hanmer Bunbury Symons-Jeune, Esq. , late
Capt. R.A.S.C., b. 1883; m. 1907, Violet Maud, younger
d. of John William Rhodes, Esq., D.L., of Hemerton,
Bucks. ; and has issue — Marie Violet Pamela. Seat —
Runnymede House, Old Windsor.

SYMPSON (Ped. H. Coll.). Or, a lion rampant sable,
guttee-d'or, between two peacocks' heads erased in chief
proper, and a serpent nowed in base vert. Mantling sable
and or. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a lion rampant
or, guttee-de-poix, holding between the paws a maunch

SYMONDS of Okeleigh, Hereford (H. Coll., 1881).
Sable, a dolphin naiant embowed and vorant a fish proper,
in chief three trefoils argent. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, in front of a well, a
dolphin, as in the arms. Motto — " Miseris succurrere
disco." Livery — Black, with white facings.

Eld. son of James Frederick Symonds, Esq., J. P., of
Okeleigh, co. Hereford, b. 1820; d. 1911 ; m. 1845,
Mary Elizabeth, d of John Cleave, Clerk of the Peace,
Hereford : — ■
The late Frederick Cleave Loder-Symonds, Esq. (g.v.).
Sons of William Powell Symonds, Gentleman, I.C.S.,
b. 1856 ; d. 1915; m. 1897, Grace Isabel, d. of Hon.
T. B. Kirkham :—
William Powell Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1899. Res. —
Edward Oke Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1902.
Arthur Thomas Reginald Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1905.
Sons of George Henry Hamilton Symonds, Gentleman,
M.D. , b. i860; d. 1928 ; m. .1904, Katherine Anne, d.
of Rev. J. E. Grasett :—
Oswald Grasett Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1907. Res. —
Rowland Charles Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1909.
Frederick Philip Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1912.
Yngr. sons of James Frederick Symonds and Mary
Elizabeth (see above) : —
Noel Parry Symonds, Gentleman, M.A. (Camb.), b. 1863 ;
m. 1906, Mabel Alloway, d. of Rev. Henry Askwith ; and
has issue — (1) Reginald Askwith Symonds, Gentleman, b.
1906 ; (2) Ronald Henry Humphrys Symonds, Gentleman,
b. 1909 ; (3) Frederick Michael Symonds, Gentleman, b.
191 1 ; (4) Robert Vincent Symonds, Gentleman, b. 1915.
Res. — 48 De Parys Avenue, Bedford.

Richard Herbert Tayler Symonds-Tayler, Esq. (g.v.).


SYMONS (H. Coll.). Party per fesse azure and erminois,
a pale counterchanged, and three trefoils slipped two and
one, all within a bordure also counterchanged. Crest —
Upon a wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, an ermine
per pale ermine and erminois, in the mouth a trefoil slipped
proper. Motto — "Nil admirari." Livery — White coat,
brass buttons, green plush breeches, white stockings, green
and yellow waistcoat.

Only son of Thomas Raymond Symons, Esq., of The

MyndePark, J.P., D.L. , Lieut. N. Somerset Yeomanry,

and Capt. 48th Company Imperial Yeomanry, b. 1866 ;

d. 1922 ; m. 1888, Margaret Ethel, dau. of the late Sir

James Rankin, Baronet, of Bryngvvyn, Hereford : —

Thomas Edward Raymond Symons, Esq., Major (ret.)

Grenadier Guards, b. April 23, 1889. Estate and postal

address— The Mynde Park, Wormelow, co. Hereford. Clubs

— White's, Guards'.

SYMONS-JEUNE (R.L., 28 Oct. 1878, H. Coll.).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, sable, a stag trippant between four
estoiles all argent (Jeune) ; 2 and 3, per fesse dancett^e
argent and sable, a pale and three trefoils counterchanged
(Symons). Mantling sable and argent. Crests — 1. on a
wreath of the colours, between the attires of a stag, affixed
to the scalp an estoile all argent (Jeune) ; 2. on a mural
crown, three arrows sable, feathered argent, tied in the
middle with a ribbon azure (Symons). Motto — " Faire sans

Only surv. son of John Frederick Symons-Jeune, Esq.,
of Runnymede House, Old Windsor, J. P., Barrister-at-
Law, Chief Committee Clerk in the House of Lords,
b. 1849 : d' I 925 ; in. 1873, Frances Susannah, dau. of
Capt. Richard Hanmer Bunbury, R.N. (and granddau.
of Gen. Sir Henry Edward Bunbury, 7th Baronet,

sable, and resting the dexter hind leg on a serpent nowed

vert. Motto — " Laetus sorte mea. " Livery — Dark green,

with silver buttons, dark green overcoat.

Only son of Lt.-Col. Edward Mansel Sympson, of
Doloraine Court, M.A., M.D. (Cantab.), F.S.A.,
b. i860; d. 1922; m. 1888, Florence Mabel, younger
dau. of Joseph Knight, Barrister-at-Law, F.S.A., of
27 Camden Square, N.W. : —
Thomas Mansel Sympson, Gentleman, b. 1889. Res. —

Deloraine Court, Lincoln.



SYNGE (H. Coll., Vn. Shropshire, 1623). Quarterly, 1
and 4, azure, three millstones proper (Synge, originally
Millington) ; 2 and 3, argent, an eagle displayed with two
heads sable, beaked and legged gules (Synge, originally
Millington). Mantling azure and argent. Crest — Out of
a ducal coronet an eagle's claw all proper. Motto —
" Ccelestia canimus. "

Sons of Sir Francis Robert Millington Synge, 6th Bart.,

of Lislee Court, co. Cork, Major late S. Lanes. Regt. ,

b. 1851 ; d. 1924 ; m. 1876, Frances Elizabeth (d. 1911),

d. of Robert Evans of Rock Ferry, co. Chester : —

Sir Robert Millington Synge, 7th Bart., of Lislee Court

(12 Aug. 1801), b. 1877. Seats — Syngefield, King's Co. ;

Lislee Court, co. Cork.

Neale Hutchinson Synge, Esq., b. 1880. Res. —
Edward Synge, Esq.,b. 1882. Res. —
Son of Major Robert Follett Synge, 1st West India
Regt., b. 1 821 ; d. i860; m. 1855, Catherine Waddell
Boyd, d. of David Miller, Barrister-at-Law : —
Lt.-Col. Robert Follett Muter Foster Millington Synge,
Reserve of Officers, late Highland Lt. Inf. , b. 1857 ; m.
1884, Charlotte Granville, d. of Maj.-Gen. William James




Stuart, R.E. ; and has issue — Alan Hamilton Stuart Synge,
Gentleman, b. 1886 [m. 1920, Alice May Bradley, of
Washington, U.S.A.]. Club — Naval and Military.

Sons of William Webb Follett Synge, Esq., Consul-

General in Cuba, b. 1826; d. 1891 ; m. 1853, Henrietta

Mary, d. of Col. Robert Dewar Wainwright, U.S.

Marine Corps : — -

Francis Julian Synge, Esq., Registrar in Chancery Div.

of Supreme Court, b. 1856 ; m. 1890, Mary Auchmuty

(d. 1920), d. of the late R. Sands Tucker of New York and

Lenox, U.S.A. ; and has had issue — (1) Robert Millington

Synge, Esq., Capt. late Coldstream Guards, served Great

War from 1914, b. 1894 [m. 1922, Christabel Etrenne, d. of

the late Charles Lyon Liddell ; and has issue — Pamela

Mary {Res. — Dapplemere, Chorley Wood, Herts.)]; (2)

Allen Francis Synge, Gentleman, Lieut. Irish Gds., b. 1898 ;

killed in action 1917 ; and Violet Montresor. Res. —

3 Wellington Square, S.W.3. Club — Travellers'.

Capt. William Makepeace Thackeray Synge, late R.A. ,
Gov. of Walton Prison, Liverpool (ret. 1907), b. i860 ; m. 1st,
1892, Ethel Elais {d. 1895), d. of Alfred Wilkinson of Harrow;
2nd, 1898, Ethel Rose, d. of H. Bramwell of Crown East
Court, Worcs. ; and has surv. issue (by 1st marriage)

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