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couped at the shoulders proper, crined or, and entwined
round the neck with a snake vert. Mottoes — " Duw a
digon"; " Simplices sicut pueri sagaces sicut serpentes."
Sons of Francis Baynham Vaughan, Esq., D.L. , J. P.,
of Courtfield, Ross, late Col. Com. Royal Monmouth-
shire Engineers (Militia), Lord of the Manors of Ruar-
dean and Welsh Bicknor, Private Chamberlain to
H.H. Pope Leo XIII. and H.H. Pope Pius X., b.
1843; d. 1919; m. 1871, Caroline, d. of C. A. Pope of
St. Louis, U.S.A.:—
Charles Jerome Vaughan, Esq. , O.B.E., J.P. cos. Mon-
mouth and Hereford, Major Royal Monmouthshire En-
gineers, late Lieut. 7th Dragoon Gds. , Private Chamberlain
to H.H. Popes Pius X., Benedict XV., and Pius XL, Lord
of the Manors of Welsh Bicknor and Ruardean, b. 1873;
m. 1908, Florence Christine, yst. d. of Sir Cecil Edmund
Lister- Kaye, Bart. , and has issue — Joseph Herbert Vaughan,
Gentleman, b. 1910. Seat — Courtfield, Ross, Hereford.
Town res. — 3 Buckingham Gate, S.W. 1. Clubs — Cavalry,
Boodle's, M.C.C. , etc.

Very Rev. Herbert Joseph Vaughan, D.D., b. 1874.

Rt. Rev. Francis John Vaughan, Bishop of Menevia, b.
1877. Res. — Pro-Cathedral, Wrexham.

Castle, Builth, in the county of Brecon. Born August
6, 1852, being the son of the late Reverend Thomas
Thomas, Rector of Disserth, in the county of Radnor, by
his wife Ann Eliza, daughter of the late Hugh Vaughan of
Llwynmadoe, in the county of Radnor (and sister of James
Vaughan, Esquire, of The Castle, Builth, sometime High
Sheriff for the county of Brecon, and formerly a Surgeon-
Major, Honourable East India Company'sService); assumed
by Royal Licence the name and arms of Vaughan in lieu of
Thomas, July 18, 1885, in compliance with a clause in the
will of his uncle, James Vaughan, Esquire, who died De-
cember 17, 1884. Armorial bearings— He bears for Arms


Gules, a garb or, on a chief argent, three boars' heads
couped of the first, a bordure invected gobony of the second
and azure. Upon the escutcheon is placed a helmet be-
fitting his degree, with a Mantling gules and or ; and for
his Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, on a garb lying
fessewise or, a lion rampant regardant argent, holding in
the dexter paw two ears of wheat of the first. Motto—
" Bydd. Gyriawn. ac. nac. ofna." Married, August 12,
1885, Eva, daughter of the late Henry Campbell, Esquire,
of Dunoon, in the county of Argyll; and has had Issue
—Elizabeth Angela : Violet, d. March 17, 1889 ; and
Hilda Campbell. Seat— The Castle. Builth, in the co.
of Brecon.

JAMES VAUGHAN, Esquire, J.P. co. Radnor. JB.A.
(Cantab.). Born 1871, being the son of the late Hugh
Vaughan of Llansaintfraed by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of
the late Rev. Hugh Vaughan. Clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar
of Llansaintfraed. Armorial bearings— Gules, a garb or,
on a chief argent, three boars' heads couped of the first, all
within a bordure invected and gobony of the second and
azure. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, upon a garb fessewise or, a lion rampant re-
gardant argent, holding in the dexter forepaw three ears
of wheat stalked and leaved also or. Motto — " Bydd
gyfiawn ac nac ofna." Seat — Llansaintfraed House, near

LLOYD- VAUGHAN, Esquire, J.P. and D.L. (High Sheriff
1874). Born April 28, 1844, being the only son of the late
Samuel Dawson Hutchinson of Mount Heaton, who assumed




the surname of Lloyd-Vaughan, by his wife Mary Vaughan-
Lloyd, only child of the late John Lloyd, by his wife Martha,
dau. of William Peisley Vaughan. Armorial bearings-
Quarterly of nine, 1. quarterly, i., sable, a chevron between
three boys' heads couped at the shoulders argent, crined or,
round the neck of each a snake entwined proper (for
Vaughan) ; ii. , paly of eight argent and gules, a border or,
pellettee (for Lloyd of Gloster) ; iii., ermine, a lion rampant
azure, ducally crowned argent (for Medhop) ; iiii. , quarterly,
gules and azure, crusily fitchee or, a lion rampant argent
(for Hutchinson) ; 2. quarterly, gules and azure, crusily
fitchee or, a lion rampant argent (for Hutchinson) ; 3. paly
of eight argent and gules (for Lloyd of Bodidris) ; 4. gules,
a lion rampant argent (for Grono ap Ievan) ; 5. per bend
sinister ermine and ermines, a lion rampant or (for Trevor) ;
6. ermine, a lion rampant azure, ducally crowned argent
(for Medhop) ; 7. vert, a saltire or, an annulet of the last for
difference (for Le Hunte) ; 8. sable, a chevron argent, be-
tween three boys' heads couped at the shoulders, round the
neck of each a snake entwined all proper (for Vaughan) ;
9. gules, a lion rampant or, ducally crowned of the last, in
the dexter chief point a cross crosslet argent. Mantling
sable and argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, a
boy's head couped at the shoulders, crined or, round the
neck a snake entwined proper (for Vaughan); 2. on a
wreath of the colours, a lion rampant argent, holding in the
dexter fore-paw a snake proper (for Lloyd of Gloster) ; 3. on
a ducal coronet or, a cockatrice, wings addorsed proper.
Motto — "Innocentia infantis, sapientia serpentis." Mar-
ried, August 5, 1869, Elizabeth Henrietta, dau. of William
Henry Darby of Leap Castle, King's Co. , and Died Dec. 23,
1923. Residence — Golden Grove, Roscrea, King's Co.

VAUGHAN -LEE. Quarterly, 1st grand quarter
quarterly, i. and iiii. (for Lee), per fesse azure and gules
•on a fesse erminois between two bars gemel argent

three leopards' faces sable ; ii. and iii. (for Vaughan), sable,
a chevron or between three boys' heads affrontee, couped at
the shoulders, around the neck of each a snake entwined
proper, a chief argent, thereon three bugle-horns stringed
sable ; 2nd grand quarter, as 1st quarter of 1st grand quarter ;
3rd grand quarter (for Hanning), ermine, on a chief en-
grailed per pale gules and vert, three stags' heads caboshed
or ; 4th grand quarter, quarterly, i. and iiii. (for Vaughan),
sable, a chevron or between three boys' heads affronted
couped at the shoulders, around the neck of each a snake
entwined proper, a chief argent, thereon three bugle-horns
stringed sable ; ii. and iii. (for Edwards), quarterly, 1 and
4, azure ; 2. argent, a stag couchant holding in the mouth
an oak-branch proper ; 3. gules, three chevronels of the
second, over all, on a bend cottised or, three martlets also

gules. Mantling azure and or. Crests — 1. on a mount
vert, a leopard passant proper supporting wiih the dexter
fore-paw a shield azure, charged with two bars gemel, as in
the arms (for Lee) ; 2. in front of a boy's head affrontee,
around his neck a snake entwined proper, a bugle-horn
sable (for Vaughan). Motto — " Fortiter sed suaviter."
Sons of Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee, Esq., J. P.,
D.L., M. P. of Dillington, Reola, and Lanelay, b. 1836;
d. 1882 ; m. 1861, Clare Elizabeth (d. 191 1), eld. d. of
George Moore, of Appleby Hall, co. Leicester : —
Arthur Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee, Esq., M.V.O.,
Col. (ret.) R. Horse Gds., J. P., D.L. and (1919) High
Sheriff, co. Somerset, b. 1862 ; m. 19 15, Ursula, d. of the
late H. L. U. Pickering of West Chiltington, Pulborough,
and has issue — Mary Elizabeth ; and Susan. Seat — Dilling-
ton Park, Ilminster, Somerset. Clubs — Arthur's, Turf.

J&hn Edwards Vaughan, Esq., adopted the name of
Vaughan only in lieu of Vaughan-Lee; J. P., D.L. Gla-
morgan, J. P. Brecon, Lt.-Col. late R. Scots Fus., b. 1863 ;
m. 1888, Alice, d. of the late Major Waller Ashe, Dragoon
Gds., and has issue— 1 son ; 2 daus. Res. — Reola, Vale of
Neath, co. Glamorgan ; Cliff Cottage, Flushing, Cornwall.
Clubs — Orleans, Naval and Military, R.Y.S.

Son of Adm.Sir Charles Lionel Vaughan-Lee, K.B.E.,
C.B., b. 1867; d. 1928; m. 1895, Rose Cecilia, d. of
L. Llewellyn of Nethway House, S. Devon : —
Charles Guy Vaughan-Lee, Esq., b. 1913. Res.— Guillard's
Oak, Midhurst, Sussex.

VAUGHAN-MORGAN (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and

4, grand quarters, i. and iiii., or, five lozenges conjoined in
fesse gules, between three lymphads sails furled sable,
colours flying of the second (Morgan) ; ii. and iii., sable, on
a chevron or, between three boys' heads couped at the
shoulders proper, crined or, enwrapped about the neck
with a snake as many spear-heads embrued proper
(Vaughan) ; 2 and 3, grand quarters, argent, five estoiles
three and two within a bordure engrailed sable (Pascoe),
and on an escutcheon of pretence the arms of Collett,
namely : Sable, on a chevron couped ermines, fimbriated
argent, between three hinds trippant of the third, an annulet
or. Crests — 1. on a wreath argent and sable, a cock
gules, resting the dextei claw on a bundle of twigs banded
proper (Morgan) ; 2. en a wreath of the colours, in front of
a boy's head as in the arms two spears saltirewise proper
(Vaughan). Motto — " Undeb." Badge— A lozenge gules
charged with a fleece or.

Second son of Edward Vaughan Morgan, Gentleman,

b. 1838; d. 1922; m. 1870, Emmie, d. of John Irving

Pascoe, of Surbiton : —

Sir Kenyon Pascoe Vaughan-Morgan, Knt. Bach.,

O.B.E., Lt.-Col. late R.A.S.C, D.L. co. of London, M.P.

Fulham since 1922, b. 1873 ; m. 1897, Muriel, d. of John

Collett, and has issue— (1) Guy Collett Vaughan-Morgan,

Esq., b. 1898 [m. 1923, Catherine, d. of Albert Mi-hael

Joshua, and has issue — 1 dau. (Res. — 47 Draycott Place,

5. W. Clubs — Bath, Guards')] ; (2) John Kenyon Vaughan-
Morgan, Esq., b. 1905 (Club — Bachelors'); and Phyllis.
Res. — Sarisberie, West Clandon, Surrey ; 1 Hans Place,
S.W.I. Clubs — Carlton, Travellers', Orleans.

VAUGHAN-PRYSE-RICE of LIwyn-y-Brain (Royal
Licence, 10 Dec. 1887, H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, per
pale or and argent, a chevron sable, guttee-d'eau and
cottised engrailed also sable, between three ravens of the
last (Rice); 2 and 3, or, a lion rampant regardant sable
(Pryse). Mantling sable and or. Crests — 1. on a wreath
of the colours, upon a mount vert a lion rampant sable,
charged on the neck with three guttees-d'or within a bar
gemelle or, holding in the dexter paw a bar shot also sable
(Rice) ; 2. on a wreath of the colours, a lion as in the
arms, holding between the paws a fleur-de-lys or (Pryce).
MottoeB — 1. "Cadarn-yw-fy-fydd-y-portha-duw-y-gigfrafn'
("Great is my faith that God will keep the ravens"); 2.
" Nee aspera terrent."

Son of John Pugh Vaughan-Pryse-Rice, Esq., D.L., of

Bwlch Bychan, co. Carmarthen, b. 1818; d. 1903; m.

1853, Decima Dorothea (d. 1893), d. of Major Walter

Rice of Llwyn-y-Brain : —
John Carbery Pugh Vaughan-Pryse-Rice, Esq., J. P. and
D.L. cos. Cardigan and (High Sheriff 1891) Carmarthen,
Mayor of Llandovery 1905-12, re-elected 1913, b. 1859 ; m.
1887, Margaret Ker, D.B.E., yst. d. of Capt. James Stewart,
D.L., of Altyro-din, co. Cardigan; and has had issue —
George Carbery Vaughan-Pryse-Rice, Gentleman, b. 1904;
Margaret Dorothea Segrave [m. 1918, Brig.-Gen. Lewis




Pugh Evans, V.C., C.M.G., D.S.O.] ; Car-iie Evelyn Nest
{d. 1 921) ; and Faith Viola Alison. Seat -Llwyn-y-Brain,
Llandovery, co. Carmarthen. Club — Wellington.

».. VAUGHTON of Birmingham (H. Coll., 1908, Ped. regd.
from 1557). Per chevron sable and or, in chief two bezants
and in base a stag's head caboshed of the first. Mantling
sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an eagle

sable, charged with three billets or and holding in his dexter
claw an oak-branch proper. Motto — " Mens me regit."
Sons of Thomas Vaughton, b. 1830 ; d. 1903 ; m. 1856,
Rosina Julia, d. of Daniel Gilbert : —

Oliver Howard Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1861 ; m. 1893,
Lizzie, d. of George Reeve-Smith, and has issue — Howard
George Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1898 ; and 5 daus.
Res. — Oxford Road, Moseley, Birmingham.

Ernest Edward Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1862 ; m. 1899,
Julia Matthews, and has issue — 9 sons and 5 daus. Res. —
Arthog, Wales.

Philip Henry Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1866; m. 1904,
Florence Susannah, d. of James Johnson, of Birmingham,
and has issue — Philip Edgar Vaughton, Gentleman, b.
1905; and 1 dau. Res. — Handsworth Wood, Birmingham.

Sidney Herbert Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1869; m. 1893,
Mary Ann, d. of James Johnson, of Birmingham, and has
issue — 7 sons and 3 daus. Res. — Stechford, Birmingham.

Arthur Rowland Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1871 ; m.
1899, Louisa Lock, d. of James Johnson, of Birmingham,
and has issue: — Douglas Arthur Vaughton, Gentleman, b.
1906; Gordon Rowland Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1912 ;
and Kathleen Louise. Res. — Cam Brea, Lichfield Road,
Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. Club — Midland Conserva-
tive (Birmingham).

Walter Septimus Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1873 ; m.
1898, Eva, d. of Charles Hare, of Birmingham, and has
issue— 2 sons and 1 dau. Res. — Handsworth, Birmingham ;
Barmouth, Wales.

Frederick William Vaughton, Gentleman, b. 1876;
m. 191 1, Arabella Dyke, of Birmingham. Res. — Hall
Green, Birmingham.

VAUX (Vn. Yorks., 1584, Ped. reg. H. Coll.). Argent,
a bend chequy or and gules.

Only son of Rev. Bowyer Vaux, M.A., of Great

Yarmouth, b. 181 1 ; d. 1898 ; m. 1849, Jane, d. of

Harry Verelsl Worship : —

Rev. George Bowyer Vaux, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders,

b. 1850 ; m. 1st, 1884, Lucy Blanche (d. 1902), d. of

Frederick Merryweather Burton ; 2nd, 1904, Margaret

Helen, d. of Frank Barton Salmon, and has had issue —

(by 1st wife) (1) Frederick Bowyer Vaux, Gentleman,

b. 1885 ; d. 1927; (2) Francis George Vaux, Gentleman,

b. 1887 ; (3) Stephen Vaux, Gentleman, b. 1888 ; (4)
Reginald Worship Vaux, Gentleman, b. 1891 ; (5) Philip
Edward Vaux, Gentleman, b. 1895 ; (6) Harry Vaux,
Gentleman, b. 1902 ; and Mary Blanche Milnes [m. 1920,
Humphrey Kenrick Totton, R.N.] ; (by 2nd wife) (7)
Edward Hugh Vaux, Gentleman, b. 1907 ; (8) Anthony
John Bowyer Vaux, Gentleman, b. 1910 ; and Helen
Theophila.ij Res. — LowerHeyford Rectory, Banbury.Oxon.

VAVASOUR of Hazlewood (R.L., 27 Feb. 1826, H.
Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, a fesse dancettee sable and
(for distinction) in the dexter chief a cross crosslet fitchee
sable (Vavasour); 2 and 3, sable, a bend or, between six
fountains (Stourton). Mantling sable and or. Crests — 1.
on a wreath of the colours, a cock gules, combed and
wattled or, charged with a fountain (Vavasour) ; 2. on a
wreath of the colours, a demi-monk habited in russet proper,
girt or, holding in the dexter hand a scourge of five knotted
lashes gold (Stourton).

Sons of Sir William Edward Joseph Vavasour, 3rd Bart.,

J. P. for West Riding of co. Yorks. , late Major Yorkshire

Hussars, b. 1846; d. 1915; m. 1870, Mary Teresa (d.

1927), d. of Edward Weld of Lu! worth Castle, Dorset: —

Sir Leonard Pius Vavasour, 4th Bart. (14 Feb. 1828),

Capt. (ret.) R.N., b. 1881 ; m. 1913, Ellice Margaret, d. of

late Henry Ellis Hay Nelson, and has issue — Geoffrey

William Vavasour, Esq., b. 1914 ; Elizabeth Mary; and

Josephine May. Club— Jun. Naval and Military.

Bernard Joseph Vavasour, Esq., Lieut, late M.G.C. , b.
1886; m. 1925, Mildred Rowena, d. of Lt.-Col. Herbert
Hales, Governor of Durham Prison. Res. —

Sons of Oswald Hugh Stanislaus Vavasour, Esq., b.
1848; d. 1925; m. 1877, Sarah Anne, d. of James
Smith : —
Oswald Joseph Stanislaus Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1883 ;
m. 1915, Mary Dorothy, d. of Bernard Moore, of the
Grange, Draycott, Staffs., and has issue — Hugh Bernard
Moore Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Bede Joseph Stour
ton Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; and Dorothy Constance
Res. — Draycott, Bluffs, Austin, Manitoba.

Edward James Marmaduke Vavasour, Gentleman, b
1 886. Res.—

John Wilfrid Leonard Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1891

Hubert Phiiip Anthony Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1895

Joseph Edward Dunstan Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1902

Sons of Henry Dunstan Vavasour, Gentleman, of Blen
heim, N.Z. , b. 1850 ; d. 1927; m. 1887, Bertha Eleanor
Mary, d. of Thomas Peter Redwood of Burleigh
Blenheim, New Zealand: —
Edward Joseph Henry Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1898
m. 1927, Mary, d. of the late Duncan Leslie, of Perth, N.B.
Res. — Ugbrooke Station, Blenheim, New Zealand.

Rev. Francis Noel Vavasour, Priest in the Church of
Rome, b. 1900. Res. — Ugbrooke, Blenheim, New Zealand.
Harold Hugh Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1902.
Gerard Aloysius Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1904.
John Louis Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1905.
Henry Philip Bede Vavasour, Gentleman, b. 1907. Res.


VEALE of Passaford (H. Coll.). Argent, on a bend
between two escallops azure, as many calves passant or.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — Issuant from an
antique crown or, a battleaxe erect proper. Motto —
" Victima Deo."

Son of Henry Malet Veale, Esq., J. P., of Passaford,
b. 1831 ; d. 1905 ; m. 1854, Elizabeth (d. 1883), d.
of Aaron Saunders, of King's Lympton, Devon: —
Henry Malet Veale, Gentleman, b. 1856 ; m. 1885,
Amabel, d. of Rev. John Eedes, Rector of Simons-
town, S. Africa ; and has issue — (1) Henry Nevile Veale,
Gentleman, M.E., b. 1887 [m. 1908, Mabel Emily, d. of
Westcott Harris Veale ; and has issue — Westcott Nevile
Veale, Gentleman, b. 1908 ; Henry Vincent Veale, Gentle-
man, b. 191 1 ; Cholmondeley Arthur Veale, Gentleman, b.
1913 ; Nevile Veale, Gentleman, b. 1916; Trevor Veale,
Gentleman, b. 1922 ; Beulah Amabel ; and Amabel (Res.
— Landis, Sask., Canada) ; (2) Ralph de Stafford Veale,
Gentleman, b. 1890 [m. 1919. Eileen, d. of Capt. Byers,
Indian Army] ; (3) Cecil John Eedes Veale, Gentleman,
b. 1897 [m. 1919, Lucy Ella, d. of James Chambers] ;
Gladys Anne [m. 1909, Frederick George Brooks, Clerk





in High Court, Rhodesia ; and has issue] ; Violet Malet
[*». 191 3, Rev. Harry Williams ; and has issue] ; Coralie
Amabel [m. 1916, Victor Samuel Rowbotham, Mining
Engineer, Nyassaland; and has issue] ; Grace Elinor
[m. 1918, Hugh John Vaudrey, Sohcitor, Manchester;
and has issue] ; Enid Elizabeth [m. 1921, Dauncey Tongue,
Asst. Dist. Commissioner, Uganda] ; Decima Marjorie
Ellen. Res. —




VENABLES-VERNON (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4,
quarterly of four, viz. : i. and iiii., argent, a fret sable
(Vernon); ii. and iii., or, on a fesse azure, three garbs of
the field ; 2 and 3, azure, two bars argent (Venables).
Mantling sable and argent. Crests — 1. upon a wreath of
the colours, a boar's head erased sable, ducally gorged or ;
2. upon a wreath of the colours, a wyvern argent, standing
on a weir of the last, banded azure, pierced through the
body in fesse by an arrow and devouring a child proper.
Motto — " Ver non semper viret."

Only surv. son of Rt. Hon. George William Henry

Venables- Vernon, 7th Baron Vernon, b. 1854 ; d.

1898 ; m. 1885, Frances Margaret, d. of F. C. Law-

rance, of New York : —

Rt. Hon. Francis Lawrance William Venables- Vernon,

9th Baron Vernon (12 May 1762), Baron of Kinderton,

co. Chester [Supporters — On the dexter, a lion gules,

gorged with a collar and chain reflexed over the back or ;

on the sinister, a boar sable, gorged with ducal coronet

and chain reflexed over the back or], D.L. co. Derby,

Lieut.-Comdr. R.N. (ret.), b. 1889 ; s. his brother 1915 ;

m. 1915, Violet Miriam Nightingale, d. of Lieut.-Col.

Charles Herbert Clay ; and has issue — Hon. John

Lawrance Venables- Vernon, b. 1923; and Hon. Avice

Irene. Seat — Sudbury Hall, Derby.

Son of Lieut. Eduard Henry Venables-Vernon, R.N.,

(only son of Lt.-Col. the Hon. Henry Venables-Vernon,

Gren. Gds.), b. 1823; d. 1856; m. 185 1, Louisa Sophia

Charlotte [d. 1895), d. of Ven. J. G. de Joux, Archdeacon

of Mauritius: —

Sir William Henry Venables-Vernon, K.B.E. (1921)

Knt. Bach. (1903), Hon. LL.D. (Univ. of Caen 1923), Bailiff

of Jersey from 1899, Pres. of the Royal Court and of the

States of that island, formerly Solicitor-Gen. for Jersey 1880,

Attorney-Gen. for Jersey 1884, b. 1852; m. 1880, Julia

Matilda, d. of Philip Gosset of Bagot Manor, Jersey. Res.

— St. Peter's House, Jersey. Club — Travellers'.

VENN (H. Coll., 24 Feb. 18x4). Erminois, on a bend
gules, between six rleurs-de-lys azure, three escallops argent
Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
upon a mount vert, a lion passant ermine, the dexter paw
resting on an escutcheon azure, charged with a fleur-de-lys
or. Motto—" Fide et integritate."

Sons of Gerard Noel Venn, b. 1809 ; d. 1877 ; m.
1858, Emma, d. of George Mayhew : —
Henry Gambier Venn, Gentleman, b. 1861. Res. —
Gerard Noel Venn, Gentleman, b. 1871 ; m. 1892, Eva
Sarah, d. of Charles Cuthbert, and has surv. issue : — Gerard
Noel Venn, Gentleman, b. 1902 ; Harriette Cecilia ; Eva
Gerardine ; Justia Gambier ; and Mary Noel. Res. — 9
Tonnereau Road, Ipswich ; Lockwood House, 81 Mawson
Road, Cambridge.
John Dennis Venn, Gentleman, b. 1877. Res. —

Son of John Venn, Gentleman, Sc. D. , F.R.S. , F.S.A,
b. 1834 ; d. 1923 ; m. 1867, Susanna Carnegie, d. of the
Rev. Charles Edmonstone, M.A. : —
John Archibald Venn, Gentleman, M.A. , b. 1883. Res. —
Aysthorpe, Newton Road, Cambridge.

Sons of Rev. Henry Venn, M.A., Hon. Canon of Can-
terbury, b. 1838; d. 1923 ; m. 1st, , Isabel Louisa,
d. of W. M. De Butts ; 2nd, , Louisa Jane, d. of
R. B. Wardlaw Ramsay : —
Rev. Arthur Dennis Venn, Gentleman, M.A. , b. 1880.
Res. — Chislet Vicarage, Canterbury.

Lindsay Richard Venn, Esq., Comdr. R.N., b. 1883.
Res. — 18 South Street, Thurloe Square, S.W.7.
Venn, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

VENNING (H. Coll.). Per saltire argent and gules,
two fleurs-de-lys in pale and as many stag's heads caboshed
in fesse counterchanged. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-stag regardant,
resting the sinister foot on an escutcheon gules, charged

with a fleur-de-lys argent and gorged with a collar vair.

Motto — " Nitemur in adversum."

Only son of Edward Venning, Gentleman, A.M.I.C.E.,
late Financial Assistant to Dir. of Pub. Works, Ceylon,
b. 1842; d. 1914; f». 1879, Mary Welleslena, d. of
William King, D.Sc, Prof. Queen's Coll., Galway :—
Walter King Venning, Esq., C.M.G., C.B.E., M.C.Col.

late D. of Cornwall's Lt. Inf., b. 1882 ; m. 191 2, Marcia, d.

of Surg. -Gen. J. C. D< rman, C.M.G., and has issue: —

Walter Reginald Venning, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; Edward

John Dorman Venning, Gentleman, b. 191 8. Res.— Heath

End, Farnham. Club — United Service.

Sons of Walter Charles Venning, Gentleman, Solicitor,

of London, b. 1806; d. 1897; m. 1836, Anne, d. of

James Esdaile, Esq., grandson of Sir James Esdaile : —

Frederick K. Venning, Esq., late Judic. Commnr. Cent.

Prov. , India, b. 1844; m. 1st, 1876, Leonora Cockrem (d.

1909) ; 2nd, 1911, Anne Atkinson. Res. —
Arthur Kennedy Venning, Gentleman, b. 1852. Res. —
Sons of Alfred Reid Venning, Esq., I.S.O., Federal
Secretary Malay States, b. 1846; d. 1927; m. 1879,
Katherine H., d. of Henry Wilson Reeves, I.C.S. : —
Francis Esmond Wingate Venning, Esq., C.B.E., D.S.O.,

CoL Ind. Army, b. 1882; m. 1907, Edith Lucy, d. of Dr.

A. H. Twining, of Salcombe, and has issue — Douglas

Ralph Venning, Gentleman, b. 191 1 ; and 3 daus. Res. —

St. Hilary's, Crowthorne, Berks. ,.

Gilbert Esdaile Venning, Esq., late-Lieut.-Comdr. R.N.,

b. 1886; m. 1915, Justine Olive, d. of Ewen Davidson, and

has issue — Peter Ewen Esdaile Venning, Gentleman, b.

1916. Res. —
Arthur Noel Venning, Esq., M.C., Capt. R.F.A., b. 1895 ;

m. 1921, Lila Gladys, d. of E. W. Ricketts, Esq., and has

issue — Geoffrey Richard Venning, Gentleman,! b. 1921.


Douglas Claude Venning, Esq., M.C., Capt. late R.A.,

b. 1897.

D.L. Cheshire (High Sheriff 1897), Lord of the

Manors of Darnhall, Wettenhall and Dilwyn. Born




1848, being the sixth son of the late Joseph Verdin,
Esq., of Highfield House, Wharton. Armorial bearings
— Argent, on a pile sable, between two towers in base
of the last, a lion passant of the first. Mantling sable
and argent. Creat — On a wreath of the colours,
upon a mount vert, between six ears of wheat stalked
and bladed, three on either side or, a tower sable,
issuant from the battlements thereof a demi-lion argent,
gorged with a collar gemel also sable. Motto — " In
omnia fidelis." Married Emily Jane, youngest dau.
of Thomas Harrison, Esq., J. P., of Aigburth, co. Lan-
caster; and has Issue — Richard Norman Harrison Verdin,

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