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Hon. George Harry William Walsh, M.V.O. , Capt. Re-
serve of Officers, late Lieut. Gren. Gds., served as Capt.
Imperial Yeomanry in the South African War 1 899-1 901 ,
b. 1863. Res. — Llwynbarried, Rhayader, co. Radnr r.
Clubs— Carlton ; Pratt's.

Hon. Nigel Christopher Walsh, J. P. co. Sussex, B.A.
Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, b. 1867 ; tn. 1904, Pauline, yst. d.
of Henry Francis Makins, and has issue — Emily Barbara ;
and Geraldine Lettice. Res. — The Shrubbery, Bath Road,

Hon. Reginald Walsh, M.V.O. , Consul at New York
1908-11, b. 1868 ; tn. 1908, Lady Margaret Jane Douglas-
Home, third d. of 12th Earl of Home, and has issue — John
Arthur Charles Walsh, Esq., b. 1912; Jane Emily Mary;
and Anne Elizabeth. Res — Combe House, Presteigne, co.
Radnor. Club— White's.

Son of Rev. and Hon. Digby Walsh, M A., Incumbent




of Trinity Church, Trowbridge, b. 1829 '< d. 1869; m.

1855, Fanny Matilda (d. 1907), d. of Henry Stroud:- —

Rev. Arthur George Digby Walsh, late Vicar of Carring-

ton, Sale, B.A. (Oxford), b. 1856. Club— Oxford and


WALSH (U.O.). Argent, a lion rampant gules, over all
a fesse per pale of the second and azure, charged with a
crescent or, Mantling 1 gules and argent. Crest — Out of
a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion rampant gules, gorged with
a collar per pale or and argent, and charged on the
shoulder with a crescent gold. Motto — " Noli irritare

Son of : —

Adolphus Frederick Walsh, Esq., Lt.-Col. , b.

WALSH (U.O. ). Azure, a lion rampant argent, over
all a fesse per pale of the second and gules, a canton or.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — Out of a ducal
coronet or, a demi-lion rampant azure, charged on the

WALSH (U.O. , 1909). Argent, on a fesse engrailed be-
tween six martlets azure, three crosses flory of the field.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the

M.A. (Trin. Coll.

shoulder with a bezant. Motto — "Noli irritare leonem."
Livery — Dark blue, silver buttons.

Sons of Ven. Robert Walsh, D.D. Archdeacon of

Dublin, Rector of Donnybrook, Dublin, b. 1842; d.

; m. 1st, 1873, Elizabeth Sophia (d. 1893), second

d. of the late Rev. Joseph Carson, D. D. , Vice- Provost

of Trinity College, Dublin; 2nd, 1898, Amy Elinor,

only dan. of the late Most Rev. Robert Samuel Gregg,

D. D. , Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All

Ireland : —

John Edward Walsh, Gentleman,

Dub.), Barr.-at-Law, b. 1875.

Toseph Gordon Walsh, Esq. , Lieut.
Robert Henry Walsh, Esq.. D.S.O.,
1884. Clubs — Badminton, Naval and Military.

Sons of Rt. Hon. John Edward Walsh, LL.D., Master
of the Rolls in Ireland, and formerly M.P. for Univ.
of Dublin, b. 1816; d. 1869; m. 1841, Blair Belinda,
only d. of late Capt. Gordon John MacNeill, 77th
Regt. :—
John Edward Walsh, Esq., J.P., M.A., B.L. Res.—
Belleville, Donnybrook, co. Dublin.

Rev. Oliver William Walsh, M.A. Res.— Belleville,
Donnvbrook, Dublin.

Henry Deane Walsh, Gentleman, B.A., C.E., Head of
the Harbour Dept. , Sydney, New South Wales.


b. 1882.
Major R.A. , b.

colours, on a tower sable, charged with a cross flory argent,
a cock of the second, combed and wattled gules. Motto —

Sons of Rt. Rev. William Pakenham- Walsh, D.D.
(Dub.), Bishop of Ossory, Ferns, and Leighlin 1878-
1897, b. 1820 ; d. 1902; m. 1st, 1861, Clara Jane
(d. 1875), d. of Samuel Ridley of Muswell Hill, London ;
2nd, 1879, Annie Frances, eld. d. of Rev. John Winthrop
Hackett, M.A. :—
Alfred Ridley Pakenham- Walsh, Gentleman, B.A., B.E.
(Dub.), Fellow Roy. Indian Eng. Coll., P.W. Dept., India
(ret.), b. 1866; m. 1895, Hylda Catharine, only d. and h. of
George Dear of Lancaster ; and has issue — ( 1 ) Wilfrid Paken-
ham Pakenham- Walsh, Esq., I.C.S. , J.P. Burma, late Lieut.
R.F.A. (S.R.), and R.F.C., M.A. Oxon., b. 1898 [m. 1922,
Guendolen, d. of Frank Elliott of Alverstoke, Hants., and
has issue — John Pakenham- Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1928;
and Betty] ; (2) Geoffrey Pakenham Pakenham- Walsh,
Gentleman, late Lieut. R.N.A.S., B.A. Oxon., b. 1899
[w. 1928, Margaret Maud, B.A. (Cantab.), L.R.C.S.,
L.R.C.P.,d. of Mr. Justice Samuel Russell, I.C.S. (ret.), of
St. Helier's, Grange Road, Eastbourne (Address — High
Court, Rangoon, Burma)]; (3) Robert Pakenham-Walsh,
Gentleman, B.A. (Oxon.), b. 1906; and Kathleen. Res. —
Mingaladon, Willingdon, Eastbourne..

Rev. William Sandford Pakenham-Walsh, M.A. (Dub.),
b. 1868; m. 1902, Gertrude Maud, eld. d. and coh. of William
Harmar of Sheffield ; and has surv. issue — (1) William
Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman, Colonial C.S., Fiji Islands,
b. 1904 ; (2) Herbert Ridley Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman,
b. 1906 (Res. — Eldoret, Kenya Colony); (3) Harold Harmar
Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1909 ; (4) Eric Pakenham-
Walsh, Gentleman, b. 191 1 ; and Lilian Edith. Res. — The
Vicarage, Sulgrave, Northants.

Rt. Rev. Herbert Pakenham Pakenham-Walsh, D.D.,
M.A.. (Dub.), Bishop of Assam, 1914-24, b. 1871 ; m.
1916, Clare, d. of Rev. CanonF.C. Hayes, M.A., of Rahenry,
co. Dublin. Res. — Bishop's College, Calcutta.

Ernst Pakenham-Walsh, Esq., Sessions Tudge Madras
Pres., J.P. Madras Pres.,B.A. (Dub.), I.C.S., b. 1875;
m. 1st, 1901, Lilian (d. 1902), d. of Isaac Ashe, M.D., of
Dundrum, co. Dublin ; 2nd, 1922, Marian Lucy Memmette,
d. of Arthur B. N. Glad well Boyd, and widow of Capt. W. K.
Strachan, and has issue — Gertrude Patricia. Postal address
c/o Secretariat, Fort George, Madras.
The late Winthrop Pakenham Pakenham-Walsh, Esq.,




of Crinken House, Shankill, co. Dublin, Major R.E.,
F.R.S.A.I., F.S.G., b. 1883.

Ridley Pakenham Pakenham-Walsh, Esq., M.C., Major
R.E. , b. 1888; m. 1915, Mabel, d. of Ernest Smith of
Turramurra, Sydney, N.S.W. ; and has issue — Ernest
Ridley Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1916; William
Pakenham-Walsh Gentleman, b. 1922. Postal address —
War Office, S.W.r.

Son of Thomas Walsh, b. 1823 ; d. 1859 ; m. Elizabeth
Abbott :—
Frederick William Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1857. Post.
add. — 15A Northbrook Road, Dublin.

Son of Robert Pakenham-Walsh, M.D., b. 1825;
d. 1905 ; 111. 2nd, 1854, Maria Letitia, eld. d. of Ven.
Joseph Callwell, Archdeacon of Clogher : —
George Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman, ^.1857; m.

Sons of Louis Henry Pakenham-Walsh (son of Robert
Pakenham-Walsh— see above), Gentleman, b. 1859;
d. 1905; m. 1885, Ann (d. 1925), d. of Robert
Morrison: —
Robert Morrison Pakenham-Walsh, Esq., late Eng.-
Comdr. R.N., b. 18S6. Pes.— Sotik, Kenya Colony.

Conrad Martin Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1888 ;
m. 19 19, Elsie Adeline, d. of James Roberts of Clent House,
Worcester. Pes — Clent, Cambridge Road, Prenton, Birken-

Louis H. Carmichael Pakenham-Walsh , Esq. , D.F. C. , late
Capt. Cheshire Regt., R.F.C. andR.A.F.,6. 1893 ; vi. iq22,
Dorothy Eva, d. of Walter Richard Greves, of Bourne End,
and has issue — Robert Greves Pakenham-Walsh, Gentle-
man, b- 1924 ; and Diana Greves. Res. — Rose Tree Cottage,

Ygr. son of Robert Pakenham-Walsh, M.D. (see
above): —
Robert Pakenham Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1866 ; m. ;

and has issue — (1) Percy Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman,
b. ; (2) Cecil Pakenham-Walsh, Gentleman, b.


WALSH, formerly of Laragh (U.O.). Azure, alion ram-
pant argent, debruised by a fesse per pale of the second
and gules, charged with three crosses humettee counter-
changed. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — Out of a
ducal crest coronet or, charged with a cross humettee
azure, a demi-lion rampant of the last. Motto — " Noli
irritare leonem."

Son of Langton Prendergast Walsh, Esq., CLE.
(1890), of the Bombay Political Service, J. P. Bombay,
Vice-Consul at Berbera and Zeila, Somaliland, 1884-93 I
b. 1856; d. 1927; m. ist, 1891, Clementina Annie (d.
1894), d. of late Major R. G. Macgregor, R.A. , of
Glengyle; 2nd, 1902, Laura, only d. of John Forbes,
Esq. , K.C. , of Aberdeen : —
David Langton Prendergast Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1907.
Pes. — Kirkconnel, Gunnersbury Avenue, Ealing.

Sons of Major George Inverarity Walsh, Leicestershire
Regt., of Newnham Manor, nr. Wallingfoid, b. 1866 ;
d. 10T3; m. 1902, Ethel Parker, d. of M. Dobson of
Kensington Gore, W. : —
Philip Warrington Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1903.
George Charles Nepean Walsh, Gentleman, b. 1910.
Ygst. son of Col. Thomas Prendergast Boles Walsh,
b. 1831 ; d 1893; m. ist, 1853, Ephemia (d. 1862), d.
of Rev. Spencer Walsh, D D. ; 2nd, 1863, Isabel, d.
of Frances Nicholes, D.C.L. : —
Col. Mainwaring Ravell Walsh, C.M.G., M.C., late
Worcstershire Regt., Dir. of Organisation, India 1925-7,
comdg. 146th Inf Bde. (T.A. ) 1928, b. 1876; m. 1908,
Bertha Violette, d. of the late George W. Wilson-Slator,
J. P. and D.L. , of White Hill, Edgeworshstown, co. Long-
ford ; and has issue — John Mainwaring Walsh, Gentleman,
b. 1910; Isabel Slator ; and Joan Bruere. Postal address
— Ford Cottage, Clifton, York. Club — Naval and Military.

WALSHAM (R.L., 12 April 1800, H. Coll). Quarterly,
1. quarterly, i. and iiii. , per pale azure and gules, a gryphon
segreant, wings elevated or, supporting a tilting-spear bendy
argent and sable, therefrom flowing to the dexter a banner of
the fourth, charged with a cross couped of the fifth (Garbett) ;
ii. and iii. . sable, within a cross voided, five crosses pat6e
fitchee of the last (Walsham) ; 2. the same arms of Garbett ;
3. the same arms of Walsham ; 4. the arms of Hervey of
Llanvair ; 5. the arms of Chapman of Discoed ; 6. the
arms of Knill of Knill Court ; 7. the arms of Morgan ot
Kinnersley Castle ; 8. the arms of Hughes of Bodwryn in
Anglesey ; 9. the arms of Coytmore of Coytmore.

Mantling azure and or. Crest (of Garbett) — Upon a
wreath of the colours, a demi-eagle with two heads dis-
played sable, each wing charged with a cross patee fitchee
between two ermine spots or, from the neck pendent by a
gold chain an escutcheon argent, charged with a Saracen's
head erased at the neck proper, and wreathed round the
temples argent and azure. Motto — "Sub libertate

Sons of Sir John Walsham, 2nd Bart. , K.C.M.G., J.P.,
D.L,, b. 1830; d. 1905; m. 1865, Florence, only d.
Of Hon. P. C. Scarlett, C.B. :—

Sir John Scarlett Walsham, 3rd Bart, of Knill Court, co.
Hereford (30 Sept. 1831), Inspector of Chinese Labour,
Transvaal, late Capt. Labour Corps, b. 1869; m. 1906,
Bessie Geraldine Gundreda, d. of Vice-Adm. John Borlase
Warren ; and has surv. issue — John Scarlett Warren
Walsham, Esq., b. 1910; and Gundreda Bridget Coytmore.
Club — Royal Automobile.

Percy Rom illy Walsham, Esq., Chinese Maritime Customs
Service, b. 1871 ; m. 1899, Charlotte Cunninghame, d. of
William Wykeham Myers, M.B., CM., of Formosa ; and
has issue — Percy Robert Stewart Walsham, Gentleman,
b. 1904; Florence Mary [m. 1924, Lieut. -Comdr. Henry
Neville Lake, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.]; Gladys Newell ; and
Aline Joyce. Pes. — Foochow, China.


WALSTON (H. Coll.). Quarterly, or and azure, in
chief two lions combatant and in base two similar lions
counterchanged within a bordure ermine. Mantling azure
and or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, upon a
rock, an oak-tree proper between two wings azure.

Son of Sir Charles Walston (formerly Waldstein), Knt.

Bach. (1912), Ph.D., L.H.D. (Columbia Univ.), Hon.

Litt.D. (Dublin), Fellow and Lecturer of King's

Coll., Camb. , Knt. Commr. of the Order of the

Redeemer, and of the Ernestine Order, and Knt. of

the Order of the Dannebrog, b. 1856 ; d. 1927 ; m.

1909, Florence, d. of late D. L. Einstein of N. York,

and widow of Theodore Seligman of N. York: —

Henry David Leonard George Walston, Esq., b. 1912.

Pes. — Newton Hall, Newton, Cambridge ; Mayfair House,

Carlos Place, W.i.

ROBERT WALTERS, Esquire, M.A. of the University
of Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, J. P. for the co. of Hertford,
formerly Lieut, Worcestershire Militia. Z?<?r« April 9, 1832,
being the eldest sur. son of Robert Walters, Barrister-at-
Law, by his wife Catherine Delicia, eldest dau. of the Rev.
James Robinson Hay ward, formerly Fellow of All Souls',
Oxford, Rector of Harrietsham, in the co. of Kent and
St. Mary's-le-Strand, Westminster. Armorial bearings—
Per pale argent and erminois, on a fesse indented azure,
between three eagles displayed gules, a serpent nowed
proper. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a lion's
head erased erminois, gorged with a collar indented sable,
thereon three plates, all between two demi-lances proper.
Motto — "Lahore." Livery — Invisible green, with silver
buttons. Married, Feb. 19, 1881, Florence Serena, dau.
of Stephen Collins, formerly of Butleigh Wootton, near
Glastonbury (deceased). Estate — Ware Priory, Ware, in
the co. of Hereford.

WALTHALL (R.L., 10 Nov. 1887, H. Coll.). Argent,
a chevron vert, between three Cornish choughs close sable.
Mantling vert and argent. Crest — An arm couped at the
shoulder, vested gules, cuff argent, the hand clenched and
thereon a falcon close proper, beaked or, with lure gules,
stringed gold. Motto — " A bird in the hand is worth two
in the bush." Livery — Green coat, green and white waist-
coat, silver buttons.

Sons of Edward Walthall Delves Walthall, of Wistaston
Hall, Esq., D.L. , b. 1848; d. 1897; m. 1870, Caroline
Marion, d. of Charles A. Stewart : —

Brig. -Gen. Edward Charles Walthall Delves Walthall,
C.M.G., D.S.O., J.P., D.L. co. Derby, late Col. R.A., has
Legion of Honour and Crci* de Guerre, served S. Africa
1899-1901, and Great War 1914-19, b. 1874; m. 1902,
Isabel Sybil, d. of the late Lt.-Gen. Sir James Bevan
Edwards, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. Seat— Alton Manor, Idridge-
hay, Derby. Club — Army and Navy.

Brian James Delves Walthall, Esq., Capt. late R.M.L.I.,
served Great War 1914-16, b. 1876. Club — Sports.

Capt. Henry Douglas Delves Walthall, O.B.E., Capt. late
R.A.S.C, formerly Lieut. Denbighshire Imp. Yeo.,b. 1880;




' m. ign, Hilda Maud, d. of F. Leigh Hancock of The
Warren, Broughton, nr. Chester ; and has issue — Leigh
Edward Delvis Walthall, Gentleman, b. 1914 ; and Daphne.
Res.— Watford.

WALTON of Coombe Hill (H. Coll.). Sable, a lion
rampant guardant or, on a chief argent, three fasces palewise
proper. Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a Moor's head in profile couped at the shoulders
proper, crowned with a crown vallary or, to the sinister a
branch of laurel fructed proper. Motto — "Amor justiciae."
Sons of Sir John Lawson Walton, Kt. Bachelor, K.C.,
Attorney-General, M.P. for Leeds, b. 1852; d. 1908;
m. 1882, Joanna, d. of late Robert Hedderwick of
Glasgow : — ■
Hunter Lawson Walton, Esq., b. 1891. Res. —
Arnold Lawson Walton, b. 1895. Res. —




WARBURTON (U.O.). Argent, a chevron between
three cormorants sable. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a Saracen's head
affronted, couped at the shoulders proper, round the temples
a wreath argent and gules, and issuing therefrom three
ostrich feathers or. Motto — " Non sibi." Livery — White
(light drab) coat and scarlet waistcoat.

Son of Richard Warburton, Esq., D.L. for King's Co.,
J. P. for King's and Queen's Cos., b. 1846; d. ;

m. 1st, 1867, Georgina Wilhelmina Henrietta (d. 1890),
d. of William Henry Hutchinson of Rockforest, co.
Tipperary ; 2nd 1892, Bridget Mary, d. of John
M'Namara: —
Richard Henry Haskell Warburton, Gentleman, b. 1910.
Seat — Garryhinch, Portarlington, Ireland.

Son of Joseph William Warburton, Esq., late H.B.M.
Consul-General at San Francisco, formerly of Foreign
Office, and sometime Consul-General at Valparaiso
and Charge 1 d'Affaires in Chili, b. 1837; d. 1891 ; m.
1862, Lady Frances Isabella Ann (d. 1891), only d. of
Rt. Hon. sixth Earl of Kingston : —
William Francis Henry Warburton, Gentleman, b. 1879


WARD (U.O. , 1667). Quarterly, 1 and 4, azure, a cross
patonceor(Ward); 2 and 3, gules, three cinquefoils ermine,
on a chief or, a heart of the first (Hamilton). Mantling
azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a man's
head couped at the shoulders affronted proper, wreathed
about the temples or and azure, and adorned with three
ostrich feathers. Motto — " Sub cruce salus."

Son of Rt. Hon. Henry William Crosbie Ward, 5th
Viscount Bangor, b. 1828; d. 1911; m. 1st, 1854,
Mary (accidentally killed 1869), d. of Rev. Henry King
of Ballylin, King's Co. ; 2nd, 1874, Elizabeth, d. and
h. of Major Hugh Eccles of Cronroe, co. Wicklow : —
Rt. Hon. Maxwell Richard Crosbie Ward, O.B.E.,
6th Viscount Bangor (Ireland, 13 Jan. 1781), and Baron
Bangor (Ireland, 30 May 1770), a Representative Peer,
Member of the Senate of Northern Ireland, D.L. for co.
Down, Lt.-Col. Res. of Officers, late R.A. [Supporters
— Dexter, a knight in complete armour all proper, on his
breast a cross moline gules, behind him a flowing crimson
robe, a cross moline argent on the sinister side of it, on
a helmet a plume of feathers of the last, his dexter hand
resting upon a drawn sword also proper, pommel and hilt
or, the point to the ground ; sinister, a Turkish prince
vested in blue and gold, the habit reaching to the ankles,
white stockings, yellow sandals, gold sash and fringe round
his waist, behind him a loose brown robe of fur, on his head
a white turban with black feathers, his hands chained
together by a long chain proper], b. 1868 ; m. 1905, Agnes
Elizabeth, d. of Dacre M. A. Hamilton of Cornacassa,
Monaghan ; and has issue — Hon. Edward Henry Harold
Ward, b. 1905 ; Hon. Mary Helen Kathleen ; Hon. Helen
Elizabeth ; and Hon. Margaret Bertha Meriel. Seat —
Castle Ward. Downpatrick, co. Down. Clubs — Army and
Navy ; Royal Ulster Yacht.

Sons of Hon. Bernard Matthew Ward, C.B., Lt.-Gen.

in the Army, Col. Suffolk Regt., late 47th and 32nd
Regts. , b. 1831 ; d. 1918 ; m. 1st, 1865, Emily Maria
(d. 1868), d. of the late John la Touche of Harristown ;
2nd, 1873, Laura (d. 1928), d. of Major-Gen. Evan
Maberly, C.B., R.A.:—
Ernest Otway Ward La Touche, Esq. (q.v. ).
Herbert Bernard Ward, Esq. , Capt. Royal Irish Fusi-
liers, b. 1876 ; m. 1918, Evelyn Annie (d. 1925), d. of the
late Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Dixon, P. C, 1st Bart. ; and has
issue— Diana. Res. —

Evan Bernard Ward, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. Duke of
Cornwall's L.I., served S. Africa and Great War (desp.),
b. 1878 ; m. 1914, Margaret Dorothy Norah, d. of T. W.
Waller of Sussex Square, Brighton. Res. —

Maxwell William Bernard Ward, Gentleman, b. 1889 ;
m. 1919, Ruth Elizabeth, only d. of J. L. Whittingdaie,
O.B.E. , M.D. ; and has issue— Bernard Maxwell Ward,
Gentleman, b. 1921 ; John Maxwell Ward, Gentleman, b,
1922. Res. —

Son of Edward Crosbie Ward, Esq., b. 1872 ; d. 1926 ;
m. 1901, Alice Sarah, d. of Col. Spencer Edward Orr
of Dullaher, Camberley : —
John Crosbie Ward, Gentleman, b. 191 1. Res. — Bel-
field, Camberley, Surrey.

Son of Major-Gen. Sir Edward Wolstenholme Ward,
K.C.M.G., b. 1823; d. 1890; m. 1857, Anne Sophia
d. of Robert Campbell, M.P. : —
Guy Bernard Campbell, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. Res.
of Officers, late South Wales Borderers, served S. Africa,
and Great War, has Croix de Guerre avec palme ; b. 1875 ;
m. 1904, Beatrice Constance Charlotte, d. of Hon. Charles
Lennox Butler ; an.l has surv. issue — Constance Isabel.
Res. — 24 The Boltons, S.W. ; Weir Grange, Henley-on-

Son of George Louis Steuart Ward, Esq. , Major Indian
Army, b. 1869 ; d. 1920 ; m. 1905, Alice Muriel, d. of
G. D. B. Harrison of Clifton :—
Denis Erskine Ward, Gentleman, b. 1912.

Sons of Sir William Erskine Ward, K.C.S.I., M.A.

(Camb.), Bengal C.S., Chief Coinm. of Assam 1891-6,

b. 1838; d. 1916; m. 1866, Alicia Caroline (d. 1928), d.

of Edward Palmer of Calcutta : —

John Petty Ward, Esq., b. 1871 ; m. 1906, Rose Gladys

Mary, eld. d. of Rev. Richard Marsh Marsh-Dunn ; and has

issue — Richard Erskine Ward, Gentleman, b. 1917 ; and

Myrtle Josephine. Postal address —

Noel Edward Ward, Esq., b. 1872 ; m. 1898, Jessie Mabel
Wood, of Dibrugarh, Assam, and has issue — James Palmer
Ward, Gentleman, b. 1902 ; Jack Lionel Ward, Gentleman,
b.iqio; and Phyllis Erskine. Res. —

Lancelot Bangor Ward, Esq. , b. 1883; m. 1910, Agnes
Frances Jean, second d. of Rev. Richard Marsh Marsh-
Dunn, and has issue — Anthony Bangor Ward, Gentleman,
b. 191 8 ; Pamela Erskine ; and Margaret Jean. Res. —
Son of John Hamilton Ward, Gentleman, b. 1834 ;
d. 1914; m. 1857, Marcia (d. 1915), d. of James
Townsend : —
Edward Robert Ward, Gentleman, b. 1859; tn. 1901,
Edith Georgina, d. of Albert G. Sheriff; and has surv. issue-
Albert Edward Hamilton Ward, Gentleman, b. 1903 ;
Robert Hamilton Ward, Gentleman, b. 1906; John Hamil-
ton Ward, Gentleman, b. 1907; and Marcia Hamilton.
Postal add.— Woodside, Warren Road, Banstead Downs,

Sons of Thomas Lawrence Ward, Gentleman, B.A.
(Trin. Coll., Dub.) , b. 1837; d. 1926; m. 1871, Elizabeth
Mary, d. of David Green of New Zealand : —
Henry Crosbie Ward, Gentleman, b. 1873. Res. —
Frederick Valentine Ward, Gentleman, b. 1878.
Thomas Lawrence Ward, Gentleman, b. 1886.

Son of Francis Michael Ward, Gentleman, b. 1847;
d. 1908; m. 1875, Anne Jane, d. of James Clark ot
Felmingham : —
Basil Edward Ward, Gentleman, b. 1886; m. 1912, Hazel
Smith ; and has issue— Caroline Anne. Post, address—
418 61st Street, Oakland, California.

Sons of Col. Bernard Edward Ward, b. 1827 ; d. 1894 ;

m. 1st, i860, Gertrude Maria (d. 1864), d. of Rowland

W. Chatfield, M.C.S. ; 2nd, 1869, Charlotte Eugenia

(d. 1904), d. of Samuel G. Smith : —

Bernard Rowland Ward, Esq., C.M.G., late Col. R.E.,

b. 1863; m. 1st, 1891, Jeanie (d. 1925). d - of John Milner

Duffield, Gibraltar C.S. ; 2nd, 1926, Amy Margaret, d. of

the late Arthur Nelson, of Salmonby, Lines., and widow of

Reginald A. Nelson ; and has issue— (1) Bernard Mordaunt

Ward, Esq., Capt. Res. of Officers, late 1st Dragoon Gds.,




b. 1893. Res. — Wyvenhoe, Farnham Royal, Slough, Bucks.
Club — Jun. Army and Navy.

Rev. Lionel Ward, M.A. (Oxon.), Vicar of Frampton,
b. 1864 ; to. 1913, Jessie, d. of late John Barrett of Mas-
singham, Norfolk. Res. — Frampton-on-Severn Vicarage,
Stonehouse, Gloucester.

Edward Francis Ward, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. late King's
Royal Rifle Corps, b. 1870. Club — Naval and Military.

Bernard John Hamilton Ward, E q., O.B.E., Capt. (ret.),
R.N., b. 1875; m. 1908, Lilias, d. of Ralph Dalyell, C.B. ;
and has issue — (1) Bernard Henry Ralph Ward, Gentleman,
b. 191 1 ; (2) Nicholas Edward Ward, Gentleman, b. 1913 ;
and Barbara Mary. Res. — Rother House, Chilworth,
Romsey, Hants. Club — United Service.

Wilfrid Henry Ward, Gentleman, b. 1876; to. 1907,
Kate, d. of John Nash Gray. Res. — Platkop, Immigrant
Station, O.F.S., S. Africa.

Son of Thomas Le Hunte Ward, Esq., C. B., Admiral

(ret.), late Naval A.D.C. to the King, b. 1830; d.

1907; m. 1869, Helen Mary, d. of George Maconchy

of Rathmore : —

John Richard Le Hunte Ward, C.B.E., Capt. (ret.) R.N.,

b. 1870 ; m. 1905, Violet Ella Mary, d. of the late Col. B. E.

Ward ; and has surv. issue — (1) Edward Le Hunte Ward,

Gentleman, 2nd Lieut. Norfolk Regt.,£. 1906; (2) Michael

Bernard John Ward, Gentleman, b. 1910. Post. add. —

Heath Cottage, Yelverton, S. Devon.

Son of Lt. Robert Frederick Ward, R.N., b. 1846; d.

1891 ; m. 1879, Rose Edith, d. of Simon Watson Taylor

of Erie Stoke Park, Wilts. :—

Hamilton Frederick Ward, Major late Irish Gds.,

b. 1880; m. 1 913. Violet Enid, d. of Sir Henry Conway

Belfield, K.C.M.G. ; and has issue — John Frederick Ward,

Gentleman, b. 1923 ; and Sheila Marie Jane. Res. —

Son of William Robert Ward, Gentleman, Diplo. Ser.,

b. 1806; d. 1879; ?n. 1845, Arabella, d. of Rev. the

Hon. Henry Ward :—

Edward Ward, Esq., M.B.E., late Lt.-Col. R.A.,b. 1852;

m. 1900, Etta, d. of the late John Stuart Maconchy cf

Kildare, co. Dublin ; and has issue — Charlotte Hazel.

Club — Naval and Military.

WARD. Chequy or and azure, a bend ermine.
Mantiing azure and or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet
or, a lion's head azure. Motto — " Comme je fus."

Sons of Rt. Hon. William Ward, 1st Earl of Dudley,
b. 1817 ; d. 1885 ; m. 1865, as his 2nd wife, Georgina
Elizabeth (Res. — Pembroke Lodge, Richmond
Park), d. of Sir Thomas Moncrieff, 7th Bart. : —

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