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Son of Arthur Charles Woodhouse, Gentleman, formerly
Mayor of Blandford, b. 1856 ; d. 1915 ; tn. 1888,
Florence, d. of Henry Cornelius Nutting, of Everleigh,
East Barnet : —
Charles Hall Woodhouse, Esq., M.C., Major Dorset-
shire Regt., b. 1891 ; tn. 1921, Stella, d.of Lt.-Col. Fairlie,
and has issue — John Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1923 ; and
Ann. Res. — Maumbury House, Dorchester.

Sons of George Edward Illingworth Woodhouse of

Blandford, Dorset, b. 1821 ; d. 1875 ; m. 1847, Hannah,

d. of Thomas Dodge of Sherborne : —

Walter Mantell Woodhoi se, Gentleman, Solicitor, b.

i860; tn. 1888, Edith, d. of Edward Gotto, of The Logs,

Hampstead Heath, and has issue — Ralph Woodhouse,

Gentleman, B.A. (Oxford), b. 189 1 ; David Woodhouse,

Esq.. M.C., Capt. The Cameronians, b. 1896; and Elsie.

Res. — 43 Ferncroft Avenue, Hampstead.

Francis Decimus Woodhouse, Gentleman, M.R.C.S.,
b. 1864 ; tn. 1897, Caroline, d. of Alexander King Witt, of
Poole, Dorset, and Bournemouth, and has issue — Isabelle
Joan [tn. 1927, John Pyper, I. M.S., and has issue];
Kathleen Frances ; Phyllis Caroline ; and Christine Mary.
Res. — Old Ford House, Blandford St. Mary, Dorset.

Sons of Rev. Frederick Charles Woodhouse, M.A.

(Camb. ), Vicar of Holy Trinity, Folkestone, Hon.

Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, b. 1827 ; d. 1905 ;

tn. 1st, 1853, Susanna Agnes Fenton, d. of Edward

Chorley, M.D. , of Williton, co. Somerset: —

Rev. Arthur Chorley Woodhouse, M.A. (Camb.), b. 1854 ;

m. 1882, Margaret Helen, d. of William Morris of Windsor,

Berks., and has had issue— Rev. Disney Charles Woodhouse,

B.A. , sometime Vicar of St. Ninian's, Douglas, Isle of

Man, b. 1883 ; d. on active service 1915 ; and Esther.

Res. — The Vicarage, Pampi-ford, Cambridge.

Alfred Edward Clayton Woodhouse, Gentleman,
M.R.C.S., b. 1859 ; m. 1894, Susannah Marv, d. of Lutley
Pugsley, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., and has issue— (1) Geoffrey
Clayton Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1897; (2) Frederick
Clayton Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1899 ; (3) Henry
Clayton Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1901 ; (4) Michael
Clayton Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 19 10. Res. — Spaxton
Court, Bridgwater, Somerset.

Sons of William Henry Woodhouse, of Melcombe
Place, London, and The Hall, East Ilsley, Berks.,
b. 1830; d. 1890; m. 1867, Harriet, d. of Henry
Emerson, of Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk :—

Rev. Francis Cyprian Woodhouse, M.A. (Camb.), 6.
1880 ; m. 1911, Isabel Norah, d. of Edward Paul Toller, of
The Crossways, Headlands, co. Northampton ; and has
issue — William Henry Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1912.
Res. — Welford Vicarage, Rugby.

Henry Alfred Woodhouse, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxford),
b. 1883. Res. — Haslemere.

WOODHOUSE (H. Coll.). Per pale or and gules, two
chevronels engrailed between three cinquefoils all counter-
changed. Crest — A demi-griffin segreant, holding between
the paws an arrow, point downwards. Motto — " Virtus in
arduis." Livery— Blue and white and blue striped vest.
Box cloth overcoat.

Sons of Samuel Woodhouse of Norley Hall, co. Chester,
Esq., J. P., D.L., b. 1821 ; d. 1892; tn. 1844, Eliza (d.
1889), d. of Henry Thornton Mostyn, M.D. , 47th
Regt. :-

Samuel Henry Woodhouse, Esq., J. P. co. Somerset, Hon.
Col. late 4th Batt. Somersetshire L.I., M.A. (Oxon. ), Barr.-
at-Law, b. 1848 ; tn. 1876, Florence Ada, d. of George
Wilkinson of Temple Hill, Killiney, co. Dublin ; and has
surv. issue— (1) Rev. James Dugald Forbes Woodhouse,
D.S.O., formerly Major 14th Hussars,^. i88i[/«. 1909, Elsie
Noel, eld. d. of J. W. Stanton, and has issue — Samuel
Mostyn Forbes Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; Hugh
Gordon Wilfred Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1915 (Res.
— The Rectory, Manaton, S. Devon)] ; (2) Richard Anthony
Gordon Woodhouse, Gentleman, 14th Hussars, b. 1893 •
Ruth [tn. 1905, William Wynn Llewellyn, Somersetshire
L.I.]; Lettice [tn. 1905, Capt. George Bell Roney-Dougal,
Somersetshire L.I.]; Florence Mary Kathleen [tn. 1914,
Rev. William H. F. Pegg, Vicar of Edensore, co. Derby] ;
Winifred Mabel [tn. igio, Theobald Alfred Walsh] ; Joyce ;
and Phyllis. Res. — Canon's House, Taunton.

Frederick William Woodhouse, Esq., J. P. cos. Herts.,
Beds., and Kent, b. 1849 ; tn. 1874, Constance, d. of Robert
Mason of Liverpool ; and has surv. issue — (1) Harold
Mostyn Woodhouse, Gentleman, b. 1882 [tn. 1908, Dorothy
Ellen, d. of late Sydney Wood] ; (2) Robert Pyers Wood-
house, Gentleman, b. 1884 [tn. 1911, Gladys Maud, d.of
Alfred Naylor, and has issue — Anthony Woodhouse,
Gentleman, b. 1912]; and Hilda Mary [tn. 1897, Capt.
Herbert Prentice, R.E.]. Seat —

John Forbes Woodhouse, Esq., J. P., Beds., b. 1859 ; m.
1887, Beatrice Mostyn, d. of Maj.-Gen. Eardley Childers,
R.A. ; and has issue — Ralph Forbes Woodhouse, Gentle-
man, b. 1889; and Mary Beatrice Forbes. Res. —

Arthur Lionel Woodhouse, Esq., J. P. co. Essex, b.
1866 ; tn. 1896, Frances Lucy Isabel, d. of Oswald Peter
Leigh of Belmont Hall, co. Chester ; and has had issue —
(1) Lionel Mostyn Woodhouse, Esq., M.C., M.D.,, Capt.
R.A.F., b. 1896 ; killed in action 1918 ; (2) Mosley Gordon
Woodhouse, Gentleman, Sub-Lieut. R.A.N.S., b. 1898 ;
killed in action 19 17 ; (3) John Herbert Woodhouse, Gentle-
man, Midshipman R.N., b. 1900; (4) Peter Leigh Wood-
house, Gentleman, b. 1906; Barbara Isobel ; Pauline; and
Nancy Leigh. Res. — Tofts, Little Baddow, Essex. Club —

WOODROFFE (U.O.) Gules, on a chevron argent,
between three roses of the last, barbed and seeded proper,
as many stags' heads erased sable, a chief nebuly per fesse
of the third and of the second, charged with a trefoil slipped
vert. Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, an open dexter hand between two branches of
honeysuckle all proper. Motto — "Cor ac manus concordant. "
Livery — Dark olive green and orange, with brass buttons.
Sons of James Tisdall Woodroffe, Esq., B.A. (Dublin),
Barr. -at-Law, formerly H.M. Advocate-General of
Bengal, and Member of the Supreme and Bengal
Legislative Councils ; created Knight Commander of
St. Gregory by His Holiness Leo XIII., J. P. for cos.
Dorset and Devon, b. 1838; d. 1908; tn. 1863, Flor-
ence (d. 1894), d. of late James Hume, Esq., Senior
Magistrate of Calcutta : —
Sir John George Woodroffe, Knt. Bach. M.A. and B.C.L.
(Oxford), Reader in Indian Law Oxford Univ., formerly one
of H.M. Judges of the High Court at Calcutta, b. 1865;
tn. 1902, Ellen Elizabeth Grimson ; and has issue — James
Edward Woodroffe, Esq., b. 1909; and Agnes Elizabeth.
Res. — 17, Bradmore Road, Oxford. Clubs — Oxford and
Cambridge, Bengal (Calcutta).

Francis Edmund Denman Woodroffe, Gentleman,
formerly Lieut, in H.M. Royal Welsh Regt., b. 1868.




Alban James Woodroffe, Esq., M.B.E., J.P..C.C. and
1(1917) High Sheriff Dorset, Lord of the Manor of Uplyme,
£. 1875; m - I 9°3' Annette Laura Mary Talbot ; and has
issue— Reginald James Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1905.
Res. — Rhode Hill, Uplyme, Dorset.

Sons of Rev. John Nunn Blacker Woodroffe, M.A.
(Dublin), b. 1841 ; m. 1868, Mary Sophia Henrietta, d.
of Frederick Bash ford : —
John Frederick Launcelot Woodroffe, Gentleman, b.

James Henry Blacker Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1870.
Francis Percy Lake Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1875.
Rev. Cyril Atwell Woodroffe, b. 1883. Res. — Woodnewton
Vicarage, Peterborough.

Sons of the late Very Rev. John Nunn, Canon Wood-
roffe, Rector of Glanmire, and Canon of St. Finbars,
Cork ; b. 1810 ; d. 1892 ; m. 1st, Elizabeth Phair ; 2nd,
Anna Sandes ; 3rd, Catherine Warren : —
Francis Henry Woodroffe, late Madras Civil Service, b.
1841 ; m. 1866, Elizabeth Dunman ; and d. 29 October 1882 ;
leaving issue — (1) Arthur James Woodroffe, Esq., aLt.-Col.
of the Royal Engineers, b. 1871 [m. Eliza de la Torre, and
has issue— James Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1918]; (2)
Paul Vincent Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1875 [m. 1907,
Dorothy, d. of Col. Lynch-Staunton ; and has issue —
Francis Martin Woodroffe Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1910;
Michael Staunton Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1913 {Res. —
Westington, Campden, Glos. )] ; (3) Rev. Louis Woodroffe,
M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders, b. 1880; (4) Bernard Wood-
roffe, Gentleman, b. 1883 ; Lillian Rosa Elizabeth ; Isabel
Anna ; Marie ; and Francis Gertrude.

Sandes Crosbie Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1855 ; m. 1st,
Florence (d. 1895), d. of the late Major Thomas Hearn,
76th Regt. ; 2nd, 1907, Emily, d. of E. P. Johnson of
Cliff Castle, Dalkey, co. Dublin; and has issue — (1) John
Hearn Woodroffe, Gentleman, M.D. (24 Cavendish Square,
W.i),b. 1887O. 1911, Alice Elsa, d. of E. P. Johnson of Cliff
Castle, Dalkey, and has issue — Florence Cyrilla] ; (2) Francis
Johnson Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1908. Property — Balling-
anna, co. Cork. Res. —

Son of John F. Woodroffe, Gentleman, M.D. (Dub.),
b. 1835; m. , :—

Henry Dobree Woodroffe, Gentleman, M.D. (Dub.), b.
1882. Res. — Woodstock, Oxon.

Sons of Augustus Warren Woodroffe, Gentleman, M.D.

(Dub.), b. 1857; d. 1927; m. 1886, Florence, d. of late

John Lewis, formerly of Burton Hall, Denbighshire : —

Harry Lewis Warren Woodroffe, Gentleman, M.D., b.

1888 ; m. 1918, Clementina Isabella, d. of the late James

Cunningham, of Netherton House, Glasgow, and has issue

—Anthony James Warren Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1920 ;

Gervas Arthur Warren Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 192 1.

Res. — 1 Richmond Place, Chester.

Lionel Warren Woodroffe, Gentleman, b. 1893. ^ es - —
St. Martin's School, Northwood. Middx.

WOODS (H. Coll., 1896). Or, on a mount vert, a lion
statant guardant in front of an oak-tree proper, fructed of
the first, a chief azure, thereon a pale argent, between two
circlets of the crown of a King of Arms, also of the first, a
■cross of St. George gules.

Only surv. child and sole heiress of William Francis
Woods, Esq. (only son of the late Sir Albert William
Woods, G.C.V.O., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., Garter Princi-
pal King of Arms) : —
Frances Harriet Helen Woods. Res. —

WOODS (H. Coll.). Per fesse gules and argent, in
•chief two oak-trees eradicated and fructed proper, and in
base a rose of the first, barbed, seeded, leaved, and
slipped also proper. Mantling gules and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, in front of an oak- tree
fructed, two clubs in saltire all proper. Motto — " Suis
stat viribus."

Son of the late Thomas Woods, of Harrogate: —

Frederick Lindsay Woods, Gentleman, B.A., M.B.,
B.C., D.P.H. (Camb.), Port Health Officer, Amoy, b. 1880;
m. 1906, Caroline Mary Donney. Res. — Amoy, S. China.
Clubs — Thatched House ; Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).

WOODS (L.O., 1812, and H. Coll.). Azure, a wood-
man proper, wreathed about the temples and the middle
with laurel vert, holding in his dexter hand a club, head
downwards in pale or, his sinister arm extended and point-
ing upwards, and his right foot resting on a bezant, on a
chief or, a lion passant guardant gules. Mantling gules,

doubled argent. Crest (H. Coll.) — Issuing out of a ducal
coronet or, a mount vert, thereon a lion statant guardant of

the first in front of an oak-tree proper, fructed or. Motto —

" Robur."

Son of Gen. William George Woods, C.S.I, (s. of Sir
William Woods, Garter King of Arms), b. 1804; d.
1880; m. 1833, Sarah, d. of Andrew Clark : —
James Andrew Woods, Esq., Lt.-Col. (ret.) Roy. Dub.

Fus. , b. 1836; m. 1st, 1862, Catherine Louisa, widow of

Capt, T. Walter Still, K.D.G. ; 2nd, 1902, Fanny, eld. d.

Capt. W. F. Grey, R. H.A. ; and has issue an only surv.

son, James Albert Woods, Esq. , b. 1875. Res. —

WOODS (H. Coll.). Argent, on a mount in base an
oak-tree eradicated, fructed proper, a chief gules, thereon a
pale or, charged with a demi-wild man affrontee, in the
dexter hand a club and in the sinister an acorn stalked and
leaved all also proper. Mantling: vert and argent. Crest

— On a wreath of the colours, an oak-tree eradicated, fructed
proper, therefrom a demi-wild man as in the arms.




Sons of Charles John Woods of Godalming, one of
H.M.'s Coroners for co. of Surrey, b. 181 r ; d. 1868; m.
1840, Caroline, d. of Benjamin Kidd, of Lanaway,
Godalming : —

Henry Charles Woods, Esq., C.B. (1902), C.V.O. (1901),
M.D. , Hon. Physician to the King since 1901, and Med.
Officer to Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert " 1887-1901,
Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals and Fleets (ret.), b. 1841 ; m.
1868, Elizabeth Maria, d. of late Col. G. R. Kennedy,
R.A. ; and has issue. Res. — Lisnamandra, Alverstoke,

Bernard Woods, Gentleman, b. 1846; m. 1870, Lydia
Isabella, d. of David Moline ; and has issue. Res. —

Ernest Woods, Gentleman, £. 1855; m. 1890, Constance
Ada, d. of Edward John Brown Jellicorse ; and has issue—
(1) Edward Ambrose Woods, Esq., M.C. , Major R.A. ,
b. 1891 ; (2) Charles Humphrey de Meuron Woods, Esq.,
Lieut. -Comdr. R.N. , b. 1894; (3) Robert Barnard Woods,
Gentleman, Lieut. R.A. , b. 1900. Res. — Childerstone,
Liphook, Hants. Club — Constitutional.

Arthur Biddle Woods, Gentleman, b. 1857; tn. 1886, Mary
Agnes (d. 1908), d. of William Holt Midgley ; and has surv.
.ssue — (1) Eric Evelyn Woods, Gentleman, b. 1888; (2) Denys
Woods, Gentleman, b. 1891 ; (3) Rex Woods, Gentleman
(5 Chepstow Mansions, Chepstow Place, W.2), b. 1894;
(4) Draycot Birkett Woods, Gentleman, b. 1896 ; and Una.
Res. — 14 Sinclair Gardens, Kensington, W.

Alfred Wadham Woods, Gentleman, b. 1858. Res. —

WOODS (Arms of Snooke, H. Coll., 14 Feb. 1834)—
Azure, on a chevron argent, between two eagles displayed in
chief and a lion rampant in base or, three fleurs-de-lys


gules. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a rock proper, thereon an eagle regardant,
wings elevated or, the dexter claw resting on an escutcheon

argent, charged with a fleur-de-lys gules. Motto —

" Integritate tutus."

Only son of Matthew Snooke Grosvenor Woods
(formerly Snooke), Esq., late Fellow of Trin Coll.,
Cambridge, K.C., Bencher of Lincoln's Inn; adopted
the name of Woods in compliance with directions in his
father's will, 1863, b. 1838 ; d. 1925 ; m. 1877, Mary-
Amabel, dau. of John Vincent Thompson, Esq.,.
Serjeant-at-Law : —
Matthew Grosvenor Woods, Gentleman, b. 1878 ; m.

1917, Eva Florence Mary, d. of Charles Hudson, and has

issue — Christopher Matthew Woods, Gentleman, b. 1923 ;.

Leonard Hale Woods, Gentleman, b. 1926. Res. — 21

Holland Villas Road, W.14.

WOODS of Blundeston (H. Coll.). Azure, on a fesse
engrailed erminois, between two chaplets of roses argent,
three escallops sable. Mantling azure and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a horse's head couped argent,
maned or, issuant from a chaplet of roses gules, and hold-
ing in the mouth a broken spear in bend also or. Motto —
" Ora et labora."

Son of Thomas Woods, Esq., J. P. Glamorganshire,.
Major and Hon. Lt.-Col. Glamorganshire Artil. 1871-
88 (V.D.), b. 1820; d. 191 2; m. i860, Elizabeth H.,
d. of Rev. Charles Hardwick, Rector of St. Michael's,.
Gloucester : —
Major William Fountain Woods, V.D. , J. P. co. London,
Mayor of Chelsea 1902-3-4, late 2nd (South) Middlesex
V. R., b. 1845. Estate — Blundeston Hall, near Lowestoft.
Res. — Llandaff Place, Llandaff. Club — Junior Consti-

WOODS (U.O., 12 Nov. 1847 and 12 Aug. 1910).
Azure, on a mount, an oak-tree proper, fructed or, with a
bugle-horn sable, stringed gules, suspended therefrom on
the sinister side, all within a bordure engrailed of the third.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a demi-savage, holding in his right hand an
oak-tree eradicated and in his left a club resting on his
shoulder, wreathed about the waist and temples with oak
all proper. Motto — " Patientia vincit omnia."

Elder son of Ninian M. Woods, M.D., L.R.C.S.I., b.

1819; d. 1884; m. 1846, Rebecca Mary, d. of Rev.

William Hill of Motehill Glebe, co. Waterford :—

William Henry Woods, Gentleman, b. 1849; m. 1st,.

1877, Elizabeth Morrison ("'. 1894); 2nd, 1895, Isabella

Grey. Res. — Bayfield, Ontario, Canada.

Sons of William Henry Woods, M.D., M.A. (Trin.
Coll., Dub., and Oxford), Surgeon R.N. (yr. brother
of Ninian M. Woods), b. 1828; d. 1863; m. 1853,
Emily Rosamond, d. of Capt. John Knipe, formerly
1st Royal Dragoons and then 60th Regt. of Foot, of
Spring Hill, Queen's Co. : —
Ninian Wildridge Woods, Gentleman, M.R.C.S. (Eng.),
L.R.C.P.I. and L.M., L.M. Rot. Hosp. (Dub.), J. P. for
Huron Co., Assoc. Coroner, Govt. Exam, in Lunacy, b.
i860; m. 1901, Margaret Fisher, d. of Walter Ewing
Buchan of Durham, Ontario; and has issue — Lucy Rosa-
mond ; and Jean Margaret. Res. — Bayfield, Ontario,

Lt.-Col. Albert Edward Woods, C.S.I. (1912), H.M.
Indian Army, Inspector-General of Military Police, Assam,,
India, 1912-17, b. 1862; m. 1904, Audrey Katherine
Mary, d. of Rev. Prebendary E. R. Hampden (son of
Bishop Hampden); and has issue — Edward Galbraith
Woods, b. 1906. Res. — South Pen, Berrow Road, Burnham-
on-Sea. Clubs — East India United Service, Bengal United
Service (Calcutta).

WILLIAM WOODS, Esq., J. P. for Lancaster, Hamp-
shire, and the Borough of Wigan, Mayor of Wigan 1889,
1890, and 1 891, Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. (ret.) late comdg.
Hants. Carabiniers Yeo., B.A. (Camb.). Born Dec. 2, 1855,.
being the eldest son of the late Henry Woods, Esq., of
Warnford Park, in the county of Southampton, J. P. and
D.L. for the county of Lancaster, M.P. for Wigan 1857-
1874, by his first wife Hannah, only child of Charles
Hindley, M.P. for Ashton-under-Lyne, in the county of
Lancaster, 1832-1859. Armorial bearings— Argent, a
chevron nebuly gules, guttee-d'eau, between three martlets
sable. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — Upon
a wreath of the colours, a staff raguly fessewise sable,
thereon a martlet, wings elevated of the last, guttee-d'eau.
Motto — " Labore et perseverantia. " Married, September
20, 1879, Emma Agnes, daughter of Sir Edmund Samuel


Hayes, third Baronet, of Drumboe Castle, in the county of
Donegal ; and has Issue— (i) Charles Henry Woods, Gentle-
man, Mil. Consul at Adana, Asia Minor, late Grenadier
Guards, served in S. African War (Queen's medal and 2
clasps), 6. June 17, 1881 ; (2) Edmund William Woods,
Gentleman, b. January 6, 1886. Seat — Warnford Park,
Bishop's Waltham. Clubs — Cavalry, New University,
Oxford and Cambridge.

JULIA LUCY WOODWARD. Spinster, dau. of the
late Richard Woodward of " The Knoll," Clevedon, Somer-
set. Armorial bearings — On a lozenge, argent, two bar-
rulets gules, between as many stags' heads caboshed in chief
and a pheon in base sable, on a chief of the last, a wolf passant
or. Residence— The Knoll, Clevedon.

WOODWARD (H. Coll.). Or, two bars sable between
three oak-leaves in pale vert. Mantling sable and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front of an heraldic

92300 2137

garnished or. Mantling vert and argent. Crest — Issuant

tiger's. head erased argent, tufted sable, two roses fessewise
gules, barbed and seeded proper. Motto — " Gardez bien. "
Sons of James Woodward, b. 1828 ; d. 1886; m. 1876,
Mary, d. of William Walker : —

James Reginald Walker Woodward, Gentleman [Arms as
above impaling for May : — Sable, a chevron or, between
three roses argent, a chief of the second], b. 1876 ; m. 1903,
Alice, d. of John Frederick May, Gentleman ; and has issue
— Alys Daphne May ; and Hildred May. Res. — 2 Ladbroke
Road, Epsom.

William Percy Walker Woodward, Gentleman, Cadet,
served with R.F.A. in Great War, b. 1879 ; d. 1916.

Harold Walker Woodward, Esq., late temp. Capt.
R.F.A., served Great War, b. 1880. Res.—

Ernest Bernard Walker Woodward, Gentleman, b. ;

m. 1910, Mrs. Grace Attwood, d. of the late Waller,

and has issue— Bernard Woodward, Gentleman, b. ;

William Anthony Woodward, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Hamilton, Ottawa, Canada.

WOODWARD (H. Coll.). Vert, on a [pale engrailed
between two eagles displayed argent, a bugle-horn proper,

from an antique crown or, a greyhound sejant argent.

Son of Rev. Jonathan Henry Woodward, late Vicar of
St. James's, Bristol, b. ; d. ; m. • —
Col. Charles Cunningham Woodward, late 4th Batt.
King's Liverpool Regt. , b.



Armorial bearings— Per chevron per pale azure and gules

2I 3 8



and argent, guttee-de-poix, two ingots of gold fesseways in
chief and a fleece in base proper. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest— Upon a wreath of the colours, in front of
a palm-tree on a rock proper, a lion couchant regardant
per pale indented azure and gules, supporting with the
dexter forepaw an ingot of gold erect. Motto — " Laborare
et tempus aucupari."

J. P. co. Devon, M.A. Camb. Born 1864, being the son
of Rev. George Ley Woollcombe, M.A. , Rector of St.
Mewan, Cornwall, 1871-1889, J. P. for Cornwall, d. 1902;
m. 1859, Edith, dau. of Henry Lambe. Armorial bear-

ings (H. Coll., confd. 1625). — Argent, three bars gules.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a falcon proper, the wings displayed argent,
charged with three bars gules, belled and jessed or.
Motto — " Ubi libertas ibi patria." Livery — White, with
red facings. Married, 1911, Edith lone, only dau. of
Henry Hodge, Esq., J. P., R.N., of St. Austell, Cornwall.
Seat — Hemerdon, Plympton, Devon. Club — R. Western

WOOLLCOMBE of Ashbury (H. Coll.). Argent, three

bars gules, in chief a mullet sable. Mantling gules and

argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a falcon

proper, wings displayed argent, charged with three bars

gules, belled and jessed or Livery — Brown, with red facings.

Son of Henry Woollcombe, Esq., J. P., B.A., b. 1848 ;

d. 1883 ; tn. 1876, Annie Mary Josephine, d. of William

P. Jordan: —

Major Louis Douglas Woollcombe, Devon Regt., b. 1882 ;

tn. 1912, Esm^ Margaret, d. of Major Amyatt-Burney of

Woodhill, Honiton ; and has issue — (1) John Charles Ernie

Woollcombe, Gentleman, b. 1914 ; (2) Kenneth Douglas

Woollcombe, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; (3; North Henry Amyatt

Woollcombe, b. 1917; (4) Ernie Edensor Woollcombe,

Gentleman, b. 1919 ; Ann Daphne ; and Susan Jane. Seat

— -Ashbury, Northlew, Devon. Club— Cavendish.

Son of Ven. Henry Woollcombe of Ashbury, Arch-
deacon of Barnstaple, b. 1813 ; d. 1885 ; tn. 1846,
Jaquelte Elizabeth (d. 1900), d. of Capt. Charles
Belfield Louis, R.N.:—
Rev. Thomas Clement Woollcombe, b. 1864. Res. —
The Vicarage, St. James-the-Less, Plymouth.

Son of Rev. Louis Woollcombe, b. 1814; d. 1889;

in. 1854, Augusta Rundell, d. of the Rev. Charles

Brown of Whitstone, Devon : —

Lt.-Gen. Sir Charles Louis Woollcombe, K.C.B.,

K.C.M.G., Lt.-Gen. (ret.) late King's Own Scottish

Borderers, served Great War (despatches), G.O. Order of

the Crown of Belgium and Roumania, Order of the White

Eagle (Serbia), b. 1857? tn. 1886, Agnes Meade, ygst. d.

of Gen. Sir John Irvine Murray, K.C.B. ; and has had

issue — (1) Malcolm Louis Woollcombe, Esq., O.B.E.,

Capt. (ret.) Lincoln Regt., b. 1891 [m. 1919, Eileen, d. of

Lt.-Col. A. Conway Bishop, and has issue — Robert Malcolm

Woollcombe, Esq., b. 1922 (Res. — 7 Roland Gardens,
S.W.)]; (2) Charles Stephenson Woollcombe, 2nd Lieut.
K.O. Scottish Borderers, b. 1895; killed in action 1914;.
and Joan Wilhelmina. Res. — Chat Moss, Bexhill-oo-Sea.

Son of Rev. Arthur Augustus Woollcombe, M.A.

(Oxford), b. i860; d. 1921 ; m. 1898, Miriam Sibylle,

fifth d. of the late Adm. W. Cornish Bowden : —
Louis Arthur William Woollcombe, Gentleman, b. 1898.
Res. — Okehampton, Devon.

Yngst. son of Rev. Louis Woollcombe (see above) : —
Gerald Douglas Woollcombe, Gentleman, b. 1865 ; m.
1895, Mary Edith Violet, eldest d. of Edward Arthur
Harley of Clifton, Bristol; and has issue — (1) Geoffrey
Harley Douglas Woollcombe, Esq., Capt. Indian Army, b.
1898 ; (2) Richard Jocelyn Woollcombe, Gentleman, b. 1902.
Res. — Cranmere, Newton Abbot, S. Devon.

Sons of Rev. George Woollcombe, b. 1819; d. 1886;

tn. 1865, Emily Rose, d. of Charles Stirling: — ■
Rt. Rev. Henry St. John Stirling Woollcombe, D.D.,
(Oxford), Bishop of Whitby, b 1869 ; m. 1913, Florence
Hilda, d. of Canon M. Argles, and has surv. issue — 4 daus.
Res. — Bolton Percy Rectory, York.

Rear-Adm. Louis Charles Stirling Woollcombe, C.B.,
M.V.O. , R.N. (ret.), served Great War, b. 1872; m. 1905,

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