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Alfred Irby, Gentleman, b. 1901. Res. —

IREDELL formerly of Furze Court ( H. Coll. ). Quarterly,
1 and 4, ermine, asword bendwisebetweentwobendlets gules
(Iredell, 24 May 1792) ; 2 and 3, or, a stag trippant gules,
antlered argent (Macartney, 22 March 1909). Mantling
gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a
dexter arm embowed in armour proper, garnished and
charged with two estoiles in pale or, in the hand a sword
argent, pommel and hilt gold.

Son of Lt.-Col. F M Iredell, Bombay Army:—

The Late Lt.-Gen. Francis Shrubb Iredell, Col. 114th
Mahrattas, Indian Army, served in Indian Mutiny 1857-8,
against the Wagheers in Kattywan86o-i, and in the Afghan
War 1880-81, b. 1837; d. 1924; m. 1867, Katharine Helen
(Res.— Vernon Lodge, Harrington Road. Brighton), d. of
fohn Green of Herbert Place, Dublin, and left issue— Violet.


Alexander Irvine of Drum, Esq., 23rd Lord of the Barony
of Drum (1324), and 23rd Royal Forester of the Forest of
Drum (1323), Chief of the family of Irvine, b. 1907. Seat-
Drum Castle, Drumoak, Aberdeenshire.

MARY AGNES IRVINE, Widow, only child of John
Ramsay, Esquire, of Barra. Armorial bearings
are, upon a lozenge: Argent, three small sheaves
(or bundles) of holly, two and one, each consisting of as
many leaves slipped vert, and impaling the arms of Ramsay
of Barra, namely,' quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, an eagle dis-
played sable, surmounted of a fesse of the field, charged
with three stars of six points wavy azure ; 2 and 3, argent,
three stars of six points wavy azure, in the centre chief a
mullet gules, within a bordure chequy invected of the second
and first. Supporters — Two savages wreathed about the
head and middle with holly, each carrying in their hands
a baton all proper. Married, Nov. 18, 1880, Francis Hugh
Forbes Irvine, Esq., of Drum, in the county of Aberdeen,
Justice of the Peace, Master of Arts of the University of Ox-
ford, who died July 1894 ; and has had Issue — (1) Alexander
Forbes Irvine, Gentleman d. 1922 ; (2) Quentin Hugh
Innes Irvine, Gentleman [m. 1913, Irene Dorothy, d. of
John Alexander Burnett of Ken way]. Seat — Straloch,
Barra Castle, Aberdeen. Postal address — Straloch,

IRVINE (L.O., 1899). Parted per chevron argent and
vert, three holly leaves all countercharged. Mantling vert
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a holly

IRVIVEof Drum (L.O., 7 July, 1676). Argent, three
small sheaves (or bundles) of holly, each consisting of as
many leaves slipped and tied with bands gules. Mantling
gules, doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of his colours
(vert and argent), a sheaf of holly consisting of nine leaves
banded gules. Supporters— Two savages wreathed about
the head and loins with holly, each bearing in their hand
a baton proper. Motto—" Sub sole sub umbra virens."

Eld. son of Alexander Forbes Irvine, Esq., of Drum,

D.L., J. P., Vice-Convener of Aberdeenshire, Lieut.

Grenadier Gds., B.A. (Oxon.), b. 1881 ; d. 1922; m.

1905, Dorothy Isobel, second d. of the late Col.

Henry Crawford of Rothienorman and Badenscoth,

Roy. Innis. Fus. : —

wreath proper. Motto — "Sub sole sub umbra virens."

Son of Thomas Irvine, Esq., J. P. co. Liverpool, b.

1818; d. 1907; m. 2nd, 1853, Isabella, d. of David

Gilkison, Esq., J. P. co. Renfrew: —

David Gilkison Irvine, Gentleman, b. i860 ; m. 1914,

Hilda (d. 1924), d. of John Findlay, Maviscourt, Liverpool.

Res. — n Fulwood Park, Liverpool.

IRVINE of Castle Irvine (Confn. 1913, U.O.). Quar-
terly, 1 and 4, argent, a fesse gules between three holly
leaves vert (Irvine) ; 2. azure, semee of cross crosslets and
three cinquefoils argent (DArcy); 3. or, a chevron sable
(Mervyn). Mantling gules and argent. Crests — 1. on a




wreath of the colours, a gauntlet fessewise issuant out of a
cloud and holding a thistle all proper (Irvine); 2. on a
chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a bull passant sable,
armed or (D'Arcy) ; 3. on a wreath of the colours, a squirrel
sejant proper cracking a nut gules (Mervyn). Mottoes —
" Dum memor ipse mei " (Irvine); " Un Dieu, un roy"
(D'Arcy) ; •' De Dieu est tout " (Mervyn).

Son of William D'Arcy Irvine, Esq., J. P. and D.L. , of
Castle Irvine, co. Fermanagh, formerly Capt. 76th
Regt., High Sheriff 1885, b. 1823; d. 1913; tn. 1858,
Louisa, d. of C.'apt. Cockburn, R.A. : —
Charles Cockburn D'Arcy Irvine, Esq., Maj. North Irish
Horse, Capt. North of Ireland Imp. Yeo. , late Capt. 3rd
Batt. Inniskilling Fus. , High Sheriff 1886; »i. 1st, 1884,
Fanny Kathleen (d. 1910), d. of Lt.-Col. Jesse Lloyd of
Ballyleck, co. Monaghan; and 2nd, 1912, Mildred, ygst.
d. of late Henry Haward of Bramford, Suffolk; and has
issue (by first marr.) — (1) Charles William Irvine, Gentle-
man, Lieut. Leinster Regt., late 3rd Batt. Roy. Irish Rifles,
b. 1885 ; (2) Henry Cockburn Irvine, Gentleman, b. 1886
[m. 1914, Mildred Cicely Carleton, d. of Col. J. M. A. C.
Richardson of Rossfad, co. Fermanagh]; and Violet
Kathleen. Seat — Castle Irvine, Irvinestown, co. Fer-

IRVINE (H. Coll., 1882). Or, on a chevron azure, between
three sheaves of holly, each consisting of three leaves vert,
banded gules, an anchor erect with cable of the first between

two dolphins embowed proper. Mantling azure and or.
Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, in front of two
anchors saltireways with cables or, a dolphin embowed
proper. Motto — " Moderata durant."

Son of late Robert Irvine, Gentleman, b. ; d. 1901 ;

m. Louisa, d. of Edward Foster : —
Edward Foster Irvine, Esq., Major late R.G.A. (S.R.),
b. 1875 ; m. 1900, Florence Laurie, d. of John Rickinson ;
and has issue — Joan Foster. Club — Jun. Army and Navy.

IRVINE-FORTESCUE of Kingcausie (L.O., 17 July,

1919, Cadet of the Earl Fortescue). Quarterly, 1 and 4,

azure, a bend engrailed argent, between two cottises or

(Fortescue, H. C, 1785); 2, argent, three sheaves each

composed of as many holly leaves banded gules, a bordure

•chequy of the second and first (Irvine of Kingcausie, L.O.,

16 June 1676, Cadet of Irvine of Drum); 3, argent, an

eagle displayed sable, armed gules, a bordure invected of

the second (Ramsay of Culsh, L.O. , 1676). Mantlings

(dexter), azure, doubled argent; (sinister), vert, doubled

argent. Crests — (dexter), on a wreath of his liveries, an

heraldic tyger statant argent, armed or, and langued gules,

Motto — " Forte scutum salus ducum " ; (sinister), on a

wreath of his liveries, a letter X set within an annulet sable.

i tto — " Pro Deo et patriae patri." Motto (on the com-

partment) — " Subsole sub umbra virens." Badge— A tiger
passant with his tail extended, and supporting with his
dexterpaw an escutcheon argent. Livery — Blue, with yellow
facings, silver buttons.

Eld. Sjn of Archer Irvine-Fortescue of Kingcausie and
Swanbisier, Esq., J. P., D.L., b. 1819 ; d. 1907; m.
1848, Anne Irvine (d. 1909), d. of Patrick Syme,
and niece of John Irvine-Boswell, of Balmuto and
Kingcausie, J. P., D.L., Lieut. Coldstream Guards: —
William Archer Irvine-Fortescue of Kingcausie and
Swanbister, Esq., J. P., M.B., CM., Capt. (ret.) R.A.M.C.
(T. F.), Assistant Professor of Surgery, Marischall Coll.
(Aberdeen Univ.), 13th Laird of Kingcausie, b. 185 1 ;
tn. 1877, Edith Virginia, d. of John Robert Duguid,
and has issue — (1) Archer Irvine-Fortescue, Esq., D.S.O.
(1910), Order of St. Stanislas with swords (Russia), Major
R.A^M.C, M.B., Ch.B., b. 1880 [tn. 1916, Ruth Olive, d.
of Henry Boddington.Esq., J. P., of Pownall Hall, and has
issue — James William Irvine-Fcrtescue, Gentleman, b. 1920 ;
and Agnes Virginia [Res. — House of Eastland, Maryculter.
Club — New, Edinburgh)] ; (2) Rev. John Faithful Irvine-
Fortescue, Minister of Caldwell 1926, b. 1883 [m. 1917,
Anne, d. of J. Brockhurst Soutar, and has issue — Caroline
Edith (Res. — Manse of Caldwell, Uplawmuir, Glasgow)];
(3) William Grenville Irvine-Fortescue, Esq., M.C. with
bar, Capt R.E., b. 1897 [tn. 1921, Joan, d. of H. S. Powell,
of Pocklington, and has issue — Henry Irvine-Fortescue,
Gentleman, b. 1922 ; and Valerie Edith]. Seats — King-
causie, Maryculter, Kincardineshire ; and Swanbister by
Kirkwall, in the Orkney Islands.


JANETTE EMILIA IRVING, third and youngest
dau. of Rev. Matthew Irving, D.D. (Camb.), Canon
of Rochester and Rector of St. Mary's, Chatham. Armo-
rial hearings — On a lozenge, per fesse indented argent
and gules, two branches of laurel saltirewise vert, fructed
of the second, between as many roses in pale, counter-
changed, barbed and seeded proper.

JOHN BEAUFIN IRVING, Esquire, J. P. co. of
Dumfries, Col. formerly in the 4th King's Own Regt.,
the Military Train, and the A.S.C. ; Col. late commanding
3rd Batt. the Manchester Regt. Born 1844, being the
eldest son of John Beaufin Irving of Ironshore and Hart-
field, Jamaica, and his wife Diana Charlotte, third dau. of
Jonathan Williamson, of Lakelands, co. Dublin. Armo-
rial hearings (L.O. , 1891) — Argent, three holly leaves
proper, in the middle chief a crescent gules. Mantling
vert and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
mailed gauntleted hand proper, charged on the wrist with
a crescent gules, and holding a branch of holly consisting of
seven leaves fructed proper. Motto — " Haud ullis labentia
ventis." Married, 1865, Agnes, eldest dau. of Joseph
Corke, Esq., of Staplehurst, Kent ; and has issue — (1) John
Beaufin Irving, Gentleman, b. 1875 ; (2) Robert Beaufin
Irving, Gentleman, Sub.-Lieut. R.N.R. , b. 1877; and five
daughters. Seats — Bonshaw Tower, Ecclefechan ; Bicking-
ton Lodge, Fremington, N. Devon. Clubs — Primrose,
United Empire.


IRWIN of Rathmoyle (Confn. U.O. 16 Sept. 1910).
Argent, a trefoil between three holly-leaves slipped vert.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, a dexter cubit arm in armour, the hand grasping
a thistle all proper. Motto — " Haud ullis labentia ventis."
Sons of Arthur John Irwin, Gentleman, B.A. (Trin.
Coll., Dub.). Deputy Director of the Royal Survey,
Siam, b. 1868; d. 1928; tn. 1896, Josephine, d. of
H. G. Byrne:—
Richard Arthur Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1897. Seat —
Rathmoyle, Castlerea, co. Roscommon.
Edward Vincent Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1902.

Sons of Col. Richard Irwin of Rathmoyle, co.
Roscommon, J. P., and High Sheriff 1864, b. 1832 ; d.
1909 ; m. 1866, Cecilia Olivia, d. of Philip O'Reilly,
Esq., D.L., of Colamber, co. Westmeath : —
Rev. Francis Joseph Irwin, S.J., b. 1869. Res. —
Rev. Henry John Irwin, S.J., M.A., D.Litt. (Lond.),
b. 1870. Res. —

Valentine Philip Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1874. Res.—




Cyril James Irwin, Esq., C.I.E., V.D., Commissioner
Central Prov. India, B. A. Oxon., b. 1881 ; m. 1923, May,
eld. d. of the late Stephen Greham, and has issue — 1 dau.
Res.— Jubbulpore, C.P. India. Clubs — E.I. United Service,
St. Stephen's Green (Dublin).

IRWIN of Carnagh, co. Armagh (Confn. , U.O., 12

March 1907). Argent, on a fesse engrailed gules, between

three holly leaves vert, a trefoil slipped or. Mantling

gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a

forearm vambraced, charged with a trefoil as in the arms,

the hand grasping a thistle all proper. Motto—" Nemo

me impune lacessit." Livery — Light drab, with red facings.

Eld. surv. son of John Robert Irwin, Esq., J. P., of

Carnagh House, co. Armagh, b. 1788; d. 1872; m.

1840, Elizabeth Emily, d. of Nicholas De la Cherois

Crommelin, Esq., J. P., of Carrowdore Castle, co.

Down : —

De la Cherois Thomas Irwin, Esq., C. M.G., Hon.

A.D.C. to Earl of Minto and Earl Grey, Gov. -Gen. of

Canada, Hon. Col.-Comdt. Canadian Artill., b. 1843;

m. 1867, Isabella, eld. d. of Robert Hamilton, Esq., J. P.,

of Hamw ood, Quebec ; and has issue — Arthur De la Cherois

Irwin, Esq., Major (ret.) R.C.A., b. 1885; (2) Robert

Hamilton Irwin, Esq.. B.Sc, Major R.C.E., b. 1887; (3)

William Eric Crommelin Irwin, Esq., Major (ret.)

P.P.L.L.I., B.Sc, b. 1890; and Isabel Gladys Hamilton

[m. Col. A. Z. Palmer, C.M.G., R.C.A. (ret.)]. Seat and

estate — Carnagh House, co. Armagh, Ireland. Res. — 170

Cooper Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Club — Rideau


Only son of Fitz John Robert Irwin, M.D. , of Kilkeel,

co. Down (son of John Robert Irwin and Elizabeth

Emily De la Cherois Crommelin), b. 1849 ; d. 1882 ;

m. 1880, Sarah, d. and coh. of Andre" Allen Murray

Ker of Newbliss, co. Monaghan : —

Major Murray Fitz John Irwin, D.L. , and (1910) High

Sheriff, co. Monaghan, 3rd Inniskilling Fusiliers, b. 1881.

Seat — Beech Hill, Monaghan, Ireland.

Sons of Edmund Herbert De Moleyns Irwin, Gentle-
man, b. 1856; d, 1920 ; m. 1892, Mary, d. of Thomas
Boyer : —
Basil Herbert John Irwin, Esq., served Great War as
Major, Canadian Infantry, /'. 1893.

Cecil Boyer Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1898. Res. — Calgary,
Sask. , Canada.

IRWIN of Mount Irwin, co. Armagh (Confn. U.O.
1907 and 1909, on user since 1721). Argent, on a fesse

engrailed gules between three holly-leaves vert, a trefoil
slipped or. Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a

wreath of the colours, a fore-arm vambraced, charged with

a trefoil as in the arms, the hand grasping a thistle all

proper. Motto — "Nemo me impune lacessit." Livery —

Buff and green.

Sons of Rev. Robert Irwin, b. ; d. ; m. ,
Elizabeth Caroline, d. of Edward Purdon of Lisnabin,
co. Westmeath : —
? surviving issue.

Sons of De la Cherois Hastings Irwin, Gentleman,
M.I.M.E., ^.1855; d. 1920; m. 1881, Nona Louisa,
(Res. — Menteith, New Dover Road, Canterbury),
seventh d. of the Rev. F. B. Wright, M.A. , of Brough-
ton Rectory, Manchester : —
Clinton De la Cherois Irwin, Esq., M.C., Lt.-Col. (ret.),

Manchester Regt., served Great War (M.C.), b. 1882; m.

1910, Everilda, d. of Hatt Cook, of Hartford Hall,

Cheshire ; and has issue — Nancy Everilda De la Cherois ;

and Flavia Hatt. Res —

Philip Hastings Irwin, Esq., Comdr. (ret.) R.N., b. 1884 ;

Vice-Consul at Monte Video; m. 1913, Amy Verden, d. of

William H. Cox of Snaigow, Perthshire, and has had issue

— William Richard Philip Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1914 ; d.

1915 ; Angus Digby Hastings Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1917 ;

and Bridget Verden. Address — H.B.M.'s Consulate,

Monte Video.
Patrick Hugh Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1888. Res. — Ndigiri,

Riuru, Kenya.

Son of Thomas Hastings Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1815 ;
d. 1867; m. 1852, Frances, d. of William Brook, Esq.,
J. P., of Huddersfield :—
Basil Hastings Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1859. Res. — The

Lindens, Colchester.

Sons of Henry Crossley Irwin, Esq., J. P. co. Armagh,
B.A. (Oxon.), Bengal C.S., b. 1848; d. 1925; m. 1881,
Constance Harriet Catherine (d. 1926), d. of late Lt.-
Col. G. A. J. M'Clintcck ofFellows Hall, co. Armagh:—
George Valentine Crossley Irwin, Esq., J. P. Armagh,

Capt. (ret.) Royal Inniskilling Fus., has Order cf the Nile,

b. 1883. Seat — Mcunt Irwin, Tynan, co. Armagh. Club

Naval and Military.

Henry Mark Irwin, Gentleman, H.M.'s Colonial Service,

b. 1885; m. 1925, Mary, d. of the late Robert Duncan,

Esq., of Dalchenzie, Perthshire. Club — Royal Societies.
Felix Miles Patrick Irwin, Gentleman, late Lieut. Gren.

Gds., b. 1893.

Son of Henry Irwin, Esq., J. P., of Mount Irwin,
b. 1816 ; d. 1883 ; m. 1846, Harriet Josephine, d. of
George Ogle Laurence Jacob, H.E.I. OS. : —
George Robert Irwin, Esq., C.S.I. .O.B.E., B.A. (Oxon.),

Indian Civil Service (ret.), served Great War as Capt. R.

Irish Fusiliers, General List, b. 1855. Club — East India

United Service.

IRWIN (U.Off.). Argent, a mural crown gules,
between three holly leaves proper. Mantling gules,
doubled argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a
mailed arm fesseways holding in the hand a thistle and a
holly leaf all proper, and charged on the arm with a
crescent gules. Motto — " Nemo me impune lacessit."

Son of Sir George Irwin, J. P., of Cumberland Lodge,
Headingly, Leeds, b. 1832; d. 1899; m. 1861, Flora
Adelaide, d. of Capt. Thomas Jacob Smith, late 33rd
Regt. :-
Edward Irwin, Esq., b. 1867. Res. —

IRWIN (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1. per pale or and argent,
three annulets in fesse between as many holly leaves slipped
and pendent vert (Irwin) ; 2. or, a green parrot proper, in
the sinister chief a cross crosslet fitch^e sable (Senhouse) ;
3. argent, on a chevron between three lions' heads erased
gules, as many battleaxes of the field (Tiffin) ; 4. gules,
a fesse ermine between three boars' heads couped argent
(Towerson). Mantling vert and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, upon a mount between two holly
leaves vert, a dove argent, holding in the beak an olive
branch proper and an ear of wheat or. Motto — ' ' Haud
ullis labentia ventis." Livery — Olive green cloth coat and
trousers, brass or gilt buttons, olive green and yellow striped

Sons of Thomas Angelo Irwin, Esq., J. P. and D.L.
for co. Cumberland, High Sheriff 1897, formerly Royal
Scots Regiment, and Hon. Col. 2nd Middlesex Vol.
Art. , served in Ashanti Campaign 1873-74, (medal with
clasp), and Diamond Jubilee medal, b. 1845 ; d. 1913 ;
m. 1879, Lucy Frances, d. of George Henry Strutt,
Esq., Bridgehill, Belper, co Derby, D.L.: —




Thomas Strutt Irwin, Esq., J. P., Lt.-Col. R.O., late
ist R.D. 4th Batt. the Border Regt., ist Royal Dragoons,
Adjt. Westmorland and Cumberland Yeo. 1911-14, served
in S. Africa 1901-2 (Queen's medal, 5 clasps), and Great
War 1915-18 (despatches), b. 1881 ; m. 1910, Marjorie
Willis, d. of Dyson Lacy, late of St. Helens, Queensland ;
and has issue — Mary Frances ; Diana ; and Suzanne.
Estate and Postal Address — Justicetown, West Linton,

Reginald Strutt Irwin, Esq., D.S.O., Capt. The Black
Watch, served Great War (despatcnes twice), b. 1886 ; m.
1907, Florence Morna, only d. of late Capt. Brown-Wallis of
Ottawa, Canada; and has issue — Arthur Irwin, Gentle-
man, b. 1912; and Vivien Camille. Res. —

Henry Strutt Irwin, Gentleman, late Lieut. Scots Gds.
(S.R.), served Great War 1916, b. 1890; m. 1911, Alice
Fanny Page Turner, eldest d. of Rev. Charles Bayfield of
Ambros J en, Bicester, Oxon. ; and has issue — Charles Henry
Irwin, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; Alice Margaret ; and Joan.

ISAACS. Sable, a bend between two leopards'
faces or, on a chief argent a fasces fessewise proper.
Mantling sable and or. Crest — In front of a leopard's
head couped sable, a fasces as in the arms. Supporters
— On either side a leopard proper, round the neck a
collar or, pendent therefrom an escutcheon argent,
charged with a human head affrontee proper, erased at
the neck ducally crowned or. Motto — " Aut nunquam
tentes aut perfice."

Son of Joseph Michael Isaacs, of London : —

Most Hon. Sir Rufus Daniel Isaacs, P.C., G.C.B.,
G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., ist Marquess of Reading
(1926), Earl of Reading, Viscount Erleigh, of Erleigh,
Berks. (20 Dec. 1917), Viscount Reading, of Erleigh,
Berks. (26 June 1916), Baron Reading of Erleigh (9
Jan. 1914), F.R.C.I., LL.D., Oxford, Cambridge, and
of Toronto, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia
Universities, Barrister-at-Law and Bencher, Middle
Temple, Viceroy of India 1921-26, b. i860 ; m. 1887,
Alice Edith, G.B.E., C.I., d. of Albert Cohen, of
London ; and has issue — Gerald Rufus Isaacs, commonly
called Viscount Erleigh, Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple,
Lieut.-Col. Inns of Court O.T.C., b. 1889 \m. 1914,
Hon. Eva Violet, d. of ist Baron Melchett ; and has
issue — Hon. Michael Alfred Rufus Isaacs, b. i9 J 6;
Hon. Joan Alice Violet Rufus ; and Hon. Elizabeth
Rufus (Res.— 65 Rutland Gate, S.W.7)]. Res.— 32
Curzon Street, Mayfair, W. Clubs — Reform, Athenaeum.

ISAACSON (H. Coll., March 7, 191 6, in lieu of Arms
previously granted). Or, on a pile between two roses in
base azure, a lion rampant argent, holding between the
paws an escallop of the first. Mantling azure and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion argent,
collared gules, holding between the paws an escallop
azure. Motto— " 0AP2EI."

Son of Frederick Wootton Isaacson, Esq., J. P. and
D.L. ,M.P. , b. 1832 ; d. 1898; m. 1857, Elizabeth Marie
Louise, d. of Stephen Jaeger, Banker, of Prague : —
Frederick John Francis Wootton Isaacson, Esq. , Barrister-
at-Law, M.A., LL.M. , Lord of the Manor of Slindon, High
Sheriff, Sussex 1923-24, b. 1858. Seat — Slindon House,
nr. Arundel, Sussex. Clubs — Carlton, Ranelagh, Bath,

ISHERWOOD of Raggleswood (H. Coll.). Argent, a
fesse dancettee azure, between three rudders proper.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a lymphad sails furled sable, surmounted by a
rainbow proper. Badge — Two daffodils, leaved and
slipped proper, enfiled by a circlet or. Motto — " Perficio

Son of John Isherwood : —

Sir Joseph William Isherwood, ist Bart., of Raggles-
wood, Chislehurst (20 June, 1921), Member of the
Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, b, 1870; m. 1892,
Annie Mary, d. of M. Fleetham ; and has issue —
William Isherwood, Esq., b. 1898 ; Marie. Seat — Raggles-
wood, Chislehurst, Kent. Club— R.A.C.

ISHAM of Lamport (Vn. London, 1568). Gules, a fesse
wavy, and in chief three piles also wavy, the points meeting

in fesse argent ; the escutcheon charged with his badge of
Ulster as a Baronet. Mantling gules and argent. Crest

— On a wreath of the colours, a demi-swan with wings dis-
played argent, beaked sable. Mottoes — " Ostendo non
ostento " ; "In things transitory resteth no glory."

Son of John Vere Isham, b. 1803; d. 1883; m. 2nd,

1862, Emily, d. of John Kinch : —
Sir Vere Isham, nth Bart. (30 May 1627), J. P. Suffolk
and Northants, late Capt. 2nd Batt. Suffolk Regt., b. 1862 ;
m. 1895, Millicent, d. of late Henry Halford Vaughan,
Reg. Prof, of History at Oxford ; and has had issue — (1)
John Vere Isham, Esq., Lieut. Dragoon Gds., b. 1895 ; d.
on active service 1916 ; (2) Gyles Isham, Esq., b. 1903;
and Virginia. Seat — Lamport Hall, Northampton. Club
— Junior Carlton.


IVEAGH, Earl of, see GUINNESS.

IVERACH of Wideford, Orkney (L.O., 29 Jan. 1867).

Quarterly, 1 and 4, grand quarters, quarterly or and gules,

on a bend engrailed sable, three cross crosslets fitchee

argent; 2and3, grand quarters, counter-quartered i. andiiii.,

gyronny of eight or and sable ; ii. argent, a dexter hand

couped in fesse grasping a dagger erect gules ; iii. argent, a

galley with sails furled, cars in action, flags and pennon

flying sable, the whole within a bordure argent, charged

with three cushions gules. Mantling gules, doubled argent.

Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a boar's head couped

argent, langued gules. Motto — " Nunquam obliviscar. "

Only surv. son of John Guthrie Iverach, Gentleman,

b. 1836; d. 1875; m. 1859, Mary Hamilton, d. of

Alexander Russell Duguid, M.D.: —

William Iverach, Gentleman, b. 1865. Postal address —

c/o Messrs. Grey and Kellas, 207 Union Street, Aberdeen.





ISM AY (H. Coll.)- Azure a chevron, in chief a cross
patee between two bezants and in base a cross patee fitchee
all or. Mantling azure and or. Crest— On a wreath of

head as in the arms charged on the neck with a pome-

the colours, an esquire's helmet proper, in front thereof a
cross patee fitchee or. Motto—" Be mindful." Livery—
Chocolate, with canary-colour facings.

Sons of the late Thomas Henry Ismay, Esq., J. P. and
D.L. co. Chester, High Sheriff 1891, and J. P. co. Lan-
caster, b. ; d. 1899 ; m. , Margaret, d. of the late
Luke Bruce, Shipowner, of Liverpool : —
Joseph Bruce Ismay, Gentleman, b. 1862 ; m. 1888,
Julia Florence, d. of George R. Schieffelin of New York, in
the United States of America; and has issue— (1) Thomas
Bruce Ismay, Gentleman, b. 1894 [m. 1922, Jane Margaret
Seymour] ; (2) George Bruce Ismay, Gentleman, b. 1902
[m. 1926, Florence, d. of W. R. Erdington, of New York] ;
Margaret Bruce [m. 1912, Brig. -Gen. George Ronald
Hamilton Cheape, C.M.G., D.S.O., M.C.. of Wellfield,
Fife, and has issue] ; and Evelyn Constance [m. 1927,
Basil Sanderson] . Res. — 15 Hill Street, Berkeley Square,
W.i ; The Lodge, Costello, co. Galway ; Ardach House,
Braco, Perthshire. Clubs— Reform , Palatine (Liverpool),
Union (New York).

James Hainsworth Ismay, Gentleman [and impaling the

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