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Hall, co. Derby; and has issue — Angela Mary Mather;
and Elizabeth Georgiana Mather (Res. — Spital House,
Blyth, Rotherham)]. Fes.— Glapuell Hall, Chesterfield.
Club — Reform.

Son of William Jackson, Esq., J.P. for Chester, b.

1832 ; d. 1906 ; ?n. 1861, Therese Isabel, d. of Edward

Howard of Liverpool : —
William Jackson, Esq., J.P. , M.A. (Cambs.), b. 1870;
m. 1899, Blanche Whitworth, d. of the late George Atkin
of Egerton Park, Reck Ferry; and hassurv. issue— William
Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1902 [m. 1927, Lady Ankaret
Cecilia Howard, d. of 10th Earl of Carlisle, and has issue —
William Thomas Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1927]; and Pamela
Blanche. Res. — Leighton Court, Neston, Cheshire.

Younger sons of Sir William Jackson, 1st Bart., b.

1805; d. 1876; m. 1829, Elizabeth, d. of Thomas

Hughes of Liverpool : —
Thomas Hughes Jackson, Esq., J.P. , b. 1834; m. 1862,
Hermine (d. 1897), d. of Daniel Meinertzhagen of Belmont
House, Wimbledon; and has had issue — (1) Rt. Hon.
Frederick Huth Jackson, P.C., one of H.M. Lieuts.
for the City of London, Director of the Bank of England
b. 1863; d. 1921 [m. 1895, Clara Annabel Caroline, d. of
Rt. Hon. Sir Mountstuart Grant Duff, P.C., G.C.S.I. ; and
left issue — Frederick Huth Jackson, Gentleman, Lieut, late
R. Sussex Regt. andR.F.C. ,b. i896[#2. 1920, Helen, d. of Sir
Paul Vinogradoff, of 19 Linden Road, Oxford ; and has issue
— Patrick Huth Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1923; and Laura
Huth (Res. — Kingston, Jamaica. Clubs — Bath, Cavendish)];
Kouradin Huth [m. 1919, Capt. Arthur Hobhouse ; and has
issue] ; Anne Marie Huth ; and Clare Annabel Huth] ; (2)
GeoffreyMeinertzhagen Jackson , Esq. , J. P. , D. L. Derbyshire,
Hon. Brig.-Gen. , late Lt.-Col. comdg. 6th Batt. Sherwood
Foresters (T.D.), b. 1869 [m. 1893, Jessie Cowper Coles,
d. of the late Henry H. Laird ; and has had issue — Geoffrey

Laird Jackson, Esq., Capt. Rifle Bde., b. 1894 ; killed in
action 1917; Henry Humphrey Jackson, Esq. , M.C., J.P.
co. Derby, Capt. 6th Batt. Sherwood Foresters, served Great
War, b. 1895 [m. 1924, Georgina, d. of H. Howard Middle-
ditch, Esq., J.P. of Tamworth House, Driffield; and has
issue — Thomas Geoffrey Henry Jackson, Gentleman, b.
1926 (Res.— Ankerbold, Tupton, Chesterfield)] ; Guy Rolf
Jackson, Esq., M.C.Capt. Derbyshire Yeo., served Great
War, Chevalier Legion of Honour, b. 1896 ; Hermine Joan
Carmichael ; Margaret Beatrice Meinertzhagen ; and Edith
Bridget Huth (Res. - Clay Cross Hall, Chesterfield)] ;
(3) Ernest Somerville Jackson, Esq. .C.M.G., D.S.O., Lt.-
Col. R.A., late Welsh Regt., 4th Class Osmanieh, served
Great War (despatches), b. 1873; (4) Roland Octavius
Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1879 ; Margaret Hermine [m. 1889,
Charles Paxton Markham, Esq., J.P.]; Evelyn Johanna
[m. 1899, Charles Maxwell Nicholson]; and Winifred
Barbara Alice. Res. — The Manor House, Birkenhead.
Clubs — Reform, City Liberal.

Son of John Peter Jackson, Esq., b. 1843; d. 1899;

m. 1869, Florence, d. of William Evans of Cornwall

Gardens, S.W. : —
John Bertram Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1878 ; m. 1916,
Dora Pullinger. Club — Bath.

JACKSON. Party per chevron gules and or, in chief
two suns in splendour of the last, and in base three annu-
lets, one and two interlaced of the first. Mantling gules
and or. Crest— Upon a wreath of the colours, a horse or,
holding in the mouth an ear of wheat slipped vert, resting
the dexter foreleg on three annulets as in the arms.
Motto — " Essayez."

Son of Rt. Hon. George Herbert Jackson, 2nd Baron

Allerton, b. 1867 ; d. 1925 ; m. 1899, Katherine Louisa,

d. of Wm. Wickham Wickham of Chestnut Grove,

Yorks, :-
Rt. Hon. George William Lawies Jackson, 3rd Baron
Allerton (17 July 1902) [Supporters— On either side a
horse sable, collared vair and charged on the shoulder
with three annulets interlaced two and one or], Lieut.
Coldstream Gds. , b. 1903 ; m. 1926, Christine Joyce, d. of
the late John Randall Hatfeild of Thorp Arch Hall, Yorks.,
and has issue — Hon. Edward Lawies Jackson, b. 1928.
Seat — Thorp Arch Hall, Boston Spa, Yorks. Club —

Second, but only surv. son of 1st Baron Allerton, b.

1840 ; d. 1917 ; m. i860, Grace (d. 1901), d. of George

Tempest : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Stanley Jackson, P.C., G.C.I.E.,
Gov. of Bengal since 1927, D.L., W. R. Yorks., Chair-
man of the Conservative and Unionist Party 1923-6, M.P.
E. R. Yorks. 1915-26, Lt.-Col. late W. R. Yorks. Regt.,
formerly Capt. R. Lanes. Regt., b. 1870; m. 1902, Julia
Henrietta, d. of the late H. B. Harrison-Broadley, M.P.,
of Welton House, Brough, Yorks, ; and has issue —
Harry Stanley Lawies Jackson, Esq., b. 1903 [m. 1927,
Grace Diana, d. of Arthur P. Beddard, M.D.]. Res.—
Government House, Calcutta. Club — Carlton.

JACKSON of Stansted (H. Coll., 1902). Ermine, on a
pile azure, between two fountains in base proper, a sheldrake
close or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest-^-On a wreath
of the colours, upon a fountain proper, a sheldrake as in
the arms. Motto— " Aut mors aut victoria."

Sons of Sir Thomas Jackson, 1st Bart., J.P. Hong-
Kong, b. 1841 ; d. 1915 ; m. 1871, Amelia Lydia, d. of
late George Julius Dare, R.N. : —

Sir Thomas Dare Jackson, 2nd Bart. (4 Aug. 1902),
D.S.O., M.V.O., Col. Res. of Officers, late K.O. Royal
Regt., Hon. Brig.-Gen. 1919, served Great War 1914-17
(despatches three times, and Bar to D.S.O.), b. 1876;
m. 1919, Mary Lilian Vera Massey, d. of Brig.-Gen. S. E.
Massey Lloyd ! and has issue — Thomas Rickard Eyre Jack-
son, Esq., b. 1921 ; Julius Lloyd Jackson, Esq., b. 1922;
and Nancy Amelia. Seat — Herringfleet Hall, Lowestoft.
Club — Jun. United Service.

George Julius Jackson, Esq., Major late King's Royal
Rifle Corps, b. 1883; m. 1909, Nesta K. , eldest d. of
Hedworth Barclay of Geddesby Hall, Leics. ; and has
issue — David Thomas Trelawny Jackson, Gentleman, 6.
1917 ; Dawn Nesta; Joyce Katherine; Meryl Julian!
Daphne Myddelton. Res. — Great Pasbrooke Farm, Titeh-
field, Hants. Clubs — Jun. Naval and Military.

Walter David Russell Jackson, Esq., b. 1890; m. 1915,
Kathleen, d. of Summers Hunter ; and has issue — Michael
Rowland Jackson, Gentleman, b. 191 9. Res. —




JACKSON of Brisbane (H. Coll.). Barry of ten argent
and azure, a lion rampant gules, holding between the paws
an eagle's head erased or, two flaunches sable, each
charged with a mullet of six points of the fourth. Mantling

horse's head argent, collared gemel sable, an increscent and
a decrescent of the last (for Barstow) ; 2. on a wreath of the
colours, in front of two trees, a demi-catherine wheel, thereon

azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in
front of a mount vert, a mullet of six points or, thereon an
eagle close proper. Motto—" Confide recte agens."

Sons of Henry Jackson of Marnaharin, cos. Monaghan

and Dublin, Ireland ; b. ; d. 1857 ; m. 1833, Mary

Anne, d. of William White of Drumgavney, co.

Monaghan : —
William Henry Jackson, Esq., J. P., Colony of Queens-
land, b. 1835; m. 1872, Jane Eleanor, only d. of late
Daniel Steed of Belfast, Ireland; and has issue — (1)
William Thomas Isles Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1874; (2)
Lewis Henry Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1880; and Maude
Isabel [m. 1905, Ormond Howard Smith of Wunulla,
Hopetoun, Queensland ; and has issue]. Post. add. —

Robert Alexander Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1848 ; m. 1874,
Jessie, d. of James Downs of Kingstown, near Dublin ; and
has issue — (1) Ernest Vivian Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1877 ;
(2) William Henry Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1880 ; (3) Sidney
Francis Isle Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1885 ; (4) Norman
Leslie Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1890; Janet Isabel; Violet
Mabel Victoria ; and Lilian Jessie. Res. — Brisbane.

Sons of Francis Daniel Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1851 ;

d. 1912; m. , Frances, d. of Samuel Martin ot

Brisbane : —
William Sidney Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1873.
Francis Thomas Jackson, Gentleman, b. 1878. Res. —

J. P. and D.L. co. Somerset. Born Jan. 15, 1845, being
the second son of the late Rev. Thomas Norfolk Jackson,
by his wife Sarah Kilvington, dau. and heiress of Jeremiah
Barstow of Acomb, co. Yorks. ; and on succeeding to the
Yorkshire estates on the death of his uncle, Capt. John
Michael Barstow, in 1874, he assumed the additional sur-
name and arms of Barstow by Royal Licence. Armorial
hearings — Quarterly, 1 and 4, erminois, within two bars
gemel, between as many horses' heads in pale couped, five
crescents fessewise sable (for Barstow) ; 2 and 3 barry of
six sable and argent, on a bend nebuly ermine, between
two trees eradicated or, an acorn between as many jack-
daws close of the first (for Jackson). Mantling sable and
or. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, in front of a

a jackdaw close, both sable (for Jackson). Motto — "Nil
desperandum auspice Deo." Livery— Blue, black collar,
red facings and waistcoat. Married, Aug. 8, 1888, Mary,
elder dau. of Sir Abraham Woodiwiss of The Pastures, co.
Derby ; and has had Issue — John Eric Jackson Barstow,
Gentleman, born Aug. 10, 1895; killed in action ; Evelyn
Mary ; Mabel Dorothy ; Hilda Beatrice ; Ileene Violet (d.
1914) ; Constance Vera ; and Sybil Enid. Residence —
The Lodge, Weston-super-Mare, co, Somerset.

JACKSON (L.O.) Barry of eight argent and vert,

over all a lion rampant gules, armed and langued azure,
holding in his dexter paw a thistle slipped proper. Mant-




ling vert, doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of his
liveries, aneagle'sheaderased proper. Motto — " Sublimiora

Son of Robert Jackson, Merchant, Glasgow,
b. 1795 ; d. 1856 :—
William Jackson, Esq., Marine Engineer, Major 1st
Lanark R.E. Vols., b. 1844 ; m. 1883, T D ,

d. of Donald Fisher, Writer, Glasgow, and has had issue
— 2 sons (elder killed in action 19 18) ; and 1 dau. Res.
— Warrix, Troon, Ayrshire.

JACOBS (H. Coll., 18 July 1921). Azure, on a pile
ermine, between on the dexter a rose and on the sinister
two triangles interlaced argent, a lymphad sail furled or,
in base an escutcheon of the third charged with a dragon
rampant gules. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, upon a mount vert, a demi-lion
regardant supporting a staff proper, flowing therefrom
a banner azure, charged with two triangles interlaced
argent. Motto — " Dominus me regit."

Son of the late Chapman Jacobs, Gentleman, of
Swansea : —

Joseph Henry Jacobs, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Manor Heath, Knowle Hill, Woking, Surrey.

JACOBY (H. Coll.). Party per fesse dancettee argent
and sable, in chief a cross of eight points gules, between two
roses of the last, barbed and seeded proper, and in base
two wings conjoined in lure, and elevated or. Mantling

sable and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath ot the colours,
a stag argent, charged upon the body with two roses gules,
barbed and seeded proper, resting the dexter fore-foot on a
cross as in the arms. Motto — "Opera bona effulgent."
Livery— Dark blue, gilt buttons.

Son of Sir James Alfred Jacoby, Kt. Bach., M.P. for
Mid-Division of co. Derby, Sheriff of Nottingham,
1877-8, b. 1852 ; d. 1909 ; m. 1883, Hermine Elizabeth
Frederica, d. of late Gustav Liepmann of Glasgow : —
Alfred Henry Moritz Jacoby, Esq., b. 1884. Post. add. —
Uplands, Private Road, Sherwood, Nottingham.

JACOBY (H. Coll.). Party per fesse dancettee argent
and sable, in chief a cross of eight points gules, between
two roses of the last, barbed and seeded proper, and in
base two wings conjoined in lure and elevated or. Mant-
ling sable and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the
colours, a stag argent, charged upon the body with two

roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, resting the dexter

fore-foot on a cross as in the arms. Motto— " Opera bona

effulgent." Livery— Dark blue, with gilt buttons.

Sons of Moritz Jacoby of Nottingham, by his wife
Violet Frederika, dau. of Isidor Hirsch of Teterow, in
the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin :—
John Henry Jacoby, Gentleman, Consul at Nottingham

for the Republic of Colombia (South America), b. 1848.

Clubs— Devonshire, Nottinghamshire (Nottingham).
Charles Theodore Jacoby, Gentleman (Livery— Black,

with gilt buttons), b. 1853; m. , Lily Florence, dau.

of Lewis Edward Nolan, Roscommon. Post. add. —

JAFFE (U.O., 1900). Argent, a chevron azure, between
in chief two chaplets and in base a ship in full sail on waves
of the sea all proper, on a chief gules, the Castle of Ham-
burg of the first between two lions passant or. Mantling
azure and argent. Crest— Upon a wreath of the colours,
an eagle displayed, with wings inverted between two oak
branches all proper. Motto — " Deus nobiscum."

Sons of Daniel Joseph Jaffe, b, 1809 ; d. 1874 ; m. 1838,

Frederica, d. of Joseph Josephy of Parchim, Mecklen-

burgh : —

Joseph John Jaffe, Esq., J. P. (ret.) co. Down, formerly

Pres. Belfast Chamber of Commerce, b. 1843 ; m. 1873,

Anna Emilie, d. of the late Dr. Theophilus Gluge. Pes.—

38 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France ; Chaumont.

Neuchatel, Switzerland. Clubs— Roy. Societies, Riviera


Sir Otto Jaffe, Kt. Bach. (1900), J.P., LL.D., Lord
Mayor of Belfast 1899 and 1904, and (1901) High Sheriff, b.
1846; m. 1879, Paula, d. of Moritz Hertz of Brunswick ; and
has issue — (1) Arthur Daniel Jaffe, Esq., M.A. Kings Coll.,
Barrister-at-Law Inner Temple, b. 1880 [m. 1909, Marie
Strauss, and has issue — Peter John Jaffe, Esq., b. 1914 ;
Andrew Michael Jaffe, Gentleman, b. 1923 (Pes. — 17 The
Vale, S.W.3. Club— Athenaeum)]; (2) William Edward
Berthold Jaffe, Esq., M.A. Emmanuel Coll., Camb. , b.
1883 [m. 1924, Jessie, d. of the late Alexander McRae of
Rossshire, and has issue — Alexander Jaffe, Gentleman, b.
1925 (Pes. — 88 Elm Park Road, S.W.3)]. Pes. — 3
Upper Phillimore Gardens, W.8. Clubs — Royal Societies,
Reform (Belfast).

JAFFRAY (H. Coll., 1892). Argent, three pallets sable,
on a fesse cottised gules, four mullets or. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, upon a
mound in front of two branches of palm in orle vert, a
mullet or. Motto — " Post nubila Phoebus."

Sons of Sir William Jaffray, 2nd Bart, of Skilts, co.

Warwick, J. P., D.L. B.A. (Cambs.), b. 1852 ; d. 1914 ;

m. (1st), Mabel Augusta (d. 1886), d. of Sir Francis

Scott, 3rd Bart. ; (2nd), 1889, Alice Mary, d. of Francis

Galloway of Hereford : —
Sir William Edmund Jaffray, 4th Bart, of Skilts (8 Oct.
1892), Major Warwicksh. Yeo., b. 1895; m. 1923, Synolda
Emily, d. of James Augustine Harvey Thursby Pelham of
Upton Cressett, Salop. Seat — Skilts, co. Warwick. Club
— Arthur's.

Hugh Alexander Jaffray, Esq., Capt. nth Hussars, b.
1896; m. 1924, Ruth.d. of Lt.-Col. Basil Spragge, D.S.O..
of Denbie, Lockerbie; and has issue — Michael John
Jaffray, Gentleman, b. 1925. Pes. —

JALLAND of Holderness House (H. Coll.). Gules, two
bars or, on a chief enarched ermine, three bezants. Mant-
ling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
talbot's head erased or, charged with two bars gules, on
each three bezants. Motto— " Invicta fides." Livery —
Dark blue.

Son of Boswell Middleton Jalland, Esq., J. P., D.L., of

Holderness House, b. 1788; d. 1880; m. 1851, Emily,

only child of John Williams, Esq., J. P., of Penlee,

Devon : —

Boswell George Jalland, Esq., J. P. co. Forfar and E.

Rdg. , Yorks. , b. 1853 ; m. 1876, Bertha Augusta, d. of

Carl Christian Brochner of Sutton Hall, Yorks. ; and has had

issue — (1) George Middleton Bertram Jalland, Gentleman,

b. 1879; (2) Boswell Lionel Jalland, Gentleman,^. 1883;

(3) Douglas Christian Emmott Jalland, Gentleman, b. 1885;

(4) Cyril Vincent Dorian Jalland, Gentleman, b. 1889; (5)
Boswell Victor Jalland, Gentleman, b. 1895 • killed on
active service 1917 ; Ethel Emily ; and Maud Muriel.
Estate— Broomfleet, Hull. Seat — Holderness House, Hull.
Pes.— Anlaby House, Hull.




JAMES (H. Coll.)- Gules, on a fesse nebuly, between
three unicorns' heads erased argent, as many escallop shells
proper, in the centre chief point a Passion-cross of the
second. Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath

of the colours, a unicorn's head erased argent, charged on
the neck with an escallop gules, and supporting in the
mouth a Passion-cross also gules. Motto — " Memor. "

Sons of Francis James, Esq., J. P., F.S.A., of Edge-
worth Manor, Cirencester, d. 1895 • m - I %56. Ann,
dau. of William Green of Londonderry : —
Rev. Frank James, Clerk in Holy Orders, Rector of
Edgeworth, Glos. , M.A. (Oxford), b. 1859; m. 1883, Mary
Alicia Pearle, d. of Henry Wylde Jackson of Haverhill,
Suffolk ; and has had issue — (1) John James, Gentleman, b.
1883; ( 2 ) Frank James, Esq., Major late Indian Cavalry,
b. 1885; (3) Henry Radcliffe Todd James, Esq., Comdr.
R.N., b. 1886 [m. and has issue — 2 sons] ; (4) Humphrey
Middleton James, Gentleman, b. 1887; d. 1892; and
Margaret Mary. Post. add. — Edgeworth Rectory, Glos.

Alfred James, Gentleman, b. 1864. Res. — Edgeworth
Manor, Glos.

Son of Major Edward lite James (South Lancashire
Regt.), b. 1867; d. 1903 ; m. , Marie Louisa, d. of

Sir Robert Edis, C.B.: —
Francis Walter Tite James, Gentleman, b. 1900. Res. —

JAMES. Gules, a dolphin embowed or. Mantling
gules and or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, an
ostrich argent, beaked and legged or. Motto — " J'ayme

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Walter Henry James, 2nd Baron
Northbourne, b. 1846 ; d. 1923 ; m. 1868, Edith
Emmeline Mary, d. of John Lane, of King's Bromley
Manor, Staffs. : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Walter John James, 3rd Baron North-
bourne, oT Betteshanger, Kent, and Jarrow Grange,
Durham (5th Nov. 1884), 4th Bart. (July 28, 1791)
I Supporters — Two eagles argent, each gorged with a plain
collar gules, pendent therefrom an escutcheon of the
arms], J. P., M.A. Oxford, b. 1869 ; m. 1894, Laura
Gwenllian, d. of Adm. Sir Ernest Rice, K.C.B., of
Sibertswold Place, Kent ; and has issue — Hon. Walter
Ernest Christopher James, b. 1896 [m. 1925, Katherine

Louisa, d. of G. Nickerson, of Boston, U.S.A: ; and
has issue — Christopher George Walter James, Esq.,
b. 1926] ; Hon. Dorothea Gwenllian [m. 1922, Randal
Hugh Smith] ; Hon. Mary Beatrix [m. 1926, Nicholas
Llewelyn-Davies] ; Hon. Jane Margaret. Seats —
Betteshanger, Eastry, Kent ; Evistones, Otterburn,
Northumberland. Clubs — Travellers', Athenaeum,

Burlington Fine Arts.

Hon. Cuthbert James, C.B. E., M.P. for Bromley since
1919, Lieut.-Col. (ret.) R.M., Maj. East Surrey Regt.,
and late Egyptian Army and Egyptian Civil Ministry
of Interior, b. 1872 ; m. 1905, Florence Marion, d. of the
late Hassey Packe ; and h as issue — Thomas James, Esq. ,
b. 1906 ; Olivia Mary ; Joan Rosamund. Res. — The
Dower House, Forty Hill, Enfield. Clubs — Beefsteak,

Hon. Robert James, J. P., b. 1873 ; m. 1st, 1900, Lady
Evelyn Wellesley {d. 1922), d. of 4th Duke of Wellington ;
2nd, 1923, Lady Serena Lumley, d. of 10th Earl of Scar-
borough ; and has issue (by 1st marriage) — Arthur
Walter James, Esq., Lieut. Gren. Gds. , b. 1904 [m. 1929,
Zita Mary, d. of Nico Jungman] ; (by 2nd marriage) —
Ursula Mary Rose. Res. — St. Nicholas, Richmond,
Yorks. Club — Bachelors'.

Sons of Hon. Wilfrid James (youngest son of 2nd Baron
Northbourne, see above), b. 1874; d. 1908; m. 1900,
Margaret (Woodlands, Adisham, Canterbury), d. of
late John Stogdon, of Harrow: —
John Wilfrid James, Esq., b. 1900. Res. —
Henry Norman James, Gentleman, b. 1903. Res. —

JAMES GEORGE JAMES, Esquire, J. P. co. of Mon-
mouth. Born 1831, being the eldest son of the late Edmund
James of Tynewydd and Blaen Nant, both in the co. of
Monmouth. Armorial bearings — Per pale argent and

or, a dragon's head erased sable, holding in the mouth a
sinister hand apaumee couped at tl e wrist gules, on a
chief of the third, a pick-axe between two lions rampant all
of the first. Mantling sable and argent. Crest— Upon
a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion vert, in the mouth a
sinister h;md and holding in the dexter paw a pick-axe both
as in the arms. Motto — " Ymdrech-i-drechu. " Seats — Ty-
Newydd Blackwood, Bedwelty, co. Mon. , Blaen Nant,
Nant-y-glo, co. Monmouth.




JAMES of Bristol (H. Coll.). Azure, a chevron paly
of six or and argent, between two lions passant in chief
and a dolphin in base or. Mantling azure and or. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, upon the battlements of a
tower gules, an estoile or. Motto — " Providentia tutamur."

Only surv. son of Sir Edward Burnet James, Knt.

Bach., Lord Mayor of Bristol 1904-5 and 1907-8, b.

1875 > d - l 927 . m. 1883, Mabel Amelia, d. of the late

Sir George William Edwards, J. P., of Bristol: —
Gilbert Sydney James, Esq., Maj. R.F.A. (T.F.), b.
1892 ; m. 1918, Evelyn, d. of Brig-Gen. Robert Davenport
Vizard, of Pembroke Estate, Ceylon. Res.— Springfort,
Stoke Bishop, Bristol.

JAMES (H. Coll.). Per chevron or and argent, two
chevronels sable, between as many dolphins naiant in chief
proper and a garb in base vert, Crest— On a wreath of

the colours, in front of a garb or, charged with an acorn
slipped vert, a dolphin naiant proper. Motto — "Tiens foi."
Sons of John Charles Horsey James, Esq., Judge 01
the Supreme Court of Western Australia, b. 1841 ; d.
19 ; m. 1885, Rebecca Catherine, d. of Charles H.
Clifton: —
Evelyn Harold Clifton James, Gentleman, b. 1886. Res.
— Highfield, near Lydney- on -Severn, Gloucestershire;
Perth, Western Australia.
Percival Arthur Clifton James, Gentleman, b. 1887.
Eustace Alfred Clifton James, Gentleman, b. 1889.
Meredith Charles Clifton James, Gentleman, b. 1894.
Meyrick Edward Clifton James, Gentleman, b. 1897.

JAMES (H. Coll.). Or, on a chevron between two
ostriches in chief and a dolphin naiant in base sable, a
billet of the first. Mantling sable and or. Crest — Upon
a wreath of the colours, upon the battlements of a tower or,
an ostrich sable, holding in the beak a billet also or.
Motto — " J'aime a jamais."

Son of William Dodge James, Esq., C.V.O. (1908),
J. P. and D.L., b. 1854; d. 1912 ; m. 1889, Evelyn
Elizabeth, eld. d. of Sir Charles John Forbes, Bart., of
Newe: —
Edward Frank Willis James, Gentleman, b. 1907. Seat —
West Dean Park, Chichester.

JAMES (U.O., 18 May 1809). Quarterly vert and gules,
a cross argent, charged with a ship in full sail proper, between
four anchors azure, in the first and fourth quarters a dolphin

naiant of the third, between three cross crosslets or, in the
second and third a lion passant guardant of the last,
between three trefoils slipped argent. Crest — Issuing from
a ducal coronet or, a swan proper, beaked gules, holding
pointing to its breast a dart or, feathered argent. Mottoes —
(over crest), "A jamais " ; (under arms), " Pro Deo, patriae,

Sons of Francis Edward James, Esq., M.A., b. 1816 ; d.
1886 ; tn. 1849, Helen Donald, d. of John Fullarton of
Burnside House, Largs : —
Sir John Kingston Fullarton James, 3rd Bart. (19 March
1823), b. 1852. Club— Windham.

Gavin Fullarton James, Gentleman, M.A. (Camb.),
Barrister-at-Law, b. 1859. Res. —

Francis Edward James, Gentleman, b. 1861. Res. —
Edward Albert James, Gentleman, b. 1862. Res —
Club— Constitutional.

Fullarton James, Esq., C.B.E., M,A. (Camb.),
late Capt. 3rd Batt. Royal Scots Fus. , Barrister-at-Law,
Chief Constable of Northumberland, b. 1864 ; tn. 1899,
Helen Mary, M.B.E. , d. of J. K. Hichens of Beech Grove,
Sunninghill, Berks.; and has issue — Penelope Helen Fullar-
ton ; and Isabel Mary Fullarton. Res. — Stobhill, Morpeth,
Northumberland. Clubs — Oxford and Cambridge ; New

Herbert William James, Gentleman, b. 1873.
Sons of Charles Henry James, Esq. , late Senior Official
Assignee of Court of Bankruptcy in Ireland, formerly
Capt. and Paymaster R. Ayrshire Rifles, b. 1828 ; d.
1912 ; tn. 1859, Katherine Mary (d. 1875), d. of Rev.
John Rowley, LL. D. and niece of Adm. Sirjosias
Rowley, Bart., G.C.M.G., K.C.B. :—
John Rowley Kingston James, Gentleman, b. 1863. Res.
Charles Pierce Rowley James, Gentleman, M.A., b. 1864 ;
tn. 1893, Florence, d. of James Edmund Cuppadge of
Tamnagharrie, co. Down; and has issue— Rowley Kingston
James, Gentleman, F.R.G.S., b. 1902 [m. 1926, Vera Leon-
tine, d. of Arnold F. Bideleux, of Havre] ; and two daus.

Son of Kingston Gerald Henry James, Gentleman, b.
1870; d. 1920 ; tn. 1898, Pauline Estelle, d. of Armand

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