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charged with a mullet in chief, and in base a crescent of the

first. Mantling gules, doubled or. Crest— On a wreath
of his liveries, in a sea undy azure and argent, the Bass Rock
proper. Motto — " Non fluctuo fluctu."

Only son of John Tasker Maitland, M.A. (Oxon.), of

Croydon, b. 1848 ; d. 1924 ; m. 1886, Anna, d. of Thomas

Biggs Yeoman, of Cublington, Bucks. : —

John Pelham Maitland, Esq., b. 1890; m. 1917, Evelyn

Mary, d. of William Henry Bennett, of Bournemouth,

Hants., and has issue — Evelyn Anna Pelham. Res. —

Lestrem House, Lyndhurst Road, Hove, Sussex.

MAITLAND. Quarterly, 1 and 4, or a lion rampant

couped at all the joints, within a bordure embattled

gules (for Maitland) ; 2 and, 3, argent, the ruins of an

old abbey on a piece of ground all proper, as proprietor

of the Barony of Dundrennan, on which stands the Abbey

of Dundrennan. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest

— Upon a wreath of his liveries, ademi-monk vested sable,

holding in his dexter hand a crucifix argent, and in his

sinister a rosary proper. Motto — "Esse quam videri."

Only surv. son of David Maitland, Esq., of Dundrennan

and Cumstoun, J. P. and D. L. for the Stewartry of

Kirkcudbright, b. 1848 ; d. 1918 ; m. 1st, 1872, Ellinor

Frances, d. of the late Thomas Gray Scott ; 2nd, 1907,

Julia, d. of late Maj.-Gen. Hassard, C.B. , Roy.

Engineers : —

Claud Archibald Scott Maitland, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col.
(ret.) Gordon Highlanders, b. 1874 ; m. 1912, Cecil Louise,
fifth d. of late Colin James Mackenzie of Poltimore, Peeble-
shire ; and has surv. issue — Adam Maitland, Gentleman,
b. 1913 ; and Ann Graham. Seats — Dundrennan and
Cumstoun, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. Res. —
Cumstoun, Twynholm, Kirkcudbrightshire. Club — New

Gentleman, M.A. (Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford), Barrister-
at-Law. Born 1845, being the second but eldest surviv-
ing son of the late Augustus Maitland, Esq., W.S. (fourth
son of Sir Alexander Charles Maitland, 2nd Bart.) by his
wife Elizabeth Jane, dau. of Rev. William Page Richards,
D.C. L. (and granddau. of Sir J. Strachan, Bart.). Armorial
bearings (L.O. , 1900)— Or, a lion rampant gules, couped in

all his joints of the field, within a tressure flory counter-
flory azure, a bordure engrailed ermine. Mantling gules,
doubled or. Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a lion
sejant full-faced gules, crowned or, holding in his dexter
paw a sword proper, hiked and pommelled gold, and in his
sinister a fleur-de-lys argent. Motto — " Consilio et animis."
Residence — 20 Buckingham Palace Mansions, S.W. Club —
Oxford and Cambridge.

D.L. co. of Brecon, J. P. co. of Essex. Born May 6, 1844,
being the eldest son of the late William Fuller Maitland of
Stansted Hall, Essex, and of Garth, co. Brecon, by his
wife, dau. of Lt.-Col. Prescott, 5th Dragoon Guards. Ar-
morial bearings (Matric. L.O. June 18, 1673)— Or, a
lion rampant gules, couped in all his joints of the field,
within a bordure engrailed azure, charged with three
griffins' heads erased of the first. Mantling gules and
or. Crest— Upon a wreath of his liveries, issuing from
waves of the sea proper, a demi-lion rampant as in the
arms. Motto — " Luctor at emergam." Married, 1st, April
25, 1881, Hon. Evelyn Coulston Gardner (d. 1902), second
dau. of Rt. Hon. 3rd Baron Gardner; 2nd, 1911, Frances




Maitland, d. of the late Alfred S. Walford, and has Issue —
(1) William Alan Fuller Maitland, Gentleman, b. April 13,
1882; (2) Richard Evelyn Fuller Maitland, Gentleman, b.

April 19, 1885 ; (3) Robert Prescott Fuller Maitland, Gentle-
man, b. Nov. 30, 1887; and Lydia Susan. Seat— Stansted
Hall, Essex. Res.— 22 Lewes Crescent, Brighton. Club
— Brooks'.

21 May 1904, cadet of Maitland, Earls of Lauderdale).

tressure flowered and counterflowered azure (Maitland, c.
1672-7) ; 3. gules, three martlets argent (Makgill of Ran-
kellour, c. 1672-7). Mantlings (dexter), azure, doubled
argent; (centre) gules, doubled or ; (sinister) gules, doubled
argent. • Crests — Dexter, on a wreath of his liveries, a
dragon statant vert, spouting out fire proper. (Motto —
"God send grace"); centre, on a wreath of his liveries,
a lion sejant affronted gules, crowned or, holding in his
dexter paw a sword proper, pommel and hilt gold, in the
sinister a fleur-de-lys azure (Motto — " Consilio et animis ") ;
sinister, on a wreath of his liveries a martlet argent (Motto
— " In Domino confido ").

Eld. son of Charles Julian Maitland-Makgill-Crichton,

Esq., of Lathrisk, Largo, and Monzie Castle,

Member of the Corps of Royal Archers (the King's

Bodyguard for Scotland), b. 1880 ; killed in action 1915 ;

m. 1902, Sybil Twynihoe, d. of Twynihoe William Erie,

late a Master of the Supreme Court, of Bramshott

Grange, Hants. : —

Charles Frederick Andrew Maitland-Makgill-Crichton,

Esq., 2nd Lieut. The Black Watch, heir-of-lineof the Viscts.

Frendraught, b. 1907. Seats— Largo, Fife; Monzie Castle,



MAKANT of Bolton (H. Coll.). Vert two bendlets
or, on a chief argent a rose gules, barbed and seeded
proper. Mantling vert and or. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a may- tree eradicated between two larks
respectant, all proper. Motto — " Maintiens le droit."
Livery — Green, with white facings.

Son of John William Makant, Esq., J. P., of Gilnow

Lodge, Bolton, b. 1858; d. 1923; m. 1884, Florence

Mary Gilmour : —

John William Makant, Gentleman, M.A. (Cantab),

b. 1885; m. 1919, Ellen Katherine, d. of Dr. Snow, of

Caersws, Montgomeryshire, and has issue — John Keith

Makant, Gentleman, b. 1926. Clubs — Albemarle,

Constitutional (Bolton).



MAKGILL of that Ilk and of Kemback (L.O., c.
1672-7 and 1771, Ped. recorded L.O. and H. Coll. 1907).

Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, a lion rampant azure, armed
and langued gules (Crichton, c. 1672-7) ; 2. or, a lion
rampant couped in all its joints gules, within a double

Quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, three martlets argent (Makgill) ;
2 and 3, argent, an eagle displayed sable, beaked, langued,
and armed gules, charged on the breast with another eagle
displayed of the field. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, a martlet argent. Motto




— "In Domino confido." Supporters— Dexter, ahorse
argent, crined and hoofed or ; sinister, a bull sable, armed,
unguled, and tailed or, each gorged with a collar, thereto
affixed a chain passing between the forelegs and reflexed
over the back of the last.

Eld. son of Sir George Makgill, nth Bart., b. 1868;

d. 1926; m. 1891, Frances Elizabeth, d. of Alexander

Innes Grant of Merchiston, Otago, New Zealand : —

Sir John Donald Alexander Arthur Makgill, 12th Bart.

(N.S. , 19 July 1627), b. 1899; m. 1927, Esther Lilian,

yngst. d. of the late Sir Robert Bromley, Bart., of Stoke,

co. Nottingham. Seat — Kemback House, Cupar, Fife.

Res. — 30 Carlyle Square, S.W.3. Clubs — Guards', New


MAKINS (H. Coll.). Argent, on a fesse embattled
counter-embattled gules, between in chief two falcons
proper, belled or, and in base a lion's face of the second,
an annulet or between two bezants. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dexter arm

MALCOLM of Poltalloch (rematric. 1818, orig. matric.
r 773)- Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, on asaltiie azure, between
four stags' heads erased gules, five mullets or (Malcolm of
Poltalloch); 2 and 3, qrly. i. and iiii., or, two chevronels
gules, between as many buckles fessewise in chief and a
hunting-horn in base azure, stringed gules (Orme of Bal-

embowed in armour proper, encircled by an annulet or,
and holding a flagstaff, therefrom flowing a banner argent,
charged with a lion's face gules. Motto — " In lumineluce. "
Sons of Col. Sir William Thomas Makins, Bart. ,
V.D. , J. P. for cos. of Oxford and Essex, D.L.
for Essex, one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of
London, M.P. for S.W. Essex 1874-92, Hon. Col. 1st
Essex Vol. Artillery Eastern Div. R.A., M.A. Trin.
Coll., Camb. , Barrister-at-Law (being the eldest son of
Charles Makins, by his wife Frances, dau. of Thomas
Kirkby, Leeds), b. 1840; d. 1906; m. 1861, Elizabeth,
2nd d. of Lightly Simpson, Chairman G. E. Railway : —
Sir Paul Augustine Makins, 2nd Bart. (9 Jan. 1903), B.A. ,
J. P. co. Oxford, Major late Remount Service, b. 1871 ; m.
1st, 1900, Gladys Marie (d. 1919), d. of William Vivian,
18; Queen's Gate; 2nd, 1921, Dorothy, d. of the late
William Wakefield of Calcutta, and has issue — (1) William
Vivian Makins, Esq., b. 1903; (2) Paul Vivian Makins, Esq.,
b. 1913; and four daus. Seat — Oldbury House, Stone-
house, Glos. Club — Boodle's.

Oscar Matthew Makins, Esq., Capt. R.N. (ret.), b. 1872 ;
m. 1909, Marienne, d. of W. Hoyland. Res. — 10 Albert
Gate Court, 124 Knightsbridge.

vaird, 1818) ; ii. and iii., argent, a fesse dancettee sable,
between three Cornish choughs proper (Thomas, 1818 —
the second and third quarters in 1818 being then on
an escutcheon of pretence over the arms of Malcolm,
and so matriculated). Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the liveries, a tower argent.
Supporters — On either side a stag at gaze proper collared
and chains reflexed over the back or. Mottoes — (Above the
crest)," In ardua tendit "; (below thearms), " Deusrefugium
nostrum." Livery — Blue and silver (for full dress, white
coat) : —

Eld. surv. son of John Malcolm of Poltalloch, Esq.,
M.A., J.P., D.L.,3. 1805; d. 1893; m. 1832, Isabella
Harriet, second d. of Hon. John Wingfield Stratford of
Addington Place, Kent: —
Edward Donald Malcolm, Esq., C.B. (1881), Col. (ret.)
R. E. , D. L. , b. 13 Nov. 1837 ; m. 17 July 1867, Isabella Wyld ,
d. of John Wyld Brown ; and has surv. issue — (1) Sir Ian
Zacchary Malcolm, K.C.M.G., J. P. Argyllshire, D.L.
Surrey, M.P. for Croydon 1910-18, and for Croydon S.
1918-19, b. 1868 [m. 1902, Jeanne Langtry ; and has issue —
George Ian Malcolm, Esq., Lieut. Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders, b. 1903; Victor Malcolm, Esq., b. 1905;
Angus Malcolm, Esq., b. 1908; and Helen Mary (Res. — 57
Onslow Square, S.W.)]; (2) Maj.-Gen. Sir Neili Malcolm,
K.C.B. , D.S.O. , served Indian Frontier 1897, Uganda
1897-99, S. Africa 1899-1900, and Great War 19 14-19, b.
1869 [m. 1907, Angela Malcolm, and has issue — William
Malcolm, Esq., b. 1912; Dugald Malcolm, Esq., b. 1917 ;
and Helen (Res. — 67 Cadogan Gardens, S.W. 3 Club —
Travellers')]; (3) George Harold Malcolm, Gentleman, b.
1875 [m. 1906, Mary J. G. Dresser, and has issue — Donald
Wingfield Malcolm, Gentleman, b. 1908 ; Robin Sydney
Wyld Malcolm, Gentleman, b. 1909; and Peter Anthony
Martin Malcolm, Gentleman, b. 1911]; (4) Maurice de
Wiveleslie Malcolm, Esq., Custos Rotulorum for parish
of Hanover, J. P. parishes of Hanover, Westmorland, and
St. James, Jamaica, Lieut, (ret.) K.O. Scottish Borderers,
served in South Africa 1900-1 and 1914-18 with Jamaica
kcal forces, ret. with rank of Major, b. 1877 [ m - I 9°7.
Henrietta Fairfax, yngr. d. of R. P. Copeland, of Kibble-
stone Hall, Stone, Staffs., and has surv. issue — John Neill
Malcolm, Gentleman, b. iqo§(Res — Knockalva, Jamaica)] ;
(5) William Alastair Malcolm, Gentleman, Lieut, (ret.)
H. Lt. Inf., served in S. Africa 1900- 1, b. 1881 [m. 1908,




Eva R. Johnston, and has issue — John Bruce Orme
Malcolm, Gentleman, b. 1908]; Margaret Emily \m. 1906,
Alfred E. Bonham-Carter, and has issue]; and Dorothy
Isabel [m. 1908, W. B. G. Barne, Esq., Capt. R.A., and
has issue]. Seat — Poltalloch, Lochgilphead, Argyll.

MALCOLM (L.O. ). Or, a saltire azure within four stags'
heads couped gules. Mantling azure, doubled or. Crest
— Upon a wreath of his liveries, a pyramid encircled by
a laurel wreath proper. Mottoes — " Ardua tendo " ; and
below the arms, " Dei donosuni quod sum."

Eld. son of Sir James William Malcolm, 9th Bart, of
Balbedie and Innerteil, J. P. cos. Norfolk and Suffolk,
Capt. R. Pembroke Artil. Militia, b. 1862; d. 1927;
m. 1885, Evelyn Alberta, dau. of Albert Sandeman,
Esq. :—
Sir Michael Albert James Malcolm, 10th Bart, of Bal-
bedie and Innerteil, co, Fife (Nova Scotia, July 25, 1665),
Lieut. Res. of Officers, late Scots Gds., b. 1898; m. 1918,
Hon. Geraldine Margot Digby, d. of 10th Lord Digby,
and has issue — David Peter Michael Malcolm, Esq., £.1919 ;
and Margaret Jane Venetia. Res. — 23 Lynedoch Place,
Edinburgh. Clubs — Guards', New (Edinburgh).

MALET (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1. azure, three escal-
lops or (Malet) ; 2. gules, a lion rampant or, de-
bruised by a bend ermine (Fitchett) ; 3. argent, a chevron
sable between three lions dormant guardant gules (Hull);
4. argent, three cinquefoils and a canton azure (Cliffe); 5.
bendy of six argent and gules, within a bordure sable bezantee
(Valetort) ; 6. gules, two demi-lions passant guardant in
pale or (Hatche); 7. sable, sem£e of mullets and three
eagles' heads erased argent ( Woolrington) ; 8. vert, a
saltire between four eagles displayed or (Aleigh) ; 9. or,


a fret sable (Mordake) ; 10. gules, a fret or, in
a mullet for difference (Audley) ; 11. gules, a
engrailed ermines, surmounted by a pale engrailed ermine
(Durwyn) ; 12. azure, six mascles, three and three
argent, in chief a label of three points throughout or.
(Cready) ; 13. azure, on a chief argent, a demi-lion issuant
gules (Markham) ; 14. argent, two chevrons sable (Esse).
Mantling azure and or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or,

an heraldic tiger's head ermine. Motto, "Ma force de
en hault." Livery — Dress: white coats, red waistcoats
and breeches with silver braid ; undress : black, with red
waistcoats and silver braid.

Sons of Capt. William St. Lo Malet, 8th Hussars, b.

1843; d. 1885; m. 1st, 1871, Helen, eld. d. of Sir

William Eden, 6th Bart., of Windlestone, Durham;

2nd, 1879, Nora Mary, d. of Gilbert James Blane of

Foliejon Park, Windsor : —

Sir Hany Charles Malet, 7th Bart. (24 Feb. 1791), D.S.O.,

O.B.E., Lt.-Col. late 8th Hussars, J. P. Wilts., served

S. Africa 1899-1902, and Great War 1914-19 (despatches

3 times), b. 1873 ; m. 1906, Mildred Laura Lambert-Swiney,

d. of Capt. H. S. Swiney, late 69th Regt. ; and has issue

— Edward William St. Lo Malet, Esq, b. 1908; Ermyn-

trude Virginia St. Lo ; and Helen Agnes St. Lo. Res. —

Chargot, Washford, Somerset. Clubs. — Cavalry, Carlton,

Audley Forbes St. Lo Malet, Gentleman, b. 1882. Res. —

Rio Cuarto, Argentine.

Alexander St. Lo Malet, Gentleman, b. 1883. Res.—
Victoria, British Columbia.

Sons of Guilbert Edward Wyndham Malet, Esq., Maj.

R.A., Knt. of the Order of the Hospital of St. John

of Jerusalem, b. 1839; d. 1918 ; m. 2nd, 1880, Gertrude

Agnes (d. 1923), d. of Sir Philip Cunliffe Owen, K.C. B. ,

K.C.M.G., CLE. : —

Godfrey Charles Wyndham Malet, Esq., Capt. late 6th

Batt. Somerset L.I., b. 1884 ; m. 1918, Marian, d. of

F. Clinton-Baddeley, of Dibden Lodge, Hythe, and has

issue— Susanna Wyndham. Res. — Dale Farm, Dibden,


Alexander Wyndham Malet, Esq., Major 38th Dogras,
Ind. Army, b. 1886; m. 1921, Kathleen Betty, d. of Brig.-
Gen. Alexander Cadell, and has issue — Richard Wyndham
Malet, Gentleman, b. 1923; and Sylvia Mary Fanshaw.
Club — Jun. United Service.

Owen Wyndham Malet, Esq., Lieut. R.N.V.R.,^. 1887;
m. 1914, Florence Elsie, d. of the late W. Hickie. Res. —
Edward Barnabas Wyndham Malet, Gentleman, Lieut.
R.M., b. 1894; m. 1921, Esther Grace, d. of the late Rev.
Gilbert Lyon, Vicar of Cloford, Somerset ; and has issue —
Michael Edward Guilbert Malet, Gentleman, b, 1922 ; and
Wendy. Res. — The Orchards, Burnham, Bucks.

Son of Harold Esdaile Malet, Esq., Col. late comclg.

18th Hussars, J. P. Kent, b. 1841 ; d. 1918 ; m. 1868,

Emily Constance (^.1920), d. of John Banks Friend: —

Harold Wyndham Malet, Esq., Major Res. of Officers

18th Hussars, b. 1882; m. 1908, Bertha Emily, eld. d. of

William Philip Pearson, and has issue — John Wyndham

Malet, Gentleman, b. 1910. Res. — Rookery, Bishops

Lydiard, Somerset ; 1 South Street, S.W.7. Club —


Only surv. son of Rev. William Wyndham Malet, Vicar
of Ardeley, Herts., b. 1804; d. 1884; m. 1837, Eliza-
beth Drake, d. of E. J. Esdaile :—
Rev. Clement Drake Elton Malet, late Vicar of Stoke
Courcy, Bridgwater, B.A. (Pern. Coll., Oxford), b. 1845 ; m.
1872, Agnes Bessie (d. 1909), d. of the late Charles Knighton
Webb, M.D., of Exeter; and has issue- Clement Hugh
Weston Malet, Esq., Capt. late Roy. Devon Yeo. (Res. —
Keen's, Morebath, N. Devon), b. 1877 ; Beatrice Elizabeth ;
Agnes Cecilia [*». 1905, Thomas Wood Shaw of Culmington
Manor, Salop", and has issue]; Florence; and Winefride
loan. Res.— Holford, Bridgwater.

Son of Lt.-Col. George Grenville Malet, comdg. 3rd

Bombay Lt. Cav., b. 1806; d. 1856; m. 1851, May

Maria Fleming, d. of Col. John Taylor, H.E.I.C.S. :—

Allan Arthur Grenville Malet, Esq., M.Inst.C.E., late

Deputy Chief Engineering Insp. Local Government Board,

b. 1856 ; m. 1890, Elizabeth Anne, d. of William Lysaght

of Beechmount, co. Cork; and has surv. issue — George

Edward Grenville Malet, Gentleman, Lieut. R.A., b. 1898

[m. 1922, Gwendolen Iliffe, d. of Brig.-Gen. J. A. Gibbon,

C.M.G., and has issue— Baldwin Hugh Granville Malet,

Gentleman, b. 1928 ; and Barbara Magdalen Anne (Res.—

The Lodge, Idmiston, nr. Salisbury)] ; and Elizabeth Enid

[m. 19 16, Col. Clive Moberley Bell, and has issue]. Res.—

30 The Close, Salisbury.

Son of Arthur Malet, formerly Member of Council,

Bombay, b. 1806 ; d. 1888 ; m. 2nd, 1854, Annie Louisa,

d. of George Powney Thompson, E.I. CCS. : —

Herbert Rivers Malet, Esq., Lieut. -Comdr. R.N.V.R.,

b. 1864 ; m. 1888, Violet, d. of Maj. J. H. King, 2nd

Dragoons ; and has surv. issue— Henry Guy Rivers Malet,

Esq., Squadron-Leader R.A.F., b. 1894 [m. 1917, Olga

Muriel, 3rd d. of lames Balfour, of Paignton, Devon, and


[email protected]


has issue— Guy Anthony Rivers Malet, Gentleman, b. 1920 ;
Francis Ivo Rivers Malet, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; Vyvyan
Arthur Rivers Malet, Gentleman, b. 1927 ; and Olga Diana
Valentine Rivers]. Res. —

Son of John Warre Malet, Esq., Maj. late 1st Batt.

Northern Fus., b. 1856; d. 1913 ; m. 1893, Frances

Anne Mary, d. of the late William Scarborough

Jackson of Moor House, co. Yorks. : —
Guy Seymour Warre Malet, Gentleman, b. 1900. Post,
add. — St. Anne's, Roehampton, S.W.

Son of Octavius Warre Malet, E.I.C.C.S, b. 1811 ; d.

1891 ; m. 1852, Alice Anna Catherine, d. of Thomas

Hawkes of Himley House, Staffordshire : —
Thomas Herbert Warre Malet, Gentleman, b. 1859 ;
m. 1909, Cicely Florence, d. of Wm. Thomas Hartcup,
Gentleman, of Sprowston Court, Norfolk, and Upland
Hall, Suffolk (q.v.)\ and has issue— Sylvia Mary Warre.
Res.—* Colville Gardens, W.n. Club— Ranelagh.

MALET DE CARTERET of St. Ouen (H. Coll.).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, four fusils conjoined in fesse
argent (for De Carteret) ; 2 and 3, gules, three round

buckles or, a crescent in chief argent for difference (for
Malet). Mantling gules and argent. Crests— 1. on a
mound vert, a squirrel sejant cracking a nut proper (for
De Carteret) ; 2. out of a ducal coronet a cock statant gules
(for Malet). Mottoes—" Loyal devoir" (for De Carteret) ;
" En Dieu affie " (for Malet).

Sons of Edward Charles Malet de Carteret, Esq.,
Lieut. -Col. R. Jersey Militia, Jurat of the Royal Court
Jersey, b. 1838; d. 1914; m. 1861, Elizabeth, only
child and heir of Abraham Poingdestre, of La Vielle
Maison, Trinity, Jersey: —
Reginald Malet de Carteret, Esq., B.A.(Oxon.), Barrister-
at-Law (Inner Temple), Capt. R. Jersey Militia, Jurat of the
Royal Court of Jersey, 35th Seigneur du Fief Noble XXX
et Seigneurie de St. Ouen, Jersey, /'. 1865 ; m. 1895, Amy
Anne Frances, only d. of Richard Ramsay Armstrong,
Comdr. R.N.. and has had issue — Philip Reginald Malet
de Carteret, Midshipman R.N., b. 1898; killed in action at
the Battle of Jutland 1916 ; Guy Malet de Carteret, Gentle-
man, b. 1901 ; and Ella Marie [m. 1926]. Seat — St. Ouen's
Manor, Jersey ; Vinchelez de Bas Manor, Jersey. Club —
Victoria (Jersey).

Charles Edward Malet de Carteret, Esq., Attorney-
General for Jersey since 1925, Barrister-at-Law (Inner
Temple, Capt. R. Jersey Militia Artillery, b. 1869. Res.—
St. Helier, Jersey.

MALING (H. Coll., June 1902). Ermine, on a chevron
vert, between two falcons close in chief proper and a rose in
base gules, barbed and seeded of the third, a falcon rising of

the last, between two roses argent, seeded or; quartering,
Allan ; Killinghall ; Dodsworth ; Awdos ; Pemberton ;
Haygarth and Lambton. Mantling vert and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, upon two roses argent, barbed
and seeded, a falcon rising proper, holding in the beak a
rose gules, barbed and seeded, slipped and leaved also
proper. Motto — " Verus honos probitas."

Sons of Edwin Allan Maling, Esq., J. P. , of Blackwell

Hall, Darlington, b. 1838 ; d. 1920 ; m. 1868, Maria, d.

of late James Hartley, Esq., D.L. , J. P., of Ashbrooke

Hall, Sunderland : —
Arthur Freville Maling, Esq., M.A. (Oxon.), late Capt.
T.F. Res., b. 1872 ; m. 1920, Maud Victoria, d. of David
Nichol. Address — 21 John Street, Sunderland.

Edwin Mulgrove Maling, Gentleman, b. 1875 ; m. 1924,
Winifred Whiting. Res. —

MALLABY-DEELEY of Mitcham Court (H. Coll.).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, sable, a chevron engrailed ermine,
between in chief two fleurs-de-lys, and in base a crescent
or (for Deeley) ; 2 and 3, or, a bunch of nettles proper,
and a chief sable (for Mallaby). Mantling sable and
argent. Crests— A sinister cubit arm in armour gaunt-
letted holding in the hand a dagger point downwards
proper, pommel and hilt or, between two spurs gold (for
Deeley) ; issuant from clouds proper, a demi- Pegasus
argent, winged and charged on the shoulder with a
fleur-de-lys azure (for Mallaby). Badge — Two sprigs of
lavender in saltire proper enfiled with a circlet or.
Motto—" Quod Deus vult."

Son of W. Clarke-Deeley, of Curzon Park, Chester,
m. Elizabeth (d. 1924), d. of J. Wilson Mallaby, of
Bebington, Cheshire, and niece of Joseph Mallaby, of
Loxley Hall, Staffs. : —
Sir Harry Mallaby Mallaby-Deeley, 1st Bart. (U.K.,
28 June 1922), of Mitcham Court, Surrey, M.A., LL.M.,
M.P. Harrow 1910-18, and for East Willesden 1918-23,
J. P. Surrey, Lord of the Manors of Ravensbury, Biggin,
and Tamworth, b. 1863 ; assumed by Deed Poll, 1922,
the additional surname of Mallaby, ; m. 1890, Joan, d. of
J. Parson-Smith, J. P., of Abbotsmead, Shrewsbury ; and
has issue — Guy Meyrick Mallaby Mallaby-Deeley, Esq.,
b. 1897 [m. 1920, Marjorie, d. of James Peat, of Cranmers,
Mitcham ; and has issue — Anthony Meyrick Mallaby-
Deeley, Esq., b. 1922] ; and Valerie Constance. Res. —
Chateau des Fayeres, Cannes, France. Clubs — Marl-
borough, Carlton, Wellington.

MALLALIEU of Delph (H. Coll., 25 Mar. 1920).

Azure, on a chevron ermine, between three fleurs-de-lys

argent, four bezants, on a chief ermines, a rose of the

third, barbed and seeded proper. Mantling azure and

argent. Crest — On a wreath argent and azure, a closed

helmet in profile proper, between two arrows points

downwards or. Motto — " Mai a lui qui mal endit."

Elder son of Henry Mallalieu, Esq., J. P., of Delph,

b. 1831 ; d. 1902 ; m. Ann Elizabeth, d. of W.

Whitehead : —

Frederick William Mallalieu, Esq., J. P., Alderman

C.C. W.R. Yorks., M.P. Colne Valley, Yorks., 1916-22,

b. i860 ; m. 1902, Annie, d. of Joseph Hardman, of

Oldham, Lanes. ; and has issue — 4 sons. Seat —

Larkwood, Delph, Yorks. Club — National Liberal.

MALLALIEU of Llandudno (H. Coll., 10 June 1924).
Argent, on a chevron azure, three fleurs-de-lys of the
first, a chief sable, thereon a rose of the field, barbed and
seeded proper, between two spear-heads also of the field.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, an esquire's helmet or, between two dragons'
wings gules. Motto — " Mal n'y a lieu."

Yngr. son of Henry Mallalieu, Esq., J. P., of Delph,

Yorks. : —

Albert Henry Mallalieu, Esq., J.P. W.R. Yorks.,

b. 1864 ; m. 1 89 1, Margaret, d. of William Campinot,

Esq., J. P., of Delph, Yorks.; and has issue — 2 sons;

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 64 of 282)