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12. the same arms of Manningham. Mantling sable and
argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, a Saracen's
head affronted, couped at the shoulders proper (Buller) ;
2. out of a ducal coronet gules, a talbot's head or, collared
gules, therefrom a line terminating in a knot sable (Man-
ningham). Motto — "Aquila non capit muscas" — Aiev


Son of Maj.-Gen. Edward Manningham Manningham-
Buller, b. 1828; d. 1897; m. 1874, Lady Anne Coke,
d. of Earl of Leicester : —
Sir Mervyn Edward Manningham-Buller, 3rd Bart. (20
Jan. 1866), Lt.-Col. Res. of Officers, formerly Capt. Rifle
Brigade, Major Northants I.Y., M.P. Kettering since 1924,
b. 1876; m. 1903, Hon. Lilah Constance Cavendish, O.B.E. ,
d. of 3rd Baron Chesham ; and has issue— Reginald Edward
Manningham-Buller, Esq., b. 1905; Evelyn Constance;
Myra; Helen Marjorie ; and Pamela Lilah. Res.— Broom-
hill, Spratton, Northampton. Clubs — Carlton, Nava
and Military.

MANSEL (H. Coll.). Argent, a chevron between three
maundies sable. Mantling sable and argent, Crest— A
cap of maintenance inflamed on the top proper. MottO-
" Quod vult valde vult."

Son of Sir Richard Mansel, 10th Bart., b 1850; d.
1892 ; m 1st, 1878, Maud Margaretta Bowen, d. of
John Jones of Maes-y-Crugian Hall, co. Carmarthen:—
Sir Courtenay Cecil Mansel, nth Bart. (14 Jan. 1621-2),
J. P. cos. Cardigan and Carmarthen, Capt. late R.A.F. ,
M.P. for Penrhyn and Falmouth 1923-24, b. 1880 ; m. 1906,
Mary Philippa, d. of Frederick Littlewood ; and has issue
—John Philip Ferdinand Mansel, Esq., b. 1910; Rauf
Mansel, Esq., b. 1915; Regnier Ranalf Dabridgecoui t
Mansel, Esq., b. 1919. Seat— The Manor, Maes-y-Crugian,
R.S.O., Carmarthenshire. Club— Athenaeum, Nat. Liberal.
Son of John Clavell Mansel-Pleydell of Whatcombe,
J. P., D.L., and C.C., High Sheriff 1876, b. 1817 ; d.
1902; m. 2nd, 1849, Isabel, d. of Capt. Frederick
Charles Acton Colvile, formerly Scots Guards: —
Rev. John Colvile Morton Mansel-Pleydell, M.A,, Preb.
of Salisbury, b. 1851 ; m. 1879, Beatrice Maud, eldest d. of
Robert Smith, of Goldings, Herts. ; and has surv. issue-
Harry Percy Morton Mansel-Pleydell, Esq.,O.B.E., Major
late R.F.A. , b. 1891 ; Ralph Morton Mansel-Pleydell,
Esq., Capt. ' late R.F.A., b 1895 [m. 1920, Countesse
Marguerite Marie D'Ursel; and has issue— John Aymard
Morton Mansel-Pleydell, Gentleman, b. 1920 ; Philip Morton
Mansel-Pleydell, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; David Gabriel
Mansel-Pleydell, Gentleman, 6. 1923] ; Dorothy Isabel
Morton [m. 1910, Major Edward Pelham Smith, and has
issue] ; and Cicely Morton [m. 1906, Col. Nevile Hugh




Cairns Sherbrooke, D.S.O., R.A.; and has issue]. Res. — 19
Moore Street, S.W.3. Club— Athenaeum.

Son of John Delalynde Mansel, Esq., J. P. and C.C.,

Col. Rifie Brigade, b. 1850; d. 1915 ; m. 1888, Mildred

Ella, d. of Arthur Edward Guest, fifth son of Sir Josiah

John Guest, 1st Bart. : —

Rhys Clavell Mansel, Esq., Major late Rifle Brigade,

b. 1891 ; m. 1916, Sylvia Nina, d. of Lt.-Col. Sir Guy

Theophilus Campbell, 3rd Bart. ; and has issue— John

Clavell Mansel, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; and 3 daus. Seat —

Smedmore, Corfe Castle, Dorset.

Son of Eustace Gambier Mansel, Esq., Capt. Oxford-
shire Light Infantry, b. 1853; d. 1915 ; m. 1883, Mary
Eleanor, d. of the late Captain Belgrave, R.N. : —
Philip Eustace Mansel, Gentleman, b. 1884; m. 1925,
Giorgina, d. of the late Conte Ottavio Mannini. Address—
Chinnor Hall, Chinnor, Oxon.

Sons of Rev. Owen Luttrell Mansel, M.A., b. 1827 ;
d. 1900; in. 1859, Louisa Catherine, yst. d. of Lord
William Montagu : —
Owen Llewellyn Mansel, Gentleman, b. 1864. Res. —
James Morton Mansel, Gentleman, b. 1876. Address —
Rose Cottage, Dormansland, Surrey.

Sons of Capt. Arthur Edmund Mansel, late 3rd

Hussars, J. P. for Dorsetshire, b. 1828; d. 1905; m.

i860, Clara Henrietta, eldest d. of Hon. A. Lascelles: —

Algernon Lascelles Mansel, Gentleman, b. 1868; m.

1906, Isita Rodger, eldest d. of William Wilson of Prince's

Gate, S.W. ; and has issue — John William Morton Mansel,

Gentleman, b. 1909; Edmund Clavell Mansel, Gentleman,

b. 1915; Mervyn Lascelles Mansel, Gentleman, b 1917;

and Isita Clare. Res. — Lammas, Esher, Surrey.

Hugh Arthur Mansel, Esq., Capt. late Dorset Regt., b.
1869. Res. —

D.L. for Monmouthshire (High Sheriff 1896), late
Captain and Hon. Major 5th, late 2nd, Batt. Royal Dublin
Fusiliers, late Brigade Major Severn Volunteer Infantry
Brigade, Lieut. -Col. and Hon. Col. Commanding 2nd Vol-
unteer Batt. South Wales Borderers. Born May 3, 1849,
being the eldest son of Robert Shum Mansel, Esq., J. P. for
Northumberland, by Sarah, dau. of Valentine Hutchinson.
Elder Brother of the Trinity House. Armorial bearings —
Gules, on a chevron argent, three martlets sable, on a

saltire points upwards also proper, pommels and hilts gold.
Motto — " Cunctanter tamen fortiter." Livery — Red and
white, Married, Oct. 7, 1875, Lilian Augusta, only child
of the late Thomas Morgan Llewellin, Esq., J. P., by Eliza,
only dau. of the late Samuel Trevor Addams - Williams
of Caerleon and Llangibby ; and has Issue— (1) Robert
Trevor Llewelyn Mansel, Gentleman, b. Jan. 5, 1878
(Res. — Saxonbury, Abergavenny); (2) Jestyn Llewelyn
Mansel, Gentleman, 7th Dragoon Guards, b. May 15, 1880 ;
Lilian Llewelyn [m. J. Wyndham Smith, Esq., J. P., of
Aramstone, Herefordshire] ; Gwladis Llewelyn ; and Ada
Llewelyn. .S<yz^— Maindiff Court, Abergavenny.

MANSERGH (H. Coll.). Barry wavy of eight argent
and azure, gutt^e-d'eau, on a bend between six arrows
barbed and flighted gules, three fountains proper. Mant-
ling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a wyvern sejant and erect gules, gorged with a collar wavy

chief of the second, two maunches of the third. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
falcon rising or, holding in the beak a lily, leaved and slipped
proper, and supporting with the dexter leg two swords in

argent, and supporting with the claws an arrow erect gules,
barbed and flighted argent. Motto — " Tout jour pret."

Sons of James Mansergh, Esq., High Sheriff co.

Radnor 1901, Pres. Inst. Civ. Eng. 1900-1, F.R.S., b.

1834 ; d. 1905 ; m, 1st, Mary (d. 1897), d. of the late

Robert Lawson of Lancaster; 2nd, Harriet (d. 1916),

widow of Nelson Irons : —
Ernest Lawson Mansergh, Gentleman, C.E., b. 1866;
m. 1892, Cecil (d. 1925), d. of Captain William Dinwidde
Hogg; and has issue -Geoffrey Ernest; Maurice James;
and Cecil Aubrey Lawson. Address — 5 Victoria Street,

Walter Leahy Mansergh, Gentleman, C.E. , b. 1871 ; m.
1899, Annie, third d. of Richard Price- Williams ; and has
issue — Terence Walter ; and Dennis Blackwood. Postal
Address — 5 Victoria Street, S.W.i.

MANSERGH of Grenane (U.O.). Quarterly, 1. argent,
a bend raguly gules, between three arrows, points down-
ward, of the last, flighted and barbed or (Mansergh) ; 2.
argent, a chevron engrailed gules, between three coots sable
(Southcote) ; 3. per pale gules and argent, on a chevron
between three mullets, as many talbots all counterchanged
(Martin) ; 4. argent, on a bend between two lions rampant
sable, a wyvern, wings displayed of the first (Rudinge) ; 5.
per pale or and argent, an inescutcheon between an orle of




eight martlets sable (Brownlow); 6. argent, a stag courant
proper, on a chief vert, three mullets of the lirst (O'Doherty) ;

7. azure, on a chevron nrgent, three mullets sable (Roberts);

8. azure, on a fesse ermine, three cross crosslets fitchee gules
(Bomford). Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest-

Out of a ducal coronet proper, charged with a label 01
three points gules, a demi-lion rampant argent, gorged with
a collar raguly of the second, and holding in the dexter
paw an arrow, point downwards, of the last, flighted and
barbed or. Motto— "Tout jour pret." Livery (dress)—
White coat, with crimson collar and cuffs, crimson waistcoat
and breeches ; (undress) light drab wiih crimson collar and

Sons of Philip St. George Mansergh, Gentleman, ot
Grenane, b. 1863 ; d. 1928 ; m. 1907, Ethel Marguerite
Otway Louisa, only d. of Major Charles Stepney
Perceval Egmont Mansergh, 40th Regt. , of Clifford,
Bridgetown, and Castletownrocke, co. Cork: —
Charles Ogilvy Martin Southcote Mansergh, Gentleman,
b, 1908. Seat— Grenane, Tipperary.

Philip Nicholas Seton Mansergh, Gentleman, b. T910.
Son of Richard Martin Southcote Mansergh of Grenane,
b. 1800; d. 1876; m. 2nd, 1843, Christine, eldest d.
of Rev. Richard Mauleverer, Rector of Tipperary : —
Richard Mauleverer Mansergh, Lieut. R.N., b. 1851.

Sons of Major Neville Frederick Mansergh, b. 1845 ;
d. 1883; m. 1870, Anne Elizabeth, only d. of James
Gibbs of Clifton:—
Charles James Carden Mansergh, Gentleman, b. 1874.
Res. — Cape Town, South Africa.

Neville Stepney St. George Mansergh, Gentleman, b.
1876. Res. —

John Loftus Otway Mansergh, Gentleman, Lieut. 18th
Royal Irish Regt., b. 1876. Res. —

Son of Charles Carden Mansergh, Esq., J-P., of
Clifford, co. Cork, b. 1802; d. 1873; "*• I 830, Eliza-
beth, d. of Capt. Loftus Otway Bland, R.N. :—
St. George Dyson Mansergh (q.v.).

Son of John Craven Mansergh, Esq., J. P., Lieut.-Col.

and Paymaster R.A., b. 1805; d. 1896; m. 1st, 1832,

Anna, d. of Thomas Van Wilmsdorff Richards of

Rathnaspeck, co. Wexford: —

John Louis Mansergh, Gentleman, b. 1833 ; m. 1863,

Hannah Wilks ; and has Issue — (1) John Lewis Mansergh,

Gentleman ; (2) Richard Martin Mansergh, Gentleman ;

Emily Peel ; Anne ; Elizabeth Sarah ; Henrietta ; and

Clara. Res. — Melbourne, N.S.W.

Sons of Major Wilmsdorff George Mansergh, Pay master
53rd Regtl. District, b. 1837; d. 1893; m - 1878, Sarah
Richarda, fourth d. of Richard Edward Philips of
Mountrivers, co. Tipperary: —
Wilmsdorff George Mansergh, Gentleman, b. 1880.
Post. add. — Rock Savage, co. Cork.

Henry Craven Mansergh, Gentleman, b. 1885. ^ es - —
Neville Southcote Mansergh, Gentleman, b. 1889. Res. —
Sons of John Craven Mansergh, Esq. (see above), b.

1805 I d. l8 9°: m. 2nd, 1855, Jane Anne, d. of Major

John Campbell, 74th Regt. : —
Southcote Campbell Mansergh ("Charles Manners"),
Gentleman, b. 1857 ; tn. 1896, Frances, d. of James Moody
of Redruth, Cornwall. Res.— The Hyde, Hendon.

Randal Martin St. George Mansergh, Esq., Capt. North
Tipperary L.I. , b. 1859. Res. —

Eld. son of Major John Craven Carden Mansergh, by

his second wife Lucinda Maria Georgina, third d. of

William Smith of Capetown, Private Secretary to H. E.

Sir Benjamin Durban, Governor of Cape Colony: —
Cornewall Lewis Warwickshire Mansergh, Esq., C.B.E.,
I.S.O., b. 1863; m. 1891, Zoldelinda, d. of Goert Van
Rheede, R. M. and Civil Commissioner of Stellenbosch ;
and has issue — Charlotte Linda. Address — c/o Provincial
Secretary, Cape Town, South Africa.

Son of Francis Mansergh, b. 1807; d. 1871 ; m.

Eliza (d. 1866), only d. of Capt. Daniel Hamersley,

48th Regt. : —
John Craven Mansergh, Gentleman, b. ; m.

Annie, d. of Dr. O'Shannesy. Res. —

Born March 7, 1848, being the fifth son of the late Charles
Carden Mansergh, Esq., J. P., Lieut. 3rd Dragoon Guards,
M.A. Trin. Coll., Dublin, by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of
Capt. Loftus Otway Bland, R.N., of Bath. Armorial
bearings Argent, a bend raguly gules, between three

arrows, points downward, of the last, flighted and barbed
or. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest -Out of a
ducal coronet proper, charged with a label of three points
gules, a demi-lion rampant argent, gorged with a collar
raguly of the second, and holding in the dexter paw an
arrow, point downwards, of the last, flighted and barbed or.
Motto — "Tout jour pret." Married, March n, 1882.
Alice Emma, widow of William Yates Peel, grandson of Sir
Robert Peel, 1st Bart. ; and has had Issue— (1) Perceval St.
George Mansergh, Gentleman, b. Dec. 15, 1882, d. 1910;
(2) Robert Otway Mansergh, Gentleman, Lieut. 18th Royal
Irish Regt., b. Ian. 12, 1885 ; (3) Arthur Neville Mansergh,
Gentleman, b. Nov. 10, 1887 ; (4) John Loftus Mansergh,
Gentleman, b. Nov. 10, 1887 ; Olivia Alicia; Mary Thoma-
sina Maud ; and Adelaide. Residence— Old Court, Water-
ford, co. Cork. Seat— Ballyhooley Court, co. Waterford.




MANSFIELD. Argent, on a chevron embattled azure,
between three maunches sable, an Eastern crown or, on a
chief engrailed of the third a lion of the fourth com-
batant with a tiger, cowed proper. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest — Out of an Eastern crown argent, a griffin's
head sable, beaked or, between two branches of laurel
proper. Motto — " Steadfast."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir William Rose Mansfield, G.C.B.,

G.C.S I., 1st Baron Sandhurst, b. 1819 ; d. 1876 ;

m. 1854, Margaret, d. of Robert Fellowes, of

Shotesham Park : — ■
Rt. Hon. John William Mansfield, 3rd Baron Sand-
hurst of Sandhurst, Berks. (28 Mar. 1871), M.A. Camb.,
J. P. Norfolk, Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple, Legal
Chancery Visitor of Lunatics 1910-28, b. 1857 ; s. his
brother 1921 ; m. 1888, Edith Mary, d. of the late John
Higson, J. P., of Oakmere Hall, Cheshire; and has issue
— Hon. Ralph Sheldon Mansfield, O.B.E., Capt. (ret.)
R.E., b. 1892 [m. 1917, Victoria Morley, d. of Edward
Berners Upcher, Esq., of Kirby Cane, Sheringham ; and
has issue — John Edward Terence Mansfield, Esq., b. 1920 ;
Ralph Geoffrey Knyvet Mansfield, Gentleman, b. 1926 ;
and Valerie] ; Hon. Edith Margery [m. 1st, 1910, Charles
Francis Nunneley, Lieut. Northumberland Fusiliers
(d. 1914); 2nd, 1918, John Edward Svenson. Lieut.
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; and has issue].
Seat — Edgebrook, Sheringham, Norfolk. Town res. —
37A Duke Street, St. James's, S.W. Club — Oxford and

Hon. Henry William Mansfield, Lieut. -Col. (ret.)
1st Dragoons, b. i860 ; m. 1885, Katherine Rose (d.igz8),
d. of James Charles, J. P., of Kennet House, Harrow ;
and has issue — William Henrv Charles Mansfield, Esq.,
D.S.O., Lieut.-Col. R.A.F., b. 1887 (Club— Army and
Navy) ; James Cleland Mansfield, Esq., Lieut. -Comdr.
R.N., b. 1890 [m 1914, Marjorie, d. of John Field (Club —
Junior United Service)] ; John Hamilton Mansfield, Esq.,
Capt. (ret.) Coldstream Gds., b. 1893 [ra. 1916, Phyllis
Colvin, d. of Col. John Burt. (Club — Army and Navy)] ;
Katherine Rose [m. 1919, Capt. Joseph Mayne, Beds,
and Herts. Regt. ; and has issue]. Res. — Lammas Hall,
Norwich. Club — Cavalry.

Hon. James William Mansfield, Lieut, (ret.) Middx.
Regt., b. 1862. Res. — 60 Eaton Square. Clubs —
Cavendish, Bath, Brooks's.

MANSFIELD. Quarterly, 1 and 6, argent, three bars
sable, that in chief charged with a wyvern of the first (for
Mansfield) ; 2. gules, a saltire or (for Eustace) ; 3. per fesse
argent and gules, in chief, on a mount vert, a wolf passant
in front of an oak-tree proper (for Woulfe) ; 4. argent, a
chief indented sable (for Power); 5. party per fess, by the
name of de Lutton or Latton, party per pale argent and
sable, a saltire engrailed ermines, and ermine, counter-
changed, and by name of Lattin, argent, three crescents
gules in a bordure or [MacCulloch, Ulster King of Arms
-June 29, 1763]. Mantling sable and argent. Crest
— Upon a wreath of the colours, a dexter arm embowed
in armour proper, garnished or, the hand holding a sword
also proper, pommel and hilt gold. Motto — " Turris

Sons of George Mansfield, Esq., J. P., D.L. of Mor is-
town, Lattin,^. 1845; d. 1929; m. 1877, Alice, eldest
d. of Count d'Audebard de FeYussac of Pleurs,
France : —

Eustace Lattin Mansfield, Esq., late Captain 3rd R.
Dublin Fusiliers, b. 1879; m. 1911, Mabel Edith Clare,
third d. of late Thomas Guy Paget of Ibstock. Seat —
Morristown Lattin, Naas, co. Kildare.

Henry Marie Lattin Mansfield, Gentleman, b. 1881 ;
m. 1913, Alice Mary, d. of D. L. Cronin CcTtsman,

Alexander Lattin Mansfield, Gentleman, b. 1882 ; m. 1907,
Alice, third d. of Ambrose More O'Ferrall, of Balyna, co.
Kildare ; and has issue — Alexander George Mansfield, Gen-
tleman, b. 1908.

Tirso Louis Mare Lattin Mansfield, Gentleman, b. 1888.

MANSFIELD-HAYSOM (H. Coll.) Quarterly, r and
4, argent, two barrulets, between six cinquefoils, three,
two, and one, sable (for Haysom) ; 2 and 3, argent, on
a chevron, between three maunches sable, a heart or (for
Mansfield). Mantling gules and argent. Crests — 1. on a
wreath gules and argent, a demi-griffin sable, collared,
and holding between the claws a harp or (for Haysom) ;

2. on a wreath of the colours, a griffin's head erased
sable, holding in the beak a heart or (for Mansfield).
Motto — " Serus in ccelum redeas." Livery — Dark grey,
with dark red facings.

Issue of John Mansfield-Haysom, Gentleman, of
Ringwood, Hants., b. 1830 ; d. 1912 ; m. 1867, Mary
Annie, d. of Robert George Bartlett, of Brans-
combe, Devon : —
HubertCharles Mansfield-Havsom, Gentleman , b. 1 87 1 .

Robert George Bartlett Mansfield-Haysom, Gentle-
man, b. 1874; m. 1st, 1899, Emma (d. 1909), d. of
Thomas Hussey, of Ilchester Manor House, Somerset ;
2nd, 1911, Emma Aplin (d. 1922); 3rd, 1923, Florence

Charlotte Emma, Lady of the Manors of Burstock and
Sadborow, Dorset, d. of the late J. W. Hawkesworth, and
widow of Capt. John Bragge. Seat — Sadborow, Chard,
Thorncombe, Dorset.

Lily Curone.

Rose Annie.

MANT(H. Coll.) Erminois, a lion rampant azure, on
a chief per pale ermine and gules, an open book proper,
clasped and garnished or, between a rose of the fourth and
another argent, both barbed and seeded proper. Mant-
ling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
demi-lion rampant argent, holding between the paws a cross
Calvary sable. Motto — " Lucerna pedibus meis."

Son of the late Rev. Frederick Woods Mant, B.A.,
Rector of Armoy, Connor, by his wife Isabella Connell,
d. of John Thomas Alston of Liverpool: —
Richard Mant, Gentleman, b. 1845.
Son of George French Mant, Gentleman, of Stor-
rington, co. Sussex, by his wife Louisa Sophia, ne'e
Frank Mant, Gentleman, b. 1856 ; m. 1881, Louisa Hare,
d. of George Hammond of Thakeham, in the co. of Sussex ;
and has surv. issue — Charles Edward Mant, Gentleman, b.
1888 ; and Daisy Louisa Hare. Res.—

Only ?on of Arthur French Mant, Gentleman, Solicitor,

b. 1861 ; d. 1902 ; m. 1894, Eva, d. of the late Rev.

William Thomas Charles Brande, M.A. , Rector of

Burton and Coates, Sussex : —

George Arthur Mant, Esq , Solicitor, late Capt. Suffolk

Regt., b. 1896; m. 1918, Elsie Muriel, d. of William Slack

of Caterham, Surrey ; and has issue — Arthur Keith Mant,

Gentleman, b. 1919 ; Derrick French Mant, Gentleman,

b. 1924; and Muriel Betty. Res. — Avenings, Chipstead,

Surrey. Address — 2 and 3 Norfolk Street, Strand, W. C.




MANTON, Baron, see WATSON.


MAPLES (H. Coll., 31 July 1919)- Argent, on a
chevron sable, three horses' hoofs of the field, on a chief
vert, a fleur-de-lys, between two garbs or. Mantling

Samuel Wilson Mappin, Esq., 6. 1854 ; m. 1881, Laura,
d. of William Morton, of Westfield House, Alford, Lines. ;
and has issue — (1) Frank Crossley Mappin, Gentleman,
b. 1884 [m. 1909, Ruby, d. of G. L. Thomson, of Remuera,
Auckland, N.Z. ; and has issue — Laura Crossley ; Ivy
Marjorie ; Ethel Thorpe (Res. — Birchlands, Mountain.
Road, Auckland)] ; (2) William Hubert Mappin,
Gentleman, b. 1891 ; Mary Crossley. Res — 100
Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol.

Only surv. son of Joseph Charles Mappin, Gentleman,

of 8 Sackville Gardens, Hove, Sussex, b. 1856 ; d. 1923 ;

m. 1886, Elizabeth (d. 1915), d. of James Breeds, of

Hastings: —
Godfrey Edward Mappin. Gentleman, F.R.S.A., b. 1887.
Postal Address— c/o Lloyd's Foreign Bank, Ltd., 43 Bd. des
Capucines, Paris.

Son of Edward Mappin, Gentleman, b. 1827 ; d. 1875 ;

m. 1852, Charlotte, d. of Michael Hunter of Sheffield : —
Frederick Thorpe Mappin, Gentleman, b. 1861. Res. —
Richmond, Quebec, Canada.





MARCH-PHILLIPPS (R.L., 14 Oct. 1796). Quarterly,
1 and 4, quarterly i. and iiii., azuse, a chevron argent,
cottised or, between three falcons of the second, bells also or
(Phillipps) ; ii. and iii., quarterly gules and azure, a cross
erminois between four lion's heads couped argent, each
charged on the breast with a cross-crosslet fitch^e sable
(March); 2 and 3, or, on a chief azure, three lions
ampant of the field (Lisle). Mantling azure and

sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
between two attires or, a castle sable, thereon an
escutcheon argent, charged with a cross, couped gules.
Motto — " Murus asneus conscientia sana."

Eld. and only surv. son of Ashley Maples, Solicitor,
of Spalding (eld. son of Ashley Maples — see below),
d. 1876 :—
Ashley Kilshaw Maples, Gentleman, b. 1868. Res. —
33 London Road, Spalding, Lines.

8th son of Ashley Maples, Gentleman, Solicitor, of

Spalding, b. 1806 ; d. 1886 ; m. 1835, Harriet, d.

of Robert J. Stanley, of Gainsborough : —

Cecil Edward Maples, Esq., J. P. Lanes., F.R.Met.S.,

Chev. Order of Leopold of Belguim, b. 1859; m. 1889,

Edith Maude, d. of W. Sherlock, of Athy, Kildare; and

has issue — John Cecil Maples, Esq., late Capt. R.F.A.,

b. 1891 [m. 1921, Enid May, d. of Alfred E. Dickinson, of

Avening, Glos., and has issue — Ernest Mark Cecil Maples,

Gentleman, and Cicely Mary] ; Alfreda Ashley [m. 1911,

F. J. Blundell]. Res.— The Elms, Ormskirk, Lanes.

Club — Conservative (Liverpool).

MAPOTHER (U.O.). Sable, a griffin passant wings
elevated argent, between three escallops or.

Son of John Edward Mapother of Kilteevan, b. ;

d. ; m. 1824, Catherine, d. of Owen O'Conor Don,
" The O'Conor Don " : —
Thomas Austin Patrick Mapother, Esq., J. P. and D.L.
co. Roscommon (High Sheriff 1868), b. . Seat — Kil-
teevan House, co. Roscommon.

MAPPIN (H. Coll., 1886). Azure, on a bend engrailed
between two boars' heads erased argent, three lozenges
of the field. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a boar sable, charged with a pale or,
and resting the dexter foot upon a spur fessewise also or.
Motto — " Cor f oret calcar non requirit."

Son of Thomas Wilson Mappin, Esq., b. 1877 ; d.

1916 ; m. 1906, Maud, d. of the late Joseph Mappin,

of 38 Harrington Gardens, S.W. : —

Sir Charles Thomas Hewitt Mappin, 4th Bart. (27 Aug.

1886), b. 1909 ; s. his grandfather 1925. Res. —

Wellington Lodge, Berks.

Third son of Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin, 1st Bart.,
b. 1821 ; d. 1910 ; m. 1845, Mary (d. 1908), d. of
John Wilson, of Oak Holme, Sheffield :—

argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, a demi-
griffin segreant sable, beaked, membered, collar chain and
wings elevated or, supporting in the claws an escucheon
azure, thereon a lion rampant or (Phillipps) ; 2. on a
wreath of the colours, a demi-lion rampant quarterly or
and azure, holding in the paws a plain cross sable charged
with a cross-crosslet fitchee also or (March). Mottoes—
" En bon espoir" ; " Quod justum non quod utile " ; " En
bonne heure puisse." Livery — Black, with crimson plum-
coloured waistcoat and silver buttons ; (full dress), crimson
waistcoat and breeches, silver trimmings on waistcoat, white
coat, with black collar and facings and silver lace.




Sons of Ambrose Charles Lisle March-Phillipps de Lisle

of Garendon Park and Grace Dieu Manor, b. 1834 ;

d. 1883; m. (1st), Frances Amelia Victoria, d. of Sir

Richard Sutton, 2nd Bart. : —

Everard March-Phillipps de Lisle, Esq., J. P. and D.L.

co. Leics. (High Sheriff 1906), Major and Hon. Lt.-Col.

Leics. Imp. Yeo., T.D., b. 1862; m. 1903, Mary Ann, d.

of late James Stebbings of Stowmarket, Suffolk; and has

issue— Edward William Stebbings March-Phillipps de Lisle ,

Gentleman, b. ; and Dorothy Mary Stebbings. Seats

—Garendon Park, Loughborough ; Grace Dieu Manor,

Whitwick, co. Leics. Clubs— Carlton, Cavalry, County


Bernard Charles March-Phillipps de Lisle, Gentleman,
b. 1864. Club — National Liberal.

Sons of Edwin Joseph Lisle March-Phillipps de Lisle,
Esq., D.L. Leics., F.S.A., M.P, for Mid-Leicestershire
1886-92, b. 1852; d. 1920; m. 1889, Agnes Henriette

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 66 of 282)