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b. 1912. Seat— Little Hammonds Place, Sussex. Club—

Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew, Esq., Major Denbighshire
Hussars, b. 1886; m. 1915, Bertha Irene, d. of T. W.
Short, of Ashbrooke Hall, Sunderland ; and has issue —
Lionel Geoffrey Mayhew, Gentleman, b. 1916; and Helena
Betty. Res. — Lache House, Chester.

Arthur Joyce Mayhew, Esq. , Capt. Denbighshire Hussars,
served Great War (Palestine and France), b. 1889 ; m. 1920,
Theodora Brenda, d. of A. O. Hedley, of The Nook,
Grindon, Sunderland ; and has issue — Arthur Peter Mayhew,
Gentleman, b. 1921; Elizabeth Brenda Ann ; and Octavia
Joyce. Res. — 12 Curzon Park, Chester.

Cecil William Mayhew, Esq., M.C., Capt. Denbighshire
Hussars, served Great War (Palestine and France), b. 1896 ;
m. 1918, Cresta Jeannette, d. of the late L. T. B. Saunderson,
of Dromkeen, co. Cavan, and has issue — Derek Horace
Mayhew, Gentleman, b. 1919. Res. — Cherry Orchard,
Broughton, Flints.

MAYNARD of Skinningrove (R. L., 24 Sept. 1784,

between three sinister hands couped at the wrist gules r
five ermine spots or (Maynard); 2 and 3, barry of six
erminois and gules, on a chief azure, three catherine-
wheels or (Lax). Mantling vert and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a stag trippant or, gorged
with a collar inverted argent, fimbriated sable. Motto —
" Manus justa nardus." Livery — Light drab, with dark
green collar and cuffs.

Sons of Anthony Lax Maynard, Esq., J. P., of
Skinningrove Hall, late Master N. Durham Fox-
hounds, b. 1814 ; d. 1903 ; m. 1st, 1843, Elizabeth
Jane (d. 1872), d. of George Hutton Wilkinson, Esq.,
D.L. , of Harperley Park, co. Durham; 2nd, 1873,
Edith Harriet, d. of Rev. Henry Richard Ridley,
M.A. , Vicar of St. Cuthbert's, Durham:—
Anthony Charles Hutton Maynard, Gentleman, b. i860;
m. 1890, Annie Evelyn, M. B.E. , eld. d. of Rev. H. A.
Mitton, Master of Sherburn House; and has issue —
Richard de Kirklevington Maynard, Gentleman, b. 1892 [m.
1915, Susan Boag, d. of the late Archibald Boag Milton, of
Kirkmalcolm, co. Renfrew ; and has issue — Anthony
Richard Hutton Maynard, Gentleman, b. 1920]. Res. —
The Low Hall, Hackness, Scarborough.

Henry Easterby Maynard, Gentleman, b. 1876. Res. —
Edmund Gilling Maynard, Gentleman, b. 1880. Res. —
Son of Edmund Gilling Maynard, Esq. (who was 4th
sonof John Max Maynard, of Eryholme), J.P. and D.L.,
of Chesterfield, b. 1793; d. 1880; m. 2nd, 1858, Ann,
eldest d. of John Jell of Dover, co. Kent: —
Edmund Anthony Jefferson Maynard, Esq., J.P. co.
Derby, Lord of the Manor of Nether Padley, Joint Lord
of the Manor of Matlock, 6.1861 ; m. April2, 1887, Margaret
Blanche, elder d. of R. S. Wilmot-Sitwell, Esq., J.P.,D,L.,
of Stainsby House, Smalley, in the county of Derby ; and
has had Issue— (1) Anthony Lax Maynard, Esq., Capt.
Scots Gds,, b. 1889; (2) Richard Sacheverell Maynard, Gen-
tleman, b. October 9, 1892, d. January 14, 1893 ; (3) John
Wilmot Maynard, Gentleman, Lieut. K.R.R.C, b. June 8,
1896 ; killed at Ypres 1915 ; Dorothy Margaret ; and Wini-
fred May. Estates — Nether Padley and at Chesterfield and
Hoon, all in the county of Derby. Postal addresses —
Hoon Ridge, Hilton, Derbyshire. Clubs — Boodle's, St,
James's, County (Derby).

OTWAY MAYNE, Esquire, O.B.E. (1915), D.L. Bucks.,
late Major 2nd Norfolk Regt. , Chief Constable of co. of
Bucks. Bom 1855, being the only son of the late Major
Henry Otway Mayne of " Mayne's Horse," by his wife
Mary Ewer Turner, younger dau. of the late Jacob Turner,
B.C.S. Armorial bearings (L.O., 1730)— Argent, a chev-
ron gules, voided of the field, between two pheons in chief
sable and a fleur-de-lys in base azure, all within a bordure
wavy of the last. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest —
On a wreath of his liveries, a dexter hand issuing from the
torse holding a plain cross gules ; and in an escroll above
this Motto, " Virtut fortuna comes." Livery — Dark navy
blue. Married, Jan. 1894, Helena E. , younger dau. of the
Venble. H. R. Nevill, Archdeacon of Norfolk, and Canon of
Norwich Cathedral. Residence — Walton Lodge, Aylesbury.
Club — Naval and Military.

MAYNE of Constantine (H. Coll.). Vert, a chevron
erminois between in chief two garbs, and in base a
dolphin naiant embowed or. Mantling vert and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a rock a buck's
head erased proper. Motto — •" Gan nerth ha nel."

4th son of Josiah Mayne, of Parcvean, Grade, Corn-
wall, b. 1834; d. 1913; m. 1868, Frances Emma, d.
of William Boxer, Esq., Commander R.N. : —
William Boxer Mayne, Gentleman, L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.,
b. 1875; m. 1906, Amy, d. of B. H. Dale, L.R.C.P.,
M.R.C.S., and has issue; — William Alexander Mayne|
Gentleman, b. 1906 ; and Dorothy Isabel Frances. Estates
— Mayne, Constantine, Cornwall ; Treworvack, Constan-
tine, Cornwall. Res. — Southdown House, Storrington,
Pulborough, Sussex.


H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, on a chevron vert,

MAYO, Earl of, see BOURKE.

MAYO (H. Coll.) Quarterly, 1 and 4, sable, on a
chevron between three r< ses argent, a cross pat6e of the
first, a chief or (for Mayo) ; 2 and 3, or, on a mount vert,
a pelican in her piety gules, between two flaunches ermine,
each charged with a cross pat£e fitchee of the third (for




Knapp)." Mantlingsable and argent. Crest— A dove argent,
holding in the^beak a sprig of olive proper, and charged

Henry Browne Mayo, Gentleman, b. . Res. —


Joseph Mayo, Gentleman, b.

Sons of Col. William Robert Mayo (g.v.).
Second son of Rev. William Mayo, M.A. (Oxon.),
Rector of Folke, Dorset, b. 1801 ; d. 1881 ; m. 1835,
Charlotte, d. of Robert Dyer, M.D., of Kingsmead,
Didmarton, Glos. : —
The late Rev. Charles Herbert Mayo, D.Litt., M.A.
(Oxon.), Preb. Salisbury Cathedral, F. R. Hist. S., formerly
Vicar of Long Burton with Holnest, Dorset, and Rural
Dean, b. 1845 ; d. 1929. Res. — The Retreat, Long
Burton, Sherborne, Dorset.

Sons of George Gibbes Mayo, Gentleman, F.R.S.,

of S. Australia, b. 1845 ; d. 1921 ; m. 1877, Henrietta

Mary, d. of Robert Donaldson : —

George Elton Mayo, Gentleman, Professor at Harvard

Univ., U.S.A., b. 1880 ; m. 1913, Dorothea, eld. d. of

J. H. McConnel, of Cressbrook, Melbourne ; and has

issue — 2 daus. Postal address — Harvard University,


Herbert Mayo, Gentleman, LL.B., F.R.S. (Melbourne),
Barrister-at-Law, b. 1885 ; m. 1911, Clarice Gwendoline,
d. of James Melrose, of Glenwood, Aldgate, S. Australia,
and has issue — Eric Elton Mayo, Gentleman, Cadet R.
Australian Navy, b. 191 2 ; George Melrose Elton Mayo,
Gentleman, b. 1918 ; and 3 daus. Postal address —
Adelaide, S. Australia.

John Christian Mayo, Esq., M.D., B.S. (Adelaide),
late Capt. Australian Medical Corps, b. . Res. —

Glen Osmund, Adelaide, S. Australia.

MAYWOOD-STRUTT (R.L., H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1
and 4, sable, on a chevron argent, between three cross
crosslets fitch^e or, as many escarbuncles azure (Strutt) ;

on the. breast with a cross patee sable. Motto — " Nuncia
pacis oliva."

Sons of Col. William Robert Mayo, D.C.G.O. , b. 1839 ;
d. 1921 ; m. 1868, Anne (d. 1922), d. of Rev. John
George Francis Henry Knapp, Clerk in Holy Orders,
Rector of St. James's Church, Shaftesbury, Dorset: —

Charles Robert Mayo, Gentleman, b. 1877; m. 1903,
Mary Emily Frederica, d. of Frederick Cooke, of Brook-
lands, Coppenhall, Cheshire; and has issue — Margaret
Rohesia Gundred [m. 1927, Harold Richard Bowman
Shepperd, Barrister-at-Law] ; and Knid Hildsgarde Verdin.
J?es. — West Lodge, Pinner, Middlesex.

Rev. John Frederick Mayo, Clerk in Holy Orders, M.A.
(Cantab.), formerly Vicar of Kimbolton, N.Z. , b. 1879 ; m.
1909, Emily, d. of Henry Burrell, of Maryland, Cheltenham,
Feilding, N.Z. ; and has issue— William Henry Mayo,
Gentleman, b. 1910 ; John Russell Mayo, Gentleman, b-
1922; Noel Annie; and Edith Mary. Res. — Pukepapa
Road, Marton, New Zealand.

Comdr. Herbert Coates Mayo, O.B.E., R.N., served
Somaliland Operations 1903-4 (medal and clasp), and
Great War 1914-18, comd. H.M.S. Ormonde 1918-19, b.
1881 : m. 1912, Faith Octavia, d. of Sir William Bower
Forwood, K.B.E. , J. P., D.L. , of Bromborough Hall,
Cheshire ; and has issue — William Herbert Forwood Mayo,
Gentleman, b. 1916 ; and Audrey Faith. Res.— Ryme, Old
Castle Road, Weymouth.

MAYO (H. Coll.). Sable, on a chevron between three
roses argent, a cross patee of the first, a chief or. Mantling
sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a dove argent, holding in the beak a sprig of olive
proper, and charged on the breast with a cross patee
sable. Motto — " Nuncia pacis oliva." Livery — Black
and gold.

Only surv. son of Joseph Mayo, Gentleman, b. 1823 ;

d. 1876 ; m. 1868, Sarah Samuel, d. of Rev. Samuel

Chase, D:D. : —
Rev. March Chase Mavo, M.C., B.D., Clerk in Holv
Orders, b. 1871. Res. — St. Stephen's Vicarage, Balti-
more, Maryland, U.S.A.

Only surv. son of Charles Mayo, Gentleman, b. 1826 ;

d. 1910; m. 1853, Frances Charlotte, d. of Rev.

Charles Taylor Wade, M.A. : —
Rev. Father William Francis Mayo, M.A. (Wisconsin),
b. 1 861. Address — Order of Holy Cross, West Park,
New York.

Sons of Henry Herbert Mayo, Gentleman, b. ;

d. : m. , : —

2 and 3, lozengy or and ermine, on a chief azure, a
demi-lion between two lymphads sails furled oars in action
of the first (May wood). Mantlings sable and argent ;
azure and or. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, a
demi-lion or, holding in the dexter paw a banner erect sable,
charged with a cross as in the arms (Strutt) ; 2. on a
wreath of the colours, a dolphin haurient azure, charged
with a lymphad as in the arms (Maywood). Mottoes
— "Justus et tenax propositi" (Strutt); "Facta memorias
faciunt " (Maywood).

Only son of Henry John Maywood, H.M. Civil Service,

b. 1856; d. 1892; m. 1879, Fanny Emma, only d. of

the late Charles James Strutt : —

Henry Golding Maywood-Strutt, Gentleman, B.A.

(Oxon.), b. 1884; assumed by R.L., i9r4, the additional




surname and arms of Strutt ; m. 1910, Sylvia, only child of
the late Francis Way, and grand-d. of the late Henry
Savory Way, Esq., J. P., D.L. Res. — Woodend, Studland
Bay, Dorset.

MccGWIRE (U.O.). Vert, on a horse in full gallop
argent, caparisoned gules, fringed or, a knight in complete
armour, without a shield, brandishing his sword over his
head proper, his helm plumed with two ostrich feathers of
the second. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, a stag trippant proper, collared, and
with a chain reflexed oyer his back or. Motto — " Fortitudo
et justitia,"

Sons of John Frederick Kane MccGwire, Gentleman,

of Somerset Lodge, St. Margaret's-on-Thames, b. 1836 ;

d. 1915 ; m. 1877, Juliet, d. of William Paul Metcham,

of Petersham Lodge, Surrey : —
John Edward MccGwire, Esq., C.B.E., Lt.-Col.
R.A.S.C., Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple, b. 1878 ;
m. 1909, Jean Elizabeth, only d. of Col. Henry Benjamin
Naylor Adair, R. E. ; and has issue— John Adair MccGwire,
Gentleman, b. r9is ; Brian Walter MccGwire, Gentleman,
b. 1920 ; and Jean Mary. Club — Army and Navy.

Capt. George Walter Frederick MccGwire, b, 1884 ;
m. 1922, May Geraldine Aldersley, d. of Cecil Henry
Bompas, C.S.T., of the Middle Temple. Barrister-at-Law,
and has issue. Address — c/o Messrs. Shaw Wallace & Co. ,
Madras, India.

MEAD (H. Coll.). Argent, three trefoils slipped vert,
on a bordure quarterly gules and sable, four bees or.
Mantling vert and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, within a circle of trefoils fessewise conjoined and
slipped vert, an heraldic reindeer trippant proper. Mottoes
— " Toujours pret " ; "In medio tutissimus."

Sons of Henry John Mead, Gentleman, Solicitor, /'.
1845 I d. 1926 ; vi. 1875, Edith Charlotte, d. of Rev.
Joseph Gifford, M. A. , Vicar of Newport, Barnstaple : —

Henry Gifford Mead, Esq., Solicitor, Lt.-Col. T.F. Res.,
T.D. , b. 1876; m. 1909, Ellen Sofie Manicus, d. of
Frederick Carl Christian Nielsen (Knight and Cross of
Honor, Danish Order of Dannebrog, Knight Commr. ot
Norwegian Order of St. Olaf and Russian Order of St. Stanis-
laus, and Officer of Japanese Order of the Rising Sun) of
London and Copenhagen, and has issue — John Nielsen
Mead, Gentleman, b. 1910; David Gifford Mead, Gentle-
man, b. 1911 ; Charles Raymond Mead, Gentleman, b. 1912.
Club — Jun. Carlton.

Raymond George Mead, Gentleman, b. 1882.

Edgar Walter Mead, Gentleman, B.A. (Camb.), H.M.
Consular Service, China, b. 1887; m. 1915, Maud, d. of the
late Admiral ot the Fleet, Sir Algernon Lyons, G.C.B. , and
has issue — Thomas Gifford Mead, Gentleman, b. 1917;
James Penrice Mead, Gentleman, b. 1924 ; and Christine

Godfrey Charles Frederick Mead, Gentleman, M.A.
(Camb.), b. 1891.

Sons of George Edward Mead, Solicitor, b. 1819 ; d.
1892 ; m. 1842, Louisa, d. of William Rayment : —

Frederick Mead, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Metropolitan
Magistrate (uses only one Motto — " In medio tutissimus "),
b. 1847; m - 1878, Sophia, d. of Richard Henry Poland,
Esq. ; and has issue— (1) Stephen Mead, Esq., D.S.O. ,
Major R.A. , b. 1882 [m. 1910, Beatrice Eleanor, d. of
Comdr. L. P. Willan, late R.N.T ; (2) Lawrence Mead, Esq. ,
Barr.-at-Law, B.A., Balliol (Oxon.), Major Yeomanry
Reserve of Officers, b. 1884 ; (3) Hilary Poland Mead, Esq. ,
Lieut.-Comdr. R.N., b. 1887. Res.— 4 Eliot Place, Black-
heath, London, S. E. Club — Junior Carlton.

George Edward Mead, Gentleman [Motto — " Tu ne cede
malis"], b. 1849; m. 1881, Maude, d. of Henry Hockey
Burnell, F.S.A. ; and has issue — (1) Rev. Humphrey
Burnell Mead, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1882; (2) Rev. Jasper
Mead, M.A., b. 1887; and Mildred [m. 1922, St. John
Fancourt Bell]. Club — Constitutional.

William Rayment Mead, Gentleman (twin), b. 1855.

Herbert Rayment Mead, Gentleman (twin), b. 1855.

Ernest Kent Mead, Gentleman, b. i860; m. 1891,
Minnie Jane, d. of John Nevil Maskelyne. Res. —

MEADE (CO., ). Gules, a chevron ermine, between

three trefoils slipped argent. Mantling gules and argent.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an eagle displayed with

two heads sable, armed or. Motto — " Toujours prest."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Richard James Meade, 4th Earl of

Clanwilliam, G.C.B. , K.C.M.G., b. 1832; d. 1907;

m. 1867, Elizabeth Henrietta, d. Sir Arthur Edward

Kennedy, G.C.M.G., C.B. :—
Rt. Hon. Sir Arthur Vesey Meade, M.C., 5th Earl of
Clanwilliam (20 July 1776), Viscount Clanwilliam co Tip-
perary and Baron Gillford, co. Down (17 Nov. 1766), Baron
Clanwillliam of Clanwilliam (U.K., 28 Jan. 1828), and a
Bart. (29 May 1703), D.L. co. Down, Capt., Gen.R.O. , late
Horse Guards, formerly Extra A.D.C. to Viceroy of India
(Lord Curzon of Kedleston), served in S. African War
1900-2, and Great War 1914-18 (despatches, M.C., Croix
de Guerre (Italy)) [Supporters — Dexter, an eagle close
sable ; sinister, a falcon close proper, beaked and legged or,
each collared and chained], b. 1873; m. 1909, Muriel,
M.B. E. , widow of Hon. Oliver Howard and d. of Russell
Stephenson ; and has issue — John Charles Edmund Carson
Meade, commonly called Lord Gillford, b. 19 14 ; Lady
Mary Katharine Selina ; and Lady Elizabeth Louisa
Margaret. Seats— Gill Hall, Dromore, co. Down ; Montalto,
Ballynahinch, co. Down. Club — Carlton.

Hon. Herbert Meade, C.B., C.V.O., D.S.O. , Rear-
Admiral, A.D.C. to King George 1924-25, b. 1875 ; m.
1911, Margaret Isabel Frances, elder d. of the late Rt. Rev.
the Hon. E. Carr Glyn, Bishop of Peterborough ; and has
issue — Richard James Meade, Esq., b. 1913 ; John Herbert
Meade, Esq., b. 1919 ; Anne Margaret; and Jean Mary.
Res. — 44 Cadogan Place, S.W.i.

Hon. Edward Brabazon Meade, Capt. (ret.) 10th Hussars,
served in S. African War, and Great War 1914-19,
b. 1878 ; m. 1st, 1907, Hon. Elizabeth Kate Shelley Gully
(d. 1908), d of 1st Viscount Selby ; 2nd, 1910, Angela, d.
of Thurz von Thurzbrugg (div, 1924) ; 3rd, 1925, Mrs.
Arthur Godfrey. Res. — Rose Manor, Guisborough, North-
ants. Club — Orleans.

Son of Hon. Sir Robert Henry Meade, G.C.B., b. 1835 ;

d. 1898 ; m. 2nd, 1880, Caroline Georgiana, d. of Charles

William Grenfell, M.P. :—
Charles Francis Meade, Esq., b. 1881 ; m. 1913, Hon.
Ailean Hilda Brodrick, d. of 1st Earl of Midleton ; and has
issue — Simon Robert Jasper Meade, Esq., b. 1928 ; and
3 daus. Res. — Penylan, Meifod, Montgomery. Club —

Son of Rev. and Hon. Sidney Meade, Canon of Salis-
bury, J. P. Wilts., Rector of Wylye, Wilts., 1869-82,

b. 1839; d. 1917; m. 1868, Lucy Emma (d. 1918),

second d. of the late J. H. Jacob of The Close,

Salisbury: —
Francis Henry Meade, Esq., C.B.E., Barr.-at-Law, b.
1870 ; m. 1st, 1900, Beatrice Mary (obtained a div. 1923), d.
the late Lord Esm£ Stuart Gordon ; 2nd, 1923, Dorothy
Elizabeth, d. of the late H. Pocklington-Senhouse, and
widow of Lt.-Col. J. S. Plummer ; and has issue — Robert
Sidney Stuart Meade, Esq. , b. 1901. Res. — The Hanginshaw,

Son of John Percy Meade, Esq. : —
John Windham Meade, Esq. (q.v).

Son of Richard Raphael Meade, Esq., Major 8th Foot,

b. 1826 ; d. 1873 ; m. 1869, Rica Nunes, d. of David

Nunes Carvalho: —
Richard John Edward Meade, Gentleman, O.B.E. , b.
1870 ; m. 1894, Helen Venetia Digby, d. of the late Rev.
G. Digby Newbolt, Rector of Knotting-with-Souldrop ; and
has had issue — Richard Gilbert Trevor Meade, Lieut. 14th
Hussars, b. 1895 ; d. 1917, of wounds received in action ;
Patricia Helen Isabel ; and Ulrica Nina Elizabeth. Res. —
Croxton, Thetford, Norfolk.

Sons of Adam Newman Meade, b. ; d. 1878; m.

1859, Louisa Sophia, d. of Daniel Connor of Manch : —
• Richard John Meade, Esq., B.A., J. P. co. Cork, Maj.
(ret.) R. MunsterFus., b. 1865. Seat — Ballymartle, Kinsale,
co. Cork.

Adam Daniel Meade, Gentleman, b. ; m. 1909, Ella

Nora, d. of Richard Ashe of Ashton, co. Cork. Res.—

Sons of John Meade of Ballintober, co. Cork, J. P., b.

1819 ; d. 1898; m. 1851, Eliza, d. of Richard Meade

of Dublin : —
John Josias Meade, Gentleman, b. 1858. Seat — Ballin-
tober, Ballinhassig, co. Cork.

William George Meade, Gentleman, b. 1862 ; m. ,.

Eliza, d. of Frederick Bullock ; and has issue — Kathleen
Alice ; Dorothea Lucia ; and Margaret Emily. Res. —
Robert Jocelyn Meade, Gentleman, b. 1871. Res. —
George Waller Meade, Gentleman, b. 1872. Res. —

MEADE. Quarterly, 1 ana 4, grand quarters, gules, a
chevron ermine between three trefoils slipped argent (for
Meade) ; 2 and 3, grand quarters, quarterly i. and iiii. azure,.

[email protected]



three peewits argent (for Magill) ; ii. and iii. per chevron
argent and vert, three hinds trippant proper (for Hawkins)-
a crescent for difference. Mantling gules and argent. Crest
— An eagle displayed with two heads sable. Motto —
" Toujours pret " (or "prest").

Eld. surv. son of John Percy Meade, Esq, D. L. for co.
Down, J. P. Norfolk and Suffolk, Capt. 52nd Oxford-
shire L. I., b. 1847; d. 1919 ; m. 1894, Helena Frances,
dau. ofSir Allen Johnson-Walsh, Bart., of Bally kilcavan,
Queen's Co. : —
John Windham Meade, Esq., Capt. 1st Batt. Oxford and
Bucks. L.I., served Great War, b. Nov. 28, 1894. Seats —
Earsham Hall, Norfolk ; Burrenwood, co. Down.

MEADE (H. Coll.). Azure, a chevron ermine between
in chief two trefoils slipped and in base a fleur-de-lysor.
Crest — On a wreath or and azure, upon a mount vert, a
double-headed eagle displayed azure, holding in each
beak a trefoil as in the arms. Motto — " Semper paratus."
Son of : —

Harold Gerard Roche Meade, Gentleman, b. ;

Res. — San Luis, Potosi, Mexico.

MEADE-KING of Walford (H. Coll., 25 Oct. 1830).
Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, a lion rampant between three
cross crosslets two and one sable, and as many escal-
lops one and two gules (King); 2 and 3, gules, on a
chevron argent, between three leopards' faces or, two arrows
in saltire azure, barbed and flighted proper, between two
bows chevronwavs of the fourth, stringed of the field
(Meade). Mantling sable and argent. Crests — 1. on


a wreath of the colours, a mount vert, thereon an
arm in bend dexter couped at the elbow the hand
supporting a tilting-spear erect the head broken, the arm
surmounting a branch of oak fructed in bend sinister
all proper ( King) ; 2. upon a wreath of the colours, a
demi-griffin azure, wings elevated ermine, in the dexter
claw a fleur-de-lis or (for Meade). Motto — " Cadenti
porrigo dextram."

Son of William Oliver Meade-King, Esq., J. P., late
Major and Hon. Lt.-Col. 3rd Batt. Somersetshire Light
Infantry, b. 1833; d. 1913 ; m. 1857, Mary Musgrave,
d. of William Beadon, Esq., of Otterhead, nr. Honiton,
co. Devon, J. P. : —
William Oliver Evelyn Meade-King, Gentleman, M.Inst

C.E. , late Engineering Inspector Local Govt. Board, late
Lieut. 3rd Batt. Somersetshire L.I. , b. 1858; m. 1884,
Sophia Agneta, d. of late T. E Harrison of Whitburn, co.
Durham ; and has had issue — Richard Evelyn Beauchamp,
Esq., temp. Lieut. R.A.S.C. and R.N.V.R., b. 1885 [m.
1 914, Francis Caroline, d. of Cecil S. R. Barker, of Norfolk
Square, and has issue — Diana Katherine ; and Olivia
Francis]; (2) William Oliver Meade-King, Gentleman, b.
1889 [m. 1917, Ellen Collins, d. of Col. Wright Sherlock,
and left issue — Richard Oliver Meade-King, Gentleman, b.
; and 2 daus. Res. — Walford, nr. Taunton, co.

Sons of Henry Herbert Meade-King, Gentleman, M. A.

(Pembroke Coll.) Oxford, b. 1837; d. 1916 ; m. 1864,

Caroline Amelia Carr, d. of George Carr Clark of Ellin-

thorpe, Yorks. : —

Herbert Edward Meade- King, Gentleman, B.A. (Camb),

b. 1865 ; m. 1 891, Ann Millicent, d. of William Nickolls, of

Clifton. Res. — Perry House, Cleeve, nr. Bristol.

George Cyril Meade- King, Gentleman, Solicitor, M.A.
(Oxon.), b. 1869; m. 1902, Marguerite, d. of Carl Hae-
fliger, of Neuchatel, and has issue — Two sons and a dau.
Post. add. — 45 Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol.

Sons of Walter Meade-King, Esq., J. P. for co. Som-
erset, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1842 ; d. 1920 ; m. 1866, Louisa
(d. 1895), d. of late H. Liddon of Taunton: —
Richard Liddon Meade-King, Gentleman, M.D. , b. 1869.
Res. — Powlett House, Taunton.

Rev. Charles Ruddock Meade-King, M.A. (Oxon.), Clerk
in Holy Orders, b. 1875 ; m. 1905, Alice, d. of Robert Gordon,
of Frome, and has issue — Michael Oliver Meade-King,
Gentleman, b. 1908. Res. — Timsbury Rectory, Bath.

Oliver Meade-King, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1878 ;
m. 1907, Sylvia Mary Beatrice, younger d. of late Capt.
Tennyson ; and has issue — Walter Tennyson Meade-King,
Gentleman, b. 1908 ; Frederick George Oliver Meade-King,
Gentleman, b. 1911. Post, add.— Malvern College, Malvern.

MEADE-KING (H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent,
a lion rampant, between three cross crosslets, two and one,
sable, and as many escallops, one and two, gules (for
King) ; 2 and 3, gules, on a chevron argent, between three
leopards' faces or, two arrows in saltire azure, barbed and
flighted proper, between two bows chevronwise of the
fourth, stringed of the field (for Meade). Mantling sable

and argent. Crests — 1. on a wreath of the colours, on a
mount vert, an arm in bend dexter, couped at the elbow,
the hand supporting a tilting-spear erect, the head broken,
the arm surmounting a branch of oak in bend sinister,
fructed, all proper (for King) ; 2. on a wreath of the
colours, a demi-griffin azure, wings ermine, holding in
the dexter claw a fieur-de-lys or (for Meade). Motto—
" Cadenti porrigo dextram."




Son of Henry Warren Meade- King, Esq., J- P., b.

1817; d. 190 1 ; m. 28 Sept. 1847, Marion, d. of Joseph

Higgin of Manchester : —
Richard Robert Meade- King, Esq., J. P., b. 20 June
1850. Postal add. — Broomfield, West Derby, Liverpool.
Clubs — National Liberal and Liverpool Reform.

WALDO, Esquire, J. P. co. Kent, Lord of the Manor
of Hever-Brocas. Born Feb. 8, 1855, being the only
son of the late Edmund Waldo Meade- Waldo, Esq., J. P.,
late 1st Life Guards, by his first wife Harriette Ellen, dau.
of Henry Owen Becher of Aughadown, co. Cork. Armo-
rial bearings — Quarterly, 1 and 4, or, a bend azure be-
tween three leopards' faces gules (for Waldo) ; 2 and 3, per
pale sable and ermine, a chevron between three trefoils
slipped, an eagle's head erased in the chief point all
counterchanged (for Meade). Mantling azure and or.
Crests — i. on a wreath of the colours, a griffin's head sable,

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