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Sons of Hastings Burton Middleton, Esq., J. P. co.

Dorset (High Sheriff 1904), Hon. Major Dorset Yeo.

Cav. , b. 1839 ; d. 1919 ; m. 1873, Charlotte Lucia, eld.

d. of Rev. Charles O. Goodford, D.D. , of Chilton

Cantelo, Provost of Eton Coll. : —
William Henry Middleton, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. Hamp-
shire Regt. , b. 1878 ; m. 1908, Percie Vera, d. of late Rear-
Adm. Dupuis ; and has issue — 3 daus. Res. —

Arthur Purling Middleton, Gentleman, I.C.S., b. 1884;
m. 1910, Meta May Maude, ygst. d. of late J. B. Birch ;
and has issue — Hugh Walter Philip Middleton, Gentleman,
b. 1912 ; Bernard Middleton, Gentleman, b. 1918; and
Joan Purling. Address — c/o Grindley & Co., Calcutta.

MIDDLETON (H. Coll,). Per pale azure and sable,
a stag trippant between four spear-heads in cross all or.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, in front of a dexter arm erect proper, a rose argent,
barbed and seeded also proper, between two fleurs-de-lys
fessewise azure. Motto — " Dextra fideque."

Son of John Hugh Midddleton, of Whitehall Court,
S.W., b. ; d. ; m. :—

Capt. Middleton Middleton, b. . Res. — 14 Arlington
Street, W.i.

MIDDLETON (Arms of Haggerston). Azure, on a
bend cottised argent three billets sable. Mantling azure
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a lion
passant argent.

Sons of Charles Marmaduke Middleton, Esq., J. P. and
D. L. for the West Riding of co. York, for co. Inver-
ness, and for Somerset, b. 1820; m. 1858, Helen,
dau. of Colonel Fraser of Achnagairn, and relict of
George Huntly Duff of Muirtown, co Inverness: —
Marmaduke Francis Middleton, Gentleman, b. 1867.
Club — Boodle's.

Reginald John Middleton, Gentleman, b. 1870.
Lionel George Middleton, Gentleman, b. 1872.

morial hearings Parted per fesse or and gules, a lion
rampant counterchanged, within a bordure vert. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
tower embattled argent, masoned sable, thereon a lion
rampant gules, armed and langued azure. Motto — " In
arduis fortis." Seat— Cadamenay, Madras.


MIERS (H. Coll.). Per fesse ermine and or, two galleys
in pale, sails furled sable, colours flying gules, and in fesse
as many saltires of the third. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a rock proper,
a galley, as in the arms, between two saltires or. Motto —
" Naviter incedo."

Son of Francis Charles Miers of Beckenham, Kent,
C.E. , b. 1821 ; d. 1908; m. 1850, Susan Mary, d. of
Edward Wynne Fry of Handsworth, Staffs. : —
Sir Henry Alexander Miers, Kt. Bach. (1912), M.A. ,
D.Sc. Oxford, Fellow of Magdalen Coll. and Eton Coll.,
Hon. D.Sc. Manchester and Sheffield, Hon. Ph.D. Chris-
tian ia, F.R.S., Assistant British Museum 1882-98, Wayn-
flete Professor of Mineralogy Oxford 1896-1908, Prin. of
Univ. of London 1908-15, Vice-Chancellor Univ. of Man-
chester 1915-26, b. 1858. Res. — 18 Aberdare Gardens,
N.W.6. Clubs — Athenaeum, University of London.

MIEVILLE (H. Coll., 17 Feb. 1915). Azure, a wall
embattled supporting three turrets with spires and a
maisonette issuing from the dexter argent, masoned
sable, on a chief arched of the second, two roses gules.
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, in front of a plume of seven ostrich feathers
argent, a knight's helmet proper. Motto — " Constans in

Son of Jean Louis Mieville, of Entre-Monts,
Yverdon, Switzerland, b. 1808 ; d. 1897 :—
Louis Mieville, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple,
citizen and Merchant Taylor, b. 1866; m. 1889, Ada
Eleanor, d. of Sir John Aird, Bt. ; and has issue — Jean
Louis Mieville, Esq., D.S.O., Lieut.-Comdr. late R.N.V.R.,
served Great War (desp.), b. 1890 [m. 1915, Elsie Evelyn,
d. of Francis Boynton, and has issue — 1 son, b. 1916
(Res. — 8 Egerton Court, S.W.7)] ; Ada Winifred;
Dorothy Norah ; Kate Millicent. Res. — 27 Rue la
Boetie, Paris. Clubs — R. Thames Yacht. Badminton,

MILBANK (H. Coll., 1882). Quarterly, 1. gules, a
saltire argent, gutte>-de-poix, between two lions' heads
couped in pale, and as many roses in fesse of the second
(Milbank of Thorpe Perrow) ; 2. gules, a bend ermine, on
a canton or, a lion's head erased of the first (Milbanke of
Halnaby) ; 3. the arms of Acclom of Moorby, Yorks. ;
4. azure, three sinister gauntlets or (Vane of Hadlow Castle
and Raby Castle, Vn. of Kent, 1574) ; 5. argent, a chevron
engrailed sable between three pellets (De la Dene) ; 6. azure,
a chief argent, over all a lion rampant crowned or (De la
Leke) ; 7. gules, a cross argent, in the first quarter an
inescutcheon or, charged with three chevrons of the field
(De St. Owen) ; 8. argent, a bend between six fleurs-de-lys
sable (Fitz-Ellis) ; 9. quarterly, i. and iiii. , or, two pallets
azure; ii. andiii., ermine, within a bordure azure (Persall
of Tudley) ; 10. or, a cross engrailed gules (Hawte of
Bishopsbourne) ; ir. per pale gules and azure, a lion ram-
pant ermine (? Norwich of Norwich) ; 12. sable, two bars
or, a chief argent (Froggenhallof Froggenhall) ; 13. argent,
three cinquefoils gules (D'Arcy of Tolleshunt) ; 14. argent,
on a fesse cottised sable, a fesse ermine (Harleston) ;
15. gules, a goat passant argent (Bardwell); 16. argent,
a fesse sable, and in the dexter chief an annulet for differ-
ence (Warton) ; 17. argent, a fesse between six oak-leaves
gules (FitzLangley); 18. the Royal Arms of King Charles II.
[viz. quarterly, 1 and 4, quarterly, i. and iiii., France;
ii. and iii. , England; 2. Scotland; 3. Ireland], over all a
baton sinister ermine (FitzRoy, Dukes of Cleveland) ; 19.
sable, three swords in pile, points in base argent, pommels
and hilts or (Powlett) ; 20. the arms of Reyney of Rowd
and Shyrston, co. Somerset; 21. the arms of Creedy of
Creedy, co. Devon ; 22. the arms of de la Mere of Nunney
Castle, co. Somerset ; 23. barry of six or and vert, a bendlet
gules (Poynings) ; 24. the arms of FitzPayne ; 25. the
arms of Rokesley ; 26. argent, on a chief gules, two
mullets or (St. John of Basing) ; 27. the arms of Roos of
Gedney and Irby, Lines. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a lion's head couped
argent, gutt^e-de-poix, charged with a pale gules, thereon
three roses also argent.

Son of Sir Powlet Charles John Milbank, 2nd Bart.,
Lord Lieut, and Cust. Rot. co. Radnor, J. P. and D.L.
co. York, M.P. for Radnorshire 1895-1900, b. 1852;
d. 1918 ; m. 1875, Edith, d. of Sir Richard Green-
Price, 1st Bart. : —
Sir Frederick Richard Powlett Milbank, 3rd Bart. (16
May 1882), J.P. co. Radnor and N.R. Yorks., Major 5th
Batt. Yorks. Regt., late Lieut. Yorks. Hussars, b. 1881 ; m.
1904, Harriet Anne Dorothy, d. of late Col. John Gerald
Wilson, C.B. , of Cliffe Hall, Yorks. ; and has issue— Mark
Vane Milbank, Esq., b. 1907; John Gerald Frederick
Milbank, Gentleman, b. 1909 ; Denis William Powlett
Milbank, Gentleman, b. 1912. Seat — Barningham Park,
Richmond, Yorks. Club — Marlborough.

Sons of Henry John Milbank, Esq., J. P., D.L., of

Newsham, Yorks., b. 1824; d. 1872; m. 2nd, 1864,

Lady Susan Godolphin Osborne, d. of 8th Duke of

Leeds : —

Godolphin Henry Vane Milbank, Gentleman, b. 1865;

m. 1890, Sybil Jessie, d. of Sir Alfred Hughes, Bart. Seat —

Belstead Brook, Ipswich..

Darcy Francis Mark Milbank, Gentleman, b. 1867 ;
m. 1891, Eleanor (d. 1914), widow of Capt. Henry Hardinge,
and d. of James Lord. Res. —

Ralph Schomberg Milbank-Leslie-Melville (formerly Mil-
bank), b. 1872 ; m. 1907, Elizabeth Harriett, eld. d. of
Thomas Robert Brock Leslie-Melville-Cartwright, D.L -
Res. — Melville House, Ladybank, co. Fife.

MILBANKE of Halnaby (Milbanke-Huskisson, R.L. ,
5 Jan. 1866). Quarterly, 1. quarterly, i. and iiii., gules,
on a chevron nebuly between three elephants' heads erased
argent, as many torteaux (Huskisson) ; ii. and iii., gules,
a bend ermine, on a canton or, a lion's head erased of the
first (Milbanke) ; 2. the same arms of Milbanke ; 3. the
arms of Acclom of Moorby, Yorks. ; 4. thearmsof Hedworth
of Chester-le-Street, Mantling gules and argent. Crests
— 1. on a wreath of the colours, an elephant's head erased
argent, gutt^e-de-sang, and pierced in the neck with an
arrow proper (Huskisson) ; 2. on a wreath of the colours,
a lion's head erased gules, charged with a bend ermine
(Milbanke). Motto — " Resolute and firm."

Sons of Lt.-Col. Sir John Peniston Milbanke, 10th Bart,
of Halnaby, Yorks. , V.C., b. 1872; d. 1915; m. 1900,
Amelia, d. of Hon. Charles Frederick Crighton : —
Sir John Charles Peniston Milbanke, nth Bart. (7 Aug.




1661), b. 1902; tn. 1928, Margaret Sheila (formerly Lady
Loughborough), d. of late Harry Chrisholm, of Sydney,
Australia. Res. — 70 Eccleston Square, S. W.i. Club —

Ralph Mark Milbanke, Esq., Lieut. 10th Hussars, 6. 1907.

Chevet, co. York(R.L. , name, 15 Feb. 1856 ;arms, 16 March
1859, H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, a cross flory
voided gules(Pilkington); 2. argent, a cross formge fleurett^e
sable, surmounted by a bend engrailed gules (Swinnerton) ; 3.
per pale argent and gules, a cross patonce between, in the
sinister chief and dexter base, two leopards' faces counter-
changed (Milborne). Mantling gules and argent. Crests
— 1. upon a wreath of the colours, a mower with his scythe
proper, habited per pale argent and sable (Pilkington) :
2. upon a wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, a boar
passant argent, charged with a cross formee fleurett^e sable
(Swinnerton) ; 3. upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion
per fesse argent and gules, holding between the paws a
leopard's face of the first (Milborne). Motto — " Honestae
gloria fax mentis."

Sons of Sir Lionel Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington,
nth Bart., D.L. co. York (High Sheriff 1859), b. 1835 ;
d. 1901 ; tn. 1857, Isabella Elizabeth Georgiana, only
child and heiress of Rev. Charles Kinleside : —
Sir Thomas Edward Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington,
i2thBart. (29 June 1635), M.A. (Oxon.), J.P. W. R. Yorks.
(High Sheriff 1911), Major (ret.) King's Royal Rifle Corps,
formerly Col. comdg. 7th Batt., b. 1857; tn. 1895, Lady
Kathleen Mary Alexina Cuffe, Lad_y of Grace of the Order
of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, only child of 4th
Earl of Desart ; and has issue— (1) Arthur William Mil-
borne-Swinnerton-Pilkington, Esq., M.C., Capt. 16/5
Lancers, served Great War, b. 1898 ; (2) Ulick O'Connor
Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington, Esq., b. 1903; Phyllis [tn.
1910, Major Gordon Bentley Foster] ; and Pamela Irene
[tn. 1926, JermynMcorsom of Hyndlee, Howick]. Seat —
Chevet Park, nr. Wakefield, Yorks. Club — Carlton,

Capt. Claude William Egerton Milborne-Swinnerton-
Pilkington, late 4th Batt. Argyll and Sutherland High-
landers, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1863; tn. 1889, Frances Julia,
d. of William Wright of Wollaton, Notts. Club— Oxford
and Cambridge.

MILBURN (H. Coll.). Per fesse or and gules, a pale
counterchanged between two bears' heads erased in chief
sable, muzzled of the first, and as many bears' heads, also
erased and muzzled in base or. Mantling gules and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front of a bear's head
erased sable, muzzled or, four mascles interlaced fessewise
of the last. Badge — A fer-de-moline sable, charged with
an escallop argent. Motto — " Dum spiro spero. "

Sons of Sir John Davison Milburn, 1st Bart., J.P.

Northumberland (High Sheriff 1905), b. 1851 ; d. 1907 ;

tn. 1876, Clara Georgiana, d. of late W. C. Stamp of

London, S.W. : —
Sir Leonard John Milburn, 3rd Bart. (30 Dec. 1905),
late Lieut. Res. Regt. Roy. Horse Guards, J.P. and (1928)
High Sheriff, Northumberland, b. 1884; m. 1917, Joan
Katharine, d. of the late Henry Anson Horton, of Catton
Hall, Derby ; and has issue — John Nigel Milburn, Esq., b.
1918; Rupert Leonard Eversley Milburn, Esq., b. 1919 ;
and Darea Joan. Seat — Guyance, Acklington, Northum-

John Davison Milburn, Esq., M.A. (Cantab.), Barrister-
at-Law, late Lieut. R. Highlanders, b. 1886; tn. 1922,
Grace Emily, d. of the late Stuart MacRae of Ccnchra ;
and has surv. issue — Angela Mary ; and Sybil Pauline.
Seat — Hope and Melness, Sutherlandshire. Town res. —
29 Seymour Street, W.i.

Archibald William Milburn, Esq., M.A. (Camb.), Capt.
Northumberland Hussars, J.P. Northumberland, b. 1887.
Seat — Fowberry Tower, Chatton, Northumberland.

Anthony Milburn, Esq., Capt. Yorks. Hussars, b. 1891 ;
tn. 19 16, Dorothy Lilian, d. of Major William Fairburn
Wailes-Fairbairn, of Askham Grange, York, and has issue
— Peter Bronwyn Milburn, Gentleman, b. 1917. Res. —
Rufforth Hall, York.

Yngst. son of William Milburn, Esq., J.P. , of Wardrew,

Gilsland, and of Rosedale Abbey, Pickering, b. 1826 ;

d. 1903 ; in. 1850, Mary (d. 1909), d. of John Davison

of Blyth, Northumberland : —
Frederick Milburn, Gentleman, b. i860. Res. — Fenham
Terrace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Pollinsburn, Cornhill-on-


Mildmay of Flete (20 Nov. 1922), P.C., B.A. (Camb.), J. P.,
D.L. co. Devon, Hon. Lt. -Col. West Kent Yeomanry Cavalry,
M.P. for the Totnes Division of co. Devon 1885-1922. Born
1861, being the eldest son of Henry Bingham Mildmay, Esq.,
J.P. , of Shoreham Place, Sevenoaks, and Flete, near Ivy-
bridge, by his wife Georgiana Frances, dau. of the late John
Crocker Bulteel of Flete, near Ivybridge, and Lady Eliza-
beth, d. of 2nd Earl Grey, K.G. Armorial bearings (H.
Coll.) — Argent, three lions rampant azure. Mantling
azure and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a
lion rampant guardant azure. Supporters — On either side
a lion guardant azure, charged on the shoulder with a
mullet, and supporting between the forelegs a branch of
oak fructed or. Badge -Two keys in saltire wards upwards
gules, enfiled by a Baron's coronet or. Motto — " Virtute
non vi." Married, 1906, Alice, d. of Seymour Grenfell
of Elibank, Bucks. ; and has /f.r«£ — Hon. Anthony Bingham
Mildmay, b. 1909 ; and Hon. Helen Winifre J. Postal
addresses — Flete, Ermington S.O., Devon; Shoreham
Place, Sevenoaks, Kent ; 46 Berkeley Square, W. Clubs —
Turf, Brooks's, Marlborough, Beefsteak, Hurlingham.


MILES (H. Coll., 1859). Azure, a chevron paly of six
ermine and or, between three lozenges argent, each charged
with a fleur-de-lys sable. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a rock, a dexter
arm embowed in armour, grasping an anchor entwined by
a cable all proper.

Sons of Sir Henry Robert William Miles, 4th Bart.,

formerly Lieut. 5th Fus. , b. 1843; <?■• X 9 J 5 '< m - 1882,

Mary (Res. — The White House, Leigh Woods, nr.

Bristol), d. of Frederick Neame of Luton, Selling,

Kent : —
Sir Charles William Miles, 5th Bart. (19 April 1859),
O.B.E., Lt.-Col. late Somerset, Lt. Inf., b. 1883 ; tn. 1912,
Favell, eldest d. of Charles Gathorne Hill of Claverton
Manor, Bath, and has issue — -William Maurice Miles, Esq.,
b. 1913; Charles William Noel Miles, Esq., b. 1915. Res.
— Walton-in-Gordano, Clevedon, Somerset.

William Henry Miles, Esq., Capt. late Somerset L.I.,
served Great War 1914-18, b. 1888; m. 191 3, Lilian, youngest
d. of Sir Hartley Williams of Cadogan Gardens, S.W. ;
and has issue — Charles Robert Miles, Gentleman, b. 1919 ;
Lilian Mary ; and Pamela. Res. —

Only son of Philip William Skinner Miles of King's

Weston, J.P. and D.L. (High Sheriff 1863), M.P. for

Bristol 1837-52, b. ; d. 1881 ; m. 1846, Pamela

Adelaide, dau. of Gen. Sir William Francis Napier,

K.C.B.: —
Philip Napier Miles, Esq., M.A., D.Litt. (Bristol), J.P.
Glos. (High Sheriff 1916), b. 1865; m. 1899, Sybil
Marguerite, fifth d. of late Baron de Hochepield Larpent.
Seat — King's Weston, near Bristol. Clubs — Wellington,

Sons of Audley Charles Miles, Gentleman, b. 1855;

d. 1919; m. 1884, Eveline Frances, d. of Sir John

Cradock-Hartopp, Bart. : —
Thomas Gordon Audley Miles, Gentleman, b. 1885 ; tn.
1917, Lady Joan Montagu Stuart- Woriley, d. of 2nd Earl
of Wharncliffe, and has issue — Anthony Gordon Napier
Miles, Gentleman, b. 1918. Res. — Brackenbury Farm
House, Uxbridge. Club — Bachelors'.

Charles Henry Audley Miles, Gentleman, b. 1887.
Club — Bachelors'.

Geoffrey John Audley Miles, Esq., Comdr. R. N. , b.
1890; m. 1918, Alison Mary, d. of Henry Mowbray Cadill,
Esq., D.L., of Grange, Linlithgow, and has issue.

Son of Charles William Miles of Burton Hall, Malmes-

bury, M.P. 1882-5, J. P., High Sheriff 1856, late Col.

Royal Gloucestershire Huss. , b. 1823; d. 1892; m.

1853, Maria Susanna (d. 1897), d. of Jere Hill of

Henbury: —
Vyvyan Charles Miles, Gentleman, b. 1857. Res. —

Son of Frederick Tremayne Miles, Esq., late Capt.

1 8th Hussars, b. 1855; d. 1896; tn. 1883, Anne Coralia,

d. of Thomas Sellar of Hall Grove, Bagshot : —
Edward William Tremayne Miles, Gentleman, b. 1884.

Son of Edward Peach William Miles, Esq., J.P.

Gloucestershire b 1820: d. i88q ; tn. 1st, 1854, Olivia

Plate XIII.







Caroline {d. 1870), d. of William Cave of Brentry, co.

Gloucester : —
Archibald Edward Miles, Esq., Capt. late King's Royal
Rifle Corps, b. 1856; m. 1st, 1886, Agatha Mary (d. 1887),
d. of William Henry Miles of Ham Green, Bristol; 2nd,

, Montgomery, and has issue (by 1st wife) — Archie

Richard William Miles, Gentleman, b. 1886; (by 2nd wife)
— Edward Montgomery Miles, Gentleman, b. 1892 ; and
Olivia. Res. — Hungerdown, Great Somerford, Wilts.

MILES (H. Coll.). Gules, a sword point upwards in
pale proper, pommel and hilt or, surmounted by two
bendlets argent. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a boar's head the neck transfixed
with an arrow and vulned proper. Supporters — On either
side a soldier of the Royal Munster Fusiliers dressed in
the uniform worn in the year 1869. Motto — " Esto
miles fidehs."

Son of Maj.-Gen. William Miles, H.E.I.C.S., of
North Villa, Regent's Park, b. 1780 ; m. Ann
Barratt : —

The late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Herbert Scott Gould Miles,
G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.B.E., C.V.O., R. Munster Fusiliers
(ret.), b. 1850 ; d. 1926 ; m. 1877, Alice, C.B.E., d. of
Joseph Parker, of Brettenham Park, Suffolk ; and
left issue — Edith Alice [m. Col. Arthur Harry Hutton
Wilson, D.S.O., of Ouseneld, York, and has issue] ;
Gladys Margaret [m. Randall Davies, Esq., of 1 Cheyne
Gardens, S.W., and has issue]. Res. — Satis House,
Yoxford, Suffolk.

MILES formerly of Keyham (H. Coll.). Azure, on a
chevron engrailed, between three knights' helmets or, as
many millrinds sable. Mantling azure and or. Crest—
Upon a wreath of the colours, an eagle rising erminois,
collared, chained, and charged on the breast with a millrind
sable. Motto — " Sans crainte."

Son of Roger Dutton Miles of Keyham Hall, co.
Leicester, b. 1818 ; d. 1880; m. 1st, Elizabeth Mary
Anne, d. of William Tailby of Humberstone : —

William Frederick Miles, Gentleman, b. 1859; m. 1882,
Clara Elizabeth, d. of Richard J. Strong; and has had
i ssue — ( r ) Roger Thomas William Miles, Gentleman, b.
1883 ; (2) George Ralph Miles, Gentleman, Lieut. Dragoon
Gds., b. 1884 ; d. on active service 1918 ; and Irene Clara.

MILFORD (H. Coll.). Argent, between two oak
leaves in pale vert, a like leaf within an inescocheon voided
gules. Mantling vert and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, in front of a lion's gamb erased proper,
grasping a trefoil slipped gules, a millrind fessewise or.
Motto — " Frondes cadunt quercus stat."

Sons of Frederick Charles Milford, Gentleman, of

The Lawn, Trull, Taunton, Somerset, b. 1852 ; d.

1920 ; m. 1876, Janet Lambert, eld. d. of Edward

Bath, Esq., J. P., of Bryn-y-mor, Swansea : —

Edward Milford, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. (ret.) Indian

Army and South Staffs. Regt., b. 1878; m. 1908, Violet

Helene, d. of Paymaster-Capt. Charles Henry Stone, R.N. ;

and has issue — Richard Stone Milford, Gentleman, b.

1910. Res. — Colston House, Buckfastleigh, S. Devon.

Kenneth Eugene Milford, Esq., D.S.O., Major R.A. ,
b. 1880.


Marquess of, see MOUNT-

MILLAIS (H. Coll., 1885). Per bend sinister or and
azure, an estoile of eight points between three fleurs-de-lys,
two in fesse and one in base counterchanged. Mantling
azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front
of a dexter hand gauntleted and couped gules, an estoile of
eight points or. Motto — " Ars longa vita brevis."

Yr. sons of Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bart., P. R.A. ,
b. 1829; d. 1896; m. 1855, Euphemia Chalmers (d.
1897), d. of George Gray of Bowerswell, Perthshire : —

Sir Geoffroy William Millais, 4th Bart. (16 July 1885),
b. 1863; m. 1901, Madeline Campbell, d. of Col. C. H.
Grace; and has issue — Ralph Regnault Millais, Esq.,
b. 1905 ; Edward Gray St. Helier Millais, Esq. , b. 1918 ; and
Esme Edith. Res. — Spreakfield, Frensham, Surrey.

John Guille Millais, Esq., Lieut. Comdr. R.N.V.R., late
Lieut. Seaforth Highlanders, b. 1865; m. 1894, Fanny
Margaret, d. of Philip George Skipwith of Hundleby, Lines. ;
and has surv. issue — Hesketh Raoul le Jarderay Millais,

Gentleman, b. 1901 [m. 1926, Elinor Clare, d. of the late
Allen Ronald Macdonell, of Montreal] ; and Natalie Sophia.
Seat — Compton's Brow, Horsham.


MILLAR (L.O. , 1873). Argent, a cross moline gules, in
chief a lion passant guardant of the second, imperially
crowned proper, between two lozenges also of the second.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of
his liveries, the half-length figure of a lady affrontee, vested
azure, holding before her a portcullis gules. Motto —
" Keep tryst and trust."

Son of Rev. James Ogilvy Millar, LL.D. , Vicar of

Cirencester, b. 1828 ; d. 1890 ; m. Jane, d. of Richard

Mullings : —

Vice-Admiral Herbert James Ogilvy Millar (ret.), b. 1866 ;

m. 1900, Ethel Maud Edith, eld. d. of Col. Waldron

Edward Roper Kelly. Club — Jun. United Service.

THOMAS MILLEAR, Esquire, J. P. for the Colony of
Victoria. Born Feb. 16, 1834, being the elder and only
surviving son of the late Thomas Millear of Edgarley,
Glastonbury, co. Somerset, by his wife Eliza Norris of
West Pennard, co. Somerset. Armorial bearings —
Argent, on a chevron gules, between two martlets in chief
and a cross moline in base sable, a martlet between two
crosses moline or. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a cross moline or, surmounted
by a martlet sable, between two ears of wheat stalked and
leaved also or. Motto — " Juris cilium legimus." Married,
July 3, 1862, Nancy, dau. of Joseph Gardner Mack of Berry
Bank, Cressy, Victoria; and has Issue— Thomas Millear,
Gentleman, b. April 24, 1866; Millicent May [m David
Melvin] ; Mary Cecile ; Frances Isabel Clare ; and Carolina
Alice. Residence— Edgarley, Wickliffe Road, Victoria,


MILLER of Chichester (H. Coll., granted by Dugdale,
16 Feb. 1684). Argent, a fesse wavy azure, between three
wolves' heads erased gules. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a wolfs head erased
argent, gorged with a collar wavy azure.

Son of Sir Charles Hayes Miller, 7th Bart., b. 1829;

d. 1868 ; in. 1856, Katherine Maria, d. of James

Winter Scott of Rotherfield Park, Hants.: —

Capt. Sir Charles John Hubert Miller, 8th Bart. (29 Oct.

1705), late Coldstream Guards, b. 1858. Seat— Froyle

Place, nr. Alton, Hants. Town res. — 32 Cliveden Place,

Eaton Square, S. W. Clubs — Guards', Naval and Military,


Sons of Sir Henry John Miller, Kt. Bachelor (1901),.
Speaker of Legislative Council New Zealand, b. 1830;
d. 1917 ; m. 1864, Jessie (rf. 1920), d. of John Orbell ot
Hawkesbury, Waikouaiti, N.Z. : —
Henry Holmes Miller, Esq. , b. 1866. Seat — Fernbrook,
Aamaru, Otago, New Zealand.

William Nicholson Miller, Esq., b. 1868. Res.—
George Ralph Miller, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. late R.H. A.,
served S. Africa 1899-1901, and Great War 1914-18
(despatches 3 times), b. 1874 ; tn. 1916, Violet Mary, d. of
the late W. H. Teschemaker, of Otago, N.Z. , and has issue
— Cecil Ralph Miller, Gentleman, b. 1917 ; and Anthony
John Miller, Gentleman, b. 1920. Club — Army and Navy.
Arthur Edmund Miller, Esq. , b. 1877.

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) → online text (page 78 of 282)