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Records of the Franklin Family

B. I. Family of Alexander and Sophia Isaac.

a. Phcebe, born 1810, died 1851, married 18 January, 1832, Albert

Leopold Vogel.

b. Solomon, born 1813, died 1849.

c. Eliza.

d. Rebecca, born 28 November, 181 5, died 1851.

e. Lewis, born 22 October, 181 7.

f. Matilda, born 5 September, 18 19.
g. Annie, born 23 December, 1820, died 1914.
h. Moses.
i. Benjamin.

j. Esther, married John Samuel, who died 1864.
k. Emma, born 29 May, 1827, died 1849.
1. Maria, born 1829, died 1846.
m. Leon Alexander, born 27 March, 1826.
n. Jane, married Moyses Buzaglo.
o. Louisa.

p. Frederick, married Sara Levin, died 191 5.
q. Adelaide, born 1834, died 1866, married Moyses Buzaglo of Lisbon ;

one daughter, Jane,
r. Albert.
s. Alexander, died 191 2.

B. I. a. Family of Phcebe and Albert Leopold Vogel.

1. Sir Julius Vogel, born in London February 25th, 1835. Married, in

1867, Mary, daughter of William Henry Clayton. Prime Minister
of New Zealand. Died March 13th, 1899.

Harry, married Elsa Levin. Three sons.

Frank Leon, killed in Matabeleland in 1893.



2. Frances.

3. Lewis Hurwitz, born 18 August, 1841.


Records of the Franklin Family

B. I. j. Family of Esther and John Samuel.

1. Henry.

2. Emily.

3. Alexander.

4. Louisa.

B. I. n. Family of Jane and Moyses Buzaglo.

1. Salome.

2. SiML

3. Benjamin.

4. Mair.

B. I. p. Family of Frederick Isaac and Sara Levin, his wife.

1. Annie, married 1887 Ernest Jessel. Both dead.

Valerie Maud.
Mabel Annie.

2. Emmie, married 1890 D. E. Higham.

Eric Edward.
Winifred Alice.
Alan Frederick.

3. Albert Lewin.

4. Bernard Alexander.

5. Francis Lewis, married Gladys Moss.




6. Mary, married 1907 Dr. A. Goodman Levy.

Elsie Sara.
Bernard Frederick.
Ruth Frances.

7. Wilfred Leon, married Florence Carney.


Records of the Franklin Family

B. 3. Family of Joseph Isaac Leon, i 794-1864, married 1832,
Sarah, 4th daughter of Sampson Lucas, died 23rd March, 1877,
aged 74.

a. Eliza, born 15 April, 1833, died 3 June, 1889. Married i860 Julius

Simon, born 1830, died 27 July, 1906.

b. Edward Micholls, born 20 June, 1834, died 26 July, 1885. Un-

married. Buried at Willesden.

c. Horatio Sampson, born 28 November, 1835, died 1887. Buried in


d. Philip Lucas, born 10 May, 1837, died 1889. Buried in Alexandria,


e. Emily Rebecca, born 9 June, 1840, died 12 June, 1907.

B. 3. a. Family of Eliza and Julius Simon.

1. Beatrice, married Henry Hyman, son of Reuben Salomons.

a. Edward Henry, died.

b. Mabel Winifred.

2. Constance Emily, married Herbert Elliot Thorndike.

3. Edgar Leon, married Lilian Nelson.

4. Marguerite Bertha, married Armand Guggenheim.

a. Edward Armand.

b. Oscar Armand.

c. Dora Marguerite.

5. Julian Henry, married Florence, daughter of Hyman Montagu.

a. Violet.

b. Ronald Montagu.

c. Arthur Leon.


Records of the Franklin Family

6. Horace Frances, married Brenda Caroline Allenberg.

a. Horace Jack.

7. Helen Maud, married Dr. Edward Clarke-Cohen.

B. 4. Family of Philip and Charlotte Isaac, of 9 Great
Prescott Street, London.

a. Simeon Isaac Leon, of Jamaica, died 1826.

b. Lewis Leon, married.

c. Ellen Isaac, died 1898 (?).

d. George Isaac Leon, married Juliana Samuel, 26th May, 1847.

B. 4 b. Family of Lewis Leon, married, 1830, Rebecca Pollock.
Went to Australia. She died 1845.

1. Annie, born 1831, died 1898, unmarried.

2. Philip, born 1840, married Alice Montefiore (6. d., page 83^).

Wilfred, married Vera Stackpool, two children.
Florence, married Frank Schloesser. Died s.p.
Ethel, married Durham Stokes, three sons.
Arthur, married Lilian Levy, one daughter, Dorothy.

3. Charlotte, born 1842; married Philip Solomon.

Kate, married Mr. Sichel.
Margaret, married Mr. Lindo.
Emily, married.

4. Kate, born 1843.


Records of the Franklin Family

B. 4. d. Family of George Isaac Leon, 1821-1885; married, 1847,
Juliana Samuel, 1826-1901.


1. Frank Philip Leon, born 1848, died 1893.

la. Dorothy Maud, 1886.

2. Sir Herbert Samuel Leon, Bart., born 1850.

Married (i), 1873, Esther JuHa, daughter of Edward Beddington.
She died 1875, aged 22.
Children: a. Mabel Julia, 1874.

b. George Edward, 1875.
Married (2), 1880, Fanny, daughter of David Hyam.
Children: c. Margaret Alice, 1881.

d. Reginald Herbert, 1882, married Ritu, daughter
of A. de Mattos Mocatta.
2 a. Mabel Julia Leon, married Henry Hyman Haldinstein, k.c, son
of Ph. Haldinstein of Norwich, 1897.
Children: 2a'. Barbara Rachel, 1898.
2A°. Audrey Mabel, 1899.
2 b. George Edward Leon, married Mildred Ethel Jennings, 1899.

Children: 2 b'. Esther Mildred, 1899.
2 c. Margaret Alice Leon, married Cecil F. Raphael, son of late
Henry Raphael, 1899.

3. Arthur Lewis Leon, married Marion Grant, 1885.

Issue: Marjorie Leon, 1887, married Roland Venables Vernon.

4. Dr. George Alexander Leon, married Minna Webber, 1891.

Issue : May, 1892.

Ellen, 1893, married, 191 2, Thos. Martin Jones, of


Records of the Franklin Family

5. Constance Ellen Leon, married Charles I. Meyerstein, son of

late William Meyerstein, 1881.
Issue: Ethel Gladys, 1882.

William Charles, 1884.

6. John Temple Leon, married Catherine Friend, 1905.

Issue : Phyllis, 1905.
Geoffrey, 1909.

7. Amy Annie Leon, married Dr. Arthur P. Luff, 1893.

Issue: Mary Constance, 1897.
Brian, 1900.

C. Family of Jacob and Alice Aaron {see Aaron Family A).

D. Family of Solomon Alexander (1766-1829) and Amelia his
WIFE ( 1 777-1861), of 33 Cannon Street, London.

1. Amelia, spinster.

2. Anna, spinster.

3. Simeon of Jamaica, died 1828, aet. 25, s.p.

4. Alexander of Clapham Park, married Rose Constance, youngest

daughter of Sylvester Coleman of Liverpool. Granddaughter of
the Rev. Benjamin Yates of Liverpool. He died 1873. She
died 1877.

5. Julia, died i860, s.p.

6. Alice, died a spinster ist March, 1844.

7. Esther, spinster.

8. Eliza, married Samuel Pyke.

9. Maurice, married Fanny, sister of Sir Saul Samuel, Bart., of

Sydney, 1853, only son, Risden Solomon, died 1853.

10. Naphtali, died a bachelor.

11. Ellen, spinster, died 1905.

M 81

Records of the Franklin Family

D. 4. Family of Alexander and Rose Alexander.

a. Alice Flora, died 1893, married Alfred Pyke. Three sons, two

daughters (E. 3. a. 5, page 74).

b. Sylvester.

c. Simeon, died a bachelor in South Africa.

d. Adolphus.

e. Maurice John, married Georgina Eugenie Isaac, youngest daughter

of John R. Isaac of Liverpool, s.p.

f. James.

g. Fred William, Medical Officer of Health for Bow and Bromley ;

married Diana Pyke. Has two daughters,
h. Leon.
i. Henry.
j. Florence Maud, married Percy Lewis Isaac, m.i.n.a. Has two

daughters, Nellie Elizabeth and Rose Amelia, and one son

John Robert.

Family of Eliza and Samuel Pyke.

a. Clara, married David Asher, ph.d., of Leipsig (both dead).

1. Leon, Dr. Professor at Berne, married Else, daughter of Pro-

fessor Lacquer, of Strassburg.

2. Willie, d.s.p.

b. Alexander, married Rosa Kortosk (both dead).

1. Arthur, married May Campbell. One daughter.

2. Amy, married Sydney Jeffrey. One son, one daughter.

c. Ellen, died unmarried.

d. Amelia, married Alexander Isaacs, a widower, s.p.

e. Selina, unmarried.

Records of the Franklin Family

f. Maria, married Judah Afriat.

I. Phcebe, married Abraham, son, by first marriage, of Alexander

a. Laurence, of Winnipeg.

b. Frank.

c. May.

d. Harry, deceased.

2. Esther, married Jacob, son of Alexander Isaacs (dead).

a. Dorothy.

b. Marjorie.

c. Willie.

3. Kate, married Alfred Posener. Two sons and one daughter.

g. Charlotte, married Rabbi Simeon Singer, of the West End Syna-


1. Frederica, married Dr. Israel, third son of Dr. Barnett


a. Beatrice.

b. Phyllis.

2. Julius, married Alice, daughter of Stephan, son of Major Samuel

a. Christabel.

3. Samuel Alexander, New Zealand, married Mabel, daughter

of Joseph Levy.

a. Ida Marian.

b. Martin Simeon.

c. Peggie.

d. David Simeon.

M 2 82a

Records of the Franklin Family

4. David Jacobs, married Isabel Daisy, sister to Alice, his brother

Julius's wife.

a. Ruth Seruja.

b. Eleanor Mary.

c. Gwendolen, died.

d. Barbara.

e. Evelyn Harty.

5. Charles, m.d., married Dorothea Waley, daughter of late

Nathaniel Louis Cohen.

6. Richard Arnold, New Zealand.


Records of the Franklin Family


(Details kindly supplied by Alfred Henry, Esq.)

Alice Alexander, sister of Isaac Alexander (p. 75), married Abraham
Loew of Thalmessingen, Frankfort-on-Main.

Son Levi (Judah) Abraham, born 1752, died 1847. Came to England
and lived with Isaac Alexander 1772-1777, married 1787 Elizabeth
(1760-1811), eldest daughter of Henry and Zipporah Moses of
Dover, and lived in Ramsgate. Both buried in Canterbury.

Children of Levi and Elizabeth Abraham, all of whom, except
Israel, changed their surname to Henry.

1. Rebecca (1788-1864), unmarried.

2. Abraham Henry, married 1816 Emma Lyon the poetess (1788-

1870), daughter of Rev. Solomon Lyon of Cambridge and his
wife Rachel, daughter of Barnet Hart of Ely (see E., page 62).

a. Eliza (1817-1824), unmarried.

b. Floretta (1818-1879), married Julius J. Valery.

c. Richard Loew (1819-1898), married Rebecca Lyon, his first

cousin, daughter of Hart Lyon and his wife Sarah Miriam,
daughter of Jacob Mendes da Costa of Barbados.

1. Emily, unmarried.

2. Lucy, unmarried.

3. Alfred, married Jessie Kisch.

a. Arthur Richard.

b. Michael.

c. Cyril Alfred.


Records of the Franklin Family

d. Julia (1820-1824).

e. Saphira (1822-1905), married 1856 Solomon Lindo, first cousin.

1. Henry Elias, unmarried.

2. Flora Valery, married 1899 Harold Felix Aguilar.

3. Michael Alexander, unmarried.

f. Charles (1823-1889), married Eliza.

1. Rosetta, married Joseph Rosemont.

2. Julius Valery, unmarried.

3. Floretta Eliza (1863-1901), married 1892 Marcus Danziger.

1. Dorothy.

2. Lucy.

3. Charles.

g. Alexander {1825-1911), unmarried,
h. Edward (1826-1829).

i. Rebecca Georgina (1827-1829).

j. Michael (1830-1875), unmarried, editor of "Jewish Chronicle."

3. Alexander (1791-1832), unmarried.

4. Michael Henry, married 1836 Eliza Samuel (A. 4., page 100).

5. Edward (1794-1863), married 1835 Sarah Lindo.

a. Billah Lindo, married Benjamin Lindo.

b. Esther Lindo, married Isaac A. Joseph.

1. Edward Aron, married Elsie Lindo.

2. Louisa, married Joseph Michael.

3. Ethel, married Percy Abrahams.

4. Walter, married Dora Meredith.

c. Rosa Lindo, unmarried.

d. Jemina Lindo, married Rev. Samuel de Sola (afterwards married

Lawrence Jacob).
I. Samuel de Sola.


Records of the Franklin Family

e. David Lindo, married his first cousin, Rebecca Henry (see

A. 4. d., page 100).
I. Gladys.

f. Abraham Lindo, married May Halford.

I. Dorothy, married 1914 Charles Coburn (6. d,4).

6. Israel (1796-1858), married 1826 Amelia Isaac (B. 5., page 75).

a. Henry Solomon Henry (1826-igoo), married 1888 Justina Louisa

Hendricks of New York. Two daughters, one son.

b. George (1826-1830).

c. Elizabeth (1829-1891), married 1850 Samuel Nunes Carvalho of

Jamaica. No issue.

d. Alice, born 1830, married Alexander Israel Montefiore.

1. Alice, married Philip Leon (B. 4. b. 2., page 79).

2. Flora, married Sydney McLorg.

3. Arthur, died unmarried.

4. Adah, married Henry Isaac Coburn (see 5. f. i.).

5. Edith.

6. Henry.

e. Simeon Alexander Henry, born 1835, died unmarried.

f. Flora (1837-1898), married Frederick Cohen,

I. Sophie, married Charles Delgado. Two sons and one

g. Michael Leon Henry (1840-1890), died unmarried.

7. ZiPPORAH (1798-1847), unmarried.

8. George (1803-1875), married 1833 Kate Lyon, sister of Emma.

1. Alexander George, died unmarried.

2. Isabel Rachel, unmarried.

3. Elise, died unmarried.

4. Leonora, died an infant.

83 f

Records of the Franklin Family


Eliezar Halevi of Mainz, lived in the fourteenth century.


JuDAH MiNZ, born in Mainz about 1408, died at Padua in 1508

having been forty-seven years Rabbi of Padua. The most prominent

Rabbi of his day.


Abraham ben Jehuda Halevi Minz, born 1445, was Rabbi of

Padua until 1526, and died in 1530.


Hannah, died 1564, married Meir Katzenellenbogen, son of

Isaac of Katzenellenbogen, where he was born in 1482. Called also

Meir Padua. Died in Padua January 12th, 1565, as Rabbi of that

city and of Venice.


Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen, born in 1521 in Padua,

Rabbi in Venice from 1565, died in 1597. Friend of the Polish

Prince Radziwill. His wife's name was Abigail, died 1554.

Saul Katzenellenbogen, born in Padua 1545, went to Poland,
was known as Saul Wahl, and is said to have been elected as tem-
porary King of Poland in 1586 pending the completion of the election
on the nomination of Prince Radziwill. Married Deborah Drucker,
died 1617.

Records of the Franklin Family


Meir Katzenellenbogen, born in Brest Litovsk, known as

Meir Wahl, was Rabbi in Brest Litovsk until his death in 1631, and

in 1623 founded the Lithuanian Council by permission of Sigismund

III, his father's friend. He married Hinda, daughter of Rabbi



Bela, married Jonah ben Isaiah Theomim, Rabbi of Prague,
subsequently of Nicolsberg, and then of Metz from 1660 till his
death in 1669.


Joshua Feiwel ben Jonah Theomim-Fraenkel was a Rabbi in
Little Poland during the latter end of the seventeenth and beginning
of the eighteenth centuries. A book was published by him in 17 15.

Jonah Haim Ben Joshua Feiwel Theomim-Fraenkel, Rabbi
at Przemysl, Zulz, and Breslau. Published books in 1723 and 1724.

Haim Jonah Fraenkel, Rabbi of Schlesien by Royal Patent
in 1755-

^ Menachem Mendel Franckel, Rabbi of the Burial Society of
Breslau, married Sarah Sussel, daughter of Samson Bacharach of
Nikolsburg. He died i8th April, 1761. She died 8th November,


Records of the Franklin Family


Children of Rabbi Haim of Worms (fifteenth century).

A. Rabbi Jacob ben Haim, Imperial Rabbi, died 1563 in Worms.

A. I. Isaac.

2. Judah.

3. Sinai, died 1607, had a son Jacob, who had a son Getschlik.
^° B. Rabbi Bezalel ben Haim.

B. I. Rabbi Haim ben Bezalel, Rabbi of Friedberg, died 1588.
^° 2. Rabbi Judah Liwa ben Bezalel ("Jewish Encyclopaedia,"

vol. vii, 353),."Hoher Rabbi Lob," Landes-Rabbiner of
Nikolsburg, and the famous Chief Rabbi of Prague, born
about 1 51 5, died 1609, married Perl, daughter of Rabbi
Samuel, Schmelker, Preacher and Actuary of Prague.
She was a member of the Altschuler family, which came
from Provence and settled in Prague in 1302.

3. Rabbi Samson ben Bezalel, Rabbi of Krzmienic.

4. Rabbi Sinai ben Bezalel, Landes-Rabbiner of Nikolsburg.

B. 2. Children of Rabbi Judah Liwa ben Bezalel and his wife

^° C. FoGELE, married Rabbi Isaac ben Samson Ha-Cohen (died 1624),
Assistant Rabbi and Magistrate of Prague (J.E., vol. vi, 629).

D. GuTEL, died 1634, had a grandson Rabbi Lipman Brandeis, died 1665.

E. Bezalel.

E. I. Samuel, Primator of Prag, whose daughter Bella married
Rabbi Haim Cohen, her father's cousin.
2. Rechl, married Pinchus Hurvir, Rabbi of Fulda, Prag,
died 1653.
E. 2. a. Lasl.

b. David.

c. Lob, married Freidl, died 163 1.


Records of the Franklin Family

C. Children of Fogele and her husband Rabbi Isaac ben Simon

F. Rabbi Naphtali Ha-Cohen, Rabbi of Lublin.

G. Rabbi Haim Ha-Cohen, Rabbi of Frankfort a.M., Prag, Posen,.

married Bella (died 1677), daughter of his cousin Samuel ben
Bezalel, Primator of Prag.
!^° H. Eva, born 1580 in Prag, died at Sophia in 165 1. In 1600 became
second wife of Rabbi Abraham Samuel ben Isaac Bacharach,
Prediger of Prag, Rabbi of Jung Bunzlau and Worms. Successor
to Rabbi Isachar Spira, born 1575, died 12th May, 1615, at the
age of 40. Buried in Alsbach.

H. Children of Eva and Rabbi Abraham Samuel ben Isaac

^" I. Samson Bacharach, born 1607 at Pohrlitz near Nikolsburg, died 9th
April, 1670, married (a) in 1627 Dobrusch, daughter of " Diinn-
Isak" or Isaac ben Phobus, S.B. Rabbi of Coding, Beipnik, Prag,
Worms ; she died 1662 ; (b) in 1662 Phega, widow of the Rabbi
Cohen Nerol, of Metz, son of the Physician Rabbi Moses Cohen,,
and brother of Tobias Cohen (called Moschides) ; she died 1666.

J. Daughter, married Rabbi Lipman Giinzburg.

K. Telzel, died 1669 at Prag, married Moses Perez Sabele, Rabbi of
Schneittach. Their son Simon, who died 1729, married Rebecca
(died 1 7 14), daughter of Favid Lovotik, whose name Simon took,
and had a son Isaac Lovotik, Primator of Prag.

L. HiNDL, died 1641 at Prag, married Liebermann ben Lob Darschan.

M. Slove, died at Vienna 162 1, second wife of Jacob ben Meschulem
Solomon Teomim of Prag. (See Theomim family, L.)

Children of Samson Bacharach and his wife Dobrusch.
N. Daughter, married Lob, son of Rabbi Simon Gunzburg (Sch.\tels),
who died 2nd April, 1664.


Records of the Franklin Family

O. Lea, married Moses ben Abraham, called Mosche PniLiPPBtiRG.

Had a daughter Bobrusch.
P. Fogele, married Solomon Schulhof, " Moschels," Rabbi Assessor

of Prag, died 1689.
O. Daughter, died 1666.
R. Isaac, died 1689, married the daughter of Rabbi Ephraim Cohen,

Rabbi of Ofen, Prag.
S. Hendlein, married David ben Isachar Oppenheim of Worms.
T. Simon Jair Haim, born at Leipnik 1638, married Sarl, who died

22nd Tebeth, 1705, daughter of Sussman Brillin, Rabbi of

Fulda. Simon became Rabbi of Coblenz and Worms, died 22nd

Tebeth, 1703, in the 64th year of his life.

T. Children of Simon Jair Haim Bacharach and his wife Sarl.

U. Gabriel.
^F" V. Samson Bacharach, " Aschkenasi," died at Nikolsburg 3rd Ab,
1 72 1, married Cheile, daughter of Isaac Brunn.

W. Sussman, died 1670.

X. Dobrusch, died 1736, married Solomon Oppenheim. (See Oppen-
heim family, C i.)

Y. Saul Samuel Sanvel, died 1739, married daughter of Rabbi Meir
ben Judah Selke Grothwohl. His son Meir, the poet, died
1729. His descendants were Simon Bacher, the poet, 1823-1891,
and his son Professor William Bacher, born 1850, died 1913.

V. Children of Samson Bacharach and his wife Cheile.

Z. Itzek-Isaac, died 1756 at Nikolsburg.

Z. I. Cheile, died Nikolsburg, married Abraham Koritschoner.
2. Chai Sara, died 1774 at Nikolsburg, married Gabriel Bohm.
Z. 2. a. Solomon Bohm, died 1842 at Nikolsburg, married
Rebekka, died 1843 in Nikolsburg. Had a son
Gabriel Bohm, the last descendant living in Nikols-
burg, died s.p. 1907.
^" A A. Sarah Sussel, died 1762, buried at Breslau, married Rabbi Menachem
Mendel Frankel or Franckel. (See Franckel Pedigree.)

Records of the Franklin Family

Children of Rabbi Sussman Brillin.

^p= A. Sarl, married Simon Jair Haim Bacharach. (See Bacharach
family, T.)

B. Henele, married Wolf Oppenheim.

C. Isaac, married daughter of Simon Wolf Oppenheim. (See Oppen-

heim family, D.)
C. I. Sanvel.

D. Frumeh, married Samson Wertheimer, Chief Court Factor and

Landesrabbiner at Vienna.

E. HiNDCHEN, died 1728, married Lema Hanau of Frankfort a.Main.


Children of Moses Aaron Leml Theomim, died 1608 (his brother
Jakob Theomim, Vorsteher of Wien, died 1627, brother-in-law of
Rabbi Pinchas Halevi Horowitz).

A. Jonah Theomim.

A. I. Isaac Maier Theomim. (See U, page 92.)

B. Samuel Phcebus Theomim - Leml- Munkh, died 1616, married

Gertrud Munkh. (See page 90.)

C. Meschulem Solomon Theomim of Prag, died 1621. (See page 91.)

D. Edel, married Aaron Malka.

E. Rachel, married Rabbi Lipman Heller, Landesrabbiner of Nikols-

E. I. Abraham, married the granddaughter of Salomo Lurja.
N 89

Records of the Franklin Family

F. Kela, died 1616, married the Gaon Moses Meor Katon, died 1605.
F. I. The Gaon Judah Lob Meor Katon Lucerna, died 1635.
F. I. a. Rechel.

I. b. Miriam, died 1654, married Solomon Wolf Fischhof
Auerbach, whose second wife Malka (died 1661), was
the widow of Rabbi J. Israel ben Mordechai Lipschutz
and daughter of Aaron Malka Theomim. (See above,
Edel.) Auerbach had as sons Menachem Mendl
Auerbach and Simon Auerbach, the poet, died 1638.
I. c. Vogel.

B. Children of Samuel Phcebus Theomim and his wife Gertrud
MuNKH. (See p. 89.)
G. Simon Lemlius Theomim, died 1650, married Selda (died 1626),
daughter of Moses Cohen Rafa.
G. I. Sela, died 1621, married Aaron Anav.
G. I. a. Tesoma.

2. Elia, died 1665.

3. Moses, died 1639.
G. 3. a. Joseph.

3. b. Aaron, Durschan Theomim, Oberrabbiner of Krakau.

Had three daughters, Cheile, 1684, married Aaron
Hohen Ottingen ; Miriam, died 1744, married David
Ulif, Rabbi of Mannheim ; and one who married
Aaron Frankel of Flirth, brother of Rabbi Berman
G. 4. Phcebus, married Mindl, daughter of Todro.
G. 4. a. Selda, died 1654.

4. b. Pinchas, 1664.

H. Nathan Veidel Theomim, died 1629, Rabbi of Worms, married
RosI, who died in Jerusalem.

Records of the Franklin Family

H. I. Samuel Phcebus.

2. Sarl, died 1666, married Isaac Solomon, ben Abraham Joseph
Isaac Munkh Aschkenazi Katzenellenbogen, Oberrabbiner of
Lemberg, died 1655.

H. 2. a. Nathan Veidl Veitel, died in Kremsior.

3. Veidl.

I. Bathsheba, married Veitch Munkh.

J. Resl, died 1665, married Aaron Meor Katon Lucerna.

C. Children of Meschulem Solomon, son of Moses Aaron
Theomim. (See page 89.)

K. NissEL, died 1666, married Hirsch Munkh Theomim,

L. Jacob Munkh Theomim, d. 161 7, married (i) Bela (murdered 1610),

daughter of Jacob of Nikolsburg ; (2) Slove, died 162 1, daughter

of Rabbi Abraham Samuel ben Isaac Bacharach. (See Bacharach

family, M.)
L. I. Maier, died 1634, " Hofjude," married Eva.

2. GiJTL, died 1637, married Rabbi Hirsch of Brod.
M. Aaron, died 1620, married Mirl, daughter of Solomon Salkind

M. I. Samuel.

2. AviGDOR, married Jochebed, daughter of Menachem Weli, 1664.

N. MiRL Miriam Sara, known as " Mirl Fraenckhlin the Court Jewess,"
died 1639, married Jacob Koppel Heller-Wallerstein-
Frankel ha-Levi.

Children of Jacob Koppel Heller-Wallerstein-Frankel

AND Mirl Miriam Sara Theomim, his wife.
O. Rachel, died 1664, married Jacob David Neumark-Mirls-Frankel,
died 1657, son of Naphtali Hirsch, grandson of Koppel and great-
grandson of Aaron Heller- Wallerstein Neumark. He was known
as David Franckel.


Records of the Franklin Family

O.I. Solomon Frankel Mirls Neumark, 1624-1707, Oberrab-
biner of Hamburg.
a. Sara Mirls Neumark, 1677-1719, married Zevi Hirsch
ASCHKENASI, 1659-1718, Oberrabbiner of Sarajevo, Ham-
burg, Amsterdam, Lemberg, and Moravia. Their daughter,
Miriam, died 1753. Married LoEB Saul Lowenstam,
Rabbi of Amsterdam, 1691-1755. Their son, HiRSCH
Lewin, who married Golda Cohen, 1 721-1800, was the
chief Rabbi HiRSCHEL, of London, mentioned on page 10.
2. Benjamin Frankl Mirls Neumark, founder of the Berlin
community, died 1662, married daughter of Isachar
Berman ben Jeremia Isaac ha-Levi Franckel.
P. Moses Mirls, married Elkele, daughter of Tanchum Meinster

Perlhefter, known as Moses Franckel.
Q. Aaron, married Nechla, daughter of Jomtob Lippman Heller.
R. Rebecca, died 1659, married Mordechai ben Zevi Mirls, died

S. Dverl, died 1660, wife of MosES Mendel Bacharach.

P. Children of Moses Mirls (Moses Franckel) and Elkele
Perlhefter his wife.
T. Abraham Frankl.

U. Sara, married Isaac Meier Theomim (A i. p. 89).
V. Jares, married Ascher Anschel (Frankel-Spira, C), who adopted
his father-in-law's name, Frankel.* Husband and wife died in
V. I. Jakob Koppel, died 1689.

a. Jares, died 1699, wife of Meir, son of Anschel Schulhof of
V. 2. Benjamin Wolf, died 171 5, married Esther, died 1720,
daughter of Jacob Koppel ben Jeremiah Isaac Frankel,
who died 1670.

* From the remarkable similarity of names it is believed that Menachem Mendel Franckel was a
member of this family (see also page 94).


Records of the Franklin Family

V. 2. a. Slove, died 1727, married Jonah Landschreiber, had a son
Mendl Landschreiber and grandson Jonas Bunzlau Land-

b. Jacob Koppel, had a son Israel.

c. Elkele, died 1697.

d. Asher Anschel, died 1711 (daughter Freidel).

e. Hindele, died 1704.

f. Ritschel, died 1719.

g. Simon Wolf Frankel Spira, the Primator or Head of the
Community of Prague, died 1745, married (l) Lena, daughter
of Abraham b. Jehuda Berlin (Jost Liebermann), Chief

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