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Compayr^'S History of Pedagogy. " The best and most comprehensive history of

Education in English." — Dr. G. S. Hall. ?i-75.
Compayr^'s Lectures on Teaching. "The best book in existence on the theory and

practice of education." — Supt. MacAlister, Philadelphia. $1.75.

Compayr^'s Psychology Applied to Education. A clear and concise statement

of doctrine and application on the science and art of teaching, go cts.

De Garmo's Essentials of Method. A practical exposition of methods with illustra-
tive outlines of common school studies. 65 cts.

De Garmo's Lindner's Psychology. The best Manual ever prepared from the
Herbartian standpoint. $\.cx>.

Gill's Systems of Education. " it treats ably of the Lancaster and Bell movement
in education, — a very important phase." — Dr. W. T. Harris. jSi.25.

Hall's Bibliography of Pedagogical Literature. Covers every department of

education. Interleaved, *52.oo. ?i.5o.
Herford'S Student's Froebel. The purpose of this little book is to give young people
preparing to teach a brief yet full account of Froebel's Theory of Education. 75 cts.

Malleson's Early Training of Children. "The best book for mothers i ever

read." — Elizabeth P. Peabody. 75 cts.

Marwedel's Conscious Motherhood. The unfolding of the child's mind in the

cradle, nursery and Kindergarten. $2.00.
NeWSholme'S School Hygiene. Already in use in the leading training colleges in
England. 75 cts.

Peabody's Home, Kindergarten, and Primary School. "The best book out-
side of the Ijible that I ever read." — A Leading Teacher. $1.00.

PestalOZZi's Leonard and Gertrude, "if we except 'Emile' only, no more im-
portant educational book has appeared for a century and a half than ' Leonard and Ger-
trude.' " — The Nation. c,o cts.

RadestOCk'S Habit in Education, "it will prove a rare 'find' to teachers who are
seeking to ground themselves in the philosophy of their art." — E. H. Russell, Worces-
ter Normal School. 75 cts.

Richter's Levana ; or, The Doctrine of Education. "A spirited and scholarly

book." — Prof. W. H. Payne. J;i.4o.
Rosmini's Method in Education. "The most important pedagogical work ever

written." — Thomas Davidson, iti.50.

Rousseau's Emile. " Perhaps the most influential book ever written on the subject of
Education." — R. H. Quick, go cts.

Methods of Teaching Modern Languages. Papers on the value and on methods

of teacliing German and French, by prominent instructors, go cts.

Sanford's Laboratory Course in Physiological Psj'chology. The course

includes experiments upon the Dermal Senses, Static and Kinesthetic Senses, Taste,
Smell, Hearing, Vision, Psychophysic. In Press.

Lange's Apperception : A monograph on Psychology and Pedagogy. Trans-
lated by the members of the Herbart Club, under the direction of President Charles
DeGarmo, of Swarthmore College, ^i-oo-

Herbart's Science of Education. Translated by Mr. and Mrs. Felken with a pref-
ace by Oscar Browning, fi.oo.

Tracy's Psychology of Childhood. This is the first ^^««r-a/ treatise covering in a
scientific manner the whole field of child psychology. Octavo. Paper. 75 cts.
Sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price.




Shaler '8 First Book in Geology. i.„r high school, or highest class in grammar

scliool. I. luiiul 111 hoariK fur siii)plemeiitary reader. 70 cts.

Ballard's World of Matter. a Guide to Mineralogy and chemistry. $,.00.

Shepard'S Inorganic Chemistry. Descriptive and Qualitative; experimental and
inductive ; leads the student to observe and think. For high schools and colleges. # 1 .25.

Shepard's Briefer Course in Chemistry ; with Chapter on Organic

Chemistry. Designed for schools giving a half year or less to the subject, and schools
lirniifd in laboratory facilities. 90 cts.

Shepard's Organic Chemistry. The portion on organic chemistry in shepard's

briefer Course is bound in paper separately. Paper. 30 cts.

Shepard's Laboratory Note-Book. WanUs for experiments; tables for the re.

actions of metalhc salts. Can be used with any chemistry. Boards. 30 cts.

Benton's Guide to General Chemistry, a manual for the laboratory. 40 cts.

Remsen's Organic Chemistry. An introduction to the study of the Compounds
of Carbon. For students of the pure science, or its application to arts. ^1.30.

Orndorff's Laboratory Manual. Containing directions fora course of experiments
in Organic Chemistry, arranged to accompany Remsen's Chemistry. Boards. 40 cts.

Coit's Chemical Arithmetic. with a short system of Elementary Qualitative

Analysis. For high scliools and colleges. 60 cts.

Grabfield and Burns' Chemical Problems. For preparatory schools. 60 cts.

LhUte S r^raCtlCal Physics. a laboratory book for high schools and colleges study-
ing physics experimentally, (iives free details for laboratory work. $1.25.

ColtOn's Practical Zoology. Gives a clear idea of the subject as a whole, by the
careful study of a few typical animals. 90 cts.

Boyer's Laboratory Manual in Elementary Biology, a guide to the

study of animals and plants, and is so constructed as to be of no help to the pupil unless
he actually studies the specimens.

Clark's Methods in Microscopy. This book gives in detail descriptions of methods
that will lead any careful w'orker to successful results in microscopic manipulation. ?i.6o.

Spalding's Introduction to Botany. Practical Exercises in the Study of Plants
by the laboratory method. 90 cts.

"Whiting's Physical Measurement. intended for students in Civil, Mechani-
cal and Electrical Engineeiiiis;, Surveving, .Astronomical Work, Chemical Analysis, Phys-
ical Investigation, and other branches in wliich accurate measurements are required.
I. Fifty measurements in Density, Heat, Light, and Sound. $1.30.
II. Fifty measurements in Sound, Dynamics, Magnetism, Electricity. $t.30.
III. Principles and Methods of Physical Measurement, Physical Laws and Princi-
ples, and Mathematical and Physical Tables. $1.30.
IV. Appendix for the use of Teachers, including examples of observation and re-
duction. Part IV is needed by students only when working without a teacher.
1 1. 30.

Parts I-III, in one vol., $3-25. Parts I-IV, in one vol., $4.00.

Williams's Modern Petrography. An .account of the application of the micro-
scope to the study of geology. Paper. 25 cts.

For elementary works see our list of books in Elementary Science.



Elementary Science.

Bailey's Grammar School Physics. A series of inductive lessons in the elements

of the science. In press.

Ballard's The World of Matter. A guide to the study of chemistry and mineralogy;
adapted to the general reader, for use as a text-book or as a guide to the teacher in giving
object-lessons. 264 pages. Illustrated. Ji.oo.

Clark's Practical Methods in Microscopy. Gives in detail descriptions of methods

that will lead the careful worker to successful results. 233 pages. Illustrated. J1.60.

Clarke's Astronomical Lantern, intended to familiarize students with the constella-
tions by comparing them with fac-similes on the lantern face. With seventeen slides,
giving twenty-two constellations. $4.50.

Clarke's How to find the Stars. Accompanies the above and helps to an acquaintance
with the constellations. 47 pages. Paper. 15 cts.

Guides for Science Teaching. Teachers' aids in the instruction of Natural History

classes in the lower grades.

I. Hyatt's About Pebbles. 26 pages. Paper. 10 cts.
II. Goodale's A Few Common Plants. 61 pages. Paper. 20 cts.

III. Hyatt's Commercial and other Sponges. Illustrated. 43 pages. Paper. 20 cts.

IV. Agassiz's First Lessons in Natural History. Illustrated. 64 pages. Paper.

25 cts.
V. Hj'att's Corals and Echinoderms. Illustrated. 32 pages. Paper. 30 cts.
VI. Hyatt's MoUusca. Illustrated. 65 pages. Paper. 30 cts.
VII. Hyatt's Worms and Crustacea. Illustrated. 68 pages. Paper. 30 cts.
VIII. Hyatt's Insecta. Illustrated. 324 pages. Cloth. $1.25.
XII. Crosby's Common Minerals and Rocks. Illustrated. 200 pages. Paper, 40
cts. Cloth, 60 cts.

XIII. Richard's First Lessons in Minerals. 50 pages. Paper. 10 cts.

XIV. Bowditch's Physiology. 58 pages. Paper. 20 cts.

XV. Clapp's 36 Observation Lessons in Minerals. 80 pages. Paper. 30 cts.
XVI. Phenix's Lessons in Chemistry. In press.
Pupils' Note-Book to accompany No. 15. 10 cts.

Rice's Science Teaching in the School. with a course of instruction in science
for the lower grades. 46 pag-s. Paper. 25 cts.

Ricks's Natural History Object Lessons. SuppUes information on plants and

their products, on animals and their uses, and gives specimen lessons. Fully illustrated.
332 pages. $1.50.

Ricks's Object Lessons and How to Give them.

Volume I. Gives lessons for primary grades. 200 pages, go cts.

Volume II. Gives lessons for grammar and intermediate grades. 212 pages. 90 cts.

Shaler's First Book in Geology. For high school, or highest class in grammar school.

272 pages. Illustrated. $1.00.

Shaler's Teacher's Methods in Geology. An aid to the teacher of Geoiog)-.

74 pages. Paper. 25 cts.

Smith's Studies in Nature. A combination of natural history lessons and language
work. 48 pages. Paper. 15 cts.

Sent by mail postpaid on receipt of price. See also our list of books in Science.




Hyde's Lessons in English, Book I. Vox the lower grades. Contains exercises
for reproduction, picture lessons, Icitur writing, uses of parts of speech, etc. 40 cts.

Hyde's Lessons in English, Book II. For Grammar schools. Has enough tech-
nical Krammar for correct use of language- 60 cts.

Hyde's Lessons in English, Book II with Supplement. Has, in addition

to the above, iiS pages of technical grammar. 70 cts.
Supiilemcnt bound alone, 35 cts.

Hyde's Advanced Lessons in English. lor advanced classes in grammar schools

and liigli schools. 60 cts.

Hyde's Lessons in English, Book II with Advanced Lessons. The Ad-
vanced Lessons and Hook II bound together. Sects.

Hyde's Derivation of Words. 15 cts.

Mathews's Outline of English Grammar, with Selections for Practice.

The application of jirinciples is made through composition of original sentences. 80 cts.
Buckbee's Primary Word Book. Embraces thorough drills in articulation and in
the primary difficulties of spelling and sound. 30 cts.

Sever's Progressive Speller. For use in advanced primary-, intermediate, and gram-
mar grades. (!ives spelling, pronunciation, definition, and use of words. 30 cts.

Badlam's Suggestive Lessons in Language. Being Part I and Appendix of

.Suggestive Lessons in Language and Reading. 50 cts.

Smith's Studies in Nature, and Language Lessons. A combination of object

lessons with language work. 50 cts. Part I bound separately, 25 cts.

MeiklejOhn's English Language. Treats salient features with a master's skill and

with the utmost clearness and simplicity. $1.30.

Meiklejohn's English Grammar. Also composition, versification, paraphrasing, etc.

P'or high schools and colleges, go cts.

Meiklejohn's History of the English Language, js pages. Part ill of Eng-
lish j^anguage above, 35 cts.

Williams's Composition and Rhetoric by Practice. For high school and col-
lege. Combines the smallest amount of theory with an abundance of practice. Revised
edition. $1.00.

Strang's Exercises in English. Examples in Syntax, Accidence, and Style for

criticism and correction. 50 cts.

HuffCUtt'S English in the Preparatory School. Presents as practically as pos-
sible some of the advanced methods of teaching English grammar and composition in the
secondary schools. 25 cts.

Woodward's Study of English. Discusses English teaching from primary school to

high collegiate work. 25 cts.

Genung's Study of Rhetoric. Shows the most practical discipline of students for th«

making of literature. 25 cts.

Goodchild'S Book of Stops. Punctuation in Verse. Illustrated. 10 cts.
See also our list of books for the study of English Literature.




White's Two Years with Numbers. Number Lessons for second and third year
pupils. 40 cts.

AtwOOd'S Complete Graded Arithmetic. Present a carefully graded course in
arithmetic, to begin with the fourth year and continue through the eighth year. Part I.
200 pages. Cloth. 40 cts. Part II. 382 pages. Half leather. 75 cts.

Walsh's Mathematics for Common Schools. Special features of this work are

its division into half-yearly chapters instead of the arrangement by topics ; the omission,
as far as possible, of rules and definitions; the great number and variety of the problems;
the use of the equation in solution of arithmetical problems; and the introduction of the
elements of algebra and geometry. Parti. 218 pages. 35 cts. Part. II. 252 pages. 40 cts.
Part III. 365 pages. Half leather. 75 cts.

Sutton and Kimbrough's Pupils' Series of Arithmethics.

Primary Book. Embraces the four fundamental operations in all their simple relations.

80 pages. Boards. 22 cts
Intermediate Book. Embraces practical work through the four operations cancellation,

factoring and properties of numbers, simple and decimal fractions, percentage and simple

interest. 128 pages. Boards. 25 cts.
Lower Book. Combines in one volume the Primary and Intermediate Books. 208

pages. Boards, 30 cts. Cloth, 45 cts.
Higher Book. A compact volume for efficient work which makes clear all necessary

theory. 275 pages. Half leather. 70 cts.

Safford's Mathematical Teaching. Presents the best methods of teaching, from
primary arithmetic to the calculus. Paper. 25 cts.

Badlam's Aids to Number. For TeacJurs. First Series. Consists of 25 cards for
sight-work with objects from one to ten. 40 cts.

Badlam's Aids to Number. For Pn/>ils. First Series. Supplements the above
with material for slate work. Leatherette. 30 cts.

Badlam's Aids to Number. For Teaclurs. Second Series. Teachers' sight-work
with objects above ten. 40 cts.

Badlam's Aids to Number. For Pupils. Second Series. Supplements above with
material for slate work from 10 to 20. Leatherette. 30 cts.

Badlam's Number Chart. n x 14 inches. Designed to aid in teaching the four
fundamental rules in lowest primary grades. 5 cts. each; per hundred $4.00.

Luddington's Picture Problems. 70 cards, 3x5 inches, in colors, to teach by pic-
tures combinations from one to ten. 65 cts.

Pierce's Review Number Cards. Two cards, 7x9, for rapid work for second and
third year pupils. 3 cts. each ; per hundred $2.40.

Rowland's Drill Card. For rapid practice work in middle grades. 3 cts. each ; per
hundred 1^2.40.

For advanced luork see our list of books in Mathematics.




Sheldon's United States History. For Rrammar schools. Follows the " seminary "
or laboratory plan. " By it the chiM is not robbed of the right to do his own think-
ing." Half leather. S1.25.

Teacher's Manual to Sheldon's United States History A key to the above

system. 60 cts.

Sheldon's General History. For high school and college. The only general history
following the "seminary" or laboratory plan now advocated by leading teachers.
Half leather, fi.75.

Sheldon's Greek and Roman History. Contains the first 250 pages of the above
book. Ji.oo.

Teacher's Manual to Sheldon's History. Puts into the instructor's hand the kty

to the above system. 85 cts.

Sheldon's Aids to the Teaching of General History. Gives also list of most

essential books for a reference library. 10 cts.

Thomas's History of the United States. For schools, academie.,, and the general

reader. A narrative liistnry with copious references to sources and authorities. Fully
illustrated. 532 pages. Half leather. 51.25.

Shumway's A Day in Ancient Rome. With 59 illustrations. Should find a place
as a suf>plcinf)ttary reader in every high-school class studying Cicero, Horace, Taci-
tus, etc. 75 cts.

Old South Leaflets. Reproductions of important political and historical papers, ac-
companied by useful notes. Each, 5 cts. and 6 cts. For titles see separate lists. Per
hundred, $3 (x>.

Allen's History Topics. Covers Ancient, Moden , and American history, and gives an
excellent list of be oks of reference. 121 pages. Pajier. 30 cts.

Fisher's Select Bibliography of Ecclesiastical History. An annotated list of

the most essential books for a theological student's libiary. 15 cts.

Hall's Method of Teaching History. "its excellence and helpfulness ought to

secure it many readers." — Tlie Xati'ox. $1.50.

Phillips' History and Literature in Grammar Grades. A paper read before the

Department of Superintenaence, at r.rocklyn, N.Y. Paper. 15 cts.

See also our /is/ of 0/d Sou/h Leafle/s.



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