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Burnand, F. C. Ap-
pointment of, on
death of Tom Tay-
lor, 215
Taylor's, Tom, edit
orship, 194, 212,
Esprit de Corps of the

Punch table, 2)^, 85
Final revision of pages —
A laborious duty, 172,

Gilbert Abbott a Beckett's
claim to have been one



Punch, or the London Chayivari,
contd. —

of the originators and
founders of Punch, 9,
12, 31, 58, 60, 292

History of Punch, see
Spielmann's History of

" Illustrations of Shake-
speare," by Sir John
Tenniel, 109

Influence of, in creation
of public opinion, etc.,
218, 272

Lecture by Arthur W. k
Beckett, 276

Locum tenens, Arthur W.
a Beckett as, 197, 217

Leigh, Percival, Locum
tenens during absence of
Tom Taylor, 197, 216

Mayhew's, Henry, claim
to have been the origin-
ator and Founder, 60

" New Boy " preceding
Arthur W. a Beckett,

Original contributors to,

13, 47, 56, 58

PcUl Ma// articles on " Mr.
Punch, his Predecessors
and Contemporaries,"
see Pall Mall Magazine

Papers which preceded and
led up to Punch, 12,
27, 28

Politics of, loyalty to
the throne, 87

Production of first num-
ber in 1 841, 56

Queen Victoria's retire-
ment from public life
after the death of the
Prince Consort, Criti-

' cisms on, 88, 170

Secrecy, Abandonment of
Tradition of, 272

Signatories to the original

Punch, or the London Charivari,
contd. —

deed, connexion with
Gilbert Abbott a Beck-
ett, 55,56
Similarity between scheme
of Figaro in London and
that of Punch, 28, 60
Spielmann's History of

"Punch,'' see that title

Appointments by

Burnand, 219
Dramatic Authors'
Society, Members
who belonged to,
Original staff — Recol-
lections of, 85, 86
Outings for the staff
during Tom Taylor's
editorship, 213
Outside contributors,
Increase in number
of, etc., 226
See also Names of
Tomahawk, Attack on,

Traditions of, 86, 87, 89
Punch's Railway, Origin of

the title, 95
Punchinello in London — Origi-
nal of Punch, alleged,

Queen Alexandra, see title
Alexandra, Queen

Queen : Eightieth Birthday
Celebration Committee
—Arthur W. a Beckett
nominated Secretary,

Queen Victoria, see title Vic-
toria, Queen

Queen's Theatre, Long Acre,
" Clayton's, John," Con-
nection with 248, 249



Irving's, Sir H., connexion
with, 248
Quiziology of the British Drama,
by Gilbert Abbott a
Beckett, 75

" Ralph Rigmarole, Esq." —
Nom de guerre of Henry
Mayhew, 50
Reade, Charles —

Controversy in the Glow-
worm over Griffith
Gaunt, 146
Novels with a purpose,

Effect of, 146
Tete-a-tete Dinner with
Arthur W. a Beckett at
the Thatched House
Club, 145
Reader, Work of — Methods
of the late Mr. Pincott,
reader to Punch, etc.,
Reading a piece, Dion Bouci-
cault's hints as to, 290
Reed, Mr. and Mrs. German-,
A Beckett's, Gilbert and
Arthur, connexion with,
139, 282
Authors connected with,

Entertainment, 282

Reminiscences, Popularity of,

Rescue Society, Tomahawk
advocacy of, 1 76

" Revolt of the Workhouse " —
Burlesque by Gilbert
Abbott a Beckett, 50

Richard III., Impersonation
of, by Arthur William
a Beckett at the fete
in aid of the Royal
Hospital for Incurables,

" Rightful Heu:," by Bulwer
Lytton — Production of,
at the Lyceum, 143

Robertson, Tom — Contribu-
tions to Glowworm, 138

Robinson, Sir William — mem-
ber of Queen's Eightieth
Birthday Celebration
Committee, 284

Rose, George, 198

Rothschild, Alfred de — Dinner
to Members of Punch
staff, 221

Royal Academy, see Burlington

Royal Coburg Theatre —

A Beckett's, Gilbert
Abbott, connexion with,

Opening of — Story of the
looking glass curtain,


Royal Hospital for Incur-
ables — Recollections of
fete in aid of, 122

Russell, Dr. William Howard;
Times Special Corres-
pondent in Franco —
Prussian War, 265
Times War Special Corres-
pondent in the fifties,

Russell of Killowen, Lord —
Peroration at the end
of the Parnell Com-
mission, 289

Russia — Tom Taylor's car-
toon proposals, criti-
cism by the staff, 194

" Ruy Bias " — Success at the
Princess's, 246

Ryder, John, Anecdotes of,
249, 250

St. James' Theatre —

" Agnes Sorrel," Produc-
tion of, under Braham,

50, 55
" La Grande Duchesse de
Gerolstein," Queen Alex-
andra present at per-
formance of, 270



Sala, George Augustus —

A Word with " Punch,"

Authorship of, 105
Sunday Times, Contribu-
tions to, 105
Salisbury, Lord — Venus in
" Judgment of Paris "
cartoon in 1881, 279
Sambourne, Linley —

Arthur W. a Beckett's

Friendship with, 195
Doyle's work continued

by, 193
" Mahogany Tree," Punch

Jubilee cartoon, 252
Scotch Holiday Book, Illus-
tration of, 188
Sketching on the Sabbath
at Gareloch — Highland
Indignation, 197
Scott, Clement — Presence at

Albion Banquet, 225
Scotch Holiday Book —

Commission given by
Bradbury to Arthur W.
a Beckett, 188
Sambourne, Linley — Ar-
thur W. a Beckett's Trip
in Highlands with, 189,
Seymour, Richard — Quarrel
with Gilbert Abbott a
Beckett the alleged
cause of his suicide,
facts of the case, 36-
Shield, Hugh, K.C. — Chairman
of Gray's Inn Maskc
Committee, 1897, 231
Shops and Companies of Great
Britain —
Mayhew's, Henry, con-
nexion with — Interview
with Arthur W. a
Beckett, 25-27
Publication of, by Last,
24, 127
Silent Witness, 205, 207

Simpson, J. Palgrave — Pro-
duction of Watch Cry
at the Lyceum, 132-136
Skctchley, A. — " Paris " En-
tertainment at the
Egyptian Hall, 261
Sketchley, R. F.—

Arthur W. a Beckett's
first Punch dinner. Pre-
sence at, 186, 187, 188
Punch table. Date of first

appearance at, 210
Resignation of, from Punch
Smith, Albert —

Dramatic Authors' Society,

Member of, 236
Egyptian Hall entertain-
ments — " Mont Blanc "
and " China,' '258-260
Punch, Relations with, 256
" Son of the Sun " — Burlesque
by Gilbert Abbott a
Beckett, 50
" Songs for the Seedy," Pub-
lication of, in Punch, 87
" Songs for the Sentimental,"
Publication of, in Punch,

Spalding, Augustus — Perfor-
mance in " Under False
Colours " at Colches-
ter, 190
" Spforza," nom de guerre of

William a Beckett, 17
Spielmann's History of Punch —

Arthur W. a Beckett's
first papers in Punch,
Success of, 186

Burnand's, Mr. F. C,
powers of pun-making.
Reference to, 220

Credit of the origination
of Punch given to
Henry Mayhew by Mr.
Spielman, 60

Family tree of contribu-
tors to Punch, 294



Spielraann's History of Punch,
contd. —

Gilbert A. a Beckett's
connexion with Punch,
Account of, etc., 229,
MUliken, E. J., Apprecia-
tion of, 227
Originator of the title and
earliest composition of
the staff of Punch, 23,
Secrecy, Tradition of, put
an end to by publication
of History of Punch, 272
Taylor's, Tom, editorship
of Punch, Attack on, 219
Tomahawk allusions to, 181
Stage, Gilbert Abbott a Bec-
kett's attitude towards,

Standard — Franco - Prussian
Arthur W. a Beckett
Special Correspondent
for ; in France and Ger-
many, 82, 265
Fund for French prisoners
on the Rhine, 267
Steele, Mrs.— Authorship of
" Under False Colours,"
Straight, Douglas-
Collaboration with Arthur

W. a Beckett, 1 39
Glowworm, Work in con-
nexion with, 139
Strand Printing and Publishing
Company, Limited —
Arthur W. a Beckett as
Secretary — Experien-
ces of, 24, 25
Last, services as printer,
24, 126
Sunday Times —

Arthur W. a Beckett's
series of " How things
are done," 203, 276

Sala's, George Augustus,
contributions to, 105
" Sunshine in Songland " —
Verses by E. J. Milliken,
Switzerland and Italy — Ar-
thur W. a Beckett's Trip
to, in, 1887, 194
Taylor, Tom —

Arthur W. a Beckett,
Relations with, 186, 187,
188, 207, 209
Contributions to Punch,

Death of, in 1880 from
clot on the heart, 91,

Dramatic Authors' Society,

Member of, 236
Editorship of Punch —
Methods of, 194
Outings of the staff,
212, 213
Handwriting, Illegibility

of, 185, 209
Tomahawk article by
Arthur W. a Beckett,
Objections to, 183
Teck, Princess Mary, Duchess
of — Presence at Jubilee
performance of the
" Maske of Flowers "
at Gray's Inn, 1897,

Tcnniel, Sir John-
Appreciation of Gilbert
Abbott a Beckett, 34,

Connexion with Punch, 13
" Illustrations of Shake-
speare " for Punch,
Presence at Arthur W. a
Beckett's first Punch
dinner, 186, 187, 188
Versatility of , 193


Thackeray, William Make-
peace —

" a Beckett the Beak " —
Nickname for Gilbert
Abbott a Beckett, 43

ConiribiUions to Punch, 13

Fondness for children,

Friendship with Gilbert
Abbott a Beckett, i^,

Lytton, Bulwer, Relations
with, 143

Nommes de guerre adopted
by, 61

Punch, Severance of con-
nexion with. Reasons
for, 66

Recollections of, at the
Punch table, 254
Theatres —

Management — Secret of
success in, 244, 245

{For particular Theatres,
see their names)
Thief — Production of, by Gil-
bert Abbott a Beckett,

Thomas Turner a Beckett —
Censor, Contributions to,


Comic Blackstone, Appre-
ciation of, 184

Education at Westminster
School, 15
Thompson, Alfred —

Shades for the " Sacred
Lamp " of Burlesque,

Tomahawk, Work in con-
nexion with, 158, 173
Thompson, Sir Henry — Ap-
proval of Arthur W. a
Beckett's Punch Lec-
ture, 278
Time occupied in " knocking-
off " present volume,

Times —

Arthur W. a Beckett's
first papers in Punch
quoted by, 186, 219

Burlington House banquet
— Times the only news-
paper allowed to send
reporter, 79, 281

Caricature of staff in The
Mask, 79

Franco-Prussian War Re-
presentative, 265

Gilbert Abbott a Beckett's
work as leader writer,


Power and influence exer-
cised by, 78

Queen Victoria's retire-
ment from public life
afler the deai,li of the
Prince Consort, Com-
ments on, 170
Title of present volume — The
a Becketts' Claim to be
theaBecketts of Punch,
9, 23, 292
" Toby, M.P." Illustrations by

Mr. H. Furniss, 220
Tomahawk —

Alverstone's, Lord, opin-
ion of, 155

Article by Arthur W. a
Beckett, Tom Taylor's
objections to, 183

" Britannia and Mr.
Beales" Cartoon, 163

Discontinuance of publica-
tion, 182

Fenianism, Campaign a-
gainst, 179

Financing of, 160
French Empire overthrown
by — Arthur W. k Bec-
kett's interview with
French novelist, 192

" God save the Queen," or
the past, the present and
the future Cartoon, 170



Tomahawk, contd.

Initial number, Features
of, 165-68

Interview with Mark Le-
mon which suggested
the Tomahawk, 154

Napoleon III., Campaign
against, 179

Origin of the title, 157

Original staff, 158

Pall Mall Magazine, Criti-
cisms on, 163

Plagiarisms, Campaign a-
gainst, 173

Policy of the paper, 156,
158, 161, 166

Portrait of F. C. Burnand,
present editor of Punch,

Predictions by, 179, l8o
Price of, 161

Proprietorial rights, Re-
linquishment of, to the
Financier, 171
Punch, Attack on, 177
Queen Victoria's retire-
ment from public life
after the death of the
Prince Consort, Criticism
on, 169
Resuscitation proposed by
Matt Morgan, 1874, 184
Success of, 174
Toole, John — Management of
theatres, Secret of suc-
cess in, 245
"Tower 'Amlets Milishy," alias
Prince Consort's Own
Rifle Brigade, 195
Trendell, Sir Arthur — Member
of Queen's eightieth
Birthday Celebration
Committee, 284
" Triple jeu de mots " Anec-
dote, 19
TroUope, Mrs. — Chapter in The
Fate of Fen el J a,

" Trying a Magistrate," Re-
cital at a meeting —
Gilbert Abbott a Bec-
kett called on to exer-
cise magisterial func-
tions, 259

" Two Roses " alias in the pro-
vinces, 238

"Under False Colours" — Ama-
teur theatricals at Col-
chester, 190

United States— Methods of
"News Investigator,"

Victoria, Queen —

Death of — Transmission
of news from Osborne
to Cowes — Overzeal of
a foreign pressman,

Eightieth Birthday — Be-
stowal of "Golden Rose"
on Queen Victoria, Pro-
posed, 284, 285
Pope Leo XIII., Friend-
ship for, 285
Retirement from private
life after the death of
the Prince Consort — •
Press criticisms, 88, 169,

" Village Coquettes " — Pro-
duction of, at the St.
James' Theatre, 55

Wag — Production of ,by Gilbert
Abbott a Beckett,

Wales, Princess of (Princess
May of Teck) — Jubilee
performance of the
" Maske of Flowers " at
Gray's Inn, Presence at,

" Wandering Minstrel " —

Criticism of, by Gilbert

Abbott ^ Beckett, 50
Production of, at the Fitz-
roy Theatre, 50



Ward, Artemus — Egyptian
Hall entertainment,

Contributions to Punch,
etc., 262

" Warning on the Way " —
Tenniel's Cartoon in
Punch, 179

Watch Cry, Production of, at
the Lyceum — Gloivworm
criticism, Libel action
resulting from, 132-36

Watson, Rev. Mr. — Tenancy
of No. 9, Hyde Park
Gate, South, 62

Westminster Aquarium, Open-
ing of, by the Duke of
Edinburgh, 82

Westminster Gazette — Arch-
bishop Manning's Inter-
est in, 148

Westminster School —

Bullying at — Gilbert Ab-
bott a Beckett's exper-
iences, 15
Dotheboys Hall founded
on Gilbert a Beckett's
experiences as usher,

Whalley, Mr., and the " Triple
jeu de mots," 19

Whitehurst— Dinner given to
Arthur W. a Beckett in
the Hotel du Holder,
Paris, climax to a pro-
jected duel, 268

Wigan, Alfred — Opinion of
Burlesque, 125

William a Beckett (junior) —
Contributions to the Mel-
bourne Punch, 22
Education at Westminster

School, 15
Publication of volume of

Poems under nom de
plume of " Spforza "

William a Beckett (senior) —
Recollections of — Fame as

a genealogist, 14
Relations with his sons, 14

William Arthur Callender a
Beckett — Career in Aus-
tralia, love for genea-
logy, etc., 22

Wingfield, Lewis — Dresses for
Gray's Inn Jubilee per-
formance of the " Maske
of Flowers," undertaken
by, 231

Winslow, Mrs. Forbes, obituary
notice for the World,
Arthur William a Bec-
kett requested to write,
279, 280

Wolf Boy of Japan — Local
colouring by an author
who had never been
farther than the Isle of
Thanet, 223

Wood, Captain Evelyn — Pre-
sence at amateur per-
formance of " Under
False Colours " at Col-
chester, 191

World — Obituary notices of
Mrs. ForbesWinslow and
Lady Barrington, Arthur
W. a Beckett requested
to write, 279, 280

" Writing on the Spot ," Im-
possibility of, 276

Yates, Edmund—

Arthur W. a Beckett's
passage at arms with,
202 — Reconciliation, 203
Egyptian Hall entertain-
ment, 263

Butler & Tanner, The Selwood Printing Work*, Frome. aiiJ LoiiJob.


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