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Counts del Reno, the, the Contarini descended from, 32

Croia, the City of, destruction of (1381), 79

" Crollalanza,'' the, account of the Giusti taken from (note), 23

Cyprus, .Andrea Cornaro, Auditor of, 66; Filippo Mastachello sent by Giacomo
Lusignano, King of Cyprus, as Ambassador to Venice to complete matrimonial
contract between him and Cattarina Cornaro, and to conduct her to, 66 ;
Cardinals Alvize (1551) and Fredrigo Cornaro (1588), Commanders of, 67;


Catterina Cornaro asked in marriage from her father, Marco Cornaro, by
Giacomo Lusignano, King of, 65, 66 ; Pielro, Kinjj of, 47 ; Relationbliip
between the Cornari and Giacomo, Ring of, 64 ; The Genoese att.iched by
Maffio Querini at (1292), 91 ; the ilkistrious rule of Donato da Lci^ge in, 7;
the voyage of Queen Cattarina Cornaro to (1472), 44; Marco Bra;4ardin,
during war with Turks, General for tlie Republic in (1520), 44
Cyprus, the King of, assistance given by Pictro Querini, in an attack upon the city of
Famagosta, to (1448), 92

Dalle Forjiase, the Boni called by the name of, 97, 98

Dalmatia, Gerolemo Co'.iaro, Knt,, Provuditor General in (1687), 65; seized the city
and fortress of Chin in (16S8), 65; Giovanni da Legge, Provedltor *ieneral to
(1570), 8; Guiscardo returns to, 25; joined by his son lioamoiido in, 25;
Leonardo Foscolo, General, fought against the Turks in, 74; the
Vendramini left, 78; Zara recovered in (1346), 47; liortolamio Minotto
received possession of (1444), 47

Dandolo, Andrea, Doge, Marco da Legge, one of the electors of (1342), 4

Dandolo, Henrico, Doge, at taking of Constantinople Daniel Lrat^ardnio present
with (1202), 44

Dandolo, Renier, Paulo Zancariol, Commander of galleys in the Fleet of, 96

Delfini, I'he, the arms of, 42 ; church of S. Seivolo built by, 42

Diedo, The family of, character and position of, 86 ; church of S. Agostino built by, 86

Doge, Almoro Valaresso amongst the forty who elected Hennco Dandolo the (1192),
99; Cnstoforo Moro, Procurator, elected as (1462), 71 ; importance of Paolo
Capello's presence in the army prevented his election as, 50; Leonardo
Foscolo, Commander of the Navy, proposed for the election of, 74 ; Paolo
Balbi, one of the Council to elect Aurio iVlastropetro {see note) as (1178). 36;
Simion Bon, one of the forty wlio elected Pietro Zuanne as (1205), 98 ; the
Barozzi with others elected the hrst (697), 94 ; the Gradcnigi amongst the
number who elected the first, 87 ; the Michieli amongst the tribunes who
elected Paoluccio Anafesto the tirst, 54 ; Mulin, Francesco, succeeded
Francesco Errizzo as (1645), 29

Dogeship, The, after death of Pietro Mocenigo, Andrea Vendramin, Procurator,
succeeded to, 79 ; Domenico Selvo, Doge, after loss of ships, deprived of, 26 ;
Francesco Foscari expelled from (1457), 69; Pasqual Malipiero promoted in
his stead to, 69 ; Giovanni da Legye, s. of Priarao, contests against Pietro
Loredano (1567) and Sebastiano Veniero (1577) for, 8 ; Giovanni da Legge,
s. of Andrea, contests for (161 5, 1618, 1623, 1624), 10; Luca da Legge, s. of
Donato, contests for (1471), 5; Marco Foscarini succeeded Francesco Loredan
in (1762), 30; Nicolo Gussoni, one of the electors who promoted Orio M.muo
Petro to, 81 ; Priamo da Legge contests against Girolamo Priuli for (1554), 6

Dogess, The wife of Domenico Selvo, description of, 26

Dome, Ihe church of, 72

Donati, The, Huoni dalla Madona, name given to, 27

Doro, The house of, 80

Dorsoduro, The quarter of, 35, 55, 70, 88

Durazzo, Death of Gerolemo Cornaro, Knt., Captain General, from fever under the


walls of, 65 ; Domenico Selvo relieves the siege of, 25 ; Guiscardo compelled
to retire from, 25 ; Piero Querini, during rebellion of inhabitants. Governor of
(1209), 90 ; the family of Cocco came from, 21

Egypt, City of Tyre besieged by the Caliph of, 58 ; Menich Sardar, Sultan of, 28
Emperor Federico, the, Leonardo Querini led the tleet in favour of the Genoese

against (1241), 91
Empire, the whole Roman, Marin Zeno ruler of a fourth part of, 60
England, FranLcsco C.ipello, Knt., in, 50; members of the Gussoni cjuartered the

arms of, 81
Eraclea, the Arii seek safety in flight to, 37; held the rank of Tribunes in, 37; the

Contarini came to, 32 ; Doge PaoluccioAnafesto a noble of, 32; elected as

Doge by the Morosini and other Tribunes in (697), 51 ; the Sanudi natives

of, 75
Erillo, the Gussoni driven from Torcello by the house of, 80, 81
Europe, Marco Capello sent as Ambassador to different Princes of, 49 ; the Querini

produced knights and ambassadors at all the Courts of, 93

Fabri. Girolamo, the " Sagre Memorie de Ravenna" of, 2

Fabbri. the descendants of the Traversari took the surname of, 2

Faith, the ancestors of Giacomo Bonomo Roman Catholics by, 21

Famagosta, the city of, 92 ; body of .Marco Bragardin placed by the Turks in the

Piazza of (1520), 44; Marco Antonio Querini sent to assist in the siege of

(1570), 93
Felice II. (called III.), Pope, death of (492), 54
Feltre, Girolamo da Legge, Podestk and Captain of (1532), 7
Ferrara, Bishop of, 94 ; flight of the Traversari to, 2 ; Nicholo Querini gained honour

in the taking of (1304), 92 ; Giovanni Soranzo elected Podestk of (1304), 92
Ferrara, Ercole, First Duke of, Pietro Marcello, Vetor Soranzo, Roberto San Severino,

Robeito Malatesta, Captains, and Daniian Moro General to, 71 ; Argcnta taken

by, 71
Fiandra, Count Balduino of, 93 ; two Venetian galleys with merchandise sent to, 33
Fiechi, the house of, 22 ; the arms of, 22
Fiesco, .'Vndrca, the arms of, 60

Fiume, Giorgio Cornaro took possession of, (1509), 64
Flaminia, Ravenna, the Metropolis of, i
Fleet, the, Antonio Canal, Proveditor of (1574), 83, 84; Badoer Bragain, surnamed

Bragadino, Captain of (982), 43
Florence, Lelio Giusti Podest<\ of, 24 ; marriage of Bianca Capello with a knight

of the House of Salviata in, 49 ; the Giusti migrated to, 23 ; citizens of, 23;

entrusted with charges and functions at, 23
Forti, territory of, 2 ; Portico a Castle in, 2 ; Apennine Mountains near, 2
Fortune, King of the Isle of, 50
Foscari, the, character and condition of, 39, 40 ; church of S. Simon the Prophet built

by, 40
Foscarini, Carlo, son of Hermolao, inscription in S. Stefano to Maria da Legge,

daughter of Benedetto by (1598), 17


Fosci, the family of Foscolo called the, 73 ; church of S. Marco Bocalame near

Chiozza built by, 74
France, Henrico III., King of, 84; fleet equipped by Antonio Canal to receive the

King of (1574), 84 ; I'asqualin IVIinotto knighted by John, King of (1364), 47,

48 ; lilies granted to the arms of the Gussoni by kings of, 81 ; lilies borne on

the Morosini arms granted by kings of, 51
Frangi|)anc, tlie bk-sscd Silvi,\ of llic house ot (.(^3), 54 ; anus of tlu.-, |;4 ; the Mii liicli

u'ci'ivi'd the uanii' iiC, 54
Frederic, the Kiupenu, I'iclro Traversal i a witness to the privilcgiuiu giantcd by

(1117), 3
Freschot, Casimer, the " Pregi della Nobilta Veneta " of, 2
Friuli, Priamo da Legge, Prjveditor General in (1678), 12

Gambarare, the family of Valier, leaving Rome (786), abode in, 85

Garoveli, victory of Nicolo Cocco over, 22

Gazzo, the Venetian Republic confer upon the Qiusti the title and prerogatives of
Counts of the land and castle of (1502), 24

Genoa, Nicolo Ouerini pursued the Genoese galleys to the port of (1296), 91

Genoese, the, battle by Renier Zeno, Doge, Captain General of fleet, with, 60 ;
Filippo Canal defended the Venetian fleet at Modon in an attack made by, 83 ;
Leonardo Minotto famous as naval commander against, 47 ; Toma Minotto
captain of navy against (1344), 47 ; Andrea liarozzi took possession of Acre on
behalf of (1263), 91 ; Leonardo (Ouerini led the fleet in favour of (124 1), 9! ; Nicolo
Ouerini made Captain General against (1296), 91 ; Maffio Ouerini killed in
action with (1297), 91, 92 ; the city of Famagosta in the hands of (1448), 92 ; the
city of Chiozza occupied by, 71 ; war of Chiozza against, 31

Gens Attia, the, supposed descent of the Traversari from, i

Germany, castle built by Corado Zolerem and called by him Zolerem of, 95

Giunta, the, Andrea da Legge II., Senator of (1714), 13

Giusti, the, arms of, 24

Gold and Money, Andrea da Legge I., Proveditor of (1712), 13

Gold and .Silver, Andrea da Legge I., Proveditor of (1714), 13

Golden Star, the, Bortolamio and Vittorio Capello Knights of, 49

Golfo, Marco Querini, Captain of (1568), 93

Goritia, Giorgio Cornaro took possession of (1509), 64

Gradenigi, the, character of, 87 ; churches of S .Apostoli and S. Croce restored by, 87 ;
church of S. lllario at Murano built by (1100), 87; name of Gradonici
changed to, by (716), 87

Gradenigo, the family of, Dolfin Dolfin founded (800), 42 ; the Delfini sprang from, 42

Gradenigo, Pietro, Doge, the Mosti members of the Great Council under the (1297), 22

Gradissa, the fortress of 79

Grado, Patriarchs of 33, 39, 42, 76, 95 ; the Gradonici built the city of (580), 87

Gradonici, the house of (Gradenigo originally called, 87

Great Council, the hall of the, portrait of Giovanni da Legge in, 8 ; Andrea Vendramin,
Doge, dined in, 79

Greece and Venice, the fleets of, 25 ; victory by Giuscardo over, 25

Grimani, Antonio, Marino da Legge, captain of a galley under (1500), 6


Grimani, Domenico, Cardinal, death of, 56, 57 ; in church of S. Francesco della Vigna

rests the body of, 56, 57
Grimani, the, character of, 55; church of S. Fosca and chapel of the three Magi

in the church of S. Francesco della Vigna built in Venice by, 56; the arms

of, 56; Crusades joined in by, 56
Guazzo, high prerogatives of Giovanni da Legge, Senator, recorded by, 7
Guiscardo, Roberto, navy prepared by, 25 ; Manfredonia sailed towards by, 25 ; La

Valona taken by, 25 ; Durazzo besieged by, 25
Gussoni, Marco, Proveditor of the navy, 81 ; Vatazzo, Prince of Lesbo, opposed by

{1242), 81
Gussoni, Pietro, church and hospital of S. Maria dei Cruciferi built by (1150), 81
Gussoni, the, Disposition of, 80; church of S. Fosca built by (1179), 8i ; the

arms of, 81 ^ -

Herbert, J. A., Notes by, 18

Heresy, Andrea da Legge I., a Sage of (1712, 1716), 13

Horse, Leon Selvo made Master of the (737), 24

Hungary, Andrea, Second King of, 51 ; marriage with an Eastern Princess by Stcffano,

son of, 51
Hungary, Bela, King of, Nicolo and Giovanni Balbi recipients of special honours at

the hands of (1047), 36
Hungary, incursion made by Giorgio Cornaro into the States of Caesar as far as

(1509), 64
Hungary, Ladislao, King of, Bortolamio Minotto destined ambassador to (1444). 47
Hungary, Lodovico, King of, Giovanni Minotto, Proveditor of the army, conquered,

47; the city of Zara revolted from (1347), 83
Hungary, the King of, the Republic made a league with, 71

Indies, the East, Vicenzo Querini wrote a description of his voyage to (1563), 93
Innocentio IIL, Pope, Pandolfo Minotto, ambassador to (1203), 47
Island, The, Provinces of, participation by the Baduarii in the government of, 38
Islands, The, the Barozzi amongst the twelve Tribunes of, 94 ; possession of rights by

the Baduarii in, 38
Isthmus, the, Bertoldo Orsino, General, met with his death at, 71
Istria, Antonio da Legge confined in, 6 ; Benedetto da Legge, during the war with the
Archduke of, Proveditor of cavalry in (1614), 10; the Semitecoli came from, 70;
the Tagliapietri were natives of Rovigno in, 96
Italy, Arrival of Charles III., King of Spain, in (js'^ note), 13; coming of Federico III.,
Emperor, to (1469), 72; disturbances in (1615), 24; existence of members of
the Balbi in Pavia, Genoa, and several cities of, 36; Giovanni and Francesco
Venieri retired to, 45 ; incursions of barbarians into, 37 ; Odoacer the Herulian
(476) and Theodoric the Goth (496), Kings of, 2 ; the Cornari lived in the
Venetian Lagoons before the coming of Atila Flagellum, King of, 63, 64 ;
Giorgio Cornaro, loaded with honours, relumed to the camp in (1509), 63, 64 ;
the Traversari, illustrious throughout, i

Jerusalem, Balduino, the king of, 91 ; Leonardo Querini sent against Vatazzo, Prince
of Lesbo, in favour of (1242), 91



Jerusalem, Gofiido the King of, the Grimani rewarded for valour by, 56

Jews, the, Cauro Ouerini, lawyer, wrote treatises upon the punishment of (1463), 92

Jocello, the Selvi came from, 24

Lagoons, the Venetian, the Cornari came to live in, 63 ; the family of Coppo the

earliest dwellers in, 84
La Puglia, Marco Qucrini seized pirates as \\c sailed towards (156S), 93
La Valona, Gniscardo took the city of, 25

Land, the Holy, Giacomo Bragardin joined the Crusade to (1097), 43 ; war in, 31
League, the, Francesco Capello, Knt., ambassador to the Imperial Army of (1535), 50;

signal victory of, 64
Legge da, Ancestors of, 2; senatorial family of, 2
Legge, Andrea da, Towi- called Lcgia built by (145°). 5
Leggc, Cecilia, dau. 01 Giovanni Muttio da, 12, 15; Luigi Hasadunna married to

(1692), 12, 15
Legge, Ualla, the Traversari by avitonomasia called, 3 ; law proposLd by, 3
Legge, Donato da, devotion to history of, 7

Legge, Francesco, Francesco (Heir), Giacomo, Leonardo da, gifls to the State by, 5
Legge, Francesco and Michele da, churches of S. Rocco and S. Margherita built by

(14S8), 6
Legge, Giovanni da, ambassadorships of, 8; building where public library is
initiated by, 8; in hall of the Great Council portrait of, 8 ; Pietro Loredano
and Sebastian Veniero contested Dogeship against, 8; shelter to the Doge
Luigi Mocenigo, in his Procuracy of the Piazza, given by (1577)1 8; death of
(1580), 8 ; Giovanni, his grandson, erected the tomb of, 8
Legge, (;iovanni, Mattio da, Chiara, daughter of Almoro Grimani, wife of, 12, 15;

death and age of (1677), 12, 15
Legge, Giovanni Mattio da, Senator, de.ilh and ago of (1646), 11
Legge, Luca da, tlie family of da Legge founded by, 4
Legge, Luca da, son of Uonato, Senator, zeal of (1355), 4
Legge, Luca da (1463), son of Donato, 5 ; Dogeship contested by (1471), 5 ; death of

(■•t75)> 5 ; inscription in S. Stefano on tomb of, 5
Legge, Maria da, wife of Lorenzo Capello and aunt of Paolo Venier, 18 ; death of

(1576), 18
Legge, Priamo, son of Andrea da, 6 : death of (i557),6; age and burial of, 6 ; eulogy

of, 6
Leggc, Priamo, son of Giovanni, da, 12, 15 ; Marina, dau. of Luigi Priuli, Procurator,

wife of (1656), 12, 15
Legii.the, Statement by Cesare Malfatti, Freschot, Rossi, Fabri, and other chroniclers
about, 3; admission into the patrician nobitity of Venice, of (1251), 3;
confirmation therein of (1297), 3; antiquity of arrival in Venice of, 3; the
arms of, 4
Lepanio, Francesco and Nicolo Zaccariol, Knts., one of whom gave proof of valour,

were in the battle against the Turks at (1571), 96
Lesbo, Giovanni V.itazzo, Prince of, 81

Lezze, Name of Legge corrupted into, 4; many senators and distinguished citizens
supplied by the house of, 4 ; assistance in building the churches of S. Kocco
and S. Margherita given by the house of, 4



Lido, the, Proposal of Andrea Vendramin to place, responsible to himself, a suitable
governor over, 78, 79; Henrico 111., Kini,^ of f>ancc, disembarked at (1574), 84

Lipamano, Bortolamio, Henrico HI., King of Poland, passing by Treviso, received
by (1574), 97

Lombardi, The, the character of, 88; the arms of, 88

Longobardi, The, the (iriniani descended from, 55

Lower Ethiopia, the port of Suissa in, 22

Lucietta Badoaro, dau. of Andrea, 11 ; Giovanni Mattio da Legge married to, 11

Lusignano, Giacomo, King of Cyprus, death and will of, 66

Maganesi, the Barbari received the name of, 58

Magi, the Three, Baldasser, one of, 54; chapel of, 56

Mahomet II., Constantinople taken and forced to deny the Christian faith (1453), by,

48 ; war declared by the Republic with, 79
Malamoco, Angclo Frangipane left Rome for, 54; Bishop of, 96 ; the family of Canal

came from Ravenna to, 83 ; the name Leon given to Leon Selvo by the city

of, 24 ; the Semitecoli came from Istria to, 70; the Zcni left Rome for, 59
Malamoco Vecchio, the Michieli left Rome for, 54; the Tiepoli came from the city of

Rimini to, 76
Malgaritino, the fortress of, Francesco Cornaro, Proveditor, accompanied Prospero

Colonna and Paolo Orsino to tlie assault and sacking of, 64
Malipieri, the, origin and lineage of, 69; character of, 69; arms of, 70; arms and

surnames changed by, 69 ; Torcello built by (600), 69 ; church of S. Geremia

built by, 70
Malipiero, Pasqual, embassies undertaken by, 69; diligence in maintaining peace

displayed by, 69
Malipiero, Pasqual, Doge, Lelio Giusti, ambassador to, 24
Malta, Candia occupied by the Count of (1209), go
Manfredonia, Roberto Guiscardo sailed towards, 25
Manolesso, the family of, 35; character and condition of, 35; change in the arms

of, 35
Mantua, the family of Tron sprang from, 77 ; the Moirosini came from, 51
Marignano, Benedetto da Legge took, 11
Maritime Affairs, Alvize Mosto, aged 22, investigator of, 22
Mastro Petro, the Malipieri were called, 69

Maximilian, King of the Romans, Giovanni da Legge sent as ambassador to (1562), 8
Mestrina, the Foscari were called, 39
Michiel, Domenico, Doge and Captain General, 58; expedition to Soria, 58; attack

on infidel fleet, 58 ; greater part of enemy's ships sunk, 58; retreat of rest cut

off, 58 ; memorable carnage, by, 58
Michieli, the, alleged descent of, 54; arms of, 54; church of S. Cassano, named

S. Cecilia (727), and of S. Giovanni in Oglio (999) built by, 54 ; gift of land to

Father Francesco by (1233), 54; the blessed S. Bortolamio and Anna Michiel

were of the house of, 54
Micone, the siege of, 48 ; presence of Baldwin, Emperor of Constantinople at

(1363), 48
Milan, Andrea da Legge I. salutes Charles III. {see note), King of Spain, at, 13;

is knighted by him at (171 1), 13 ; Andrea Querini, captain to the fleet against

S 2


Francesco Sforzo, Duke of (1448), 92 ; Francesco Cocco commanded the navy

against the Duke of (1470), 22; Nicolo Piccinino General of Fihppo Maria

Visconti, Duke of (1439), 58, 59; some of the Balbi Bishops of, 36
Milopotanio, Bishop of, 71
Minotti, The, the character of, 46, 47 ; the churches of S. Canciano and S. Giovanni

Lateran built by, 46, 47
Minotti (2), the, condition and arms of, 48

Minotto, Gerolemo, religious firmness of, 48 ; crown of martyrdom received by, 48
Minotto, Giovanni, Lodovico, King of Hungary, conquered by (1344). 47
Minotto, Luca, attachment of the Emperor Baldwin for (1363), 48
Mirano, Cardinal Bonaventura Badoarode Pragia Padovano and his nephew Giacomo

born in the county of, 38
Misericordia, The, the church of, 73
Mocenigo, Luigi, Doge, Giovanni da Legge in his Procuracy of the Piazza gave

shelter to (i577)> 8
Modon, Filippo Canal defended the Venetian fleet at, 83
Modone, S. Leon, Bishop of, 42

Mori, The, character and position of, 71 ; love of the people for, 72
Mori (2), The, the hospital and church of the Misericordia built by (939), 73
Moro, Cristoforo, Doge, church of S. Giobbe, built by (1462), 72 ; death of, 72
Morosini, Costanza, character of, 51
Morosini, Domenico, Doge, Ancestors of Giacomo r>onomo Councillors under

(1151), 21
Morosini, Francesco, fountain erected by, 53

Morosini, Sister Agnese, Abbess of S. Saccaria, 53; visit of Pope Benedetto III. to, 53
Morosini, Tomasina, Andrea, her son, assumed the arms of Morosini out of respect

to, 51
Morosini, The, the noble blood of, 51 ; the arms of, 51; churches of S. Agostino,

S. Mauro, now called S. Angelo (920), S. Geremia (1270). S. Angelo Rafifael

(looi), S. Ulario at Murano, and S. Zonzi Mazor (982), built by, 52
Mount Barbasso, the Barbarigi came from, 62
Murano, the church of S. Illario at, 87
Mustaf.\, Turkish General, surrender of Marco Bragardin to, 44; tortured and flayed

alive by, 44

Nani, The, churches of S. Giovanni Laterano and S. Vidal built by (917), 37;

extinction of a branch of the family of (1407), 37
Naples, Gerolemo Cornaro, Knt., Captain General, took the city of {1688), 65
Narcntani, the fleet under Badoar Bragain, Captain, sent against (982), 43
Negroponte, Gabriel Lipamano came from (908), 96 ; death of Vettor Capello at, 49 ;

the Mori came from, 71
Niceforo, Emperor of Constantinople, 25; Caligo, one of his sisters, given m

marriage to Domenico Selvo by (1071), ^5 : Domenico Selvo made

Prothospatario {see note) by, 25
Nio, the island of, 31
Nixia, Baldwin, Emperor of Constantinople, granted to Marin Sanudo the island of

Novegradi, Marco Antonio Querini, Sopracomito, killed while fighting under (1569), 93




Odoacer, the Herulian, Teodoro Traversari, Prefect of Ravenna under (476), i, 2
Orb, the Golden, Antonio Canal received at the hands of Henrico III., King of France,

the order of knighthood of (1574), 84
Otton, son of Federico Barbarossa, Emperor, 70; arms granted to the Malipieri by, 70

Padiglione, Marco Bragardin, at instance of Mustafa, Turkish General, taken to

(1520), 44
Padova, Bishops of, 31 ; Luigi Pisani buried in, 31

Padua, Andrea da Legge, Senator, Podest^ of (1642), 11; Councillor in (1647), 11 ;
Andrea da Legge II., Podestk at (1714), 13; Bishops of, 38, 40, 63, 67, 85;
Cardinal Fredrigo Cornaro buried in the Cathedral of, 67, 68; Domenico Moro
and Zaccaria Barbaro knighted in the church of the Domo at (1469), 72;
Girolamo da Legge, brother of Benedetto, captain of (1626 j, 11 ; Girolamo da
Legge, son of Francesco, Captain of (1559), 7 ; Marco Querini the first Podestk
of (1252), 91; Priamo da Legge, Captain at (1530), 6; Ubartin of Carrara,
married to Donna Minotto Minoto, Signor of (1215), 47 ; the Arii in, 37; their
rank in, 37 ; the field Ariano and Villa Ario in, 37 ; the Badoeri Senators and
Consuls at, 37 ; the district of, 38 ; possession of rights by the Baduarii in, 38 ;
their participation in the government of, 38 ; the family of Foscolo came from,
73; the family of Moro (2) natives of, 73; the Foscari came from, 39; the
Sanudi left Candia for, 75

Padua, the University of, Andrea da Legge I. elected Adjunct to (1707), 12

Paduarii, the Aiii received the name of, 37

Palace, the Ducal, fire in (1577), 8 ; costly banquet at, 72

Paolina da Legge, dau. of Giovanni Mattio, Senator, 11, 15; Almoro Pisani,
Procurator, married to (1635), "1 '5

Paradiso, Domenico, of Venice, monument erected to Girolamo da Legge by (1627), 11

Paris, the Island of, the castle of Chiesa standing on, 46

Paiticipatii, The, the counties of Praga and Mirano held in possession by, 38 ; church
of S. Mark (967), S. Giorgio Maggiore (898), S. Zaccaria, S. Maria, S. Giovanni
Evangelista (818), built by, 38; S. Maria Formosa, S. Voatio, S. Lorenzo in the
Isle of Gemelle, and S. Severo rebuilt by (864), 38

Participatio, the Baduarii obtained the name of, 37, 38

Pavia, Giovanni and Francesco Venieri retired to (458), 45; the Arii sought safety in
■ flight to, 37 ; the body of the blessed Bernardo Balbi reposes in, 36

Pedigrees, 14, 15, 16, 17

Pellizzer or Pisani, Beltramo, Conspiracy of Doge Marino Faliero discovered by, 32

Peloponesso, flight of Alesso, son of the Emperor Niceforo, towards, 25

Piave, Santa Croce on the river, 7

Piazza, the, Andrea Vendramin, Doge, borne under a canopy along, 79

Piazza, Procuracy of the, Giovanni da Legge sheltered the Doge Luigi Mocenigo in his
(1577), 8

Piccinino, Nicol6, General, City of Bressa besieged by (1439), 58> 59

Piepoli, the Tiepoli called the, 76

Pisa, the Pisani natives of, 30 ; driven from (604), 30

Pisani, Francesco, Cardinal, character of, 31

Pisani, Luigi, Cardinal, grief caused by the death of, 31



Pisani, the, arms of, 30; change in and addition to the arms of (i 120, 1354), 31 ; arms
of the extinct family of Griego assumed by, 31 ; Island of Nio conferred upon
('536)' 3' ; church of S. Antonio di Castcllo di Tavole built by, 31

Pisani (2), the, Little Pazzani or Pellizzeri the original name of, 32

Po, The, the fleet brought by Giovanni Moro to the Adige from (1257), 73

Pola, the Dclfini migrated from Aquileia to, 42 ; the Gradonici left Aquilegia for, 87

Poland, Henrico III., the King of, Dortolamio Lipamano knighted by (1574), 97;
Gerolemo Lipamano, ambassador to (1574), 97

Polenta, the family of, the Lordship of Ravenna seized from the Traversari by, 2

Polentani, The, the Traversari driven from Ravenna by, 3

Pomps, Andrea da Legge I. a member of the College of (1709), 13; Proveditor of
("712). 13

Portico, the Castle of, a branch of the Traversari took refuge in, 2; the Apennine
mountains near, 2

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