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Praga, the county of, 38

Prefectal Palace, the, Kulogy to Girolamo da Legge in, 11

Pregardi, the ancient body of, Marco Capello one of the fifty Senators joined to, 49

Prenestino, Bishop of, 67

Priuli, Lorenzo, Cardinal, the character of, 41 ; the deatli of (1600), 41

Priuli, The, the character of, 40

Querini, Auzolo, Candia assisted by, 90; Count of Malta taken prisoner, compelled to

pay ransom, expelled with dishonour by {1209,) 90
Querini, the, character, fame, and grandeur of, 89; Casa Grande built by, 89; name

of Querini dalla Casa Maggior received by, 89 ; arms of, 89 ; through conspiracy

of Baiamonte Tiepolo surrender of arms by, 89 ; assumption of arms of

Morosini by members of, 89
Quirinale, the. Cardinal Francesco Cornaro buried at (1598), 68

Ravenna, Giovanni Traversari Archbishop of (898), 2 ; Importuno (496), and Teodoro
(476), Traversari Prefects of l, 2; Pietro Traversari attained the lordship of
the state of, 2 ; the Traversari were driven from, 3; castle in the territory of, i ;
some of the Balbi Bishops of, 36; the family uf Canal came from, 83

Republic, the, Andrea Vendramin Governor of (1476), 79 ; Bianca Capello adopted as
a daughter by, 49 ; Bortolamio, her father, and Vittorio, her brother, created
knights of the Golden Star by, 49 ; Catterina Cornaro declared by Venetian
Court Officials to be a daughter of, 66 ; on death of her husband, Giacomo
Lusignano, assistance rendered to her by, 66 ; diflerence adjusted by Pope
Pio II. between the people of Trieste and, 71 ; the Turks in the Morea
relentlessly pursued by, 71 ; league made with the Pope, the King of Hungary,
and the Uuke of Burgundy by. 71 ; Domenico Moro and others sent as
ambassadors to accompany Federico III., Empemr, to Rome by, 72 ; Giacomo
Giusti enlisted Captain of Venetian militia by (1615), 24 ; gift of Giovanni da
Legge to, 7; Giovanni Minotto, Proveditor of the Army of, 47 ; with Genoese
at Chiozza, war of (1379), 47 ; Zuanne Minutto, Knt., ambassador for (1429), 47;
hatred of the Emperor MaximiUan fur (1504), 93; legacy left by Giovanni
Battista Zeno to, 61 ; chapel erected in S. Marco to his memory by (15 15), 61 ;


the family of Bembo summoned to the Council of, 61 ; library and large ruby
left by Domenico Grimani, Cardinal, to, 56; Marco Lipamano sent as
ambassador to con>;ratulate Pope Eugene IV. on liis election by (1431), 97;
Nicolf) and Paulo Lipamano appointed to wait upon Henrico III., King of
Poland, by (1574), 97 ; money received by Francesco Capello, Knt., from the
King of llie Isle of Fortune for, 50 ; Paolo Capello, Procurator, surnanied " The
Grand,'' on account of matters successfully accomplished for princes and the
armies of, 50; Prince Carmignola, Captain General of {1426), 44; Marco
Bragardino, Proveditor, received submission- of Udine and Triuli on behalf of
(1420), 44; Vicenzo (^uerini sent as ambassador to Ferdinand, King of Spain,
in the name of (1504), 92; \'icenzo Tron, Senator, was ambassador to the
Emperor Maximilian at Vienna on behalf of (1574), 78; war between Ercole,
first Dlike of Ferrara, and (1482), 71 ; the Balbi held in reputation by the leaders
of, 35, 36; the Bragardini the first called to the Government of, 43 ; the capture
of Castel Novo by Gerolemo Cornaro, Knt., induced many to attach themselves
to (1687), 65 ; the city of Bressa preserved by Francesco Barbaro, Podestk,
for, 59; the Contarini governors of Concordia under, 32

Republic, the Paduan, the family of Foscolo Senators of, 73

Republic, the Venetian, Candia sold by Marin Sanudo, Doge {sec note), to (1204), 75 ;
Giovanni Cornaro remained in Candia as Captain General till that kingdom
was lost to, 64 ; the Dukedoms of Leonardo Loredan conferred on the Giusti
by (1502), 24; title of Counts of Gazzo granted to by (1502), 24; confirmed by
(1620), 24; elected as Roman citizens by (1611), 24; Ugolino Traversari, a
captain in the army of, 2 ; the Traversari received amongst the patricians of
(1000), 2

Rhodes, Daniel Vitturi and Marco Gradenigo distinguished themselves in a sea-fight
near (1258), 23

Rialto, The, the charge of Luchia Bianca over (1342), 27 ; the first Doge in, 38

Ridolfi, the family of Diedo received the name of, 86

Rimini, the city of, 76

Rimondi, The, the church of S. Maurizio built by (699), 98; restored by (1272), 98

Rivalto, Albicino or Alburno Moro (423), Ugo Fosco (421), and Tomaso Candiano
(421), were sent by the Paduan Senate as Consuls to the building of, 73, 74, 75

Rodolfo II., Emperor, the title of the Giusti as Counts of the land and castle of
Gazzo confirmed by (1600), 24

Romano, E'ccelin da, Marco Querini wrested the city of Padua from (1252), 91

Rome, Ambassadors sent by the Republic to accompany Federico III., Emperor, to,
(1469), 72; Angelo Frangipane left, 54; Cardinals Alvize (1584), Andrea (1551),
Francesco (1598), and Fredrigo (1588) (.t^^ note, errata page), Cornaro died ini
67, 68 ; Cardinal Pietro Foscari died in (1485), 40 ; Corado Zolerem went to, 95 ;
origin of the Traversari from the nobility of, i ; Zuanne Canal, Senator, appointed
to accompany Pope Alessandro III. to (1177), 83; the Balbi came from and
flourished at, 35, 36; the bodies of S. Sabina and S. Pancratio sent by Pope
Benedetto III. to Sister Agnese Morosini on his arrival at, 53 ; the Contarini
migrated to, 32 ; the Cornari came from, 63 ; the family of Coppo natives of,
84 ; the family of Marcello came to Venice from, 35 ; the family of Valier came
from, 85 , the hatred of the Republic by the Emperor Maximilian for refusing
him a passage to (1505), 93 ; the Michieli left, 54 ; the Minotti sprang from, 46;


the Pisani came to (604), 30; the Querini at an early date left, 89; the

Valaressi accompanied the Emperor Dioclesian from, 99 ; the year of the

foundation of (848), 37; the Zeni sprang from, 59
Rossi, Girolamo, History of Ravenna by, i, 3 ; assertion as to the surname Traversari

by, 1
Rovigno, tlie Tagliapietri natives of, 96

S. Angelo, Angelo Frangipane built the castle of, 54; the quarter of, 60
S. ]3.irbara's Day, capture of gold by Andrea da Legge HI. and others on, 13
S. Cantiano, Palace built by the family of Domenico Selvo in the street of, 25
S. Giorgio Maggiore, Giovanni Morosini Abbot of, 62
S. Giovanni Crisostomo, Marin and Zuanne Michieli of, 54, 55
S. Giustina, the colony of, 55, 56
S. Gregory the Great, the Michieli related to, 54
S. Julian, the quarter of, 95
S. Marco, the quarter of, 83, 88, 94, 95
S. Maria Formosa, the quarter of, 98
S. Maria Nova, the quarter of, 95
S. Marina, the quarter of, 69, 88, 95

S. Michiel in Veste, Marin Grimani as Cardinal received the title of (1523), 57
S. Nicolo fra' le Imagini, Domenico Grimani as Cardinal received the title of (1492), 56
S. Nicolo Inter Imagines, Pietro Foscari as Cardinal received the title of (1468), 40
S. Pancratio, Francesco Cornaro as Cardinal received the title of (1527), 67
S. Polo, the quarter of, 29, 94

S. Silvestro, Beltramo Pellizzer or Pisani, a rich merchant of, 32 ; the Quirinale in, 68
S. Sisto, Pietro Foscari as Cardinal received the additional title of (1468), 40
S. Ternita, Pietro Cornaro of, 64

S. Zorzi, deed delivered by Basilio II. and Costantino VIII. Emperors of Constan-
tinople, to Don Giovanni Morosini, Abbot of, 58; S. Demetrio, Knight of the

Order of, 48
Sage of the Council, Giovanni da Legge was a (1575), 8
Salbori, the battle of, Otton, son of Federico Barbarossa, Emperor, taken prisoner

at, 70
Salona, the Valaressi accompanied the Emperor Dioclesian from Rome to, 99
Salonichi, the Lipamoni arrived in Venice when the Signoria presided over the city

of, 97
Salt, Andrea da Legge II., Proveditor of (171 1), 13
San Cossano, the quarter of, 46
San Geremia, the quarter of, 46
San Margiale, Palace of the Legii in the neighbourhood of, 4; re-built by Giovanni

da Legge at, 10
San Stefano, inscription on tomb of Luca da Legge, son of Donate, in, 5
Santa Croce, Giovanni da Legge created by Charles V., Emperor, a Count of (1532), 7 ;

the quarter of, 28, 46, 49, 85
Santa Maria in Portico, Giovanni Battista Zeno as Cardinal received the title of

(1468), 61
Santa Maria Traspontina, Lorenzo Priuli as Cardinal received the title of (1596), 41


Sanudo, the wife of Cristoforo Moro, Doge, a daughter of tlie house cjf, yi^-ji; Vidal

Candiano assumed the name of (978), 75
Sardar, Menich, Sultan of Egypt, the city of Acre taken by (1:91), 2S
Scutari, the city of, Antonio da Legge's defence of, 5
Sea, the Great, Giovanni Michiel gained a victory over Vatazzo, Prince of Lesbo,

in (i23j), 91
Sebenico, Vettor Pisani took the city of {1448), 92
Selvi, tlie, change in the arms of the family of, 26
Selvi and others, the families of the, Dissentions between (836), 25
Selvo Alessandro, the church of S. Apolinare built by {1034), 24
Selvo, Uomenico, Doge, the church of S. Mark erected under, 25 ; ships in

command of Marco Antonio Orio placed at the disposal of the Emperor

Niceforo by, 25 ; death of, 26
Selvo, Stcffano, the name Belegno assumed by, 26
Semitecoli, the, profession and character of, 70 ; church of S. Benedetto built by

(1006), 70
Senate, the, Andrea da Legge E,' executor of the deliberations of (1714), 13;

appointment of Giovanni Soranzo as Podestil of the city of Ferrara confirmed

by (1304), 92 ; compact with, 49; Giovanni Michiel and Antonio Tiepoli elected

ambassadors to grace the nuptials of Bianca Capello by (1580), 49 ; demand by

the Genoese that Doge Renier Zeno should resign the arms of Fiesco made

to, 60 ; Gerolemo Cornaio, Knt., rewarded by (1687), 65 ; the untruthful letter

of Antonio da Legge to, 6; fine imposed and deprivation decreed on him

by, 6
Senate, the Paduan, Albicino or Alburno Moro (423) and Tomaso Candiano (421)

sent as Consuls to the building of Rivalto by, 73, 75
Senator, Antonio Minotto famous as a (1 198), 47 ; Gordiano, father of S. Gregory the

Great, a Roman, 54
Senators depicted in tlie Hall of the Great Council, a series of, 8
Servia, the King of, Costanza Morosini became Queen by marriage with, 51
Ships, the, Andrea da Legge IE elected Captain of (1708), 13
Sicily, Nicolo Querini came to blows with the Genoese near (1296), 91
Silvia the blessed, Gordiano, Roman Senator and father of S. Gregory the Great,

married to (483), 54
Sing, Gerolemo Cornaro, Knt., during the Turkish war took the fortress of (1687), 65
Solimano, Turkish Sultan, War with (1536), 45
Soranzi, the, lineage and character of, 80 ; arms of, 80
Soria, expedition by Domenico Michiel, Doge andCaptain General, 10,58; illustrious

rule of Donato da Legge in, 7
Soria, the city of, the Counts of Zafto of, 33
Soria, the city of Acre in, 28 ; the family of Molin came from, 28 ; till 1291 remained

in, 28
Spain, a Querini ambassador to the King of, 90; Francesco Capello, Knt., in, 50;

Vicenzo Querini sent by the Republic to congratulate King Philip on his

accession to the throne of (1504), 92
Spain, Ferdinand, King of, Vicenzo Querini sent as ambassador on death of the

Queen to condole with (1504), 92
Stampalia, the island of, a Querini rewarded with the gift of (i 120), 90





State, the, ancestors of Giacomo Bonomo gave service to (1151), 21 ; gift by Andrea
da Legge I. to, 12 ; for the emergencies of (1699), 12 ; Liica da Legge, son of
Donato, employed, 5 ; sent as ambassador, 5 ; created knight l)y, 5

Siiissa, the port of, Alvize Mosto went as far as, 22

Supra, the Procuracy of, 7

Syria, tlie city of Acre in, 91, 94 ; tlie taking of Tyre in (1120), 90

Tagliapietri, the, profession and position of, 96

Terra di Mestre, the Foscarini natives of, 29

Tessolo, Francesco Lombardo, founder of tlie Lombardi, came from, 88; the Gradonici

the first to receive the title of Tribunes in the city of (503), 87; the X'alaressi

abode in, gg
Theodoric the Goth, Importuno Traversari secretary to (496), 2
Thessalonica, S. Uemetrio born in, 48
Tiandra, Vicenzo Querini journeyed to, 92
Tiepoli, the, noble origin of, 76; churches of S. Maria delle Virgini and S. Michiel di

Murano built by, 76; arms of, 77
Tiepolo, Baiamonte, conspiracy of, 27 ; conduct or Marco Uonado in the matter of

the conspiracy of, 27 ; Andrea Gussoni created a Venetian noljleman as reward

for his conduct against (1310), 81
Tigro, a battle fought at (1120), 45, 46

Tine, the siege of, presence of Baldwin, Emperor of Constantinople at (1363), 48
Todeschi, the vale of Cadore in, 64
Torcello, the Barozzi, the family of Manolesso (290), the Gussoni, the Priuli (290), the

Soranzi came from, 35, 40, 80, 94; tlie Basegii came from Aquilegia to, 86;

were ancient Tribunes in (503), 86; the Gussoni were Tribunes of (542), 8oj

were driven from, 80, 81 ; the Nani were Tribunes of, 37 ; the Querini left Rome

for, 89; were Tribunes of (652), 89 ; the Soranzi were Tribunes of (503), 80
Trabisonda, the Kmperor of, Giovanni \'atazzo, Prince of Lesbo, joined by (1233),

90, 91 ; league made by Vatazzo with, 81 ; reciuest of, 25
Trail, Cardinal Alvize Cornaro administrator of the cliurch of, 67 ; Cardinals Alvize

and Fredrigo Cornaro Bishops of, 67 ; Vettor Pisani took the city of (1448), 92
Traversari, the, history of the family of, i ; origin and descent of, i ; Princedom of

Ravenna held by, i ; surname taken from the castle of, i ; refuge in castle

of Portico by a branch of, 2 ; distress of, 2 ; craft of blacksmiths followed

by, 2 ; Pietro Traversari, surnamed the Great, an illustrious member of

(i 180), 2 ; distinction and power of the house of, 2 ; intermarriage with kings

and sovereign princes by, 2 ; uncertainty of reason for change of name of, 3 ;

the Legii descended from, 3 ; arms of, 3
Traversari, Teodoro, castle built by, i ; received its name from, 2
Traversari, Tomaso, Ugolino, brothers, arrival in Venice of, 2 ; circumstances of, 2
Trent, the Council of, Antonio Cocco, Archbishop of Corfu, and Fredrigo Conaro,

Bishop of Bergamo present at, 22, 67, 68
Treviso, Bishop of, Pietro /^accaria Podesth. and Captain of (1417), 68, 69 ; Bortolamio

Lipaniano Podesti of ( 1 574), 971 Priamo da Legge Podesti and Captain of

(1520), 6



Tribunes, the Basegii (503), the families of Bembo (602) and Tron, the Gussoni (542),
the Morosini, the PriuH, the V'alaressi in Tesolo were all ancient Tribunes, 40,
51, 61, 77, 80, S6, 99; the Contarini were numbered amongst the twelve (503),
32; the Dflfini held the title of (503), 42; the Gradonici were the first to
receive the title of (503), 87 ; the Oiierini belonged in Torcello to (652), and in
Venice to the twenty-four houses of, 89 ; the Tiepoli were numbered amongst
the twelve ancient, 76 ; Paolucio Anafesto, the first Uoge, was elected by the, 76

Tribunes, The, the Bragardini weie amongst the twenty-four houses of 43 ; the family
of Marcello (642), the Michieli, the Selvi (before 700), the Soranzi (503), were
all numbered amongst, 24, 35, 54, 80; the Zeni were numbered amongst the
twenty-four families of (up to 580), 60

Triesse, Giorgio Cornaro took possession of (1509), 64

Trieste, Pope Pio II. formerly Bishop of, 71 ; adjusted difference between the Republic
and people of, 71

Triuli, the taking of, 44; submission of (1420), 44; two thousand Turkish horse
appeared before (1381), 79

Trivisana, the family of Bianco came from, 27 ; Mainardo Zolerem migrated to the
regions of, 95

Tron, Francesco, Giovanni da Legge married a daughter of (1631), I2, 15, 82

Tron, the family of, character of, 77 ; church of S. Ubaldo built by (1113), 78

Tron, Zuanne, the church of S. Giacomo di Paluo built by, 78

Turkey, Baiazeth, King of, Nicolo and Vettor Capello, Generals against, 49

Turkey, Giovanni Capello commanded in the war against (1645), 50

Turkey, Ottomano, Emperor of, the Venetian army advanced against (1462), 71

Turks, the, Francesco Capello sent to negotiate peace with (1500), 49; Gerolemo
Minotto assailed by menaces of, 48 ; Zorzi, his son, beheaded by, 48 ; Leonardo
Foscolo, General, fought against (1645), 74; Marco Bragardin in Famagosta
besieged, tortured, flayed alive, his body placed in Piazza of Famagosta
by (1520), 44 ; Priamo da Legge Sopracomito of a galley in the fleet against
('57o)> 9; severe fighting in Candia with (1668), 64; siege of Scutari by
(1476), 5 ; war with (1520, 1570), 8, 44; Giovanni da Legge sent as Proveditor
General to Dalmatia and Albania during the war with, 8

Tuscani, Bianca, Capello, widow, married Francesco, Grand Duke of, 49

Tuscany, flight of the Traversari to, 2

Tyre, the city of, 58 ; acquisition of the city of (l 120), 30, 31 ; a Querini distinguished
himself in the taking of (i 120), 90

Udezzo, the Mosti Tribunes of, 22

Udine, the taking of, 44; submission of (1420), 44

Ugelli, the Abbd, the " Italia Sacra" of, 3 ; privilegium printed by, 3

Ultra, the Procuracy of, 10

Valaressi, The, the bearing and disposition of, 99 ; churches of S. Bortolamio
(afterwards called S. Demetrio), and S. Giovanni in Bragora built by, 99 ;
church of S. Martino rebuilt by, 99

Valeriano, Emperor, the Venieri Romans of the blood of the, 45

Valerii, the house of, the family of Valier descended from, 85

Valona, Gerolemo Cornaro, Knt., Captain General, took the city of (1688), 65

T 2



Valoresso, Federico, Alvize Grimani, Archbishop and Patriarch, extolled in funeral
oration by, 57

Vatazzo, Prince of Lesbo, Leonardo Querini proceeded against (1233), 90, 91

Veglia, the Isle of, flijjht of the ISrajj.udini to, 43

Vendraniini, the, character and position of, 78

Venetians, the, aid sought by the Eniperor Niceforo from, 25 ; the Isthmus and Corinth
fortified by (1462), 71

Venice, ancestors of Giacomo Bonomo came from Constantinople to (1151), 21;
arrival of the CapelH in (941), 4S ; arrival of the family of Molin in, 28 ; arrival
of Henrico 111., King of Poland, at, 97; arrival of tlie Marquis Mario Sforza
and Don Giovanni de Medici to ratify (marriage) compact witli tlie Senate
at, 49; art of printing introduced by Nicolo Jenson Todesco into (1457), 69, 70 ;
bishops of, 33, 39, 40, 43, 55, 70, 73, 76, 98; Cardinal Marco Cornaro's
death at (1524). 67; Cardinal Alvize Cornaro buried in the Cruciferi at
(1584), 67; churches of S. Fosca and S. Francesco delle X'igna
in, 56; death of Marin Grimani, Cardinal, in, 57; Domenico Selvo
Doge of (1071-1084), 27; Emilio Manolesso, Cavalier, a public lecturer in, 35 ;
fight between Pasqualin Minotto and Pictro, King of Cyprus, in (1363), 47;
Filipo Mastachello despatched by Giacomo Lusignano, King of Cyprus, as
ambassador to, 66 ; Francesco Lombardo, founder of the Lombardi, came from
Tesolo to (907), 88 ; Francesco and Giovanni \'enieri came to, 45 ; honours
paid to Federico III., Fmpcror, on his arrival in (1469), 72 ; long residence of
the Rimondi in, 98; Marin Zeno Podesta of half of, 60; horses over the door
of S. Marco sent by him to, 60 ; members of the Zancaiioli came to (1002), 95 ;
Nicolo Querini owing to state of sea compelled to return to (1296), 91 j
Patriarchs of, 33, 34, 39, 41, 52, 77, 79, 86, 95 ; return of Cristoforo Moro, Doge,
on death of Pope Pio 11.. to, 71, 72; Rivalto, the ancient name of, 74; the
Semitecoli came from Malamoco to (843), 70; .Stcffano, son of Andrea, second
King of Hungary, having lost his kingdom arrived at, 51 ; became enamoured
of Tomasina Morosini at, 51 ; Andrea, son of Tomasina. assumed the name
Andrea il Veneto out of gratitude for (1290), 51 ; 'I'omaso Cancliano sent by the
Paduan Senate as Consul to the building of Rivalto or (421), 75; Pope
Alessandro III. flying from persecution of the Emperor Federico Barbarossa
sought refuge in (1177), 75; the Badoeri Senators and Consuls at, 37; the
Barozzi, after Turkish invasion of Candia (1646) returned to, 94, 95; the
Basegii members of the Great Council in, 87 ; the Bragardini Tribunes of, 43 ;
the Canali (2) came to (790), 84; the church of S. Julian in, 36; the church of
S. Maria Mater Domini in, 37; the ICmperor Frederick at (11 17), 3; the
family of Canal came from Malamoco to (789), 83 ; the family of Griego e.xtinct
in, 31 ; the family of Marcello came to, 35 ; the family of Valier arri\'ed in, 85 ;
the Foscarini members of the Great Council at, 29; the Grimani came to
(800), 55 ; the Grimani members of the Great Council in, 56; the Lagoons of,
32; the Legii flourished in, 4; the Michicli arrived in, 54; the Mori (z) left
Padua for, 73 ; the Pisani left Rome for (905), 30; the Priuli flourished in, 41 ;
the provinces of, 38 ; participation by the Baduarii in the government of, 38 ;
the Rialto and the Islands of, 38; seven Participatii Doges of, 38; Orso liadoer
(Participatio), Prothospatario under Basilio, Emperor of Constantinople, Do"e
of, 38; the Querini belonged to the founders of, 89; the Selvi driven from, 23 •


by intervention of Lodovico, King of France, returned to (836), 25 ; the

Tagliapietri came to, 96 ; the Tiepoli came from Malanioco Vecchio to, 76 ;

Tomaso and Ugohno 'Iraversari moved on to, 2 ; the Vendramini left Dahnatia

for, 78 ; withdrawal of Pope Benedetto III. to, 53 ; canons of, 53 ; the Zaccarii

citizens of, 68
Venice, the Great Council of, Antonio Cocco, Archbishop of Corfu, Nicolo Cocco,

ambassador in Constantinople, Nicolo Cocco, Duke m Candia, members of, 22
Venice, the Island of, rank held by the Arii in, 37
Venier, Nicolo, tlie house of, 45, 46; as reward for valour castle of Chiesa given to, 46;

possession of held by (1570), 46
Venieri, the, character of, 45 ; arms of, 45, 46; churches of S. Moise and S. Giovanni

built by (1050), 45
Veniero Sebastiano, tiiovanni da Legge contested Dogeship against, 8
Verona, Agostin \'alier. liishop of (1572), 85 ; death in, 85 ; Andrea da Legge, Senator,

Podesta of (1498), 6; Girolamo da Legge, Captain of (1553), 7; Migration of

the Giusti, under Gumbcrto or Gomberto de Giusti, to, 24 ; the Can Grande

della Scala, Governor of, 24
Vicenti. Francesco and Giovanni Venieri took the surname of, 45
Vicenza, Benedetto da Legge, Captain of (1556), 9; Bishops of, 45, 61; Francesco

and Giovanni Venieri retired to, 45; Priamo da Legge, Captain of (1666), 12;

the Grimani natives of, 55
Vienna, Vicenzo Tron, Senator, ambassador on behalf of the Republic to the Emperor

Maximilian at (1574), 78
Villa di Masi, IJonato da Legge buried in (1580), 9, 10
Vitterbo, death of Cardinal Francesco Cornaro at, 67

Zaccarii, the, position and character of, 68

Zafto, privilege granted to one of the Contarini to be always a Knight and Count of, 33

Zafto, the Counts of, cross borne in the arms of the Contarini derived from, 32, 33

Zana, the rebellion of, 49; Marin Capello one of five Proveditors in (1348), 49

Zancarioli, The, the arms of, 95

Zara, Archbishop of, 67 ; Pietro Querini in search of Vettor Pisani, Captain General,

sailed towards (1448), 92 ; the city of, 47, 83 ; the rebellion of (1346), 47, 83
Zeni, the, character of, 59, 60 ; arms of, 60; church of S. Canciano built by (1205), 60
Zeno, Renier, Doge and Captain General, Andrea Fiesco, Captain of the Genoese,

taken prisoner by, 60; arms of Fiesco assumed by, 60 ; resignation of arms

refused by, 60; compromise effected by, 60
Ziani, Pietro, Doge, Nicolo Cocco rewarded by (1222), 22
Ziani, Sebastian, Doge, Daniel Bragardino the sole elector of (1172), 44
Zolerem Corado, the house of Colonna founded by, 95
Zolerem, Mainardo, the Counts of Cossalto sprang from (959), 95
Zolerem, the tjerman, the Zancarioli descended from, 95


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