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1888 ^ ^' :;


VV\ u - . ^' -»



340i.r/5 J


"TN this edition the services for Sundays are extended to
thirteen ; and Prayers are added for persons at sea.

The arrangement of the Hnes in parallehsnis, and the
punctuation, follow as closely as possible those of the
Revision published in 1885. The lines may be read as a
responsive service by the clergyman (or reader) and the
people , or antiphonally, by two divisions of a congrega-

Sunday Schools may find it a convenient help to the
interest of their opening exercises. The importance of
the frequent and regular reading of the Psalms in the
family, and personally, cannot be overestimated.

Copyright, 1888, by
Benjamin B. Comegys.


T^HIS BOOK is a compilation ; its materials being
-L drawn from service books in use in the Church of
Scotland, the Church of England, the Huguenot
Church of Charleston, S. C, and from other sources.

Some such thoughts as the following have seemed to
make it worth while to prepare it :

I wish to submit some models of public prayer which
are direct, simple, scriptural and devotional. Many
spoken prayers are indirect, obscure, unscriptural and
undevotional. It does not at all follow that such prayers
create or suggest true devotion in those ivho are expected
to join in them, because the si)eaker is warmed into a
glow of intellectual fervor in making them.

In places where there are no churches, and where,
except perhaps in a Sunday-School, there are no public
religious services, a Superintendent of a Sunday-School,
or any other person, can, with these forms, maintain
public services without the necessity for extempore
prayers, from which many good people shrink or refrain.
There is, however, a place for special or extempore
prayers in every service. A young preacher, who has
spent more time in learning how to make sermons than
in learning how to offer prayers in appropriate language,
may be aided in his pulpit ministrations by the use of
these prayers, to which he may add others of his own
composing, written and read, or spoken from memory or

It can hardly be necessary to add that persons using
these forms have full liberty to select such portions as
may seem most appropriate to the time or circumstances.



" It cannot hut appear strange that, while so-mons ar6
composed loith so much care and pains, we should leave
our prayers altogether to the impulse of the moment ; as
if it were more needful that our sj^eeches to our felloio-
men should he well ordered than our addresses to God.
In every p>oint of view, extempore preaching is far more
naturcd and hecoming than extempore prayer, hecausc
any want of order, p>ropriety or solemnity, which is so
difficult to he altogether avoided in wniremeditated
speech, is far less offensive in a discourse to our felloio-
mortals, than in those solemn appeals which we present
in their name and our own to the Father of our spirits.'^

In every Sunday service in this "book there is a
place for a selection from the Psalms, to be read alter-
nately by the minister and congregation. This will
give variety to the services, v*^hich is so much desired
by many persons, and will soon make a congrega-
tion familiar with these devotional parts of the Scrip-
tures. When we consider that many Sunday-Schools of
non-liturgical churches are now using introductory and
closing exercises, largely responsive, the tendency of
which is to create a taste for a church service in which
they can take some part besides singing, is it not well to
provide suitable forms for them ?

I have thought it well, therefore, to submit some
forms of Responsive Services, in the belief that there
is an increasing desire to have public worship so ordered
that the people may have a larger part in it.

If this book shall contribute to the more dignified and
orderly worship of God ; or shall induce some layman to
hold public services where there is no church nor min-
ister ; or shall lead some man or men to make a better
book — the writer will be devoutly thankful

It can hardly be necessary to add that persons using
these forms have full liberty to select such portions as
may seem most appropriate to the time or circumstances.

Philadelphia, 1888.


First Sunday — Morning Service 7

*' " — Af ternoou or Evening Service. . 13

Second Sunday— Monuug Service 18

"• " — Afternoon or Evening Service. . 24

Third Sunday— Morning Service 30

" " — Af ternoon or Evening Service. . 38

Fourth Sunday— Morning Service 43

" " — Af ternoon or Evening Service. . 49

Fifth Sunday — Morning Service 55

" " — Afternoon or Evening Service . 59

Sixth Sunday — Morning Service 63

" '' —Aflei noon or Evening Service.. 68

Seventh Sunday— Morning Service 73

" *' — Afternoon or Evening Service.. 79

Eighth Sunday —Morning Service 85

" " —Afternoon or Evening Service.. 91

JSfinth Sunday— Morning Service S6

" " —Afternoon or Evening Service . 104
Tenth Sunday-Morning Service Iu9

" '' —Afternoon or Evening Service. . 116



Eleventh Sunday— ^lovning Service 122

" " —Evening Service 126

Twelfth Sunday— Moxnmg Service — 131

" " —Evening Service 136

Thirteenth Sunday— Isloxwmg Service 142

'* " —Evening Service 150


An Order for the Baptism of Children 158

An Order for the Baptism of Adults 162

An Order for the Admission of Members to tlie

Church 167

An Order for the Administration of the Lord's

Supper 168

An Order for the Administration of the Lord's

Supper to the Sick 180

An Order for the Marriage Service 187

An Order for the Burial Service of a Child 192

An Order for the Burial Service of an Adult 199

An Order for Service at Sea 208

Selections from the Psalms 215



JHorninjj Snhitt.

Let us pray.

OGOD, whom heaven and the heaven of heavens
cannot contain, but who dwellest with hum-
ble and contrite hearts, look in thy mercy upon
us who are here assembled, to offer up our sacri-
fice of prayer and praise unto thee.

Almighty and most merciful Father, we ac-
knowledge and confess before thee that by nature
we are sinners, that we are prone to do evil, that
we daily transgress thy holy commandments.
Wlierefore we have drawn upon ourselves thy
just condemnation. Nevertheless, O Lord, with
heartfelt sorrow we repent and deplore our
offences ; and we condemn ourselves and our evil
ways with true repentance, praying that thy
grace may relieve our distress.

Be pleased, therefore, to have compassion upon
us, most gracious God ! Father of all mercies ;
for the sake of thy Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord



and Redeemer. Remove our guilt and pollution,
and grant us the daily increase of tliy Holy
Spirit; to the end that, acknowledging from our
hearts our unrighteousness, we may be touched
with a sorrow that shall work true repentance,
and that this may mortif}^ all our sins, and there-
by bear the fruits of holiness and righteousness
that shall be well-pleasing to thee, through Jesus
Christ, our Lord and only Saviour, who taught us
when we pray to say :

{In unison.)

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy
name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in
earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we for-
give our debtors. And lead us not into tempta-
tion, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the
kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.








Lei U8 'pray.

OGOD, who hast given the Holy Scriptures to
be a light unto our feet and a lamp unto our
path, guide our steps at all times in the way of
thy precepts. Suffer us not to go astray from
thee, nor to err from thy truth. Acknowledging
our ignorance and the deceitfulness of our hearts,
we call upon thee, O God, for help and deliver-

Lord, our merciful Father, be pleased to
guide and defend us in all our ways, that we may
be delivered in all dangers and temptations of
this day, and may so follow the example and
pattern which thy dear Son hath left us, both in
joyfully bearing and constantly performing thy
holy will, that we may glorify thy name, and
may abide in thy love.

Lord God Almighty, who makest all things
work together for good to them that love thee, we
pray that thou wouldst so order the course of thy
providence respecting us, and so enlighten and
purify our souls, that all the events of this life may
be made conducive to our eternal salvation.

Almighty and most merciful Father, who work-
est in thy children both to desire and to perform
those things that please thee, grant us grace that
we may pursue our several callings and duties in
the world with a devout, holy, and heavenly
mind, considering that we are ever in thy pres-
ence and under thine eye ; that in all our works


and labors, working the work of God, and labor-
ing for the meat that endure th unto everlasting
life, we may be found good and faithful servants,
and may finally enter into the joy of our Lord.

O God, everlasting and almighty, who art the
Creator and Preserver of all men, and who wiliest
not that any should perish, but that all should
come to repentance, send forth thy light and thy
truth among all nations.

Guide all thy flocks in the paths of truth,
righteousness and peace, and make them to be
numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting.

Comfort the affiicted ; send consolation and joy
to all that are in trouble and sorrow ; hear the
groaning of the prisoners ; deliver the oppressed
from him that hurteth him ; relieve the wants of
the poor, and save all afflicted people. Arise, O
God, for judgment, and save all the meek of the

O God, who hast revealed to us the light of thy
gospel and called us into the fellowship of thy
Son, grant that we may put away all the works
of darkness, and may walk in purity, upright-
ness and truth ; that we may have fellowship with
thee, for thou art light, and in thee there is no
darkness at all ; that so, when the shadows of this
mortal life are passed away, we may behold those
things which the eye of man hath not seen, and
be made partakers of everlasting glory ; through
Christ, our Lord.


Almighty and most gracious God, look in com-
passion upon our infirmities, and uphold us by
thy mighty power. Let us not faint or be weary
in running the race that is set before us, but, ani-
mated by thy promises, may we be strong both to
do and endure thy holy will, looking unto our
merciful High-Priest, Jesus Christ, who himself
suffered and was tempted, and is able to succor
us when we are tempted.

We pray that thou wouldst grant a spirit of
wisdom and judgment to the President of the
United States, to all magistrates, judges, and others
invested with authority, that we, under them, may
lead a quiet and peaceable life in godliness and
honesty, adorning the doctrine of God our

And let thy blessing be upon all conditions of
men among us. Bless them in the work of their
hands; prosper their honest industry ; grant unto
them the things that are needful for the body and
the life that now is ; above all, make them rich
towards God and heirs of thine everlasting

We pray for our kindred, our friends, and all
whom thou hast made the instruments of thy
grace and bounty to us, that thou wouldst reward
and bless them abundantly ; and also for our ene-
mies, if we have them, that thou wouldst grant
them repentance, and enable us to forgive them
from the heart, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


{Special or extemporaneoics Prayer.)



Let us yray.

ALMIGHTY and Eternal God, who dost so
heartily desire our salvation, and dost so
faithfully warn us in manifold ways to think in
earnest on the things that belong to our peace;
we pray thee to give us thy good Spirit, that we
may believe in thy great love and faithfulness
with our whole hearts, and may not trifle away
our time of grace, but follow thy voice which bids
us come to thee while it is yet to-day ; for the
sake of thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.






Afternoon or HEb^nin^ Serijiw.

Let us pray,

OLORD, our heavenly Father, who hast com-
manded us not to forsake the assembling of
ourselves together, be pleased to sanctify and
bless our meeting together at this time; and grant
that, by thy Spirit, our minds may be enlight-
ened, our hearts cleansed, and our wills directed
to keep thy holy commandments ; through Jesus
Christ our Redeemer.

We confess our sins before thee, O God, thou
righteous Judge to whom all things are known. We
have done evil in thy sight, transgressing thy law,
which is holy, just and good ; and we are verily
guilty before thee ; but thou art faithful and just
to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all

Justify us freely by thy grace, through the re-
demption that is in Christ Jesus; that, having
our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, we
may serve thee in holiness and righteousness all
our days, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ. May we hear his voice ; may we know the
doctrine which he hath taught us ; may we ren-
der a willing obediejice to his precepts ; may we


follow his example ; and, finally, may we receive
those exceeding great and precious promises
which he hath given us. Grant this, we beseech
thee, Lord, through Jesus Christ, who is our
Prophet, our Priest, and our King.

{In unison.)

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy
name, etc.




Let us pray.

OGOD, whose word is quick and powerful,
grant unto us who are here before thee, that
we may receive thy truth into our hearts in faith
and love, and so be prepared for every good word
and work, to the honor of thy name.

Be pleased, almighty and most gracious God,
to increase our faith, hope and charity, our pa-
tience, fortitude and meekness, our zeal and dili-
gence in thy service. May we, through thy grace,
mortify all sinful affections, resist and subdue all
evil habits and abound in every good work. Let
our good resolutions be ripened into acts and
habits of holiness and virtue, that we may be as


epistles of Christ, thy laws being written in our
hearts and upon our whole lives ; that we may
walk worthy of our high calling and adorn the
doctrine of God our Saviour.

Dwell in our hearts, we pray thee, Lord God,
and make us temples of thy Holy Spirit; that
whereas in ourselves we are weak, corrupt and
mortal, we may through thee be strengthened and
sanctified ; and finally, having obtained the vic-
tory over death, may reign in immortal life.

Gracious God, who hast sent thy Son into the
world, that whosoever followeth him might not
walk in darkness, grant, we beseech thee, that thy
gospel may speedily be preached among all na-
tions, so that all flesh may see thy salvation.

God, everlasting and almighty, whose grace
hath appeared, bringing salvation to all men,
teach us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts,
and to live soberl}^ righteously and godly in this
present world, looking for the blessed hope, even
the glorious appearing of the great God and our
Saviour Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us
that he might redeem us from all iniquity.

And we beseech thee, O Lord, who hast built
thy Church upon the foundation of the apostles
and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the
chief corner-stone, to grant a spirit of wisdom and
power to thy servants who are appointed to labor
in the sacred ministry; that by their doctrine and
example thy people may be built up in their holy


faith, and sinners may be converted unto thee.
And everywhere let thy Word have free course
and be glorified ; through him who is the Apostle
and High-Priest of our profession, Jesus Christ.

Father of mercies, look down in compassion
upon the sick and afflicted, upon the poor, the
miserable, and the dying, upon the friendless, the
despairing, and the tempted ; and upon all who
are in danger, necessity or tribulation. Send
them comfort and deliverance, O God; and do
thou, who makest all things work together for
good to them that love thee, sanctify their pains
and sorrows to the health and salvation of their
souls in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We beseech thee, God, to bless all men ;
bring them to the knowledge and obedience of the
truth. Break thou the arm of the oppressor
everywhere, and scatter the counsels of the people
that delight in war, and in all the earth let thy
kingdom come, which is righteousness and peace
and joy in the Holy Ghost, through Jesus Christ
our Lord.

(Special or extemporaneous Prayer.)




Let us pray,

LORD, have merc}^ upon us; and grant that
we may receive thy truth into good and
honest hearts, and may bring forth the fruit of
good Hving, to the honor of thy great name.

God, who hast given the day to man for
labor, and the night for rest, protect us by thy
watchful providence during the coming night, and
all the nights and days of our pilgrimage. And
when our days are ended, and our work is finished
in this world, may we depart hence in the blessed
assurance of thy favor, and in the certain hope
of the resurrection to immortal life, which thou
hast given us in our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ. Amen.





JHornins ^jer^iu.

Let us pray.

A LMIGHTY GOD, the Maker of all things visi-
i\. ble and invisible, our Creator and Preserver,
who hast sent thy Son to bring us near and make
us sons of God, and heirs of eternal life; grant
unto us thy grace and blessing, as we are here
assembled to offer up our common supplications
to thee, to confess our sins, and to render thanks
unto thy name for thy great goodness.

May we put away all heedlessness and irrev-
erence, all vain thoughts and distracting cares;
and may we draw near to thy presence with
earnest, humble, and faithful hearts, in the spirit
of holiness. And let our worship and service,
being offered in the name and spirit of thy Son,
be acceptable to thee, and profitable to us ; through
him who is our Mediator and Advocate, Jesus
Christ. #

We confess before thee, God, our Heavenly
Father, that we are sinners ; for we have trans-
gressed thy holy laws in thought, w^ord, and deed.
We have not loved thee with all our hearts ;
neither have we loved our neighbors as ourselves.
We have loved the w^orld, and the things that are
of the world, and have not set our affection on


things above, or laid up our treasure in heaven,
where Christ, our risen Lord, sitteth at thy right

Almighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who hast in thy gospel proclaimed remission of
sins to all them that believe in the name of thy
Son, and repent of their transgressions against
thee ; confirm us, we beseech thee, in the faith and
hope of this thy promise ; and so work in us by
thy Holy Spirit, that we may embrace and hold
fast thy truth in a pure conscience unto the end,
and also may bring forth fruits meet for repent-
ance ; that being justified freely by thy grace, and
walking continuall}^ in the way of thy command-
ments, we may glorify thy holy name, and may
know that we are indeed thy children, and heirs
of the kingdom which thou hast promised to
them that love thee.

{In unison.')

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy
name, etc.







Let us pray.

OGOD, who desirest not sacrifice, and hast no
delight in burnt-offering, but has showed us
what is good; and who requirest of us to do
justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly whh
thee, grant us, we pray thee, true repentance ; and
so direct and govern our hearts and lives that we
may render a constant and unfeigned obedience
to thy holy laws ; that, offering to thee the sacri-
fices of righteousness, we may be accepted in thy
sight, and may obtain our petitions, through
Jesus Christ our Lord.

God, thou King eternal, immortal, invisible,
inay we, who cannot see thee with the eye of
flesh, behold thee steadfastly with the eye of faith,
that we faint not under the many temptations
and afflictions of this mortal life, but endure as
seeing thee who art invisible ; that when we shall
have done and sufl'ered thy will upon the earth,
we may behold the vision of God in heaven, and be
made partakers of those unspeakable joys which
thou hast promised to them that love thee,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God, our bountiful Benefactor, we thank
thee for the bread that perisheth, and for all the
good things of this present life. May we receive
them with gratitude, and enjoy them with tem-
perance and charity. But man liveth not by


bread alone. Make us to hunger and thirst after
righteousness ; that our souls may at length be
satisfied with the fulness of thy truth and grace;
through him who is the bread of life, and who
giveth life unto the world, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Most gracious God, who didst send thy Son into
the world to die for our sins, and to rise again ;
grant that we may rise with Christ to newness of
life ; abounding in godliness, justice, charity, and
meekness ; in purity and temperance ; in fortitude,
patience and resignation ; that we may be indeed
followers of Christ in all the steps of his blessed
and holy life ; and may walk worthy of our high
calling; through him who is our Redeemer and
Lord, and who suffered for us in tlie flesh, leav-
ing us an example that we should follow his

God of all grace and consolation, send into our
hearts thy Holy Spirit to abide with us forever;
that we, being taught and quickened, purified and
strengthened, by thy heavenly grace, may faith-
fully and joyfully serve thee all our days ; through
Christ our Lord.

Blessed Lord, whose will it is that all men
should be saved, and who hast commanded us to
make intercessions and prayers for all men ; we
offer up to thee our supplications for the whole
human race, that they may be brouglit to the
knowledge and obedience of the trutli ; for all thy
people, that they may figlit the good fight and lay


hold on eternal life; and may so run the race
that is set before them that in due time the}^ may-
obtain the prize : and for all the afflicted, that it
may please thee to sanctify, uphold, and comfort
them, and to redeem their souls from all evil.

Look down from the height of thy sanctuary,
O merciful Father, upon the sick, the dying, and
the bereaved; upon widows and orphans; upon
the despairing and the tempted. Lord, have
mercy upon them, and upon us also, for we are
all of like passions, and compassed about with
infirmities. Grant unto us to be humble, sober,
and watchful, that we may stand in the evil day.
We pray for our kindred, friends, and benefactors,
that thou wouldst enrich them with thy favor,
and grant unto them a portion in thy heavenly
kingdom : and for our enemies, if there are such ;
that thou wouldst forgive them, and enable us to
forgive them from the heart; that, rendering good
for evil, we may be indeed thy children.

O God, thou King of glory, who rulest all the
nations of the world, and to whom pertain all
might, majesty, and dominion in heaven and
earth, we beseech thee to regard with thy favor the
President of the United States, the Governor of
this Commonwealth, all magistrates and judges,
and all persons invested with authority. Grant
unto them a spirit of wisdom and of the fear of
the Lord ; and may we, and all under them, lea(^

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