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Campbell Isaac, cloth cutter iSOMuberry
Campbell James, laborer 82 Catharine
Campbell John, boot crimper 110 Washington
Campbell John, (col'd) oyster house 16 Academy
Campbell John, tailor 316 Plane
Campbell John C. 38 Clinton
Campbell John M. carpenter 13 River
Campbell John W. blacksmith 3 Ferry
Campbell Mary, widow of Lewis L. C. 163 Plane
Campbell Owen, stone cutter 157 Ferry
Campbell Thomas, (col'd) laborer 120 William
Campfield Aaron B. 359 Broad

Campfield Alexander, hoes &c. 5 Railroad av. 5 Hamilton
Campfield Alfred W. 22 South c. Orchard


Campfield Charlotte M. widow of Dr. Abraham 287 Broad
Campfield David, carpenter 136Kinney
Campfield Edward, bookbinder 250 Broad h. 10 Maiden L.
Campfield Enos B. carpenter 260 Plane
Campfield Henry B. blacksmith 31 Commerce
Campfield Jackson, saddletree maker 26 Souta Canal
Campfield Joseph A. tinner 287 Broad
Campfield Mahlon, 359 Broad
Campfield Rachael, boarding house 31 Commerce
Campfield Robert B. 359 Broad
Campfield Jr. Robert B. M. D. California 287 Broad
Campfield Jr. Rev. Robert B. 21 Chestnut
Canal Mills, old Bloomfield Road n. Canal
Canfield Albert W. clothier 141 Market h. 10 Centre
Canfield Davui E. builder enquire 36 William
Canfield Elias, painter EHzabethtewn Road
Canfield Elizabeth, wid. of Nath. boarding h. 15 Lafayette
Canfield Henry C. 36 Bank
Canfield Jacob, cabinet maker 187 Academy
Canfield James E. tailor 9 Ward
Canfield Jasper D. shoemaker 77 Orchard
Canfield Joseph, jeweler 80 Mulberry
Canfield Moses, jeweler California 43 Mechanic
Canfield Stephen E. hoes, &c. 5 Railroad ave. h. 138 Ehn
Canfield & Co. S. E. hammers A hatchets 5 Railroad ave-
Canfield Theodore, hatter Philadelphia
Canfield Thomas, painter 108 Elizabethtown Road
Canfield Uzal J. farmer Elizabethtown Road
Canfield Warren, saddler 36 Bank
Canfield Wheelock, blacksmith 3 Green
Canfield William, 31 Lawrenc*
Cann Albert G. cutter 157 Mulberry
Cann William A. cutter 284 Broad h. 44 Green
Canniff William H. carriage manuf. 62 Boston
Cansler William W. paper hangings 196 Broad h 123 Wash
Cardiff Mary, widow of James 2 Washington Alley
Cardiff Samuel, shoemaker 22 Wra. h. 3 Wash. Alley
Carl Adam, 33 Durand
Carl John, coach maker 61 Market
Carl Samuel, painter 56 Quarry
Carlan Owen, 19 Boudinot
Carlan Patrick, patent leather 52 Inness
Carll John F. daily Eagle 295 Broad r. 97 Columbia
Carlton Frederick A. trunk maker 30 Bridge
Carlton Phebe A. boarding house 20 Camfield
Carman , steam saw mill foot Clay
Carman Hannah M. carpet bags 26 Summit
Carman Mary L. 10 Park


Carman Melancthon F. 26 Summit
Carmer Albert R. mer tailor 252 Broad h. 48 Plane
Carmer Isaac R. mansion house Belleville
Carpenter William, jeweler 5 Orchard
Carr David S. saddler 17 Hill
Carr Elizabeth, nurse 110 Washington
Carr Hester, widow 257 Plane
Carr James, shoemaker 66 Plane
Carr John, laborer 68 Plane
Carr John, teamster rear 127 Nesbitt
Carr John S. harness maker 217 Washington
Carr Margery, widow nurse 4 Commerce
Carr Phillip, shoemaker 27 Baldwin
Carr Robert, 128 Warren
Carr William, laborer rear 127 Nesbitt
Carr William N. attorney at law 297 Broad h. 257 Plane
Carrick Charles, japanner 4 Stephen's Court
Carrick John, laborer 3 East Mechanic
Carriff Ellis, carpenter 35 Camp
Carrington James M. 427 Broad

Carrington James N. dry goods 222 Broad h. 68 Halsey
Carrington Luther G. auctioneer 23 Platt New York
Carrington & Sayre, dry goods 222 Broad
Carroll Hugh, currier 34 Mercer

Carroll John, laborer c. Grand and South Orange avenue
Carroll Lawrence, currier 5 Halsey's Court
Carter Jr. Aaron, jeweler 1 Green h. 450 Broad
Carter Amos K. spoke mfr. Phoenix works h. 66 Warren
Carter Anthony H. carpenter 1 Clay
Carter Charles A. clerk Phoenix works 140 Mulberry
Carter Cyrus, carpenter 24 Bank

Carter Edward, civil engineer 154J Market h. 23 Bruen
Carter Elizabeth, 369 Broad
Carter Frederick, jeweler 208 Railroad avenue
Carter George, Pompton Plains
Carter Horace, saddler 38 Smith
Carter James J. saddler 369 Broad
Carter Lucas, blacksmith 72 h. 4 Clay
Carter Phebe, widow of Sheffield 103 Academy
Carter & Pierson, jewelers 1 Green
Carter Sawyer, coach trimmer 117 Mulberry
Carter Theodore G. plater 317 Railroad avenue
Carter Uzal, shoemaker Boyden n. Orange
Cartledge James, beer maker 14 Fair
Carwin Bridget, widow of John 183 Plane
Gary Henry, coachsmith 196 Mulberry
Gary Lewis A. silver plater 151 Mulberry
Case Edward W. shoemaker 41 Market



Case Elizabeth, nurse 19 Boudinot

Case Philip, laborer 16 Montgomery

Case Sylvester P. 26 Ward

Case Warren, saddler 171 Mulberry

Case Warren Y. jeweler 41 Market ,

Casey Barney, 15 Church

Casey Catharine, dress maker 37 Nesbitt

Caspen Michael, 22 Market

Cass David, 294 Broad r. 1 Park Church Place

Cassady Lewis, 2 North Essex

Casselman Van Renssalaer, 1 Franklin Place

Casterline Benjamin M. 2 Ferry c South Market

Casterline Mulford W. grocer 2 Ferry c. South Market

Castle Ambrose, Ridge c Crane

Castle James, Ridge c. Crane

Castle John, laborer 1(T7 Quarry

Castle Samuel, Ridge c. Crane

Castle Thomas, tailor 37 Broom

Castles Thomas, malleable iron 29 New h. 12 Crane

Castner Charles, shoemaker 4 Nichols' Court

Castner Sarah, widow of Rev. Jacob R. 53 Orchard

Casto Joseph, saddler 226J Plane

Caudle Frederick, surgeon 133 Academy

Caughlin John, stone cutter 157 Ferry

Caul Phillip, varnish maker C76 Broad

Cavanauyh James, laborer 32 Soulh Market

Cavanaugh John, carpenter 180 Court

Cawaline Charles, jeweler 101 Liberty

Chadwick Daniel, japanner 24 Bridge

Chadwick John, patent leather 34 Front h- 2i Washington

Chadwick & Co. John, patent leather 34 Front

Chadwick Margaret, uidow of Thos. oyster h. 74 Mulberry

Chadwick Samuel, 21 Washington

Chamberlain Hannah, widow.15 South Canal

Chamberlain Isaac, oysters '*-'47 Broad h. I Comes

Chamberlain Samuel, urocer 167 Warren

Chambers Matthew, tallow chandler 34 Mechanic

Chambers Thomas, harness maker 166 Washington

Champenise Isaac, jeweler 16 Walnut

Chandler Albert, Park house

Chandler Elizabeth, widow of Lewis 696 Broad

Chandler Isaac N. engraver 101 Halsey

Chandler James, 696 Broad

Chandler Job, clerk 106 Broad h. 48 Plane

Chandler Rev. John, 12 Commerce

Chandler John J. clerk mechanic's bank 12 Commerce

Chandler John J. rule maker 5 Mulberry

Chandler Mary. wid. of David D. Park house 27 Park pi-


Chandler Marquis, collar maker 136 Kinney

Chandler Mason, saddler Winsboro, S. C. 14 Court

Chandler Nathaniel, Park house

Chandler Thomas C dry goods 284 Broad h. 97 Halsey

Chandler William C. chair maker 696 Broad

Chaplain Charles L. spoke manuf. Phoenix works

Chapman James, wood turner 1 12 Mulberry

Chapman William, currier 356 Broad

Charles Anthony, wheelwright 16 Boyden

Charles Petchie, grinder rear 86 Qurry

Charles William, laborer 4 Stephens' Court

Charles William, laborer 41 Ogden

Charlton John, tool maker 24 Bleeker

Charlton Richard, weaver 3-3 Mercer

Chase Sidera, prin. Wesleyan Institute 191 Washington

Chase William, shoemaker 23 Kinney

Chatman Alexander, mason 57 State

Chatman Robert, patent leather 21 Nesbitt

Chavantre Alexander, 4 Pear Alley

Cheak Henry, tailor 29 Plume

Chedister Lesbia H. teacher 290 Washington

Chedwick Mary Ann, widow of Francis B. 13 Ferry

Cherry George, culler 16 Fair

Cherry William, house painter 16 Fair

Chetwood John, attorney & couns. California

Chetwood John J. attorney $ couns. h. Elizabetktown N.J.

Chevalier Anthony A. shingle shaver 44 Jefferson

Chevalier C E. jeweler 451 Broad h. 48 Kinney

Chezman George, coach trimmer 25 Chestnut

Chibley John, carpenter 35 Camp

Chidester Gertrude, widow of Simeon B. 185 Washington

Chidester Guy M. carpenter 15 Hill

Chidester Robert Y. brick laver 31 Commerce

Chilcoat Hannah, widow of John 34 Fair

Chilcoat John R. coach maker 34 Fair

Chollet John H goldsmith 1 East Green

Christie Abraham, carpenter 94 Kinney

Christie Hannah, trimmer 44 Quarry

Christie James, 529 Ferry

Christie John, (col'd) 39 Garden

Christie -Morris R. 52 Mulberry

Christie Sarah, widow of Alexander 529 Ferry

Christie Thomas. 13 Court

Christly Michael, laborer 12 Madison

Christmann Charles, tailor 1 Nichols Court

Christmann Michael, tailor 15 Walnut
. Christopher John, 3 Warren

Church Thomas, tailor 173 Plane


Cipher John, harness maker 1 1 Rankin

Claig Sarah, widow of John 23 Liberty

Clancy John, laborer 38 Bloomfield avenue

Clancy Michael, carpenter II Goble

Clancy Patrick, carpenter 230 Mulberry

Clark Aaron, bootmaker 95 William

Clark Aaron T. hatter 146 State

Clark Abraham, plater 13 Lawrence

Clark Abraham, shoe manufacturer 224 Plane

Clark Charles B. teacher 101 Orange

Clark Cornelius, carriage trimmer 148 Mulberry

Clark Daniel T. clerk 271 Broad h. 17 Park

Clark E. M. daguerrian 131 Market h, 50 Lafayette

Clark George, morocco dresser 100 Bank

Clark George, jeweler 135 Elm

Clark George, (colored) laborer 145 Warren

Clark George W. stoves &c. 2 h. l9j Commerce

Clark Henry, (colored) 1 1 Colden

Clark Henry H. ship carpenter 19J Commerce

Clark James, mason 31 Baldwin

Clark James, printer 39 North Canal

Clark James, plater 12 Arch

Clark James, coach maker 80 Plane

Clark James H. coach ma'uer Piermont N. Y.

Clark James Henry, M.D. office and h. 228 Bioad c. Cedar

Clark John, painter 32 Garden

Clark John, laborer 20 Lon^worth

Clark John, conch maker 379 High

Clark John, painter 116 Ferry

Clark Jr. John, coach maker 133 Mulberry

Clark John D. shoemaker 11 Hill

Clark John H. plater 102 h. 118* Plane

Clark Leroy, machinist SPieisnn's Alley

Clark Letitia, widow 48 Hedges Alley

Clark Mary, widow of James H. 17 Park

Clark Mary, widow of Peter 36 Mulberry

Clark Peter, (colored) waiter rear ]6 Cherry

Clark Robert, plater 121 Plane

Clark Robert, teamster Orleans n. Nesbit

Clark Samuel, painter 298 Washington

Clark Samuel W. teacher P S. No. 5, 29 South Prospect

Clark Sarah, widow of Daniel S. 298 Washington

Clark Stephen, clerk 92 Plane

Clark Stephen F. turner 13 Broad

Clark Terrence, laborer 53 Broad

Clark Thomas, waiter 356 Broad

Clark Thomas, quarryman 99 Quarry

Clark Thomas, boarding house 13 Catharine



Clark William H. California 17 Bank

Clark William S. coach smith 8 Camfield

Clark William, S. B. 64 New

Clarkson Thomas, carpenter 80 Jones

Clarkson William, frame work knitter 107 Prospect Place

Clary Dennis, chemical works 96 E. River

Classon Augustus, carpet weaver 58 Grand

Clawson William, mason 166 Court

Claydon William, whip maker 87 Halsey

Clayton Gifford F. segar maker 2 Garrabrant's Court

Clayton John, cutler 112 State

Clayton Mary, widow of Joseph R. S. Prospect c. Kinney

Clear Michael, gardner 685 Plane

Clearman Lewis A., tool mfr. Frank. Factory 124 Broad

Clearman Maria, widow of Daniel 6 Front

Clearman Peter S. saddler 198 Market

Clearman Thomas D. hatter 6 Front

Cleaver James D. attorney at law 314 Broad h- 54 Com.

Cleaver John, currier 54 Commerce

Cleaver William H. 54 Commerce

Clegg Edmond C. hatter 35 Thomas

Clegg Sarah, widow 5t William

Clek John, brass founder 44 Mulberry

Clement Michael, laborer 119 Washington

Clements Henry, hatter 4 Columbia

Clements Henry T. fancy store 155 Orange

Clerk's office, court house head of Market

Cleveland Ezra, shoe store 28 h. 26 New

Cleveland Wil'iam H. trunk manufacturer 360 Broad

Clewney John, hatter 43 Bridge

Clinchard Bruno, file cutter 50 h. 52 Mechanic

Clintock Matthias, livery stable 9 William h. 7 Fair

Clintock William R. saddler 122 Broad

Clinton Mutual Insurance Co. Library Hall 115 Market

Clinton William, piano tuner 196 Broad

Closson S; A. dress maker 2 Nesbitt's court

Clough W. T. passaic chemical works h 44 East River

Clow Jacob, currier 169 Plane

Clume Janet, seamstress 24 Centre

Cluss Peter H shoemaker 237 Plane

Clyman Edward, segar maker 94 Mulberry

Coady John, chemical works 75 East River

Coates Eliza, widow of Joseph S 21 Boudinot

Cobb Abraham, carman 1 Comes

Cobb Alexander F. 290 Washington

Cobb Elias W. grocer 7 Broad

Cobb George M. clerk 7 Broad

Cobb George T. iron merchant 80 Broad N. Y. h. /. City


Cobb Jacob, harness ornaments 34 Mechanic

Cobb John E- currier 22 Marshall

Cobb William A. builder Wash. Alley h. 121 Kinney

Coburn Jonathan, shingle shaver 26 Ailing

Coburn Thomas, currier 6 Halsey's court

Cochran Emily B. widow of Rev. Thomas 34 Columbia

Cochran Thomas J. carriage maker Brooklyn

Cochran William H. shoemaker 62 Bleeker

Cochrane Mary, vvidcw of Peter 57 Academy

Coddington Jonathan, copper smith 41 North Canal

Cody Patrick, grocer 187 Rail Road avenue

Coe Aaron, real estate dealer 155 High

Coe Abby, widow of Halsted 172 Market

Coe Catharine, widow of Isaac 77 Court n. High

Coe George V. master mason 81 Court

Coe James, (colored) 13 Prince

Coe Joseph D. turner 167 High

Coe Moses B. assessor 165 High

Coe Sarah, widow of Sayres 63 Court

Coe William R tailor 551 High

Goes Samuel B. grocer 48 Fair r. 120 Mulberry

Coeyman Henry G. jeweler 122 Union

Coffee Michael, laborer 99 Union

Coffield Hugh, cooper 30 South Bridge

Coffield Thomas, 29 Fair

Cogan Bridget, widow washing 42 Union

Cogan Charles H 324 High

Cogan David A. justice 69 Market h. 324 High

Coggins John, laborer 13 Searing

Colbath Mary M. dress maker 8 Lafayette

Colhurn A. G. Pliny A. G. M. D , D. D. s. 269 Broad

Colburn George F. J. dentist 269 Broad

Colburn & Son, surgeon dentists 269 Broad

Colby Johnson, shoemaker 23 1 Washington

Cole James D. carpenter Boyden n Orange

Cole John, hatter 54 William

Cole John R. bootmaker 18 Bridge

Coleman Asher, coachmakor 133 Washington

Coleman Barnabus M. saddler 48 Fair

Coleman Charles, tanner 8 Shipman

Coleman James, laborer 43 Lush

Coleman Thomas, currier 12 William

Coleman William, blacksmith 16 Spring

Coles Abraham, M. D. 172 Market

Coles Abraham, japanner Boyden c. State

Coles Catharine, widow of Dennis 172 Market

Coles D. B. grocer 22 Hamilton

Coles John, needle manuf. 7 Nuttman h. 88 Warren

Coles Susan, boarding house 122 Orange


Colie James H. shoemaker 188 Plane
Collard James, wheelwright 30 Quarry
Collard Peter, saddler 83 Catharine
Collinger Lawrence, butcher 112 Church
Collin John P. grocer 43 Academy
Collins Barrant W. 100 Broad
Collins Daniel, gardner Orleans n, Nesbitt
Collins David, shoe manuf. 141 Mulberry c. Franklin
Collins Edward G. tailor 34 Market h. 7 Division Place
Collins Florence, shoemaker 32 M. & E. Rail R. avenue
Collins George, cap front maker 604 High
Collins Henry, halter 6-25 High
Collins James, blacksmith 259 Plane
Collins James, hatter 204 Academy n. Lock
Collins John, (col'd) barber rear 167 Warren
Collins Michael, tanner 211 Bank
Collins Patrick, laborer 25 Oxford
Collin Richard, farmer 75 East River
Collins Sarah, washing 3 East Mechanic
Collon Patrick, currier 174 Plane
Collyer James, spring maker 27 Green
Collyer John, carpenter 28 Ferry
Collyer Oscar F. carpenter 42 Ferry
Collyer Samuel C. builder 110 McWhorter h. 22 E. Mec.
Collyer Theodore, carpenter 114 McWhorter
Collyer Thomas, carriage smith 9 Fair h. 9 Oak
Colon Elizabeth, widow of Peter 10 Plume
Colon George U. ship carpenter 10 Plume
Colon Joseph P. shipwright 10 Plume
Colon Peter, ship carpenter 10 Plume

Colton Chester W. jeweler 397 Broad
Colton Daniel J- jeweler 36 Franklin r. 407Broad
Colton Jr. Demas, jeweler 36 Franklin r. 397 Broad
Colton Jr. & Co. Demas, jewelers 36 Franklin
Colver John, tailor 151 Elm
Colwell Israel D. coachmaker 34 Elm
Colyer Joseph, blacksmith 36 Harrison h. 21 Bleeker
Colyer Richard, jeweler 356 Broad
Comb John, jeweler 15 Walnut
Combs Eliud B. stone cutter 211 Plane
Combs Israel W. South 120 Summit c. Canal
Combs Richard N. 120 Summit c. Canal
Combert Jacob, ta'lor 207 Bank
Commisky James, tailor 14 Clay
Common Council chamber 115 Market
Commos Hester A. dress maker 109 Broad
Commos John, rope maker 25 North Essex
Compton Ambrose S. ice dealer 161 Commerce


Compton George, ice dealer, ice cream gardens, families,
parties, &c. supplied cheap 1 River

Compton John, composition roofer 1 South Market

Compton John, (col'd) laborer 87 Baldwin

Compton Robert, hatter 69 Orange

Compton Ruth, widow of Joseph 1 South Market

Compton William, livery stable 160 h. 178 Market

Comstock John, grinder 222 Bank

Condict Elizabeth, widow of Ebenezer 36 Bank

Condict, Horton & Co. saddlers &c 207 Market

Condict Stephen H. saddler 207 Market h. 24 Smith

Condin Hugh, laborer 18 Longworth

Condit Albert P. law student 228 r. 382 Broad

Condit Amzi, coach maker 49 Boston

Condit & Bowles, malleable cast iron foundry 25 Orange

Condit Charles H. coachbody maker 70 Kinney

Condit Daniel, 25 Onnge h. 137 Broad

Condit Ezra F. spokt turner 1 Comes

Condit Henry D. shoetn. Crane road to Orange above First

Condit Tsr^ol D. hat body manufacturer Mitloille N. J.

Condit Joel W. grocer 176 Broad h. 11 Park Place

Condit , widow of John S. Lodiover the River

Condit Rev. Jonathan B. pastor 2d Chh. 12 Lombardy

Condit Lewis N. 3 Park Place

Condit Lydia, nurse 70 Kinney

Condit Martha, widow of Peter 21 Park

Condit Moses H. builder rear 116 h. 120 Plane

Condit Nathan, shoemaker 6 New

Condit Phebe, widow of Ichabod 39 Commerce

Condit & Pool-Joel W. grocers wholesale and retail 176
Broad c. New

Condit Robert S. beer maker 138 Plane

Condit Silas, 3 Park Place

Condit WickliffS. clerk 104 Market h 186 Plane

Condit William H. shoemaker 18 Summit

Condon Luke, blacksmith rear 80 Orange

Condon Joseph, machinist 133 Quarry

Condon Michael, blacksmith rear 80 Orange

Condry Michael, mason 150 Lock

Cone Alexander G. hatter 75 Union

Cone Erastns, saddler 30 Orchard

Cone Thomas B. saddler New York

Cone Walter N. saddler 22 Ferry

Congar Bruen H. silver plater 418 Broad

Congar Catharine, 115 Broad

Congar David, 23 Fair

Congar Hannah, widow of Samuel 414 Broad

Congar Horace N. attorney at law 312 Broad h. 23 Fair


Congar Irad, patent leather 15 Hill c. Church

Congar James, edge tool rafr. rear 333 r. 115 Broad

Congar James B. grocer 59 Mulberry h. 23 Fair

Congar John P. edge tool mfr 60 Hamilton h. 115 Broad

Congar Mary, widow of Horace 15 Orchard

Congar Samuel H coach painter 414 Broad

Congar Stephen, M. D. 23 Fair

Congel Lawrence, engineer 40 Spring

Conger Alfred, New York

Conger Charles H. edge tool maker 47 State

Conger Ellison, tallow chandler 100 Market

Conger John, edge tool maker 6 North Essex

Conger Judson, clerk 329 Broad r. 100 Market

Conklin Abraham, plater 2 1 Liberty

Conklin Daniel, blacksmith shop Commerce n. railroad

h. 31 South Essex

Conklin Daniel F. carpenter 31 South Essex
Conklin George, mason 5 Cottage
Conklin James T. spiing maker 49 Mechanic
Conklin Thomas S. blacksmith 44 Bleeker
Conkling James L. engineer 77 Union
Conkling John N. book keeper 77 Union
Conkling Sarah, widow of Jonathan 77 Union
Conley Jamas, tailor 10 Summit
Conley Rachel, widow of James 22 Centre
Conlin Garret, hatter 129 Nesbitt
Conlin John, tailor 84 Bank
Conn Catharine, Newark n. Canal
Conn Robert, quarryman 13 Quarry
Conn Robert, laborer, 29 Lock
Connell John, paver 100 Tichenor
Connelly Thomas, quarryman 26 Drift
Connet Luther, blacksmith 16 Thomas
Connet Zenas, shoemaker 28 h. 32 Kinney
Connor Bryan, laborer 13 East Fair
Connor Edward, laborer c. Ferry & Union
Connor James, laborer K'G Newark n. Sussex avenue
Connor John, saddler 3 Stephens' Court
Connor John, laborer 7 Halsey's Alley
Conover Abraham, (col'd) coachman S. Meeker 104 Bank
Conover Cornelius Jj. shoemaker 101 Oliver
Conover Elizabeth, widow of William 15 Cherry
Conover John, cooper 101 Oliver
Conover William H. dentist 322 Broad
Conselyea Hannah, widow of Aaron 13 Bank
Conway Arthur, licensed victualler 138 Plane
Conway Hugh, laborer 62 Adams
Conway Margaret, matron ol the Orphan Asylum 194 High


Coogan William, laborer 31 Oxford

Cook Abraham T. (col'd) 364x Broad h. 23 Bank

Cook Caroline, widow of William 63 Bank

Cook Catharine, widow of Dr. Stephen B. 83 Mulberry

Cook Charles, tailor 275 High

Cook , wi low of Edward 16 Smith

Cook Edward A. 127 Washington

Cook Ellen J New above Newark

Cook Ellis W. blacksmith 7 Camfield

Cook Epaphras, carman 83 Bank

Cook Frances, 16 Smith

Cook Frederick, lace weaver 16 Fair

Cook George, shoemaker 35 Union

Cook George, shingle shaver 45 Prince

Cook George H japanner 41 Catharine

Cook Henry, coach maker 208 Railroad avenue

Cook Henry B. charcoal dealer 149 Orange

Cook Hiram, carpenter 98 Market

Cook Isabella, tailoress 16 Kinney

Cook Jabez, builder 114 Union

Cook , widow of Jabez, 16 Smith opposite Pine

Cook Joseph, filer 170 Court

Cook Joseph C. beer house 125 Springfield avenue

Cook Lindley G. carpenter enquire lOb Union

Cook Mary, enquire 7 Broad

Cook Peter W. 83 Bank

Cook Ralph B. coach smith 15 Broad

Cook Thomas, charcoal dealer 29 Ward

Cook William, butcher 43 Market

Cookeroo John, laborer 1 Brown

Cookeroo Joseph, laborer 1 Brown

Cooley Hannah, widow of W'm. O. boarding h. 64 Bleeker

Coon Conrad, tailor 32 Jones

Cooney John, harness maker rear 56 Union

Cooper Edward, patent leather 24 Fulton

Cooper Edward C. machinist 24 Fulton

Cooper Enos A. saddler 108 Elm

Cooper, Farrand & Co. carriage dealers Lexington, Ky.

Cooper Jacob J. shoe manuf. 322 Broad h. 72 Court

Cooper Jonah T. 108 Elm

Cooper Lucinda, widow of Stephen 24 Fulton

Cooper Mary, widow of Jonas nurse 62 Boston

Cooper Nichols, shoemaker 26 McWhorter

Cooper Phebe Ann, dress maket 108 Elm

Cooper Stephen J coffins 36 h. 34 Plane

Cooper William, nursery man Elizabelhtown Road

Cooper William W. hardware 109 Broad h. 24 Fulton

Cooper William W. pump manufacturer 24 Fulton


Cooper W. S. mansion house Morristown

Cootee Alexander, morocco dresser 356 Broad

Coovert Rebecca, widow of Henry 24 Park

Cope Benjamin, collar manufacturer 6 Fair

Copeman William L. P. baker 29 Academy

Corbit Bridget, widow of Mark grocer Mulberry c. River

Corbit Francis, farmer 18 River

Corbit Rev. W. P. past. FranUin-st. church 17 Franklin

Corby Benjamin H. japanner 206 Nesbitt

Corby John, ship painter 27 River

Corby John, carpenter 24 Lombardy

Corby Richard, shoemaker 1 Love Lane

Corby Silas, blacksmith helper 555 High

Corby William, hatter Orleans n. Nesbiti

Core Christian, widow 173 Broad

Corey Andrew R. Bellemont avenue n. Court

Corey Ann E. widow of Ashbel W. High n. Spruce

Corey James W. hatter 27 Bleeker

Corey Mary, 128 Plane

Corey Samuel, forest tree setter 69 Crane

Corey Thomas, lace weaver, 96 Washington

Corey Wheelock, currier 69 Crane

Coriell Phineas, grocer 192 Washington c. William

Corn Phillip, moulder 94 Walnut

Corneil John, painter 71 Ferry

Corney James, painter 99 Mercer

Corning Francis, hatter foot Nichols n. South Prospect

Corrigan Ann, widow of Michael grocer 20 South Canal

Corrigan Ann, widow of Phillip 190 South Market

Corrigan Thomas, laborer 13 Halsey's alley

Corrigan Thomas, grocer 147 Market

Corry Daniel, shoemaker 133 Academy

Corser William R. clerk 3-23 Broad r. 20 Shiprnan

Corset Frederick, tailor 3 Halsey's Court

Cort George, shoemaker 21 Rankin

Corwin Joseph A. M. D. 38 Ferry

Corwin Joshua A. harness maker 50 Lafayette

Corwith Luther, carpenter 9 Plane

Cory Franct-s J. widow of Jonathan Bank c. Wallace

Corzene , machinist 24 Lombardy

Cosgrove Henry, plater 246 Plane
Cosgrove Hester, widow of Thomas 246 Plane
Cosgrove John, blacksmith 246 Plane
Cosier Patrick, laborer 208 Railroad avenue
Coste Augustus, hatter 54 Liberty h 25 Ward
Costello Charles H. hat finisher 40 Warren
Costello Jeremiah, laborer 21 River
Cotter Edwin F. hatter 35 Union


Cotiinjrham James, 2 Congress

Coughlin Daniel, blacksmith 97 Halsey h. 31 S. Essex

Coughlin Daniel F. carpenter 31 South Essex

Coughlin Eleanor, widow of John, 127 Kmney

Coughlin George, mason 5 Collage

Coughlin Mary, widow of John 107 Mulberry

Coughlin Nicholas, farmer 123 Thomas

Coughlin Sylvester, tanner 24 Market

Coughlin William, blind maker rear 29 Halsey

Coughlin Wyant, carter 193 Mulberry

Couglin Joseph, shoemaker 24 kidge

Coulter Walter, machinist 22 Division

Coursen Mirandus E. mason 38 Garden

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