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Anne his wife of the second part, Nicholas Waddopp of
Elvestowe yeoman of the third part and Francis Serieant

46 ELSTOW DEEDS : 1652-1653

of Elvestowe yeoman of the fourth part. Whereas a fine
was levied at Westminster at Michaelmas 1650 between
the said N. W. & F. S. complainants and the said G. F. &
Elizabeth his wife and W. H. and Anne his wife defor-
ciants of 8 acres of land in Elvestoe whereby the said
complainants acknowledge the tenement to be the right of
the said N. which they the said N. W. & Frances had of
the gift of the said deforciants who remised and quit
claimed to the said complainants Now this Indenture
witnesseth that the said fine shall be deemed and declared
as follows, viz : — all those 4 acres of land in Elvestowe now
in the tenure of the said N. W. which he lately purchased
of the said G. F. & Elizabeth by deed dated 4 December
1649 being parcel of the lands contained in the said fine
shall be deemed to belong to the said N. W. his heirs and
assigns for ever, and in regard to those 4 acres of land now
in the tenure of the said F. S. now in his tenure which he
late purchased of the said W. H. by indenture dated 10
April 1649 being the residue of the said lands comprised
in the said fine shall belong to the said F. S. and his heirs
for ever.

Signed. — George Fox, Elizabeth Fox,

William Hoddle, Anne Hoddle (all by

marks), Francis Seriant.

Witnesses : — Oliuer Rands, Christo : Hall,


1652-3 February. — To all christian people, &c.
William Dymock of Elstowe gent, and Anne Dymock of
same widow, mother of the said W. D. sendeth greeting.
The said W. D. and A. D. in consideration of the sum of
^20 sell to Mary Barber of Elstowe widow daughter of
the said A. D. a parcel of ground containing about one acre
abutting east on the street and west upon some land be-
longing to the monastery of Elstowe called the four acres,

ELSTOW DEEDS : 1653-1658 47

the Lord's lands lying on both sides, the which acre of
ground was (inter alia) purchased by Edmund Dymock of
Thomas Hawes, William Abbis, Richard Lowther and
William Peacock of the town of Bedford gent, by an inden-
ture dated 18 January 162 1-2, to be holden of the chief
lord of the fee, &c.

Signed. — William dimock, the mark of
Anne Dymock.

Witnesses : — Francis Kent, Tho : Beeche.


1653 June 21. — Bond by James Wainewright citizen
and haberdasher of London and William Jolley of Leek
co. Stafford Esquire in favour of Thomas Hillersdon of
Elstoe Esquire in the sum of ,£400. Condition — that if
the within bound J. W. and W. J. or either of them shall
pay to the said T. H. the sum of ,£206 on the 23 day of
December next ensuing at the dwelling house of Robert
Abbott, scrivener, in Cornhill London then this obligation
shall be void.

Signed — James Wayne wright, Wm. Jolly.
Witnesses : — Edward Turnor, John Morris.


1657-8 January 25. — Bond by Thomas White of
Kempston yeoman in the sum of £30 in favour of William
Waddopp of Elstowe yeoman Reciting that the said T.
W. by deed dated as above enfeoffed the said N. W. of one
acre of arable land at Bonyon's end in Elstowe on Long
Peslington furlong lately the land of Margery Watson
widow deceased and that the said T. W. had a lawful
estate in said premises and the right to sell same to the
said N. W.

48 ELSTOW DEEDS : 1658


165S July 19. — Indenture made between Margery
Cater of Elstow widow and Mary Barber of the same
widow Witnesseth that the said M. C. in consideration of
the sum of ,£34 sells to the said M. B. a messuage or
tenement in Elstow abutting west upon the common street
leading from the bridge towards Willshamsteed and north
upon a tenement [deed much damaged here] south upon
the tenement now or late of George Doo, and a pightle or
close of pasture containing about one acre [hiatus] and
abutting east upon the Salte corner and west, &c. The
said messuage and close being sometime the freehold and
inheritance of William Dymocke deceased by w T hose death
the same descended and came to the said M. B. and Susan

[Dymock] his sisters and coheirs and were by them

sold to the said M. C. in fee, &c.

Signed.—" Margery Cater."

Witnesses : — Willm Scott, Willm. Scott,
- - - - Ballard, Whitbread.


1658 October 20. — Indenture made between Eliza-
beth Hillersdon of Elstowe widow and Robert Crompton
of the same esquire Witnesseth that the said E. H. in
consideration of the rent hereinafter reserved demises to
the said R. C. a meadow adjoining the backside of the
dwelling house of the said R. C. containing 9 acres now
in the tenure of the said R. C. the Chauntry Closes, Clay-
pit Close, the Oxeleasures, now or late in the tenure of
fohn Ivory, and 29 acres of arable land in the Common
fields of Elstowe now in the tenure of the said R. C. as
set out in a schedule or terrar to these presents annexed
To have and to hold to the said R. C. for the term of 9
years from Michaelmas last at the yearly rent oi
,£42 13s. 4d., &c. Covenant to pay all taxes and assess-
ments, payments and town charges, &c. except the great

ELSTOW DEEDS : 1658 49

tax and all extraordinary taxes and assessments that shall
be imposed upon the said premises by the supreme
authority of this nation, &c.

Signed. — " Robt. Crompton."

Witnesses :— Mary Louett, Sarah Huxley,
John Home.

" A Scedule or Terrar Indented made of the arrable
Landes menc'oned to bee demised by the Indenture here-
vnto annexed as followeth,


Imps, one acre of land lying next vnto Piper's house.

Item one acre & an halfe of land in brooke furlong
next to ye sd. acre.

Item one acre of Land lying in the middle furlong.

Itm three acres of Land lying vpon the further end of
the said ffeild.

Itm in Pressall one acre of Land.


Itm three acres of Land in Harborow bush furlong
on the hill.

Itm one acre & an half in the furlong next beyond
Peartree well.

Itm one other acre and an halfe in the furlonge next
on this side of ye well.

Itm Two acres of Land in the furlong next the hipp

Itm one acre & an halfe in the middle furlong lyinge


Itm one acre of Land in the ffeild behinde Mr.
Crompton's howse.

Itm one acre in the furlone at Lavenders Close end.

50 ELSTOW DEEDS : 1658

I tm one acre in the furlong next the way goeing to

Itm Two acres of Land abuttinge against widow
Hinde's Orchard in vp Sharpfeild.

Itm three roods abuttinge upon Mr. Selbye's Close.

Itm one rood abuttinge upon Mrs. Cator's Close.

Itm one throwout acre in Westbrooke abutting on
Jerman's Arbor.

Itm three roods in Westbrooke furlonge.

Itm one single rood lyinge in Westbrooke furlong.

Itm one acre more in Westbrooke furlong.

Itm one acre lyinge in Motherfeild Middle furlong.

Itm halfe an acre lyinge in Cockrell's ashe furlong.

Itm three half acres of Land lying in the furlonge
abuttinge dowrie to the little Marshe.


1659-60 January 19. — To all christian people, &c.
William Wright of North Myms co. Herts yeoman
sendeth greeting. The said W. W. in consideration of
the sum of ^15 sells to Matthew Dymocke a cottage or
tenement in Elstowe lately in the tenure of [ ] Jenis

widow together with the orchard and pightell thereto ad-
joining to be holden of the chief lord of the fee, &c.

Signed. — The marke of Willm. Wright.

Witnesses :— Robt. Crompton, John Home,
George Cater, Tho : Ballard.


1664-5 January 20. — Indenture made between John
Ward of Elvestoue shepherd and Robert Bell of Bedford
gent, reciting that the said J. W. by indenture dated 17
August 1664 sold to the said R. B. a messuage or tenement
in Eluestowe now or late in the tenure of the said J. W.
abutting west on Lambs lane and east upon a cottage in the

ELSTOW DEEDS : 1664-1665 51

tenure of Alexander Cassen, and an acre of arable land in
Westfield, &c. for the term of 500 years at a peppercorn
rent Provided that if the said J. W. paid to the said R. B.
the sum of ^"20 12s. on the 18th of February next ensuing
the date thereof then the said recited indenture to be void,
which said sum has not been paid Now these presents
witness that the said J. W., in consideration of the sum of
^35 hath remised and quit claimed to the said R. B. the
above recited premises, &c.

Signed " John Ward."

Witnesses : — John Glenester, Simon Vrlin, John


1664-5 March 8. — Release by Joane Ward of Elstowe
widow to Robert Bell of Bedford, gent, of the aforesaid

Signed. — The mark of Joane Ward.

Witnesses : — Tho. Ferrars, John Groave.



The Record from which these indictments are taken
is officially " King's Bench, Ancient Indictments, Beds,
no. i," of the Record Office. This class of Records
includes " the original Indictments found by the Grand
Jury in the Court of King's Bench, all informations ex-
hibited on the Crown Side of the Court, and also such
Indictments, Presentments, and Convictions as were re-
moved into the King's Bench by Certiorari or

Writ of Error." No. i may be an Indictment found by
Grand Jury ; the rest appear to be the presentments of a
joint session of the Hundred Courts of Willey and Stodden
to the Justices in Eyre. — The second membrane of the
roll is practically a duplicate of the third.

A hard matter in these lawless times was the due
administration of justice. Although now more than a
century since the day when Falk de Breaute imprisoned
such as he could catch of the Justices who had fined him,
still, as this Record bears witness, things had not grown
much better. The first entry deals with men who con-
spired to use the forms of law corruptly for their own ends.
This had for some time past been a crying evil; in 25
Edward i (1299- 1300), a statute, known as ' Articuli super
chartas,' shows that a special writ had been devised for
such cases as conspiracy to put forward false information
or to pack a panel.



En droit de conspiratours
faus cnfourmours e mauveis
procureours de duzeines
cnquests assises e jurees le
Roi ad ordene remedie as
pleintifs par bref de Chan-
celerie [etc.]

In right of conspirators,
false informers, and wrong-
ful procurers of Twelves,
Inquisitions, Assises, and
Juries, the King has or-
dained a remedy for the
plaintiffs by Writ of the
Chancery [etc.]

Five years later it was
conspiracy :

Conspiratours sount ceux
qi se entrelient per sere-
ment covenant ou per autre
alliaunce qe chescun eid-
era e sustendra autri em-
prise fausement e malicious-
ment enditer ou faire en-
diter ou fausement mover
plees ou maintenir [etc.]

found necessary to define

Conspirators are those
who bind themselves by
oath covenant or other tie
that each will support other,
undertaking falsely and
maliciously to indict or
cause to indict or falsely to
present or to maintain pleas

The definition was agreed in Parliament, and a copy
ordered to be sent to all Justices of Oyer and Terminer.

Even more open defiance of the law was shown. In
the sixth entry, John, Baron of Wahull, party to a suit in
the Court of the Justices in Eyre, presents himself at
Bedford with a number of armed followers as a threat.
In the seventh entry, the Earl of Norfolk, likewise party
to a suit, is not content with a mere display of force, but
actually compels the Deputy Sheriff to empanel a jury of
his own choosing.


[membrana prima].

1. Willelmus de Hurle iunior Robertus de Hurle

Johannes le Tymker Robertus Locee Johannes

Willelmus Pacard - - - - Loce Johannes de Caddeworth
Johannes Wymound confidratores [sic] omnes isti sunt
per iuratam que capta fuit per billam inter Johannem de
Blunham querentem et Thomam Godblod de eo quod
quilibet eorum manutenerent alios uersus quoscunque
alios ad uerba et alia facienda contra pacem per

[membrana tertia].

2. Jurata hundredorum de Wylie et Stodden dicunt
per sacramentum suum quod Nicholaus Trayly Walterus
le Mercer Hugo le Lavender Walterus Oliuer de Keston
capellanus Thomas Poleyn de Hayle Weston in uigilia
sancti Nicholai episcopi anno regni regis nunc xiij uene-

[membrane i].

i. William de Hurle the younger, Robert de Hurle,
John le Tymker, Robert Locee, John - - - -, William
Pacard, Loce, John de Caddeworth, John Wy-
mound, confederates, all of these are [indicted] by a jury
which was held upon a bill between John de Blunham
complainant and Thomas Godblod, for the cause that each
of them should uphold the others against all other persons
soever by word and by other things to be done against
the peace in conspiracy.

[membrane 3].

2. The jury of the Hundreds of Wylie and Stodden
say on their oath that Nicholas Trayly, Walter le Mercer,
Hugh le Lavender, Walter Oliver of Keston, chaplain,
Thomas Poleyn of Hayle Weston, on the Vigil of St.
Nicholas the Bishop, in the thirteenth year of the reign of


runt apud Dene noctanter et ibidem unum equum precii
xx s. quinque marcas in denariis numerates unum calicem
precii xiij s. iiij d. unum missale precii xiij s. iiij d. Walteri
capellani de Dene felonice depredauerunt.

3. Item dicunt Willelmus le Hunte felonice occidit
Walterum fratrem Johannis capellani de Ermytagio in
Ocle circa festum sancti Laurencii martiris anno regni
regis nunc xiij.

4. Item dicunt quod Galfridus le Mulevvard Thomas
de Stafford et Thomas atte Wod felonice interfecerunt
Simonem Hardy apud Pabenham circa festum Natale
domini anno regni regis nunc xiij.

5. Item dicunt quod Ricardus le Smyth Humfridus
le Soutere Thomas Rache et Rogerus le Bakere uenerunt
apud Shelton' et ibidem tesaurum absconditum in terra de

the present King [5 Dec. 1339], came to Dene by night
and there feloniously despoiled Walter chaplain of Dene
of one horse, price 20s., of 5 marks in coined money, of one
chalice, price 13s. 4d., of one missal, price 13s. 4c!.

3. They say William le Hunte feloniously slew
Walter, brother of John the chaplain of the Hermitage in
Ocle, about the Feast of St. Laurence Martyr in the thir-
teenth year of the reign of the present King [10 August,


4. They say that Geoffrey le Muleward, Thomas de
Stafford, and Thomas atte Wod, feloniously slew Simon
Hardy at Pabenham, about Christmas, in the thirteenth
year of the reign of the present King [25 December,


5. They say that Richard le Smyth, Humfrey le
Soutere, Thomas Rache, and Roger le Bakere, came to


antiqua moneta ad valcnciam xl li. ibidem inuenerunt et
illud asportauerunt.

6. Item dicunt quod cum quedam assisa noue dis-
seisine fuit capienda coram Justiciariis apud Bedeford die
sabati proxima post festum sancti Laurencii martiris anno
regm regis nunc xv. inter Hugonem de mortuo mari
chiualer querentem et Johannem de Wodhull et alios de-
forciantes idem Johannes uenit ibidem cum maxima multi-
tudine hominum inter quos uenerunt Thomas de Paben-
ham miles Willelmus de Otteford armatus Willelmus
Gobioun persona ecclesie de ffortho armatus Willelmus
Seymor Junior armatus cum aliis ignotis armatis et non
armatis quorum aduentus fuit in terrorem populi set
dicunt quod de loco predicto recesserunt sine dampno
alicui faciendo.

7. Item dicunt quod Thomas comes Norfolcie et
marescallus Anglie Henricus de Valoynes chyualer

Shelton,' and there found treasure of ancient money in the
earth, to the value of £40, and carried it away.

6. They say that, when a certain Assise of Novel
Disseisin was to be taken before the Justices in Bedeford,
on Saturday next after the Feast of St. Laurence Martyr
in the fifteenth year of the reign of the present King [n
August, 1 341], between Hugh de mortuo mari, chevalier,
complainant, and John de Wodhull and others, deforciant,
the same John came thither with a very great number of
men, among whom came John de Pabenham, Knight,
William de Otteford in arms, William Gobioun parson
of the Church of Fortho in arms, William Seymor the
younger in arms, with others unknown armed and un-
armed, whose coming terrified the people ; but they say
that these men retreated from the place aforesaid without
doing harm to anyone.

7. They say that Thomas, Earl of Norfolk and


Robertas Bustclere chyualer Willclmus Kenewy uenerunt
cum aliis ignotis apud Bedeford circa festum sancti Hil-
larii anno regni regis nunc xj ubi quedam assisa nove
disseisine fuit eapienda inter Isoldam que fuit uxor Wil-
lelmi Inge chiualer et dictum comitem et alios coram
Johanne de Shard[eIow] et sociis suis justiciariis ui et
armis et fecerunt per minas Walterum Blancfrount locum
tenentem uicecomitis Bedefordie facere panellam in assisa
predicta a uoluntate et disposicioni dicti Comitis.

8. Item dicunt quod Willelmus filius Thome de
Wylie burgauit domum Johannis Heylot in Radewell et
asportauit felonice pannos lineos et laneos dicti Johannis
ad ualenciam xx s. circa festum sancti Nicholai anno
regni regis nunc xiiij et est communis latro.

Marshal of England, Henry de Valoynes, chevalier,
Robert Bustclere, chevalier, and William Kenewy, came
to Bedeford with others unknown about the Feast of St.
Hilary in the eleventh year of the reign of the present
King [Jan. 13, 1338], where an Assise of Novel Disseisin
was to be held between Isolde widow of William Inge
chevalier, and the said Earl and others, before John de
Shard[elowe] and his fellow Justices, with force and arms,
and by threats compelled Walter Blancfrount the lieu-
tenant of the Sheriff of Bedeford to empanel [a jury] in
the aforesaid assise according to the will and disposition
of the said Earl.

8. They say that William son of Thomas de Wylie
burgled the house of John Heylot in Radewell, and did
feloniouslv carrv off cloths of linen and of wool belonging
to the said John to the value of 20s., about the Feast of
St. Nicholas in the fourteenth year of the reign of the
present King [6 Dec, 1340], and he is a common thief.


[Note. — Thomas Plantagenet, Earl Marshal of Eng-
land, last Earl of Norfolk, and 5th son of King Edward the
First : he died 1338. — William Ing or Inge, whose name
is preserved obscurely in Weston-ing, was Chief Justice
of King's Bench at the time of Edward I. — Walter Blanc-
frount, holder of an old family estate in Potsgrove (Feudal
Aids, i, 24), seems to have been Deputy Sheriff for William
Moton, Sheriff of Beds, and Bucks, in 1337-8, and holder
of land in Stoke Mandeville, co. Bucks. (Feudal Aids, i,



[Note. — A fairly complete set of the Lists of Persons
qualified to serve on Juries in the County of Bedford, from
1780 onwards, is preserved among the County Muniments.
Some of these Lists have been made available for publica-
tion by the zealous labour of the Rev. J. E. Brown, and
are printed here by permission of the Records Committee
of the County Council.

The earlier lists consist of the original papers made
out by the Parish Constable, among whose qualifications
accurate spelling was not, as a rule, included, though his
writing was generally quite good. The papers were
generally made out the year before that by which the List
is dated ; thus in the first transcript below the date of the
papers (1780) is given, but the List is filed as that for

These papers have not been transcribed word for
word ; the result would have been burdensome alike to
write, to print, and to read. Every name, however, is
given in the following transcripts ; the original spelling of
place-names, sur-names, and occupations has been re-
tained ; font-names, which in the originals are usually
contracted into Geo., Jas., Jno., etc., have been expanded
into modern form. Each List is generally signed by two
Magistrates, but their names have been omitted below on
the ground that they can easily be traced from other
sources. The villages are printed in the order in which
they occur on the files, and are often " alphabetically "
arranged onlv as regards the initial letter. For anv
particular village the Index should be consulted.


The qualifications for serving on a jury seem to be
sufficiently well set out in the following extracts from lists
of 1 78 1, which serve also to illustrate the literary capacity
of some of the constables.

" September ye 9th : 1780 A trew List to the Best
of My Knowlidge of all Persons in the parrish of Chal-
grave in the County of Beddford that are Above the Age
of One and twenty Years and Under the Age of Seventy
vears that are Qualifyed to Serve one Juries upon tryalls as

" By Vertive of a Warrant to me Derected I was
Comanded to make a Lisst of ye Persons Qualified to
Serve On ye Juriers by haveing 10 £ per year and
Dwelling in Clifton " [1780].

" This is a Jest and true List of all the freeholders
how are in aney Qualitycation to sarve upon a Jurey in the
Parish of Salford " [1780].

The last entry raises a query which I have not yet
been able to answer, namely, the exact relation between
the numerous Jury Lists and the comparatively few Free-
holders' Lists preserved among the County Muniments.

The qualification for the jurymen at the time of the
earlier lists here printed seems to have been laid down by
4 and 5 William and Mary, cap. 24, § 15 ; but the last list,
that of 1830, has a different basis. By 6 Geo. IV., cap.
50, it was enacted in 1825 " that every Man except as
hereinafter excepted, between the Ages of Twenty-one
Years and Sixty Years, residing in any County in Eng-
land, who shall have in his own Name or in Trust for
him, within the said County, Ten Pounds by the year
above Reprizes in Lands or Tenements, whether of
Freehold, Copyhold, or Customary Tenure, or of Ancient
Demesne, or in Rents issuing out of any such Lands or
Tenements, or in any such Lands, Tenements and Rents
taken together, in Fee Simple, Fee Tail, or for the Life of
himself or some other Person, or who shall have within the
same County Twenty Pounds by the Year above Reprizes,


in Lands or Tenements, held by Lease or Leases for the
absolute Term of Twenty-one Years, or some longer
Term, or for any Term of Years determinable on any Life
or Lives, or who being a Householder shall be rated or
assessed to the Poor Rate, or to the Inhabited House Duty
in the County of Middlesex, on a Value of not less than
Thirty Pounds, or in any other County on a Value of not
less than Twenty Pounds, or who shall occupy a House
containing not less than Fifteen Windows " should be
qualified and liable to serve on Juries.

Heralds and Genealogists, as a rule, confine their
attention to families which have the right to bear arms,
and neglect all of lower rank. The chief interest of these
Lists, to my mind, is that they throw some light on the
history of a class which is among the most worthy of
respect in the community, which often has a length of
land tenure and continuous descent not less remarkable
than that of armigerous families, and from which most
gentle and many noble families have sprung — the class of

It is hoped that the publication of these Lists may
serve to guide searchers to the parish where a particular
yeoman name is to be found.

Further, these lists throw side-lights on the compara-
tive prosperity of different villages ; as well as on the
prevalence of the productive or creative trades, in contrast
to the rarity of the mere distributive or retail trades, — a
proportion which was reversed, to the great detriment of
village life, in the first half of the nineteenth century.

The Lists cover the period of the " Enclosure " of
most Bedfordshire villages, and it is instructive to note
how the yeoman — a freeholder or copyholder — becomes
replaced by the " farmer," holding only by a lease.
Bedfordshire was always a Quaker county, and the special
mention of Friends in these lists shows the centres of the
Society ; presumably they were ineligible as Jurors owing
to their refusal to take an oath. — Editor.]

64 JURY LISTS : 1780


Arlsey 1780

Richard Edwards, Esqr.
John Willton, a Daireyman.

William Thompson, Constable.

Aspley 1780

Francis Moore. John Page.

Joseph Hutton. William Reynalds.

Astwick i7&>

" Bedfordshir Gentlemen this is to satfiye whom it may
concarn no purson fit to sarve on Juerys by me "

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