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The reasonableness of conformity to the Church of England : with the defense of it, and the Persuasive to lay conformity ; to which is added, the brief defense of episcopal ordination .. online

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Online LibraryBenjamin HoadlyThe reasonableness of conformity to the Church of England : with the defense of it, and the Persuasive to lay conformity ; to which is added, the brief defense of episcopal ordination .. → online text (page 1 of 51)
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Theological Seminary,


C«sc, .^>-'.Srr Division

-S/i^'/, 3*

2 c?ij. that it locks as if Baptifm were not complete without it 32
5 Oil; That it fcemeth 1 new Sucrament 35
4 Obj. Becaufe the Pap'ilis ufe ic after ifuperftitious Manner 35
Of the impcfing Sponfors, the Cro/r, and Kneeling^ and the making

them Terms of Communion.
1 That the S/7/;o;)f have as much Authority to prefcribe r^je/e, ii other

Thivgs which are not fcru pled from 36, to 41

That f Af/f are no more New Terms oi Communion thaa thof c o^/jeri with

which fA^y would comply 4«. 4X

A farther Defenje of the Cowrnorjof the Church, upon their own l^rin*

ciples 42, 45

An Obj. from the difproportionable Penalty annexed, confidered 43> '44-
Another Jlrgiment upon tlicir own Principles 4-1, 45

An Ohj. taken from die Numker of Ceremtnies that may be brought in by

this Means 45> 46

Of the retaining thefc Impofitions 46, 47

The C.7JC argutd in the name of the Retainers^ upon their own Prin-
ciples 47, 48
2. Thjr Sr, Pjm/ faith nothing againfl fuch Impofitior.s in the i^tb

Chapter to the Romans ^8, to 5 3

9 That Mr. B.ixtcfs i'raitice, and the Prafticc of the Independents, is

/oi, and not. igainll, luch Impofnions 53, 57

VI. Obj Becaufe this Declaration and Suhfcr'iption would be an Approba-

baitofi of due Ajprdor,, that Bi(hops, Priejis and Deacons, are three

dilVinH Oxdex; in the Church, by Dit^/ne Appointment, arfwered 57, 61

Their Objeilions of /f/Jcv Confid^rution^ againft this Dcvlaration, and


I Oij.

The C O N T E N T IS.

I Obj, taken from the Burial Office p ^j .^ ^

9. Ob), taken from the Rule to find EaflerJay * cl

3. Ob], taken from the Apocryphal Leffons ^g to ^^

4 Ob'j. taken from the Miflran/lat'wn of the P/^/Z^r 71' to 7-

^ f:)^;. taken from the Athanajjan Crsed 'l

6 Ob], taken from the il«ir/c in the Confirmation Office !j^

T}jeV?hd of the Scrupled Terms of Mlmflerlal Conformity
^J5- The O^f ^ of Canonical Obedience and the Fromid
of Obedience to the Ordinary, &c. propofed, 75

r»o Miflakes obferved in the rfr^jv/w^ up of this 03>«»7ion 7^

The Occafton and ytfe^/i/ng of the Oath enquired into 75 to 78

?hJr '^" '''''• ?"'* "^':'« "''^ >t a p/^/« Obligation to comply r,itb
tf^e Canons, without leaving Perfons at Liberty, anfwered 78, 82

The Parallel between the Oath of a 7«^wo/ P^^ce, and this Oath!
conuciepcd q *

The /«fe;;re/4//o«of this Oath here laid down, and fi&e/r Interpretation
of It, compared ^ *»»«"«

Ot the Obedience due to the Canons o J

Conclufion f?



>TpH E Defrgn of this F'^. taken from the Infufficlency oifundryoi the Efiabl'tjhed Mmifiers^
confidered 105 to Ii2

7. ^r^. taken from feme Pajfages of Scripture that intimate tlie Duration
o£ the Minifterial Office r 1 2, to 119

8 Arg- taken from fome Paffages of Scripture that plead for the iVe-
ce]^^; of Preaching when the Magiflrate forbids, confider'd 1 20.

to I2t

9 Arg. taken from the D«/> of Praying that C7o^>*g in Defenfe of the dijfenting Uity, taken from the Bewejff they
had found by the Labours of the dijjenting Mmfters, confidered

131, to 155

2 Af^, taken from the /nj«r> done to the Eje^ed Min'tjlers, and the /«-
ibw/w^wz/yof forfaking them 1^3, to 137

3 >4rg. taken from the Caufe in which the dijfenting Minijiers are en-
gaged, viz. the prejjitig d farther Reformation, anfwcred in $ F^r-
ticulars 157

t. That they may conforwy and yet not forfake this Caufe 1 38

2- That they communicate with CA«rc/;ef which need z farther Refor.

mation as much 140

3. That to feparate in order to this End, is not a defenfible Thing 1 4^
Some of the Consequences and Circumjiances of Separation and Conformity

compared, and an ^r|j/;wfnf drawn from tiience J45, to '5'

4. That chfa Sepavation^and their Behaviour in it, is not a //i^e/y »'' to ob-
tain a /.ir?/5>er /ic'/ormu^ww 151, to I $9

5. That this -(4r^w/ie/ir will make Separation alvnyi recejjary j59> ^^

A Recapitulation of the /-nfrver to this Argument i6i, to 1^5

4 -1^''^. taken from the Duti oi i\\ed:ff:nting ^mflers J(55, to iing the antient

Church in many points^ confidered, 7,^9

Ohj. z Taken fom the Difficulty of discovering the true and real Scnfc

of the Fathers in this Matter^ confidered, 331

Under this the feveral f^afins alleged for this, are anfwered,
the Firft Reafon, becauje feveral of the earlicfl Writers have been loft^

ConficCeredt 39 >


The C O N T E N T S.

The Second Rcafon, beeanfe many of the Writings n>hich go unJer their

Names arei^p\iT\oiis,cotjJi 29

The Fourth Reafon, becaufe fame of them often mention the Opiniovs of
others, as well as then «»«, without any Diflinction ; and, in writing
againii their AdvcrdneSy ufe diffjOMourahle Methods, confideredy 542

The Fifth Reafon, becaufe the Fathers often altered their iMindSf and.
might poffibly retract in this Matter, as in others, confidered, 345

The Sixth Reafon, becaufe it is hard to difcover whether the Fathers held
their Opinions as tecejfary, or as probable only, confidered, 544

The Seventh Reafon, becaufe we cannot be jure that the Tejlimony of thofe
which remain, was the general Scnfcof the Church, confidered, ibid.

Ob). J- Tal^en from the Miftakes of the Fathers, and their frequent
contradifting one another concerning ApoftoIicaT Traditions, confi-
dered, 345

Obj. 4. TaJ^en from the obfcure, and uncertain Accounts given us by
Ecclefiaftical Hiflorians, of the fir/l Plantation of Churches, and
Succeffion of Biftiops, confidered, sco

Obj. $,Taken from the Vixhcxi often condemning tHen unjuftly as here-
tical, confidered, 552
11. The Hypothefcs which bavt been oppofed by learned modern Writers,

to the Apoftolical Inftitutiono/ Epifcopacy, are confidered, viz.

Firft, The Opinion of thofe who fuppofe that the Apoftles ufed different
Methods in different Churches, confidered, 55$

Secondly, The Opinion of thofe who mal^e the firft Bifhops to have been
only prime Presbyters, or Prefidents in the Meetings of Presbyters,
confidered, g^g

Thirdly, The Opinion of thofe who found /^e Settlement 0/ Epifcopacy
upon the voluntary Compact of the presbyters near the middle of the

Second Century, confideredy 361

Under this the Opinion of thofe of the Antients who are alleged as fa-
vouring tbis Scheme, and particu'arly of St. Jerome, whom the mofi:

learned modern Presbyterians protefs to follow, is enquired inro, and

confidered, from 571, to 985

Chap. II. The ^ki% alleged for the Right 0/ Presbyters to ordain, propo^

fed, and examined,

Scft. I. The Firft Plea, fallen from the Identity of Biftiops and Pref-

byters, examined ^83

Under this all the Texts of Scripture alleged to this purpofe are pa'rti-

ticularly confidered, from 391, to 440

Scft. 2. The Second Pica, ta{en from the CommifTion given to Pres-
byters, examined ^04
Under this Hkewi fc,

I. The Inftanceo/ the Afex«ndrian Presbyters cbufing their own Bi^
fhops, is confidered -, and proved not to imply in it their exercifine*

or pretending to the Right of Orda ini ng Presbyters, 418

9, An


'i' An Jnfacr is given to thofe Inilzncesand Canons, which are alleged, tofijtw

that farm OxA\x\zt\on% by Presbyters were aclijiovpledged valid after the

Settlement of Epifcopacy in the Church 425

Seft. 3. The Third Plea fallen from Presbyters l^eeping to the Rule of Sci\p'

tme,cotipdered 427

Sefl', 4. The Fourth Plea taken from their anfwering the Ends of Ordination,
confidered 4z8

Chap- III. TheVlcgs Lttely advanced^ in favour of the Laity's Right toOi-
daio, confidered

Seft. I. Arg. I. Tal^en from ?Ae Natural Righr of the Laity, confidered 435

Online LibraryBenjamin HoadlyThe reasonableness of conformity to the Church of England : with the defense of it, and the Persuasive to lay conformity ; to which is added, the brief defense of episcopal ordination .. → online text (page 1 of 51)