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connected with the Tyrwhitts.

t This lady was the authoress of a small
volume of Morning and Evening Praiers,
with divers Psalmes, Himnes, and Medita-
tions, Lond. 1574. This little book was so
highly valued by Queen Elizabeth, that she
had a copy of it bound in solid gold. — Walt's
Biographical Dictionarg,



army sent against the rebel earls, 13th
Elizabeth. He m. Elizabeth, daugh-
ter and heiress of Sir Thomas Oxen-
bridge, son and heir of Sir Goddard
Oxenbridge, by Elizabeth, his wife, tbe
sole daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas
Echingham, of Echingham, and was *
at his decease, in 1581, by his eldest

William Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby,
who wedded a daughter of Peter
Erescbville, Esq. of Stayvely, in
Derbyshire, and was s. by his
Eobert Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby,
who m. Bridget, daughter of John
Manners, fourth Earl of Rutland,
and left a son and successor,
"William Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby,
who m. Catherine, daughter of
Anthony Brown, Viscount Monta-
gue, and was .?., at his decease, by
his eldest surviving son,
Francis Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby,
who d. in 1673, leaving an only
daughter and heiress,

Catherine, who espoused Sir
Henry Hunloke, Bart., of
Wingerworth, and the great
great grandson of this mar-
riage was

Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart.,
of Wingerworth, who
thus represented the
eldest or Ketilby branch
of the Tyrvvhitts.

II. William, d. s.p.

III. Tristram, of Granny, in Lincolnshire,
who was "camp maister" to the army
marching northwards to quell the rebel
earls of Northumberland and West-
morland. He in. a daughter of Sir
William Shipwith, Knt., by Alice, his
wife, daughter of Sir Lionel Dyinock,
Knt., but d. s.p. Sir Tristram was
author of A Treatise on the Duly of a

iv. Makmaduke, of whom presently.

I. Elizabeth, m. Humphrey Littlebury,
of Stainsby.

II. Faith, m. 1st, Ambrose Sutton, Esq.
of Barton, and 2ndly, Lawrence Meers,

in. Troth, m. Godfrey Foljambe, Esq.
The fourth son of Sir William Tyrwhitt,

Marmadttke Tyrwhite, Esq. of Scotter,
espoused Ellen, third daughter of Lionel
Reresby, Esq. of Thribourg, in the county of
York, by whom he left at his demise, in 1599,
a son and heir,

Robert Twyrwhitt, Esq. of Scotter, and
afterwards of Cameringham, co. Lincoln, who
was sheriff for Lincolnshire, 9th James I.
He m. Anne, daughter of Edward Basset,*

* " The Bassets," to follow the words of a
quaint inscription in Cameringham, " were
also in their generations of great authority,
having been barons and allied to the crown,
and companions of the Order of the Garter."

Esq. of Fledborough, in Nottinghamshire,
and had (with other children, who died

i. Marmadfke, his heir.

II. Robert, was for thirty-two years in the
service of Charlks I. He was eldest
esquire of the horse, master of the
buckhounds, and, with Sir C Clerk,
ranger of the New Forest. He followed
the fortunes of that ill-fated monarch
to the last, and when the momentary
ascendency of the Regicides had sullied
their country with the blood of his
master, he did not long survive. The
broken cavalier lingered, unmolested
by Cromwell, at Hampton Court, but
for two years. He d. January, 1651,
and was buried in Hampton Church,
where a monument is erected to his

III. William, d. v.p.

iv. Edmund, gentleman pensioner in
ordinary to Charles I.

V. Francis, was, in his youth, cup-bearer
to the Queen of Bohemia, sister to
Charles I, and accompanying her to
her husband's court, was present at
most of the great battles of that period
on the continent. In 1631, having the
king's commission for that purpose, he
raised 1,500 men for the service of
Gustavus Adolphus, and in 1632, when,
upon the retirement of the Marquis of
Hamilton from the command of Gus-
tavus's English and Scottish forces, his
successor, the Duke of Saxe- Weimar,
had reformed the 6,000 British into
two regiments, Lieutenant-Colonel
Francis Tyrwhitt was, by Gustavus' s
desire, appointed to the command of
the first. In November of the same
year, a few days before the battle of
Lutzen, he was taken prisoner by the
Imperialists, whilst on a reconnoitring
party with Gustavus, and was thus
debarred from sharing the honours of
that fatal day. He escaped after the
action. In 1642, he joined King
Charles, at York, with 155 men, and
in the same year was appointed to a
principal command in the wars in Ire-
land, where he d., 1643, and was buried
in Christ Church, Cork.

VI. Thomas, "divine and chaplain" to
King Charles I.

I. Elizabeth, in. Sir Ferdinando Lee.

The eldest son and successor,

Makmaduke Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Camer-
ingham, b. 1588, in. Mary Haggerston, and,
dying in 1631, was s. by his eldest son,

Cecil Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Cameringham,
who in. Anne Townshend, and was s. at his
demise, in 1694, by his son,

Robert Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Cameringham.
This gentleman m. Ellen, daughter of Thomas
Lyster, Esq. of Coleby, and had issue,

I. Thomas, who s. his father at Camer-
ingham. This gentleman, who em-
braced the Catholic religion, d. umn.



at Paris, in 1755, having alienated his

paternal estates.
II. Robert, of whom presently.
in. Marmaduke, d. in 1699.

I. Frances.

II. Elizabeth.

III. Mary.
iv. Anne.

The second son,

The Eet. Robert Tyrwhitt, D.D., canon
of Windsor, rector of St. Janies's, West-
minster, and of Kensington, co. Middlesex,
canon residentiary of St. Paul's, and arch-
deacon of London, m. Elizabeth, daughter of
the Right Rev. Edmund Gibson, D.D., Lord
Bishop of London, by Margaret, his wife,
daughter and co-heir of the Rev. John Jones,
D.D., rector of Selatyn, co. Salop ; d. 1742,
and was buried in the Chapel Royal, Windsor,
having had (with two daughters, who d.
young) five sons, viz.,

I. Thomas, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., in-
herited the wreck of his uncle Thomas's
fortune. He was a distinguished
member of the literary, as well as
polite, world. The most eminent
scholars of this country and of the
continent united in bearing a willing
testimony to the vast extent of his
literary attainments. His best works
are his Notes on Shakespeare, his
Chaucer, and his Aristotle 's Poetics.
These last were published after his
death (from the manuscript found
among his papers) by the University
of Oxford. The first edition, consist-
ing of a limited number in folio, was,
with a few exceptions, presented to
crowned heads. He was deputy secre-
tary of war, and clerk of the House of
Commons, d. unm. August, 1786, and
was buried in the Chapel Royal, Wind-

II. Edmund, in holy orders, rector of
Bishop's Wickham, vicar of Bromfield,
in Essex, and prebendary of Chiswick,
in St. Paul's ; m. Margaret, daughter of
Thomas Gilbert, Esq. (brother of the
Most Rev. John Gilbert, Archbishop
of York), and d. 6th January, 1785,
leaving issue,

1. Thomas (Sir), Knt., sometime
Lord Warden of the Stannaries,
and vice-admiral of the counties
of Devon and Cornwall, and
private secretary to Eing
George IV when Prince of
Wales. He represented Plymouth
in several successive Parliaments,
and was constituted in 1812 gen-
tleman usher of the black rod, an
appointment he retained until the
summer of 1832. Sir Thomas,
who had several foreign orders
of knighthood, d. unm. 24th Feb-
ruary, 1833.

2. Edmund, formerly in the Life
Guards, d. unm. 1826.

in. Robert, in holy orders, M.A., a con-

siderable benefactor to Jesus College,
Cambridge, of which he was sometime
fellow. He founded four Hebrew
scholarships there, and d. unm. 25th
March, 1817, aged 82.

IV. William, a military officer, was killed
at the siege of Louisburgh, unm.

V. John, of whom presently.

The fifth and youngest son,

John Tyrwhitt, Esq., captain R.N., some-
time of Wallingford, and afterwards of
Netherclay House, co. Somerset, m. 23rd
October, 1764, Katherine, only child and
heiress (by Katherine, his wife, daughter of
Edward Jones,* D.D., canon of Windsor,
fourth son of Chief Justice Sir Thomas Jones)
of Very Rev. Penyston Booth, I).D., Dean of
Windsor and Wolverhampton, grandson of
Francis Clinton, sixth Earl of Lincoln, andrf.
in June, 1812, having had issue,

I. Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq., afterwards
Sir Thomas Jones, Bart., b. 1765,
sometime M.P. for Denbigh and
Shrewsbury, inherited, in 1790, the
estates of his maternal cousin, Sir
Thomas Jones, Knt., of Stanley Hall,
heir of Sir Thomas Jones, chief justice
of the Court of Common Pleas, temp.
James II, and assumed by sign-
manual the surname and arms of
Jones only, under his relation's will.
He was created a baronet 3rd October,
1808; m. in 1791, Harriet Rebecca,
daughter of Edward Williams, Esq.
of Eaton, co. Salop, who d. in 1824.
Sir Thomas d. 24th November, 1811,
leaving issue,

1. Thomas John (Sir), h. 12th July,
1793 ; sheriff of Shropshire, 1816 ;
sometime M.P. for Bridgnorth ;
m. in April, 1821, Eliza Walwyn,
youngest daughter of John Mac-
namara, Esq. of St. Kitts, and d.
5th October, 1839, leaving by her
(who d. 21th June, 1865),

I. Henry Thomas (Sir), of
Stanley Hall, co. Salop, h.
16th April, 1824, late lieu-
tenant in the Rifle Brigade ;
s. his father 5th October,
1839; m. 3rd November, 1853,
Emma Harriet, Baroness
Berners in her own right,
only daughter of Hon. and
Rev. Robert Wilson, and
niece and heiress of Henry
William, Lord Berners (see
Burke's Peerage), and has
issue, f

1. Harry Tyrwhitt Wilson,
equerry to H.R.H. the
Prince of Wales, late
lieutenant Grenadier
Guards, now lieutenant

* The wife of Edward Jones, D.D., was
Mary Huxley, heiress of Stanley, co. Salop.

f The iffsue of Baroness Berners are en-
entitled to be styled " Honourable."



Prince of Wales's Own
Norfolk Militia Artil-
lery, high sheriff co.
Leicester, 1884 (assumed
by royal licence, 23rd
February, 1876, the sur-
name and arms of Wil-
son only), b. 7th August,

2. Raymond Eobert, B.A.
Cambridge, b. 22nd July,

3. Hugb, lieutenant R.N.,
b. 14th July, 1856; m
10th August, 1882, Julia
Mary, daughter of Wil-
liam Orme Foster, Esq.
of Apley Park, co. Salop,
and has, Gerald Hugh,
b. 18th September, 1883.

4. Clement, b. 21st Octo-
ber, 1857.

5. Rupert, lieutenant R.A.,
b. 25th May, 1859.

6. Philip Bourchier, late
lieutenant R.N., b. 28th
November, 1861.

7. Leonard Francis (Rev.),
B.A., b. 29th October,

8. Thomas Ivnyvet, b. 28tli
December, 1864, d. 8th
October, 1886.

9. John, b. 14th September,

1. Ardyn Mary.

2. Sibyl Grace.

3. Hester Efa.

II. Edmund, major-general, late
Bengal Staff Corps, formerly
deputy inspector- general of
jjolice, Meerut, Bengal, b.
185:5 ; m. 10th February,
1851, Mary Jane, daughter
of Richard Ford. Esq., and
has issue, Louisa Harriett, in.
25th May, 1880, Mons. Louis
Alphonse Duperrel; Lucy
Marian ; Minnie, m. 12th
June, 1878, Captain Francis
W. Bromfield, 2nd battalion
Cheshire Regiment, instruc-
tor at R.M.C., Sandhurst.

III. George Booth, b. 1830, d. on
board the " Nizam " s.s., off
Aden, 28th April, 1875, unni.

I. Leila, in. in 1848, to Captain
Hylton Jolliff e (who d. 1854),
eldest son of William, first
Lord Hylton.

II. Harriet Anne, m. 4th
August, 1846, to John G.
Sheppard, Esq. of High
House, Campsey Ash, Suf-
folk, who d. 1882.

III. Charlotte Frances, m. 6th
August, 1850, to Albert
Ricardo, Esq.

2. Charhs Tyrwhitt, b. 24th March,
1801 ; m. first, 28th November,

1817, Emily, daughter of Admiral
Tollemache, and sister of Lord
Tollemache, which lady d. 3rd
December, 1821 ; secondly, Cathe-
rine Alicia De Burgh, sister of
Hubert De Burgh, Esq. of West
Drayton, which lady d. May, 1837 ;
and" thirdly, 19th March, 1838,
Jane Maria, daughter of John
Clerk, Esq. He d. July, 1876,
leaving, by his first wife, a daugh-
ter, Emily Elizabeth, m. 9th June,
1840, to Gerard Ralph Leycester,
Esq. of Toft, co. Chester, who d.
1851, leaving issue.
3. Edmund, b. in 1802, d. unm. in

1. Harriet Emma, m. 1818, John
Mytton, Esq. of Halston, co.
Salop, and d. in 1820.

2. Chai-lotte, m. 1819, James Brad-
shaw, Esq., and d. 1820.

II. John, of Worcester, and afterwards
of Gibraltar, sometime marshal to the
Admiralty there, m Sophia, daughter
of the Hon. Champion John Dyinoke,
and had issue,

1. John, R.N., d. unm. at Bornou,
in Africa, 1824.

2. James Bradshaw (Rev.), rector
of Wilksby, co. Lincoln, in. 25th
January, 1827, Anne, only daugh-
ter of James Barrett, Esq. of
Bushey, in Herts, and has had
issue, Reginald Henry Dymoke,
d. unm. 1851; Montagu Dymoke;
Cecil, m. 1855, William Ffaring-
ton, Esq.; Sophia, m. 1862, to K.
D. Drewitt, Esq.; Margaret; and

1. Martha Sophia, m. first, Capta n
William Walker, of Fertnoy, Ire-
land, by whom she had, John
Tyrwhitt Walker (Rev.) ; William
Tyrwhitt Walker, Inniskilling
Dragoons. She m. secondly, 24th
July, 1847, Colonel Guy Prender-
gast Clarke (see Clarke-Tra\ eks,
Bart., in Burke's Peerage), who
d. 24th November, 1866.
in. Richard, of whom presently.

I. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1812.

II. Catherine, d. 1843.
in. Margaret, d. 1841.
IV. Frances, d. 1843.

The third son,

Richard Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Nantyr, co.
Denbigh, barrister-at-law of the Inner Ternr le,
London, and recorder of Chester from 1S22
to 1836, D.L. for the shire of Denbigh ; b. at
Chard, co. Somerset, 25th August, J 772;
educated at Winchester, and called to the
Bar in 1798; m. 4th August, 1797, at Great
Hallingbury, Essex, Elizabeth, only daughter
of the Rev. Jonathan Lipyeatt, M.A., rector
of Great Hallingbury. and vicar of Bovinger,
Essex (she was b. 20th March, 1777, d. 18th
August, 1846, aged 70 years, and was buried
20th August following in the Protestant
division of the cemetery, outside the Porte



Louvain, Brussels) ; and d. 30th January,
1836, in the 64th year of his age, and was
buried 9th February following, in Llantsaint-
ffraid Church, having had issue,

I. Robert Philip, barrister-at-law, one of
the metropolitan police magistrates, b.
15th July, 1798, in the parish of St.
Pancras, co. Middlesex ; called to the
Bar 11th February, 1825; in. at St.
James's, Westminster, co. Middlesex,
30th September, 1824, Catherine Wig-
ley, eldest daughter of Henry St. John,
Esq. of Crouch Hill, co. Middlesex,
youngest son of the Hon. and Very
Rev. St. Andrew St. John, sometime
dean of Worcester (see St. John, in
Burke's Peerage). He d. at Oxford,
England, 18th June,1886,leavingissue,
1. Richard St. John (Rev.), M.A.
of the University of Oxford, of
Ketelby, The Parks, Oxford,
vicar of St. Mary Magdalen,
Oxford, 1858; b. 19th March,
1827 ; m. first, at Trinity Church,
Marylebone, co. Middlesex, 28th
June, 1858, Eliza Ann, second
daughter of John Spencer Stan-
hope, Esq. of Cannon Hall.
Barnsley, co. York, by Lady
Elizabeth, his wife, aDd by her
(who d. 8th September, 1859, and
was buried in the Holy Cross
Cemetery, Oxford) has a son,

I. Walter Spencer Stanhope,
lieutenant 1st Warwick
Militia (resigned), b. 6th,
and baptised 13th, September,

He m. 2ndly, at Long Preston,
co. York, 2nd January, 1861,
Caroline, younger daughter of
John Yorke, Esq. of Bewerley
Hall, Pateley Bridge, co. York
(see Burke's Landed Gentry),
and by her (who d. 6th December,
1883, aged 53 years) has issue,

II. Cecil Robert (Rev.), M.A.,
b. 25th December, 1862.

ill. Hugh St. John, b. 21st

May, 1865.
IV. Beau champ Edward, twin

with his sister Frances Mary,

b. 15th August, 1867.
v. Reginald Yorke, b. 10th

June, 1870.

I. Alice Catherine, b. 13th Feb-
ruary, 1864.

II. Frances Mary, twin with
her brother Beauchamp Ed-
ward, b. 15th August, 1867.

2. Beauchamp St. John (Rev.),
M.A. of Clare College, Cam-
bridge, formerly vicar of Up-
church, Sittingbourne, co. Kent,
and now vicar of Wispington.
Horncastle, Lincolnshire, b. at
Arundel Cottage, Crouch Hill, co.
Middlesex, 31st May, 1830 ; bap-
tised at Hornsey Church, co.

3. Robert Fox, b. 20th May, 1834 ;
d. 14th July, 18S8.
II. Thomas (Rev.), M.A., vicar of
Winterbourne Whitchurch, rector of
Turnworth, both co. Dorset, and a pre-
bendary of New Sarum, b. 11th Janu-
ary, 1802 ; m. 20th June, 1837, Mar-
garetta Anne, 2nd daughter of the
Rev. Nathaniel Bridges, vicar of
Henstridge, co. Somerset, and d. 11th
August, 1849, at The Hague, buried
in the Protestant cemetery there 14th
August, 1849, leaving issue (besides
two other children),

1. Thomas Enright Percy, lieu-
tenant 36th Regiment ; d. in the
Punjaub, 20th August, 1868.

2. Philip Nathaniel, commander
R.N., b. 31st July, 1843, m. 2 ith
April, 1870, Catherine, daughter
of Frederick St. John, Esq., aud
has issue.

3. Henry Mervyn (Rev.), M.A. of
the University of Oxford, for-
merly vicar of Nazing, Essex, and
now vicar of St. Michael and All
Angels', South Bromley, Loudon ;
b. 14th May, 1845 ; m. 9th April,
1872, Jaqueline Frances, daugh-
ter of Ven. William B. Otter,
archdeacon of Lewes, and grand-
son of the Right Rev. Dr. Otter,
Bishop of Chichester, and has

4. Cecil Booth (Rev.), M.A., vicar
of Cauldon and Waterfall, Ash-
bourne, co. Derby, sometime
chaplain and fellow of St. Chad's
College, Denstone, co. Stafford,
b. 26th May, 1849.

1. Alicia Margaretta, m. 9th No-
vember, 18 r <0, Edward Francis
Knottesford-Fortescue, Esq. of
Alveston Manor House, co. War-

in. Richard Edmund (Rev.), M.A. of
Brasenose College, Oxford; of
Breckles, Reading, Berks, took orders
at Salisbury, 24th December, 1837 ; on
the retired India list ; b. 25th Feb-
ruary, 1807 ; m. 17th March, 1859,
Elizabeth Hester, daughter of Andrew
Peterson, Esq. of Mesnil and Jemelle,
in Belgian Luxemburg.

IV. Henry, barrister-at-law, b. 31st
August, 1808 ; called to the Bar, 21st
November, 1831; d. unni. at Toronto,
Canada, 30th May, 1838, and was
buried 1st June following, in St.
James's churchyard, Toronto.

v. Percy, b. 6th October, 1810; d. at
New Orleans.

vi. William, of whom presently.

VII. Septimus, b. 21st August, 1815 ;
went to Canada in 1833, and was
captain of the Loyalist Militia in 1838.
He is now residing at Green-borough,
North Carolina, U.S. ; b. 21st August,
1815; in. 3iith April, 1842, Maria
Louise, daughter of Captain Wilder,



of the 3rd Light. Dragoons ; s.p.
December, 1871. To mark the origin
of his family, he gave the name of
Kettleby to a place which is so marked
in the maps of Canada.

I. Harriet Anne, b. 15th September, 1800.

II. Eliza, b. 16th January, 1804.

in. Emily, b. 27th July. 1805 ; d. at
Bath, co. Somerset, England, 19th
May, 1871.

IT. Louisa Stanley, b. 30th January,
1814 ; m. 11th October, 1850, Signor
Enrico Cicopieri St. Clair, who d. in
London, 8th October, 1867, and was
buried in Woking cemetery.

The 6th son,

William Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Nantyr, co.
Denbigh, recorder of Chester, was b. at
Stanley, Bridgnorth, co. Salop, 10th July,
1812; went to Canada in 1830; m. at
Lloyd Town, Toronto district, 22nd May,
1840, Elizabeth, daughter of Captain John
Armstrong, and by her (who was b. at
Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland, and d.
at Ottawa, Ontario, 1886) had issue,

i. Richard, of whom we treat.

II. John, b. 22nd January, 1845,
was at Dunedin, New Zealand, in

in. William Henry, b. July, 184fi ;
d. September, 1847.

I. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 26th
March, 1841; m. at West Grwil-
limbury, Canada, Thomas Gra-
hame, Esq , M.P. in the Canadian
Parliament till March, 1871, and
has issue, 1. Percy, b. 31st July,
1865 ; 1. Susanna Maria ; 2.
Ellen ; and 3. Harriet Hannah,
all b. at Hawthorn Bank, Tor-

He d. at Tecumseth, Ontario, 6th February,

Arms — 6u. three tirwhits or lapwings, or.
Crest — A savage ppr. wreathed and cinctured
vert, holding in both hands a club. Mottoes
— Me stante virebunt ; and Tyme tryeth

Residence — Nantyr, West Gwillimbury,

-i^ticolson, sir Arthur thomas bennett Robert, of that

_1_1 ilk, and Lasswade, and of Lyndhurst, Esplanade, St. Kilda, Mel-
bourne, Victoria, Australia, Bart., J. P. for Victoria, h. 1842; educated at
Melbourne College, s. his father as tenth baronet, 1879, was a commissioner
for the Centennial International Exhibition, held in Melbourne 1888. He
m. 14th July, 1881, Annie, eldest daughter of the late John Rutherford,
Esq. of Bruntsfield-place, Edinburgh, formerly of Illillawa, Australia, and
has issue,

i. Arthcr John Frederick William, h. 8th June, 1882,

ii. Harald Stanley, b. 22nd October, 1883.

ill. Lionel Rutherford, b. 1887.


i. John Nicolson, of Nicolson and Lass-
wade, Midlothian, was created a baronet of
Nova Scotia, 2nd July, 1629, with remainder
to his heirs male in general, and was s. by
his grandson.

ii. Sie John, who was s. by his eldest son,

in. Sie John, at whose decease s.p. the
title devolved upon his brother,

iv. Sir William, who was s. by his eldest

v. Sib Thomas, who was s. by his brother,

vi. Sir James. This gentleman dying s.p.
the title devolved on

vn. Arthur Nicolson, of Lochend,
Shetland (direct descendant of Bishop Nicol-
son, of Dunkeld, son of the first baronet),
who m. Mary, daughter of Alexander Innes,
commissary-clerk of Aberdeen, and left a

viii. Sir Arthur Ntcolson, who was
served heir male in 1826. He in. in 182],
Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of William Jack,
D.D., principal of the University and King's
College, Aberdeen, but dying s.p. in 1863,
was s. by his cousin,

ix. Sir Arthur Bolt Nicolson (who
was served heir male in 1866), son of Captain
James Nicolson, R.N., by Catherine Aim,
sister of Major Alexander Maxwell Bennett ;
b. in Lerwick, Shetland, 1811 ; m. 1829,
Margaret, daughter of Rev. George Bisset, of
Udny, Aberdeenshire, by whom (who d.
1869) he had issue,

i. Arthur Thomas Bennett Robert,
present baronet.

I. Mary Isabella.

II. Anne Jane Oceana.
ill. Kathcrine McArfchur.



Sir Arthur, captain in the 4th (or King's
Own), sailed for South Australia, where he
arrived in 1838, went to Victoria 1853, and
was appointed commissioner of goldficlds.
He d. June, 1879.

Creation— 2nd July, 1629.

Arms — Or three falcons' heads erased gu.

Crest — A demi lion or armed and langued
gu. Supporters — Two eagles or armed gu.
Motto — Grenerositate.

Seats — Grimister House, Lerwick, and
Brough Lodge, Fetlae, Shetland, Scotland.
Residence — Lyndhurst, Esplanade, St. Kilda,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

CAMPBELL, JOHN LOGAN, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S. Edinburgh, of Kil-
bryde, Auckland, New Zealand, superintendent of Auckland, New
Zealand, and cabinet minister witbout portfolio, 1856, b. at Edinburgh, 3rd
November, 1817; m. at Meerut, N.W.P., India, 1858, Emma, daughter of Sir
John Cracroft Wilson, C.B., K.C.S.I., Indian Civil Service, and has had

I. John Logan, b. at Florence, Italy, 26th May, 1864 ; d. in infancy.

I. Ida, b. at Naples, 22nd December, 1859 ; d. in London, 1880.

II. Winifred, b. at Florence, 26th May, 1864; m, 10th December, 1889,

Herbert Cyril Orde Murray, lieutenant 1st Gloucestershire Regi-
ment, only son of Colonel A. Staveley Murray, chief paymaster in


This family is lineally descended from that
of Campbell, of Aberuchill, Baronets of
Nova Scotia. The immediate ancestor of
the family is Sir John Campbell, of Lawers,
co. Perth (great grandson of John Campbell,
of Lawers, youngest son of Sir Colin Camp-
bell, first of GHenorchy, 3rd son of Duncan,
1st Lord Campbell, the ancestor of the
families of Argyle and Breadalbane, see
those titles in Burke's Peerage), who m. his
cousin Beatrix, daughter of Sir Colin Camp-
bell, of G-lenorchy, and had three sons,

I. Sir James Campbell, of Lawers, m.
Jean, daughter of James, 1st Lord
Colville of Culross (see Burke's
Peerage). Their son, John, m. 1629,
Margaret, Baroness Loudoun, and
was elevated to the peerage, 12th May,
1633, by the titles of Baron Farrin-
teane and Mauchline, and Earl of
Loudoun, to him and his male heirs
for ever ; but his lordship joining the
opposition to the Court, the patent
was, by a special order, stopped at the
Chancery, and the title superseded
until 1641, when it was allowed with
the original precedency. In this year
he was appointed high chancellor of
Scotland, and first commissioner of the
Treasury ; and after the decapitation
of the king, when the Parliament re-
assembled in 1648, Lord Loudoun was
chosen president of the Session, which
ordered the Proclamation of Charles

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