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900 Webster Sireei










Lacon, John Edmund, Esq. of Duntrune, co.
Forfar, J.P., b. 2 Nov. 1810; m. 14 May, 1840,
Louisa Matilda, dau. of Edward Shewell, Esq., and
had an only son,
Frederic Graham, &. 7 June, 1849; m. 1S75, Annie Margaret,
dau. of the Ven. Augustus Macdonald Hopper, Arch-
deacon of Norwich, and d. 1875, leaving a dau., Ida
Clementina. His widow m. 1878, Hugh William Tyrwhitt-
Drake, Esq.

Lineage. — The Grahams of Duntrune, and the Grahams of
Claverhouse were descended from a common ancestor, John
Graham of Claverhouse, who was the 2nd son of Sir Eobert
Graham of Kincardine, chief of the name (ancestor of the
Dukes of Montrose), who in 1406 m. the Lady Mary, dau. of
BoBEBT III., King of Scotland. When the line of Graham of
Claverhouse, Viscounts Dundee, became extinct, the Grahams
of Duntrune succeeded to the representation.

John Gbaham, Esq. of Claverhouse and Duntrune (2nd son
of Sir Eobert Graham of Fintry), obtained from Arcliibald,
Earl of Angus, a charter of the lands of Balargus, co. Forfar.
He m. Matilda, dau. of Sir James Scrimgeour, Constable of
Dundee, and was s. by his son,

John Graham, of Balargus, who acquired, 1330, the lands of
Kirkton, and subsequently those of Claverliouse. He m.
Margaret, dau. of John Bethune, of Balfour, and had a son and

John Graham, of Claverhouse, living loll, ra. Anne, dau.
of Robert Lundin, of Balgony, in Fife, and was s. at his decease,
about 1580, by his eldest son,

SiE William Graham, of Claverhouse, d. 1642, leaving, by
Marian his wife, dau. of James Fotheringhame, of Powrie,
two sons,

George, his heir, of Claverhouse, d. 1615, leaving two sons.
The elder. Sib William Graham, of Claverhouse, was
father of John Graham, the heroic Graham of Claverhouse,
Viscount Dundee, killed at Killiecrankie, 26 May, 1689 {set
BuBKEs Extinct Feeraqe).
Walter, ancestor of the Grahams of Duntrum.
Sir William's 2nd son,

Walter Graham, Esq. of Duntrune, m. 1630, Elizabeth,
sister of Alexander Guthrie, Esq., and was father of David
Gbaham, of Duntroon, who d. 1706, leaving a son,
M illiam Graham, of Duntrune, who assumed at the decease

of David, 3rd Viscount Dundee, the title of Viscount, as heir
male of the gallant Claverhouse. He was out in 1715, and
attainted by Act of Parliament. His eldest son,

James Graham, of Duntrune, likewise assumed the title,
joined in the rising of 1745, and was also attainted of treason.
Previously, however, 1735, he had sold Duntrune to his uncle,

Alexander Gbaham, who settled the estate upon his

David Gbaham, who then became of Duntrune. He was h.
1687, and d. 1767, leaving by Grisell Gardync, his wife, an
only surviving son,

Alexander Graham, of Duntrune, d. 1782, leaving, by
Clementina his wife, dau. of David Gardyne, Esq. of Middleton,
CO. Forfar, several daus., and one son, Alexander, of Dun-
trune, who d. s. p. 1802, whereupon his sisters became his co-
heirs. Of those ladies, the only two who married were Amelia,
of whom presently ; and Clementina, n. 1794, Gavin Drum-
mond, Esq., and had an only child, Clementina, to. 7 Oct. 1812,
David, 8th Earl of Airlie. The elder dau.

Amelia Graham, to. 18 April, 1781, Patrick Stirling, Esq. of
Piltendriech, co. Forfar, son of William Stirling, Esq. of
Pittendriech, by Jean Cook his wife, and had issue,

William, his heir.

Alexander, 6. July, 1796; d. 1801.

Clementina, of Duntrune, 6. 2 May, 1782; d. 1877.

Jean, m. John Mortlock Lacon, Esq. of Great Yarmouth,
2nd son of Sir Edmund Lacon, Bart., by his wife, Sarah,
dau. of John Mortlock, Esq., and d. I Sept. 1868, having by
him (who d. Ib53) had issue,

1 John Edmund, now of Duntrune.

2 Henry, R.N., d. in the West Indies, toim.

3 William Stirling, deceased.

4 Mortlock, deceased.

5 Graham, M.D., m. Harriet, dau. of Rev. E. M. Love,
and d. in India, 1857, leaving two daus., Alice Graham,
m. 1881, Bcv. D. Williams Kvans, and Edith Jane, lu,
1886, Rev. Herbert S. Clarke, M.A.

6 Francis, K.N., d. in the West Indies.

1 Amelia, m. II Feb. 1840, Charles John Palmer, Esq., who
d. 1882.

2 Jane.

3 Clementina Louisa, m. Capt. Thomas Spankie, Indian
army, who d. 18611.

4 Harriot Ellen, to. Major-Gen. Ommaney, E.A., who d.

Mrs. Stirling assumed with her husband, on inheriting Dun-
trune, the surname and arms of Graham ; she d. 24 Aug. 1324,
Her only surviving son,

4 D





WiLijAM Stirung Graham, Esq. of Diintrune, b. 12 June,
1794 ; d. Dec. 1S44, was s. by his eldest sister,

Clementina Stirling Graham, of Duntrune, 6. 2 May,
.1782; (I. 1877, and was s. by bcr nephew, John Edmund
Lacon, Esq. now of Duntrane.

Arms — Quarterly, per fess indented erm. and az., in the
2nd quarter a wolf's head erased arg. : quartering Graham of
Duntruyii , \iz : Or, three piles wavy sa., within a double tressure
flory counterHory gu., on a chief of the second as many
escallops of the first. Crest — A mount vert, thereon a falcon
ppr. beaked and belled or, charged on the breast with a cross
floiy and gorscd with a collar gu. J/ot(o— Probitas verus

IStal — Duntrune, Dundee.


Latone, Alfred, Esq. of Hanworth Park,
Middlesex, J. P. ; Jf.P. for Bermondsey Division
of Southwark 1886-92; b. 13 Feb. 1821; m. 22
April, 1852, Jane, dau. of William Boutcher, Esq.
of Grately, Hants, and by her (who d. 9 April,
1885) has had issue,

I. Alfred William, 6. 9 Jan. 1853 ; m. 26 May, 1876, Harriet,
2nd dau. of Rev. James Lawrence, and has issue,

Claude Alexander.
Harold Carlisle.

II. Harold, h. 25 Sept. 1857.

III. Maurice, 6. 24 March, 1859; d. IS Sept. 1886.

IV. William Boutcher, Capt. Devon Regt., b. 14 Dec. 18C0.

V. Albert Sumner, 6. 14 Oct. 1863.

VI. Herbert Arthur, Lieut. 3rd. D.G., 6. 18 June, 1865.

VII. Edgar Mortimer, Lieut. 4th Hussars, 6. 5 July, 1867.

I. Mary Elizabeth, m. Arnold, 3rd son of F. C. Hills, Esq. of
Redleaf, Penshurst, Kent.

II. Jane, m. William, eldest son of William Ainslie, Esq. of
Grizedale Hall, co. Lancaster, M.P. for Lonsdale Division
of Lancashire.

Lineage. — The family of Lafone or Lafon is of Huguenot
origin ; Alexander Lafon and Persomnice his wife, having
come to England during the early part of the 18th century.

Samlel Lafone, Esq. (son of Alexander Lafone, and his
wife, Mary Marchant, m. 1766), m. Sarah, dau. of Francis
Hurry, Esq. of Yarmouth, and had, with other issue, a son,

Alfred, now of Hanworth Park.

Armi — Az., within two chevroneJs or, two lions passant
counterpassant of the last, supporting a fleur-de-lis arg., the
whole between three mullets avg., pierced of the field. Crest —
A lion sa., charged on the body with a fleur-de-lis arg., gorged
with a collar nebuly and ducally crowned or, resting the dexter
forepaw on a mullet as in the arms. Motto — Fidus ut olim.

Stat — Hanworth Park, Hanwonh, Middlesex.


Laidlat, Andrew, Esq. of Seadiff, co. Had-
dington, J. P. and D.L., Barrister-at-Law, M.A.,
B.C.L., Oxford; b. 13 March, 1845; m. 12 Jan.
1882, Theophila Elizabeth, dau. of Eev. Charles
Edgar Turner, Yicar of Egg Buckland, South
Devon, and has issue,

Nigel, b. 20 May, 1892.

Mr. Laidlay is Lord of the Barony of Seaclifp,
"«hich estate is held by a "Barony title" under a
direct charter from the crown.

liineage. — The family of Laidlay (or Laidlaw) has been
settled in the south of Scotland for many generations.

The immediate ancestor of this branch is

John Laidlat, Esq. who m. Elizabeth, dau. of — Watson,
Esq. and d. 1 Aug. 1855, leaving by her, who d. 31 Dec. 1847, a
son and heir,

John Watson Laidlay, Esq. of Seacliff, co. Haddington,
and Drumorc, co. Argyll, J. P. for the former co. andF.R.S.E.,
b. 1808, m. 4 June, 1844, Helen Johnstone, dau. of Wilham
Hope, Esq. of Duddingstone, Midlothian, and had issue,

I. Andrew, now of Seacliff.

II. William James, m. 27 April, 1893, Laura, dau. cf John
Xibblett, Esq.

III. Robert Watson.

IV. Alfred Hope, m. 8 June, 1883, Jessie, dau. of Jame« Hope,
Esq., and has issue,

1 John Watson.
1 Frances Isobcl.

2 Helen Mildred.

V. John Ernest, in. 9 Jan. 1889, Eileen, dau. of J. Redmayne,
Esq., and has issue,
John Christopher.

I. Elizabeth, m. Rev. P. H. Waddell.

II. Ellen Edith Landale.

Mr. John Watson Laidlay d. S March, 1885, and was s. by his

eldest son.

Arins—Sa. a crescent or between three bezants. Crest— A
dexter hand issuing from a heart, holding a scimitar, aU ppr.
Motto — Fides probata coronat.

Stai— Scachff, near North Berwick, N.B.


Laing, James, Esq. of Etal Manor, Northumber-
land, and Thornhill, co. Durham, J. P. and D.L.,
b. 11 Jan. 1823; m. Ist, in 1847, Mary, 4th dau. of
Henry Tanner, Esq., and had by her,

I. Philip Henrt, 6. 1849.

II. Mary, m. 1873, Edward Featherstonhaugh, Esq.

Mr. Laing m. 2ndly, in 1855, Theresa Talbot, 8tb
dau. of the late Thomas Peacock, Esq. by Marianne,
his wife, dau. of Michael Bryan, Esq., author of
The Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, and
Juliana Talbot, his wife, sister of Charles, 15tli
Earl of Shrewsbury. By her he has issue,

I. Arthur, b. 1856; m. 18S2, Jean A., niece of Rev. William

Scott Moncrieff, of Fossaway, Perthshire, and has issue,

Colin Moncrieff.
n. James, 6. 1858 ; m. 1886, Emily Cecilia, dau. cl Thomas

Elliot Harrison, Esq. of Whitburn, Sunderland, and ha&


III. George, b. 1866; m. 1890, Annie Mulholland, 3rd dau.
of Rev. Henry Stobart, of VVykeham Rise, Totteridge.

IV. Hugh, b. 1871. V. Bryan, 6. 1875.

I. Annie, d. in infancy.

II. Florence Talbot, in. 1882, Major Alwyn B. V. Paget,
6Sth Light Infantry, 4th son of Col. Leopold-Grimston.
Paget, and has a son, Rupert-Alwyn, 6. Dec. 1882.

III. Theresa Talbot. iv. Mabel Talbot.

V. Maud Talbot.

VI. Sophia Talbot, m. 28 July, 1891, Percival Charles du
Sautoy Leather, Esq. of Northumberland Estate, Ceylon,
second son of John T. Leather, Esq. of Leventhorpe Hall,
Yorkshire, and Middleton Hall, co. Northumberland,
and has issue.

Tii. Margaret Dunbar, m. June, 1891, Alfred Stokes, Esq.

Capt. R.H.A.
vni. Eleanor Stepney. ix. Louisa Harcourt.

Mr. Laing has from early manhood taken an active
interest in the improvement of the Port of Sunder-
land. He has served on the Eiver Wear Commission
for more than thirty years, and has been Chairman
since 1868. In 1883 he was chosen President of
the Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom. .
In 1879 he filled the office of High Sheriff of the
county of Durham, and in 1881 contested unsuccess-
fully its representation.

Liineage. — Philip Laing, Esq. of Dcptford House, co.
Durham, J. P., youngest son of James and Sophia Laing, of
Pittenween, co. Fife, entered into partnership with his brother
John at North Sands, on the Wear, in 1793, and thus founded
the great ship-building firm of John and Philip Laing. The
elder brother retired in 1818, and the younger became the sole
possessor of the property at Deptford and proprietor of the
works that have since acquired world-wide reputation. He
died in 1854, leaving by Anne, his wife, who died the same
year, one son and two daus., viz.

James, now of Thornhill and Etal Manor.

Mary, m. 14 Aug. 1839, Christopher Maling Webster, Esq.
of Paliion Hall, co. Durham.

Anne, m. 22 Oct. 1850, Henry Robert Webster, Esq., of
Morton House, co. Durham. |

Arms — Per pale arg. and sa. two wolves' heads erased, on a
chief nebuly a wolf's head erased all counterchanged. Crest —
In front of a demi-catlierine wheel sa, a dove holding in the
beak two sprigs of olive slipped ppr.

6'ra<s— Thornhill, Sunderland; and Etal Manor, Cornhill,






Laloe, Maey Anxb, of Cregg, co. Tipperary, *.
her brother, 1890.

Liineage.— The O'Lalors, or Lalors, are of Milesian origin
At an early period, they migrated, with the O'Mores, from
Ulster to the extensive district of Leix, in the Queen's Co.,
of which country the O'Mores beeame powerful princes, and,
under them, the O'Lalors were influential chieftains, possess-
ing considerable landed property between Stradbally and
Maryborough. Their principal seat was at Disert, near the
rocic of Dunamase. Thence a branch sprung which settled in
the CO. of Tipperary.

DioNisius Lalob, of Ballywoney, was a member of this
family. His name was signed to the new form of oath and
declaration of the Confederate Catholics of Ireland, dated
10 Jan. 1646, o.s., amongst the signatures of several other
personages, who are styled by historians "veluti comitiales
in DomoConimunium."

The first member of the O'Lalor family who became a
resident in co. Tipperary was

Jebemiah Lalob, 6. 1626, who removed from Disert, Queen's
Co., about the year 1666, after having taken a prominent part
in defending the fortress of Dunamase against ihe Parliamen-
tarians during the war of 1641. He held the rank of Major in
the Irish forces, and his father was nephew to Winifred, dau.
of O'Lalor, of the Queen's Co., and wife of John Crosbie, Bishop
of Ardfort, who d. 1621. The lands of Farran-g-cahill, near
Templemore, and also several other denominations in that
neighbourhood, were Major Jeremiah Lalor's estates. Farrena-
gahill at the present day pays a chief-rent to his descendant,
Mr. Power-Lalor, of Long Orchard after mentioned. Major
Jeremiah Lalor, although then far advanced in years, fought
as a volunteer under King James II. at the Boyne. After he
had become resident in co. Tipperary, he m. Judith, dau. of
Kedragh O'Meagher, Esq. of Boulebane Castle, .same co., and
had issue five sous. He d. 9 July, 1709, aged 83. His eldest

jEBEMrAH Lalob, Esq. of Earnagrotty, King's Co., m. the
dau. of Samuel Smith, Esq. of LisdufTe, co. Tipperary, and had
two sons,

John, of Long Orchard, of whom presently.

Jeremiah, of Baruagrotty.
The eldest son,

JoHK Lalob, Esq. of Long Orchard, and Cregg, co. Tipperary,
m. Elizabeth, sister of John Doherty, Esq. of Outrath, co. Tip-
perary, and d. 9 May, 1782, aged 75, leaving issue,

Thomas, his heir.

Nicholas, of Dunmore and Ballyragget, co. Kilkenny, m.
Cecilia, dau. of Ulick Burke, Esq. of Meelick, co. Galway,
and d. t. p. 29 June, 1798.

John, of Crannagh and Long Orchard, co. Tipperary. (See
Poweb-Lalob 0/ Long Orchard.)

Jeremiah, of Glasshouse, m. 1st, Lydia, dau. of William
Smith, Esq. of Burriscastle, Queen's Co., by whom he was
father of John, of Gurtecn, co. Tipperary, who m. Sarah,
dau. of Edward Kennedy, Esq. He m. 2iully, Anne, dau.
of John Doherty, Esq. of Outrath, co. Tipperary.

James, of Biverstown, vi. Miss Bray, a niece of Dr. Thomas
Bray, lloman Catholic Archbishop, and had by ,her a dau.,

.Joseph, a law student, d. young and unm.

Bridget, wife of Noble Luke Usher, Esq. of Gurteen, co.
Tipperary, d. s. p.

Alice, wife of William Keating, Esq. of Brookley, co. Tip-
perary, d. >. p.

Susan, d. unm.

The eldest son,

Thomas Lalob, Esq. of Cregg, co. Tipperary, J.P., and a
Deputy-Governor of cos. Tipperary and Kilkenny, vi. Bridget,
dau. of Edmund Power, Esq. of Garnavilla, and d. 27 May,
1812, leaving (with two daus., Maria, m. D'Arcy Mahon, Esq.,
and Alice, ni. John Power, Esq. of Churchtown) a son and

Thomas Edmund Lalob, Esq. of Cregg, J P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1840-41, m. Anne, dau. of Eichard Power, Esq. of Car-
rick-on-Sujr, and by her (who d, 31 Jan. 1848) had issue,

Thomas, late of Cregg.

John, 12th Infantry, d. 11 Xo7. 1850, aged 26.
Nicholas, d. 18 Oct. 1848, aged 22.
Maey Annb, now of Cregg.

Eliza, m. 18.'i6, William O'Meagher, Esq. of Kilmoyler.
Louisa, 7)1. Clement badleir, Esq. of Castle Blank, co. Tip-

:Mr. Lalor d. 22 Feb. 1847, aged 62 ; and was s. by his eldest
TuoMAi Lalob, Esq. of Cregg. J.P., D.L., and Vicc-Lieii-

tenant co. Tipperary, High Sheriff 1860, J. P. ccs. Kilkenny and
Waterford, Gentleman-atrLarge to H.E. the Earl of Bess-
borough when Lord-Lieut, of Ireland. He d. 8 Jan. 1890, and
was g. by his sister.

Arms— Vert, a lion rampant or, armed and langued gu.
Crest — An arm embowed vested gu. cuffed vert, the hand ppr.
grasping a short sword also ppr. Motto— Vortis et fidelis.

Seat — Cregg, Carrick-on-Suir, co. Tipperary.


Powee-Laloe, Geoege Eichaed, Esq. of Long
Orchard, co. Tipperary, late Lieut. Tipperary
Artillery, b. 29 Aug. 1864.

lilneag'e. — Paternally this family is a branch of Powee or
DE laPoeb, of Gurteen, co. Waterford, and maternally a branch
of Lalor 0/ Cregg {see those families), springing from

John Lalob, Esq. of Crannagh and long Orchard, co.
Tipperary, J.P., and Deputy Governor, 3rd son of John Lalor.
Esq. of Long Orchard and Cregg. He )/;. Mary, dau. of
Thomas Phelan, Esq. of Nodstown, co. Tipperary, and had

John Thomas, b. 1793; d. unm. 1823.
Thomas Phelan, Barrister-at-Law, d. unm. 4 June, IS'25.
Anastatia Phelan, of whom hereafter.
Mary, m. 1827, Pilchard Montesquieu Bellew, Esq., M.P.,
brother of the 1st Lord Bellew, and d. s. p. 1528.

Mr. Lalor d. 7 Sept. 1828. His eldest dau.,

Asastatla Phelan Lalob, m. Ist,181.5, EdmondPower, Esq.
of Gurteen, co. Waterford, and had issue.

I. John William, who s. his father at Gurteen iste De la
Poeb of Gurteen le Peer).

II. Edmond James, who assumed the additional surname of
Lalob, of whom hereafter.

III. Kichard Francis, m. Sara Gordon, of Virginia, North
America, ana had two daus., Anastaiia and Mary.

I. Mary, ra. 13 Aug. 1846, Heury Petre, Esq. of Dunken-
halgh, D.L. co. Lancaster, and d. 1 Jan. ISsO.

II. Eleanor, m. 1843, Patrick William Power, Esq. of
Pembroke's Town, co. Waterford.

Mrs. Power m. 2ndly, Bight Hon. Kichard Lalor Shiel, M.P.,
and d. i Aug. 1852. Her 2nd son.

Edmond James Poweb-Lalob, Esq. of Long Orchard, J.P.
and D.L. co. Tipperary, High Sheriff 1857, Capt. 1st Dragoon
Guards, s. to his maternal grandfather's estates, and assumed
as above the surname of his mother's family. He was 6. 18
Oct. 1817. and m. 1858, Mary Frances, dau. of George Ryan,
Esq. of Inch House, D.L. co. Tipperary, and had issue,

I. George Richard, his heir. ii. Edmond, d. unm.

I. Maiy Anastatia, m. 1879, Capt. William Gervase de la
Poer, of Glan Poer.

II. Curalie Evelyn Mary, m. 2 Jan. 1S89, William, 3rd son
of trie late Sir i homas Burke, Bart, of Marble Hill.

III. Helen Georgiana, d. 1874. iv. Grace Mary, d. 1879.
Mr. Power-Lalor d. 4 Aug. 1S73, and was s. by his son,

George Richabd Poweb-Lalob, Esq. now of Long Orchard.

Arms — Quarterly : Ist and 4th, or, a lion, rampant guardant
gu. ; '^nd, arg., a chief indented sa. ; 3rd, arg., on a chief gu.
tliree escallops of the first. Cre.Us — 1st, An arm eabowed
vested gu. cuffed vert, the hand ppr. grasping a short sword
also ppr. ; 2nd, A stag's bead affronted or, between the horn.-;
a crucitix ppr. Mottoes — Fortis et fidelis : and Per crucem ad

Seat — Long Orchard, Templemore, co. Tipperary.


Lamb, William Rdtueefued, Esq. of Evton
Hall, CO. Durham; b. 3 Dec. 1847; m. 10 Aug.
18S6, Alice, 2nd dau. of Eobert Mitford, Esq. of
Weston Lodge, Hampstead, and has had issue,

I. Archibald Mitford Rutherfurd, 6. 5 Jan. 1888 ; d. aged two

II. Algernon Joseph Rctheefubd, 6. 1891.

I. Iris Trelawney Rutherfurd, b. 5 June, 1889.

Lineage. — This is a senior branch of the Lamb family,
who came originally from Seat Hill, Cumberland, and for
three generations have been at Kyton Hall, co. Durham. A
junior branch of the same family has been seated at West
Denton, co. Northumberland, for some generations as described
in the next Memoir (see Lamb of West Denton).

RicHAUD Lamb, Esq. of Seat Hill, Cumberland, 6. 1680;
w. Alice Graham, of Edmond Castle, Cumberland, and had
issue a numerous family, of wliicb the youngest son,

4 D 2





Joseph Lamb, Esq. of Byton House, co. Durham. 6. 1732,
J. P., m. 1st, the heiress of the Humble family, of Ryton, co.
Durham, and had issue two daus., who d. in infancy ; and
2ncny, Sarah, dau. of Warren Maude, Esq. of Sunnyside, co.
Durham, and had issue,

I. HrMBLE, of whom presently.

II. AVarren, 6. 1778; m. ISU, Sarah, dau. of Robert Hunter,
Esq of Hunter Hill, co. Durham, and has issue,

1 Warren Maude, d. 1S40.

2 Frederick, m. Lilla Louisa, dau. of Adam Wallace
Elraslie, Esq. of London, and had issue.

3 Thomas Curnwallis.

1 Sarah Maude, deceased.

2 Louisa, m. Col. St. Aubyn, of Belvedere House, Jersey,
and d., having had issue.

3 Harriet, 771. George Falle, Esq., and is deceased.

4 Caroline Laura, m. Col. St. Aubyn, jun., and has issue,
ni. Joseph, of West Denton (whom see).

I. Haniet, m. Robert Scott, Esq. of ShincIifTe Hall, Durham,
and had issue,

1 William, b. 1S04 ; m. Georgina, dau. of Col. Herries, and
d. having had issue.

2 Dudley, b. 19 May. 1S31.
1 Georgina, deceased.

II. Sarah, vi. George Broadrick, Esq. of llamphall Parle, co.
York, and had issue.

III. Helen, ni. Capt. Fead, R.N., and had issue.

The eldest son,

Humble Lamb, Esq. of Ryton Hall, J.P., b. 1774, 6th
Wrangler and B. A. of Emanuel Coll. Camb ; in. ISOl, Jane,
dau. of Alexander Chatto, Esq. of Main House, Roxburgh-
shire, and d. April, 1844, having by her, who d. Dec. 1819,
had issue.

I. Joseph Chatto, of Ryton Hall, of whom presently.

II. Alexander, deceased.

III. Charles, m. Frances Ongley, dau. of Capt. Frederick
Burgoyne, B.N., and d. leaving issue. His 2nd dau.
Evelyn, m. 19 F>b. 1887, William Edward, 3rd son of
Basil Cochrane, Esq. of Asfordby Hall, Melton.

I. Elizabeth, vi. William Maude, Esq., youngest son of
Jacob Maude, Esq. of Sunnyside and Selaby Hall, co.

II. Sarah, d. unm. 30 Jan. 1886.

III. Jane, m. 1st, John Steavenson, Esq. of Ryton, co.
Durham, and has issue; she m. 2ndly, the Rev. Henry
Bourehier Wrey, Rector of Tawstock, co. Devon.

IV. Isabella, m. Bewicke Blackburn, Esq., and has issue.
The eldest son,

Joseph Chatto Lamb, Esq. of Ryton Hall. J. P., b. 1803, m.
1st, 24 Jan. 1839, Eleanor Oliver, 4th dau. of William Oliver
Rutherfurd, of Edgerston, co. Roxburgh, and by her (who
d. Feb. 1851) had issue,

I. Alexander Humble, 6. Nov. 1845 ; d. Jan. 1847.

II. William Rutherfubd, now of Ryton Hall.

III. Joseph Chatto. b. April, 1850 ; m. lYances Augustus,
dau. of A. Morand, Y-sq. of Philadelphia, U.S.A.

I. Agnes Alice, m. Major Paton, of Crailiug, co. Roxburgh,
and had issue.

II. Jane, m. Thomas Stubbs Walker, Esq. of Maunby Hall,
Thirsk, and has had issue,

III. Helen, m. Robert Ormston Lamb, Esq. of Temon, co.
Cumberland, and has issue (see Lamb 0/ West Denton).

Jlr. Lamb m. 2ndly, 1861, Isabella Anderson, dau. of Peter
Hutchison, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., and d. 6 Nov. 1884 ; she d. 17
Jan. 1887.

Arms — Gu., on a fesse erm. between three cinquefoils arg.,
two mullets of the field. Crest — A paschal lamb, ppr. Motto —
Palma non sine pulvere.

Seat — Byton Hall, liyton-on-Tyne, co. Durham.


Lamb, Eichaed Westbeook, Esq. of West Den-
ton, Northumberland, J. P. and D.L., b. 11 Aug.
1826; m. 6 Feb. 1855, Georgiana Elizabeth,
youngest dau. of Stephen Eaton, Esq. of Ketton
Hall, CO. Eutland, and by her (who d. 17 March,
1868) has had issue,

I Joseph John Talbot, b. 27 Sept. 1857, d. unm. 1881.
n. Stkpuen Eaton, Capt. Dorset Regt., b. 28 July, ISCO.

III. Edmund George, b. 8 July, 1863.

IV. Richard Scott, b. 12 Jan. 1866.

I. Marie Georgiana Elizabeth, m. 28 Sept. 1882, Arthur, Lord
De I'reyne, and has issue.

liineagre.— This family is a younger branch of the Lames
*/ Seat Jlill, Cumberl

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