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n, Esq. of Fort Singleton,
t:o. Monaghan, by his 1st wife, a dau. of Oliver Anketell, Esq.
of Anketell Grove, and d. circa 1801, having had one son,
John Corry, and six daus., all of whom d. unm. except the
3rd, Isabella, who m. Whitney Upton Gledstanes, Esq. of Far-
dross. The son and heir,

John Corry Moutray, Esq. of Favour Royal, J.P. and D.L.,
*. 29 Sept. 1771; m. 27 April, 1793, Mary Anne Catherine,
2nd dau. of Major Ambrose Upton, of Hermitage, co. Dublin,
and had issue,

Anketell, of Favour Royal .
John James, late of Favour Royal.

AVhitney, of Fort Singleton, co. Monaghan, J P., h. 15 Sept.
1804; TO. 20 Apiil, 1843, Annabella, dau. of Andrew Craw-
ford, Esq. of Auburn, co. Dublin, and d. Dec. 1882, leaving
Whitney John Upton, now of Fort Singleton, Emyvale,
J. P., M..\., Barrister-at-Law, b. 5 Jan. 1849.
John Thomas, Major.
Thomas (Rev.), b. 5 Dec. 1806: m. 20 Oct. 1842, Eliza, dau.
of Andrew Crawford, Esq. of Auburn ; d. s. p. 1843.

William (Rev.), h. 2 Oct. 1811 ; d. unm. 27 April, 1828.
Henry , of Killymoon Castle, Cookstown, co. Tyrone. J P.,
b. 13 March, 1814; m. 1855, Barbara, eldest dau. of II.
Mervyn Stewart, of Martrey House, and d. Feb. 1875, leav-
ing issue,

Mervyn Stewart Thomas, now of Killymoon, J. P., 6. 23
Aug. 1865.
Frances Vesey.

Beatrice, ?)!. 1887, Daniel James Wilson, Esq., B. A., Barris-

He purchased Killymoon Castle in 1873, and was s. by his

Margaret, to. 23 June, 1810, Sir .James Richardson Banbury,

Bart, of Aughercastle, and has issue.
Isabella, m. 1820, Robert Waring Maxwell, Esq. of Killy-

faddy, CO. Tyrone.
Sophia, m. 14 Dec. 1833, Robert Hornidge, Esq. of Fardross,

CO. Tyrone, and had issue.

Mr. Moutray d. 26 April, 1859, and was s. by his son,
Anketell Moutray, Esq. of Favour Royal, High Sheriff co.

Tyrone 1855, 6. 11 May, 1797 ; d. Oct. 1869, and was s. by hi*

Rev. John James Moutrat, of Favour Royal, M.A., 5. 15

April, 1802; m. 1 Jan. 1836, Maria Dorothea, 2nd dau. of the

Rev. William Perceval, of Kilmore Hill, co. Waterford, and

by her (who d. Sept. 1864) had issue,

I. John Maxwell (Rev.), M.A., LL.D., b. 1 Feb. 1837 ; vi.
1864, Jane, dau. of David Harrell, Esq. of Mount Pleasant,
CO. Down, and has,

1 John Corry Anketell, 6. 1865, d. 1369.

2 William Perceval, 6. 4 July, 1872.
1 Anna Helena, 6. 22 Sept. 1868.

II. Robert Perceval, Capt. R.N., 6. 22 Nov. 1840.

III. William Henry, b. 1842; m. 1871, Miss Margaret Wilson,
in Canada, and has issue,

1 William Robert, b. 1884.

1 Mary Upton, b. 1872. 2 Anna Caroline, 6. 1873.

3 Bessy. 4 Margaret. 5 Emma.

IV. Anketell, now of Favour Royal.

v. Charles Frederick, B.A., T.C.D., b. 1846, m. Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of the late Edward Hornidge, Esq. of Tulfairis,
CO. Wicklow, and has issue, Frederick Charles, b. 23 June,
1889, and Phoebe Elizabeth.

I. Anna Maria Sophia, 6. 5 Sept. 1849.

II. Mary Elizabeth, b. 12 Sept. 1851 ; m. 10 Aug. 1889, Alger-
non Thomas Fetherstonhaugh Briscoe, Esq. of Lake House,
CO. Westmeath, and has issue, Mary Elizabeth.

m. Caroline Helena, b. 21 April, 1858.

Mr. Moutray d. 20 June, 1886, and was s. by his fourth soa.
iS«ai— Favour Royal, Aughnacloy, co. Tyrone.


MowBEAY, Geoegiana Anne, of Grangewood
House, CO. Leicester, m. 15 Feh. 1858, at Pau,
Monsieur Pierre Richaud de Preville, of the
Chateau des Mondrau8, near Orthez, Basses
Pyrenees, France, and has issue,

I. Andrb George Richaud de Preville, b. 1859.

I. Zelie Isabella Richaud de PriSville, m. 1886, Col. H. E.
Colvile, Grenadier Guards, son of Charles Robert Colvile,
of LiUlington Hall, co. Derby, by his wife, Hon. Katherine
Sarah Georgina, dau. of Baroness de Clifford (see Burke's

Ijineagre.— This branch of the family of Mowbray appears
to have been formerly settled at Allenhead, Northumberland,
and subsequently at Wolsingham, co. Durham. In 1738,
Tkasdale Mowbrat, Esq. of Wolsingham, to. Anne, dau. and
heir of Thomas Reid, Esq. of Bistopwearmouth, and was s. by
his son,

George Mowbray, Esq. of Ford, co. Durham, to. Elizabeth,
dau. of Anthony Wilkinson, Esq. of Crossgate, Durham, and
d. 1691. His only surviving child.

George Mowbray, Esq. of Ford and Mortimer, Berks, m.

Jane, dau. and heir of Oliver Coghill, Esq. of Coghill Hall, co.

York, and d. 1798, leaving two sons,

I. George Isaac, of BishopwcarmouthandMLTtimer, m. Nov.

IS'.'l, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Right Rev. Robert Gray,

D.D., Prebendary of Durham, Rector of Bishopwearuiouth,

and afterwards Lord Bishop of Bristol, and d. 25 June, 1823,

leaving an only surviving child,

Elizabeth Gray Mowbray, to. 19 Aug. 1847, John Robert

Cornish, now the Right Hon. Sir John B. Mowbray.





Bart.,* M. P. of Mortimer, Berks, and Bishopwearmouth,
CO. Dui-ham, P.C„ M.A., D.C.L., J.P. and D.L., M.P.
for the University of Oxford, was M.P. for the city of
Durham lS53-6!<, Judge Advocate-Gcn. lS53-n9, and
again Ib66-6!S, Church Estates Commissioner 1871, and
has issue,

Eohert Grey Cornish, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, Fellow of
AU Souls Coll., OxoD, M.P. for S. E. Lancashire, 6. 21
M.\y. l!>50.

Eeginald .\ml)rosc, M.A., Oxon, Rector of Darnley, 6. 5
April, 1852; m. 27 1891, Caroline Elwes, 3rd dau.
of Lieut.-Gen. G. T. Field, late R.A.
Edmund George Lionel, B.A. Oson, 6. 26 June, 18.59.
Annie Maud, m. 5 Aug. 1884, EeT. C. Cruttwell, M..\.
Edith Marian.
n. Thomas, of whom we treat.
The 2nd son,

Thomas Mowbbat, Esq. of Grangewood House, J.P., Capt.
R.N., 6. 28 Aug. 1793, m. 22 April, 1823, Anne, eldest dau. of
Richard Thomas Streatfeild, Esq. of The Rocks, Sussex, by
Anne his wife, dau. of Robert Shuttleworth, Esq. of Gawthorpe,
CO. Lancaster, and by her (who d. 1 July, 1869) had issue,

Geobge Thomas, of Grangewood House.
Georgiana Anne, now of Grangewood.
Sydney liichard, d. in infancy.

Mr. Mowbray d. 16 June, 1SG4, and was s. by his eldest son,

Geobge Thomas Mowbrat, Esq. of Grangewood House, co.
Leicester, Lord of the Manor of Over.seaJe, B.A. Carab., J.P.
for cos. Leicester and Derby, D.L. for the former shire, and
retired Major of its Militia, Deputy-Chairman of Quarter
Sessions, High Sheriff 1879, b. 29 April, 1824, d. 29 Feb. 1892,
and was «. by his sister.

Seat — Grangewood House, Overseale, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.
Residence— Ch3.tea.u des Mondraus, near Orther, Basses
Pyrenees, France.


MoYSEY, Henry Gorges, Esr;. of Batliealton
Court, Somerset, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1875,
and J.P. CO. Devon, late Lieut. 11th Hussars, b. 16
July, 1813; m. 10 Aug. 1841, Emily Faithful, 3rd
dau. of Rev. Charles Robert J^anshawe, of Fan-
shawe Gate, co. Derby, and Dengie Hall, Essex.
She d. 30 Aug. 1893.

Lineage.— Abel Motset, M.D., 6. 3 Dec. 1715, a distin-
guished Physician at Bath, purchased the estate of Charter-
house, Hinton, Somerset. He to. 22 June, 1742, Elizabeth
Fortrie, and had issue,

Abel, his heir.

Mary, m. Rev. John Richards, of Longbreddy House, Dorset,
and bad issue.

Dr. Moysey d. 11 Aug. 17S0, and was s. by his son,

Abel Motset, Esq. of Charterhouse Hinton, b. 1743, M.P.
for Bath 1774, 1780, and 1784. In 1777, he was appointed one
of the Justices for the Principality of Wales, and in 1795,
Deputy-Remembrancer of the Court of the Exchequer, lle-ui.
26 Dec. 17-74, Charlotte, 4th dau. of Sir Richard Warwick
Bampfylde, Bart, of Poltimore, Devon, and by her (who d.
26 Dec. 1807) left at his decease, 3 July, 1831.

Abel, his heir, m. Anne, 2nd dau. of Francis Fownes Lui-

trell, Esq., and d. i. p. 1839.
Charles Abel.
Frederick, of Lincoln's Inn, Earrister-at-Law, 6. 26 Feb.

1781 ; m. Laura Gertrude, 6th dau. of Charles Oldficld

Bowles, Esq. of North Aston, Oxon. She d. 20 3Iay, lt£i4,

and he d. 8 June, 18C3.
Henry Gorges, Capt. R.N., 6. 17 Nov. 1765; d. mxi,i..

in the West Indies, 9 Oct. 1889, in command of H.M.S.

" Curicux."
Charlotte Elizabeth, of Pickhurst Mead, Hayes, Kent, d. 26

March, 1846.

The 2nd son.

The Ve.v. Charles Abel Motset, D.D.. of Charterhouse
Hinton, Somerset, Archdeacon of Bath, J. P., h. 26 Nov. 1779 ;
m. 1st, 9 Aug. 1810, Charlotte, eldest dau. of Frances Fownes
Luttrell, Esq. of Dunster, Chairman of the Board of Customs,
and by her (who d. 24 May, 1819) had issue,

* Sir John, only son of Robert Stribling Cornish, Esq. of
the city of Exeter, by Marianne, his wife, dau. and heir of
John Powning, Esq. of Hill's Couit, Exeter, was b. 3 June,
1815, and was authorized by royal licence, dated 26 July, 1847,
*^ "JJ the surname of Mowbray only, and to bear the arms
of Mowuray quarterly with his own family arms, and
assumed the name accordingly immediately upon his marriage
1880 ^^^^ following. He was cjeattd a Baronet 3 Mav,

I. Charles Francis, 6. 3 Oct. 1811 ; d. 13 Feb. 1816.

II. Henry Gorges, now of Bathealton.

III. Frederick Luttrell (Rev.), M.A., formerly Vicar of Combe
St. Nicholas, Somerset, and of Sidmouth, Devon, 6. 9 Nov.
1815; m. 29 May, 1839, Arabella, eldest dau. of the Hon.
John Petty Ward, uncle to Viscount Bangor, and lus

1 Charles John, C.M.G., Col. E.E., I. 12 June, 1840 ; ni.
29 April, 1873, Frances, 2nd dau. of Sir Peter Bensoa
Maxwell, late a Judge at Singapore, and has issue.

2 Frederick Abel, retired Commander R.N., 6. 17 July,
1845; ra. 21 Sept. 1881, Margaret M., dau. of I. B. Saw-
yer, Esq. of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has issue.

3 Henry Luttrell, b. 11 Dec. 1849, H.M. Ceylon C.S. ; m.
Nov. 1875, Dora, dau. of William O'Grady, Esq., and has

4 Edward Bangor, h. 12 Aug. 1853; m. 16 April, 1879,
Gertrude, dau. of H. Hampshire, Esq. of Liverpool, and
has issue.

5 Francis Gorges, 6. 7 Dec. 1854.

1 Louisa Eleanor Harriett, ra. 18 Dec. 1862, F. G. Bernard,
Esq. of Sidmouth ; he d. 21 Sept. 1876.

2 Arabella Charlotte, m. 17 Aug. 1871, W. L. Pitt, Capt.
55th Kegt.

3 Charlotte Sophia, 7u. 1st, 24 May, 1866, John Marker,
Esq. of Gittisliam, Devon, Lieut. 5th Fusiliers, who d. 19i
Sept. 1853, and 2ndly, 22 Dec. 1875, Capt. S. C. Lousada,.
of Sidmouth, Devon.

4 Elinor Frances, m. 28 Oct. 1874, Leonard Abbot, Esq.,,
Bengal Civil Service.

I. Charlotte Jane, d. unm. 26 July, 1834.

II. Louisa Gertrude, d. unm. 19 July, 1840.

Dr. Moysey m. 2ndly, 24 June, 1820, Elizabeth Susanna, 2n(2
dau. of Sir James Stewart, Bart, of Fort Stewart, co. Donegal
(she d. s. p. July 25, 1844). He d. 17 Dec. 1859.

-4rms— Or, on a fesse sa., between three cinquefoils vert, »
cross fiory of the field. Cnst—A dragon's head vert, charged
on the neck with a cross flory or.

Seat — BathciUton Court, Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

Mtjdge, Arthur Thomas, Esq. of Sydney, co-
Devon, and Glenlossera, co. Mayo, J.P., late Lieut.
97th Regt., b. 1846 ; m. 28 April, 1870, his cousin,
Jane Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Thomas Ashton Hodg-
son Dickson, Esq., and has, with two other sons and
two daus.,
Arthur, b. 1871.

liineag'e. — Zachary Mctdge, Esq. of Sydney, Devon^
Admiral of the White, one of the flag-ofificers on whom Her
Majesty was pleased to confer the Admirals' Distinguished
Service Pension, was 6. 1770. He was the grandson of the
eminent divine, the Rev. Zachariah Mudge, D.D., Prebendary
of Exeter, and Rectorof St. Andrew's, Plymouth (the friend of
Burke and of Johnson), who was 6. 1680, and d. 1769. -Wmiral
Mudge was brother of Lieut.-Gen. William Mudge, R.A., at
the head of the Trigonometrical Survey of Great Britain and
Ireland, and Lieut.-Governor of Woolwich and Addis<;ombe.
Admiral Mudge m. 1807, Jane, dau. of Rev. Edmund Granger,
Rector of Sowton, near Exeter, and sister of Admiral Granger,,
by whom he left at his decease, Oct. 1852, one son,

Zachary Mudge, Esq. of Sydney, Devon, M.A. Oriel. Coll.,.
Barrister-at-Law, b. 1813; ?/i. April, 1844, Jane Elizabeth, only
dau. of George Frederick Dickson, Esq. of Abbots Reading,
CO. Lancaster, and of Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, and d.
13 Dec. 1867, leaving an only surviving son, Arthur Thomas,
now of Sydney.

Arms — Arg., a ehevron gu. between three cockatrices oi the
last. CresL — A cockatrice. Motlo — All's well,

Seats — Sydney, Plympton, Devon; and Glenlossera Lodge^
BaUycastle, co. Mayo.


Emily Gertrude Lilias, heir by entail of Bre-
disholm, b. 27 Feb. 1864; m. 16 Feb. 1886, Major
Arthur Lewis George Gould, 2nd Dragoon Gitards
(the Queen's Bays), .<;. at the decease, 12 Marcli,
1864, of her mother, Emily Eliza du Vernet Muir-
head, wife of Robert Dalrymple Steuart, Esq., late
Royal Horse Guards, who adopted the name of
MuiRUEAD through his marriage, and has issue,

Gerald Charles, b. 29 May, 1889.
Mignon Margaret, b. 19 Nov. 1891.





Tiineage. — The family of Muirhead ranks among the
oldest and most respectable in Scotland.

The first of the Muirheads on record is Sib William Mdir-
EEAD, of Lachope, who lived about the end of the 14th century.
He received the honour of knighthood from Robert III., and
m. Jean Hay, and by her had three sons and one dau.,
I. William, s. his father ; ii. Andrew, consecrated Bishop of
Glasgow, 1454; in. Vedastus, Canon of Glasgow, elected Rector
of the University in 1476; i. Jean, "the Fair Maid" or
" Bonny Lass of Lochbrunnach," m. Gavin Hamilton. The
eldest son,

William Muibhead, of Lachope, m. Mariota Hamilton, and
had two sons, John, his successor, and Eichard, Dean of
Glasgow. He was made by King James IV. Lord Clerk
llegister, and, after his resignation of that office. Secretary of
State and one of the Lords of Council and Session. He d.
1.506, and was s. by his only son,

John Muirhead, of Lachope, who was given Bredisholm by
James IV., whom he accompanied to the fatal field of Flodden,
where he was killed, 9 Sept. 1513, lea^'ing, by Margaret
Hepburn his wife, an only son,

John Muirhead, of Lachope, m. Margaret Borthwick, and
left an only son,

James Muirhead, of Lachope, m. Jean Fleming, and left
two sons and one dau., i. James, of Lachope, ancestor of the
senior line, Muirhead of Ladwpe, now extinct in the male
line ; ii. John, of Schawfute, progenitor of the Bredisholm
family, which was, by the extinction of the line of Lachope,
the chief of the Muirheads ; i. Margaret, 7n. James Hamilton,
of Woodhall. The 2nd son,

John Muirhead, of Schawfute, was ni. twice, but it does not
appear that he left more than one son,

James Muirhead, of Schawfute and Bredisholm, of which
he obtained a Crown charter 29 June, 1607. He d. before
1635, and left an only son,

James Muirhead, of Bredisholm, m. Margaret, dau. of
James Drummond, son of David, Lord Drummond, and left two
sons and one dau., James, his heir ; John, an Advocate in
the Court of Session, who became the progenitor of the Muir-
heads of Fersilands, Lanark. Lilias Muirhead, the dau. m. Sir
W. Stuart, of Minto, and afterwards Sir James Drummond, of
Macheny. James Muirhead d. and was s. by his son,

James Muirhead, of Bredisholm, who was thrice m., and
had children by each wife. By the 1st marriage he had two
sons, James, s. his father; George, of Stevenson, m. and had
issue, but the line is now extinct; and a dau., Elizabeth, ru.
Hamilton of Neilsland. The elder son,

James Muirhead, of Bredi.sholm, to. 6 June, 1672, Helen,
dau. of Alexander, Lord Blantyre, and had five sons and two
daus. James Muirhead d. before 1719, and was s. by his 2nd

JoHK Muirhead, of Bredisholm, who became chief of the
family on the death of Capt. James Muirhead, of Lachope,
1738. In 1753, he sold Bredisholm to his nephew, James
Grosset. He m. Lilias Hamilton, but d. s. p. about 1760, and
in him ended the direct male line of Bredisholm. The repre-
sentation of the family devolved upon the descendants of
Euphemia Muirhead, eldest dau. of James Muirhead, of
Bredisholm, by Helen his wife ; she /);. Archibald Grosset, of
Logic, and had three sons, i. Walter Grosset, who m. and had
issue, but none survived to inherit Bredisholm ; ii. Alexander
Grosset, Capt. in the army, and had one son and four daus. ;
ui. James Grosset, a Merchant at Lisbon, who, 1753, bought
Bredisholm from his uncle, and took the name and arms of
Muirhead in addition to his own. By his marriage with
Donna Leonora de Miranda, a dau. of the house of Cordova,
Spain, he left at his decease, circa 1776, an only son,

John Grosset-JIuirhead, of Bredisholm, served heir to his
father 1777. He to. Lady Jane Murray, dau. of John, 3rd
Duke of Athole, but d. 1836, leaving no issue, when he was s. by

Margaret Grosset, eldest dau. of Capt. Alexander Grosset,
2nd son of Archibald Grosset and Euphemia Muirhead. Capt.
Alexander Grosset 'in., and had one son, Charles Shawe
Grosset, who d. s. p., and four daus. ; the eldest m. Lieut.-
Col. J. D. GoU, and had one son, who d. s. ji., and a dau.,
Miriam, who was served heir to the estate of Bredisholm, 1 1
Dec. 1838.

Miriam Grosset-Muirhead, of Bredisholm, m. Lieut. Abra-
ham du Vernet, E.A., and d. leaving a son, Henry, who s. to
Bredisholm on the death of his mother.

Henry du Vernet Grosset-Muirhead, Col. Eoyal Staff
Corps, s. to Bredisholm 1842, vi. Martha Maria Ygnacia, dau.
of Admiral Van Kempen, in the Dutch service, and left a son,

Henry Eobebt du Vernet Grosset-Muirhead, of Bredis-
holm, Lieut. CeylonEifle Eegt., whos. to Bredisholm 1844; he

m. Lydia Eleanor, dau. of Major Thomas Bayly, 88th Con-
naught Rangers, and by her (who m. 2ndly, James Wiseman,
Esq.) he left at his decease, 19 Jan. 1849, two daus., i. Emily
Eliza, who was served heir to the estate 17 April, 1849, m.
Robert Dalrymple Steuart, Esq., Lieut. Royal Horse Guards,
and d. 12 March, 1864, leaving an only child, Emily Gertrude
Lilias, now of Bredisholm; ii. Gertrude Jjargaret Zelie, b.
1844, m. 1SG3, Duncan Archibald Campbell Fraser, M.D.,
Staff-Surgeon in the army, son of Rev. Hugh Fraser, M.A., by
his wife, Maria Helen, sister of Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart,
of Barcaldine and Glenure, and has issue, Henry Steuart Camp-
bell Fraser, b. 18 Aug. 1864, c^. 31 Oct. 1891.

virni.s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., on a bend az. three
acorns or, a crescent between the arms, for Muirhead ; 2nd
az., three stars in fesse arg.. and as many bezants in fesse,
below the middle of the shield, in chief an acorn of the second,
for Grosset; 3rd, az., a chevron between two mullets in chief
or, and a unicorn rampant in base arg., for du Veknet.
Crest — A demi-unicorn rampant arg. MoUo — Fro patria
auxillo Dei.

Seat — Bredisholm, Baillieston, co. Lanark.


' MuxcASTEE, Henet John Peecital, Esq. of
Benwell Park, co. Northumberland, b. 6 Sept. 1851,
formerly Capt. North Durham Militia.

Lineagre. — Robert Mclcaster, Esq. m. 1760, Ann, dau.

of — Teasdale, and d. 1810, leaving by her, who d. 1814, a

I John Mulcaster, Esq. of Blaydon, co. Durham, r,i. 21
I Oct. 1816, Elizabeth, dau. of John Taylor, and d. 1834, having
I by her, who d. 1832, had issue,

I I. John Peter, late of Benwell.
I I. Ann, m. George H. Burnett, Esq.
I II. Elizabeth, d. unm.

I The only son,

I John Peter Mulcaster, Esq. of Benwell, co. Northumber-
j land, J.P. and D.L. for that county, Barrister-at-Law, of the
Middle Temple, b. 10 Dec. 1818, 'm. 18 June, 1850, Annie
Mary Isabella, dau. of the late Stephen Reed, Esq. of Tlie
Crag, Northumberland, and Xewcastle-on-Tyne, and had

I. Henry John Percival, his heir.

II. Walter Villiers, 6. 11 June, 1854.

III. Bernard Frederick Stephen, 0. 28 April, 1857.

IV. George Cecil, b. 6 Aug. 1859, d. an infant.

I. Blanche Isabella.

II. Florence Elizabeth, ra. 18 Oct. 1893, John William Watson,
Esq. son of the late J. T. AVatson, E.sq. ef Korth Seaton,

III. Charlotte Annie.

IV. Kate Ethel, d. unm. 1887.

VI. Emily Violet, d. in infancy.

VII. Louisa Georgina.

Mr. John Pet€r Mulcaster d. Sept. 1887, and was s. by his
widow, who has a hfe interest in the property.

Seat — Benwell, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
2'oicii House — 3, Portland Place, W.

V. Mary Evelyn.



WELL MooEE, of the Hall, co. Kerry, J.P., late of
the Waterford Artillery Militia, b. 1 May, 1826; m.
4 Feb. 1869, Frances Mary, dau. of the late Thomas
Dwyer, Esq. of Mount Bruis, co. Tipperary, and has
Charlotte Emily.

liinea^e. — Edmokd Moore Mulcahy, Esq. of Grecnlands,
CO. Tipperary, had two brothers, Thomas, of Burgess, and
John, of Ballymakee, of whom Thomas, the eldest, was Deputy-
Governor of CO. Tipperary, 1793, the first year that Roman
Catholics were eligible for the commission. Mr. Edmund
Moore Mulcahy, 6. 1750 ; m. 6 July, 1786, Barbara, dau. of
Roger Southwell Moore, Esq. of Ashgrove, by Elizabeth
Fitzgerald, of Glynn Castle, co. Limerick, and d. 1820, leaving
by her, who d. 26 Feb. 1802. a son,

Edmond Moore Mulcahy, Esq. of Ballybricn, co. Water-
ford and Ballymakee, J.P. cos. Tipperary and Waterford,
sometime a Lieut, in the Tipperary Yeomanry, 6. 1791 ; ra.
1820, Maria Heathcote, dau. of John Russell, Esq. of
Ballycallane, co. Waterford, and by her, who d. 1867, had





I. Esmond Moore, ?)i. Susan, eUlest dau. of Nichol;xs
Purcell O'Gorman, Esq., Q.C., and <l. s. )>.

II. John Kussell Southwell Moore, of the Hall, Killar-

1. Mary Cecilia.

Wr. Edmond Moore Mulcaliy if. T July, 1S71.

Seat — The Hall, Killarney, co. Kerry.
CVui— Hibernian United Service, Dublin.


MrLocK, Thomas, Esq. of Kilimgarna, King's
CO., B.A., J.P., b. 27 May, 1S34..

Liineage.— Thomas Mulock, of Ballinakill, Queen's co.,
living in the middle of the 17th century, d. leaving issue,

I. Thomas, of Moate. ii. Nicholas.
The eldest son,

Thomas Mclock, m. 1st, Frances Meares, and 2ndly, Mar-
garet Conran, and left i.ssue,

John-, m. 1720, Anne, dau. of Robert Drought, of Park,
King's CO., and rf. .■!.;). 1757, btciiieathing Kihiagarna and
other estates to his brother Thomas, and Bellair (or Ball-
yard) to his brother Kobert.

II. Thomas, of whom hereafter. *

III. Kobert («e Homan-Mdlock o/ Bellair).

Thomas Mulock, 6. 1700; m. 1744, Mary, dau. of John
I-awless, Esq. of Shankhill, co. Dublin. He inherited Kilna-
parna from his brother, and d. 1774, leaving issue,

I. Thomas, b. 1746, Banister-at-Law, of whom hereafter.

II. Robert, of Bath, m. Maria Horner; d. 1837, leaving (with
several daus.),

1 Thomas Samuel, n. 1825, Dinah Millard, and had issue,
Thomas Millard, h. 1827; d. 1846.

Benjamin Robert, 6. 1829; d. 1863.

Dinah Maria, the accomplished authoress of John Hnli-
fax, titnlleman, and several other well-known works of
fiction, ni. 1865, George Lillie Ciaik, E.sq.

2 William, m. twice; d. 1855, leaving five children.

III. M'illiam, of Ballinagore, m. Alicia Holmes ; d. 1827,
leaving issue,

1 William Henry, d. unm. 1874.

2 Thomas Edmonds, C.B., Col. late 70th Foot, m. 24 Jan.
1861, Julia Florentia, dau. ol Capt. John Sturt, K.E., of
Crichel, and Alexandrina his wife, dau. ot Gen. Sir
Robert Sale, G.C.B., and d. 9 Sept. 1893, leaving issue,
Edmund Henry, b. 14 Dec. 1861 ; Alfred Sale, b. 22 Nov.
1862; Frederick Chailes, b. 18 aiay, 1806; Eileen
Florentia; Julie Nina.

The eldest son,

Thomas Mulock, s. his father at Kilnagarna in 1774 ; m.
4 Dec. 1790, Frances Henrietta Dorothea, dau. of Samuel
Judge, Esq. of Ballyshiel, King's co., by his wife, Frances,
dau. of Henry Otway (see Otwat of Caatle Otway), d. March,
1827, leaving by her (who d. Aug. 1850), with several daus.,
an only son,

Thomas Mulock, 6. 1795; in. 11 June, 1833, Sophia Mary
Anne, dau. of Rev. Henry Mahon, Rector of Tissauran,
Lemanaghan, and P'erbane (me Burke's Petragt, Mahon),
d. 4 May, 1864, having by her (who d. A Feb. 1889) had

I. Thomas, b. 1834. now of Kilnagarna.

II. Henry Louis, b. 1»36.

III. Robert, > , ,o., (d. 18R4.

IV. William, ) " • ^a*-' i (d. i»5s.

V. George Charles, 6. 1845; m. 1874, Henrietta Cole, dau. of
John Metge, M.P., J.P.,of Sioa House, co. Meath, and has

I John Charles Metge.

1 Henrietta Georgina Ethel.

2 Sophia Eliza Etht-l.

3 Emily Cole.

VI. Edward Ross, R.N., h. 1817 ; m. 4 Feb. 1890, Gcorgina,
dati. of the late Rev. George Chute, of Roxborough, co.
Kerry, and Vicar of Market Drayton, Salop, and d. 1 July,
1890. He had issue, a posthumous son,

Edward Ross, 6. Nov. 1890.
vit. Charles James, B.A., 6. 1848.

VIII. Frederick Arthur, b. 1851 ; d. 1876.

IX. Francis John, b. 1853; d. unm. 1886.

1. Anne Harriet, m. 18

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