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III. Charles James, rf. unm. 1849.

IV. James, of Mount Merrion, co. Dublin, d, unm. 1860.
Mr. Murphy 2 Sept. 18J9. His eldest son,

William John Murphy, Esq. of Ballyraaglasson, m. 1.5
April, 1828, Frances Catherine, only child of Christopher
Johnson (son of Johnson, of Warrenstown, co. Meath), a Gen.
in the Austrian service and Governor of Gratz, by his wife,
Frances, widow of Sir James Nugent, Bart, of Donore, and
sister of Lawrence Coyne Nugent, Esq., and by her (who d. 9
March, 18S5) had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. John Christopher, of Mullen, co. Roscommon, and Osbers-
town, CO. Kildare, J.P., High Sheriff co. Roscommon 1880,
6. 5 May, 1835; m. 11 Sept. 1867, Margaret Mary Frances
only child (by Margaret his wife, dau. of Stephen Grehan,
Esq.) of Francis John Connell, Esq. of Calla, co. Galway,
and Bettyville, co. Wexford (son of John Andrew Connell,
Esq., and Margaret, his wife, sister of Sir Francis Goold,
Bart, of Old Court, co. Cork, and widow of O'Neill Segrave,
Esq. of Cabra), and has issue, John Francis Joseph, b. 18
July, 1868; William Agnew, b. 23 July, 1869; Margaret
Mary Clare ; Eva Mary Teresa.

I. Mary, d. young. ii. Frances Ellen.

III. Margaret, d. unm. 1847.

Mr. Murphy d. 22 March, 1852. His eldest son,

William Murphy, Esq. of Kilbrew, co. Meath, 6. 4 Jan.
1834 ; m. 2 Aug. 1856, Anna Helen, dau. of Maurice Blake,
Esq. of Ballinafad, co. Mayo, and had issue,

I. William, now of Kilbrew and Mount Merrion.

I. Helen.

II. Edith Victoria, m. 5 Dec. 1885, Major de Witt Jebb, late
60th Rifles, son of Charles Jebb, Esq. late 60th Rifles.

Mr. Murphy d. 1 May, 1885, and was s. by his only son.

Arms — Per pale arg. and gu., on a fess engrailed, between
four lions rampant, two garbs, all countercharged. Crest — On
a mount vert, a lion rampant gu. bezantec, holding in the fore-
paws a garb or. Motto — Fortis et hospitalis.

Seat — Moimt Merrion, Stillorgan, co. Dublin.


(See MacMubeogh Muepht.)


Mtjeeay, John Forbes Peingle Neseitt, Esq.
of Philiphaugh, co. .Selkirk, J.P., b. 6 Jan. 1842
m. 1870, Mary Elizabeth Frances, only child of E.
Robertson, Esq., and has issue,

I. Archibald Charles Philip, 6. 1875.

I. Teresa. u. Eleanor. in. Margaret.

Lineage. — The first of this family on record,
Archibald dk Mobavl^, mentioned in the chartulary of





Newtottle, 12S0, was dcscencled (the author of the critical
remarks upon Eagmaii KoU presumes) from the Morays,
Lords of Bothwell, who, ty marriage with a dau. of Sir David
Ohfard, got considerable possessions in the county of Selkirli.
In 1296, he subscribed the oath of fealty to Edward I., and d.
in the reign of Kobebt Bboce, leaving a son and successor,

EoGEB DeMobavia, who obtained, 1321, from James, Lord
Douglas, superior of his lands, a charter, " terrarum de Fala,"
which estate, subsequently designated Falahill, continued for
many years to be the chief title of the family. Eoger d. at an
advanced age in 1330. His great-grandson,

Patbick Mcbbay, of Falahill, acquiring land about Philip-
haugh, had a charter, dated 20 Feb. 1477. He m. and had one
son and a dau., John, his heir, and Margaret. Patrick Murray
d. at the close of t-lie loth century, and was s. by his son,

John Mobbay, of Falahill. This chieftain, the celebr.ated
*' Outlaw Murray," who, with five hundred of his men, bid
defiance to the King of Scotland, James IV., is immortalized
by the beautiful ballad preserved in the minstrelsy of the Scot-
tish Border, and for ages a popular song in Selkirkshire.
He in. and had (with three daus.) two sons,

James, his heir.

William, ancestor of the Murraysof Eomanno and Stanhope,
and of Clooney, in Ireland.

■"The Outlaw" d. in the early part of James V.'s reign, and
was s. by his eldest son,

James Mueray, of Falahill, who, dying about the year 1529,
was s. by his elder son,

Patbick Mubbay, of Falahill, v/lio obtained under the
Great Seal a charter, dated 28 Jan. 1528, "terrarum de
Philiphaugh," and had the heritable sheriffship of Selkirk-
shire, which had been granted by King James IV. to his
grandfather, confirmed and ratified to himself and his heirs.
Patrick Murray in, 1st, Margaret Fleming; 2ndly, a dau.
of Bo:th.vick; 3rdly, Elizabeth Ormiston, a widow. He d. 1580,
leavirg his grandson (the son of James, the younger, of
Falahill) his heir,

Patbick Mubbay, of Falahill, m. 1st, Agnes, dau. of Sir
Andrew Murray, of Black Barony, and 2ndly, Marian, dau.
of Sir Lewis Bellendon. By his first wife he had (with four
daus.) three sons,

John (Sir), his heir.

Patrick, of Winteihopehead, &c., in Annandale.
James, a merchant in Edinburgh, vi. Bclhia Maule,
descended from the Panmure family, and had three sons,
James (Sir), of Skirling.

Eobert (Sir;, of Priestfield and Melgund, Bart.
Patrick, of Deuchar.
The Laird (if. teniTp. James VI., and was s. by his son,

SiB John Mubbay, Knt. of Philiphaugh. He vi. 1st, Janet,
dau. of Sir William Scott, of Ardross, aad had by her (with
three daus.) two sons,

I. James (Sir), knighted by Charles I., m. Anne, dau. of
Sir Lewis Craig, of Kiccartoun, and dying before his father,
left two sons and four daus.,

1 John (Sir), successor to his grandfather.

2 James, Col. in the army, and Deputy-Governor of Edin-
burgh Castle.

1 Janet, m. James Scott, of Galashiels.

2 Elizabeth, m. Cranston, of Glen.

3 Margaret, m. 1st, Dr. Burnet, and 2ndly, Col. Douglas.

4 Isabel, m. Jamas Naesmith, of Posso.

n. Gideon, Aide-de-Camp to King I., in whose ser-
vice he lost his life.

Sir John m. 2ndly, Isabel, dau. of Sir James Pringle, of Gala-
shiels, and had further issue,

John, of Ashiestecl.

William and David, both fell fighting under the royal banner,
and d. a. p.

Helen, m. Scott, of Broadmeadows,
Elizabeth, m. Mr. Knox. Isabel.

Sir John Murray sat in Parliament for co. Selkirk 1612, and
survived till about the year 1640, when he d. at a very
advanced age, and was s. by his grandson,

SiE John Mubbay, Knt. of Philiphaugh, one of the
judges for trying those of the counties of Eoxburgh and
Selkirk, who had joined Graham's standard in 1646. He subse-
quently, 1649, claimed £12,014 for the damages he had sus-
tained from Montrose. Sir John m. 1st, Anne, dau. of Sir
Archibald Douglas, of Cavers, Heritable Sheriff of co. Eox-
burgh, and had six sons and four daus., i. James (Sir), his
heir ; ii. John, of Bowhill, one of the Senators of the College
of Justice ; iii. William, a Col. in the army ; i. Anne, to. 1st
Alexander Pringle, of Whitebank, and 2ndly, Eobert Euther-
ford, of Bowland ; ii. Janet; in. Eachael ; iv. Elizabeth.

Sir John Murray m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Sir John Scott,
of Scotstarvit, and widow of John Trotter, of Charterhall, and
had by her an only dau. Jean, who d. young. He d. 1676, and
was s. by his eldest son,

Sib James Mubbay, of Philiphaugh, 6. 1655, appointed one
of the Senators of the College of Justice, 1689, and Lord
Register 1705. This learned personin. 1st, Anne, dau. and co-
heir of Hepburn, of Blackcastle, which lady d. s. p., and
2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Sir Alexander Don, of Newton, by
whom he had three sons and five daus.; the 2nd dau.,
Anne, m. Pringle of Haining. Sir James d. 1708, and was s.
by his eldest son,

John Mubbay, Esq. of Philiphaugh, Heritable Sheriff of
CO. Selkirk, and a member of the British Parliament from
1725 until his death. He m. 31 Dec. 1711, Eleanora, dau.
of Lord Basil Hamilton, son of William, Duke of Hamilton,
and had by her four sons and two daus.,

Basil, a youth of great promise, who d. in the flower of his, unm.

John, heir to his father. David.

Charles, great-grandfather of Charles Aloysius Murray,
Esq. of Danesfield (see Murray of Baneafletd).

Blary, m. 1750, Sir Alexander Don, Bart, of Newton, and
had issue.


The Laird of Philiphaugh d. 1753, and wa.s .t. by his son,

John Murray, Esq. of Philiphaugh, M.P. co. Selkirk, m.
Miss Thomson, and had issue,

John, his heir, d. unm. 1830. Charles, d. v.nm.

James, successor to his brother.

Janet, ?». — Dennis, Esq. of the Island of Jamaica.

Eleanor, m. Sir James Nasmyth, Bart, of Posso.

Mary, m. John Macqvteen, Esq. of Jamaica.

Margaret, m. Capt. Baugh, of the 58th Regt.

Mr. Murray d. 1800. His 3rd son,

James Mubbay, Esq. of Philiphaugh, h. 1769; m. 1309,
Mary Dale, dau. of Henry Hughes, Esq. of Worcester, and by
her (who d. 1840) had issue,

John, late of Philiphaugh.

James, an officer in the Indian army.

Basil Hamilton, an oEScer in the Indian Array, d. 1848,

Jessy Susan.

Mr. Murray, the 17th generation of this family in a direct male
line, d. 1852, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Mubbay, Esq. of Philiphaugh, co. Selkirk, J. P. and
D.L., 6. 14 April, 1817; to. 23 May, 1840, Eose Mary, only
dau. and heir of William Andrew Nesbitt, Esq., and by her
(who d. 1876) had issue,

1 John Fobbes Pbingle Nesbitt, now of Philiphaugh.

2 James, b. 3 Feb, 1845 ; m. 1870, Mary, dau. of Alexander
Eussell, Esq. of Edinburgh.

1 Jesse Rose Mary, to. 14 July, 1868, William Lewis Salus-
bury Trelawny, only son of Sir John Trelawny, Bart., and
d. 23 Nov. 1871, leaving issue.
Mr. Murray d. 1882, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Arg., a hunting horn sa., stringed and garnished gu.,
on a chief az. three stars of the first. Sv.pporters — Two
savages cinctured, bearing clubs over their interior shoulders,
all ppr., and resting their exterior hands on antique shields
charged with the arms of the family. Creat — A demi-naked
man, winding his horn ppr. Motto— Hmc usque superna

Se.ata — Philiphaugh and Hareheadwood, both in Selkirk-
shire. At Philiphaugh the Marquess of Montrose was defeated
by Gen. Leslie ; the remains of the entrenchments are still
visible on the field where the battle was fought, and a few
years since several implements of war and a small culveiin
were dug up.


DanesBeld, Bucks, J.P., late 1st Life Guards, h. 4
Nov. 1847 ; m. 2 May, 1872, Emily Blanche, dai>.
of Matthew S. Higgins, Esq., and Emily, his wife,
youngest dau. of Sir Henry J. Tichborne, Bart., and
had issue,

I. Archibald John, b. 12 June, and </. 16 Sept. 1874.

II. Fbancis Joseph, b. 31 July, IS75.

III. Eonald Charles, 6. 16 Oct. 1879,

IV. Austin Edward, 6. 18 Aug. 1881.
I. Blanche Mary, 6. May, 1873.

n. Evelyn Mary, 6. 1877.

Mr. Scott-Murray is Lord of the Manors of Mcd-
menham and Hambledon.





Ijineagre. — This is a branch of the ancient and dis-
tinsuished family of Mukkat of rhiliphavgh.

Charles MrRBAT, Esq., 4th son of John Jlnrray, Esq. of
riiiliphaugh, co. Selkirk, M.P., by Eleanor, his wife, eldest
dau. of Lord Basil Hamilton, of Baldoon, m. Eliza, sister of
IJohert Scott, Esq. of Duncsfield, and had a son and successor,

Charles Scott Mcrbat, Esq. of Danesfield, m. 17 May,
1815, Augusta Eliza, dau. of John Xixon, Esq., and widow of
John BuUer Esq., 51. P., of East Looe, and dying 24 April,
1S37, left (with a, dau. Eliza Augusta Anna) a son and suc-

Charles Rorert Scott Scott-Murrat, Esq. of Danesfield,
Bucks, J.P., formerly M.P., 6. 28 Dec. 1818; m. 17 Sept. 184G,
Hon. Amelia Charlotte Eraser, dau. of Thomas Alexander,
Lord Lovat, and had issue,

Charles Alotsics, now of Danesfield.

Augustin John Alphonse. h. \\ Nov. 1848; d. S Feb. 1871.

Basil Henry, Capt. Scots Guards, 6. ^ Aug. 18.^)3.

Mildred Frances, m. 30 Nov. 1871, Halph Henry Christopher
Xevile, Esq. of Wellingore, co. Lincoln, J.P.,and has, with
other issae, Geoffrey Henry, b. 1874.

I^ura Amelia Margaret.

Mary Elizabeth Charlotte.
Mr. Scott-Murray d. 27 Aug. 1SS2, and was s.hy his eldest son.

^)-m.s— Quarterly; 1st and 4th, arg., a bugle-horn ppr ,
Ktringed gu., on a chief az., three mullets of the first, for
Mlrbat of PhUiphau-jh : 2nd and 3rd, or, on a bend az. an
<s-oile between two crescents, and on a border engrailed sa.
ti,;;hts escallops of the first, for Scott. Crests— A. demi-savage,
wreatlied about the temples and loins, holding a bugle-horn, all
ppr., for Murray; a stag trippant, for Scott. Motto— nine
usque superna venabor.

.Sef'.<— Danesfield, Great Marlow ; and JIanor House, Hamble-
Uon, Henley-on-Thames.


iMuEBAT, Jony, Esq., of Touchadam and Pol-
maise, co. Stirling, late Lieut.-Col. Grenadier
Uiiards, J.P. and D.L. for and Vice-Lieut, of Stir-
lingshire, b. 26 July, 1831 ; m. 1st, 15 Sept. 1859,
Ladj Agnes Caroline Graham, eldest dau. of
James, 4th Duke of Montrose, which lady d. May,
1873, and 2nd]y, 10 Jan. 1877, Lucy Evelyn, dau.
of John Towneley, Esq. of Towneley, co. Lan-

Lineagre. — This family has been seated for centuries in
CO. Stirling, and is supposed to derive from the noble House
of Bothwell. Its patriarch.

Sib William db Moravia, designed of Sandford, joined
PiOBEKT Brcce, but being taken prisoner by the English, was
Sent to London, 1306, and remained in captivity there until
exchanged after the battle of Bannockbum. Sir William's son
and successor,

Sir Andrew de Moravia, obtained from King David Bruce
two charters, the first granting the lands of Kepmad, dated
136.5, and the second bestowing Tulchadam, Tulchmallar, &c.,
1369. Sir William's direct descendant,

Sir William Mcrrat, of Touchadam and Polmaise, (great-
grandson of William Murray, of Touchadam, slain at Flodden),
a staunch Eoyalist, was in the engagement of the Duke of
Hamilton, and, 1654, was amerced by Cbumwell in the sum
of fifteen hundred pounds. He d. shortly after, and left by
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Alexander Gibson, of Durie, a
son and successor,

John Mcrbat, of Polmaise and Touchadam, served heir to
his father, Jan. 1655. He m. Janet, dau. of Sir John Nisbett,
of Dean, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and was t. by his son.

.John Murray, of Touchadam and Polmaise, m. Anne, dau.
of Sir Alexander Gibson, of Durie, one of the Senators of the
Ci liege of Ju-stice, and had five song. His 2nd son,

William Murray, of Touchadam and Polmaise, was served
heir to the whole estate 1729. He m. 1st, Cecilia, dau. of
Gibson, of Durie, by whom he had a son and a dau., who both
d. in infancy. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Alexander
Gibson, Bart, of Pentland, and had three sons and one dau.,

I. William, his heir. ii. Alexander, who d. unm.

III. John (Lieut.-Col.), m. Isabella, dau. of Professor Her-
cules Lindsay, and d. 6 April, 1838, having had issue,
I John, late of Polmaise.

1 Cecilia, to. John Russell, Esq., Principal Clerk of the
Court of Session in Edinburgh.

I. Margaret, m. Marchise Accrambonie.
■SVilliam Murray rf. 175S, and was i. by his son,

William Murray, of Touchadam and Polmaise, m. Istr
Margaret, dau. of John Callander, Esq. of Craigforth, and by
her had a son, William, his heir. He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of
Lawrence Campbell, Esq. of Clathic and Killermont, by whom
he had, i. John, Capt. R.N., deceased ; ii. Archibald, H.E.I.C.S.,
deceased ; m. Alexander, an Advocate, ni. Miss Johnina
Wilkinson, of co. Denbigh ; i. Anne, m. Robert Bruce, Esq.
of Kennet. Mr. Murray m. Srdly, Grace, dau. of Alexander
Speirs, Esq. of Elderslie, and by this lady had two daus.,
Mary, m. Alexander Speirs, Esq., of Culcruch, co. Stirling,
and Grace. William Murray d. 1814, and was s. by his eldest;

AVilliam Murray, Esq. of Touchadam and Polmaise, Vice-
Lieut. CO. Stilling, and Lieut.-Col. of the Yeomanry, b. 6 July,
1773; TO. 11 June, 1799, Anne, dau. of Sir William Maxwell,
Bart, of Monreith, and was s. at his decease by his cousin,

John Murray, Esq. of Touchadam and Polmaise, co. Stirling,
■Vice-Lieut., 6. 5 July, 1797 ; m. 10 Aug. 1830, Elizabeth, dau.
of Dr. James Bryce, of Edinburgh, and by her (who d. 6 Oct.
18891 had issue,

John, now of Touchadam. James, h. 20 June, 1834.

Alexander Bruce, late Capt. Cameron Highlanders, b. 24
June, 1840; m. 16 Oct. 1890, Mary, dau. of C. M. Stephen-
son, Esq., C.E., and has issue, Mary, b. 27 May, 1893.

Arthur Bryce, b. 22 Feb. 1843 ; d. 10 Nov. 1863.


Lindsay Elizabeth, m. Ernald Smith, Esq., son of George B.
Smith, Esq. of Selsdon, Croydon, and has issue, Mabel, m.
1888, Hon. Capt. Alwyn H. Fulke Greville, 2nd sou oS
George Guy, 4th Earl of Warwick, and has issue, Charles
Henry, b. 27 May, 1889.
He d. 15 April, 1862.

Arriis—A.z., three stars within a double tressure flory counter-
flory or. Cre&t — A mermaid holding in her dexter hand a
mirror, in her sinister a comb, all ppr. Supporters — Two Uons
rampant gu., armed and langued az. Motto — Tout prest.

Seats — Polmaise Castle, and Touchadam, co. Stirling. Eesi'
deuce — 15, Eaton Square, S.W.


MuERAT, William, Esq. of Murraythwaite, co.
Dumfries, J.P., b. 31 Oct. 1865; s. nis father 1872;
m. 12 April, 1892, Evelyn, dau. of John Bruce, Esq.
and has issue,
Margaret Elizabeth.

liineag-e.— This family has been settled at and in pis-
session of Murraythwaite since about the year 1421, and derives
paternally from the ancient family of Murray of Cockpool, of
which theMurrays, Earls of Annandale, were descendants, and
eventually became the representatives. A younger son of
Murray of Cockpool, ra. Elizabeth Ednam, owner of Murray-
thwaite, and thus founded thife branch of the Murray family.
The earliest charter bears date 1426, and was granted to Eliza-
beth Ednam's son, Patrick Murray,. From him descended

William Murray, Esq. of Murraythwaite, who m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Dalrymple, of Waterside, in Nithsdale, and had (with
a dau. Agnes) two sons,

I. John, his heir.

II. William, b. 1728; m. 1768, Susan, dau. of Eev. Alexander
Orr, and d. 12 Oct. 1818, having had three sons,

William, b. 1769; d. 1781. Alexander, b. 1773; d. 1779.
John Murray, b. 1775; m. 10 Sept. 1798, Miss Catherine
Arthington, and d. April, 18'22, having had issue,

1 John Dalrymple, who «. his grand-uncle John, oS
whom presentlv.

2 William, Cap't. H.E.I.C.S., to. 1834, Sophia, dau. of
Rev. John Lynn, and d. June, 1842, leaving a son and
a dau.

3 Henry Montagu Scott, d. Dec. 1844.

4 Alexander, Kear-Admiral, d. 31 March, 1870.

5 George, Capt., H.E.I.C.S., to. 1831, Harriette, dau. of
Rev. S. Goodenough; d. 12 Sept. 1856, leaving fout

6 Charles, Lieut.-Col. in the army, d. May, 1874.

7 Joseph Carlyle, d. unm.

1 Susan Catherine, widow of John Kenwick, Esq. of
Gallowhill, Northumberland, and d. F'eb. 1891.

2 Agnes, m. 1844, Kev. W. ¥. Lanfear, and d. 1889.

Mr. Murray was s. by his elder son,

John Murray, Esq. of Murraythwaite, Vice-Lieutenant co.
Dumfries, 0. 1726 ; d. unm. Feb. 1823, and was s. by his grand-

John Dalrymple Murray, Esq. of Murraythwaite, co.
Dumfries, J.P., b. 5 June, 1800 ; to. 1st, 5 June, 1826, Marion,
2nd dau. of William Hagart, Esq. of Bonnington Lodge, and
by her (who d. May 1828) had one son,





John, late of Murraythwaite.
He M. 2ndly, 27 April, 1831, Anne Elizabeth, eldest dau. ot
Eer. Henry Askew, of Redheugh, co. Durham, aad by her
(who d. 14 Sept. 1845; had issue,

Henry Wiliiau., b. 26 Feb. I83i.

■George, 6. 15 Oct. 1833 ; rf. 11 Mav, 1854.

Patrick James, Comm. K.N., b. 29 Nov. 1S3G ; d. 12 March,

Eleanor Susan, m. 1872, Francisco Tutlavilla, Duca di San

Lucy Henrietta, m 1884, Beginald Phillipps, Esq.

Charlotte, Lady Superior, Convent of Notre Dame, Brixton.
He d. 17 Oct. 1863, HUd was s. by his eldest son,

John Mureat, Es(i. of Murraythwaite, J. P., Comm. R.N.,
li. 22 March, 1828 : m. 6 Dec. 1864, Grace Harriett, 2nd dau. of
Col. William Graham, of Mossknow, co. Dumfries, and d.
2 Aug. 1872, having had issue,

I. William now of Murraythwaite.

II. Fergus, Lieut. 2nd batt. Scottish Rifles, b. 3 Feb. 1868.
I. Marion Gertrude. ii. Flora.

III. Edith. IV. Helen.

^)'ms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, az., a crescent between three
stars, surrounded with the royal tressure arg., all within a
liordureor; 2ni and 3rd, or, on a saltire az. nine Inzenges of
the field within aburdure, engrailed gu. Crest— A cherub ppr.,
winged or. Afo«o— Noctes diesque praesto.

&aJ— Murraythwaite, Ecclefechan, co. Dumfries.


' Murray, James Wol-fe, Esq. of Cringletie, co.
Peebles, and WestshieldjCo. Lanark, Commissioner
of Supply for co. Peebles, Major R. A., b. 13 March,
1853 ; m. 1875, Arabella, dau. of "VV. Bray, Esq.,
and has issue,
Geobge Wolfe, b. 1876.

Liineag'e. — Sir Alexander Muhrat, 2na Bart, of Black-
barony, the 12th generation of that ancient family in a direct
male line, m. as his 2nd wife, Margaret, dau. of William, and
.sister of Sir David Murray, of Stanhope, by whom he had two
sens, John and Alexander. The elder,

John Murray, got from his father the lands and barony
of Cringletie, was designated by that title, and m. a dau. of
Drummond, of Hawthornden, but dying without issue, was s.
by his brother,

Alexander Murray, of Cringletie, who m. Susan, dau. of
John Douglas, of Mains, one of the heirs of entail of that
family, and by her had two sons and one dau.,

Alexander, his heir.

Archibald, Sheriff Depute of co. Peebles, and one of tho Com-
missaries of Edinburgh. He acquired the estate of Nisbet,
near Edinburgh, \shich is now called Murrayfield.

Margaret, m. James Justice, Esq., one of the Principal
Clerks of Session, son of Sir James Justice, of Justice Hall.

Alexander Murray wass. by his eldest son,

Alexander Murray, Esq. of Cringletie, who was long
Sheriff-Depute of Peebles, under William, Earl of March,
Heritable Sheriff, and represented that co. in three several
Parliaments of Great Britain. He m. Catherine, dau. of Sir
Robert Stewart, of Tillicoultry, one of the Senators of the
College of Justice and a Lord of Justiciary, and had six sons
and four daus. He was s. by his eldest son,

Alexander Murray, Esq. of Cringletie, Lieut.-Col., who
had the honour to command th<) Grenadiers at the sieges of
Louishurg and Quebec, He d. at Martinique, 1762, after that
island was reduced. He m. 1749, Marion, dau. of Sir James
.Steuart, Bart, of Goodtrees, and d. 1822, leaving issue, two
sons, Alexander, a Major of the 13th Light Dragoons, and
James Wolfe, aud one dau. Catherine. The 2nd son,

James Wolfe Murray, Lord Cringletie, a Senator of the
•College of Justice in Scotland, godson of Gen. Wolfe, 6. 5 Jan.
1759 ; m. 7 April, 1807, Isabella Katherine, only dau. of James
<Jharles Edward Stuart Strange, Esq. (godson of Prince Charles
ICdward Stuart), H E.I.C.S., by Margaret his wife, dau. of
James Durham, of Largo, Fife, and by her (who d. 25 Dec.
J847) had issue,

James Wolfe, of Cringletie.

Alexander, Col. Commanding 87th Eegt., m. 1853, Eugenia
Grace, eldest dau. of Col. Curtis, C.B., andd. 24 Dec. 1865.

Thomas .Vndrcw Lumsden, ILijor-Gcn. late R.E., m. 1849,
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Thomas Fisher, Queen's Printer,
Canada, and d. 3 Oct. 1893, leaving issue, Thomas ; Den-
nistoun, deceased ; Elinor ; and Elizabeth.

Philip Charles, d. 1842.

Isabella Katherine, m. 1834, James Dennistoun, Esq. of

Dennistoun, author of The History of the Duhes of Vrhino,

(fee, who d. 13 Feb. 1855 ; she d. April, 1864.
Marianne Lloyd, m. 1836, Kdmund Ironside, Esq., only son

of Edmund Ironside, of Tannochside, co. Lanark, who d.

Margaret Elizabeth, m. 1848, Victor Robert de Cussac, and

d. 17 May, 1856.
Louisa Anne, to. 1st, 1839, Monsieur Edmond Jeannin, and

2ndly, the Hon. Peter Scarlett.
Alicia Stewart, d. 1833.
Amelia Jane, m. 1848, Monsieur Philippe Augraud, ex-Sous-

Prfefetof Gex, France, and rf Dec. 1»77.
Sophia Carolina, m. 1849, Monsieur Leopold Isoard, Prefet

of the Saone Inf^rieure, France.
Frances Octavia, m. 1848, Charles Greenstreet Addison, Esq.

Ban ister-at-Law, who d. 19 Feb. 1866.
Anna Maria, d. 1846.

Lord Cringletie d. 29 May, 1836. His eldest son,

James Wolfe Murray, Esq. of Cringletie, aud Westshield,
J.P. and D.L., Brigadier Gen. of the Royal Company of
Archers, the Queen's Body Guard for Scotland, 6. 11 May,
1814; TO. 1st, 25 March, 1852, Elizabeth Charlotte, dau. of
John Whyte Melville, Esq. of Bcnnochie and Strathkinness,
by the Lady Catherine Osborne his wife, dau. of Francis, 5tU
Duke of Leeds, and by her (who d. 1857) had issue,

I. James Wolfe, now of Cringletie.

II. Francis D'Arcy Osborne Wolfe, b. 10 April, 1854.
HI. Sidney George Wolfe, 6. 2 March, 185.5.

IV. Philip Charles Knightley WoUe, Lieut. R.N., 6. 20 April,

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