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I. Elizabeth Catherine Mary Wolfe.

He TO. 2ndly, 27 Nov. 1862, Louisa Grace, 3rd dau. of Sir
Adam Hay, 7th Bart., of Haystoun, and by her (who d. 7 May,
1S83) had issue,

V. Arthur Alexander Wolfe, Lieut. Highland Light Infantry,
b. 22 May, 1866.

II. Hilda Louisa Janey Wolfe.

Mr. Murray d. 1890.

Arms—Or, a fetterlock, az., on a chief of the List three stars
arg., a border gu. Crest — A dexter hand ppr. holding a scroll.
Motto — Deum time.

Sea s — Cringletie, Eddleston, co. Peebles, and Westshield,
near Lanark, co. Lanark.


Murray, James, Esq. of North Inveramsay, co.
Aberdeen, J.P., 6. 4 June 1840; m. Sept. 1867,
Isabella Wilson, dau. of John Legge, Esq. of

Lineagre. — The family of Murray of North Inveramsay
has traced its pedigree to the year 1700,

James Murray, Esq, in Wyndings, Fettercsso (son of James
Slurray, in Wyndings, Fetteresso, who was born 1730), b. 1759;
m. circa 1799, Mary, dau. of —Walker, Esq. and d. 1834,
leaving by her, who d. 1830, a son,

James Murray, Esq. of Aberdeen, 6. 1808 ; m. 1833,
Barbara, dau. of — Hardie, Esq. and by her, who d. 1884,
had issue,

I. Charles Hardie (Rev.), of Preston, h. 1834 ; m. 1865, Marj
Anne, dau. of Bunyan, Esq. of Jedburgh.

II. James, of North Inveramsay.

III. Alfred Arthur, b. 1842 ; drowned in the Ganges, India,
1883, urnn.

IV. George Jeffrey, 6. 1845; d. 1859.

V. Arthur Thomson, 6. 1847 ; d. 1848.

I. Maria, b. 1836.

II. Christina Jeffrey, b. 1838 ; d. xmm. 1857.
Mr. James Murray d. 1881, aged 72.

Rcsideuce — 21, Balmoral Place, Aberdeen.


Murray, Anthony G-egrge, Esq. of Dollerie, co.
Perth, J.P., b. 29 Sept. 1830 ; m. 10 Dec. 18S5,
Mary Agnes, dau. of Major-Gren. Hugh L. Christie,
of Durie, Leven, co. Fife, and has issue,

Anthony Hugh, b. 28 April, 1888.

Xiineagre. — Patrick Murray,, of Oehtertyre, co. Perth,
3rd son of Sir David Murray, of Tullibardine and Gask (see
Burke's Peerage, Atholl, D.), d. 1476, leaving a son,

David Murray, of Oehtertyre, to. Margaret Pitcairn, of
Forfar, and had two sons, i. Patrick, ancestor of Murray,
Bart, of Oehtertyre ; ii. Anthony. The 2nd son,

Anthony Murray, of Dollerie, co. Perth, had a grant of
the lands of Eaith, near Crieff, and a portion of the muir of

5 A





Maderty, the present estate of Dollerie, from the abhey of
Inchaffray, 1654, m. Christian Maxtone, and had three sons,
I. David, liis heir; ii. ratrick. of Woodend, co. Perth, Dean of
the Episcopal Clnirch of Scotland, ancestor of the Karl of
Dtsart, and of Murray, Bart, of Glendoick ; iii. Alexander,
Dean of the Episcopal Church of Scotland 1537, m. Elizabeth
Oliphant. The eldest son,

DavidMcrrat, of Dollerie, bought the lands of Crieff (1578)
from John Muin\y, of Wedderhill, who had obtained them from
John Murray, barber to James V., King of Scots; he m. 15C8,
Margaret Tossack, and had a dau., m. Eobert Maxtone, of
Cultoquhey, and a son,

Anthony MrnRAT, of Dollene, 7)i. 1584, Jean Mitchell, and
■was s by his son,

David Murray, of Dollerie, m. Helen Murray of Tippcr-
muir, CO. Perth, and was father of

Anthosi Murray, of Dollerie, who had a charter from
Charles II., 1074, erecting his lands into a barony, Hi. Elizabeth
Murray, of Arbtnie, and d. 1685, leaving his lands to his only

Anthojts MtJBBAT, of Dollcrie, 6. 1676; m. Christian, dau.
of Rev. Mr. Honeyman, and d. 1761, aged 85, His son,

Anthony Murray, of DQllerie,ioined Prince Charles Edward,
•was present at the battle of CuUoden, and is supposed to have
been killed there, as he was never heard of after. He m. 1735,
Margaret Murray, of Grange, co. Fife, and had, with two daus.
(one of whom m. Lawrence Oliphant, of Condie, great-grand-
father of the author of The Land of Gileadqae) a son,

Anthony Murray, of Dollerie, who s. his grandfather, who
in 1762 had his titles made up to the lands in the charter of
1674. He m. 1765, Helen, dau. of Sir Patrick Murray, 4th
Bart, of Ochtertyre, and d. 1790, leaving a son,

Anthony Murray, of Dollerie, m. Ellen Fletcher Bower,
of Kincaldrum, Forfar, and by her (who d. 1847) had issue,

1. Anthony, his heir.

n. Alexander, C.M.G., Director of the Geological Survey of
Newfoundland, b. 2 Jan. 1811; m. 1st, 27 April, 1837,
Fanny Cooper Judkins, and by her had, with two daus., a

1 Anthony Hepburn, Major E.A., 6. 30 Oct. 1840; m. 1
March, 1871, Mary Madeline, dau. of Col. George £ad-
clifle, and has,

Alexander Radcliffe Hepburn, 6. 18 May, 1872.

Minnie, 6. 23 July, 1873.

Nellie Violet, 6. 1 June, 1876.
He m. 2ndly, 28 Jan. 1868, Eliza A. Cummins, and by her
had, with ihiee daus. (1 Georgina Isabella Mary Logan, b.
24 March, 1869; 2 Frances Augusta, 6. 30 Dec. 1870; 3
Alice Oliphant, 6. 17 Aug. 1874), three suns,

2 William Edmund Logan, 6 11 Sept. 1872.

3 Alexander Graeme, 6. 3 Jan. 1876.

4 Bernard Fabricotti, 6. 25 Oct. 1877 ; d. young.
lit. WiUiam, d. unm., killed in the Indian Mutiny.

1. Helen. ii. Margaret Anne, d. unm.

Hr. Murray d. 1838, and was s. by his eldest son,

Anthony Murray, of Dollerie, m. 19 Oct. 1829, Georgina,
dau. of Sir Patrick Murray, 6th Bart, of Ochtertyre, by Lady
Mary Anne Hupe his wife, dau. of the 3rd Earl of Uopetoun,
and by her (who d. 18 April, 1877) had issue,

I. Anthony George, his heir.

u. Patrick, Major E.E., served in the Indian Mutiny at
Dellii and Lucknow, d. unm. in India, 1872.

I. Mary Anne.

II. Georgita Helen, m. Thomas Walton Campbell, Esq. of
Walton Park, Kirkcudbright, and d. s,p.

lu. Augusta Campbell.

IV. Charlotte Joanna, m. Col. Robert Stewart, of Ardvorlich,
Penh, and had issue, a dau.

V. F'rances Amelia Jemima, «i.Sir Patrick Keith Murray, 8th
Bart, of Ochtertyre, and d. 7 Oct. 1874, leaving i.ssue (ste
Burke's Puraijt).

VI. I.-abella Lo.ii^a, m. Capt. J. G. Eeddie, R.N., of Redhouse,
CO. Fife, and has issue, John Murray, b. 27 Jan. 1872, 2nd
Lieut. Worcester Regt. ; and Anthony Julian, b. 27 Aug.
Ib73, 2nd Li.-ut. South Wales Borderers.

■VII. Williamina, m. John Stephens Blackett, Esq., C.E., and
has issue, John Patrick, and two daus.
Mr. Murray d. 16 Sept. 1884.

Armi — Az., a cross patt6e arg. surmounted of a saltire gu.,
between three stars of the second, a crescent for diderence.
Crcsi — An olive branch ppr. Motto — Ditat servata fides.

Stat — Dollerie, Crieff, co. Fife.

C'iiti^University, Edinburgh.

1S61, Augusta Anne, dau. of Kev. George Deane j
Rector of Bighton, Hants, and has issue,

I. Alexander Penrose, Lieut. Gordon Highlanders, Vice'
Consul at Odessa, 6. 13 July, 1863 ; in. 1891, Alexandrina,'
dau. of Col. Solovtsov, of the Russian Engineers, and
has issue,

Alexandee Gordon, 6. 30 June, 1892.

II. George Henry Lygon, 6. 25 May, 1871.

I. Mary Grace, 6. 17 Sept. 1865.

II. Margaret Beatrice, 6. 31 May, 1868.

III. Amelia Augusta, 6. 9 Oct. 1873.

liineagre. — This family is a younger branch of the-
MuRRAYs, Baronets oj Ochtertyre, in Perthshire (see BurkeV

Patrick Murray, of Ayton, Fifeshire (the second son of
Sir Patrick Murray, by Maigaret his wife, dau. of Mungo
Haldane, of Gleneagles, co. Perth), 6. 1685; vi 1709, Anne,
dau. of Duncan of Lundie, and d. 1773, leaving a son,

Alexander Murray, who m. Martha, dau. of Joseph
Williamson, and was father of

Alexander Murray, of Ayton, m. 23 Aug. 1780, Hon.
Mary, youngest dau. of Alexander, 7th Lord Banff, of Forglen,
and by her (who d. Dec. 1789), had, with other issue, a son,

Joseph, his heir.
Mr. Murray d. 1829, aged 75, and was s. by his son,

Joseph Murray, Esq. of Ayton, b. 25 April, 1786 ; in.
Grace, dau. of Sir George Samuel Abercromby, 6th Bart.,
and by her (who d. 25 July, 1876, aged 86) had surviving:

George Joseph, now of Wootton Court.
Mr. Murray d. 18 June, 1876.

Stat — Wootton Court, near Canterbury.


MuEKAT, William, Esq. of Ossemsley Manor, i
Hant3, Major in the Army (retired), late 10th
Hussars, h. 12 Dec. 1819 ; m. Feb. 1867, Emma
Eliza, dau. of Capt. Donald Duncan Graham, and
granddau. and heiress of Col. T. Lillie ; and by her
has issue,

I. Walter Graham, 6. 23 Oct. 1868.

II. William Hugh.

III. Angus Hamilton.

I. Lilias Mary.

II. Margherita Isabel Julia.

III. Imogen Brenda.

Major Murray is 2nd son of Walter Murray, Esq.
of Garland Grove, Jamaica (by his \fiie, Eliza
Tharp, 2nd dau. of Patrick Spence, Esq., and nieco
of John Tharp, of Chippenham Park, co. Cam-
bridge), and grandson of William Murray, of
Latium. He had two brothers, Walter (deceased),,
late Scots Fusiliers; Henry (deceased), late 79th
Highlanders; and two sisters, Georgina Catherine,
d. young; and Eliza (deceased), who m. (as lii*
2nd wife) Sir A. J. Lawrence.
Seat — Ossemsley Manor, Christchurch, Hants.


MuERAT, Geoeqe Joseph, Esq. of Wootton
Court, CO. Kent, J.P., h. 22 June, 1833 ; m. 3 Sept.


Mueeat-Kee, Mes. Maeianne, of Newblis*
House, CO. Monaghan, only dau. of Rev. Richard
Foster, by Mary Ker his wife, niece and heiress ef
Andrew Ker, M.D. of Newbliss House, m. 2 Nov.
lfS54, Andre Allen Murray Esq. J. P. and D.L.,
High Slieriff 1844, who assumed the name of Ker,
and d. 21 Oct. 1892, having had issue,

1. Andrew, 6. 8 April, 1858, d. 18 Oct. 1801.

I. Sarah, in. F'itzjohn Robert Irwin, Esq., M.B. of Kilkeel,
CO. Down, son of the late John Robert Irwin, Esq. of Car-
nagh House, co. Armagh, and by him, who d. 1882, had


Murray Fitzjohn.
Ethel Elizabeth.

II Mary Isabella.





Lineagre. — The Kers of NewWiss are a very respectalile
family of the co. of Monaghan, and have been for centuries
landed proprietors. Dr. Ker s. his brother, Alexander Ker,
Esq., Barrister-at Law, who built the present family mansion,
in the year 1814. They were sons of Kev. Andrew Ker,
Kcctor of Aghabog, and grandsons of Kobert Ker(17.51), who,
is mentioned in Dr. Keid's History of the PreshyUrian Church
of Ireland (vol. in., page 343) as having assisted the introduc-
tion of Seceders to Newbliss.

James Murray, Esq. of Beach Hill, co. Monaghan, m. Mar-
Itaret, sister of the Ven. Dr. Andre Allen, Archdeacon of
Clo^her, and d. 1828, having had issue,

Andr^ Allen Murray, Esq. of Loughhoona, ex-Scholar
T.C.D., and Barrister-at Law, m. Jan. 1818, Rebecca, 2nd
dau. of Eev. William- Moffatt, Bector of Currin and Drum-
crin, and d. 9 .Sept. 1827, leaving issue,

Anpee Allen, late of Newbliss House.

■William, of Ueecli Hill, co. Monaghan, J.P.

Eobert, M.K.C.S.I., m. Annie, dau. of Charles Cambie, Esq.,
J.P. of Castletown, co. Tipperary, and d. 7 Feb. 18o4,
leaving issue, Andre Allen, and Roberta Jane.

iSecti— Newbliss House, Newbliss, co. Monaghan.



MuEEOTTGH, JoHN PATRICK, Esq. of "Watersfield

Towers, Sussex, M.P. for Bridport, 1852-7, b. 2 Dec.

1822; m. 1818, Isabel Maria, dau. of John Beart,

Esq., and by her (who is deceased) has issue,

I. Patrick O'Donnell, 6. 1851.

I. Kathleen Isabel, m. the late Francis William Beart.
n. Helena Maria, in. 1st, Griffith Robert Thomas, Esq. ; and
2ndly, Charles Frederick Toovey, Esq.

Lineage.— John Mcrrough, Esq. of Chicester (son of
•Tohn Murrough, by his wife, Elizabeth, who d. 1838, dau. of
John de Hardham), to. 1820, Lucy, dau. of Edward Patrick,
Esq., J.P. and D.L. for Hants, and by her (who d. 14 Dec.
1846) had, with others, who all d. in infancy, a Eon,

John Patrick, now of Watersfield Towers.
Mr. Murrough d. 16 Feb. 1846.

Seat — Watersfield Towers, PulborougU,


MusGEAVE, Horace Edgar, Esq. of Shillington
Manor, Bedford, and Borden, Kent, b. 3 Sept. 1861,
m. 8 April 1891, Cecilia Elizabeth, dau. of the late
George Arthur Emilius Eoss, Esq. of Stoney Croft,
Eiccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand, and has

Christopher, 6. 1 Feb. 1893.
Ethel Marion.

, liineag-e.— George MnsGRAVE, Esq., M.P. for Carlisle,
•was son of George Musgrave, Esq., Keeper of Ordnance,
Chatham, who was a younger son of Sni Christopher Mcs-
«RAVE, 4th Bart, of Edenhall, Cumberland (whose son Joseph
Musgrave, was lord of the Manor of Apsleybury, Shillington,
Beds). This George Musgrave was father of

George Mosgrave, Esq. of Shillington Manor, co. Bedford,
J.P., High Sheriff 1828, b. 8 Sept. 1769; to. 19 Aug. 1790, Mar-
garet, only dau. of Edmund Kennedy, Esq. of Grafton, and
ty her who d. 19 Sept. 1859, had issue,

I. George, of wliom presently.

II. Henry, J.P. and D.I,., Banister-at-Law, 6. 8 July, 1800 ;
TO. Sarah Popplewell, dau. of Richard PuUan, Esq. of Hare-
wood, CO. York, and by her, who d. Sept. 1861, had issue, a

George Arthur, of Horton, co. Gloucester, 6. 1843; m.
Aug. 1867, Theresa, only child of Jacques Jones, Esq. of
Hill House, co. Gloucester, by Theresa his wife, dau. of
Fitzherbert Brooke, Esq. of Stanshaws Court, J.P. for
Gloucester, and has issue,

1 Heni7 Authur Fitzherbert, &. 1869.

2 Richard Rosewell, 6. 1872.

3 Arthur Kranklyn, 6. 1877.

4 Christopher Brooke, 6. 1880.

1 Theresa Henrietta, d. unra. 1889.

III. Thomas, deceased.

1. Georgiana, m. 22 Aug. 1822, C. Berners Plestow, Esq. of

Watlington Hall, Norfolk, and by him, who d. May, 1849,
had issue,

1 Charles John Berners, late of 7th Dragoon Guards, b.
July, 1823.

2 Henry Berners, 6. 1825, deceased.

II. Emma, to. June, 1831, James Hii^ham, Esq. only son of
Samuel Higham, Esq., Comptroller of the National Debt
Office, and had issue,
1 George Lascelles, b. 1834, m. 1861, Eliza Giibertson,


1 Henrietta.

2 Emily, m. 1863, William Harrison Briscoe, Esq., and
has issue.

Mr. Musgrave d. 27 June, 1861, and was s. by his eldest son,

Rev. George Musgrave, M.A.,of Shillington Manor and
Borden Hall, Kent, 6. 1 July, 1798 ; in. 4 July, 1827, Charlotte
Emily, youngest dau. of Thomas Oakes, Esq., formerly senior
member of the Council, and President of the Board of Rev-
enue, Madras, by Maria Luc)', his wife, elder dau. of Terence
Gahagan. M.D., Physician to tne Forces, and has issue,

I. Horace, of the Cape Mounted Rifles, 6. 14 Nov. 1829; d.
unin. 11 Oct. 1851.

II. Edgar, of whom presently.

I. Adele, d. young 1833.

II. Clare, m. Dec. 1857, Rev. John Fitzgerald, M.A., Vicar
of St. Stephen's, Camden Town, and had two sons who d.
in infancy.

III. Eleanor, d. 1858.

Mr. Musgrave, who was distinguished in the literary world as
the translator of Homer's Odtjssaj, and the author of Travels in
France, and other works, d. 26 Dec. 1883. His 2nd son,

Edgar Musgrave, Esq. of Shillington Manor, 6. 26 April,
1835; TO. July, 1860, Henrietta Marie, dau. of John Tesche-
maker, Esq., D.C.L., of Aunsfort, British Guiana, and Ex-
mouth, Devon, by his wife, the dau. of Richard Shute, Esq. of
Moncktown, Coombe, Somerset, and Elm Grove, SydenUan,
Kent, and by her had issue.

I. Horace Edgar, now of Shillington Manor.

II. Philip Cranstoun, Lieut. R.N., b. 6 Aug. 1863.
I. Ethel Henrietta.

Arms — Az , six annulets or. Crest — Two arms in maili
arniour upliiting an annulet or. 3/ot<o— Sans changer.
/Secifs— Shillington Manor, Hitchin, Beds,
iiwidewct!— Oraii, South Canterbury, New Zealand.


Sagae-Musgeave, John Musgeave, Esq. of
Bramley and Eed Hall, co. York, J.P. and County
Councillor for the West Eiding, and J.P. for the
city of Leeds, late Capt. 2nd West Yorkshire
Yeomanry Cavalry; b. 15 July, 1835 ; m. 23 Aug.
1860, Clara Kate, only dau. of Eobert C. Brooks-
bank, Esq. J.P., of Sydenham HUl, Kent, and
has issue,

I. Abraham Musgrave, h. 17 July, 1861 ; Capt. 3rd Batt.
West Yorkshire Regt.

II. Edgar Brooksbank, b. 11 March, 1864; in. 21 Sept. 1892,
Constance Mary, 2nd dau. of the Hon. Mr. Justice
Grantham, of Barcombe, Sussex, and has a dau.

III. Robert Malcolm, b. 30 Dec. 1871.

IV. William Noel, b. 18 Jan. 1876.
I. Clara Gertrude.

Mr. Sagar-Musgrave is Lord of the Manors of
Shadwell, Eoundhay, and Seacroft. He assumed
the additional surname of Musgeave by Eoyal
Licence 21 April 1863, under the will of his great-
uncle Abraham Musgrave, of Bramley.

Lineage.— John Sagar, of Remington, near Gisbumc,
bought an estate at Allerton, near Bradford, of Thomas
AUerton in 1605. Buried at Gisburne, 10 May, 1G14, leavin;;
by Margaret, his wife, two sons, John and James ; and one
dau. Mary. The 2nd son,

James Sagar, of Allerton Grange, bapt. at Gisbnrne, 22
July, 1596; was buried at Bradford Parisli Church, 16 June,
1666. He was the founder of Sagar's Charity, Bradford, by
will dated 15 Feb. 1665 (proved 1 Jan. 1667). By Elizabeth,
his wife, he had issue,

John, of whom presently.

James, bapt. at Bradford, 14 Jan. 1638.

Jeremy, bapt. at Bradford, 2 Aug. 1640.

5 A 3





Marr. liapt. at Bradford, 25 3I;mv1i, 1632; ni. 13 Jan. 1652,
Jose|ih Hcllintrs, Esg.

Martha, bapt. at Bradford, 19 April, 1C35 ; buried there 21
Dec. 1654.

Kiizabeth. liapt. at Bradford, 20 Jan. 1645.

liannah, bapt. at Bradford, 7 Jan. 1653.
The eldest son,

John Sagar, of .\llerton Grange, bapt. at Bradford, 25 Oct.
1629 ; was buried there 31 Aug. 1689. Will dated 6 Mareh,
1687. He m. 21 July, 1659, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Jlidgley,
of Allerton, and by her (who was buried at Bradford, 14 Dec.
1691) had issue, six son.s, John ; James; Jeremiah; Natli-
anie'. ; Thomas, of whom presently ; Samuel ; and one dau.
Mary. The fifth son, Sagab, who lived at Lydgate, Leeds, 6. 17 May,
1670; 7)!. It) M.iy, 1694. Elizabeth, dau. of Alderman Thomas
Dixon, of Gledhow Hall, Leeds, J. P., and twice Mayor of
Leeds ; and </. 13 Dec. 1702, leaving by her (6. 4 April, 1670;
<l. 28 Jan. 170S) a son,

Thomas Sagab, b. at Lydgate, 21 Feb. 1696; m. 14 Dec.
1720, Elizabeth, 6. 1690, dau. of Benjamin Atkinson, of Caley
Hall, near Otiey, and by her (who d. 6 April, 1764) had issue,
Benjamin; John; Thomas; Henry; Samuel; Elizabeth.
He d. 13 Jan. 1733. His 4th son,

Henbt Sagab, 6. 23 March, 1726 ; m. 19 Feb. 1765, Betty
(6. 6 Jan. 1746), dau. of William Sagar, of SouthBeld, near
Colne, CO. Lancaster, and d. 2 Dec. 1800, having had issue,
Thomas, of whom presently ; Harry ; Samuel ; Kichard ;
John; William; Jeremiah; Elizabeth; Anne; Alice; and
Lucy. The eldest son,

Thomas Sagab, of Farsley, co. York, bapt. 28 Dec. 1768;
m. 10 Sept. 1798, Mary, dau. of John Hartley, of Swinden
Hall, near Gisburne, and by her had issue, Richard Hartley,
Teter, Jane and Margaret. Mr. Sagar was buried 21 Aug.
1822. His eldest son,

BicHABD Hartley Sagar, Esq. of Kirkstall Hall, Bramley,
b. 27 June, 1803 ; m. 12 July, 1832, Margaret, eldest dau. of
John Musgrave, of Whitegate House, Bramley {see lineage oj
Mdsgbave), and by her (6. 27 Jan. 1802; d. 27 Aug. 1838) had

John Musgrive, now of Bramley and Red Hall.

Kiizabeth, b. 25 xMay, 1833 ; m. 15 Sept. 1858, William Wil-

. kinson, Esq. of Skipron, and by him (6. 25 Jan. 1828 ; d.

7 May, 18s4) has issue, William Musgrave, 6. 13 July, 1859.

m. 20 Sept. 1«87, Gcorgina Mitchell, who d. 8 Oct. 1888 ;

Sydney Herbert, b. 27 June, 1862, m. 12 Oct. 1886, Emma

Maria Irwell ; Richard Hartley Sagar, 6. 24 Feb. 1876;

Margaret Edith, m. 6 July, 1887 to H. P. Garland, of

Margaret Susannah.

.Mr. Sagar d. 15 Aug. 1844, and was buried at Bramley.

!. J^amilg of lltasjrabt of ^ramlcg.

Hesbt Mcsgbave, of Bramley, bought an estate of Sir John
Saville of Howley in 1621. Built Whitegate House, Bramley,
CO. York, where he lived, and d. in 1664. By Mary, his wife,
he had issue, Thomas, Henry, John, William Samuel Robert,
Mary, and Ellen. The 3rd son,

John Musgrave, of Whitegate House, had issue by Mar-
garet, his wife, Abraham, John, Elizabeth, Frances, Profess.
The eldest son,

Abraham Mosgrave, of Whitegate House, to. 2 Sept. 1699,
Mary, dau. of William Pulleine, of East Keswick, co. York,
and d. 20 Feb. 1743, leaving by her (who d. 23 Dec. 1733)
with other issue, an eldest son,

John Mcsgbave, of Whitegate House, b. 1702; m. 11 May,
1732, his cousin, Mary Musgrave, who d. 31 May, 1777. He
d. 8 Sept. 1782, having had issue, John, Simeon, Thomas,
Samuel, Ann. The 2nd son,

Simeon Mcsobave, of Whitegate House, bapt. 19 March,
1734; m. 2 Dec. 1768, Elizabeth Wood, of Bramley, and by
her (who d. 6 Jan. 1790) bad issue,

John, of Whitegate House.

Joseph, b. 30 Sept. 1775; d. unm. 17 May, 1838.

Abraham, b. 17 Feb. 1778 ; d. unm. 15 Nov. 1S62.

The eldest son,

JouN Mcsgbave, of Whitegate House, 6. 1 July, 1772; to.
1 .Jan. 1795, his cousin, Susanna Musgrave, of Foggathorpe,
and by her (who m. 2ndly, 29 Dec. 1813, Ephraim Elsworth,
junior), had issue,

Simeon, 6. 2 Dec. 1795 ; m. 3 Dec. 1836, Betty Haley, and

d. g. p. 12 June, 1874.
John, b. 1 1 Jan. 1797 ; d. unm. 26 April, 1813.
Thomas, 6. 23 June, lb05; d. 14 April, 1806.

Margaret, b. 27 Jan. 1802; m. 12 July, 1832, Richam
Hartley Sagar, Esq., as above.
Elizabeth, b. 27 Dec. 1803, d. unm. 23 July, 1869.

Mr. Musgrave d. 4 Dec. 1804, and was buried at Bramley.

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th: Arg. on a pile per pale az.
and gu. six annulets or (for Mcsgbave) ; 2nd and 3rd: Per
bend or and az. a cross nioline cnunt.erchanged, a chief paly of
six of the first ami gu. Crests— 1 (for Mcsgbave) Two arms
enibowed ppr. holding an annulet or, encircling a tilting spear
erect also ppr. 2 (/or Sagar) Upon a rock ppr. an eagle
reguardant or, each wing charged with three bendlets gu.
resting the dexter paw upon a cross moline az. ilolto — Valde
et sapienter.
.Seat— Red Hall, Shadweil, Leeds.


MusKETT, Rev. Henry Joseph, M.A., of Clip-
pesby Jfouse, Norfolk, Patron and Rector of Clip-
pesbj, b. 2 July, 1820 ; m. Ist, 2 Dec. 1847, Char-
lotte Heath, dau. of William Heath Jary, Esq. of
Elofield Lodge, Norfolk, J.P. and D.L., which lady
d. 1864.. He m. 2ndly, 9 Nov. 1865, Sophia Anne,
dau. of Edmund Ward, Esq. of Bury St. Edmunds,
and has issue,

I. Henby Joseph Salisbcbt, b. 1867.

II. Herbert Edmund, d. 1869.

III. Percy Edward. iv. Ernest Charles.

V. John Harrington, d. 1884.

VI. Aubrey Dashwood.

I. Ethel Mary Emily, d. 1868. ii. Ada Catherine.

III. Emily Louisa Julia. iv. Norah Caroline.

liineage. — This family resided and possessed lands in the
parish of Haughley, in Suffolk, in the reigns of Henby VIII.,
Edwabd VI., and Elizabeth, and a branch continued there
until the year 1774.

William Mcskett, Esq., who was living at Haughley, 1565,
d. 1619, and was s. by his son,

RoBEBT Mcskett, Esq., a warm adherent of royalty temp.
Chables I. He was s. 1630, by his son,

Simon Mcskett, Esq. of Brisingham, in Norfolk. The dau.
of this gentleman, m. Henry Bloomfield, Esq. of Fersfield,
grandfather of Rev. Francis Bloomfield, of Fersfield and
Billingford, who wrote the History of Norfolk. His son,

John Mcskett, possessed landed property in Brisingham
and Fersfield. His son,

Andrew Mcskett, settled at Thelton, in Norfolk, anno
1659, and adopting the sentiments of the Quakers, suffered
muoh in those persecuting times. He left four sons and one
dau., John, Andrew, James, Charles, and Elizabeth. The
eldest son,

John Mcskett, resided at Newton-Flotman, in Norfolk,
1748. He TO. 1st, the dau. of Charles Hart, Esq., of
Ilapton Hall, and had one son, John, and two daus. He m.
2ndly, Anne, dau. of Ephraim Heywood, Esq. of Diss, in
Norfolk, and maternal descendant of the Thurlow family, and
had further issue, Joseph ; Ephraim ; Benjamin, of Rockland ;
William; Thomas; Mary, m, William Richardson, Esq. of
Langbarf, co. York; Sarati, m. J. AVhifing, Esq., of Epsom;
and Rhoda, ?ii. — Hart, Esq. of East Grinstead, Essex. The
eldest son of the 2nd marriage,

Joseph Mcskett, Esq. of Easton Intwood and Clippesby,
Norfolk, ni. 1780, Elizabeth, dau. of James Salisbury, Esq. of
Cheveley, and left issue,

I. Joseph Salisbort, of Intwood, Hall, Norfolk, b. 1784; m.
Mary, only dau. of William Jary, Esq. of Burlinsrham, and
had one dau., Mary Anne, to. 2 April, 1835, Clement
Unthank, Esq. of Norwich.

II. Henry, of Clippesby House, Norfolk, J.P., fc. 11 April,
1787; TO. 8 July, 1817, Emily, dau. ot William Grant, Esq.
of Norwich, andd. 27 Oct. 1651, leaving issue,

1 Henry Joseph (Rev.), now of Clip|iesby House.

1 Emily Louisa, m. Ia47, Charles Burton Dashwood, Esq.
of Great Yarmouth ; she d. 1870.

2 Julia Matilda, to. 1856, Thomas William Etheredge, Esq.
of Thorpe, near Norwich; she ci. 1S58.

3 Clara Ann, m. 1848, William Collett Reynolds, Esq. of
Great Yarmout

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