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I. Elizabeth, to. WiUiam Yetts, Esq. of Yarmouth.

yfvnis— Arg., two bars gu. between six leopards' heads
caboshed (Queen Elizabeth granted to Henry Muskt-tt, Esq. of
Harleston, Norfolk, a second coat of arms). Crest —Out of a ducal
coronet or, a demi-antelope sa. ringed and chained gold.
&a£— Clippesby House, near Yarmouth, Norfolk.






MuspEATT, James Liebig, Esq. of Cornist
House, CO. Flint, b. 20 Sept. 1844; m. 20 Aug.
1873, Clara Maria, dau. of Thomas Lewis, Esq. of
Brjn Edwjn, co. Flint, and has issue, two sons and
two daus.

Lineag-e.— James Muspratt, Esq. of Scaforth Ilall,
Liveqwol, 6. 12 Aug. 1792, son of Evan Muspiatt, by Sarah
Mainwaring his wife, m. G Oct. 1818, Julia Josephine, dau. of
John Connor, Esq. of Dublin, and by her (who d. 15 March,
1857) had issue,

I. James Sheridan, M.D., Ph.D., m. 1st, Susan, widow of
Merriman, Esq., and Cndlv. Ann, dau. of — Neale, Esq. of
Liverpool, and d. 3 Feb. 18;i, leaviugtwo daus.,

II. EicHARD, his heir.

^Jli. Frederic, b. 2 Feb. 1825; m. 1st, 3 July, 1850, Fanny,

- ' dau. of Samuel Lover, Esq., and 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of
• F. Smith, Esq. He d. .Nov. 1872, leaving issue, two sons

and four daus.
• IV. Edmund Knowles, 6. 6 Nov. 1833; m. 21 Feb. 1861,

- Frances Jane Baines, and has issue, four sons and four
. daus.

I. Julia Sophia, m. March, 1852, James Elliot Blake, Esq.
' and has issue.
, II. Maiy Adelaide.

III. Emma Jessie, m. 4 April, 1S61, George Ilarley, JI.D.,

Mr. Muspratt d. 4 May, 1886. His eldest son,

liicHARD Muspratt, Esq. of Trelawny House, co. Flint,
J.P., High Sheriff 1884, b. 13 Aug. 1822; m. 6 July, 1843,
Jane, eldest dau. of James Moon, Esq. of Manchester, and had

James Liebig, of Cornist.

Kichard Frederic, b. 14 Oct. 1845.

Sydney Knowles, b. 7 Jan. 1849; m. 27 Nov. 1S83, Con-
stance SacUville, dau. of Robert Sackville Molesworth,

Florence Fencham, b. 8 April, 1851.
Mr. Muspratt d. 18 Aug. 1885, and was s. by his eldest son.

Seal — Cornist, near Flint.


MussEXDEN, Maj.-Gen. William, late of Larch-
field, CO. Down, late 8th Hussars, b. 17 Jan. 1836 ;
m. 31 July, ISRfi, Catherine Maude, only dau. of
Sir Henry Boynton, Bart., and has issue,

I. Henrt Clement, b. 186S.

II. Francis William, Lieut. 8th Hussars, b. 1SG9.

Liineag'e. — I"or the early ancestry of this branch of
the ancient family of De Mussendeu, refer to Leathes of

Francis Mussenden, Registrar of the Diocese of Down (next
brother of John Mussenden, Vicar-General of Down and
Connor), ancestor of the family of Leathes of Herring fleet,
Suffolk, d. 1686, leaving a son,

Daniel Mussenden, Esq. father (by Martha his wife) of

William Mussenden, Esq., m. Jane, sister of Arthur
Johnstone, Esq. of co. Down, and had a son and successor,

Daniel Mussenden, Esq. of Larchfield, m. 1781, Fridiswid,
Bister of Sir Stewart Bruce, 1st Bart., and left at his decease
an only child,

William Mussenden, Esq. of Larchfield, J. P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1831, b. 2nd Nov. 1783; m. 18 Aug. 1831, Sarah,
eldest dau. of Peter Low, Esq. of Dublin, by Louisa his w ifc,
dau. of Sir Itichard Butler, 7tU Bart, of Garryhundon, co.
Carlow, and had issue,

William, his heir.

Louisa. Elizabeth.

Mr. Mussenden d. 2 Oct. 1860, and was s. by his only son, the
present Maj.-Gen. William Mussenden.

Arms — Or, a cross engrailed eu., in the dexter canton a
Cornish chough ppr., beaked and legged of the second. Cri^st—
A dove, with au olive branch in its beak, all ppr. Motto —
J'aime la lihtrld.

Town Bouse— 25, Eaton Square, S.W.


Chaworth-Musters, John Patricius, Esq. of
Annesley Park, co. Nottingham, J. P., b. Ib60,
authorized by Eoyal Licence, 6 Oct. 1888, to

assumethe additional name and arms of Chaworth;
m. Mary Anne, dau. of Mr. George Sharpe, and
has, with two other sons and four daus., Geouqb
Patricius, b. 1888.

Lineagre.— Sir John Musters, of Hornsey, Middlesex,

who, according to Le Neve's Pedigrees of Knights, was

knighted at Whitehall, 2 June, 1663, acquired, by purchase,

the manors of Over and Nether Colwick, co. Nottingham,

which been previously held by the noble family of Byron.

He was thrice married, 1st, to Anne, dau. of Sir John Maynard,

K.B., by whom he had a son and a dau.,

I. John, b. 1648 ; d. v. p. 1685, and lies buried beneath a

.sumptuous monument in the chancel at Colwick He m.

Milicent, elder dau. and co-heir of Adrian Mundy, Esq. of

Quorndon, co. Derby (third son of Francis Mundy, Esq.

of Markeaton, co. Derby), and by that lady (who survived

her husband no less tlian lifty-four years, and m. 2ndly,

13 Dec. 1691, the Rev. Dr. Fuller, Rector of Hatfield, Herts,

and had an only dau. Millicent, m. 22 March, 1709, Sir

Thomas Samwell, Bart, of Upton, co. Nottingham) he left,

wi^h a dau. (Anne, m. Sir Roger Twysden, Bart.), and other

issue, a son,

Mundy, of whom presently.

I. Mary, vi. 23 July, 1672, Sir Richard Spencer, Bart, of
OfHey, Herts, and 2nUly, 25 April, 1691, Sir Ralph Radcliffe,
Knt. of Hitchin Priory, Herts, and d. 3 Sept. 1719.

Sir John Musters m. 2ndly, Sar.ah, dau. of Anthony Biddulph,
Esq. of CO. Stafford, by whom he had one son,

II. Charles, of Ugley, Essex, b. 1655; m. 20 Feb. 1689, Mary,
dau. and heir of John Wentworth, Esq. of SomerleytouHall,
and a. s.p. 18 Dec. 1719.

He m. Srdly, Jane, dau. of Sir Francis Basset, Knt. of Tehidy,
CO. Cornwall, and by her (who d. 17 Sept. 1691, aged 67 years)
he had an only son,
HI. Francis, 6. 1 May, 1664 ; d. 16 April, 1680, and was buried

at Hornsey, where there are yet monuments to him and his


Sir John d. 28 July, 1689, was bur. at Colwick, and was a.
by his grandson,

MuNDT Musters, Esq. of Colwick, m. June, 1707, Elizabeth,
dau. and co-heir of Richard Sherwin, Esq., of Nottingham, and
d. 16 June, 1750, having had issue, a son,

Mundy Musters, Esq. of Colwick, who was High Sheriff of
CO. Nottingham in 1753, and d. 15 Jan. 1770, aged 50, leaving
by his wife, a dau. of John Grey, Esq. of Newton Linford, co.
Leicester, a son,

John Musters, Esq. of Colwick, b. 7 Feb. 1753; m. July,
1770, Sophia Catherine, dau. and co-heir of James Modyford
Hpywood, Esq. of Maristow, co. Devon, which lady d. Sept.
1819. This gentleman, who was High Sheriff of co. Notting-
ham in 1777, and d. in London 25 Feb. 1827, left issue, an only
dau., 1)1. 8 Sept. 1798, Thomas Wright Vaughan, Esq. of
Jloulsey, Surrey, and an only son,

John Musters, Esq. of Colwick, J. P. and D.L., m. 17 Aug.
1805, Mary Anne,* only dau. and heir of George Chaworth,
Esq. of Annesley, co. Nottingham, and by her (who d. FeU.
1832) had issue,

I. John George, of whom presently.

II. William (Rev.), d. 1874.

III. Henry, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1841, late Lieut.-Col.
Dublin Militia, formerly Capt. 2nd Dragoon Guards, m. 1st,
183:t, Margaret Domville, only child of Thomas Gordon
Auchniuty, Esq. of Bryanstown, co. Longford, J. P. and
D.L., by wliom he has John George, J. P., Coinm. R.N., m.
1888, Edith, 2nd dau. of Frederick .Handers, Esq., and
other issue. He m. 2ndly, 1^83, Maria, dau. of J,.hn
Atkinson, Esq., and widow of Hon. Patrick Plunkett.

IV. Charles, R.N., d. 1832.

I. Mary Ann, m. F"eb. 1828, Anthony Hamond, Esq. of
Westa re.

II. Sophia Caroline, ?«. Robert N. Hamond, Esq., Comm.

ni. Alicia. iv. Musters, d. young..

The eldest son,

John George IMusters, Esq. of Wiverton, m. 1837, Emily,
dau. of Philip Hamond, of Wcstacre, Norfolk, and d. in hi.s
father's lifetime, 1842, having had issue,

I. John Chaworth, successor to his grandfather, of Colwick

II. George Chaworth, R.N., b. 1840, Consul at Mozambique ;

* This lady, the "Mary Chaworth," of Lord Byron's poetry,
represented the very ancient Nutlinghamshire family of
Chaworth of Annesley : —

" Herself the solitary scion left
Of a lime honoured race "





m. 1878, Herminia, only d:»u. of George Williams, Esq. of
Sucre Bolivia, and d. 1879, leaving daughters only.
I. Mary Anne Chawortfi, m. Is63, Horatio Packe, Lieut.
E.X., andrf. 1S8I, leaving two sons.

Mr. Musters took the surname of Chawokth, but sub-
sequently resumed his patronymic. Musters. He d. 8 Sept.
1849, and was s. by his grandson,

John Chawobth Mis.ebs, Esq. of Annesley Park, Colwick
Hall, ana Wiverton Hall, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1864, b.
1838 ; ?!i. 15 March, 18oU, Caroline Anne, eldest dau. of Henry
Sherbrooke, Esq. of Oxton Hall, Notts, and d. 1887, having
had issue,

I. JoHV PiTRicins, now of Annesley Park.

II. Lancelot George Eden Michael, 6. 1868 ; m. 1893, Mabel
Violet, dau. or ueorge Watson, Esq.

HI. Henry Charlton, 0. 1871.

I. M..ry Catherine, 6. 1863.

II. Cathi-rine I iiiily, b. 1864; m. 1893, her cousin, Penn
CurzoM bherbrooKc, Esq. {see Bubke's Peerage, Howe, E.).

Anns — Quarteily : 1st and 4th, arg., on a bend gu. a lion
passant guaiaant or, within a bordure engrailed of ihe second,
tor McsTERs ; 2nd and 3rd, barry of ten arg. and gu. three
martlets two aiid one .-a., within a bordure engrailed crnii es,
for Chaworth. C) e.-^is- iat, A lion sejcint guardant or, sup-
porting with the fore paws a shield of tue arius, for Musters ;
2nd, a tower arg , churged with a bendlet wavy gu., tliereon a
lion passant or, issuant irom the battlements an astrich feather
sa. between four others of the tiist, for Chawobth.

Sec' ts— Annesley Park, i car Kottiugham ; Wiverton Hall,
near Bingham, ciui;— Carlton.


Myees, William Joseph, Esq. of Porters Part,
CO. Herts, Capt. King's Royal Rifles, formerly Aide-
de-Camp to Gen. Sir Frederick Stephenson, K.C.B.,
lias medals for the Zulu war and the Nile Expedi-
tion, the 4th class of the Order of the Medjidie, and
tho Khedive's bronze star; b. 4 Aug. 185S ; s. his
father 1882. Capt. Myers is lord of the manor of

liineagre. — The family of Myers have been freemen of
the Borough of Preston, in Lancashire, for some three cen-

John Myers, Esq. of Preston, served the office of Bailiff to
the Borough in 17'26, and d. 17 Oct. 1729, leaving a son,

Joseph Mters, Esq. of Preston, b. 3 Dec. 1724, who (by his
wife Jane) had issue,

I. Joseplr, 6. 17 Jan. 1752; d. young.

H. Thomas, 6. 3 Sept. 1753; d. young.

HI. Joseph, 6. 30 Jan. 1757.

iv. John, of Crusby House, Great Crosby, co. Lancaster, h.

13 May, 1758 ; great-grandfather of Mr. Frederick Jaqucs

Myers, of Charlton Lodge, Banbury.

V. Thomas, 6. 6 Sept. 1760. vi. Kichard, 6. 17 Oct. 1761.
VII. William, of whom presently.

I. Ellen, 6. 1 Sept. 1749; d young.

II. Elizabeth, b. 24 Oct. 1750.
HI. Margaret, b. 17 March, 1755.
IV. Ellen, 6. 31 Oct. 1763.

Mr. Myers, who was Bailiff in 1748, and Mayor in 17CG, d. 24
Aug. 1774. His youngest son,

William Mters, Esq. of Barlow Hall, co. Lancaster, b. 6
May, 1765 ; m. Catherine Borron, of Withington, by whom he
had an only son,

William Joseph Myers, Esq. of Porters Park, co. Herts,
J.P. and D.L., High-Sheriff, 1856, m. Margaret, dau. of
Nicholas Crooke, Esq. of Homefield, co. Lancaster, and by
her (who d. June, 1845) had issue,

Thomas Boebon, his heir.

Charles, of Swanmore, Hants, «i. April, 1853, Henrietta, 5th
dau. of Henry Ashton, Esq. of Woolton Wood, co. Lan-
caster, and Poulton Hey, co. Chester, and d. 26 Sept. 1879,
having had issue, 1 William Henry, now of Swanmore,
M.P. for Winchester, J. P., M.A., Barrister-at-Law, 6.
30 Nov. 1854, -m. 31 July, 1888, Frances Mary, only dau. of
Ernest Augustus Prideaux-Brune, Esq. ot Glentorr, Devon ;
2 Charles diev.), M. A., Vicar of Lyme Res;is, co. Dorset;
1 Constance Henrietta ; 2 Evelyn Elizabeth.

Asne Mary, m. 1854, George Fearnley Whittingstall, Esq.,
of Hawkswick, St. Albans, J.P. for Herts, formerly Capt.
12th Lancers, and late Major in the Herts Yeomanry, and
has issue.

Mr. Myers d. 13 Nov. 1858, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Bobbon Myebs, Esq. of Porters Park, J. P., b. 24
Aug. 1826 ; m. 3 April, 1856, Margaret Storie, dau. of llev.
Henry Melvill, B.D., Canon of St. Paul's, and had issue.

William Joseph, now of Porters Park

Dudley Borron, 6. 23 Feb. 1861.

llcginald Maxwell, 6. 29 Dec. 1869.

Eva Margaret. Gertrude Henrietta.

Blanche Georgiana.

Mr. Myers d. 3 March 1882, and was a. by his son, the present
William Joseph Myebs, Esq. of Porters Park.

Arms — Arg., a pale gu. on a bend between four crescents
two and two palewise, three mullets of six points .all counter-
changed. Crest — A demi-lion gu. gutte d'or, holding in the
dexter paw a mullet of six points or, and resting the sinister
on two mascles interlaced of the last.

/Seat— Porters Park, Shenley.

Mtnoes, Willougubt Baskeeville, Esq. of
Treago, co. Hereford, and Evancoyd, co. Radnor,
J.P. and D.L. for co. Hereford, and J.P. co. Radnor,
High Sheriff 1891, and County Councillor co. Here-
ford, Capt. Shropshire Yeomanrv Cav., late Lieut.
7th Hussars, b. 25 Nov. 1854 ;%». 2 Sept. 18S4,
Mabel Katherine, eldest dau. of William Stevenson,
Esq. of Boquhan, co. Stirling.

Lineage. — In the Eoll of Battle Abbey, the name of
Mynors appears, and Treago is stated to have been in this
family's possession since the Conquest.

John de Miners, of Treago, was constituted by Edward II.
Keeper of the Castle of St. Biiavel and of the Forest of Dene.
He was s. by his son.

Sib Roger Miners, Knt. of Treago, to. Joan, dau. of Sir
Lawrence Bostock, Knt., 3rd son of Bostock, of Cheshire, and
was s. by his son,

llicHABD Miners, of Treago, m. Margaret, dau. and co-heir
of Sir Gerard de Furnival, and niece of Lord Furnival, temp.
Edward I., and was s. by his son,

Rogers Minebs, of Treago, m. Margaret, dau. and heir of
Sir John de la Hay, of Wellington, and was s. by his son,

Philip Miners, of Treago, m. Alice, dau. of William ap
Jenkin ap lorworlh, and was s. by his son,

Paganus Minebs, of Treago, m. a dau. of John Brett, and
was s. by his son,

Jenkin Miners, m. Eva, dau. of Philip Michell, and left a
son and successor,

Richard Miners, Sheriff of co. Hereford 16 Henry VII.
(1500). He m. Joan, dau. of Gwillim ap Thomas ap Llewel-
lyn ap Howell ap Gylough, and had issue, Roger (Sir), to.
Alice, dau. of Sir William Myll, Knt. of Gloucester, and d. s.p.,
and Thomas. The younger son,

Thomas Mynors, of Treago, m. Anne, dau. of Watkiu
Vaughan, of Hengert, by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir James Basker-
ville, of Eardisley, and was s. by his son.

Sib Richard Mynors, Knt. of Treago, m. Anne, dau. of
Thomas Burgh, and was s. by his son,

Richard Mynors, Esq. of Treago, ni. Katherine, dau. of Sir
Thomas Vaughan, of Porthamal, Brecon, and dying 1592, was
s. by his son,

Roger Mynors, Esq. of Treago, m. Jane, dau. of John
Harley, Esq. of Brampton Brian, and aunt of Sir Robert
Harley, K.B., Master of the Mint temp. Charles I., and was
s. at his decease by his son,

Rowland Mynobs, Esq. of Treago, vi. Theodosia, dau. of
Sir Percival Willoughby, Knt. of Wollaton, Notts, and dying
1651, was s. by his son,

Robert Mynors, Esq. of Treago, b. 1616; m. 1649, Eliza,
dau. of James Oswald, Esq. of St. Weonard"s, and had issue,

Robert, his successor.

Theodosia, m. Isr, Roger Boulcot, Esq. of Hereford, and had
an only dau. and heir,

Theodosia Boulcot, to. Peter Ri','kards, Esq. of Evenjobb,
CO. Uadnor, son of John Rickards, Esq., Auditor of Wales
to Chables 1., and left a son,
Peter Rickards, Esq of Evenjobb, m. 1751, Catherine
Withcrstone, dau. of Edward Wiiherstone, Esq. of co.
Hereford, and dying libO, lelt a son,
Peter Rickards, of whom presently, as inheritor of
the estates of Mynors.
Theodosia Mynors m. 2ndly, Richard Witherstonc, Esq. of
The Lodge, and had a son,
Edward Whithhrstone, Sheriff co. Hereford 1720, m.
Anne Barrett, and left at his decease an only dau.,
Catherine Whitherstone, who m., as stated above, her
kinsman, Peter Rickards.





Mr. Mynors d. 23 Aug. 1672, and was s. by his son,

Egbert Mtnobs, Esq. of Tieago, 6. April, 1654; m. Eliza,
•dau. of WiUiam Adams, Esq. of Monmouth, and was s. by his

BoBERT Mtnors, Esq. of Treago, Sheriff of co. Hereford,
1735, m. Thomasine, dau. of Thomas Gouge, Esq. of London,
and dying 10 June, 1742, and was s. by his son,

BoBERT Mtnoks, Esq. of Treago, who served the office of
■Sheriff of CO. Hereford, 1758. He m. Mary, dau. and heir of
Thomas Parry, Esq. of Arkston, by whom (who m. 2ndly,
•Charles Morgan, Esq. of Ruperra, 2nd son of Thomas Morgan,
Esq. of Tredegar) he had no issue. He d. 1765, when the
estate and representation of tlie Mynors family passed to his
kinsman (refer to descendant of Theodosia, dau. of Eobert
Mynors 14th Lord of Treago).

Peter Rickabds, Esq. of Evancoyd, who assumed, 1787,
the additional surname of Mynors. He m. Meliora, dau. and
iieir of Kev. John Powell (by Philippa, dau. and hiir of
Thomas Baskerville, Esq. of Aberedow, co. Radnor, by Meliora,
dau. of Richard Baskerville, Esq. of Kichardston, Wilts), and
ibad issue,

Peter Rickabds Mtnors, Esq. of Treago.

Thomas Baskerville Mynors, b. 1790, assumed the additional
surname ot Baskerville 1818, and served the office ot
Sheriff for Wilts 1827 (see FamUy of Baskerville o/ CLyro

Meliora, m. 1815, H. H. Farmar, Esq. of Dunisane, co. Wex-
ford, and had issue.
Mr. Peter Eickards Mynors d. 1794, and was s. by hi? son,

Petee Kickards Mynors, Esq. of Treago and Evancoyd,
J.P. and D.L., High Sherifif of co. Radnor, 1825, b. 27 Nov.
J787; m. 20 Feb. 1817, Mary E'izalieth, only dau. of Edmund
Trowbridge Halliday, Esq. of Chapel Cleeve, Somerset, and
♦lad by her (who d. 29 April, 18S2) issue,

Robert Baskerville, of Treago and Evencoyd.

Edmund Baskerville. Rector of Ashley, Wilts, 6. 1823; m.
Feb. 1855, doralia Charlotte Campl ell, dau. of John Craw-
ford, Esq., and by her (who d. 13 March, 1883) had a son,
Roland Crawford BaskervilU-, h. 1855, deceased, and four
daus., 1 Alice Eleanor, »i. June, 1877, C. W. J. Smith, Esq. ;
2 Sybil Agnes: 3 Margaret Beatrice ; 4 Violet Mary.

Walter Baskerville (Rev.j, Rector of Llanwarne, Koss, co.
Herelord, J. P., 6. 28 Aug. 1«27 ; m. 3 April, 1856, Caroline
Elizabeth, elder dau. of Henry Clay, Esq. of Stiipenhill, co.
Derby, and Piercefield Park, co. Jlonmouth, and ha.s issue,
Harry Walter Baskerville, h. 2i Oct. 1857; Nigel Basker-
ville, 6. 22 Aug. 1862, drowned at Repton 12 June, 1880 :
Aubrey Baskerville, 6. 13 April, I860 ; Evelyn Basker-

Thomas Baskerville (Barland, co. Radnor), J.P., 6. 1834 :
m. 1 Aug. 1863, Constance Mary, eldest dau. of Sir
Richard Green Price, Bart., M.P., of Norton Manor. She
d. 1889.

Mary Philippa, m. 1856, George Henry Warrington Carcw,
Esq. of Carew Castle, co. Pembroke, Growcombe Court,
Somerset, and Pentrepant, Salop, who d. 1874.

Mr. Mynors d. 20 Jan. 1866, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Baskerville Rickabds Mtnors, Esq. of Treago,
and Evancoyd, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Radnor, 1856,
late Capt. Herefordshire Militia, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, b.
1819 ; m. 30 Sept. 1852, EUen Gray, only child of Rev. Edward
Higgins, of Bosbury House, co. Hereford, and d. 21 Sept.
il889, having, with a dau., Elinor Mary Baskerville, had,

I. WiLLOCGHBi Baskerville. now of Treago.

II. Arthur Clynton Baskerville, Lieut. 60th Rifles, 6. 17 Aug.
1856 ; d. at Fort Pearson, South Africa, 25 April, 187y.

III. Charles Baskerville, 6. Aug. 1859; d. June, 1863.

IV. Audley Baskerville, 6. ;^8 i\QY. ll)61, drowned in Queens-
laud, 8 Dec. Is92.

Arms—SsL.. an eagle displayed or, on a chief az. bordured
arg. a chevron between two crescents in chief and a rose in
base of the second. Crtst — A naked arm embowed, the hand
lioldir.g a bear's paw erased at the thigh, all ppr. Motto—
Spero ut fidelis.

Setds— Treago, near Ross; Evancoyd, near Kington; and
iJosbuiy House, Ledbury.


Mynoe8, Kobeet, Esq. of Weatheroak, co. Wor-
cester, J. P. and D.L, for that co., and in the Com-
mission of the Peace for co. Warwick, M.A. Oxford,
Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple, b. 30 April,
1817 ; 5. his father 1842.

liineagre.— Robert Mynors, Esq. of Weatheroak, 3rd son
-of John Mynors, Esq. of Eccleshall, co. Stafford (a lineal
descendant of the family of that name, formerly seated at
£lakenhall, in the same co.), by Catherine his wife, dau. of

John James, of HighOfBey, m. Susanna, dau. of Thomas Eden,
Gent, of Broad Marston, co. Gloucester, and d. 1806, having
had issue,
Robert Kdwabd Eden, his heir. John. d. in infancy.

Henry Eden, of Keynsham, Somerset, J. P., m. Sept. 1825,
Eliza Clara, only dau. of — Partridge, E.-q. of Stroud, co.
Gloucester, and has issue, Henry Eden, b. 18J6, m. Mehet-
abel Josephine (who d. 28 May, 1883), and d. 21 Jan. 1883 ;
Clara ; Agnes.
The elder son and heir,

Robert Edward Eden Mynors, Esq. of Weatheroak, M.A.,
J. P. and D.L., in. 15 Aug. 1815, Mary, cldc.'^t dau. of Thomas
Hassall, Esq. of Hartshorne, co. Derby, and d. 15 Dec. 1842,
having had issue,
Eobebt, now of Weatheroak.

Thomas Hassall (Rev.), B.A., formerly Vicar of St. Patrick's,
Tanworth, Hockley Heath, b. 9 May, 1819; m. 1854, Emily
Anne, only child of Thomas Worthington, Esij. of Harts-
horne, to. Derby, and has issue, two daus., Emily Mary
and Florence Annie.

Mary Susannah, m. Rev. Alexander Hunter. Vicar of Tan-
worth, CO. Warwick, and d. 15 July, 1867, leaving issue,
two daus.

Anne Gertrude, -m. 6 Aug. 1844, Rev. Patrick Murray
Sniythe, Rector of Solihull, co. Warwick, youngest .son of
Hon. David Smythe, of Methven, one of the Senators of the
College of Justice. She d. I860, leaving iour sons and one
dau. Alice Eliisabelh.

Amis — Gu., a fesse arg., between three plates. Crest — A
dexter cubit arm in armour, the hands holding a lion's paw
erased (ipr. Motio—Vac et spera.

Seal — Weatheroak, Alvechurch, co. Worcester.


Mytton, Devebeux Herbert, Esq. of Grarth,
CO. Montgomery, J. P. for cos. Montgomery and
Salop, High Sheriff 1873, Chairman of Quarter
Sessions, late Capt. 8olh Eegt., b. 9 Sept. 1832 ; m.
23 Jan. 1873, Emma Lydia, only dau. of Edmtind
Story, Esq., Madras Civil Service, and has issue,

I. George Herbert, 6. 3 Nov. 1873.

II. Hugh Frederick, b. 17 Jan. 1875.

III. Artiiur Reignallt, b. 21 Aug. 1878.

IV. Philip Aldred, b. 5 Oct. 1880.

V. Richard Llewellyn, 6. 3 Sept. 1833.

I. Dorothy Wynn, 6. 9 Feb. 1876.

II. Gwladys Ethel, b. 11 Dec. 1881.

Lineage. —John Mytton, Esq. 2nd son of Richard
Mytton, of Shrewsbury, progenitor of the Mittons o/Haiston
{see Bdbke's Vicissitudes of Famities), by Ann his 1st wife, dau.
of Sir Edward Grey, Knt. of Enville, was seated at Pont-
yscowryd, co. Montgomery. By his first wiie, Mary, dau. and
heir of Lawrence Cole, Gent, of London, he had an only dau.
Ellen, and by his 2nd wife, Anne, dau. of John Barnes, Gent.
of Salop, he had. with other issue, his heir,
Richard Mytton, Esq. of Pontyscowryd, whose eldest son,
Ja.mes Mytton, Ksq. of Pontyscowryd, lu. Eleanor, sister of
Sir Thomas Jones, Knt. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas,
and dau. of Edward Jones, Esq. of Sandiord, Salop, and by
her (who m. 2ndly, Humplirey Hughes, Esq. of Gwerclas,
Merionethshire) had issue,

Richard, his heir.

Elizabeth, r,i. Charles Hughes, Esq , seated at Bryntangor,
CO. Denbigh, High Sheriff at Merioneth 1689.
James Mytton was s. by his son and heir,

Richard Mytton, Esq. of Pontyscowryd, High Sheriff CO.
Montgomery, 1674, m. Bridget, dau. of George Devereux, Esq.
of Vaynor, in that co. and left (with a dau. Catherine, m.
Edward Lloyd, Esq. of Aberbechan) a son,

Richard Mytton, Esq. of Pontyscowryd, m. Dorothy, dau.
and heir of Brochwel Wynn, Esq. of Garth, co. Montgomery,
and had a son, Devebeux, his heir, and a dau. Catherine, m.
Edward Devereux, 11th Viscount Hereford, and d. 1748. Mr.
Mytton, High Sheriff co. Montgomery 1730, d. 1773, and
was s. by his son,

Devereux Mytton, Esq. of Garth, b. 17'25, m. Anne, dau. of
Richard Jones, Esq. of Trelydan, and had issue,

I. Richard, who d. v. p., leaving a son,
Richard, heir to his grandfather.

II. John, of Penylan, co. Montgomery, High Sheriff of that
CO. 181 '9, 7)1. Ist, liridget, dau. of Price Jones, Esq. of
Glenhafren, by Bridget his wife, dau. of Edward Glynne,
Esq. of Glynn, and 2ndly, Beatrice Catherine, of iJeau-
maiis, Anglesey, dau. of Rev. W. Browne, Vicar o£





Myfod, CO. Montgomery. By the former he had, with other


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