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Devcreux (Rev.), Rector of Llnndyssil, co. Montgomery, m.
19 June, l&iO, Elizabeth Sarah, youngest liau. ot Fra;;cis
Lloyd, Esq of Bcrghill, Salop, and had issue, 1 John
Gl} nne ; 2 Uevereux ; 1 Bridget, ; 2 Elizabeth. Tne elder

John Glynne, h 15 Sept. 1811 ; m. Charlotte, only dau. of
John DaM's, Esq. of Marrington, Salop, and Peniarth,
CO. Montgomery, Lieut. -Col. Royal .Montgomeryshire
Militia, hy this lady (who c/. 28 Sept. l»2tjjMr. Mytton
(who d. Jan. la44) had one child,
Charlotte Arabella Anne Glynn, niece and heir pre-
sumptive of her maternal uncle, John ]>a\ios, Esq.
of Mai ringion and Feniarth. She d. U Dec. laoa.
Mr. Mytton d. 12 .May, ISO!*, and was (j. by his grandson,

Rev. Richard Mytton, LL.B., of Garth ana I'onryscowryd,
VI. 5 March, l!:04, Charlotte, 3rd dau. of John Herbert, Esq.
of Dolforgan, co. Montgomery, and dying 21 Feb. 1828, left
by her (who d. 24 M.iy, 1872), with a dau. Charlotte Henrietta
Avarina, who i^ 1S74, one son,

Richard Herbert Mytton, Esq. of Garth, Chairman of
Quarter Sessions, High Sheriff l8oG, 6. 2 Dec. 1808; m. 15
May, 1630, Cuarlotte, 3rd dau. of Gen. J. A. Paul Maogregor,
Military Auditor-General of Bengal, and by her (who d. 2G
June, 1861) had issue,
Deverecx Herbert, now of Garth.
George, Bengal Artillery, Aide-de-Camp to the Lieut. -

Governor of Calcutia, b. 15 May, 1834 ; d. 20 June, 1856.
Fredei ick Colvin, Capt. R.E., Bombay, 6. 13 Nov. 1835; d.
31 May, 1888.
Henry Whitehead, 6. 18 Sept. 1840; to. 1863, Mary Maria
dau. of A. S. Jackson, Esq., and d. 12 June, 18uU, having
liad i.-sue, H. nry Robert Herbert; Richard Griffith;
Leonard N'in'ent; Robert Arthur Carlyle ; Ellen Mary;
Frances Harriet; Hilda Violet; Ch.arlctte Isabella.
Eobert I'urrier, B.A., Barrister-at-Law, b. 23 Sept. 1850;
771. 26 .'lUg. lai'Q, Annie Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Crack-
nel!, Esq., Barri.<ter-at-Law, and has issue, Richard Uevereux
Hugh, b. 7 Feb. 1882.

Richard, b. 13 March, 1856 ; m. Florence Edith, dau. of
E. Thompson Harrison.
Charlotte Henrietta, m. 11 June, 1850, Robert Abercrombie,

Esq., Bengal C.S., and d. 30 Sept. 18yl, leaving issue.
Mary .\nn Fanny, d. v.nm. 30 Uec. 18i8, aged 41.
Eliza Jane, m. 1872, Capt. Edward K. B. Brooke, 4Ist Regt.,
and has issue.
Letitia Clementina, 7n. 1 Jan. 1869, William McCandlish,

Esq., C.E., and has i^sue.
Emily Harriet, d. 7 July, 1868.

Mary Helen, m. 24 Jan. 1882, I"rancig Woollaston Trevor,
M.A., son of Edward Salisbury Trevor, Esq. of Trawscoed
and Penylan, co. Aiontgomery, and has issue.

Mr. Mytton entered in early youth the Bengal C.S. in which he
rose to a seat on the bench of the Sudder, or High Court of
Appeal, and retired 1853. He d. 12 May, 1809.

yirr/ts— Qjarterly : 1st and 4th per pale az, and gu., an eagle
displayed, with two heads, or, within a border engrailed of the
lafit; 2nd and 3id arg., a cinquefoil az. Ciest — A ram's head
coupeJ arg., horned or.

Siat — Uanh, near Welshpool, co. Montgomery.


Naiene, William, Esq. of Dunsinnan, co. Perth,
J.P. and D.L., b. lSo2.

liiueag'e. — Sir William Nairne, of Dunsinane, descended
from Michael de Xami, who flourished temp. Robert III.,
was created a Bart. 31 March, 1704. His son and successor,

Sir William Nairne, 2nd liart. of Dunsinane, to. Emelia
Graham of Fintry, and by her (who d. 14 Dec. 1767) he had
Uiree daus. (the eldest to. Henry Smith, a Lawyer in Londun,
and the youngest ti. 1768) and two sons, Tuomas and William.
Sir William (i. at Scone, co. Perth, 26 June, 1754, aad was a. by
bis son.

Sir Thomas Nairne, 3rd Bart, of Dunsinane, d. 14 Dec.
1760, haring had issue,

William, his heir.

Charles, H.E.I.i .S., d. in India, 13 Jan. 1771.

Anne, m. 1761, Walter Barclay, Esq. of Pittachop.

The son and heir.

Sir William Nairne, 4th Bart, of Dunsinane, m. 17 Nov.
1769, Alexandrina, dau. of Robert Scott, Esq. of Dunninald,
and d. s. p. 12 Jan. 1790, being s. by his uncle,

Sir William Naiune, 6th Bart, of Dunsinane, one of the
Ordinary Lords of Sesssion, as Lord Dunsinane, d. 25 March,
1811, when the baronetcy became extinct, and his estate
devolved upon his grand-nephew,

James Mellis Nairne, Esq. of Dunsinane, J.P. and D.L.,
who assumed the surname Nairne. He m. 1820, Jane, only
dau. and heir of John Dnmimoud, Esq. of Gairdruin and
Handirran, co. Perth, and had is^ue, five daus. (Jane, Jessie,
Elizabeth, Jemima, and Anna, who all 7/1.) and tliree sons
who d. in infancy. He was s. in 1848 by his brother,

John Mellis Nairne, Esq. of Dunsinane, J.P. and D.L.,
TO. Jessie Isabella, dau. of James F'etherston, Esq. of Black-
hall, Northumberland, and Newbus Grange, co. Durham, and
d. 1866, leaving issue,

I. William, now of Dunsinnan.

II. Thomas Graham, b. 1853; m. 1879, Emma Maud Dal-
rymple, dau. of William Gurdon, Esq. ot Fuiichal, Madeira,
and has, with other issue, John Munro, b. 1880.

I. Janetta Margaret. 11. Eliza Mellis.

III. Florence Barclay.

.^)ms— Per pale sa. and arg., on a chaplet four mullets, all
counlerchanged. Crest — A celestial globe on a si and ppr.
Mottoes— OvtiT the crest, Spes ulta, below the arms, L'espe^
ranee me comfort.

&at — Duusinnan, Balbcggie, Perth.


Ellis-Nanney, Hugh John, Esq. of Gwynfryn,
and Plas Hen, co. Carnarvon, and (Jefndeuddwr,
CO. Merioneth, J.P. and D.L., co. Carnarvon, Iligli
Sheriff 1870, and J.P. co. Merioneth, High SheriJl'
1877, b. 16 Eeb. 1845 ; m. 13 Jan. 1875, Hon.
EHzabeth Octavia Dillon, youngest dau. of Robert,
3rd Earon Clonbrock, and has had issue,

I. Owen Gerald, 6. 5 June, 1879 ; d. 6 July, 1887.
I. Mary Elizabeth, &. 16 Oct. 1877.

liineage.— This family derives maternally from the very-
eminent Cambrian, of Nanney 0/ Nannau.

Richard Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, co. Merioneth (son of
llowel Nannau, of Nannau, co. Merioneth, by Lowry, his 2nd
wife, dau. of William Griffith ap Jenkin, of Rhiwgocli), m.
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Lewis Owen, Esq. of Dolgelly, co.
Merioneth, Vice-Chamberlain of North Wales, and Baron of
the Exchequer of Carnarvon, and had issue. The eldest son,

Lewis Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, to. Ellen, dau. of Rhys ap
Hugh, of Maes-y-pandy, and was s. by his son,

Richard Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, father, by hig wife,Eliz-
beth, dau. of William David Lloyd, of Gwynfynydd, of two
daus., Margaret and Catherine, and a. son and successor,

Lewis Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, whose wife was Gwen, dau.
of Robert Lloyd, of Rhiwgoeh. Their son,

Richard Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, m. Anne, 5th dati. of
Richard Owen, of Morben, co. Mortgomery. and had issue.
The 2nd son,

Robert Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, m. Martha, dau. of
Richard ap Edward, of Nanhoran Uchaf, and had an elder

Rev. Richard Nanney, of Cefndeuddwr, Vicar of Clynog
1723, Rector of Llanaelhaiarn 1765, and Registrar and a
Canon of Bangor Cathedral, m. 27 Oct. 1732, Elizabeth, dau.
of William Wynne, Esq. of Wern, co. Carnarvon, and wa.s
father of a son, Richard (Rev.), who d. s.p. 1812, and a dau.
Catherine. Mr. Nanney d. 1768, and was s. by his dau. anil
eventual heir,

Catherine Nanney, to. Rev. Richard Ellis, of Gwynfryu
and Bodychan, Vicar of Clynog 1765, and Rector of Llanael-
haiarn, 1805, derived from Hwla ap Cunddehv, founder of the
1st Noble Tribe of North Wales and Powy.s, and was mother of

Elizabeth Ellis, m. John Jones, Esq. of Brynhir, and had

John, d. unm. 1812.

Richard, an officer in the Bombay army, d. s.p. 1811.

Owen, of Cefndeuddwr, of whom pieseiuly.

Catherine, m. Mathew llayes, Esq., and d. s. p.

Anne, to. Kov. Walter Poule.

Margaret, m. — Uavies, Ksq.

Elizabeth, m. Rev. i. Jones, Rector of Llanllyfni.
The elder surviving son,

Owen Jones Ellis-Nanney, Esq. of Cefndeuddwr anfl
Gwnfiyn, H.E.I.C.S., J.P. and D.L., M.P. co. Carnarvon,
b. 1790; m. 17 Nov. 1843, Mary, dau. of Hugh Jones, Esq. of
Hengwrtucha, co. Merioneth, and by her (who d. 8 July, 1849)
had issue,

I. Hugh John, his heir.
Mr. Owen Jones Ellis-Nanney assumed the two later surnames-
at the testamentary request of his uncle, David Ellis-Nanney,





Esq. and d. 27 Oct. 1870, when he was s. by his only son, Hugh
John Ellis-Nanney, Esq. now of Gwynfryn.

^rjiw— Quarterly : 1st and 4th or. a lion rampant az., for
Nanney ; '^nd arg., a cross between four arrows .sa., for Jones ;
Srd gu., a chevron between three lions rampant or, for Ellis.

Seats— Gv/yniryT) , and Plas Hen, near Criccieth, co. Car-
narvon, and Cefndeuddwr, co. Merioneth.

Ciu(/— Carlton.


Napee, James Lenox, Esq. of Louglicrew, co.
Meatli, J.P. and D.L. High Sheriff 1853, late Major
Meath Mihtia, b. 5 Dec. 1825; m. 5 April, 1877,
Hon. Katherine Frances Rowley, only dau. of Clot
•worthy, Srd Baron Langford, and by her (who d.
13 Jan. 1879) has issue,

William Lenox, b. 4 Jan. 1879.

liineag'e. — James Napeb, Esq. (4th son, of Sir Nathaniel
Naper, M.P., of More Critchell, Dorset, and grandson of Sir
Eobert Naper, Chief Bai-on of the Exchequer in Ireland, 1593),
■jii. the dau. of Anthony Petty, of Romsey, Hants, and sister of
the celebrated Sir William Petty, ancestor of the Marquess of
Lansdowne. By this lady, he left at his decease, 1676 (witli
three daus., i. Frances, to. Lieut. -Gen. Eichard Ingoldsby,
Lord Justice of Ireland ; n. Elizabeth, to. Right Hon. Thomas
Bligh, of Rathmore, M.P. ; iii. Sarah, m. Thomas Whyto,
Esq. of Redliills), three sons, of whom the 3rd,

James Naper, Esq. of Loughcrew, m. Anne, dau. of Sir
Ralph Dutton, '2nd bart. of Sherborne (co. Gloucester, and by
her (whO(Z. 1718) had (with two daus., Anne, 7)i. Dillon Pollard,
Esq. of Castle Pollard, co. Westmeath, and Mary) a son,

James Lenox Napeh, Esq. of Loughcrew, who assumed the
surname and arms of Dutton. He m. 1st. a dau. of Gen.
Ingoldsby, by whom he had an only child, John, who d. unm.
1771. He m. '2ndly, Jane, dau. of Christopher Bond, Esq. of
Newland, co. Gloucester, by whom he had issue,

James, of Sherborne, M.P. co. Gloucester 1780, who was
elevated to the Peeiage as Baron Suereobnb 1784 {see
Bobke's Peerage end baronetagr).

William, who inherited the Naper estates.

Ralph, 6. 17.55; -m. Miss Honor Gubbins, and d. s.p. If 04.

Anne, to. 1760, Samuel Blackwell, Esq. of Ampney Park, co.

Mary, to. i 759, Thomas Master, Esq. of Cirencester.

Frances, to. 1771, Charles Lambart, Esq. of Beau Pare, co.

Jane, m. 1776, Thomas W. Coke, Esq. of Holkham, created
Earl of Leicester.

Mr. Dutton d. 8 Sept. 17G6, aged 63, and was s. in his Irish
estates by his 2nd son, William, who, resuming the name and
arms of Naper, became

WiLLLAM Naper, Esq. of Loughcrew. He was i. 1749; ra.
8 June, 1787, Jane, dau. of Rev. Kerdinando Tracy Travell, of
Cpper Slaugliter, co. Gloucester, and dying 28 Nov. 1791, left
one dau. Jane, m. 26 Sept. 1815, Sir George Cornewall, Srd
l3art. of Moccas Court, co. Hereford, and one son,

James Lenox William Naper, Esq. of Loughcrew, co,
Meath, J.P. and U.L.,Higli Sheriff 1822, 6. 18 Feb. 1791; m.
3 May, 1824, Selina, 2nd dau. of Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Bart,
of Newbold Hall, co. Warwick, and by her (who d. 12 Sept.
1880) had issue,

James Lenox, now of Loughcrew.

William Dutton, formerly Major 11th Foot, h. 13 Oct. 1830 ;
TO. 6 i)ce._187t), Jane, only dau. of Richard Wyatt Edgell,
Esq. of Milton Phice, Surrey, and Lympstoue, Devon.

Leiia Jane m. 1870, Lieut. Col. John Nicholas Coddington,
of Olilbridge, and d. 1 Feb. 1879.

Anna Selina.

Mr. Naper d. 2 Sept. 1868.

■ Arms — Arg., saltire engrailed between four roses gu.
C. f.s-J— A dexter arm erect, couped at the elbow, vested gu.,
turned up arg.. grasping a crescent ppr.

.^'tai— Loughcrew, near OUlcastle, B.S.O., co. Meath.

Cat6«— Travellers' and Carlton.


Napier, Edwaed Beekeley, Esq. of Pennard
House, Somerset, J.P. and D.L.,High Sheriff 1859;
late Lieut.-Col. North Somerset Yeomanry, and for-
merly in the 59th Regt. b. 5 Nov. 1816 ; m. April,
1849, Emily Houlton, dau. of Col. Sir John Wilson,
t'.B., K.H., and has issue,

I. Gerard Berkeley, J.P., Major, Royal Wilts Militia, b.
1857 (Ciitis— Carlton and White's).

II. Arundel Berkeley, 6. 1860 ; m. the dau. of C. Harper,
Esq. of New Zealand, and has issue, Maurice Alexander
b. 18S7 ; Walter, b. 1888, and Violet Emily, 6. 1891.

III. Edward Berkeley, 6. 1862; d. 188G.

I. Emily, d. 1866. ii. Effie Lctitia.

liineagre. — Andrew Napier, Esq. claiming descent fronj
the noble family of Napier, to. Letitia Berkeley, and was
father of

Edward Berkeley Napier, Esq., h. 19 June, 1750; ui.
Letitia Sirah, dau. and heir of Gerard Martin, Esq., and by
her left at his decease, 1798 (with a dau. Letitia Sarah), art
only son and heir.

Gerard Martin Berkeley Napier, Esq. of PennarU
House, 6. 5 March, 1792; vi. 1813, Mary, dau. of John Paul
Paul, Esq. of Highgrove, co. Gloucester, and by her, (who
survived him, and m. 2ndly, 1835, Sir John Dean Paul, 1st.
Bart, of Rodborough, and d. 6 Feb. 1842) had, with two dau."?,
(Letitia Mary, in. F. Cripps, Esq., and d. 1839, and Julia
Arundel, d. 1847), three sons,

I. Edward Berkeley, now of Pennard House.

II. Charles Walter Albyn (Rev.), B.A. Oxon, Rural Dean,
Rector of Wiston, Sussex, 6. 28 Oct. 1817; m. 16 Sept. 1845,
the Hon. Marianne Flora Etruria Talbot, dau. of James,
3rd Lord Talbot de Malahide, and by her (who d. 20 Dec.
1878) had issue,

1 Walter Edward, 6. 20 Dec. 1847 ; d. unm. 3 Aug. 1881.

2 Gerard Talbot, Lieut. R.N., b. 22 Dec. 1848.

3 Henry Goring, 6. 4 Jan. 18.50.

4 Albyn Charles, b. 3 Aug. 1854.

b William Berkeley, b. 24 Sept. l.«55.

6 Lionel Augustus, b. 8 Dec. 1856.

7 George, b. 4 June, 185!t.

8 Frederic, 6. 14 Sept. 1S60.

1 Mary Arundel, to. 26 Aug. 1873, Rev. Edward Hill,
Rector of Boxgrove, Sussex.

2 Alice Margaret, m. 21 April, 1881, Denis Williani
Hussey, Esq., son of Rev. Edward Hussey, M.A., of

3 Florence. 4 Isabel Henrietta.
in. Gerard John, Admiral R.N., D.L. Somerset, m. 1859,

Ella, dau. of Sir J. Wilson, C.B., K.H., and has a son:,
Alfred Gerard, Lieut. R.A., and other issue.

He d. 13 May, 1820.

.4 !7!zs— Quarterly : 1st and 4th or,asaltire engrailed between
four rose gu., for Napier; 2nd and 3ri, or, on a bend az. :i
mullet between two crescents of the field within a dwubk>
tressure fiory countcr-fiory of the second, fur Scott of Thirh-
stane. Crest — A dexter arm erect, eouped at th,; elbow, vested
gu., turned up arg., grasping a crescent ppr. iUoao— Fatak
providentia major.

6Va(— Pennard House, Shepton 5'allet.

Clubs — Carlton and Army and Mavy.


{See Letland.)


Neave, Sheffield Henry Morier, Esq. of Mill
Green Park, co. Essex, b. 13 Oct. lSo3 ; m. 30
April, 1878, Gertrude Charlotte Margaret, eldest
dau. of Julius Talbot Airey, Esq. of Frognal Hall,
Hampstead, and niece of Gen. Lord Airey, G.C.B.,
and has issue,

I. Sheffield Airey, b. 20 April, 1879.

II. Eichard, b. 9 July, 1881.
I. Beatrice.

n. Violet.

Lineage.— Sheffield Neave, Esq. Srd son of Sir Thomas
Neave, Bart. (s'C livRKEa Peeraye and Baronetage), si Director
of the Bank of England, 6. 11 April, 1799: m. 1 Oct. 1851,
Mary Henrica, dau. of David Richard Morier, Esq., H.M.
Plenipotentiary in Switzerland, and sister of Sir Robert
Morier, G.C.B., Ambassador at Madrid and St. Petersburg',
and by her (who d. 1884) had issue,

I. Sheffield Henry Morier, now of Mill Green Park.

II. Edward Strangways, m. 4 Nov. 1882, Evelyn Jane, dau.
of Col. Eobert Vansittart, Coldstieata Guards, and has

1 Edward Arthur, 6. 2 July, 1883.

2 Gerald Vansittart, 6. 2 Oct. 1884.

3 Guy Morier, 6. 21 Oct. 1886.

4 Hugh, b. 1 June, 1893. I Evelyn Henrica.





la. Arthur Thomas Digby, late Capt. South Wales Borderers,

now Major 4th halt., m. 17 July, 1883, Harriet, dau. of the

late P.C. Ralli, Esq.
I. Anna Charlotte, vi. 1878, Reginald J. Mure, Esq., and

has issue.
D. Cecilia Louisa, m. 1876, Charles W. Matthews, Esq., and

has issue.

III. Nora, m. 1885, William Arrow, Esq.

IV. Alice Henriea Dora, m. 31 Oct. 1888, John Newton Hay-
ley, Esq., and has issue.

Mr. Neave d. 1868.

Arvis — Arg., on a cross sa., five fleurs-de-lis, or. Ci-est — Out
of a ducal coronet, gold, a lily, stalked and leaved vert,
Howercd and seeded, or. Mottn—Hola proba quse houesta.

,Sfa£— Mill Green Park, lugatestonc.


Smith-Neili, William James, Esq. of Swin-
<lrigemuir, co. Ayr, J. P., lute Capt. R.A., b. 1837, s.
his father 25 Sept. 1857 ; m. 25 July 18(J0, Jessie
Gordon, youngest dau. of George Leigbton Wood,
Esq. of Bath, and by her (who d. 22 Jan. 1870)
lias issue,

1. James William, Lieut, and Adjutant Scots Guards, 6. 6

March 1865.
I. Sibyll Caroline.
u. Alice, m. 6 July. 1885, Francis John Stephens Hopwood,

Esq. of the Board of Trade, Whitehall, eldest son of J.

T. Hopwood, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, by

Ann Ellen, dau. of the late John Stone, Esq., J. P. and

D.L., The Prebendal, Thame, Oxon.

Xiineag'e. — William Neill, Esq. (claiming descent from
;i cadet of the SlacNeills of Barra, who settled in Ayrshire
about the middle of the 16th century), m. Janet, dau. of
James Blair, Esq. of Ayr, and niece of David Blair, Esq. of
Adamton, and by her was father of

James Neill, Esq. of Schaw, m. 1722, Jean, dau. of John
Smith, Esq. of Drongane, co. Ayr, and had besides several
*laus., one son,

James Neill, Esq. of Barnweill, m. 1779, Margaret, dau. (by
Marion Cochrane his wife) of Andrew Smith, Esq. of Swin-
<lrigemuir, son of Andrew Smith, Esq. of the same place, and
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Cunninghame, Esq. of
Auchenskeith, and by her had issue (with a son, James, and
two daus., Jean and Marion Jane, all d. yonng.

William, of Barnweill.

Andrew, Capt. DOth Kegt., m. 181.3, Louisa, dau. of Sir James
Patey, of lieading, and d. Dec. 1813, leaving a son (post-
humous), Andrew Charles Brisbane, in the medical ser-
vice H.E.I.C.

Mr. Neill d. Jan. 1799, and was s. by his eldest son,

LiECT.-CoL. William Smitu-Neill, of Barnweill and Swin-
drigemuir, 6. 17 July, 1784; to. Nov. 1807, Caroline, dau. of
Oeorge Price Spiller, Esq. (descendant of Spiller, of Slievoike,
Cornwall;, Commissary-Gen., and Caroline, his wife, repre-
sentative of the family of Bladen of Ketton Hall, co. Eutland,
and by this lady (who d. March, 1866) had issue,
.Tames George, his heir.

John Martin Bladen, Col. in the army, Deputy-Adjutant-
General of Victiiria, served dunng the entire of the second
campaign in Afghanistan, was present in every action with
the Candahar division of the army, and received the medal
of Candahar, Ghuznee, Caiiul, 1842, b. July, 18U ; m. June,
1851, Miss Sarah Horeniia Italph. He was killed at Mel-
bourne by a fall from his hor^e, 10 July, 1859.
William Francis, Capt. li.A. 6. 6 March, 1822; d. at Co-
lombo, Ceylon, 26 Sept. 1852.

Margaret Smith, m. 28 Dec. 1S.')7, James Weyman Wadeson,
Esq., 3rd son of Samuel James Wadeson, Esq. of Austin
F'riarsand Itoraford, Essex, and d. 29 Oct. 1882.
Sarah, m. 18 Nov. 1862, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edward Macarthur,

Henrietta Jane Ellen, m. 17 March, 1863, Lieut.-Col. Fred.
NeU Edmondstone (whod. 14 Aug. 1866), youngest son of
Sir Charles Ednionstone, Bart.
Lieut.-Col. Smith-Neill, J. P. and D.L., «. to Barnweill on the
death of his father Jan. 1799, and to Swindrigemuir and Kers-
land on the death of his maternal uncle, John Smith, Esq.,
April, 1838. He d. 1850, and was t. by his eldest son,

Bbigadieb-Geneeal James George Smith Neill, a soldier
whose name will live in history, and whose services in India
and the Crimea were of prominent importance. He led a
brigade from Cawnpore to the relief of Lucknow, and here, at
the carrying of the batteries at the point of the bayonet, 25
Sept. 1857, at the verj- moment of complete success, " fell" —

to use the words of the Bombay Times — " The gallant General
Neill, the pride and idol of the army." The news of his fame
and his death made a great sensation in England, and the
Queen at once raised bis widow to the rank which would have
been hers had her husband lived to receive the Knight Com-
mandership of the Bath designed for him. The E.I.C. also
conferred on the widow a grant of £500 a year. This lady,
Isabella, dau. of Col. William Warde,of the 5th Bengal Native
Cavalry, granddau. of Gen. George Warde, of Woodlands
Castle, CO. Glamorgan, and great-grand-niece of the eminent
commander, Charles, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, was m. to Gen.
Neill in 1835. Issue of the marriage ; —

I. William James, now of Barnweill.

II. Charles Bladen, 1st Madras Fusiliers, m. Margaret, dau.
of Gen. Hay Campbell, H.A., and d. 1872, having had issue,
1 Margaret, in. Herbert James, Esq., and 2 Mabel Con-

III. George Eraser Eric. Colonel late Madras Staff Corps,
formerly Capt. E.E., m. Catherine, dau. of Gen. Hornblow
Rundall, U. E.. and has issue, Francis James ; Colin Eric ;
and Ada Isabel.

IV. Andrew Harry Spencer, Major Central India Horse, to.
Mary Ann, dau. of W. Smith Cuninghame, Esq. of Cap-
rington Castle, and widow of Capt. Tait, of Milrig.

V. Harrison Francis Spencer, Bengal Cavalry, d. num.

VI. James George Vansittart, m. Alice, dau. of — Bristowe,
Esq., and has issue, a son.

I. Jlary Caroline Kaikes, m. Harvey Kavenhill, Esq., son of
the late Rev. G. H. Kavenhill.

II. Charlotte Margaret, m. Major Walter EiddeU, R.H.A. {see
Burke's Peerat/f, Kiddell, Bart.).

HI. Elizabeth Catherine, m. James Kinloch Malcolmson,

A statue of Gen. Neill, in honour and memory of his great
services, was erected by public subscription in Wellington
Square, in the town of Ayr. It bears the following inscription,
" James George Smith-Neill, C.B., Aide-de-Camp to the Queen,
Lieut.-Col. in the Madras Army, Brigadier-Gen. in India, a
brave, resolute, self-reliant soldier, universally acknowledged
as the first who stemmed the torrent of rebellion in Bengal.
He fell gloriously at the relief of Lucknow, 25 Sept. 1857,
aged 47."

yfrnw— Quarterly : 1st, az., a lion rampant arg.; 2iid or, a,
hand fessways, couped gu., holding a cross-cro.sslet fitch6e ia
pale az. ; 3rd or, a 1, mphad (or galley) sa; 4th per fesse arg.
and az., to represent the sea, out of which issueth a rock gu.
Crests — 1st, a .sinister arm in armour holding a dagger back-
handed, all ppr. ; 2nd, a dexter hand holding a sword, all ppr.
Mottoes — Vincere vel niori ; Steaoy.

&a£— Swindrigemuir, Dairy, co. Ayr.


Neill, Robeet, Esq, of Midfield, co. Lancaster,
and The Grange, co. Eutland, J. P. for Manchester
(of which city lie has been twice Mayor) ; High
Sheriff of Kutland 1888; b. 4 Jan. 1817, m. 1839,
Maria, dau. of the late Joseph Skidmore, of Shef-
field, and has issue,

I. Robert, 6. 1840; m. 1866, Miss Jenkinson.

II. Joseph Skidmore, b. 1842; m. 1865, Miss Bancroft.

III. Alexander Benton, b. 1849; m. 1876, Miss Neill, of Brad*
ford, CO. York.

iv. Archibald, b. 1858; m. 1885, Miss Pocklington.
V. William Henry, b. 1861.

I. Mary, m. 1864, Henry Bancroft, Esq.

II. Maria, m. 1867, James Bancroft, Esq.

HI. Margaret, m. 1874, John James Holden, Esq.
IV Ellen.

Mr. Neill is son of Robert Neill, Esq. of Inverest,
near Edinburgh, who d. 1853, by his wife, Margaret
Renton (m. 1816; d. 1852).

Seais— Midfield, Higher Broughton, near Manchester, and
The Grange, Wing, near Oakham.


Nelson, Edwaed Montague, Esq. of Hanger
Hill House, Middlesex, J.P. for cos. Middlesex and
Warwick, b. 5 March, 1841 ; m. 1866, Mary Caro-
line, dau. of F. Wallis, F.R.C.S., of Bexhill, Sussex,
and has issue,





I. Edwakd Wallis, 6. 18C8.

II. Harold, 6. 1S69.

III. Ilictor Montague, b. 1873.

IV. Charles, 4. 1877.

1. Ethel, m. 1891, to Eoger Btillock, Esq. M.R.C.S., of
Mr. Nelson is 4tli son of the late George Nelson,
Esq. who d. 1850, by his wife, Sarah Philbrick,
who was m. 1830, and d. 1865.

Seat — Hanger Hill House, Ealing, W.


BuKBOWES, Thomas Cosby, Esq. of Lismore, co.
Cavan, J.P. High Sheriff 1888, b. 1856, m. 15 April,
1885, Anna Frances younger dau. of Hon. Richard
tChomas Maxwell of Portland, co. Caran {see
Eubke's Peerage, Faenham, B.) and has issue,

Eleanor Mary Cosby.
Eosamond Charlotte Cosby.

Mr. Thomas Cosby Burrowes s. his uncle 1886.

Zjineag'e. — Andbew Nesbitt, Esq.

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