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of Brenter (presumed
to be son of Thomas Nesbitt, of Xewbottle, and grandson
«f Geo'"c;e Nesbitt, who d. 1590), assignee from the Earl of
AnnanQale of the estates of Brenter and Malmusock, co.
Donegal, was father of

Andrew Nesbitt, Esq., who served in the army of
Charles I. in Ireland, m. Anne Lindsay, and d. 1092, leaving
four Bons,
Thomas, of whom hereafter.

Albert, an eminent Merchant in London, had a dau. Rachel,
who 771. Richard Hani Ilarcourt, Esq. of Penrtley, Herts, and
carried into the Harcourt family the estates of Urenter and
Melmusock, which estates Thomas Nesliitt, after his settle-
ment in Cavan, sold to his said brother Albert. Albert sat
in Parliament for the boroughs of Huntingdon and St.
Michael, and d. 1753.

Eobert, 7/1. Margaret, younger dau. of Arnold Cosby, Esq.

The eldest son,

Thomas Nesbitt, Esq. of Grangemore, co. Westmeath, Hijrh
Sheriff and M.P. Cavan 1720, m. 1st, 1701, Susan Lyons, by
whom he had one son, Charles Eobert, who d. unni., and
2ndly, 1713, Jane, dau. and heir of Arnold Cosby, Esq. of
Lismore, co. Cavan (son of William Cosby, grandson of Arnold
Cosby, great-grandson of Alexander Cosby and Dorcas Sydney
his wife). By this marriage Thomas Nesbitt came into
possession of Lismore and other estates in Cavan. He d. 1750,
liaving had issue (with seven daus.). five sons,

I. CosBY, of whom presently.

II. William, in. Mary Blackwood.

lu. Alexander, a Merchant in London, Tfi. a dau. of John
Gould, Esq., and rf. 1743.

IV. Arnold, a Merchant in London, 7)j. Miss Thale, sister of
Henry Thrale, Esq. of Streatham. He represented Cricldade,
and afterwards Winchelsea in Parliament, and d. s. p.

V. Albert, also a Merchant in London, m. 24 Nov. 1729,
Elizabeth, dau. of John Gould, Esq.

The eldest son,

CosBT Nesbitt, Esq. M.P. for Cavan, b. 1718, s. to the
Cavan estates on the death of his father, m. Anne, dau. of
John Enery, of Bawnboy, and d. 1768, having had issue,

Thomas, of whom presently.

John, Merchant in London, M.P. for Winchelsea, d. unm.

Albert (Rev.), D.D., Chaplain to the Prince Regent d. unm.

Frances, m. William Moore, Esq. of Tullyvir, co. Cavan.

Jane, m. James Young, Esq. of Lahard, co. Cavan.

Mr. Nesbitt was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Nesbitt, Esq. of Lismore, Col. in the army M.P.
for Cavan, 7)i. Louisa, youngest dau. and co-heir of John
Daniel De Genncs, of Portarlington, Col. in the British service,
and left, with two younger sons and a dau., three sons, Cosby
and John, his successors, and Thomas, who left by Anne his
wife, two sons and a dau., 1 John Albert, of Fort Hill, co.
Cavan, J. P.; 2 Thomas; 1 Louisa, vi. Major Moore, of The
Eocks, Crossdoney. Col. Nesbitt d. 1820, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Cosby Nesbttt, Esq. of Lismore, m. Elizabeth Hancox, but
d. without issue 1837, when the estates devolved upon his

John Nesbitt, Esq. of Lismore House, J. P. and D.L., High

Sheriff 1840, 777. Elizabeth, dau. of John Tatam, Esq. of
Moulton, CO. Lincoln, and d. 1854, leaving issue,

Cosby Thomas, of Lismore House, d. unm. 1856.

Alexandeb, of Lismore.


Maby Anne, s. her brother.

Alexander Nesbitt, Esq. of Lismore House, co. Cavan,
and Old Lands, co. Sussex, D.L., High Sheriff, co. Cavan
1862, b. 1817; s. his brother 1855; 7)7. IS06, Cecilia, dau. of
Frederick Franks, Esq. Capt. R.N., and d. 21 June, 1S86,
when he was s. by his sister,

Mary Anne, 7/7. 1854, James Edward Burrowes, Esq. 2nd
son of Thomas Burrowes, of Stradone {see that family), and d.
12 March, 1887, leaving issue,

Thomas Cosby Burrowes, Esq. now of Lismore.

Arms — see Burrowes of Stradone.

Seat — Lismore House, Crossdoney, co. Cavan.


Beaumont-Nesbitt, Edwaed John Downing,
Esq. of Tubberdaly, King's Co., J.P., High Sheriff
(1892), b. 20 Nov. I860; m. 30 April, 1890, Helen,
dau. of Frederick Freeman Thomas, Esq. of Ratton,
Sussex, by his wife, Mabel, 3rd dau. of Viscount
Hampden, and has issue,

Frederick George, 6. 20 March, 1893.

Violet Catherine, b. 4 Feb. 1891.

Liineagre. — John Downing, Esq. of Bellaghy and Rowes-
gift, CO. Derry, 6. 1700; m. Anne, dau. of Rev. J. Rowe, D.D.
and had issue,

I. vVlexandeb Clotworthy. his heir.

II. Dawson, ancestor of the family of Fcllerton o/^aHiiifoj'
(ichicli fee).

I. Sarah, m. to Charles Dawson, Esq., H. M. Inspector of
Customs for [reland, 3rd son of Joshua Dawson, Esq. of
Castle Dawson, M.P. for Wicklow, and Sec. for Ireland,
^ewp. Queen Anne. They had issue, John Dawson, liear-
Admiral R.N., who m. his first cousin, Medicis, eldest dau.
of Alexander Clotworthy Downing, of Bellaghy, and had,
among other issue, Thamazine, in. in 1826, to Rev. Joha
Bradshaw, Incumbent of Lambeg, co. Antrim, she d. in
I8s3. leaving an only surviving child, Thamazine, m. to
Eev. T. G. Beaumont, M.A., who eldest son, Edward
Beaumont-Nesbitt is the present possessor of the estates.
The eldest son,

Rev. Alexander Clotworthy Downing, of Bellaghy and
Rowesgift, Rector of Lechputuch, co. Derry, 771. Thamison,
dau. of Albert Nesbitt, Esq. of Tubberdaly, King's Co., and
had, with other issue (a dau. Medicis, who m. her 1st cousin,
Rear-Admiral John Dawson, ancestress of Edwakd Beau-
mont-Nesbitt, now of Tubberdaly), and a son,

John Downing Nesbitt, Esq. of Tubberdaly, who assumed
the additional surname of Nesbitt, on inheriting the Nesbitt
estates in the Kings Co. and cos. Roscommon and Galway,
ra. in 1800, Jane, dau. of Gen. Brady, R.A., of Leixlip House,
CO. Kildare, and had, with other issue,

Al-xanJer, who d. unm.

William George, his heir.

Caiberinb Thamison, who s. her brother.

Jane, ni. to Francis, Count de Lusi, and d. s.p. 1875.

Mary Anne, rf. unm. 1873.

Mr. Downing Nesbitt d. in 1847, and was s. by his son,

William George Downing Nesbitt, Esq. of Tubberdaly,
who d. unm. 1857, and was s. by his eldest sister, Catherine
Thamison, who d. unm. in 1886, and was s. by her cousin,
Edward Beaumont, who assumed the additional surnames of
Downing and Nesbitt.

^"amilg of ^cnumont.

George Beaumont, Esq., m. 1815, Alice, dau. of James
Akroyd, Esq. of Brook House, near Halifax, and d. 1858,
leaving by her (who d. in 1882) a son,

Rev. Tho>las George Beaumont, M.A., Rector of Chclmon-
diston, Suffolk, who r,i. Tamazine, dau. of Rev. John Brad-
shaw, Incumbent of Lambeg, co. Antrim, and had issue,

Edward John, now of Tubberdaly.

George. Henry Uamond Dawson.

Alice Mary. Mabel.

Seat— Tubberdaly, Edenderry.


Nettles, Robert, Esq. of Nettleville, co. Cork,
b. Feb. 1876, s. his father 1885.





Xiineagre. — John Nettles, Esq. of Toureen, co. 'Water-
ford, of an ancient English family, went to Ireland, 1630, from
CO. Hereford, and had a grant of lands, by patent from Charles
II.. in COS. Cork and Waterford, to the amount of 1258 acres,
which was enrolled 8 Nov. 1666. He was High Sheriff co.
Waterford 1670. He m. Mary, dau. of Valentine Greatrakes,
Esq. of Affane, CO. Waterford, and had issue,

John, his heir.

Robert, of Bally duff. CO. Waterford, and of Mahallagh and
Nettleville, co. Cork.

Ruth, m. Barry Drew, Esq. of Ballyduffe, co. Waterford.

Mary, vi. Rev. i'atricius Christian, of Old Grange, co.

Penelope, m. Henry Wallis, Esq. of Drisbane, co. Cork.

Elizabeth, m. Col. Richard Croker, of Curryglass, co. Water-
Mr. Nettles (whose will, dated 20 April, 1680, was proved 1684i
was s. by his eldest son,

JoH.N Nettixs, Esq. of Toureen, co. Waterford, Major in
the army. High Sheriff 1690-91 ; he m. a niece of Sir William
Evans, and left at his decease, 1715, one son and one dau.,
John, his heir, and Mary, m. Lieut. Edward Jones, of Youghal,
CO. Cork. Mr. Nettles d. 1715, and was .t. by his only son,

Jous Nettles, Esq. of Toureen, co. Waterford, Mahallagh,
and Beare Forest, co. Cork; he 7)i. Martha, dau. of Robert
Ryves, Esq. of Rathlogan, co. Kilkenny, and of Ryves Castle,
CO. Limerick, and d. 12 May, 1726, leaving issue,

I. John Rives, his heir.

II. Robert (Rev.), Rector of Ballinamona, near Mallow, co.
Cork, m. 1st, Jane, eldest dau. of John Bowerman, Esq. of
Coolyne, co. Cork, and by her (who d. 1762) he had issue,
two daus., co-heirs.

Jane, m. her cousin, William Nettles, Esq.

Elizabeth, m. 1783, Kiluer Baker, Esq.
Bey. Robert Nettles, »;. 2ndly, Jnne, 2nd dau. of Francis
Drew, Esq. of Drew's Court, co. Limerick, and had no issue
by her.

Mr. Nettles was s. by his eldest son,

John Ryves Nettles, Esq. of Toureen and Beare Forest,
m. 1738, Catherine, 2nd dau. of John Bowerman, Esq. of
Coolyne, and d. Nov. 1785, having had issue. The 3rd son
was a distinguished officer, Lieut.-Col. Harry Nettles, of the
23rd Dragoons, who d. s. p. 181 1. Mr. Nettles s. to Nettleville
at the decease of his cousin. His eldest son,

Robeet Nettles, Esq. of Nettleville, Capt. 10th Foot, J. P.
CO. Cork, 111. 1769, Esther, dau. of John Couran, Esq. of
Dublin, and had (with three daus.) Richakd Nevill, his heir,
and four other sons, all of whom were killed accidentally or in
battle, one of them at Waterloo. Mr. Nettles d. 1831 , and was
t. by his eldest son,

Richard Nevill Nettles, Esq. of Nettleville, J. P., m.
17 April, 1804, Anne, dau. of Daniel Gibbs, Esq. of Derry, co.
Cork, and granddau. of Sir Robert Warren, lat Bart, of
Warren's Court, and had issue,

Robert, of Nettleville.

Mary, d. Dec. 1876. Anne.

Esther, m. 18.36, Rev. Hume Babington, Rector of Moviddy,

CO. Cork, and il. April, 1878.
Frances, i/t. Nov. 1»29, John Howkes, Esq. of Kilcrae, co.

Cork, and d. 1874.

Mr. Nettles d. 21 April, 1851. His only son,

Robeet Nettlis, Esq. of Nettleville, J. P., 6. 31 March,
1805; m. 20 Aug. 1835, Elizabeth Walton, dau. of Thomas
KnoUes, Esq. of Uatlands, and had i.?sue,

Richard, late of Nettleville.
Mr. Nettles d. 1885. His only son,

Richard Nettles, Esq. of Nettleville, co. Cork, J. P., b.
1836; m. May, 1872, Esther Eliz;ilieth, dau. of Rev. Hume
Babington, Rector of Moviddy, co. Cork, and d. 1885, leaving

Robert, now of Nettleville.
Esther, 6. Oct. Is82.

Armg — Or, a chevron gu. between three nettle-leaves ppr.
Crest— A stag stalant under a tree ppr. Motto — Nemo me
impiine laceb>it.

i)ta(— Nettleville, Killinardrish, co. Cork.


Netile, George, Esq. of TJiornev, co. Notting-
ham, J.P., M.A... 6. 5 July, 1833; w.^29 Nov. 1873,
Sarah, only dau. of Edward "Williamson, Esq. of
Scarborough, und has issue,

I. Geobge, b. 25 Oct. 1874.

II. Edward Farrington, 6. 19 March, 1876.

III. Robert Montgomery, b. 2 Sept. 1877.

Xiineaee. — This is a branch of the great and powerful
family of Nevilb, Lords of Raby, who subsequently became
Earls of Westmorland, and whose descent is deducible from
our Saxon Annals.

Sir Robert Nevile, of Eldon (4th son of Ralph de Nevile,
2nd Lord Nevile, of Raby, by Alice his wife, dau. and co-heir
of Hugh de Audley), distinguished himself in arms. He r,i.
Clara, dau. of Sir Francis Pinckney, and was father of Sir
Alexander Nevile, the father of Thomas Nevile, who left, by
Elizabeth his wife, a son,

William Nevile, of South Leverton, co. Nottingham (will
dated 1467), m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of — Barker, of South
Leverton, and by her had issue,
I. Thomas, of South Leverton, in. the dau. of Lewis, oS
Hedon, Notts, and was ancestor of Thomas, Dean of Canter-
bury, Master of Trin. Coll. Caiiib., who rebuilt the quail-
rangie there which still retiiins the name of " Nevile'.s
Court, and of the Neviles of MalMrsey.
ji. George, to whom his father granted lands by deed of 13
Henrt VI (1434), of whom we treat.
The younger son,

George Nevile, of Eagnall, co. Nottingham, who w.
Isabel, dau. and heir of John Crofts, of that place, and had

I. William, his heir, ancestor of Nevile of Ragnall, whoso
representative in 1614, George, m. Elizabeth Johnson, ixnd
lelt five daus., his co-heirs.

II. Robert, of whom hereafter.

III. Alexander, of Hablethorpe, left a dau. Margaret, lu.
Richard Reyner.

IV. George, who had a son, William.

The 2nd son,

Robert Nevile, (will proved 1527), m. Joanna, dau. of Ralpli
Woodford, co. Leicester, and had, with a dau Edith, iii.
Anthony Stanton, and other issue, a son,

Robert Nevile, Esq. (will proved 1558) in. Alice, 2nd dau.
and co-heir of William Boswell, of Chete, by whom he had,
with four daus. (1 — m. Fotherby; 2Beatri.'c; 3 Anne ; 4 Eliza-
beth, m. 1st, Thomas Boswell, Esq. of Erdesley, and 2ndly,
Martin Anne, Esq. of Fiickley), three sons, George, his heir ;
Robert and Richard, both of whom d. s. p. lli.s son,

George Nevile, Esq. of Ragnall, who bought Thorney, ni.
Barbara, sister and co heir of Sir John Hercy, of Grove, and
5th dau. of Sir Humphrey Hercy, by Elizabeth his wife, dau,
of Sir John Digby, of Ketelby, and had, wiih five daus.,

I. John, of Grove, of whom we treat.

II. George, d.s.p. 1582.

III. Gervase, of Blyth Abbey, bur. there 24 Dec. 1601.

IV. Francis, d. s. p. v. Antony, d. s. p. 1590.
VI. Dionysius or Dennis.

The eldest son,

John Nevile, of Grove, m. Gertrude, dau. of Richard
Whalley (her admon. 1591), and had issue (will pr. 1588),

Hercy, of Grove, m. Bridgitr, dau. of Sir H. Saviileof Lupset,
and was ancestor of the Neviles, Baronets, uj' Grove (now

George, of whom presently.

Robert. William. John or Gervase.

The younger son,

George Nevile, of Stapleford, legatee of Gcrvase, and pur-
chaser of Thorney from Dennis' son, m. 1st, Jane, dau. of
Marmadale Tyrwhitt, of Scotter, and had, with otiier issue,

I. Gervais (Sir), of Haddington, CO. Lincoln, in. Kathcii'ic,
dau. of Richard Hutton, of Goldsbro, Chief Justice, ami
had issue.

II. George, bapt. 1604, of whom presently.

He m. 2ndly, 4 Aug. 1641, Mary, widow of Charles Lovel), of
Spredlington, co. Lincoln (she was bur. at Thorney lG/1), and
d. 1652, and was bur. at Thorney. His younger .son,

George Nevile, of Thorney, ih. 1st, Alic:', dau. of Geor;;i^
Stowe, and relict of William Rothwell (her will 1648), and by
her had issue,

I. George, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, bur. 1661.

He m. 2ndly (post nuptial settlements 1G51), Sarah, dau. of
Biyan Cooke, of Sandal, and relict of John Copley, and by
her (who m. 3rdly, 1G6.5, Christopher Ayscoughe), had issue,

III. Bryan, bapt. March 1651 («ill pr. 1724), m. 29 Oct. 1674,
Martha, dau. of Thomas Ellis, of U eliiauore, by Jane hi-;
wife, dau. of Sir Gervase Nevile and Katheiine Ihittoii
his wife (see above), and was ancestor of the Neviles "/
U'alcot and Welliagore.

I, Jane, bapt. 12 March, 1652 ; bur. at Doncastcr.





Mr. George Nevile J. 23 April, 1653, and was s. by the eldest
son by the first marriage,

CiEOBfiE Nevile, Esq. of Thorney, 6. 1637 ; m. 1st, 1661,
Maria, (iau. of Thomas Boswell, Esq. of Edington, co. York,
and widow of — Blythman, by whom (who d. 4 Aug. 1670) he
had, with seven daus., one son,

Geoege, his heir.
Jlr. Neyile m. 2ndly (settlements 1673), Elizabeth, dan. of
Jeremiah Halfhide, and by that lady (who d. Nov. 1741) had

Christopher, h. 3 June, and d. v. p. 15 Aug. 1673.
Edwabd, bapt. 15 Nov. 1675, m. 1707, Martha, dau. of Thomas
Lister, Esq. of Coleby. co. Lincoln, and by her, who d.
1746, and was bur. at Thorney, (with a dau. Mary, who d.
young, 1715), had issue,
Edwajd, 6. 28 Oct. 1711 ; m. Farrjngton, dau. of George
Palmer, Esq., and niece of Sir Richard Farrington, Bart.,
and djing 29 Jan. 1754, left with other issue, a son,
George, of whom presently, i,i. his cousin, Cathebine,
dau. of George Nevile of Thorney.
Frances, b. 16 July, and d. 12 Nov. 1674.
Alice, bapt. 2 Oct. 1683; vi. William Kothwell, Esq. of North
CoUingham. She (/. 21 Nov. 1755.
Mary, bur. 12 March, 1674.

Mr. Nevile was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

George Nevile, Esq. of Thorney, b. 10 March, 1662, who m.
twice, let, Mary Nichols (d. 1704), by whom he had issue,
George, his heir, and 2ndly, 1712, Winefred, dau. of Mat.
Smith, of Denby (she d. s. p. 1715). He d. 1723, and was s.
by his only son,

George Nevile, Esq. of Thorney, b. 1696; m. 1735, Catherine,
4th dau. and eventual co-heir of Philip Vincent, Esq. of Barn-
borough Grange, co. York, and had an only dau. and heir,
CiTHERiNE, bapt. 20 June, 1742; m. her cousin, George
Nevile, Esq. of Thorney (as above). Mr. Nevile dying without
male issue 1742, the repre.=entation of the family devolved
upon his cousin and son-in-law,

Geoege Nevile, Esq. of Thorney, J.P. and D.L., Lieut. -Col.
Notts Militia, and High Sheriff 1772, son of Edward Nevile,
and grandson of Edward Nevile (senior) and Martha Lister his
wife {see above), b. 20 Dec. 1739; m. {as above) 10 Sept. 1763,
Catherine, only dau. and heir of George Nevile, Esq. of Thor-
ney, and Catherine Vincent his wife, and by her (who d. 10
July, 1809, will dated 1807) had nineteen children, of whom
survived, Nevile Geoege, his heir; Cheistopher, successrrto
his brother; Edward (Rev.), b. 23 Dec. 1773, Vicar of Precs,
Salop, m. Elizabeth, dau of Sir Jolrn Hill, 3rd Bart, of Hawke-
stone, and d. i.p. ; Maria Catherine, m. William Wright, Esq.
of Bawtry. Mr. Nevile d. 29 June, 1806, aged 66, and was s.
by his eldest son,

Nevile Geoege Nevile, Esq. of Thorney, 6. 17 Oct. 1764,
at whose decease unm. 5 Dec. 1829, the estates devolved upon
bis brother,

Cheistopher Nevile, Esq. of Thorney, J.P. and D.L.,nigh
Sheriff 1835, Capt. R.N., 6. 13 Sept. 1769 ; m. 1st, 9 May, 1797,
Ann Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Jonathan Acklom, Esq. of Wise-
ton, by whom (who d. 11 June, 1813) he had two sons,

I. Christopher (Rev.), his heir.

II. George, of Wigesley, co. Notts, 6. 6 Feb. 1803 ; d. unm.
5 Oct. 1867.

He m. 2nd]y, 12 Dec. 1815, Mary Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Allen
Swainstun, M.D., of Y'ork, and sister of Edward Swainston
Strangways, Esq. of Alne, co. York, and by her (who d. 26
Feb. 1856) had two other sons,
HI. Charles (Rev.), M.A., Rural Dean, Prebendary of Lin-
coln and Rector of Stow in Lindsay, b. 10 Dec. 1816; to. 31
Jan. 1860, Maria, only surviving child of Rev. W. A. Ham-
mond, M.A., Rector of Whitchurch, co. Oxford, and has

1 Christopher William Andrew, Capt. 3rd batt. Lincoln
Regt., 6. 12 July, 1862.

2 Charles Swaint-ton (Rev.), Eector of Wickenby, co. Lin-
coln, b. 5 July, 1864.

3 Henry Isaac Williams, Lieut. R.N., 6. 31 Aug. 1865.

4 Thomas, b. and d. 4 Dec. 1868.

1 Maria Elizabeth. 2 Charlotte Gertrude Lucy.

3 Rhoda Frances Caroline.
IV. Henry (Rev.), Eector of Wickenby, co. Lincoln, 6. 27 Jan.
1819; TO. Charlotte, dau. of Rev. Edward Hodgson, Vicar
of Eickmanswonh, and d. s. p. 14 Feb. 1878.

Mr. Nevile d. 10 Sept. 1844, and was s. by his eldest son.

Rev. Christopher Nevile, of Thorney Hall, Rector of
Wickenby, co. Lincoln, and Vicar of Thorney, J.P., 6. 11 Jan.
1806; TO. 28 Dec. 1830, Gertrude, 3rd dau. of Lieut.-Col.
George Hotham, and by her (who d. 15 Sept. 1859), had

I. George, now of Thorney.

II. PM ward Horatio, 6. 11 Sept. 1817, m. Nov. 18S2, Alice
Edith, dau. of Christian AJlhusen, Esq. of Stoke Court, and
has issue,

1 Gcrvas Clifton, b. 30 Sept. 1883.

2 Christopher, b. 12 April, 1889.

1. Charlotte, d. 31 Aug. 1859. n. Gertrude.

III. Lucy, d. 6 June, 1866. iv. Caroline.

V. Anne Elizabeth, in. 22 May, 1866, Sir Charles William
Strickland, 8th Bart, of Boynton.

Mr. Nevile m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Mr. John Wright (who
d. Sept. 1862^ by whom he had one son,

III. John Christopher, b. 17 Sept. 1862.

He m. 3rdly, Mary Ann, dau. of Robert Tooth, Esq. of Swift's
Park, Kent, and d. 1877), having by her had issue,

IV. Richard Arthur, 6. 9 June, 1867.

V. Sydney Oswald, b. 12 July, 1S73.

VI. Frederick Ivor, 6. 3 Dec. 1876.

VI. Mary Edith. vii. Florence Ethel.

VIII. Blanche Isabel. ix. Catherine Alice.

^)-ni«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a saltire arg., for the
Lords of Rally ; 2nd and 3rd, or, fretly gu., on a canton per
pale erm. and or, a ship with sails furled sa. Crests — 1st, Out
of a ducal coronet or, a bull's head arg. ; 2nd, On a chapeau
gu., turned up erm., a ship sa. Motto -Ne vile veils.

Nevile, Ealph Henet Cheistopher, Esq. of
Wellingore, co. Lincoln, J.P., High SherifP 1883,
b. 15 Nov. 1850 ; s. his father Dec. 1861 ; m. 1871,
Mildi-ed Frances, dau. of Charles Robert Scoti-
Murray, Esq., and has issue,

I. Geoffrey Henry, 6. 11 March, 1874.

II. Hugh George, 0. 17 Nov. 1878.

III. Charles Joseph, b. 30 April, 1883.

IV. Bernard Philip, b. 1 Aug. 1888.

I. Isabel Mildred Mary, b. 31 May, 1875.
n. Eleanor Cicely, b. 16 Nov. 1876.
III. Margaret Mary, 6. 5 Aug. 1880.

Lineagre. — Bryan Nevile, younger son of George
Nevile, of Thorney, who d. in 1653 (see Nevile of Thorney),
m. Martha Ellis, and had a son,

Gervais Nevile, who, by Honora his wife, was father of

Christopher Nevile, m. 1st, Elizabeth Sharp, and 2ndly,
Miss Brown, and had a dau., Margaret, m. Capt. Mercer, and
a son,

Christopher Nevile, Esq. of Wellingore, to. Lady Sophia
Noel, youngest dau. of Henry, 4th Earl of Gainsborough, and
had issue,

I. Christopher, his successor.

II. Henry William (Rev.), who carried on the lino.
I. Sophia Charlotte, to. Gen. Ainslie.

Mr. Nevile d. 1829, and was s. by his eldest son,
. Christopher Heney Nevile, Esq. of Walcot and Wellingore,
CO. Lincoln, Col. Rutland Fencible Cavalry, b. 1774, who
assumed by royal licence, dated 7 June, 1798, the surname
and aims of Noel only, in compliance with a testamentary
injunction of his cousin, Thomas Noel, Esq. of Walcot, co.
Northampton. He m. Dec. 1818, Miss Abbot, and d. 27 Feb.
lSo8, leaving an only dau.,
Sophia Mary, m. 30 May, 1844, Frederick William Allix, Esq.

of Willoughby Hall, co. Lincoln, J.P. and D.L., late Capt.

Grenaaier Guards.
Mr. Noel d. 27 Feb. 1838. His only brother,

Rev. Henry William Nevile, Rector of Cottesmore, m.
1807, Amelia, dau. of James Mann, Esq. of Hallow Park, co.
Worcester, and by her (who d. 25 Oct. 1822) had issue,

Henry, of Walcot.

Charles James, b. 1812 ; d. 1 Feb. 1878.

Gerard (Rev.), M,A., Vicar of Tilton, co. Leicester, 6.1815;
m. 18 Aug. 1842, Rosamond, eldest dau. of Sir Matthew
BlaUiston, Bart., and d. 11 May, 18bl, having b> her (who
d. 10 May, 1862) had issue, Henry, b. 31 xMay, 1845, m.
8 Aug. 1876, Lucy, dau. of — Eobens, Esq. of Edinburgh ;
and Amelia.

Horace, d. young.

George, of Stubton Hall, co. Lincoln, J.P. for parts of
Kesteven, and D.L., High Sheriff co. Lincoln 18.i8, late
Lieut. B.A., 6. 25 Oct. 1822; m. 29 Dec. 1846, Madalene
Elizabeth, dau. of George M. Gla>gow, Esq., Capt. li.A.
Mr. Nevile s. to Stubton under the will of fcir li jbert Heron,

Eq ily, m. 1830, James Veale, Esq. of Passaford, Devon.

Sophia, m. 13 April, 1842, Hon. and Eev. John Fortescue,
and d. 29 Dec. 1868, leaving issue.





Lucy, m. 1841, Henry Staffonl O'Brien de Stafford, Esq. of
Tisover, co. Xortliampton, who d. 18S0.

Mr. Xevile <?. 8 Xov. 1843, and was s. ty his son

Henry Xevile, Ksq. of Walcot and WcHingore, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1840, 6. 31 Dec. 1809; m. 20 April, 1847,
Ellen, dau. of Kev. Charles Bryan, of Woolastone, co. Glouces-
ter, and had issue,
Kalph Henry Cukistopheb, now of Wellincrore.
Cicely Sophia, m. Edward Cracroft-Amcotts, Esq. of Hack-

He d. Dec. 1861. His widow to. 1864, Lieut.-Col. Weston
Cracroft-Amcotts, of Hackthorn and Kettlethorp, co. Lincoln.

Arms, dx. — Same as Nevile of Thorney.

&nfs— Wellingore Hall, Grantham, co. Lincoln, and Crown
Lea, Malvern.


Netilk, Percy Sandfoed, Esq. of Skclbrooke
Park, CO. York, formerly an officer in the 22ucl Regt.,
J.P. West Riding, b. 14 April, 1840; m. 1st, 3 Oct.
1865, Rhoda Marwood, eldest dau. of tlie Itxte Harry
Farr Yeatman, Esq. of Manston House, Dorset
(eldest son of the Rev. Harry Farr Yeatman, LL.B.,
of Stock House, Dorset, see that Family), and bv
her ('o-ho d. 3 Oct. 1866) had a son,

I. Percy Gilbert, 6. 22 Sept. 1866.

Mr. Nevile m. 2ndly, 18 June, 1873, Etheline,
youngest dau. of Charles H. Radcliffe, Esq. of
Salisbury, and has had issue,

II. Sandford Grant Radcliffe, 6. 23 Oct. 1875.
HI. Malhert Martin Huyshe, 6. 14 May, 1877.

IV. Cavendish Brownlow, 6. and d. 8 April, 1879.

V. Gervys Charies, 6. 1 June, 1880.

VI. Raymond Pate, b. 3, and d. 12 March, 1885.

VII. Guy Lister, 6. 2 Oct. 1886.

I. Maude Ellen, 6. 15 April, 1874.

II. Dorothy Amy, 6. 29 Dec. 1882; d. 14 March, 1891.

III. Joyce Etheline, b. 17 June, 1891.

Tjineage.— M

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