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r. Nevile represents a branch of the great
and powerful family of Nevile, Lords of Raby and Earls of

Richard de Xovavilla (4th son of Baldricus Teutonicus,
Lord of Bacqueville-en-Caux and Archearius, held the fief of
Keuvile sur Tongue, in Normandy, and was lather of

Gilbert de Nevile, who is said to have been Admiral to the
Conqueror, by his wife Philicia, dau. of the Count deDamoys,
he had a son,

Gilbert de Nevile, who founded Tupholme Abbey, ante
1168, m. Johanna, dau. of Roger de Clare, and left a son and

Geoffrey de Nevile, Governor of Berwick-on-Tweed, m.
Emma, dau. and heir of Bertram de Bulmer, Lord of Brance-
peth, in the Palatinate of Durham, and had (with a son, Henry,
•who d. s. p.) an only riau.,

Isabel de Nevile, heir to her brother. This great heir to.
Eobert Fitz-Maldred, Lord of llaby, in Durham (of the illus-
trious Saxon stock of the Earls of Northumberland), and by
him had a son,

Geoffrey de Xevile, who assumed his mother's name. His
eldest son, Robert de Xevile, Lord of Uab}-, was ancestor of
the extinct Earls of Westmorland and the Marquess of Aber-
gavenny. His 2nd son,

Geoffrey de X'bvile, a Justice Itinerant, and Governor of
Scarborough Castle, m. 1268, Margaret, diu. and heir of Sir
John de Longvilliers, of Hornby Castle, and dying 1285, left a
son and heir.

Sir John de Nevile, of Hornby, who (with an elder son.
Sir Robert Xevile, oi Hornby, whose granddau. and representa-
tive ra. Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, son of John of
Gaunt) left a younger son.

Sir Edmund de Nevile, of Liversedge. This Knight m.
Isola, dau. and sole heir of Robert Flamburgh (grandson of
Robert Flamburgh and Alice his wife, dau. and lieir of Sir
Ralph Liversedge, of Liversedge, co. York), and by her had a
son and heir,

William de Nevile, who d. 42 Edward III., having m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Harington, and was father of

Sir John de Nevile, High Sheriff co. York, who espoused
Alice, dau. and heir of Henry Sherwood, Esq., and had issue,
a son and heir,

Sir Thomas Nevile, of Liversedge, whose will was proved
1438. By his wife, Alice, dau. and heir of Richard Gascoygne
Esq. of Hunslet, co. Y'ork, he had a son and heir.

Sir Robert Nevile, of Liversedge, who m. for his 2nd wife,
Eleanor, dau. of Sir William Molyneux, of Sefton, co.Lancaster,
and had, with other issue, an heir,

Sir John Xevile, of Liversedge, twice High Sheriff of co.
York, m. Maud, dau. and heir of Sir William Ryther, of
Ryther, co. York, and by her left, at his decease in 1002, with
other issue, an eldest son, Thomas, of Liversedge (who d. v. p.,
and whose line ultimately ended in co-heiresses), and a younger

Sir John Xevile, of Chevet {jure uxoris), High Sheriff co.
Y'ork thi ice. He to. Elizabeth (widow of Sir Thomas Tempest),
eldest dau. and co-heir of William Bosvile, Esq. of Chevet, co.
York, and had with other issue, a son and heir,

Henry Nevile, Esq. of Chevet, to. 1533, Dorothy, dau. of
Sir John Dawney, Knt. of Cowick, co. York (by his wife,
Dorothy Nevill, dau. of Richard, 2nd Lord Latimer), and was
s. by his elder son,

Gervase Nevile, Esq. of Chevet, living 1585. He m. Anne,
dau. and co-heir of Thomas Greenhalgh, Esq. of Teversall, co.
Notts, and had an only surviving child,

Henry Xevile, Esq. of Chevet, aged 13 in 1585, according to
the Visitation. By his wife, Eleanor, dau. and co-heir of
Herjy Sandford, Esq. of Thorp-Salvin, co. York, he had, with
younger issue, two sons,

I. Francis Xevile, aged 73 in 1665, s. his father at Chevet,
and was thrice married. By his 2nd wife, Anne, dau. of
Thomas I'ancrcd, Esq. of Brampton, co. York, he had an
only son, Gervase Xevile, of Milnthorpe, co. York, who m.
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Beaumont, Knt. of
Whitley Beaumont, and left an only child and heir, Eliza-
beth. By his 1st wife, Rosamund, dau. of Cyril Arthington,
Esq. of Arthington, co. York, Mr. Nevile, of Chevet, had
(with two daus., Mary, wife of Sir Richard Tancred, of
Wrixley, and Rosamond, wife, 1st, of Sir Thomas Bland, 1st
Bart, of Kippax, and 2ndly, of Walter Walsh, Esq. of
Houghton), a son and heir, Sandford, of Chevet, whose
male issue failed (17iO) with his grandson, John, of Chevet,
whose only child and heir, Anne Nevile, ultima suorum,
in. Harrison liiUington, Esq., and d. s.p. Aug. 1765.

II. Gervase, of whom we treat.

Gervase Xevile, Esq. (2nd son of Henry Nevile and Eleanor
Sandford) of Beeston, co. York, was Quartermaster-General to
the Duke of Newcastle, 1643. He d. 15 F'eb. 1676, aged 85,
having m. Barbara (who d. 1660), dau. of John Bullock, Esq.
of Derlcy, co. Derby, by whom, with younger issue, he had a
son and heir,

Gervase Nevile, Esq. of Beeston and Holbeck, co. York.
He m. Dorothy, dau. of Francis Cavendish, Esq. of Doveridge,
CO. Derby (by his 1st wife, Dorothy, dau. of John Bullock, Esq.
of Norton, co. Derby, and sister and co-heir of William
Bullock, Esq.) and by her (who d. 15 Jan. 1713) left at his
decease, 31 May, 109G (with other issue, who d. iu infancy
or s. ;j.),

I. William, of whom presently.

II. Gervase ^Rev.), s. his brother William at Holbeck, and
afterwards to Chevet.

III. Cavendish (Rev.), s. his brother Gervase at Chevet.

1. Barbara, to. 1st, Michael Portington, Esq. of Portington,
CO. York, and 2Hdly, 16 Nov. 1705 (as 2nd wife), the Rev.
Peter Rebinson, Rector of Grindou, co. Stafford, and had by
him an only child and heir,
Dorothy, of whom hereafter.

William Nevile, Esq. of Holbeck, High Sheriff co. Y'ork
1710, TO. Bridget, dau. of Walter Calverley, Esq. of Calverley,
CO. York (father of Sir Walter Calverley, 1st Bart, of Calverley),
and widow of Jolm Ramsden, Esq. of Crowstone, in the same
CO., but d. s. p. 22 April, 1713, being s. by his brother.

Rev. Gervase Nevile, of Holbeck, Vicar of Binglcy, co,
York, and M..\. of Trin. Coll. Camb., who «. also to the entailed
Chevet estates on the death, in Oct. 1720, of his kinsman, John
Nevile, Esq. {see ante), but dying unm. they passed to his next

Rkv. Cavendish Nevile, who then became of Chevet,
which, however, reverted on his death, 18 Feb. 1749, aged
68 yeari, without male issue, to his kinswoman, Anne
(Xevile), Mrs. Pilkington, as shown above. Mr. Nevile, who
was sometime Fellow of University Coll. Oxford, and forty
years vicar of Norton, co. Dcrliy, m. 1 May, 1737, Katherine,
widow of William Wentworth, Esq. of Horbury, co. Y'ork,
and dau. of Sir Lionel Pilkington, 5th Bart, of Stanley, ccY^ork,
hy whom (who d. 11 Aug. 1790) he had, with an only son.
Cavendish Nevile, who d. an infant, an only surviving dau. ami

Anne Xevile, d. unm. 5 May, 1756, in her 14th year, being





t. by hercousin, Dorothy, the dau. of her aunt, Barbara Neyile,
by her 2nd husband, the Rev. Peter Robinson,

DoKOTHY, sole heir of her cousin and heir-general of her
grandfather, Gervase Nevile, of Holbeck. This lady, who was
6. 1706, m. John Lister, Esq. of Sysonby, co. Leicester (son
of Richard Lister, Esq. of Thorpe Ernald and Sysonby, co.
Leicester, High Sheriff of that co. 1692, by his wife Frances
Pate, only dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Smith, Bart, of
Ilatherton, co. Chester, by his wife Abigail, eldest dau. and
co-heir of Sir John Pate, Bart, of Sysonby, aforesaid), and by
him, from a younger branch of whose family descends the
present Lord Kibblesdale, left at her decease, 24 Oct. 1782,
with other younger issue, twin sons, of whom the younger was
Gen. Cavendish Lister, 3rd Foot Guards, who d. unm. 1823,
and the elder, her heir,

John Pate Nevile, Esq. of Badsworth, co. York, Lord of
the Manor of Holbeck, b. 3 March, 1734-5, Capt. in the Royal
Horse Guards (Blue), assumed the name of Nevile, in lieu of
his patronymic Lister. Mr. Nevile m. 27 March, 1771, Sarah,
youngest dau. of the Rev. Chambers Bate, of Forston, co.
Derby, and Rector of Euston, co. Northampton, by whom (who
d. 16 Nov. 1S02) he had issue to survive infancy,

I. John Pate, Lieut. 3rd Foot Guards, d. of his wounds in
Holland, 10 Oct. 1796, aged 25 unm.

II. Charles Henry, Lieut. 2nd Queen's Royal Regt., killed on
board Lord Howe's ship, 1 June, 1794, aged 19.

III. Brownlow Pate, Lieut. 3rd Foot Guards, d. of his wounds
In Holland, 16 Sept. 1799, aged 23, I'.nm.

IV. Cavendish, also a Lieut. 3rd Foot Guards, B.A., of
Queen's Coll. Camb., d. 4 Dec. 1802, aged 26, leaving an
only child, Mary, d. in infancy.

V. George, of whom hereafter.

VI. Sandfoid, m. and had issue.

vii. Martin, Comm. R.N., d. at Honduras, 27 July, 1803,

aged 22, unm.
Till. Samuel, Lieut. R.N., Mlled at Martinique, 7 Feb. 1804,

aced 21, vnm. He was the seventh son (six of whjm died

in the King's service), whose loss within as many years,

his father had to deplore.
IX. Joseph, a student at Cambridge, d. 17 Oct. 1803, aged

20, unm.

I. Kaiherine, d. 29 Nov. 1853, unm.

II. Sarah, d. 14 Feb. 1797, unm.

III. Arabella.

Mr. Nevile d. 16 Dec. 1817, and was s. by his eldest surviving

George Nevile, Esq. of Skelbrooke Park, and Badsworth,
CO. York, m. Georgiana Katherine, dau. of the Rerv. Dr.
Champneys, and by her (who d. 9 Jan. 1857) had issue,

I. John Pate, only son and heir.

I. Sarah, m. 24 J;in. 1846, Augustus Alexander 'WTlite. Esq.
of H.M.'s Treasury, youngest son of Major Henry White,
74th Highlanders, and had issue.

II. Georgiana Katherine, m. 1st, 20 May, 1843, Charles Abra-
ham Whittuck, Esq. of Hanham Hall, co. Gloucester (who
d. e. p. 1856) ; she m. 2ndly, Capt. Robert Clifton Gordon,
47th Regt., and had a son.

Mr. Nevile d. 9 March, 1843, at Ostend, and was s. by his

John Pate Nevile, Esq. of Skelbrooke Park, J.P., sometime
an Officer in the 76th Regt., m. 24 July, 1838, Louisa Mary
Slade, only dau. of Robert Foster Grant,-Dalton, Esq. of Ingold-
isthorpe Hall, co. Norfolk, and Shanks House, co. Somerset,
and by her (who d. 14 June, 1885) had issue,

I. Pekcy Sandfobd, now of Skelbrooke.

II. Ernest Edward Cator, late Capt. 84th Regt. 6. 10 April,
1842, m. 8 Feb. 1883, Frances, only dau. of Samuel Moore,
Esq. of Moyne Hall, co. Cavan, and has issue,

Louisa Mary, 6. 23 April, 1884.
A iolet Constance, b. 13 July, 1885.
Frances Muriel, b. 12 June, 1887.
in. Charles Cavendish, 6. 8 Sept. 1846, Capt. 99th (Wiltshire)
Regt., served in Zulu War, d. unm. 18 Feb. 1882.
I. Mary Louisa, m. 1 June, 1867, Thomas Francis Hulton,
Esq., late Capt. d3rd Regt., and d. 187?, leaving issue, one
son, Francis Nevile, and two daus., Pleasance and Mary, d.

Mr. Nevile d. 1 July, 1847.

Arms — Gu., a saltire arg. (the colours have sometimes been
reversed). Crest — A bull's head erased, sa. JHotto — Ne vile

Secii— Skelbrooke Park, Doncaster, co. York.

Liineag'e. — Chakles William Nevill, Esq. (son of Richard
lanion Nevill, Esq., J. P., by his wife, Mary Yalden), of
Westfa, J.P. and D.L, High Sheriff, M.P. for Carmarthen,
1874-6; m. Jane, dau. and co-heir of David Davies, Esq. of
Swansea, and had issue,

1 Hugh, now of Westfa.

1 Catherine Ann. 2 Emily. 3 Blanche.

4 Caroline, m. R. W. Put, and has issue. 5 Gertrude.
Mr. Nevill d. June, 1888.

-Seoi— Westfa, Llanelly.


Netille, Nigel Chaeles Alfred, Esq. of Shen-
stoiie Lichfield, J.P. co. Stafford, Stipendiary Magi-
strate for Wolverlianipton and South Staffordshire,
Ban'ister at-Law, B.A. St. Joliii Coll. Camb., b. 10
April, 1849, m. 1892, Julia Anne, dau. of the late
David Ballinger, Esq. of Wolverhampton.

liineag'e. — Thomas Neville, Esq., 6. 28 Dec. 1772 (son
of John Neville, 6. 1735, by his wife, Ann, dau. of Joseph
Clarke, of Haselour and Chilcote. co. Stafford, who d. 21
March, 1811, and grandson of Francis Neville), purchased the
manor of Haselour 1819. He m. 30 Sept. 1813, Mary, only
child and heiress of Michael Wilson, Esq. of Bromley Regis,
CO. Stafford, and by her (who d. 1 May, 1873) had issue,
John, of Haselour Hall, co. Stafford, J.P. cos. Stafford and

Warwick, 6. 6 Aug. 1814 (deceased).
Thomas, of Shenstone House, Lichfield, b. 19 Aug. 1816; m.
6 May, 1846, Anne Maria, dau. of Bryan Ward, Esq. of
Stafford, and d. 19 Oct. 1885, leaving, with five daus., a son,
Nigel Charles Alfred, now of Shenstone.
Ni^el (Rev.), Rector of St. Ewe, Cornwall, M.A. St. John's
Coll., Cambridge, 6. 15 Nov. 1833; m. 29 April, 1868,
Teresa Jane Matilda, eldest dau. of Sir W. H. Cope, 12tli
Bart, of Bramshill, Hants, and has, with other issue, a son,
Nigel John Cope, 6. 31 Jan. 1869.

Fredeiick Herbert, 6. 28 Dec. 1835: to. 10 Oct. 1863, Frances
Margaret, dau. of James Perry, Esq., and d. 3 June, 1885,
leaving one dau.

Anne, m. 18 April, 1843, John Holbech, son of Thomas Hol-
bech. Esq. of Sutton Coldfield, co. Warwick, J.P.
Mary Wilson, m. Rev. William Henry Oldfield, M.A., Rector
of St. Michael le Belfry and Minor Canon of York, and ha»

Susanna Eleanor.

Sarah Jane Lydia, m. 1864. Rev. Frederick Burd, M.A.,
■Vicar of Neen Savage, Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, and has
i<isue, a son, Neville. Harriet.

Eliza Kllen, d. 1863.
Mr. Neville d. 21 July, 1859.

A:ms—G\x., on a saltire arg. a rose of the first. Crcd —
Out of a du'.-al coronet or a bull's head pied. Motto — Ne vile
5ea(— Shenstone House, Lichfield.
Residence — Hafren House, Wolverhampton.


INevill, Hugh, Esq. of Westfa, co. Carmarthen,
J.P., M.A. Exeter Coll., Oxford, b. 9 March, 1855 ;
m. May, 1886, Maud, 3rd dau. of Frederick Elking-
ton, Esq. J.P., of Sion Hill, co. Worcester.

NE"vr[LLE, Eet. William Alexander, M.A., of
Moyfin, CO. Meath, Canon of St. Canice, Kilkenny,
and Incumbent of Inistiogue and The Rower, b.
July, 1814; m. Dec. 1814, Katherine Sarah, dau. of
Rev. JosiahCrampton, M.A., Rector of Castlecounel.
and Dora his -wife, dau. of J. Waller, Esq. Castle-
town, CO. Limerick, and has issue,

I. William Brent. n. Richard.

HI. Josiah Philip Crampton, Major 14lh Bengal Lancers.

I. Katherine Dorothea Elizabeth.

II. Pamela Charlotte Jane Meriel.

Lineage.— Richard Nevill, Esq. (described as son of
Edward Nevill, and grandson of Hon. Francis Neville, of
Kyner, 2nd son of Edward, Lord Abergavenny), is stated by
family tradition to have killed Sir Samuel Lake (or Luke) in »
duel, and to have fled to Ireland in 1649, and settled in co.
Kildare, where he purchased estates and became of Phornauts
(or Furnace). He m. Margaret Usher, and left at his decease
(will dated 1682), with a dau. Bridget, wife of James Malone,
three sons, also named in the will,

I Richard, his heir, of Furnace, to. Katherine, dau. of
Richard Barry, Esq., and heir of James Barry, E^q., uncle
of the 1st Lord Santry, and by her had (with four sons,
Richard, Francis, James, and Paul, who d. unm.) an only
dau. and heir,





Mahy, m. Col. KicharJ Edward Jones, ivho assumed the
Burnanie of Nevill, and by him was grandmother of
Kichanl Nevill. Esq. of Kurnace, Jf.P., whose eldest da i.
and co-heir, Henrietta, m. 1st, Kd\v.-ird Dering, Esq.,
eldest son of Sir Edward Dering, 7th Bart, of Surrenden
Daring, and was mother of Sir Edward Cholmeley Der-
ing, Sth Bart, of Surrenden Dering, and 2ndly, 15 Jan.
IS 10, Sir William Geary, 2nd Bart, ot Oxon Hoath, and mother of Sir \V. R. P. Geary, 8rd iJart. of Oxon

II. Robert, m. Mary Twigg, and d. s. p. (will dated 7 Aug.

III. Garrett, of whom we treat.

IV. John, of Ncwrath, co. Wicklnw, whose will, dated 15
May, 1730, was proved 18 April, 1735. He was twiee married,
and left issue, Richard ; Alice; Anne, j.i. 1st, Rev. Thomas
Somervillc, and '.ndly, William Perry, Esq. of Woodrooffe :
Jvatherine; Judith.

The younger son,

Garrett Nevill, Esq. m. a sister of Richard Skellern, Esq.
of an ancient Welsh family, and had two sons, Thomas and
J'arnell ; his will dated 11 Aug. 1736, was proved 20 Jan. 1737.
He d. 1737. His elder son,

Thomas Nevill, Esq. of Neville's Grove, co. Dublin, m.
Sarah, dau. of Brent Smyth, Esq. of Dublin, and by her (who
Dii. 2ndly, Eev. Smith Loftus) left at his decease, 1745, two

I. Gabsett, his heir.

ji. Brent, of Ashbrook, co. Dublin, m. Frances, dau. of James
Dance, Esq., and has issue,
1 Brent, m. Catherine, dau. of John Mapas, Esq. of Eilli-
ney Castle, co. Dublin, and d. 1836, leaving by her (who
//. ISSO),

William Alexander (Ucv.), now of JVIoyfin.
itOBERT, of Ahanure, co. Kilkenny, and Rockfleld, co.
Dublin, Major in the army, joined the 51st Regt. in
I 1843, served in the Crimea and at Scutari on the staff

of Sir Henry Storks, b. 1824; m. 1857, Emma Helshara,
only surviving child of William Helsham Candler
Brown, Esq. of St. Mary's Hall, Tinley, co. Norfolk,
and Ahanure, co. Kilkenny, and has issue,
1 William Candler, Capt. 1st Batt. Cheshire Regt.,
b. 22 Jan. 185U, 'in. 5 Jan. 1892, Amy, youngest dau.
of Colin Ross, Ksq. of Gruinards, Eothshire, and has
Maud Christian, 5. 8 Nov. 1893.
■2 Brent Riihard Robert (Rev.), M.A., T.C.D., Curate
of St. Peter, Norbiton, Surrey, h. 24 Sept. 1861, m. 3
Jan. 18U1, Margaret, youngest dau. of Joseph Shaw,
Esq. of Woodleigh, Cheltenham and Temple House,
Celbridge, co. Dublin, and has issue,
Kathleen Charlotte, b. 22 March, 1892.

1 Emma Catherine .'^lice.

2 Maud Catherine Elizabuth Anne.

Jane Frances. Kate. Georgina.

■2 Richard ('Rev.), Rector of, Cork, m. Anne, dau.
of Col. William Gore, of The Heath, co. Kildarc, and had
issue. His 3rd dau., Meriel Anne, m. lf<52. Sir George
Frederick John Hodson, 2ud Bart, of Hollybrook, co.

3 Garrett (>ir), knighted on the occasion of the visit of
George IV. to Ireland, m. Elfrida, dau. of Joshua Nunn,
E.=q of St. Margaret's, co. Wexford.

1 Jane, m. 179 J, Sir Robert Hodson, 1st Bart, of Holly-
brook. CO. Wicklow.

2 Meriel, m. James Kearney, Esq. of Dublin.

3 Frances, m. Rev. Edward Semple, Rector of Kcsh, co.

I Elizabeth, d. unm. (will proved 14 June, 1759).
The eldest son,

Garrett Nevill, Esq. of Marymount, co. Kilkenny, to.
Mary, eldest dau. of William Hodson, Esq., and sister of Sir
Robert Hodson, 1st Bart, of Hollybrook, and d. 1823, aged 84,
Jeaving issue,

Thomas, of Annamult, co. Kilkenny, m. Rebecca, dau. and
heir of Ambrose Po«er, Esq., and d. s. p. 1835.

Robert, heir to his brother.

I'arnell, d. unm.

Sarah, m. — Sbeares, Esq.

.■Vlary, m. Rev. Gi;orge Miles, of Sumnierhill, co. Tipperary.

Elizabeth, m. Ediuond I'heobald Mandeville Butlor, Esq.

Catheilne, m. Eev. M. N. Thompson.

Mary, d. unm.

The 2nd son,

Robert Neville, Esq. of Marymount, J.P. , High Sheriff
CO. Kilkenny 1842, m. 30 Sept. 1811, Catherine, dau. of John
Langley, Esq. of Lickfin, co. Tipperary, and had issue,

Thomas, his heir.

Garrett, m. Is47, Triphena Clark Smyth, d. s. p.

Robert, to. 1854, Mary Butler, d. s.p.

Eliza, m. 1840, Theobald Butler, Esq. of E. T, M. Ville.

Sarah, vi. 1844, John Langley, Esq. of Lickfin.

Anna Maria, m. 1854, Arthur St. George, Esq.
Mr. Neville d. 14 Sept. 1842, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Neville, Esq. of Borrismore House, J.P. and D.L.,
b. 20 March, 1818; m. 15 Oct. 1846, Isabella Ann, dau. vt
Thomas Edward Villiers Tuthill, Esq. of Rathgar Mansion, co.
Dublin, and d. 1S84, leaving an only dau.,

Anne, to. 1876, Jo.seph William Thacker, Esq., J.P., son of
Ven. the Archdeacon of Ossory.

Arms— Gn., on a saltire arg. a rose of the field. Crent— Out
of a ducal coronet or, a bull's head pied, attired of the first,
charged with a rose as in the arms. Motto — Ne vile velis.

Hiat — Moyfin, co. Meath.


Newall, Major IIeney Gekaed Fenton, of
Eiljer, in the Isle of Bute, J.P. co. Bute, was for-
merly in the Duke of Lancaster's Own Y.C., the 3rd
Batt. Lancashire Fusiliers, and the Ayrshire Y.C., I.
28 Jan. 1853, m. 1 June, 1876, Barbara Sharp, dau.
of Henry Gibb, Esq. of Eilyer, Victoria, Australia,
by Eobina, dau. of J. Hoyle, Esq. of the Isle of £ute,
and has issue,

I. Ruby May, 6. 1 Jan. 1878.

It. Eileene Barbara, b. 17 Jan. 1879.

III. Heather Stuart Fenton, b. 3 Jan. 1884.

Lineagre. — The Newalls are of considerable antiquity
and trace their pedigree (which is recorded in the College of
Arms) from the time of Henry VI. in unbroken succession to
the present day.

Lawrence Newall was mentioned in a deed dated 8 July,
31 Henry VI., as a grantee for life in remainder of lands in
the town of Northowram, in Shipden, in the parish of Halifax,
W.R. of Yorks, with remainder to

William Newall, of Shipden, " his son and heir," as
appears in a deed dated 16 July, IS Edward IV., by which he
grants the above-mentioned lands to his son Lawrence ; he
was living 22 Jan. 18 Edward IV. He hi. Isabella, dau. and
co-heir of Christopher Kyrshagh,* of Townhouses, Rochdale,
eo. Lancaster. Their son,

Lawrence Newall, of Lower Town House, Hundersfield, in
the parish of Rochdale. By indenture, dated 20 April, 21
Edward IV., certain lands in Rochdale, which had been the
property of his grandfather, Christopher Kyrshagh, called
Townhousee, were settled on him and his heirs, upon an
award, which also settled the remaining lands of the Kyr-
Bhaghs in that parish, on Jordan Chadwicke and Elianor, his
wife, the dau. and co-heiress (with her sister, Isabella, the
wife of William Newall) of the said Christopher Kyrshagh.
He d. before 24 Henry VIII., he left issue by Sibill, his wife,
a son and heir,

William Newall, of Lower Town House, m. 1st, 20 June,
12 Henry VII., Margaret, dau. of John Milne, and had issue,

I. Lawrence, of whom presently.

II. Stephen, living 1550.

III. John, had a lease from his brother Lawrence, 6 Sept. 4
Edward VI.

I. Elizabeth, living 1550.

II. Grace, living 1550.

* The following is the descent of CHRisToi-HEa Kyrshagh,
of Townhouses :

Matthew de Ktrkeshagh, the son of .John de Kyrkeshagh,
who paid a rent of two shiUiugs to William de Litholres ante
1281, 9 Edward I, to. Margery, dau. of William de Litholres and
Matiiilda his wife, and sister of Roger de Litholres, and had,
with two younger eons, Thomas and Adam, a son and heir

Henry de Kyrkeshagh, of lands in Honeisfeld, on the
River Rache, left issue a son,

Galfridos de Kyrkeshagh, of Honorisfeld, Butterworth,
and Castleton, living 1370, 44 Edward 111, had by Isabella his
wife, a son,

John de Kyrkeshagh {or Kershaw), of Townhouses, near
Rochdale, living 1424. m. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Hayward,
and had a son and heir,

Christopher Kyrshagh, of Townhouses, to. Margaret,
sometime of the Society of the Holy Trinity. An indulgence
was granted, 1440, to him and his wife Margaret, for absolution
by the Papal Nuncio of Pope Eugonius IV. They had issue,
two daus. and co-heirs,

I. Isabella, to. (as in the text) William Newall, of Ship-

II. Eleanor, to. Jordan Chadwyke, from whom descend the
Chadwicks of HeaLy Hall.





in. Isabel, m. CLarles Ilalsted, of Ightenhill, Whalley,
He m. 2ndly, 10 Jan. 13 HenktVIII., Jone, dau. of Eichard
Clayden of Tonston, co. Lancaster, who was executrix to his
•will, dated 17 Sept. 1550, and proved 11 Oct. following at
Chester. Mis eldest son,

■ Lawkekoe New all, of Lower Town House, b. 5 Henry Vlll.,
m. 1st, 10 Jan. 13 Henry VIII., the day of his father's second
marriage, to Jane, dau. of Richard Clayden, of Tongton, the
sister of his father's second wife. This lady was divorced 15
Jan. 1548. Lawrence Newall's second wife, Agnes, was
executrix to his will, dated 2 April, 1557, and proved 19 April,
following. He had with three surviving daus. Margaret,
Grace, and Agnes, a son and heir,

Kobert Newall, of Lower Town House, a minor 1575, under
the guardianship of Kohert Savile, Esq. of PuUayne, co.
Lincoln. He d. 4 Veh., 23 ELizABETn, and left by Ellin, his
wife (who m. 2ndly, Edmond Holt), with a dau. Dorothy, who
m. James Kaye, both living 1599, a son and heir,

Robert Newall, of Lower Town House, aged 4 at the
death of his father, and sometime under the guardianship of
John Belfiekl, of Clegg Wood, co. Lancaster, m. 1st, Alice
Belfield, but sentence of divorce was pronounced by reason of
the minority of the parties, 21 Jan. 1592 (Episcopal Keg. of
Chester). He was buried at Rochdale, 18 Feb. 16.')8-9, and
left by Mary, his second wife, who was buried 13 June, 1674,
with five daus., four sons,

I. Robert, of whom presently.

II. Lawrence, of Rochdale, bapt. 19 Feb. 1603-4, m. 1st, 23
Oct. 162-i, Priscilla llydeings (buried 31 July, 1634) and by
her had issue, Edward, bapt. 15 Sept. 1629, d. before 1671,
and Kobert, bapt. 9 June, 1633. He m. 2ndiy, 9 Dec

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