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. 1634,
Anne Ogden,and by her had issue, with two unm. daus.,
Kobert, bapt. 15 Nov. 1635, Anne, m. Richard Lomax of
Pesworthy, co. Lancaster, and Mary, m. Abraham Holds-
worth, of New House in Hundersfield.

III. Gerard, ol Caldermore, bapt. 6 March, 1605-6, left issue,
by Susanna, his wife, with six daus., two sons, Gerard,
bapt. 10 March, 1632-3, and Robert, bapt. 6 June, 1639.

IV. Symond, bapt. 6 Feb. 1613.
The eldest son,

Robert Newall, of Lower Town House, b<«pt. 9 March,
1599, m. 1 Aug. 20 James I. (1622), Mary, dau. of James
Fielden, of the Haghe, Rochdale, and was buried I'l Jan.
1681-2, leaving (with two other daus.) issue,

I. Lawrence, of whom presently.

II. was buried 4 March, 1695. In an inventory of
i\ii goods taken 6 May, 1696, he is described as "of Lower
Town House, yeoman, deceased." He had issue,

1 Robert, of whom presently.

1 Mary, m. 17 Feb. 2 Anne.

III. Gerard, bapt. 20 July, 1628.

IV. Sin eon, of Caldermore, m. 6 July, 1676, Sarah , and

as buried 15 Feb. 1728.

I. Jane, m. James Dearden, of New house and Whitfield.

II. Alice, ra. 1st, Edmund Kersham, and 2ndly, 12 May,
1693, Richard Scholefield, of Shaw in Hundersfield.

The oldest son,

Lawrence Newall, of Lower Town House, bapt. 11 Jan.
1623-4, buried 23 May, 1711 (will proved 20 Oct. following).
His nephew,

Robert Newall, of Lower Town House, bapt. 2 Jan. 1686-7,
m. Jane, dau. of Joshua Dawson, of Heptonstal, Halifax,
Yorks, and was buried 13 May, 1732, and left issue,

I. Lawrence, of whom presently.

II. William, 6. 1722, d. 1726.

III. Robert, b. 1725, d. 1726.

IV. John, bapt. 16 July, 1727, living 1732,
1. Mary, 6. 1719, living 1732.

Tlie eldest son,

Laurence Newall, of Lower Town House, b. 17 Nov. 1717,
:■». 2 Sept. 1739, Sarah, dau. and co-heir of John Travis, of
Inchfield, and by her, who d. 26 May, 1792, had issue,

I. William, of Low-er Town House, and the Mount, near
York, (;.23May, 1742,to. 15 June, 1762, Betty, eld. dau. and
co-heir of Isaac Smith, of Starring, Rochdale, Merchant,
and ('. 24 Dec. 1805, having by her, who d. 2 June, 1826,
had issue, four other daus. who d. unm.,
1 Lawrence, of Lower Town House, b. 26 April, 1767; m.
1st, his cousin, Jenny, dau. of John Leech, of SpoUand
Bridge, and by her, who d. 26 March, 1824, had issue,
George, b. 19 April, 1793 : m. 16 March, 1817, Elizabeth,
dau. of George Cryer, of Littleborough, and d. 16 Jan.
1834, having by her, who d. 8 Sept. 1861, had an only
child, George, d. I April, 1823, aged 5 years.
Noel, b. 21 April, 1798; d. umn. 20 June, 1819.
Betty, 7)i. 2 July, I82i', Samuel Lomax, of Milverton
Hall, CO. Warwick, who d. 7 June, 1869. Shed. 11
April, 1837, leaving issue.

Mr. Lawrence Newall m. 2ndly, 26 May, 1824, Martha,
dau. of William Blackett Haigh. of Low House, and
widow of Lawrence, son of Lawrence Newall, of Hare
Hill iride intra), and d. 5 May, 1828, having by her, who
d. 12 Sept. 1852, had issue,

Lawrence, 6. 25 Nov. Ih28; d. unm. 25 Nov. 1841.
Sarah, co-heir of her brorher, vi. 19 Aug. 1851, George
Mill Frederick Molesworth, Commander R.N., of Soutti
Down Hall, co. Devon, son of Rev. Edward Nassau
■ Molesworth, D.D. Vicar of Rochdale.
Mary, co-heir of her brother, m. 5 Oct. 1847, John, son
of above-mentioned Rev. E. N. Molesworth, D.D.

2 Smith, of Rochdale and Croftead, b. 24 June, 1771 ; to.
1st, 25 Nov. 1794, Anne, dau. of John SutclitTe, of Stans-
fieldHall, CO. Voik ; she d. s. p. 24 April, 179.5. Hem.
2ndly, 29 May, 1806, Sarah, dau. of William Emmett, of
Halitax, co. York, andd. 14 Feb. 1829, havijigby her, who
d. 24 Jan. 1841, had issue, 1 Sydney Smith, d. in infancy
1806; 2 Edwin, 6. 4 May, 1807 ; d. 13 Jan. 1834; 3 William
Nelson, of Wellington Lodge, b. 1 Sept. 1811 ; m. 4 June,
1839, his cousin Jane, dau. of Lawrence Newall, of Lower
Town House (and d. 21 Feb. 1854, having by her, who d.
10 June, 1840, an only child William Smith, 6. on that
day, and d. 3 July, 1866, unm.); and Sarah, m. 24 April,
1849, John Mason Hepwortli, of Ackworth House, co.
Y'ork, and d. s. p. 24 Uct. 1865.

3 Robert, of Lane Cottage, b. 15 July, 1775; m. 26 Nov.
1809, his cousin Esther, dau. of Lawrence Newall, of
Hare Hill, and d. 14 May, 1853, having by her, who d. 20
Jan. 1856, had issue, Gerard, 6. and d. 22 Sept. 1824, and
-Jane, b. 1810; d.unm. 1829.

1 Molly, TO. her cousin Thomas Leech, of Liverpool,
merchant, son of John Leech, of Spotland Bridge, and d.
29 May, 1808, leaving issue, who all d. '.p.

2 Betty, to. Benjamin Holland, of Welton, co. York, and
d. 1 July, 1808, leaving issue.

II. Lawrence, of whom we treat.

III. John, b. 20 April, 1747 ; d. in infancy.

I. Jenny, m. 19 May, 1762, John Leech, of Spotland Bridge, .
merchant (who d. 14 April, 1776), and d. 30 June, 1809,
leaving issue.

II. Mary (twin with John), m. 12 June, 1794, her cousin,
John Travis, of Oldham, and was buried 17 March, 1831.

III. Peggy, m. William Sutcliffe, of Lower Laith, co. Lan-
caster, and d. 1 Sept. 1830.

Mr. Lawrence Newall d. 8 June, 1786. His second son,

Lawrence Newall, of Hare Hill, co. Lancaster, b. 19 March,
1743-4 ; m. 12 Sept. 1775, Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Beswicke,
of Silverhill, and by her, who d. 6 June, 1832, had issue,

I. Join, supposed to have been lost in the Walcheren Expe-
dition, mentioned in his father's will, 1803, as a legatee " in
case he is living."

II. William, of whom presently.

in. Lawrence, of Lane Cottage, m. Martha, dau. of William.
Blackett Haigh, of Low House, and d. 28 April, 1817, hav-
ing by her (who to. 2ndlj', Lawrence Newall, of Lower Town.
House, vide sup. and d. 12 Sept. 1852) had issue, two daus,,
and co-heirs, 1 Margiret, d. unm. 3 Dec. 1864; and 2 Janci
rn. 4 .lune, 1839, her cousin William Nelson Newall, of
Wellington Lodge, and d. 10 June, 1840, leaving issue {vide

IV. Samuel, d. unm. 20 Oct. 1823, aged 36.

V. Travis, d. 28 Jan. 1797, aged 7.

I. Esther, to. 26 Nov. 1809, her cousin Robert Newall, of
Lane Cottage (vide sup.), and d. 20 Jan. 1856, leaving
Mr. Lawrence Newall d. 13 May, 1807. His second son,

William Newall, of Hare Hill, 6. 15 July, 1785 ; to. 2 June,
1812, Mildred Victoria, dau. of Thomas Hanson, of York, and
by her, who d. 25 Jan. 1873, had issue,

I. Thomas Agar, of Windsor, near .Sydney, New South
Wales, 6. 8 June, 181-^ ; m. 26 Sept. 1848, Eliza Dale, dau. of
Charles James Roberts, of Sydney, N.S.W., and d. 29
Aug. 1869, having by her, who d. 2 March, 1881, had

1 William Roberts, of Lower Portland, Hawkesbuiy
River, N.S.W., b. 14 March, 1851; to. 14 July, 1873,
Elizabeth Anne, dau. of William Jones, of Colo River,
N.S.W., and has issue,

Mildred Medora, 6. 23 May, 1879.

2 Cliarles James Benson, of Sydney, N.S.W., b. 17 July,
1853 ; m. 26 Jan. 1881, Clara Mathilda Rix, and has issue,

Thomas Agar, 6. 31 Jan. 1884.

3 Lawrence James Milne, b. 31 May, 1855.

1 Mildred Esther, 6. 4, 1860.

2 Victoria, 6. 9 Jan. 1870.

II. Henry, of whom presently.

III. Lawrence, of Wellington Lodge, 5. 9 May, 1817 ; m. 1st,
26 Oct. 1847, Elizabeth, dau. of Chiistopher Dobson, of
Dromanby House, co. York ; she d. s.p. 11 Jan. 1849. He
m. '2nclly, 7 Dec. 18.'J3, Joanna Chrisiidn, only dau. of James
Normand, of Blair Hill, co. Tipjierary, and d. 1 Nov. 1867,
having by her, who d. 10 Aug. 1871, had issue,

1 William Normand, of Crombie Lodge, co. Surrey. &. 28

5 B





Sept. 1S54; lii. 30 Aug. 1S32, Maria Anna Pritchard, only
dau. of John Lee, and d. 17 Dec. 1886, leaving issue,
Maude Xormand, ft. 3 June, 1883, and Gwendolen Noi-
manii, b. 28 Feb. 1885.
"2 Janus Xoraand, ft. 13 June, 1S62, rf. March, 1892.
1 Elizabeth Maudo, m. 19 Jan. ISSl, James Tennant
Ingli?, of Coates Garden, Edinburgh.
X. Eliza Jemima, 7)i. 30 Aug. 1855, S.Tiuuel Kichard Fitz-
Genild, Banister-at-Law, and d. s. p. -6 Aug. 1886.
The 2nd son,

Henry Xewall, of H.ire Hill, 6. 9 May, 1815; m. 22 April,
1852, Maria, dau. of John Fenton, of Crimble Hall, co. Lan-
-caster, M.F. for Hochdale, and had issue,
Ji. Hentit Gerard Fenton, of Hare Hill.

• II. Lawrence Kippax, ft. 12 July, 1856; d. 12 Nov. 1886,


• III. John Fenton, 6. 14 .Tan. 1859; m. 23 .\ug. 1882, Mabel

Marion, dau. of Carruthers Charles Johnston, of Chorlton

Hall, CO. Chester.
I. Sybil, 6. 17 Oct. 1854.
•H. Hannah Fenton, m. 27 Sept. 1883, Eobert, eldest son of

— Swinton, Old Hall, co. Lancaster.
HI. Margaret Fenton, '>. 15 April, I860.

IV. Helen Maria Fenton, d. young, 19 Nov. 1872.

V. Emily Fenton. d. young, 7 March, 1S73.

VI. Maria Kenton, b. 8 Sept. 1872.
A'li. Victoria Fenton, 6. 24 May, 1874.

Mr. Henry Newall d. 26 Sept. 18S6, and was s. by his eldest

.4>-).!S— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, per pale gu. .and az., three
covered cups or within an orle of the last, jor Newall; 2nd,
Or on a chief per pale gu. and sa. three bezants, for Ktrshagu ;
3rd, Vert a lion rampant or seme6 of caltraps sa.

(^rest — A Sar.acen's head affronte ppr. wn-athed round the
temples or and gu. suspended from the mouth by a riband of
jthe last, a sliield paly indented of four also or and gu.

Motto — Non recedam.

,Seats — Hare Hill, Littletorough, Lancashire, and Eilyer,
Bothcsay, N.B.


IS'ewalI;, John Lightfoot, Esq. of Forest Hall,
CO. Esses, J.P., b. 22 June 1826; m. 27 Marcli,
1849, Mary, dau. of John Walkei', Esq. of Liverpool,
and lias issue,

I. John Walker, M.A., 6.8 Feb. 1851 ; educated at Harrow,

and Trinity Coll. Cambridge.
I. Alice, iH. 1880, Francis Capel Cure, Esq.

Lineage. — Ralph Newall, Esq., ft. 1760; ti. 1840, leaving
"by his wife Anne (6. 1765 ; d. 1843) a son,

John Newall, Esq. of Cheshire, ft. 1792 ; m. 1825, Martha
•(ft. 1794; d. 1857), dau. of William Lightfoot, Esq. of Cumber-
iand, and d. 1841, leaving an only child,

John Lightfoot Newall, Esq. now of Forest Hall.

Seat— Forest Hall, Ongar.

Club — Eeform.



Esq. of Hockwold Hall, co. Norfolk, J.P., B.A.,
Trin. Coll. Camb., Capt. N^orfolk Artillery, I. IV
Oct. 1851.

Lineagre. — Eev. Stephen Newcome, Eector of Caldecoto
CO. Huntingdon, 1020 (son of licv. Stephen Newcome, of Ely
1590), m. Eose, dau. of Eev. Henry Williamson, B.D., and had
With other issue,

Robert, his heir.

Henry (Eev.), the 4th .?on, Eector of Gawsworth. co.
Chester, a noted Nonconformist, ejected from the parish
church of Manchester ai the Eestor.<ition, 1662, bapt. 27
Nov. 1627; to. 6 .July, 1648, EUzabeth, 6th dau. of Peicr
Mainwaring, Esq. of Smallwood, co. Chester, and had three
BOns, Henry (Rev.), Rector of Tattenhall and Middletuu,
Daniel and Peter. His 3rd son. Rev. Peter Newcome,
Vicar of Aldenhan, Herts, and of Hackney, Middk^:(■x,
Sept. 1703, purchased in 1714 the advowson of Shenley for
his son, Peter. He was ft. 5 Nov. 1656 ; to. Anne Hooke, of
Basingstoke, Hants, and by her 'who d. 1726), aged 65, hud
(with several daus.) five sons, Peter (Eev.), his litii-;
Benjamin, 6. 16>*S ; d. 1731-1 ; Henry, 711. and left issue at
his decease, 23 Oct. 1756 ; Stephen, Governor of Bencooleii,
East Indies, 6. 1690 ; d. at sea 31 May, 1732 ; Richard (Right
Eev.), U.D., consecrated Bishop of Llandaff 1755, and
translated to St. Asaph, 1761, ft. 1701 ; m. 1732, Lyilia
French, and 6?. «. J). 1768. Eev. Peter Newcome rf. 5 Oct.
1738. His eldest son. Rev. Peter Newcome, Rector and
Patron 01 Shenley, m. Ann Haskar, of East Wellow, Hants,

and by her had (with a dau. Anne, who d. wim. 1800) two
sons, Peter, d. unm. 1797, and Henry. Eev. Peter New-
come d. 1744. His 2nd son. Rev. Henry Newco.«e, Vicar
of Gresford, m. 1st, a dau. of Jones, of Freemantle, Hants,
by whom he had a dau. Ann, who d. 1821. He m. 2ndly,
1774, Anil, elder dau. of Rev. Thomas Hughes, M.A., of
Ruthyn, co. Denbigh, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Norfolk
Salusbury, Esq., and d. 1803, leaving by her (with two
daus., Elizabeth and Maria) two sons,
Thomas (Rev.),M.A., F.S.A., Rector and Patron of Shenley,
ft. 9Nov. 1777; d. Sept. 1851; in. 9April, 1806, Charlotte,
3rd dau. of Thomas Bradbury Winter, Esq. of Shenley
Hill, and by her (vihod. 1825) had issue,
Henry Jdstinian (Rev.), Rector and Patron of Shenley.
ft. 28 June, 1815; in. 20 April, 1841, Charlotte, d.iu. of
John Mico Winter, Esq. of Shenley, and has a dau.,
Katharine Emma, ft. 1844; m. 1876, Rev. James Du.
Boulay, M.A., Vicar of East Haddon.
Thomas, m. 1843, Maria Watts, and has, with two other
fhildren, a dau. Clara, ft. 1844.
Edward William, B.A., ft. 1821 ; m. 1861, Margaret, dau.
of F. Boydell, Esq., and d. 1891, leaving issue.
Anna Maria, d. unm. 1836.
Elizabeth Charlotte, d. 30 Nov. 1881.
Mary, m. 1836, Rev. Richard Mountford Wood, M.A.,
and d. 1842, having had issue.
Emily, to. 1834, Rev. Edward Vaux, M.A., and d.

1891, leaving issue.

Clara, m. 1st, 1840, Rev. William Eobert H.aU {d. 1842),
and 2n(ily, 1848, Forster AUeyne M'Geachy, Esq. {d.
Christina, m. 1855, John E. Lyon, Esq.
Richard (Ven.), Archdeacon of Merioneth, m. 1837, his first
cousin, Frances, dau. and heir of Robert Hughes, Esq.,
H.E.I.C.S., by whom he had issue, two sons and three

Eev. Stephen Newcome d. 1641-2. His eldest son,
Eev. Eobert Newcome, Eector of Caldecote, ft. 1620 ; m.

Anne, dau. of Eev. John Anderson, and was father of
Eobert Newcome, of Peterborough, 6. 1652 ; m. ttae dau. of

Miller, of Allerton, near Peterborough, and had a son,
Eev. Joseph Newcome, Vicar of St. Helen's, Abingdon, m.

Alice Eickards, of London, and had issue,

Joseph, d. f. p.

William ithc Most Eev.), Archbishop of Armagh.

Robert, d. s. j).
The 2nd son.

The Most Eev. William Newcome, D.D., Archbishop of
Armagh and Lord Primate of all Ireland, ft. 9 April, 1729;
consecrated Bishop of Dromore 27 April, 1766, translated to
Ossory 13 April, 1775, to Waterford and Lismore 5 Nov. 1779,
and to the Primacy 27 Jan. 1795. He in. 1st, 1767, Maria, dau.
of Sir Thomas D'Oyley, Bart., and had one dau. Maria, m.
Eev. H. M. Waller, of Allenstown, co. Meath. He m. 2ndly,
Anna Maria, dau. and co-heir of Edward Smyth, Esq. of
Callow Hill, CO. Fermanagh, and had issue,

1. William, his heir. 11. Joseph, d. itiim.

IIL Eobert, d. unm. iv. Edward, d. unm.

I. Anne, ?«. Pierce Hely, Esq. of co. Waterford.

II. Alicia, m. Rev. Thomas Blakeney, of co. Roscommon, and
had issue.

III. Catherine, m. C. A. Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath, co.
Meath, and had issue.

IV. Elinor, 111. Henry Walsh, D.C.L., and had issue.

V. Susanna, d. unm.

VI. Jemima, to. Thomas Lucas, Esq. of London, and had

1 Jemima Isabella, m. William Johnson, Esq. of Maid-
stone, and had one child, who d. in infancy.

2 Anna Maria, to. Eev. Charles Waymouth, and had (with
a dau., who d. in infancy) a son, Charle.s, Capt. 17th
Lancers, to. Annie Frances, dau. of Gen. Carpenter.

3 Ellen, 711. Charles Joseph Fox, M.D. (.son of Edward
Long Fox, M.D,, by his 2nd wife, Isabella, dau. of .John
Charles Kcr, Esq.), and had issue, Charles Edward ;
Stephen Newcome ; Walter Dowel! ; Ellen Jemima; Agnes
Anna Maria; Constance Catharine; Annie Newcome;
Edith ; Gertrude Emily ; and Madeleine.

VII. Isabella, 7n. Anthony Chearnley, Esq. of co. Waterford,
and had i.ssue.

VIII. Rachel, (/. unm. ix. Louisa, d. unm.

X. Frances, m. 29 July, 1815, Sir Richard Musgrave, 3rd
Bart, of Tourin, co. Waterford, and had issue.

The Archbishop d. 11 .Tan. 1800. His eldest son,

Eev. William Newcome, m. Jan. 1809, Catherine, dau. of
Eev. Cyril Clough, of Fcltwell Hall, co. Norfolk, and by her
(who d. 1875) had issue,

I. Edward Clough, of whom hereafter.

II. William Cyrill, Rector of Booth by Pagncll, co. Lincoln.
I. Catherine Maria, 7/!. Eev. Edward Bowyer Spark, Canon

of Ely, Eector of Fetwell, co. Norfolk, and has issue,





Maria Hester, vi. 10 June, 1869, Henry Morris Upcher,
Esq. of Sherringham Kali, co. Norfolk, and has, with other
Henrj', 6. 1871.
The eldest son,

Edwabd Clough Newcosie, Esq. of Feltwell Hall, J.P. and
D.L., m. 1846, Amelia, dau. of Very Rev. Peter Wood, Dean
of Middleham, co. York, and Eector of Middleton, King's
Lynn, and d. Sept. 1871, having had issue,

I. France d'Arcy William Clough, his heir.

II. Edward Cyrill, b. 1855.
jr. Constance Katherine.

II. Frances Pleasance, d. young.

III. Anna Maria Amelia.

IV. Caroline Ediih, m. Eev. Molyneux-Shefficld Crampton
Fitzhardinge Hardinge, Eector of Barrow, co. Chester, and
d. July, 1880, leaving issue, Thomas Sheffield Newcome, b.
1877, and Cyrill Henry Newcome, b. 1879.

Arms — Arg., a lion's head erased sa. between three crescents
gu. Crest — A lion's gamb erased sa.

(SereJ— Hockwold Hall, Brandon, co. Norfolk.
fi!i«6— Oxford and Cambridge.


Newdigate-Newdegate, Lieut. Gen.Edwaed,
C.B., of Arbury, co. Warwick, J.P., and County
Alderman, late Governor and Commander-in-Chief
of the iiermudas ; son of Francis Newdigate,
Esq., and Lady Barbara Legge (see Newdigate of
West Eallam), b. 15 June, 1S25 ; m. 1 June, 1858,
Anne Emily, dau. of Very Rer. Thomas Gamier,
Dean of Lincoln, and Lady Caroline Elizabeth
Keppel, 5th dau. of William Charles, 4th Earl of
Albemarle. lie s. on the death of the Eight Hon.
Charles Newdigate-Newdegate, of Arbury and
Harefield, 10 April 1887, to his Warwickshire and
Middlesex estates, and took the additional surname
■of Newdegate, in accordance with the terms of his

Line age.— This family possessed from time immemorial
to the beginning of the reign of Charles 1. the manor and
lands of Newdegate, Surrey, and, from many ancient records,
it appears that the name was written variously, Niwudegate,
Niwodegate, Newedigate, Kiudegate, Neudegate, originally
perhaps from Saxony, and of the city of Nieuweide, upon the
El'ine. The intermarriages of the family before that of Mal-
mains, are set forth in an illuminated pedigree first taken by
Henry Lillie, Eouge Croix, 1610, by Sir William Dugdale,
Garter King of Arms, 1684, and lastly, by Gregory King,
Lancaster Herald, 1691, with the arms emblazoned thus, New-
degate and Warren, Newdegate and Pngeys, Newdegate and
Mountfitchet, Newdegate and Eoan, Newdegate and Sudeley,
Newdegate and Ashburnham, Newdegate and Wintershall,
IJewdegate and Clare, Newdegate and Chenduit, Newdegate
and Malmains, from which a regular descent commences for
twenty-two generations.

John de Newdegate, living 3 Edward III., had by Agnes
his wife, three sons, i. William, of Newdegate, ancestor of
Newdegate of Ne^cdegate, -Sun-ey, extinct about 6 Charles I.;
II. John, of Harefield, of whom presently ; in. Thomas. The
2nd son,

Sir John Newdegate served in the wars of France under
Edward III., received the honour of knighthood, and had a
fleur-de-lis given him for his crest. He m. Joanna, dau. of
Simon de Swanland, and heir to her brother, William de Swan-
land, of Harefield, Middlesex. By this lady. Sir John acquired
that manor and estate, and became ancestor of the Newde-
CATEs, of Harefield, Middlesex, and of Arbury, co. AVarwick,
■pilose direct male representative,

EicHARD Newdegate, Esq. of Arbury, a distinguished
Lawyer, was Chief Justice of the Upper Bench 1659. In 1677,
at the instance of the Duke of Ormonde, Col. Halsey, and
others, Charles II. created him a Bart. He d. 1678, leaving
ty Juliana his wife, dau. of Sir Francis Leigh, K.B., an eldest

SirEichard Newdigate, 2nd Bart, of Harefield and Arbury,
M.P. for CO. Warwick 1681 and 1685, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Sir
Edward Bagot, Bart, of Blithfield, co. Stafford, and had, with
eeveral daus., two sons,

I. EicHARD, his heir.

n. Francis, h. 1684: m. MiUicent, dau. of German Pole, Esq.
of Eaiibourne, co. Derby, and had issue,

I Francis, of Kirk Hallam, d. s. p.

1 MiLLicENT, m. William Parker, Esq. of Salford Priors,
CO. Warwick, and had three sons,
Eobert Parker, of Salford Priors, co. Warwick.
Francis Parker, of Kirk Hallam, co. Derby, who assumed
the surname and arms of Newdigate (ses Newdigate
of West llaliarti).

Ciiarles Parker, of Harefield, m. Jane. dau. of Sir John
Anstruthcr, Bart, of that ilk, and d. 24 April, 1795,
leaving issue,
Charles Newdigate Parker, of whom presently.
Janetta Hester Paiker.

Sophia Elizabeth Parker. Mary Parker.

Louisa MiUicent Paiker, d. 1831.
Sir Eichard m. 2ndly, Miss Henrietta Wiggington, but by her,
who in. 2ndly, Sir Francis Wyndham, Bart, of Trent, had no
issue. Sir Eichard d. 4 Jan. 1709. His eldest son.

Sir EicHAEU Newdigate, 3rd Bart, of Harefield and Arbury,
b. 1668; m. 1st, 1694, Sarah, dau. of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, Bart,
of Parham, Sussex, but by her had no issue. He iit. 2ndly,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Eoger Twisden, Bart, of Bradbume,
Kent, and had, to survive youth, two sons and three daus.,

Edward ) ■ , .

lioGER I s'J'^cessive baronets.

Elizabeth, m. 13 Sept. 1726, the Hon. John Chichester, only
brother of Arthur, 3rd Earl of Donegal.
Jlary, m. Charles Palmer, Esq. of l.adbrooke.
Juliana, m. John Ludford, Esq. of Ansley Hall.

Sir Eichard d. at Arbury, 1727, aged 59 (his widow surviving
until 1765), and was s. by his son,

Sir Edward Newdigate, 4th Bart, of Harefield and Arbury,
who d. in his minority 1734, and was s. by his only surviving

Sip. Eoger Newdigate, LL.D., 5th Bart, of Harefield and
Arbuiy, 6. 30 May, 1719; M.P. for Mi(!dlesex 1742, and for
the University of Oxford from 1700, until advanced age and
declining health compelled him to retire from public life,
after thirty-five years' service in Parliament. Sir Eoger m.
1st, 1743, Sophia, dau. of Edward Conyers, Esq. of Copped
Hall, Essex, by Hon. Matilda Fermor his wife, dau. of William,
Lord Lempster, and 2ndly, 1776, Hester, dau. of Edward
Mnndy, Esq. of Shipley, co. Derby, but d. s. p. 23 Nov. 1806.
Sir Eoger Newdigate left the immediate succession of the
estate of Harefield to Charles Newdigate Parker, men-
tioned above, great-grandson of Sir Eoger's uncle, Francis
Newdigate. Sir Eoger bequeathed a life interest in his War-
wickshire estates to Francis Paiker Newdigate, Esq. of Kirk
Hallam. By Sir Eoger's direction, the before-mentioned

Charles Newdigate Parker, Esq. of Harefield, assumed
the surname and arms of Newdegate only. He m. 15 ApriL
1815, Maria, dau. of Ayscough Boucherett, Esq. of Willing
ham and Stallingborough, co. Lincoln (by his wife, Amelia,
dau. of Charles Crokatt, of Luxborough Hall, Essex), and
dying 23 April, 1833, left an only son and successor,

The Eight Hon. Charles Newdigate Newdegate, P.C, of
Harefield and Arbury, J.P. and D.L. co. Warwick, M.A.,
D.C.L., M.P. CO. Warwick 1843-85, b. 14 July, 1816; who came
into possession of the Warwickshire estates at the death of his
uncle, Francis Newdigate, Esq. of Kirk Hallam, 1835; and
d. unm. 10 April, 1887.

j47-ji!S— Gu., three lions' gambs erased arg. Crest — A fleur-
de lis arg. il/o»o— Confide recte agens.

Seat — Arbury, near Nuneaton, co. Warwick.


Newdigate, Feancis Alexander, Esq. of
Weston-in-Arden, co, Warwick, and West Hallam,
CO. Derby, J.P. for the former, and J.P. and D.L.
for the latter county, M.P. for Nuneaton Div. co.
Warwick since 1892, late Coldstream Guards, 5.
1862; m. 13 Oct. 1888, Hon. Elizabeth Sophia
Lucia, youngest dau. of Lord Bagot.

Lineagre.— Francis Newdigate, Esq. of Kirk and West
Hallam, co. Derby (sen of William Parker, Esq. of Salford
Priors, co. Warwick, by MiUicent his wife, dau. of Francis
Newdigate, Esq. {see Newdegate of Arbury), assumed the
surname and arms of Newdigate in compliance with the testa-
mentary injunction of his uncle, Francis Newdigate, Esq. of
Kirk Hallam. He m. 1773, Francis, eldest dau. of lialph Sneyd,
Esq. of Keele Hall, co. Stafford, and d. 1835, leaving a son,

Francis Newdigate, Esq. of Kirk and West Hallam, 7/!. 25
April, 1820, Lady Barbara Maria Legge, dau. of George, 3rd
Earl of Dartmouth, and by her (who d. 22 April, 1840) had issue,

5 B 2





Fran'cis William, of Kirk and West TTallam, and Allcslor.
Charles John (Rev.), M.A., Rector of West Hallam, d. v'tm.

William Honry, m. 18.51, Caroline, dan. of T. H. Duthie,

Esq., and d. lbS5, leavinK issue, three sons and five daus.
Edward, C.B., of Arbury (see preceding memoir).
George, J. P. cos. Derby, Salop, and Berks, late Lieut.-Col.
5th Batt. Derbyshire Rest., b. 1826.
«^ Alfred M.A., m. ISfid, Selina, dau. of Eev. G. Baynton,
and had i-isue, four sons and three daus.
Henry Richard Legge, C.B., Lieut.-Gen. in the army, late
Rifle Hiig

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