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at-Law, and Recorder of Derby, m. S May, 1609, Cleere, dau.
and heir of William Gilbert, Esq. of Mickleover, by Agnes his
wife, dau. of Sir Edward Cleere, of Ormsby, Norfolk, and dying
4 Aug. 1619, left a son,

Edwabd Newton, Esq. of Mickleover, 6. 20 May, 1610; m.
21 May, 1625, Jane, dau. of John Beresford, Esq. of Newton
Grange, co. Derby, and d. 1661. The eldest son,

EoBEBT Newton, Esq. of Mickleover, baptised 8 June, 1629,
Barrister-at-Law, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Grevas Whitehead,
Esq. of Beeston, co. Derby, and d. 19 March, 1701-2, havi;ig
had, with two daus., who both d. unm.,

Eobebt, his heir, of whom presently.

John, b. 1672 ; m. Sarah Bridges, of Burton-on-Trent, and
had an. only dau. Sarah, who to. John Foulds, Esq., and
d. s.p.

Edward, d. unm. March, 1706, aged 30.

Cleere, hi. 30 Dec. 16S.5, JoIju Machin, Esq. of Seabridge,
CO. Stafford, and by him had, with a son, John, b. 17 .\uv
1691, who d. '(tnTji., a dau. Cleere, who m. 12 July, 1711,
John Leaper, Esq., and by him had two sons, John, d. s. p.,
and William Leaper, Alderman of Derby, who d. May,
1770, leaving by Sarah Ward, his wife, a sun, John
Leapeb, who s. to the Newton estates under the will of his

Maria, m. Jan. 1635-6, William Leacroft, Esq. of Eidgley,
CO. Stafford.

The eldest son and heir,

Egbert Newton, Esq. of Mickleover, b. 2 Dec. 1670, was
father, by Margaret his wife, dau. of John Wingfield, Esq. of
Hasleborough, co. Derby, of a son,

Robert Newton, Esq. of Mickleover and Norton, 6. 19 April,
1713, High Sheriff 1746, who d. s. p. 23 June, 1789, and left
his paternal estates to his kinsman,

John Leaper, Esq. of Derby, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1798, b. 17 April, 1754, who then became of Mickleover, and
assumed by royal licence, 15 Dec. 1789, the additional sur-
name of Newton. He m. 1789, Anna Maria, dau. of Pliiiip
Hutchinson, Esq. of Risley, co. Derby, niece of Samuel Hutch-
inson, D.D., Bishop of Killala, and had issue,

Robert Newton, his heir.

Sarah, m. l(j Dec. 1800, Francis Mundy, Esq. of MarkeatoD.
CO. Derby, M.P., and d. 1836, leaving issue.

Cleer, of Beacon Cliff, Esmouth, Devon.

Anna Maria, ra. Richard Saunders, Esq. of Fairlawn, South-
port, CO. Lancaster.
Mr. Leaper-Newton was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Robert Newton Leaper-Newton, Esq. of Mickleover, J.P.,
High Sheriff, b. 1 March, 1776; to. 16 April, 1818, a dau. of
Matthew Stephenson, Esq. of Bath, and dying s.p., was s. by
his brother,

William-Leapeb Newton, Esq. of Mickleover, Barrister-at
Law, J. P. and D.L., to. 10 Aug. 1814, Henrietta, 2nd dau. of
John White, Esq. of The Lawn, Herts, and by her had issue,

William Robert, of Birmingham Hall, near Chestefield, 6.
28 Dec. 1816; 7/i. 26 Aug. 1852, Eliza Anne Playfair, and
d. s. p. 7 Nov. 1854.

Charles Edmund, now of Mickleover,

Henrietta, m. 5 Dec. 1843, Ven. John Eushton, D.D., Arch-
deacon of Manchester, and Vicar of Blackburn, and d.
Sept. 1885, leaving issue, Arthur John.

Emma, d. unm.

Letitia Blanche, in. 1867, Henry Norman, Esq., J.P., and
D.L., late Lieut. E.N.

Adelaide Anne, d. 1854. Helen Leaper.

Gertrude Louisa. Emily Elizabeth.

He d. 7 March, 1851.

Ar-ins—Sa,., two human shin-bones in saltire arg., the sinis-
ter surmounted of the dexter. Ci-est—A naked man kneel-
ing on his sinister knee and holding a sword ppr., the
point downwards, hilt and pommel or. Motto— iimc habco
non tibi.

Seat — Mickleover Manor, Derby.


Hay-Newton, William Deummond Ogxlvt,
Esq. of Newton Hall, co. Haddington, J.P. and

D.L,, late Capt. 72nd HigUanders, served in Indian
Mutiny camp;iign ISoS-o'J, b. 12 Jan. 1832 ; m. 10
Aug. 1871, Adeline Charlotte, eldest dau. of Lieut.-
Col. Robert Gordon, and has issue,

I. George, 6. 5 Aug. 1872.

II. Stuart, 6. 28 March, 1876.
I. AlLireda Julia.

liineage.— The ancient family of Newton, of Newton,
East Lothian, chief of the name in Scotland, was in possession
of the lands and barony of Newton, in the middle of the 13th
century. About the year 1250, Robert de Newton is one cf
the witnesses to a charter granted by Adam de Morham to Sir
Hugh Gifford, of Tester.

Richard Hat, 5th son (by Margaret, his wife, dau. of
James Hay, Esq.) of Lord William Hay, of Newhall, 3rd son
of John, 2nd Marquess of Tweeddale, by Lady Anne Maitland,
his wife, only child of John, Duke of Lauderdale, assumed
the surname of Newton on succeeding to the estates of that
family. He m. Anne, only dau. of John Stuart, Esq , and by
her (who was sister of Lieut. -Col. John Stuart, of the Guards,
father of Lieut.-Gen. bir John Stuart, K.B., Count of Maida),
he had issue, four daas. (of whom, Jane, m. James Walker,
Esq: of Dairy, was mother of Sir Francis Walker Drunimond,
Bart, of- Hawthornden) and three sons, John, d. 1789; Richard,
of Newton, d. unm. 9 Oct. 1793; and William. The 3rd son,

William Hat-Newton, Esq. of Newton, 6. 1747, s. at the
death of his brother, Richard. He m. 1791, Alicia, dau. of
Anthony Foster, Esq. of Jardinefield, and by her (who d. ia
1811) had issue,

I. Richard, of Newton, d. unm. 23 Dec. 1848.

II. William Waring, of Newton Hall.

HI. Georye Forster, H.E.I.C.C.S.. assumed the additional sur-
name of Primrose on his marriage with Jane, 2nd dau. of
James Primrose, Esq. of Burubrde. He d. s.p. 1856.

IV. John Stuart, of Newton.

V. Anthony James.

The 2nd son,

William Waring Hat-Newton, Esq. of Newton Hall, co.
Haddington, D.L., b. 20 Sept. 1795 ; to. 1st, 19 June, 1821,
Jaue Frances, only child of Thomas Gregson, Esq. of Black-
burn, by Elizabeth his wife, eldest dau. of Anthony Foster,
Esq. of Jardinefield, but by her, who d. 5 July, Ibo'i, he had
no issue. He m. 2ndly, 15 Feb. 1S44, Jane, dau. of James
Clerk Rattray, Esq. of Bennington and Craig Hall, Rattray,
a Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, and d. s.-p- 15
May, 1860. His brother,

John Stdart Hat-Newton, Esq. of Newton Hall, ;n. 4 Aug,
1829, Margaret Eliza, youngest dau. of William Fairlic, Esq.^
and had issue,

I. William Drummond Ogilvt, now of Newton.

II. Francis John Stuart, late f^aijt. 14th Hussars, b. 19 April,
1843 ; m. 25 April, lb»7, Lucy, dau. of Mtijor Robert Fergu-
son, and widow of Hon. Aj-tliur Hay Fraser, 2nd son et
Lurd Saltoun.

I. Margaret, ra. 14 Feb. 1871, Gustavus Irwin Knight, Esq.
of Dorking.

II. Alice WilhelininaMary, m 17 Oct. 1871, Frederic William
GusiaveFergusson, Esq., youngest son of Sir James Fergus-
son, 4th Bart, of Kilkerrun.

III. Ernestine, m. 15 June, 1871, Evan Allan Hunter, Esq.,
and d. 16 Dec. 1874.

IV. Ida Mary.

Mr. Hay-Newton d. 19 Nov. 1SC3. His widow m. 2ndly, ISCG,
Major Robert Duncan, Ferguson, who d. 1878.

Arms (matriculated in the Lyon Oflice, 15 Feb. 1809) — Quar-
terly : 1st and 4th counter-quartered, 1st and 4th, az., three
einquefoils arg.: 2nd and 3rd, gu., three bars erni.. en surtout
an escutcheon arg., charged with three shields gu., in thecentru
a mullet of the last for difference, for Hat ; 2nd and 3rd grand-
quarters vert, a lion rampant or, on a chief of the last three
roses gu., for Newton. Crest— X demi-lion rampant or, bran-
dishing a Sfiraitarppr., hilted and pommelled gold, iiupporters.
— Two lions gunrdant gu., armed andlangued az., collared or.
Motto — Pro patria.

Seni;— Newton Hall, Haddington.

Clubs— Carlton, and Army and Navy.


Newton, Francis Wheat, Esq. of Barton
Grange, Somerset, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1861, B.A. of Pembroke Coll. Oxon., b. April, 1814 ;
m. 1849, Catherine Bajley, dau. of William Ainslie,
Esq. of Woodhill, Surrey, and has issue,





I. Fkan-cis MrRRAY, 6. 1S52; m. 1879, Louisa Caroline, dau.

of Robert Hedley, Esq.
n. Arthur Edward, 6. 1862.
1. Emily Margaret. n. Mary Caroline.

Mr. Xewton, son of John NeTvton, Esq., by Fanny
Margaret his wife, dau. ot William Skinner, Esq. *.
to tlie Eart..n Grange property at the decease of
liis cousin. Lady Cooper, only dau. and heir of
Erancis ]\Iilner Newton, Esq. of Barton Grange.

Arras — .\rg., a lion rampant, tail fourchiie, sa., charged on
the shouldci" with a cross patlce of the Hold. Crest A lion's
gamb era.sed and trect ppr., craspincra key with the chain or.

<S«t!— Barton Grange, nearXaunton, Someraet.


Newtox, Geoege Oxslqw, Esq. of Croxton
Park, CO. Cambridge, and Pickhill Hall, co. Den-
bigh, J. P. and D.L. for cos. Cambridge and Hunt-
ingdon, His;!i Sheriff of the former 1S64, B.A. Trin.
, Coll. Camb., b. 22 Feb. 1830 ; m. 1st, 7 June, 1852,
Mary, dau. of Wyndham Berkeley Portman, Esq.
of Ham Park, -which lady d. 1855, and 2ndly, 2i
June, 1858, Cecilia Florence, dau. of Edwyn
Burnaby, Esq. of Btiggrave Hall, co. Leicester, and
by her (who d. 7 Feb. 1869) had two daus.,

I. Frances Mary, d. April, 1877.

II. Cecilia Florence, ra. 19 Nor. 1885, William John, Earl of

He in. Srdly, 27 July, 1878, Lady Alice Laura
Sophia Cochrane, 2nd dau. of Thomas, 11th Earl
of Dundonald, and has issue,

I. Geobge DonoLAs Cochrane, b. 1879.

II. Denzil Onslow Cochrane, b. ISSO.

III. Thomas Cochrane, b. 1885.

IV. William Alexander Cochrane, b. 1836.

V. Basil Cochrane, b. 1889.

Lineage. — This family was founded by Samuel Newton,
^Merchant, of Liverpool, who purchased between the years 1730
and 1740 lands in North Wales, whi'h were sold when Croxton,
was acquired. George Newton, Esq. (son of Samdel Newton,
Esq., by Jane Roper his wile), purchased Croxton, co. Cam-
bridge, 1820. He m. 1829. Charlotte, dau. of Gen. Onslow,
of Staughton House, co. Huntingdon, and d. 1837, leaving a
son, the present George Onslow Newton', Esq. of Croxton,
.•ind two dans., Emily Charlotte, )(i. 1853, Wyndham Berkeley
Portman, Esq. of Richmond Hill,. Surrey, and Ethcldreda Julia,
m. 7 Nov. 1855, Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 3rd Bart, and has

Jrms — Arg., a chevron between three eagles' legs erased sa.,
each entwined by a suakeor. Crest — An eagle's leg erased sa.,
entwined by a snake or.

Seats— Croxton Park, St. Neot's, co. Cambridge, and Pickhill
Hall. to. Denbigh.

Town House— Si, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, W.

Clubs — Canton and Arthurs.


Newton, PutLiP Jocelyn, Esq. of Dunlcckney
Manor, co. Carlow, J.P. arid D.L., High Sheriff
1846, b. 23 March, 1818 ; 7n. 1st, 18 Nov. 1841,
Henrietta Maria, dau. of John Kennedy, Esq. of
Dunbroily, co. AVexford, and Cultra, co. Down,
and by her had issue,

I. Maria Charlotte Augusta, d. 3 May, 1888.

II. Anne Henrietta, m. 17 Oct. 1871, William M. Vesey,
Esq. youngest son of the Hon. and Rev. Arthur Vesey,
2nd son of the 1st Viscount de Vesci, who i/. 25 Sept. 1880,
leaving two sons,

1 Sydney Philip Charles, b. 9 March, 1873.

2 Charles, 6. 10 Feb. 1874.

in.- Adeline Sarah, m. 17 April, 187fi, Arthur N. Forbes
Gordon, Esq., 79th Highlanders, of Rayne, co. Aberdeen,
and d. 21 Feb. 1879, leaving issue,

1 .Vli.ster, 6. 3 F"eb. 1878.

1 Adeline, 6. 3 Feb. 1b79.

He m. 2ndly, 1 July, 1851, Emily, youngest dau.
of Sir Daniel Toler Osborne, Bart., by Lady
Harriet his wife, sister of Willinra, 1st E;irl of
Clancariy, and by her (who d, 31 Dec. 1886) had

IV. ILirriette Philippa, m. 9 Jan. 1873, Richard Bagwell,
Esq., D.L., eldest son of John Bagwell, Esq., M.P. of
Marlfield, co. Tippcrary, and has issue,

1 John, b. 11 An?. 1874.

1 F.mily, 6. 28 Aug. 1S77.

2 Margaret, b. 26 June, 1884.

V. Emily Georgina, m. 6 Dec. 1882, Fitzgibbon Trant, Esq.,
eldest son of John Trant, Esq., D.L., of Dovea, co.
Tipperary, and has issue.

1 Lawrence, b. 28 March, 1887.

2 John Phihp b. 23 March, 1889.

1 Irene, b. 2 Aug. 1385.

2 Minnie Hope, b. 4 Aug. 1888.

Lineagre. — This family, originally from Cheshire, accom-
panied King William III. to Ireland 1088. The first settler
was Bartholomew, whose son, John Newton, vi. 1730, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Francis Lodge, co. Kilkenny, and city of Dublin,
and founded the family residence of Bennckerry, a short dis-
tance from the town of Carlow, which, though still in the
family's possession, is not now the family seat. John d. 1748,
leaving an eldest son,

Bartholomew Newton, Esq., in. 1767, Anne, dau. of Philip
Bernard, Esq., by whom ho acquired considerable property in
the county of Carlow. He d.. 1780, leaving (with a dau. Cathe-
rine) two sons, I. John, Col. of the Carlow Militia, d. luim. ;
II. Philip, of whom we treat. The 2nd son,

Philip Newton, Esq., m. Oct. 1785, Sarah Bagenal, heir of
Dimleckney, and by her (who d. 17 Jan. 1832) left at his
decease, Oct. 1833, a son and successor,

Walton Newton, Esq. of Dunleckney, iii. 22 March, 1817,
Anne, 5th dau. oi the Hon. George Jooelyn, brother of Robert,
1st Earl of Hoden, and had issue,

Philip Joceltn, now of Dunleckney.

Thomasina Joeelyn, m. 22 Nov. 1853, Marchese Don Odoardo
Frederick Raffuel Gadaleta di Martano, and d. 1880.
Mr. Newton d. 28 Aug. 1853.

Jrms—Az., two ostiich feathers in saltire between three
boars' lie;ids erased arg., tusked or, in the centre chief point a
cross-crosslet of the last. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a
boar'.-, head between two ostrich feathers arg., the neck charged
with a croi^s-erosslet az. Motto — Pro patria.

jSfoi— Dunleckney Manor, Bagenalstown.

W«6— Kildare Street.


Newto.v, Andrew Willottghby, Esq. late of
Killymeal House, co. Tyrone, J.P.,M.A., Birrister-
at-Law, b. 14 Jan. 1849 ; m. 15 Aug. 1872, Blanche,
eldest dau. of John Howard, Esq. of Sampford
Peverell, co. Devon, by whom he had issue,

I. CoijBTENAT Howard, h. 15 May, 1874.

II. Willougliby John, d. an infant.

in. Andrew Winstanley, b. 12 Sept. 1879.
I. Annie Adelaide, b. 6 Sept. 1877.

Lineagre.— This family claims to be a branch of the
old Cheshire House of Newton, derived immediately from
Rycharde Newton, descended from a family long estab-
lished in CO. Chester, who wa3 Town Clerk of Carrickfergus
1595, and who had allotments of part of corporate property
1595, a portion of which is still in possession of the family.
His son,

Richard Newton, Esq., Sheriff of Carrickfergus 1598, 1600,
and IGOl, m. a dau. of John and sister of Andrew Willoughby,
and was father of

Marmadl'KE Newton, Esq., Sheriff of Carrickfergus 1624
and 16.32, whose son,

Richard Newton, Esq. of Galgorm, co. Antrim, iii. Mar-
garet, sister of John and Willoughby Chaplin, and d. 1700,
having had four sons, the eldest, Marmadukc, High Sheriff of
Carrickfergus 1GS7, and Mayor 1692-3, d. v. p. s. j). The 2nd

Andrew Newton, Esq. of Galgorm, Sheriff of Carrickfergus
1718, m. his cousin, Margaret, dau. of John Chaplin, by Mary
his wife, dau. of Alderman Andrew Willoughby, and had issue,
a son,

Henry Newton, Esq. of Galgorm, m. Sarah, sister of Eev.





Joseph Fraser, ot Carrickfergus, and (besides ason, Willouslibj-
Chaplin, who d. s. p.) was father of

Andrew Newtun, Esq., first of Galgorm, co. Antrim, and
afterwards of Coagh, co. Tyrone, J. P. for cos. Tyrone and
f^ondonderry. 6. 1749 ; m. Margaret, dau. of Robert Hamilton,
Esq. of Mintlone, co. Armagh, and by her (who d. 12 Feb.
IS29) had issue,
Henry, b. 10 .Tune, 1779; m. Eliza Crookshank, otherwise
Ledlie, and had, besides three duus., Margaret, Beatrice,
Walkinshuw, and Jane, a son, Andrew. M.U., who /«. Mary
Johanna, dau. of Major-Gen. James Murray, C.B., and d.
leavicg a son, Capt. James 1'atbick Mubray, Bombay
Native Infantry.
Kobert, b. 24 Dec. 1782 ; m. Alicia, dau. of Rev. J. Paul,
Rector of Bullmderry, co. Tyrone, and;/. 14 Feb. 1831,
leaving a son. Robert, 6. 25 Oct. 183], i.i. 27 April, !8tj4,
Elizabeth Anne, dau. of W. P. Geohcgan, M.D., and two
daus., Jane and Margaret.
Andrew, of whom we treat.

•Willoughby Chaplin, b. 13 May, 1789; »n. 23 July, 1844, Mary
Anne, eldist dau. o* Capt. Henry OuUon, of the 57th Regt.,
and d. 1868, leaving a son, Willoughby Chaplin Newton, b.
8 Dec. 1845, 1)1. and had issue.
Uealiice, m. Richard Oulton, Esq., and d. 1838.
Frances, ni,. Robert Smith, Esq., and d. 17 Dec. 1876.
Catherine, m. Charles Sheils, lisq. of London, afterwards of

Liverpool, and d. 29 Nov. 1800.
Eliza, m. James Scott, Esq. of Bloomhill, co. Tyrone.

Hr. Newton d. 11 April, 1826. His 3rd son,

Andrew Newton, Esq. of Coagh, b. there 26 Jan. 17S5,
went to reside at Dungannon. He m. 22 Jan. 1811, Jane, dau.
of Joseph Courtenay, Esq. of The Grange, co. .Vntrim, and d.
11 June, 1872, aged 87, leaving by her (who d. 20 March, 1853)

CouRTENAT, his heir.

Andiew James, h. 2 March, 1816, emigrated to New Zealand,
and d. in Sydn"y, Jul}', 18.')5, having ;/;. Mary Jane 8ea-
righr, by whom he had issue, Andrew, Searight, and Sarah

BoBERT William, of Bellevue House, co. Londonderry, J. P.
for tlie cos. of Tyrone and Derry, /^. 8 May, 1818; m. 11
Feb. 1847, Catherine Johanna Voss, dau. of Capt. John
Moore 'little, .I.P., late of Farm Hill, Coleraine, and by her
■<who d. 12 May, 1878) has issue,

1 Andrew Courtenat, 6. 7 Jan. 1850.

2 Robert William, b. 17 Aug. 1855.

3 John Moore, 6. 7 May, 1860.

4 Thomas, b. 4 June, ls65 ; d. 24 May, 1866.

5 Willoughby Marmaduke, b. 15 Jan. 1S6S.

1 Johanna Catherine Voss, m. 4 .luly, 1867, Winiam
Gregory Lawrence, Esq., J. P., Banntield, Coleraine,
and d.l July, IbOy, leaving issue, one son, Samuel Law-

2 Jane Adelaide. 3 Susan.

4 Mary Elizabeth France.?, d. young, 10 Jan. 1859.

5 Margaret "1 .

6 Annie, d. 12 July, 1874 /t"'"=-

Mary Anne. Margaret. Jane.

The eldest son,

Oocrtenat Newton, Esq. of Killymeal House, co. Tyrone,
J. P., 6. 19 Feb. 1814 : m. 1st, 10 Jan. 1837, Frances, dau. of
Rev. Thomas Stanley Monck, Rector of Cloncgam, co. Water-
ford (who d. 15 March, 1839), and 2ndly. 12 Feb. 1846, Anne,
dau. of Richard Hjward, E.sq. of Mitcham, Surrey, by whom
■(who d. Nov. 1875) he had issue,

I. Andrew Willoughby, late of Kiilvnieal House.

II. Courtenay, d. an infmt.

I. Mary Howard, m. 16 April, 1369, Henry Rasscll Kelly,
Esq. of Dungannon.

II. Anna, d. 30 A|jril, 1862.
llr. Newton d. 4 May, 1877.

Arms — Arg., in chief two lions' gambu er.ised sa., each
.grasping a key pur., and in base a lion rampant gu., charged
on the breast with a cross pattee ot the first. Crest— A martlet
.sa., charged on the breast with a cross pattee arg. Molto —
Faveat fortuna.

Jiexidtnce—1'! , Charlotte Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Club— Sit. Stephens, S.W.


NiBLETT, AsTnuK Edwaed, Esq. of Tibberton
Court, CO. Gloucester, B.A. Oxford, J.P., h. 24
Marcli, 1852 ; m. 5 Dec. 1883, Grace Ursula Cot-
grave, 2ud dau. of Major-Gen. Farmar, and has
itsue, four daus.,

I. Aline Mildred.
iu. Winifred.

II. Dora.
IV. Gladys.

Lineage. — This patronymic is spelt in deeds of Henry
Vllth's time NyMet, Niblet, and also Niblett, as nowadays.
It has been conjectnred to have been a name of local oiigin,
derived from one or other of the three parishes or hamlets ia
CO. Gloucester called Nibley.

They were lords farmers under the Abbots of Gloucester of
the manor and demesne of Brockthrop, and were bound by
tenure to find a \icar, and to maintain him at their own
proper cost and charges, the vicarage being about a furlong
distant from the court-house, where they resided. John, the
father, and Andrew, his son, appear in succession as holding
under this tenure. Next we find another Andrew, inStandish,
of whom presently.

Dr. Stephen Niblett, forty years Warden of All Souls' Coll.
Oxford, and who d. 1776 (desciibed in the University Register
as son of John Niblett, of St. Martin's, Westminster, Gentle-
man), was supposed to be of the same family, and to have
sprang from Richard, 3rd son of .Andrew, of Standish. He
gives for his arms, as seen in the college chapel, sa., a serpent
rising in pale ppr. and in chief a cinquefoil or, between two
doves arg., beaked and membered gu.

Andrew Niblett, of Standish, co. Gloucester, m. 1581, Alice
Baily, and had five sons. The youngest,

Samuel Niblett, of Standish, b. 1594; m. Jane, dau. of
Robert Payne, of Colthrop, in Standish, by whom he left at
his decease, 1688, a son,

Samuel Niblett, of Standish, Gent., b. 1640; m. 1665, .\nne,
dau. of Anthony Rowles, of Great Haresfield, and by her (who
d. 1676) left at his decease, 1719, a son,

Daniel Niblett, of Haresfield, Gent., in. 1st, 1690, Judith,
dau. of John HoUiday, of Woodchester, co. Gloucester, by
whom (who d. 1694) he had two daus., Anne, d. an infant, and
Mary, and 2ndly, 1696, Alice, dau. of Roger Buckle, of Col-
throp, and by her (who d. 1699) had a son, William, d. in
infancy. He m. Srdly, Deborah, dau. of Thomas Kinsman, of
Highworth, and by her (who d. 1766; he had (with other issue,
d. in infancy),

Daniel, of Haresfield, i. 1703; m. 1764, Elizabeth Eowlei
and d. s. p. 1772.

Samuel, of whom presently.

Deborah, m. Ii29, William Viner, Esq.

Anne, m. 1722, Newton Brabant, Esq.

p;iizabeth, m. 1748. John Harris.

Mary, vi. 1747, Richard Stephens, Esq.

Sarah, m. 1757, \ incent Jenner.
Mr. Niblett d. 1749. His younger son,

Samuel Niblett, Esq. of Gloucester, Banker, b. 1714; m.
1st, 1745-46, Elizabeth Stock, of Gloucester, and 2ndly, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Edward Handford, Esq. of Eedmarley, and by
the former left (at his decease, 1798), a son,

John Kiblett, Esq. of The Moat Place, Haresfield, J>. 2 July,
1747, High Sheriff 1784-85; m. 1784, Catherine, 2nd dau. and
co-heir of Edward Whitcombe, Esq. of Orleton, East, co.
Worcester, High Sheriff 1777, and by her (who d. 1840) had

Daniel John, of Haresfield Court.

Catherine, m. William Stewart, Esq. of Sea Park, near Car-
rickfergus, co. Antrim, and d. 3 Nov. 1867.
Mr. Niblett d. 20 June, 1794, and was s. by his son,

Daniel John Niblett, Esq. of Haresfield Court, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff, 1816, 6. 29 May, 1785; to. 24 Aug.
1808, Emma Catherine, eldest dau. and co-heir of the Rev.
Thomas Drake, D.D., Vicar of Rochdale, co. Lancaster, and
had issue,

I. John Daniel Thomas, his heir.

II. Edward Henry (Rev.), B.A., Rector of Redmarley, co.
Worcester, 6. 26 Oct. 1810 ; to. 2 Nov. 1848, Mary Anne, 2nd
dau. of James Law Stewart, Esq. of Jamaica, and d. '20 Oct.
1878, having had issue,

1 Arthur Edward, now of Tibberton Court.

2 Henry Morton (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Uedmarley, 6. 11
Julv, 1854.

1 Eleanor Mary. 2 Jessie Beatrice.

III. Francis, an Architect, 6. 8 Jan. 1814; m. 7 June,
ls53, Matilda Hester, eldest dau. and co-heir of Charjc9
Kansford Court, Esq. of Gotham, and d. 26 March, 18=3,
leaving issue,

1 John Morton (Rev.), 6. 18 July, 1854.
1 Catherine Elizabeth.

IV. William, 6. 21 Sept. 1815 ; d. unm. 20 Feb. 1849.

V. Robert, Surgeon, b. 20 Nov. 1816; d. unm. 13 3Iay, 1?60.
vi. Charles Samuel, b. 1 Feb. 1620; d. unm. 27 Sept. 1652.

I. Emma Catherine, rf. 18 July, 1818.

II. Elizabeth, m. 22 Oct. 1851, William Fleming, M.D., of
Rowton Grange, co. Chester.

Mr. Niblett d. 31 Aug. 186'2, and was s. by his son,
John Daniel Thomas Niblett, Esq. of Haresfield Court,





M.A., F.S.A., J. P. COS. Gloucester and Worcester, h. 10 July,
1809; 711. 15 Feb. 1849, Caroline Anne, youngest dau. of
David Arthur Saunders, Esq. of Gloucester, J. P., and d. s. p.
1 Xov. 1SS3, when he was s. by his nephew, the present
Akthcr Edward Niblett, Esq. of Tibberton Court.

Arms — Az., on a chevron arg., between three eagles rising
or, as many bars gemelles gu. Crest — An eagle rising quarterly
or and arg.

Residtnci — Tibberton Court, Gloucester.


NiCHOLL, Ilttd Bond, Esq. of The Ham, co.
Glatnorgau, and Court Elethin, co. Monmouth, b.
28 June, 1862; s. his father 1889.

Xiineage.— iLTYD Nicholl, of The Great House, Llan-
twitt Major, co. Glamorgan, left two sons, John, his heir, and
William, of Laleston, co. Glamorgan.

John Ilttd Nicholl, of Llantwitt Major, the eldest son,
gave by his will, dated 23 June, 1598, and proved 19 Oct. 1699,
his mansion house of Llantwitr to his wife, Margaret, for life.
He had issue, three sons, Iltyd, his heir ; John, to whom his
father devised lands in Coity ; and Thomas, to whom his father
devised lands in Laleston ; and three daus., Jhuan ; Christian ;
Neast. The eldest son,

Iltyd Nicholl, of Llantwitt Major, held the lease of the
Abbot's Eent, under his father's will, and lands in Gla-
morgan and Brcconshire. He m. Cecil, dau. and heir of
Edmond Turberville (d. 1633), of The Ham (lineally descended
from Sir Paine Turberville, of Coity Castle, one

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