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of Fitzhammon's
knights), and had three sons, John, from whom descended
the Nicholls of Tredunnoe, Edmund, and Iltyd. The 3rd

Ilttd Xicholl, of The Ham, in the parish of Llantwitt
Major, CO. Glamorgan, Surgeon, was b. 1003; m. 29 Feb. 1630,
Barbara, dau. and heir of Alexander Yorath, of Llanmaes, co.
Glamorgan, Gent., by Jane his wife, dau. of James Turber-
ville, Jun. of Sutton. She d. July, 1671. He d. 15 Jan. 1671,
aged 68, and left, with a dau. Cecil, wife of Kice Portrey, Esq.,
a son and heir,

Iltyd Nicholl, Esq. of The Ham and Llanmaes, 6. March,
1G35, who jn. Mary, dau. of Morgan Jones, Esq. of Great
Frampton, co. Glamorgan, by Anne his wife, dau. of Eees
Powel, or Llanl aran, Gent. She d. 1691, having had issue,
lour sons and one dau. Mr. Nicholl d. 1700, aged 65, and was
t. by his eldest son,

Eev. Iltyd Nicholl, of The Ham, Rector of Llanmaes, co.
Glamorgan, who m. Susanna, 3rd dau. and co-heir of John
AVhitlock, Esq. of Bradmore, Devon, and Bingham, co. Somer-
set, by Joan his wife, only child of William Shenton, Esq. of
Dunster, and by her (who d. 1725) had issue,
' Whitlock, his heir.

Iltutus, b. 11 Jan. 1723: d. g. p. 7 June, 1731.

John, of Llanmaes (see Nicholl of Merthyr Mawr).

Mary, 0. 8 April, 1721 ; d. 15 April, 1777.

The Rev. Mr. Nicholl d. Feb. 1733, aged 60, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Whitlock Nicholl, Esq. of The Ham, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1746, 6. 1 Sept. 1720; in. 13 Jan. 1741, Anne, 2nd dau.
and eventually co-heir (by Lydia his wife, dau of Edward
Thomas, of Tregwcs, Esq.) of John Lewis, Esq. of Pennine,
only son of William John Lewis, Esq. of Penlline, and his wife,
Elizabeth, 3rd dau. and co-heirof Humphrey Turberville, Esfj.
of Clemenstone, co. Glamorgan, by whom (who d. 4 Jan.
1797, aged 75), he had fourteen children, two of whom d. in

I. Htyd (Rev.), D.D., Rector of Treddington, co. Worcester,

, h. 15 Nov. 1743 ; m. Ann, eldest dau. and eventually sole

-' • heir, in her issue, of George Hatch, Esq. of Windsor, Berks,

(by Mary, his wife, eldest dau. and eventually heir of Avery

Tyrell, Esq. ot Stanford), and d. in the lifetime of his

father, 9 Oct. 17s7, leaving issue by her ^wlio d. Sept. 1B39,

aged 81), two sons and three daus.,

J, 1 Iltyd, succe? sor to his grandfather.

'^ 2 Whitlock, M.D., b. 1 Sept. 17sfi ; m. 1st, 12 July, 1812,

Margaret, youngest dau. of Rev. Robert Kickards, Vicar

of Llantrissant, co. Glamorgan, who d. s. p. 13 April,

1831, and 2ndly, 15 Oct. 1832, Charlotie, dau. and co-heir

of James Deacon Hume, Esq., of the Board of Trade, who

d. 19 March, 1835, aged 29, leaving a son, Hume Nicholl,

Capt. 7th Dragoon Guards, 6. 21 t'eb. Is34, m. 28 Dec.

1854, Frances Mary, youngest dau. of the Rev. Joseph

Tweed, Rector of Capel aad Wenham, Suffolk, and has


Iltyd Arthur Home, h. 7 Jan. 1&5G.

Cecil Hume, 6. 4 Jan. 1859.
Jestyn Hume, 6. 26 July, 1860.
Allan Hume, 6. 12 March, 1866.
Ella Augusta.
Charlotte Mary.
Dr. Nicholl d. 3 Dec. 1838.

1 Anna Louisa, m. 18 Aug. 1818, William Addams Wil-
liams, Esq. of Llangibby Castle, co. Monmouth, M.P. for
the CO., and d. July, 1861.

2 Augusto Maria, vi. 14 Sept. 1815, William Nicholl,
M.D., 2nd son of Edward Nicholl, Esq. of Llanblethian,
d. 10 July, 1858.

3 Susanna, m. 7 April, 1825, Rev. Robert Bathurst
Plumptre, and d. 15 March, 1849.

II. John (Rev.), B.D., Rector of Eemenham, b. 3 June, 1746;
m. 8 Jan. 178a, the Hon. Mai-y Flower, dau of Henry. 1st
Viscount Ashbrook. He d. s. p. 16 July, 1830.

III. Whitlock, Lieut. R.N., went down in the " Ville d&
Paris," 27 Sept. 1782, aged 35, unm.

IV. Edward, of Llanblethian, co. Glamorgan, h. 23 Jan.
1749-50: m. Catherine, dau. of Mr. Jonathan Thomas, of
Llantwitt Major, co. Glamorgan, and by her (who d.ln Sept.
1821, aged 67) had issue,

1 Edward, of Llanblethian, Lieut. -Col. in the army, ot
H.M. 84th Regt., 6. 8 Nov. 1776; d. unm. 28 June,

2 William, K.L., M.D., M.R.C.S.L.,of Penlline, co. Glamor-
gan, and of Ryde, Isle of Wight, b. 9 May, 1778 ; ih.
14 Sept. I8l5, Augusta Maria, 2nd dau. of Rev. Iltyd
Nicholl, D.D., of The Ham, co. Glamorgan, Rector of
Treddington, co. Worcester, and d. 23 June, 1853, having:
had issue,

William Lewis, b. 17 Nor. 1821 ; d. unm. 23 Dec. 1843.
Mary Augusta, d. young in Madeira, 4 April, 1824.
Aug.usta"jane, m.'e Oct. 1842. Rev. Iltyd Nicholl, M.A.,
eldest son of Iltyd NichoU, Esq: of The Ham, co. Gla-
Ann .Maria, m. 14 Oct. 1843, Samuel Whittewrongo

Clayton, Esq. of Ryde, Isle of Wight.
Mary Lewisa, 7/!. 12 Oct. 1853, George Whitlock Nicholl,.
Esq. of Court Blethin, co. Monmouth.
Dr. Nicholl, a Magistrate for co. Glamorgan, ». to the
Penlline estate on the death of his aunt, Mrs. Lewis, of

3 Whitlock, of Adam's Down, near Cardiff, co. Glamorgan,.
J.P. and D.L. of that co., and Capt. in the Yeomanry, 6>
8 May, 17t2, and d. 12 Sept. 1853, having 77i. 16 Jan. 1817,
Mary Anne, dau. of John \ incent, Esq., and by her (who
d. in London, 27 Oct. 1833) had issue,

Robert Edward Whitlock, b. 10 March, 1819, assassinated^

at Naples, 26 Aug. 1848, d. unm.
Frederick Vincent, 6. 14 July, 1821 ; d. unm. 1 ApriJ

Ge.orge William, of Llanblethian, 6. 10 Feb. 1825 ; tn,

July, 1859, Mary Douglass, and has

1 Whitlock George, b. 20 July, 1860.

2 Frank Iltyd. 3 Edward.
1 Elizabeth. 2 Isabella.

3 Louisa Charlotte.

Mr. Edward Nicholl d. 9 June, 1837.

V. William, Barristcr-at-Law, 6. 10 Sept. 1751 ; m. Frances,
dau. of William Cadogan, M.D., of London. He d. 6 Feb.
1828. and hij wife d. 7 Dec. 1819, without issue

VI. Robert, M.A., of Dimlands House (see Cakne of Si.
DonaVs Castle).

I. Anne, 6. 19 Dec. 1742, o.s.,to. Rev. Richard Evans, B.D.
of Llandaff, who d. Feb. 1788. She d. 19 Dec. 1824, agetJ
82, without issue.

II. Louisa, b. 2 March, 1758; m. 4 June, 1790, DanieJ
Jones, Esq. of Beaupre, co. Glamorgan, andrf. s. p. 1 June,

III. Susanna, 6. 14 Sept. 1760; m. Jan. 1799, John Eevan,
Esq. of Cowbridge, who d. 8 Aug. 1823, aged 64.

IV. Elizabeth, (/. unm. 11 Dec. 1775, aged .i.S.

V. Lydia, d. unm. 23 Feb. 1781, aged 37.

VI. Mary, d. unm. 13 Jan. 184^, aged 81.

Mr. Nicholl d. 21 Jan. 1788, aged 67, and was s. by his grand-

Iltyd Nicholl, Esq. of The Ham, J.P. cos. Glamorgan and
Monmouth, High Sheriff co. Monmouth, &. 18 July, 1785; m. 11
Aug. 1807, Eleanor, only child and heir of George Bond, Esq.
of Newland, co. Gloucester, and Court Blethin, co. Monmouth,
by Elinor his wife, dau. of John Morris, Esq. of Tlie Pant,
CO. Monmouth, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of William Morgan,
Esq. of Mamhilad, and by her (who d. 19 Feb. 1850, aged 74>
had issue,

I. Iltyd (Rev.), M.A., 6. 5 ApriK 1814; m. 6 Oct. 1842, his
cousin, Augusta Jane, 2nd surviving dau. and co-heir of
William Nicholl, Esq., M.D., of Penlline, co. Glamorgan,
and of Ryde, Isle of Wight, and by her (who d. at Hastings
3 July, 1851) had one dau. Augusta Eleanor, d. young 25
April, 1850. He d. 11 Feb. 1S07.

II. George Whitlock, now of The Ham.

ui. William Hem-y, of Mamhilhad, b. 11 Aug. 1819; »i.





1871, Mrs. Elizabeth Paine, and d. 21 Oct. 1874, leaving

George Tyrell Bona, 6. 29 March, 1873.

Eleaiioi' Jiond. Florence Mary.

I. Eleanor Anne.

II. Mary. m. II Jan. 1853, Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt, Knt.
who d. s. p. 21 May, 1877.

Mr. Nicholl d. 22 Oct. 1871, and was s. by his eldest surviving

Geohok 'Whitlock Nicholl, Esq. of The Ham, eo. Gla-
morgan, and Court Blethiii, co. Monmouth, Barrister-at-Law
of the Middle Temple, Recorder of Usk, Constable of the
Castle of Llanblethian, ex officio Maycrof Cowbridge, J. P. cos.
Glamorgan and Monmouth, 6. 2 Feb. 1816: to. 12 Oct. 1853,
JIary Lewisa, dau and co-heir of William Xicholl, M.D., Ryde,
Isle of VVitiht, and had issue,

I. lltyd George Bond, 6. Feb. 185G ; d. young.

II. Ilttd Bond, now of The Ham.

III. (ieorge Bleddyn Tyrrell, *. 26 May, 18G5.

IV. I>igliy Seys Whitluck, b. 28 Aug. 1867.
I. Euith Eleanor.

Mr. G. W. Nicholl d. 1889.

Arms— S-d., three pheons arg. Crest— On the battlements of
a tower, a Cornish cliough, wings expanded, all ppr.

&a(-The Ham, Cowbiidge, co. Glamorgan, and Court
Blethin, co. Monmouth.


Nicholl, John Cole, Esq. of Mertliyr Mawr
House, CO. Glamorgan, J. P. and D.L., His;h Sheriff
1884, late Lieut. Ritle Brigade, b. 30 Aug. 1823 ;
m. 30 May, 1860, Mary De'la Becli, eldest dau. of
Lewis Llewelyn Diliwyn, Esq. of Hendrefoilan, co.
Glamorgan, M.P. for Swansea, and has issue,

I, John Iltyd Dillwtn, 6. 1 May, 1861 ; m. 23 April, 1889,
Eleanor Dorothy, youngest dau. of the late John Batters-
by Harford, Esq. of Blaise Castle, Somerset, and Fal-
condale, co. Cardigan, and has issue,

1 John William IIakfokd, 6. 24 Oct. 1892.

1 Gladys Mary. 2 Olive Eleanor.

II. Lewis Dilwyn, 6. 25 Sept. 1864.

III. Itice Mansel Diliwyn, b. 14 June, 1875.

I. Jlary Theresa, ui. 1885, John Fitzherhert Campbell, of
Woodseat, co. Stafford, eldest son of Colin Mintou Camp-
bed, Esq. for N. Stafford.

II. Gwenllian Jane.

III. Dorothy Caroline.

Lineagre. — John Nicholl, Esq. of Llanmaes, co. Gla-
morgan, 3rd son of Rev. Ilttd Nicholl, of The Ham, in the
parish of Llantwitt Major, co. Glamorgan, Hector of Llanmaes,
by his wife, Susanna, 3rd dau. and co-heir of; John Whitlock,
Esq. of Bingham, Somerset, m. Elizabeth Havard, and d. 21
Feb. 1773, aged 47, leaving issue, two sons,

I. Ilttd, of Llanmaes, who to. Jane, dau. of Henry Morgan,
Esq. of Bristol, and d. 23 Dec. 1786, leaving a son.
1 lltyd Nicholl, of Llanmaes and Portland Place, London,
Her Majesty's Procurator-General, ni. Sarah, dau. of Henry
Hoyle Oddie, Esq., and d. 1844, having had, with other

Frederick lltyd Nicholl, M.A.Trin. Coll. Camb., 6. 1814 :
m. 1844, Eliza Louisa, dau. of William Bode, Esq. and
by her (who d. 1867), had, with other issue, Henry
Frederick, 6. 1849.
n. John, of Mertliyr Mawr.
The 2nd son,

The Right Hon. Sib John Xicholl, Knt., D.C.L., F.R.S.,
M.P., for Merlhyr Mawr, co. Glamorgan, Dean of Arches and
Judge of the Prerogative Court, b. 16 March, 1759, obtained,
1833, the office of Judge of the High Court of Admiralty,
and 1834, that of Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canter-
bury. He m. 8 Sept. 1787, Judy, youngest dau. of Peter
Birt, Esq. of Wenvoe Castle, and by her (who d. 2 Dec. 1829)
had issue,

John, his heir.

Mary Anne.

Judy, m. Charles Franks, Esq., a Banker in London.
Kaihevine, m. Sept. 1829, the Very Rev. Charles Scott Lux-
moore. Dean of St. Asaph, and d. Nov. 1830.

Sir John Nicholl d. 26 Aug. 1838, and was s. by his only son.

The Right Hon. John Nicholl, M.P., D.C.L., of Merthyr
Mawr, CO. Glamorgan, b. 21 Aug. 1797; m. 14 Dec. 1821, Jane
Harriot, 2nd dau. of Thomas Mansel Talbot, Esq. of Margam

Abbey, by the Lady Mary Lucy Strangways his wife, 2nd dau.
of Henry Thomas, 2nd Earl of llchester, and by her (who d.
1874) had issue,

I. John Cole, now of Merthyr Mawr.

II. Iltyd Thomas Mansel, Capt. R.N. , 6. 19 May, 1828; m.
30 Sept. 1862, Cecilia Mary Josephine, dau. of Admirai
Arthur William Jerningham. nejihew of George William,
1st Lord Stafford, and d. 17 Dec. 1885, leaving issue,

1 Artliur Joseph, b. 4 Aug. 1864.

2 Iltyd Francis, 6. 9 Feb. 1866.

3 Bernard Vincent, b. 3 Sept. 1857.
1 Imelda Mary.

III. Edward Powell (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Ascott, co. Oxforil,
h. 14 Aug. 1831 ; ra. April, 1866, Saraii, dau. of John Jen-
kins, of Llanblethian, and has issue,

1 Theodore, 6. Jan. 1867.

2 Gilbert Henry, 6. June, 1871.

3 Hubert Mansel, b. July, 1872.

4 Thomas Traherne, b. March, 1874 ; d. Dec. 1875.

5 Denys Edward, 6. Oct. 1876.

1 Ernestine Theresa. 2 Gwendoline.

IV. Stephen Henry Fox (Rev.). M.A., Rector of Llandough,
CO. Glamorgan, b. 2i July, 1835; m. 21 April, 1868, ^^arah,
Frances, dau. of Ven. T. King, Archdeacon of Rochester.,
and lias issue.

V. Christopher Richard Havard, Col., late Lieut.-Col. Ritle
Brigade, 6. 15 Dec. 1836; 711. 23April, 1868, Florence Emma,
dau. of Rev. Charles Rumsey Knight, of TythegstonCouri ,
CO. Glamorgan, and lias issue.

VI. Spencer .PercevalTalbot, .Major in the army, 6. 10 July^

I. Lucy Mary, d. wim. 11. Christiana Judy.

III. Judy Theresa. iv. Katheiine Maria.

Dr. Nicholl, one of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy
Council, Jitdge-Advoeate-General, and Vicar-General of the
Province of Canterbury, d. at Rome, 27 Jan. 1853.

Arms— Sa.., three pheons arg. Cresi—A castle, surmounte.l
by a Cornish chough, wings expanded, all ppr. Jl/o££o— Nilfahi

/S«f(t— Merthyr Mawr, Bridgend, co. Glamorgan.

Ciwiis— Athenaeum, and Junior United Service.


(See Steadling-Cakne of St. Donat'a.)


Nichols, Francis Morgan-, Esq. of LawforcT
Hall, Essex, J. P., Bariister-at-Law of Lincoln's-
Inn, M.A. of Oxford (where he was formerly
Fellow of Wadham Coll.), and F.S.A., b. 29 April
1826 ; ?«. 2 April, 1857, Mary, eldest dau. and co-
heir of Walter Buchanan, Esq. of Penrith, co..
Cumberland, and Sussex Place, Paddington, J.P.
for Middlesex, by Irene his wife, dau. of Edward
Pearce, Esq. of Stony Stratford, co. Bucks, and heii-
of her brother, the Rev. Thomas Edward Pearce, of
Exeter, and lias issue,

I. John Bowteb Buchanan, b. 13 Nov. 1859; m. 4 Aug.

1892, Catherine Louisa, dau. of Capt. Edward Bouveric

Pusey, R.N. {see Pusev of Pv.sey) and has issue,
Roeekt Malise Bowteb, 6. 6 Sept. 1893.
n. Walter Buchanan, 6. 13 Oct. 1860; m. 2 Feb. 1892, Heleii

Emily, dau. of Rev. Canon Charles F.Norman, of Mistley

Place, Essex.

I. Irene, b. 9 Jan. 1862.

II. Isabel, 6. 4 April, 1864; m. 28 Sept. 1837, Capt. .John
Lindley, Royal Dragoons, eldest son of Right Hon. Lord.
Justice Lindley,

Liueag'e. — John Nichols, F.S.A., author of The Uhtori,-
of Leicestershire, Literarij Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century,
(fee, <fec., m. 1st, 1766, Anne, sole dau. and heir of William
Cradock (and one of the co-heirs of Robert Onebye, Esq. of
Lowdhani Hall, Suffolk, d. 1753), who d. 18 Nov. 1776, leaving
issue, two daus., Anne, ((/. 1815), the 1st wife of Rev. Jolm
Pridden, M.A., F.S.A., Rector of St. George's, Botolph Lamv
and Vicar of Caddington, Beds, and Sarah, d. unm. 184'-.
Mr. Nichols m. 2ndly, 1778, Mart'aa (rf. 1788). dau. of William
Green, of Hinckley, co. Leicester. He d. 26 Nov. 1820, having"
liad further issue that survived infancy, four daus., Martliu
Sadelbia, d. unm. 1816 : Mary, m. 1814, John Morgan, Esq..
and d. 1850, leaving issue ; Isabella, d. unm. 186S ; Anne Su-
sannah, d. u7im. 1853; and one son,





John Eowteh Nichols, of Hflnger Vale, EalinR, and Par-
U.iment Street, Westminster, F.S.A., 6. 15 July, 1779; vi. 6
.lune, 1805, Eliza (d. 18(6), dau. of John Baker, Esq , Mauer
of the Society of Apothecaries in 1822, and cl. 19 Oct. 1863,
having had issue, six sons aud eight daus., of whom the sur-
vivors were,

I. John Gough, of Holmwood Park, Surrey, and Parliament
Street, Westniiv.ster, F.S.A., b. 22 May, 1806; m. 22 July.
1843, Lucy, eldest dau. of Frederic Lewi-, of Chiswirk
Middlesex, Comui. B.N., and cY. 14 Nov. 1873, having had
surviving issue,

John Bruce, of Holmwoo'1, Surrey, M.A. of Oxford, b. 18
Kov. 1S48 ; m. 1st, Frances Eliza, dau. of Henry Morgan,
Esq of Norwich, and by her (who is deceased) had issue,
John Cradock Morgan, b. 1876. He m. 2ndly, 24 Nov.
1SS5, Emily Hue. dau. of Clement Hawkins, Esq.,
F.K.C.S., of Cheltenham.

Lucy, m. 1 June, 1869, Percy Mortimer, Esq., younger
son of Charles Smith Mortimer, Esq. of W'igmore, Capel,

II. Kobcrt Cradock, F.S.A., of Ilighloy, Balcombe, and
Sus.'^ex Place, Hyde Park, b. 18 Oct. 1824; m. 16 June, 18G8,
Emily Mary, dau. of William Kinsev, Esq., and d. s. p. 26
May, 1892.

III. Francis Morgan, of Lawford Hall.

I. Mary Anne lliffe, d. nnm. 28 Jan. 1870.

It. Emma Onebye, m. 1845, Thomas Griffiths, Esq. of Ham-

Diei'smith, and d. 1849, leaving issue, Mary Elizabeth, m.

1870, William Macdonald Bird, Esq.
HI. Harriet Elizabeth, m. 1814, Eev. William Comyns

Berkeley, and d. 1875, leaving issue {see Bebkelei of


IV. Isabella Georgica, 2nd wife of George J. Elvey, of
Windsor, Mus. Doc. Oxon ; she d. Ib63, leaving issue, three
sons and one dau.

•y. Anna (Jctavia, m. 1847, William John Jarvis, Esq., and
has issue, one son and five daus.

Anns — Az., on a fesse humetto, between three lions' heads
erased or, two eagles rising of the field. Crest — A lion's head
erased az-, gorged with a collar gemelles or, between two wings
paly of six or and az. jMotlo — Labor ipse voluptas.

Sea £— Lawford llall, near Manningiree, Essex.


Nicholson, John IIampdex, Esq. of Ualrath
Burrj-, CO. Meath, b. 29 June, 1871.

Lineage. — This family came originally out of co. York.
<;iLBERT Nicholson, of Bare and Poulton, of Lyndall, in Lons-
dale, and of Barbon and Easterton, in Westmorland, m. Grace,
dau. and co-heir of Gyles Curwcn, Esq. of Poulton Hall
(descended from Curwen o/ )Vorkin(jton), and had issue,

I. Francis, d. v. p., leaving a son, Humphrt, who s. his
grandfather. ii. Giles.

I. Gnice, TO. Thomas Brathwaite, Esq. of Boamont, near

<jil' ert Nicholson d. 160.'), and was s. by his grandson,

IlnMPJiRY Nicholson, who was father of

Gilbert Nicholson, some time of Poulton, co. Lancaster,
and of the city of Dublin, b. 1620, a Lieut, in the Eoyal army
before 1649, and one of the forty-nine officers whose arrears of
pay were paid up after the Restoriition, "for service done by
them to His Majesty, or to his Royal father, as commissioned
officers in the wars of Ireland, before the 6th day of June,
i649. By the Act of Settlement he received grants of land in
CO. Monaghan, which he sold, and bought Balrath Burry, in
1669. He afterwards resided in Dublin, and </. 20 April, 1709.
in the 89th year of his age. He and his wife, Mary, are buried
m Christ Church Cathedral, and on their tombstone appear
the arms and crest still used by the family. The issue of the
marriage were

I. Christopher, of the Middle Temple, entered 16 June, 16S0.
He d. in London, 1688, without issue by Jane his wife.

II. Tho.mas, of whom presently.

III. John, m. and had issue, two sons and two daus.
The 2nd, but eldest surviving son,

Thomas Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath Burry, M.A.. Ch. Ch.
Oxford 1685, fj. 1662, inherited Balrath Burry in 1709, and was
<;xecutor of his father's will. In 1692, he was a Commissioner
a'or CO. Meath, under 4 William and Maky, cap. 33, and High
Sheriff of the co. 1704. He to. 1st, 3 Feb. 1691, Mary, dau. of
-!ohn Beauchamp, Esq., and had, with other issue, who d.
young, a dau. Anne, whose dau. Margaret was 2nd wife of
sirliichard Steele, Bart, of Hampstead. Hem. 2ndly, 11 July,
J 700, Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of John Wood, Esq. of Gar-
tlony, and had issue,

I. Christopher, of whom presently.

ji. John, '{. s. p.

lu. Thomas, U. s.p. rr. Gilbert, d. s. p.

He m. 3rdly, Hose, widow of Simeon Pepper, Esq. of Bally-
garth, but by her had no issue. The eldest son,

Christopher Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath Burry, High Sheriff
CO. Meath, 1735, m. 1st, 25 Oct. 1723, Elinor, only dau. of
Simeon Pepper, Esq. of Ballygarth, by Rose his wife, dau. of
Hon. Oliver Larabart, of Painstown, and granddau. of Charles
1st Earl of Cavan, and had issue,

I. John, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, m. and had one son, John, m. Eliza, dau. of
— Harris, of The Moor, near Exeter, and had three daus.

III. George, Major in the Buffs. iv. C'lristopher.
V. Hampden, m. Sarah, dau. of Eev. Arthur Ormsby, aud

d, s. p.

I. Kose. II. Christian. iii. Emilia.

He m. 2ndly,27 Dec. 1751, Mary, dau. of Oliver Lambart, Esq.,
of Painstown, but by her had no issue. His eldest son,

John Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath Burry, Capt. in the Cold-
stream Guards, 6. 27 July, 1724; m. 18Sept. 1766, Anna Maria,
dau. of Sir Samuel Armytage, 1st Bart, of Kirklees, cj. York,
and had issue,

I. Christopher Armttace, his heir.

II. Jolin, b. 21 March, 1771 ; d. uiirii.

He d. 29 March, 1782, and was s. by his son,

Christopher Armytage Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath Burry,
M.A., D.L., J. P., High Sheriff CO. Meath 1791, b. 10 July, 1768;
7n. 1st. 16 May, 1796, Catharine, dau. of W Iliam Newcome,
D.D., Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, by
.\nna Maria his wife, dau. and co-heir of Edwdrd Smyth, Esq.
of Callow Hill, CO. Fermanagh, 2nd son of Yen. James Smyth,
Archdeacon of Meath, and had issue,

I. John Armytage, his heir.

II. Christopher Hampden, Lieut.-Col. Grenadier Guards, 6.
10 Marcli. 1803; d. unm. 21 Feb. 1866.

III. William (Rev.), Rector of Welford, Berks, 6. 1 July,
1805 ; d. 15 Dec. 1878.

IV. Thomas Gilbert. J. P., &. 3 March, 1819: m. Grace
Frances, dau. of Ven. PkObert Alexander, Aj-chdeacon of

I. Anna Maria, d. xinm.

He 1)1. 2ndly, 16 Feb. 1826, Anna, dau. of George Lenox
Conyngham, Esq. of Springhill, co. Lond mderry, by Olivia his
wife, dau. of Wm. Irvine, Esq. of Castle Irvine, co. Fermanagh,
and had issue,

V. Armytage Lenox, J. P., of lisdhu, near Dungannon, b.
17 0.:i. 1834.

II. Olivia, d. an infant. iii. Sophia Elizabeth.
He d. 18 Dec. 1849, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Armytage Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath Burry, M.A.,
L.M., M.R.I. A., D.L., J.P., High Sheriff co. Meath 1827, b.
2 June, 1798 ; m. 21 July, 1824, Elizabeth Rebecca, dau. of
Nathaniel Alexander, D.D., Bishop of Meath (nephew of
Jame«, 1st Earl of Caledon), by Anne his wife, dau. and hei«
of the Right Hon. Sir Richard Jackson, of Forkhill, co. Antiim
by .Vnne his wife, sister of John O'Neill, 1st Viscount O'Neill,
and had issue,

I. Christopher Armytage, his heir.

II. Nathaniel Alexander, M.A. Tnn. CoU. Oxford, b. 5 Dec.
1826; d. unm. 15 Feb. 1874.

III. John Hampden (Rev.), M.A., Curate of Welford, b. 27
June, 1831 ; d. unm. Dec. 1870.

IV. William Newcome, M.A. , t. 22 May, 1833; in. 15 Dec.
1874, Amabel Margaretta, dau. of Reginald Thi.stlethwayte
Cocks, of the Castleditch family, and of Henrietta Pole \w
wile, dau. of William Stuart, Esq. late of Aldenham Abbey
and rempsford Hall.

V. Gilbert de Poulton, M.A., M.D., i. 8 April, 1835; m. 12
Aug. 1876, Minna Anna Bertlia, nee Bruxwitz, and has
issue, Gilbert William de Poulton, 6.3 April, 1878, Angelica
Bella Elizabeth, and Katharine Anne O'Neil.

I. Katharine, to. William Stuart, Esq. of Aldenham Abbey
and of Tempsford Hall, and d. Oct. 1881, leaving issue.

II. Anne, m. Samuel Sanderson, Esq. of Clover Hill, co.

Mr. Nicholson d. Dec. 1872, and was s. by his eldest son,

Christopher Armytage Nicholson, Esq. of Balratli Burry,
M.A., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1856, b. 17 June, 1825; m.
25 March, 1858, Frances Augusta, eldest dau. of Hon. Augustus
Henry Macdonald Morcton (see Burke's Peerage, Ducie, E.),
by Mary Jane his wife, dau. and co-heir of Sir Charles Mac-
d'lnald Lockhart, 2nd IJart. of Lee, Carnwath, and Largie,
and Emilia Olivia his wife, dau. of Sir Charles Ross, 6th Bart,
of Balnagowan, by Lady Mary FitzGerald his wife, dau. of
William Robert, 2nd Duke of Leiuster, and d. 19 Oct. 1887,
leaving issue.

I. Gii BERT Moreton, of Balrath Burry, co. Meath, b. 9
March, 18G0, formerly Lieut. Grenadier Guards; «. his
father 1887.

II. John Hampden, now of Balrath Burry.






I. UTary Jane. ii. Elizabeth Katharine.

111. Emilia Ulivia m. E. Arthur Alexander, Esq.

^7-)?is— Erin., on a pale sa. three martlets arg. Crest — A
leopard sejant arg., spotted .sa., thrust through the neck with a
demi-lance ppr. Motto — Pro republica.

S««t— Balrath Burry, near Kells, co. Meath. Town House
— 28, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.


Steeie-Nicholson, James, Esq. of Eallow, co.
Down, and Falmore, co. Donegal, purchased tlie
family mansion of Ballow after tlje death of his
eldest brother Eobert in 1873, b. 5 Feb. 1819; m.
30 Dec. 1870, Maria Katlierine, dau. of George
Augustus Chichester Macartney, Esq. of Glen-
darragli, co. Donegal, by Caroline his wife, dau. of
Frank Whittle, Esq. of Muckamore, co. Antrim,
and has issue,

r. George Pi-rct, b. 15 Feh. 1872.

II. William Herbert Hamilton, b. 21 Xov. 1875. |

III. Eobert Charles Henry, 6. 1 Oct. 1878.

IV. Arthur John Macartney, h. 18 Dec. ISSO.

V. Alfred Francis James, 6. 5 Nov. 1885.

I. Caroline Edith. ii. Maria Kathleen Isahel.

III. Conwaianna Georgina.

IV. Margaret Ethel Louise.

V. Mary Elizabeth Maud Grace.

VI. Florence Emily. v

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