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a Maria, dau. of Rev. John Digby, and sister and
co-heir of John Digby, Esq. of Landenstown, co. Kiidare,
and by her had one dau. Louisa Maria. He m. 2ndly,
Georgiana Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Charles Jenkinson, 10th
Bart, of Hawkesbury, by whom he had an elder sort,
Walter Ruthven Nugent, and other issue, of whom
Ismania Catherine, m. 25 F"eb. 1862, Charles, 3ld Lord
The elder son,

John Nugent, Esq. of Clonlost, m. 1753, Elizabeth Power,
dau. of Richard le Poer Trench, Esq. of Garbally, and dying
1770, left
James, his heir.

Richard, an Officer in the army, d. in the West Indies.
John, Major-Gen. in the army, to. Frances, dau of Richard
Reynell, Esq. of Reynella, aiid left a son. Eyre Trench Joha
Richard, an Officer in the army, and a dau. Frances, m.
Samuel A. Reynell, Esq. of Arclierstown.
Fanny, vi. Hon. Robert lloehfort.

Alicia. Jane. Elizabeth.

Hester, m. 1790, Capt. George Magill, 5th Dragoons.
Emily, m. William Lenox Naper, lisq.
Louisa, m. Philip Batty, Esq. of Ballyhealy.
The eldest son,

James Nugent, Esq. of Clonlost, Lieut.-Col. Westmc.nlli,
.Militia, and High Sheriff 1799, b. 1762: to. 1803, Is!ibell:i,
eldest dau. of Major Andrew Parke, of Dunnally, co. Sligo,
and by her (who d. 1856) had issue,
John James, now of Clonlost.

James Andrew, lite Lieut. -Col. 36th Regt., m. 1844, Hester,
only dau. of John Magill, Esq., and has issue, Hester and
Frances Elizabeth.

Isabella Louisa, in. Lieut.-Col. Charles Wynne, R.A.
Elizabeth Emily Anne, m. 1810, William Lamb Palmer, Esq-
of Rahan, co. Kiidare, and has issue.

Mr. Nugent (i. 1832.

Arms~Krm., two bars gu. Crest — A cockatrice rising vert,
tail nowed, combed and wattled gu. il/')»o— Decrevi.
(S'eoi— Clonlost, Killucan, co. Westmeath.


NcGENT, Andrew, Esq. of Portaferry Jfouso, oo.
Down, J.P. and D.L., Higli Sherilf 1882, Licut.-
Gcn. in tlie army, late Col. Royal Scots Grey.<,
h. 30 March, 1834.

Ijineag"e. — The very ancient Anglo-Norman House oi'
Sav,4ge of Portafcrrij, which Mr. NugL-nt paternally re-
presents, has been settled at Portaferry, co. Down, since t\v
time of John de Courcy, 1st Earl of Ulster. Under that faiinui -
warrior, the original ancestor of Ireland established himself in
CO. Down, and by a written document, dated 1 Sept. 1205, in
the Tower of London, we finft" Robin, son of W^illiam Savage.
named as one of De Courey"s hostages for his appearanci'
before King John." The present Barony of Lecale wa-
anciently termed the Territory of the .Savages, wherein, :i'
Ardglass, they and their dependants erected seven castles, tin
ruins of which are slill extant. It appears, also, that a st;i.tely





monastery of Dominicans was founded at Newton, in the
Little Ards, in 1424, by the Savages, " gentlemen of Enirlish
Rowland Savage, Lord of the Little Ards, co. Down, repre-

' sentative of the family in the middle of the 16th century, d. at

I Portaferry, 12 Feb. 1572, leaving issue,

I I. Patrick, his heir.

ji. Rowland, whose son Patrick Savage, Esq., was father
of two sons, John and Robert The elder,
John Savage, Ksq. of Ballyvarley, to. and had (with five
daus.) three sons,

Patrick, of whom presently, as heir to Portaferry.
James, 5. his nephew at Portaferry.
Hugh, ancestor of Savage of Ballymadun, co. Dublin.
III. Edmund. iv. Richard. v. James.

The eldest son,

Patrick Savage, Esq., Lord of the Little Ards, 6. 1535; to.
Anne Plunkett, and dying 31 Dec. 1603-4, left two sons,
Rowland and Patrick. The elder,

Rowland Savage, Lord of the Little Ards, m. Rose Russell,
of Rathmullen, co. Down, and d. 25 June, 1619, leaving
an only dau., m. O'Hara, of co. Antrim. His brother and

Patrick Savage, Esq. of Portaferry, to. 1623, Jean, dau.
of Hugh, 1st, Viscount Montgomery, acd by her (who d. 1647)

HrcH, his heir.

Elizabeth, co-heir to her brother, m. George Wilton, Esq.
of Gaulstown, co. Westmeath.
Sarah, co-heir to her brother, vi. 1st, Sir Bryan O'XciU,
Bart, of Bakerstown, so created for liis gallantry at Edge-
hiU, and had issue. She to. 2ndly, Pjchard Ricn, Esq.
I'atrick Savage d. 1644, and was s. by his son,

Hugh Savage, Esq. of Portaferry, (/. U7i7;i. 10 Feb. 1683, and
was s. in the representation of the family by his cousin,

Patrick Savage, Esq. of Derry, and afterwards of Porta-
ferry, who, by JIary his wife, left issue,

Patrick, d. 13 June, 1712.

Rowland, d. 23 May, 1723; to. 1718, Margaret, dau. of
Kicholas Price, Esq. of Saintfield, co. Down, by her (who rf.
April, 1720 he left an only dau.,

Catherine, m. Roger HaU, Esq. of Karrow Water, co.

Edwakd, his heir. Francis, d. S Jan. 1722.

Catharine, m. John Moore, Esq. of Drumljanagher.
Patrick Savage d. 13 Sept. 1724, aged 82, and was s. by his

Edward Savage, Esq. of Portaferry, d,. unm. 18 March,
1725, and was buried at Portaferry. His uncle and successor,

James Savage, Esq. of Portaferry, m. Mabel, dau. of
Edmund Magee, Esq. of Lisburn, co. Antrim, and had issue.
The elder son,

John .Savage, Esq. of Portaferry, s. his father. He to.
Catharine Savage, and had a son, James, who d. young. At
his, he was s. by his brother,

Andrew Savage, Esq. of Poitaferry, m. Margaret, sister
and co-heir of Governor Nugent and dau. of Andrew Nugent,
Esq. of Dysart, co. Westmeath, by his wife, the Lady Catherine
Nugent, dau. and co-heir of Thomas, 4th Earl of Westmeath,
and had a son and heir,

Patrick Savage, Esq. of Portaferry, to. 1765, Anne, dau.
•«if Roger Hall, Esq. of Narrow Water, and by her had issue,

Andrew, his heir.

Patrick Nugent, m. Harriet, dau. of Rev. Henry .Sandiford,
and had issue, Henry, Andrew, jVnne, and Harriet.

Rcger Hall, Capt. R.N., d. unm.

John Levallin, d. unm.

William (Rev.), Rector of Shinrone King's co., to. Elizabeth,
■ dau. of Savage Hall, Esq. of Narrow Water, and had issue,
four sons and thre^ daus.

Barbara, vi. Roger Hall, Esq. of Narrow Water.

Dorc:is Sophia.

TOr. Savjge d. 7 March, 1797, and was s. by his eldest son, who
assumed the surname of Nugent, and became,

Andrew Nugent, Esq. of Portaferry, Lieut. -Col. of the
North Down Militia. He was 6. 3 June, 1770; hi. 13 June,
'18C0, Hon. Selina Vesey, youngest dau. of Thomas, 1st Vis-
count de Vesci, and by her (who d. 7 Oct. Ih57), had issue,

I. Patrick John, his heir.
. II. Thomas Vesey, m. 1835, Frances He'en, eldest dau. of
Sii' James 51. Stronge, 2nd#Bart. of Tynan Abbey, co.
Armagh, and d. 1890, leaving issue,

1 Andrew Robert, b. 22 June, 1836 ; d. Oct. 1856.

2 Edmund Heni-y Stuart, b. 26 Jan. 1849.

1 Isabella Frames.

2 Seliiiii Florence, TO. 15 Dec. 1864, Sir Edward Wingfield
Vcj'uer, liart. of Cork Abbey, near Bray, co. Dublin.

III. Andrew Savage, of Strangford, co. Down, a Major in
the army, late SCth Regt., J. P. and D.L. for that co.. High
Sheriff 1867, b. 28 May, 1809; to. 4 Oct. 1841, Hon. Harriet
Margaret Maxwell, 2nd dau. of Henry, 6th Lord Farnham,
and widow of Edward Southwell, 3rd Viscount Bangor, and
d. 1889, having by her (who d. July, 18a0) hid issue,

1 Walter Andrew, Lieut. R.E., 6. 28 Dec. 1846; (i.l870.

1 Harriet Annette Catherine, to. Feb. 1H63, Henry Has-
weU Head, M.D., of Fiizwilliam Square, Dublin, and
had issue.

2 Miriam Dora.

IV. Arthur, to. Charlotte, only dau. of Malor-Gen. Brooke,
of Colebrooke, co. Fermanagh, brother ot Sir Henry Brooke,
Bart., and by her (who d. 1870) had issue, .Selina Catherine,
m. 28 April, 1870, Hugh Sidney, eldest son of Right Hon.
Henry James Kaillie, of Rtdcastle, co. Ross, and d. 5 Nov.
1871. He TO. 2ndly, Isabella, 2nd dau. of John Tisdall,
Esq of Charlesfort, co. Meath.

v. Charles Lavallin William, Major-Gen. in the armv, vi.
Charlotte Alicia, dau. of Major-Gen. Pitt, and d. "l88J,
leaving issue, seven sons and three daus.
I. Selina Elizabeth, m. Sir James Stronge, 3rd Bart, of Tynan

II Anne Margaret, m. Sept. 1845, Samuel Maiden Francis
Hall, Esq. of Narrow Waier. late M.ajor 75th Regt.
Lieut Col. Nugent, J. P. and D.L. co. Down, for which co. he
served as High Sheriff 1808, d. 2 Feb. 1S46, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Patrick John Nugent, Esq. of Portaferry, Lieut. -Col of
the North Down Militia, and High Sheriff co. Down, 1843, m.
29 April, 18o3, his cousin, Hon. Catherine Vesey, dau. of John.
2nd Viscount de Vesci, and by her (who d. 27 Feb. 1882) had

Andrew, now of PortafeiTy.

John Vesey, L:eut.-Col., late Major 51st Regt., b. 16 July,
1837 ; TO. 19 Jan. 1886, Emily Georgiana, aau. of the late
Herbert Langham, Esq. of Coltesbrooke Park, co. North-
Arthur Vesey, 17th Regt., b. 2 March, 1841.
Frances Isabella, to. April, 1862, Capt. George Barrington
Price, late of the Scots Greys.

Mr. Nugent d. Nov. 1857.

Anus — Erm., two bars gu. Cy-est — A cockatrice, wings ex-
panded, tail nowed vert, combed and wattled gu. Crest —

Seats— Fortaierry, co. Down, and Dysart, Westmeath.



Macliermore Castle, co. Kirkcudbright, J. P. cos.
Kirkcudbright and Wigton, Capt. 3rd Eatt. Eojal
Scots Fusiliers, b. 23 Sept. 180-1 ; s. his father 25
July, 1866.

Iiineagre. — Robert Nugent-Dunbab, of Machermore (son
of Oliver Nugent, Ksq., who went from Ireland to Antigua, and
of Elizabeth Dlnbab his wife, sister of Charles Warner Dun-
bar, Esq. of Machermore Castle), Capt. 20th Foot, and after-
wards Major 92nd Highlanders; to. 1798, Margaret, dau. of
Nathaniel Lister, Esq., M.P. of Armitage Park, co. Stafford,
and niece of Lord Eibblesdale; and d. 1846, leaving by her
(who d. 1861) a son,

Robert Nugent-Dunbar, Esq. of Machermore, m. 9 July,
1856, Annette Ellen, eldest dau. of Rev. Anthony Singleton-
Atcheson, M.A., Rector of Teigh, co. Rutland, and had issue,

Patrick, b. 14 April, 1857 : d. 9 July, 1862.

Robert Lennox, now of Machermore.

Ellen Catherine. -i

Charlotte Mary Emily.
Mr. Nugent-Dunbar d. 25 July, 1866.

Seat — Machermore Castle, Newton Stewart, N.B.

Annette Roberta.


NuTTALL, John William McIntosh, Esq. of
Tittour, CO. Wicklo-tv, J.P. for tliat co., B.A. (T CD.
1864), b. 3 Dec. 1841; m. 1884, Katberine Kebecca
Fetherstonhaugh, eldest dau. of the late John
Fetherstonhaugh Briscoe, Esq., J.P., of Grange-
more, CO. Westmeath.

Lineag'e. — Raphe Nuttall, of Tottington, m. Alice,
widow of Laurence Crompton, of Brightmet, co. Lancaster,
and d. 1634, having had issue,

Thomas, of Tottington, aged 52 years when he entered his
pedigree (I6G4), and had the arms of Nuttall (ancietuly





Notogh of Notogh, CO. Lancaster) confirmed to him, 11
March, 1664; m. Margaret, dau. of William Orrell, Esq. of
Turton, co. Lancaster.
Laurence, of whom presently.
Ealph, clerk in holy orders.
The '2nd son,

LAriiENCE NtTTTALL, of Tottington (will dated 17 July, Jac.
II. 16S.5, proved by his -n-idow, 10 July, 1686), m. Margaret,
dau. of Henry 'NVoode, of Milhouse, and by her (whose will,
dated 20 Aug. 3 Jac. II. 1687, was proved 23 May, 1688, at
Chester), had issue,

Thomas, of Tottington, m. Eleanor, dau. and co-heir of John
TaylO'-, Horridge Hall, Oldham, co. Lancaster. His will
was dated 14 JIurch, 1726, and proved at Chester.

Christopher, of whom presently.

Alice, TO. John Crompton.

The 2nd son,

Christopher Xuttall, Major in Stanwax's Eegt., formerly
Capt. 12th Foot; r,i. Elizabeth, dau. of — Henley, and had

John, mentioned in the will of his brother Thomas, 1707.
Thomas, a Lieut, in Col. Lindsay's Regt. ; his will dated 19
Aug. 1707, was proved 23 Oct. same year, in London, m.

Mary .

James, of whom hereafter.

Mary Fetherstone, ^ mentioned in the will of their brother
Hannah, j Thomas, 1707.

The 3rd son,

James NuTTALL, of Dublin, gent., living 17.'i3; Capt. 12th
Eegt. of Foot ; m. about 1707, Anne, dau. of John Hunter, of
IJallysorrell, co. Tipperary, gent. (s. to the estate of Dromard-
begg from her father), and had issue,
Christopher, of whom presently.

John, of Mount Nibo, co. Wexford, Capt. 60th Regt., m. 25
July, 1771, Elizabeth, 2nd dau, of John Gowan, of co. Wex-
ford, and had an only child, Mary Anne, m. James Burkitt,
of Sea View House, Clonevin, co. Wexford. Mr. Nuttall d.
23 Oct.. 1773: will dated 16 Sept. and proved 19 Nov. 1773.
Thomas, of Dublin.
Mabella, wife of William Alley.
The eldest son,

Christopher Nuttall, of Drumard, co. Tipperary, m. Dec.
1736, Sarah (6. 3 Dec. 1701 ; d. 24th, and was bur. 25 Jan.
1775), dau. of Capt. George Barker, and hadissue,
George Barker, of whom afterwards.
James, h. 5 Oct. 1741 ; m. Sarah Wilson.
Christopher, of Donnybrook Road, Dublin, an officer in the
army; b. 7 Sept. 1743; rf. at Donnybrook, 20 July, 1782;
will dated 10th and proved 26 July, 1782.
Martha Ann, b. 4 Dec. 1739 ; m. 23 June, 17G8, to Lieut.
Thomas Bell.

Mr. Nuttall (whose will was dated 10 March, 1772, and proved
in Dublin 4 July, 1775; d. 28th, and was buried 30 June, 1775.
His eldest son,

George Barker Nuttall, Esq. of Merrion Street, Dublin,
J.P., cornet in His Majesty's 2nd Eegt. of Horse, b. at Drumard
House, CO. Tipperary, 19 Jan. 1738; 571. 10 Sept. 1769, Anne,
(h. 1751 ; d. 12 April, 1804) dau. of Dr. John Freeman, of co.
Oxford, and had issue,

I. Robert Henry, b. 28 Dec. 1770, at St. Stephen's Green,
Dublin, bapt. 11 Feb. 1771 ; an officer of the 38th Regt. of
Foot : was killed whilst leading the Grenadiers when
fighting against the French at St. Lucia, West Indies, 1796.

II. John Christopher, of whom hereafter.

III. Hem-y Quin, 6. 4 June, 1776, bapt. 30 June following ; d.

IV. George, b. 8 Oct., bapt. 15 Oct. 1787; an officer in the
army, killed on active service, 28 May, 1813.

V. Tnomas, 6. 23 Feb., bapt. 13 March, 1791; d. 15 Jan.

I. Isabella Mary Anne, b. 2 April, 1772 ; bapt. 21 April, 1772 ;
d. unm. 15 Jan. 1847.

II. Jane, b. 23 July, 1773; bapt. 17 Aug. same year; d.unm.
12th, and was buried 15 Nov. 1830. Her will dated 2 April,
1828, was proved 24 Sept. 1831, at Dublin.

III. Elizabeth, b. 5 July, 1778 ; d. unm. 3'Jth, and was buried
31 Jul)', 1778.

IV. Anne Margaret, 6. 8 June, and bapt. 8 July, 1781 ; m. —
Bradlev, and had issue.

v. Elizabeth Mary, b. 8 Aug., bapt. 2 Sept. 1782; d. 27 Feb.

VI. A dau., b. 3 Sept. 1793 ; d. 1 Sept. 1794.

Mr. Nuttall (whose will was dated 18 Oct. 1804), d. at Merrion
Street, 6 Feb. 1806. His 2nd son,

John Christopher Nuttall, Esq. of Tittour, Newtown-
Mount-Kennedy, co. Wicklow, b. at Drumbane, 25 Oct., and
bapt. 22 Nov. 1774 ; J. P. co. Wicklow ; s. to the paternal estates
on the death of his elder brother, retired from active service
with rank of Major, 1819; m. 21 July, 1808, Dorothea Anna-
iella, 3rd and youngest dau. of Daniel Falkjner, of Abbots-

town, CO. Dublin, Esq., and by her (who was b. 1770, andii.
24 March, 1860), he had issue,

I. John Freeman, of whom afterwards.

II. George Frederick William, 6. 15 April, 1813 : to. 6 May,
1841, Maria Margaret, dau. of Capt. Thomas Harris, 4.5th
Regt., and niece of Sir Henry Brooke, Bart, of Colebrook,
CO. Fermanagh. He d. s. p. 25 Aug. 1885.

III. Robert Kennedy, 6. OApril, 1815, bapt. llMav following;
in. Magdalena, eldest dau. of John Farrott, "late of San
Francisco, banker, and d. 21 May, 1881 (buried at Laurel
Hill Cemetery, San Francisco), having had issue,

John Robert Kennedy, b. 12, and bapt. 25 Dec. 1854, in St.

Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, m. 18 June, 1884, Hilda,

only dau. of Samuel Wolf, of San Francisco.
George Henry Falkiner, b. 5, and bapt. 22 July, 1862 ; M.D.

University of California, Nov. 1884: M.A. and Ph. D. of

the University of GiJttingen.
Robert Tiburcio, b. 5, and bapt. 12 Dec. 1868 ; d. 10, and

buried 14 June, 1869, in Dresden, Saxony.
Zclia Maria Magdalena, m. 10 May, 1880, Alphonse Louis

Pinart, from whom she afterwards obtained a divorce, with

custody of the child of the marriage.
Carmelita Dorothea, m. 11 Nov. 1880, James Valentine

Coleman, of San Francisco, and d, July, 1885.
Roberta Louise, b. 14 Dec. 1870.

I. Maria Elizabeth Josepha, m. 4 May, 1830, John FredericTc
Clarke, M.D., F.R.C.S,I., Inspector General of Bengal
Hospitals, and d. 15 Oct. 1834. lied, and was buried 1 Nov.

II. Henrietta Jemima, m. 13 July, 1837, William Philips,
Barrister-at-Law, and d. 21 Aug. 1891.

Mr. Nuttall d. 7 Nov. 1849. His eldest son,

John Freeman Nuttall, Esq., b. 3 June, 1810 ; J. P. co.
Wicklow, m. 1 Aug. 1838, Lucinda Helena, dau. of William
M'Intosh, Esq. of St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, and by her (who
d. 16 Jan. 1887) had issue,

I. John Willlam McIntosh, now of Tittour.

II. TEneas Falkiner, of Cullin.amore, co. Sligo, 6. 18 June,
1847, bapt. 3 Jan. 1848; vi. EUinor Kate, relict of William
Knox Barrett, of Cullinamore, and 5th dau. of the l:it&
Rev. William Travers Homan, and has, Freeman ^Eneas-
Falkiner, b. 20 Jan. 1891, Ivo Lawrence Kennedy, 0. 15
March, 1892.

III. Frederick Freeman, 6. in Dublin, 11 June, 1851; m. T
April, 1886, Louisa Gertrude Ada, eldest dau. of Tnomas
Schiassi, of Bologna, Italy.

IV. Edward James Macpherson, b. 14 Feb. 1856.
v. Henry Evelyn Barker, b. 14 May, 1861.

I. Anna Dorothea, m. 19 April, 1877, John Harrison, Esq. of
Dromore, co. Down, J. P.

II. Georgina Mary. ui. Kennetta Lucinda.

IV. Robina Elizabeth, m. 27 Jan. 1883, Daniel O'Connell,
Esq, of Surmount, co. Cork.

V. Madeline Annabella, m. 20 June, 1883, William Thomas
Brabazon, Esq. of Johnstown House, Johnstown, co.

VI. Helena Isabella.

Mr. Nuttall (whose will dated 23 May, 1866, was proved 2G
May, 1879) was accidentally drowned at Howth, co. Dublin, 18'
Dec. 1878.
Seat — Tittour, Newtown Mountkennedy, co. Wiclilow.


Oaeelet, John, Esq. of Oakeley, Salop, J.P., 5.
7 Nov. 1856; m. 23 Oct. 1880, Mary Catharine,
dau. of Rev. Charles Kent, of Dinhani Hall, Ludlow,
and has had issue,

I. John Henry, b. 11 Aug. 1881 ; d. 26 Dec. 1882.

I. Kathleen Emily, b. 10 Jan. 1884.

II. Evelyn Mary, b. 21 Aug. 1885.

Liineag'e. — The family of Oakeley resided at an early
period at Oakeley, Salop.

Rowland Oakelet, Esq. of Oakeley, b. about 1550; m.
Mary, dau. of William Crowley, Esq. of Salop, and left, witl»
other issue, a son and successor,

Richard Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, M.P. for Bishop's Castle
1623, and a distinguished supporter of the royal cause, who, by
his 1st wife, Miss Mary Combes, left at his decease, 1658, with
other issue, a son and successor,

William Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, also M.P. for Bishop's
Castle and High Sheriff of Salop 1660, to. 1st, Mary 2nd dau.
of Walter Waring, Esq., but^by that lady had no surviving
issue. He ?n. 2ndly, Barbara, eldest dau. of Charles Walcot,
Esq. of Walcot, Salop, by Anne, his wife, 4th dau. of James,
8th Lord Chandos, and sister of James, 1st Duke of Chandos,
and had

Richard, his heir.





John, of the Middle Temple, rl. unm.

William (Rev.), ancestor of Oakeley of Flos Tan-y-Ewlch
and of Oakeley, Bart.
The eldest son,

EicHAKD Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, High Sheriff 1724, m.
Margaret, dau. of Sir Herbert Croit, Bart., and had issue,

Richard, his heir.

Herbert (Rev.), in. Anne, dau. of Eobert Loder, Esq. of
Lechlade, and d. 1788, leaving a son, John, heir to his
Mr. Oakeley (?. 1738, and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, at whose decease, with-
out issue, the family estates devolved on his nephew,

John Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, who was s. by his son.

Rev. Herbert Oakeley, of Oakeley, Rector of Lydham,
Prebendary of Worcester, m. 29 Nov. 1804, Catherine, dau. of
John Holland, Esq. of Clapham, and by her (who d. 7 April,
1858) had issue,

William, his heir.

John, d. unm- 1837, aged 29.

Herbert, b. 12 July, 1813: d. vnm. Feb. 1851.

Arthur, successor to his brother.

Henry, heir to his brother.

Soulden, b. 27 Nov. 1818, an OfiBcer in the army; m. 184.'i.
Marianne de Lisle Simms, half-sister of John, 28th Lord
Kingsale, and d. Oct. 1856, leaving one son and two daus.

Catherine, r,i. Eobert Burton, Esq. of Longner, and d. Aug.
1868, leaving issue.

Mary, m. John Pryce Jones, Esq. of Coffronnydd, co. Mont-
gomery, and had issue.

Anna, m. Rev. Arthur C Johnes, of Gartmyl, co. Mont-
gomeiy, and had issue.

Sophia, m. Richard Francis Cleveland, Esq., Comm. E.N.,
and d. 1864, leaving issue.

The eldest son,

William Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, b. 12 Nov. 1806;
m. 1834, Alicia Mary, dau. of Gen. Sir Evan Lloyd, of
Ferney Hall, Salop, but d. s. p. June, 1851, and was s. by his

Rev. Arthur Oakeley, M.A. of Oakeley, J. P., h. 29 April,
1815, who d. unm. 2 Jan. 1870, and was s. by his brother,

Henry Oakeley, Esq. of Oakeley, J.P., Capt. R.N., b. 28
Dec. 1816; m. 1 June, 1847, Emily Letitia, 3rd dau. of Col.
Hamlin Trelawny, E.A., of Trelawny, Cornwall, and d. 12
March, 1877, having had issue,

I. Arthur Henry, b. 27 May, 1853 ; d. xmm. Oct. 1876.
u. John, now of Oakeley.

I. Catherine Emily, m. Sept. 1872, Godfrey W. FitzHugh,
Esq. and has issue. ii. Sophia.

Arms — Arg., on a fesse between three crescents gu. as many
fleurs-de-lis, or. Crest — A dexter arm embowed in armour,
holding in the hand a scimitar, all ppr., pommel and hilt

/Sea<— Oakeley, Bishop's Castle.


Oakes, James Henet Porteus, Esq. of Nowton
Court, Suffolk, M.P. for Bury St. Edmund's 1852-57,
M.A., J.P., aud D.L., b. 28 Sept. 1821; 5. Ms father


Lineage. — James Oakes, Esq., h. 1701; m. twice; his
2nd wife was Susan, dau. of Orbell Eay, Esq., and by her he
had issue (with three daus., Susan, 6. 1740, m. George Green,
Esq. ; Mary, 6. 1744, m. James Bridge, Esq. : and Elizabeth,
h. 1747 ; m. Eev. Richard Baker) one son,

James Oakes, Esq. of Bury St. Edmunds, Banker, J. P. and
D.L., 6. 1741 ; to. Elizabeth, dau. of Christopher Adamson, Esq.
of Wereham, co. Norfolk, and by her (who d. 1802) had issue,
Orbell Eay, his heir; James (Eev.) Eector of Thurston, b.
1700, j)i. Elizabeth, dau of Rev. Charles Tyrrell ; and Maria
Susan, m . 1793, Col. Gould. Mr. Oakes d. 1829, and was s. by
his son,

Orbell Ray Oakes, Esq. of Nowton Court, 6. 1768, J.P. and
D.L. ; /ii. Elizabeth Frances, dau. of John Plamplin, Esq. of
Chadacre Hall, ShimpUng, and by her (who d. 8 May, 1811)
had issue,

Henry James, of Nowton Court.

Orbell, Capt. E.N., b. 1800 ; m. Caroline Bryan, and had

Hervey Aston Adamson (Rev.),-*. 1803 ; m. Eliza, eldest dau.
of Kev. J. H. Elwin, and left, with other issue, a son,
Hervey Aston, of Hill House, Stowmarket, Suffolk, J.P.

Elizabeth Frances, m. Lieut.-Col. Eobert Samuel Hustler,
E.E., and d. s. p. April, 1831.

Mr. Oakes d. 29 July, 1837, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henry James Oakes, Esq. of Newton Court, M.A., J.P.,
and D.L., High Sheriff 1847, b. 23 June, 1790; m. 3 Jan.
1820, Mary Anne, dau. oi Eev. Eobert Porteus, Rector of
Wickham Bishops, Essex, great-nephew of Dr. Porteus, anfl
had issue.

I. James Henry Porteus. now of Nowton Court.

II. Orbell Plampin, b. 19 May, 1824 ; m. 7. Dec. 1849, Julia,
dau. of Thomas Evans, Esq. of Lyminster, Sussex, and,
dying 1881, left issue, Orbell Henry, Capt. Worcestershire
Eegt., m. Laura, dau. of Capt. Clifton; Reginald, Capt.
E.A. ; Beilby Porteus (Eev.), B. A. ; Ada; and Julia Mar-

III. Frederic Aston, late 3rd Dragoon Guards, b. 16 Feb.

I. Frances Marian, m. 1 July, 1847, Rev. Henry Bunbury
Blake (who d. 20 April, 1873), eldest son of Sir Henry-
Charles Blake, 4th Bart., and has issue.

He d. 1875.

Arms — Sa., on a fesse engrailed, between six slips of oak,
fructed or, three oak leaves vert. Crest — An oak tree ppr.,
fructed or, encircled with palisades. Motto — Quercus robur
salus patriae.

Seat — Nowton Court, near Bury St. Edmunds.


Oates, William Edward, Esq. of G estingtliorpe
Hall, Essex, E.E G-.S., Lord of the Manor of Over
Hall, late 2nd West York Militia, b. 15 Dec. 1841 ;
m. 11 Sept. 1877, Caroline Annie, 2nd dau. of
Joshua Bucktou, Esq. of West Lea, Meanwood,
near Leeds, and has issue,

I. Lawrence Edward Grace, b. 17 March, 18S0.

II. Brj-an William Grace, &. 21 Dec. 1883.

I. Lilian Mary.

II. Violet Emily.

Lineage. — The name of Fitz Otes occurs in the Roll of
Battle Abbey, amongst the followers of William the Con-
queror. Henry, Duke of Normandy, about 16 Stephen,
granted to Eanulph, Earl of Chester, the fees of Ealfe Fitz
Oats. Eobert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, had the wardship of
the heir of William Fitz Otes to marry his niece, 16

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 121 of 392)