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Limerick, whose dau. Mary, to. George Gough Gubbins,
Esq., eldest son of Joseph Gubbins, Esq. of Maidstown
Castle, CO. Limerick.

Mary, m. Henry Harrison, Esq. of Castle Harrison.

The eldest son,

John O'Gkadt, of Kilballyowen, to. 17.51, the Hon. Mary
Elizabeth de Courcy, eldest dau. and co-heir of Gerald. g4th
Lord Kingsale, and had {with three daus., .Julia, to. Thomas
Lidwell, Esq. of co. Tipperary ; JIargaret, m. David Hearn,
Esq. of Shanakill, co. Waterford ; and Ellen, d. unm.) a, son
and successor,

Gerald De Courct O'Gradt, of Kilballyowen, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jolm Thomas Waller, Esq. of Castletown,
CO. Limerick, M.P., and has issue,

John Thomas. Lieut. 11th Light Dragoons, d. v. p. 8 Oct.

1811, while serving in the Peninsular war.
Gerald De Courcy, his heir.

John Waller, uf Fort Etna, co. Limerick, R.N.. J. P., b. 22

Nov. 1790; to. 1 Dec. 1824, Caroline, dau. of George John

Vtitch, Esq. of Kelso, N.B., and had issue, of whom the

eldest sort settled in Canada, and the younger children all

emigrated to the United States of America,

1 Gerald De Courcy (Kev.), of Fort Etna, co. Limerick,

and afterwards of Chamblj Province, liuebec, Canada, 6.

22 Oct 182G; m. 17 Nov. 18.53, Charlotte Knox, youngest

dau. of the late Rev. William Agar Adanison, LL.D.,

Chaplain and Librarian to the Legislative Council of

Canada, and d. 18 Aug. 1862, leaving issue,

1 John Waller de Courcy, m. 1885, Catherine Frances,
dau. of l.ieut.-Col. Maunsell, D.A.G., Mew Bioinswiek,
Canada, and has issue, 1 Gerald Francis de Cuuiey ; 2
George Waller de Courcy ; 3 John Medley de Courcy ;
4 William Agar de Courcy ; and Kathleen Frances de

2 Gerald de Courcy, of Toronto, m. 6 June, 1883,
Gcraliline, youngest dau. of Edward Carter, Esi]., Q.C.,
of Montreal, Canada, and has i^sue, 1 Gerald de Courcy ;

2 Edward Waller de Courcy ; 3 Standish de Cjurcy; 4
Brien de Courcy ; and I Kathleen de Courcy.

1 Charlotte Kathleen de Courcy.

2 Edith faith de Courcy, d. uiun. May, 1877.
2 Bolton Waller. 3 George John.

4 John de Courcy. 5 Standish FitzwaJler.

1 Elizabeth Caroline. 2 Edith Faith.

John De Courcy (Rev.), to. Eliza, 2nd dau. of R. J. Peel,

Esq. of Burton-on-Trent, and rf. leaving issue, three sons,

Gerald De Courcy, Henry, and Peel.
Mary Elizabeth, in. Alexander Rose, Esq., Capt. R.N.
Dorothea, m. Rev. Henry Lefroy, broiher of the Right Hon.

Thomas lefroy. Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.
Isabella, m. her cousin, Standish Harrisoii, Esq. of Castle

Harrison, co Cork.

O'Grady d. 1812, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Gerald De Courcy O'Gradt, of Kilballyowen, co. Limerick,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1821, to. March, 1813, Anne,
only child of William Wise, Esq. of Cork (by his first wife,
the dau. of Samuel Austen, Esq.), and by her (who d. 184!J)
had issue,

William de Courcy, his heir.

Henry Blakeney De Courcy, m. JIary Grace, dau. of Major

Stan'iish De Courcy, Capt. 64th Regt , m. 31 March, 1804,
Charlotte, youngest dau. and co-heir of George Powell
Hougliton, Esq. of Kilmannock, deceased.
Eliza, »«. 1842, Henry Knox, Esq. of Netley Park, co. Mayo.
Anne, m. Richard, son of Gen. Sir Richarcl Bourke, K.C.B.
Thomasina, m. Standi?h Thomas O'Grady, Esq. of Landscape,
CO. Clare, and d. 1862, leaving issue.

Isabella, to. Rev. Carew Smyth O'Grady, son of Darby
O'Grady of Agliamarta, co. Cork, who d. 1887, leaving a dau.

Amelia, to. 1848, Henry Winthrop, The O'Donovan.
Geraldino, d. unm.

O'Grady d. 6 Sept. 1S62, and was s. by his eldest son,

William De Courcy O'Grady, of Kilballyowen, Chief of
bis name, M.A. Tnn. Coll. Dublin, m. 13 Sept. 1841, Anna
Grogan, only dau. of Thomas De Rienzi, Esq. of Clobemoa
Hall, D.L., CO. Wexford, and d. Nov. 1873, leaving issue,

I. Thomas De Courcy, now O'Grady.

II. William De Rienzi, 6. 17 June, 18,52.

III. John De Courcy, b. 1 Nov. 1856, Major 88th Regt.,
served in the South African campaign, in the Zulu and Boer
affairs, where he was severely wounded ; //i. 4 Jan. 1892,
Evelyn Wandah, youngest dau. of the late Major-Gen. A.
Mattel, CM G.

I. Anne Geraldine, m. Feb. 1870, Edward Le Mottec, Esq.,
Capt. 3rd Regt. ; and d. Aug. 1871.

II. Catherine F'rances m. llarch, 1878, Arthur Winthropp
Gubbins, Esq. of Miltown, co. Limerick.

Anus — Per pale gu. and sa., three lions passant perpalearg.
and or. tVesi —A horse's head erased arg. Jlotto — Vulncratus
non victus.

Seal — Kilballyowen, near Bruff, co. Limerick.


O'Grady, Selina Helena, of Agbamarta Castle,
CO. Cork, *. her father in 18S6.

Lineag-e.— Darby O'Grady, Esq., J.P. and D.L., 5th son
of Darby O'Grady, of Mount Prospect, co. Linieriek, {see
O'Gradt of KilhaUyowen), and brother of Standisli, 1st Viscount
(iuillamore {see Burke's Peerage), to. Ellen, dau. of Baron
George, of tlie Irish Court of Exchequer, by his wife Dorothea,
dau. of the Rev. Edward Moore, Archdeacon of Emly, and by
her (who d. 1857) had issue,

I. Standish Darby, of whom presently.

II. Denis George, b. 1815; to. 1 May, 18')8, Hon. Jane-
Stewart, 5th dau. of Walter Hore, Esq., by his wife the
Baroness Ruthven, and d. s.p. 11 Nov. 1872.

III. Edward George (Rev.), 6. 1817 ; in. Emily Croker,
and d. 1886, leaving issue, Mary Jane, to. — Collins, M.D.

IV. Carew Smjth (Rev.), b. 1818; to. Isabella, 4lh dau. of
The O'Grady of Kilballyowen, and d. 1887, leaving issue,

v. Rupert, h. 1820 ; d. unm.
VL William, b. 1822; d. 1831.

VII. Thomas, b. 1825; lii, Elizabeth Peard, and had issue,
Dermot, 6. 1855; d. 1877; Richard Peard; Rupert George i
Standish; Louise Alexandra Elizabeth, to. 1891, George
Carleton Foott, Ksq. ot Carrigacunna Castle, co. Cork.

VIII. Dudley, b. 1»27 ; m. 1st, Prudence Davenport, who
d. s.p. ; 2ndly, Helen, dau. of Berkeley Vincent, Esq. of
Sumiiierhill, co. Limerick, and d. 1883, having had issue,
Standish Darby ; Dudley ; Helen.

I. Dorothea Louisa, m. William Lloyd, Esq. of Tower Hill,
CO. Limerick, and d. g. p. 1882.

II. EU'iri, m. Henry Croker, Esq. of Dromkcen, co. Limerick,
and d. 1819, ha\ing had issue, Edward ; John, Major Royal





Munster Fusiliers; Ellen, m. T. Gelston, M.D. ; Gertrude
Jane; Louisa.
Mr. O'Grady d. 26 May, 1857. His eldest son,

Standish Darby O'Geady, Esq. of Aghamarta, J. P. co. Cork,
b. 1813 ; m. Selina Mildred, dau. of Bev. Edward Groome, and
bad issue,
Selina Helena, now of Aghamarta.

Ellen Louisa m. 29 June, 18S0, George Thomas Ingelheim
Gould, Esq.' of TJpwey, co. Dorset, Capt. K.E., and has
issue, George Ingelheim ; Standish Charles ; Hubert Louis ;
Helena Frances Irma.
Fanny Eveline.
Mr. O'Grady d. in 1886.

&ai— Aghamarta Castle, co. Cork.


O'GrEADY, Capt. Gilbert, of Landscape, co. Clare,
J.P., Me 78th Highlanders, b. 11 Feb. 1847, s. his
father 1876.

Lineage. — Thouas O'Gbadt, Esq., son of DabbtO'Gbadt,

Esq. of Mount Prospect, co. Limerick, and brotlierof Standish,
1st Viscount Gdillamoke {see Bceke's I'etrage), m. Helen, dau.
«f E. Dring, Esq., and had issue,
I. Standish Thoslas, ot whom presently.
If. Robert Dring, Capt. 30th Kegt. in. 1852, Eliza, dau. of
Eev. J. Hobson, and d. 1862, having by her, who d. July,
1866, had issue,

1 Thomas Robert, 6. 17 Nov. 1852.

2 Standish Thomas, R.N., b. 5 July, 1855.

3 Robert Dring, b. 19 Aug. 1860.

4 Hubert Charles, 6. 28 May, 1862.

1 Emma Josephine, vi. 14 June, 1876, B. Phepoe, Esq.
in. Thomas (Rev.), Vicar of Hognaston, co. Derby, b. 1

Dec. 1»16; m. 1841, Mary Julia, dau. of W. Purser Fremes,

Esq. of Wepoe Hall, Flints, and d. 1886, leaving issue, two

jv. James Smith, 6. 2 Feb. 1824 ; m. 12 June, 1862, Mary

Frances, dau. of Berkeley Vincent, Esq. of Summer Hill,

CO. Clare.
I. Eleanor, to. 7 Dec. 1833, Christopher Musgrave Ussher,

Esq. of Camphive, co. W'aterford, and has issue.

The eldest son,

Standish Thomas O'Gkadt, Esq. of Landscape, co. Clare,
B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., Barrister-at^Law, b. 6 Sept. 1811, m.
May, 1843, Thomasina, dau. of Gerald de Courcy, The O'Grady,
of Kilballyowen, and by her, who d. 30 April, 1862, had issue,

I. Gilbert, now of Landscape.

II. Robert Henry Rodolph, b. 10 Aug. 1848 ; d. umn. 1885.

III. John Newman, b. 25 Jan. 1850 ; d. umn. May, 1888.

IV. Carew Standish, b. 23 April, 1860 ; d. umn. 1 July,

I. Geraldine Anne.

u. Helena Eliza, m. 14 Oct. 1830, P. R. Shand, Esq. of

Swathellie, Ceylon.
lu. Diana Eleanor, ?k. 1884, Capt. Percy Wildman-Lushing-

ton, 1st Batt. King's Own Scottish Borderers, and has with

other issue, Gilbert Vernon, b. 1887.
IV. Amelia Maria.

Mr. S. T. O'Grady d. 13 Sept. 1876.

Arms — (See Bubke's Peerage, Gcillaiiobe, V.)
JSeat — Land.scape, to. Clare.
Ciu6— Kaval and Military.

O'Haea, Charles William, Esq. of Annagh-
anore and Cooper's Hill, co. Sligo, J.P. and D.L.,
M.P. for that co. 1859 to 1865, High Sheriff 1849,
I. 30 Oct. 1817 ; ni. 28 Oct. 1858, Annie Charlotte,
eldest dau. of Richard Shuttleworth Streatfeild,
Esq. of The Eocks, Uckfield, Sussex, and by her
(who d. 12 March, 1882) has had issue,

I. Chables Kean, J.P. CO. Sligo, High Sheriff 1836, 6. 10

Dec. 1850.
n. Arthur Cooper, b. 8 Feb. 1862.
in. Richard Edward, b. 7 June, 1863.

IV. WiUiam Henry, b. 14 March, and d. 5 May, 1866.

V. Henry Streatfeild, 6. 26 Feb. 1870 ; d. 14 Feb. 1873.

VI. Alexander Perceval, 6. 16 May, 1871.
vu. Frederick William, b. 27 April, 1875.
vm. Errill Robert, b. 5 Sept. 1879.

I. Charlotte Jane, m. 2 Feb. 1881, Alexander Perceval, Esq.

of Temple House, co. Sligo.
U. Mary, d. 16 Sept. 1879.

HI. Annie Frances, d. 10 Sept. 1832.

IV. Emily Margaret.

V. Jane Marian. vi. Kathleen.

Mr. O'Hara, whose patronymic was Cooper, as-
sumed by royal licence, 27 Nov. 1860, the surname
of O'Hara, in compliance with the testamentary
injunction of his uncle, Charles King O'Hara, Esq.
of Annaghmore.

Liueagre. — in the genealoRical records of Ireland, it ap-
pears that this ancient and honourable family is descended
from Eadheah (a qao the patronymic name of O'Hara), who
was the son of Bec, which Bee, was the ITth in descent from
Olioll Olom, King of Mdnstee, of the Race of Hebee,
which Heber was the son of Milesics, King of Spain, and
Monaech of Ibeland. We find this family further deduced
from Bec before-mentioned through twenty generations, to

CoBMAC O'Hara, Esq. of Coolany, co. Sligo, who m. Una,
dau. of — Gallagher, Esq. of co. Galway, and d. 24 Oct. 1612,
leaving issue, two sons, viz.,

I. Teige, of whom hereafter.

II. Cormac O'Hara, Esq. of Mollane, co. Sligo, to. Catherine,
dau. of O'Reilly, of co. Cavan, and d. 1642, having had
issue by her,

1 Oliver, m. and had issue. He went into rebellion, and
forfeited his lands.

2 Bryan.

3 Curmac O'Hara Oge, Esq. of co. Sligo, m. Mary, dau.
of Hugh O'Flaherty, Esq. of Moycullen, in lar. Con-
naught, an ancient family in co. Galway, and had issue,
a son,

Hiberius O'Hara, of Ballyhara or Cursallagh, co. Sligo,
living 1688, m. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of William
Taaffe, Esq., Capt. of Infantry in the confederate
army of the Catholics of Ireland during the civil wars
of 1641, ancestor of Viscount Taaffe, and by her had
a son,
Roderick O'Hara, of Ballyhara or Cursallagh, co.
Sligo, who m. Anne, dau. and heir of — Forde, Esq.
of Grevagh, co. Leitrim, and was father of
Charles Herbert O'Hara, who was a Capt. in the
Caesarean Royal Harrecian Legion of Infantry,
and afterwards Col. of the Regt. of Ladogo, m. at
Prague, 1 July, 1750. Maria Theresa Challons, of
the ancient family of De Challons, of Burgundy, in
the kingdom of France. He d. at Vibourg, in
Finland, in the year 1774, having had issue,
Anthony Maria Marcellus O'Hara, Lieut.-Col. of
the Regt. of Bellosersky, in the service of Her
Imperial Majesty the Empress of Russia, Knt.
of the Order of Malta and of the Imperial Order
of Saint Wladimir, b. at Genoa, 6 April, 1751.
1 Catherine. 2 AnnabeUa.

The eldest son,

Teige O'Haba Bot, Esq. of Leiny, co. Sligo, High Sheriff
1608, m. Scheela, dau. of O'Rorke, andd. 5 Oct. 1616, having
had issue, two sons, the elder Teige, of Coolany, co. Sligo, b.
April, 1612 and d. unm. 25 July, 1634. The younger,

Kean O'Haea, Esq. of Coolany, and Annaghmore, co. Sligo,
High Sheriff 1665, s. his brother Teige in the family posses-
sions, TO. 1st, Anne, dau. of Sir Adam Loftus, Knt., and relict
of Richard, son and heir of Sir Laurence Parsons, Knt. of Birr,
and by her had issue,

I. Adam, of Annaghmore, High Sheriff 1616, in. Isabella,
dau. of Sir Francis Gore, Knt. tf Artamon, co. Sligo, by
Anne, dau. and heir of Capt. Robert Parke, of Sligo. He
d. 17 Sept. 1687, leaving an only dau. and heir,

Anne, who m. Ven. Toby Caulfeild, Archdeacon of Killala,
2nd son of Capt. Thomas Caulfeild, of Donamon, co.
Roscommon, Ttn son of William, 2nd Lord Charlemont.

II. Charles, s. to the estates on the death of his brother
Adam. He d. without i.-sue, 1703, and by his will devised
his estates to his half-brother Kean.

Kean O'Hara m. 2ndly, Mrs. Rose Crofton, widow, dau. and
heir of John Newman, Esq. of DubUn, and by her had (at
his decease in 1675) a son,

Kean O'Hara, Esq., High Sheriff co. Sligo 1703, s. to the
family estates on the death of his two elder brothers without
male issue, m. Eleanor, dau. of Theabold Mathew, and sister
of George Mathew, Esq. of Thomastown, co. Tipperary. Mr.
Kean O'Hara made a settlement to himself for life, with
remainder to his son and sons in tail male of said estates.
By his said wife (whose will bears date 13 Jan. 1733) he had

I. Chables, of whom presently.

II. Kean, of Dublin, m. Anna Maria, dau. of George Mathew,
Esq., and relict of Theobald Mathew, Esq., jun., of Thomas-
town, and had issue, an only child,

6 E





Charlotte, m. Eyre Trench, Esq., of Ashford, co. Kos-
in. Adam.
The eldest son,

Charles O'Hara, Esq. of Annaghmore, High Sheriff 174C,
TO. eirca 1742, Lady Mary Carmichael, eldest dau. of James,
2nd Earl of Hyndford, and sister of William Carmichael. D.D.,
Archbishop of Dublin, and by her (who d. 1759) had issue
(at his decease, 3 Feb. 1776), two sons, the younger of whom,
William, was a Capt. R.N., and d. unm. 1790. The elder,

Chables OHara, Esq. of Annaghmore, M.P. for co. Sligo,
and one of the Governors of the co., 6. 26 April, 1746; m.
Margaret, dau. and heir of John Cookson, M.D., of co. York,
and had issue,
Charles Kino O'Haba, Esq. of Annaghmore, co. Sligo, b.
Oct. 1785, who by his will, devised his estates to his nepbew,
Charles Cooper, on condition that he should take the sur-
name and quarter the arms of O'Hara.

Jane Frances, of whom presently.

The second dau.,

Jane Fb.^nces O'Haba, in. 1810, Arthur Brooke Cooper,
Esq. of Cooper's Hill, co. Sligo, son of Arthur Cooper, Esq. of
Cooper's Hill, by Sarah his wife, dau. of Guy Carlcton, Esq. or
Kossfad, CO. Fermanagh, and grandson, by Jane Cunningham
his wife, of William Cooper, Esq. of Cooper's Hill, who was a
descendant of the same family as "Cooper of Markree." Shed.
21 July, 1874, aged 90, leaving issue, two sons and four daus. ,
Arthur Brooke, ))i. Elizabeth Trulock, and by her (who d.
21 July, lt<59.) left (^at his decease, 12 June, 1S45) a dau.
Katherine Jane.
Charles Willia.m, now of Annaghmore and Coopers Hill.
Margaret Sarah.

Mary Jane Caroline, d. 31 Dee. 1877.

Jane Henrietta, m. Feb. 1850, Lieut.-Col. Alexander M'Kin-
stry, and d. in America, 8 Feb. 1867, leaving a son, Arthur,
and other issue.
Charlotte Anne, -m. 19 Feb. 1852, Christopher Carleton
L'Estrange, Esq., and has issue.
Mr. Cooper d. 4 Dec. 1854.

j4rm4— Quarterly : 1st and 4th vert, on a pale radiant or
a lion rampant sa., for O'Haba; 2nd and 3rd gu., on a bend,
between six lions rampant or, a crescent sa., for Cooper.
Crests — 1st, A demi-lion rampant erm., holding between the
paws a chaplet of oak-leaves ppr., for O'Haba ; 2nd, A man's
bust in prutile, couped at the shoulders, ppr., on the head an
Irish crown or, and charged on the neck with a crescent sa. ;
Motto over, Vincit amor patria-, for Cooper. Motto — Virtute
et claritate.

.Sea (s— Cooper's Hill, near Eiveratown, and Annaghmore,
CoUooney, co. Sligo.


O'Haea, The Kev. Heney Stewart, of O'Hara
33rook, CO. Antrim, Eector of Coleraioe, b. 6 Sept.
1845; m. 13 Feb. 1872, Hatton Thomasina
Eicliardson, dau. of Thomas Scott, Esq., D.L., of
Wellsboro, co. Londonderry.

Iiineage.— George Tait, Esq., who m. Catherine, only
dau. and heiress of Cormack O'Hara, Esq. of Drummulley, co.
Cavan, a descendant of the ancient family of O'Hara, of
Sligo, was father of

Charles O'Haba, Esq., Capt. in Gen. Bragg's Eegt., J.P.
and High Sheriff, co. Antrim, m. 1752, Helen, dau. of Alex-
ander Duncan, Esq. of Lundie, N.B., and had a son,

Henry O'Haba, Esq. of O'Hara Brook, b. 1759, J.P., Lieut.-
Col. of the Antrim Militia, and High Sheriff 1785, who m. 1st,
1782, Amy Lloyd, by whom he had a son Richard, Lieut. R.A.,
d. in Jamaica, 1812, and two daus. Katherine and Mary.
He TO. 2ndly 1792, Eleanor Dunn, and by her had issue,

1. Chables, of whom presently.

n. William, Lieut. 36th Eegt., d. unm. in the West Indies

jii. Henry Robert, d. unm. 1854.
IV. James Ocn (Rev.), late of the Castle Portstewart and

O'Hara Brook.

I. Eleanor, m. M. Sankey, Esq., and is dec.
n. Helen Elizabeth, m. Capt. M. Crofton, R.N.,and d. 1876.
III. Grace, m. Rev. William Kearney, and ci. 1885.
iv. Anne Martha, d. unm. 1855.
■V. Louisa, m. Thomas Crofton, E.N., and d. 1883.
. Yi. Maria, in. Herbert Maddock, Esq.

Mr. O'Hara m. Srdly 1808, Sophia Thwaites, but had no issue
by her. He d. 20 Jan. 1823. His eldest son,

Charles OHara, Esq. of O'Hara Brook, co. Antrim, J. P.,
High Sheriff 1833, 6. 13 April, 1797, m. Sept. 1823, Margaret

eldest dau. of Arthur Innes, Esq. of Diromantine, co. Down
and had issue,

I. Arthur, b. 11 Dec. 1828; d. 23 June, 1866. •

II. William, Capt. 40th Eegt., 6. 31 March, 1830; d. 7
May, 1859.

III. James, late 62nd Eegt., 6. 4 Not. 1835, d. unm. 6 Oct,

I. Anne, m. W. T. Latham, Esq., M.D., and d. 13 Aug.

II. Ellen Sophia, m. 18G2, Rev. William Armstrong, Incum-
bent of Scarva, and d. 3 May, 1889, leaving issue.

Mr. C. O'Hara d. 29 March, 1873, leaving no male issue-
surviving, and was s. by his brother,

Eev. James Dun O'Haba, of The Castle, Portstewart, andi
O'Hara Brook, co. Antrim, b. 4 Dec. 1801 ; m. Nov. 1842^
Caroline DelTel, dau. of William Alves, Esq. of Enbam Place,.
Hants, and d. 13 Aug. 1893, having by her had issue,

I. Henry Stewart, present representative. • ,

II. William James, b. 23 June, 1857; m. Oct. 1887, Cecilia,,
dau. of Peter Connellan, Esq., D.L., of Coolmore, co. Kil -
kenny, and has issue, Ueni-y Desmond, b. 1892, and Liliao

I. Sarah Caroline. ii. Helen Sophia.

III. Caroline Elizabeth, d. unm. 1872.

Arms — Vert, on a pale radiant or, a lion rampant sa. Crest
—A demi-lion rampant pean holding between his paws s>
chaplet of oak-leaves vert acorned ppr.

.S'wt— O'Hara Brook, Ballymoney, co. Antrim.

Jiesidence— The Rectory, Coleraine.


O'Hara, James, Esq. of Lenaboy, co. Galway,.
J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. late Commanding 5th
Brigade North Irish Division, R.A., formerly Capt.
2nd Dragoon Guards, b. 21 Sept. 1832 ; educated
at Eton ; m. 16 Dec. 1864, Blanche, dau. of the late-
Bev. Sebastian Gambler, Vicar of Sandgate, and
granddau. of the late Sir James Gambler, Consul-
Gen, at Tlie Hague, and has issue,

I. James, Lieut. 2nd Dragoon Guards, 6. 16 Nov. 1865.

II. James Geoffrie Musgrave. b. 3 April, 1869.

III. James Power, b. 1 March, 1872.

IV. James Fitzgerald William, 6. 11 March, 1875.

I. Rose.

II. Blanche Ismay, d. 19 July, 1883, aged 4 years.

Liineag-e. — John O'Haba (descended from a Sligo family)^
.1 Capt. in the army, and Town Major of Galway, served inSpair*
at Siege of Vigo. &c., as Aide-de-Camp to Sir Charles O'Hara,
afterwards Lord Tyrawley. He d. in 1729, leaving three

I. James, his heir, h. 1717.

II. Geoffrie, a Capt. in the E. I. Co.'s navy.

III. John.
The eldest son,

James O'Haba, of Lenaboy, was Mayor of Galway in 1747 ; m,
1744, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Shaw, and had fourteen chil-
dren, four of whom survived him. Of these were

I. James, his heir.

II. Robert, of Piahcen, m. a dau. of Walter Taylor, Esq. of
Castle Taylor, and had seven sons and five daus.

The eldest son,

James OHara, Esq. of Lenaboy, b. 1748, Recorder of Gal-
way for sixty years, m. Jan. 1789, Margaret, dau. of Richard
Moore, Esq., who d. 1814. He d. Nov. 1838, aged 90 years,
and was s. by his son,

James O'Haba, Esq. of Lenaboy, M.P. for Galway, 6.1796',
m. 15 April, 1823, Anne, dau. of Hon. and Most Rev. Power
Le Poer Trench, last Archbishop of Tuam, and granddau. of
AVilliam Power Keating, 1st Earl of Clancarty, by whom (wh(;>
d. 11 March, 1870) lie had issue,

I. James, bis heir.

II. Richard, Lieut.-Col. late R.A.

I. Anne, 7)i. Rev. James Lancaster (deceased). Rector oi
Attanagh, and has issue.

II. Margaret.

III. Elizabeth, to. John Temple Reilly, Esq. of Scarvaglr, co.
Down, and has issue.

IV. Emily, m. Right Rev. James O'Suliivan, D.D., Loril
Bishop of Tuam.

Mr. O'Hara d. Dec. 1838, and was s. by his eldest son, JaMes
O'Hara, now of Lenaboy.

Arras — Vert, on a pale radiant or, a lion rampant sa. Ci-cst
— A demi-lion rampant erm., holding a chaplet of oak-leaTes
ppr. Motto — The hand that never tires.

S(at — Lenaboy, co. Galway. . .. .:..






Paeet-Okedejt, TJvedale Edwaed Paret, Esq.
of Turnworth, co. Dorset, J.P., Lieut.-Col. in the
army (retired) , late 10th Koyal and 18th Hussars,
b. 9 Sept. 1845 ; m. Ist, 19 April, 1871, Eose Ellen
Marian Antoinette, only dau. of Henry Lee-Warner,
Esq. of Walsingham Abbey, co. Norfolk and by
her (who d. 30 Dec. 1876) has issue,

I. Millicent Caroline.

II. Elinor Violet Emma.

III. Kose Ellen Marian Antoinette Uvedalc.

He m. 2ndly, 11 Dec. 1879, Carolina Susan, elder
dau. of Charles Hambro, Esq. of Milton Abbey, co.
Dorset, and has further issue,

I. William Uvedale Hambro, 6. 17 June, 1884.

II. Charles Edmund Greathed, b. 28 April, 18a8,

III. Humphrey Eric, b. 29 May, 1891.

IV. Alice Muriel.

V. Hermione Geraldine.

Lineage.— The family of Okeden came originally from
Ellingliam, near Eingwood, in Hampshire, where they had a
good estate and a large mansion house. They were also pos-
sessed of a large extent of ground in the New Forest, which
still retains the name of Okeden's Purlieu.

William Okeden, Esq., in. Elizabeth, only dau. of George
TTvedale, Esq. of More Critchell, and was father of

William Okeden, Esq., who was M.P. for Corfe Castle, and
d. 1694, leaving (by Mary his wife) a son and heir,

William Okeden, Esq., who (by Magdalen his wife) had a
dau. Mary, in. William Glisson. Mr. Okeden, who d. 1718,
left also two sons, on whom he entailed his estates by will.
William, the elder, m. 1st, Mary Foubert, and 2ndly, Dorothy,
widow of — Finch, Esq., but dying s. p. 1753, was s. by his
younger brother,

Edmcnd Okeden, Esq., who m. 1732, Catherine, dau. of —
Charlton, Esq., and by her had a son, William, M.A. of Trin.
Coll. Oxford, who d. s. p. 17G3, and a dau. Catharine Jane.
Mr. Okeden d. 1776. His only dau.,

Catharine Jane Okeden, m. 1774, Major David Parry, of
the 20th Eegt., and subsequently Governor of Barbados, and
dying 1788, left by him (who d. at Bath, 1793) two sons, David
Okeden and Humphrey, bapt. 2 Aug. 1778, d. 1797. The
only surviving son,

David Okeden Pakrt- Okeden, Esq., assumed, in compli-
ance with the will of his grandfather, his maternal surname
of Okeden. He to. 18 Oct. 1796, Mary, dau. of Kev. John
Harris, of Sturminster Marshall, and by her (who d. 23 Feb.
1810) had issue,

William Parry, his heir.

Mr. Okeden Parry-Okeden d. 28 Oct. 1833, and was s. by his
only son,

William Parrt-Okeden, Esq. of Turnworth, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1849, m. 3 Aug. 1842, Julia Henrietta, 2nd
dau. of Edward Harris Greathed, Esq. of Uddens, Wimborne,
Dorset, and had issue,

I. TJvedale Edward Parry, now of Turnworth.

II. Humphrey David Parry, Major King's Koyal Ptifle Corps,
6. 21 Feb. 1849.

III. Edmund Robert Parry, 6. 18 Nov. 1851.

IV. Herbert George Parry (Rev ), B.A., b. 25 Sept. 1857; to.
13 April, 1887, Mary Isabel, only surviving dau. of Rev.
Barrington Mills, Rector of Lawshall, co. Suffolk.

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