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v. William Henry Parry, b. 14 Sept. 1860.

I. Katherine Emma.

II. Edith, m. 1871, Francis Thomas Bircham, son of the late
F. T. Bircham, of Burhill, Surrey.

HI. Mary, 5)i; 1886, John Alexander, of Woodlands, Ceylon.

IV. Elinor Maude, in. 1882, Charles L. C. de Kobeek, Major
late 60th Rifles, son of the late Baron de Robeck, of Gow-
ran Grange, Naas.

V. Blanche Alma. vi. Adela Frances.

vii. Mabel Louisa Parry, to. 1878, Thomas H. K. Winwood,
of Wellisford Manor, Somerset.

VIII. Julia Margaret, m. 1893, H. G. Noore, Esq. Royal War-
wickshire Regt.

IX. Alice Rachel, m. 1888, Gordon Pyper, of Hantane, Cey-

.Mr. Parry-Okeden d. 22 April, 1SG8 ; his widow, 17 Dee.

Arms— Sa., on a fesse arg., between six acorns or, three oak-
leaves ppr. Crest — A bear's paw sa., grasping an oak branch
ppr., fructed or.

Seat— Turnworth, near Blandford, Dorset,


O'Kellt, Coenelius Denis, Esq. of Gallagh
Castle, CO. Galway, Capt. 4th Batt. Connaught
Eangers, b. 9 Aug. 1865 ; s. his grandfather.

liineag-e.— DoNNCHADH, or Donogh O'Kelly, son of Mael-
seachlainO'Kelly, Prince or Chief of Hy-Many, by Finola, his
wife, dau. of O'Conor Don, s. his brother, Tadhg, or Teige, as
Chief of Hy-Many, in the year 1410 ; but after enjoying tho
dignity for fourteen years, he was slain by his own nephews,
who rebelled against his government. He was the 24th
O'Kelly, and lived at Tyaquin. He left two sons, Tadho and
Breasal. The elder,

Tadho, or Teige O'Kelly, Chief of Hy-Many, and 26th
O'Kelly, was s. in the chieftainship by his brother, Breasal,
who was the 27th O'Kelly, and d. 1404. Teige m. a dau. of
Thomas Burke, of Moyne, and had a son,

Maelseachlainn, or Malachy O'Kelly, 28th O'Kelly, and
Chief of Hy-Many, one of the most celebrated men of his race,
who erected the Castles of Gallagh Monivea, and Garbally,
and took a leading part in the warfare which was waged in
1504 by the Lord Deputy the Earl of Kildare against Mac-
William Burke, of Clanricarde, and which was terminated by
the victory of Knockdoe. Maelseachlainn d. 1511. He in.
Mabel, dau. of Teige Roe O'Kelly, of Callow, and was father

Tadhg Dudh, or Teige Ddff, of Gallagh, Chief of Hy-
Many, })',. 1st, the dau. of Donogh O'Kelly, and had by her
a son, Aedh, or Hcgh, Lord Abbott of Knockmoy, and a
dau. Catherine, to. the Lord Berminghain. He to. 2ndly,
Una, dau. of MacDermot, of Moylurg, and by her had two

I. William, of MuUaghmore, m. the dau. of Meyler Boy Ber-
mingham, and had a son, Teige, ancestor of the O'Kellys
of MuUaghmore, now extinct.

II. DoNNCHADZj, of Gallagh.

Tadhg Dubh d. 1513. His 2nd son,

DoNNCHADH Reagh O'Kelly, of Gallagh, m. Una, dau. of
John Roe Burke, of Beamore, and was father of

CoNCHOBHAR NAG Ceakbhach O'Kelly, of Gallagh, who
appears to have been one of the sub-chiefs of Hy-Many, and
was living 1585. He to. Honora, dau. of Richard Boy O'Kelly,
of Moate, and dying about the year 1612, left (with five daus.)
a son and successor,

Teige O'Kelly, of Gallagh, whose wardship, as appears
from patent roll, 10 Jac. I., was granted to Lady Ursula
Bourke, widow of Sir Thomas Bourke, Knt. He in. 1st, Mary,
dau. of Henry, son of Sir Hubert Burke, and had a son,
Donogh Reach, of whom presently. He in. 2ndly, Julia, dau-
of Sir Dermot O'Shaughnessy, and by her had (with a dau.
Margaret, to. Col. Charles Kelly, 9th Lord of the Manor of
Screen) a son, John MacTeige, m. Anne, dau. of Dermot
Daly, Esq. of Killimore, and had a son, Donogh. The elder

DoNNCHADH Reagh O'Kelly, of Gallagh, to. Eleanor, dau. of
Sir Ulick Burke, Bart, of Glinsk, and was father of

Capt. William O'Kelly, of Gallagh, living 1683, who,
driven from the Castle of Gallagh, after the battle of Aughrim,
first settled at Tycooly. He in. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert
Dillon, Esq. of Clonbrock, and had (with a dau. Eleanor)'
three sons, Conor, Festus, and Patrick. The 2nd,

Festus O'Kelly, of Tycooly, Count of the Holy Romaa
Empire, in. Joanna, dau. of John Dillon, Esq. of Kjngdare^
and had sons,

Connor, his heir.

Dillon John, an OERcer in the Austrian and Hungarian
service, eminently distinguished on many occasions, parti-
cularly by his gallant and successful defence of Konnopisht
Castle, in Bohemia. In consideration of his services, the
Emperor Francis conferred on himself and on his father,
Festus O'Kelly, of Tycooly, the dignity of Count op the
Holy Roman Empire. The title was given with a reversion
to Festus, as his son Dillon had no issue. Count Dillon
O'Kelly 7?i. about the year 1755, Marian, Countess of Klenowa
and Baroness de Jenovey, a favourite of the Empress Maria,
Theresa, and widow of His Excellency Count de Witby,
Hereditary Treasurer of Bohemia, but had no issue. Count
O'Kelly was afterwards Ambassador from the Emperor of
Germany to the Elector of Saxony. He became also Grand
Chamberlain, and was invested with various other orders and
honours of the empire. He d. in Germany 1811, leaving
the bulk of his property to his nephew, Festus O'Kelly, of
The elder son,

Connor O'Kelly, of Tycooly, Count of the Holy Roman
Empire, in. 1766, Margaret, dau. of John O'Moore, Esq. of
Annabeg, and sister of Garrett O'Moore, Esq. of Cloghan

5 E 2





Castle, and had two sons, Festus and John, and five daus.,
ilary, Jane, Eliza, Anne, and Susanna. The elder son,

FEST03 O'Kellt, of Tycooly, Count of the Holy Eonian
Empire, b. 1771 ; m. 1795, Marian, dau. and, in her issue,
heir of Ambrose O'Madden, of Anna Calla, directly descended
from the family of Longford Castle, and dying 4 April, 1834,
left two sons,

CoBNELius Joseph, late of Gallagh.

Ambrose, of Guriray, J.P. cos. Galway and Eoscommon
(see U'Kelly of Gurtray).

The eldest son,

CoBNELics Joseph O'Kellt, Esq. of Gallagh Castle, co.
Galway, J.P., High Sheriff 1851, b. 15 Sept. 1806; m. 10 Oct.
1831, Eliza, dau. of Walter Joyce, Esq. of Mervue, and had

I. Festcs Ignatius, 5. 23 July, 1832 ; m. 1863, Theresa Hary,
dau. of James Daly, Esq. of Castle L>aly, co. Galway, and
d. v.p. 1888, leaving issue,

1 Cobnelics Denis, now of Gallagh.

2 Edward Joseph, 6. Dec. 1868.

n. Cornelius Joseph, settled in Australia, b. 8 Feb. 18Cj.

III. Edward Anthony, &. 6 Aug. 1842.

IV. Walter Francis Maurice, b. 20 Sept. 1 844.

I. Helen Theresa, m. 1855, Thomas J. Bodkin, Esq., J.P., of
Kilclooncy, who d. 1868, leaving issue.

II. Marian, m. Dominick G. Bodkin, Esq. of Kilclooney.

III. Christina Mary, m. 20 Nov. 1805, James Dermot Daly,
Esq. of Castle Daly, co. Galway, and has issue.

Ta-r. C. J. O'Kelly d. 18 Aug. 1892, and was s. by his grandson.

Arms — Az., two lions rampant combatant arg., chained or,
supporting a tower of three turrets of the second. CVest—An
enHeld vert. Jl/ot(o— Turris fokis mihi Deus.

iSea£— Uallagh Castle, Tuam, co. Galway.


O'Kellt, John Appletaed, Esq. of Gurtraj,
CO. Galway, J.P., b. 21 Dec. 1848; s. his brotlier
1877 ; m. 12 Oct. 1886, Mary, dau. of Count O'Byrne,
of Allardstown, co. Louth, and Corville, Eoserea
(see that family), and has issue,

I. John Domnick, 6. 5 Aug. 1887.

II. Ambrose Alexander, 6. 23 Aug. 18S3.
HI. Gerald Edward, b. 11 March, 1890.

IV. Joseph Henry, 6. 4 Jan. 1892.

V. Eaphael Patrick, 6. 16 Sept. 1893.

Liueag'e. — Ambbose Patbick O'Kellt, Esq. of Gurtray,
J.P. cos. Galway and Eoscommon, b. Feb. 1806, 2nd son of
Festus O'Kelly, Esq. of Tycooly (.see preceding Memoir) ; m. 23
April, 1836, Theresa, dau. of 'Walter Joyce, Esq. of Mervue,
.and by her (who d. July, 1851) had issue,

I. Ambrose Michael Madden, J.P. co. Galway, b. 29 Sept.
1842 ; d. 12 Dec. 1867.

II. William Patrick, of Gurtray, J.P. co. Galway, b. 9 March
1844; d. 29 April, 1876.

III. John Appleyabd, now of Gurtray.

IV. Gerald Alban, b. 26 Oct. 1849 ; m. Eleanor, dau. of
Moore Biggins, of Ottawa, Canada, and d. 24 Aug. Ia81.

I. Theresa Mary.

II. Helen Christina.

III. Mary Aloysia, m. Sept. 1867, Thomas Aliaga Kelly, Esq.
of St. Grellans, Monkstown, co. Dublin (descended from
Colla O'Kelly, of Castle Kelly), and has issue.

Mr. O'Kelly of Gurtray, d. 21 Nov. 1803.

.^j-/;is— Same as O'Kelly of Gallagh.
ji'ea:— Gm-tray, Portumna, co. Galway.


Okeotee, Haughton Chaeles, Esq. of Okeover,
-CO. Stafford, J.P. for cos. Stafford and Derby, and

D.L. CO. Warwick, High Sheriff co. Derby 1862, b.

14 Nov. 1825 ; m. 12 July, 1859, Hon. Eliza Anne
-Cavendish, eldest dau. of Henry Manners Cavendish,
.3rd Lord Waterpark, of Doveridge Hall, Derby,

and has issue,

I. Hacghton Ealdked, 6. 10 May, 1875.

I. Mabel Alice.

II. Maude (Hon.), late Maid of Honour to the Queen ; m.
11 Oct. 1887, Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, Ban., of Os-
maston Manor, co. Derby.

HI. Buth Isabel.

IV. Edith Mary, m. 11 Aug. 1891, Capt. the Hon. Herbert
T. Allsopp, late 10th Hussars.

V. Ethel Blanche. vi. Lilian Mercy Mary.
VII. Mary Beatrice. viii. Victoria Alexandrina.

Lineage.— This ancient and knightly family has enjoyed
the lordship of Okeover during a period of upwards of 700
years, and ranks with the first houses in its county.

HuMPHBET Okeovek, Esq. of Okeover (son and heir of Ealph
Okeover, Esq., who d. 1494, and grandson, by Thomasine his
wife, dau. of Ealph Bassett, of Blore, of Philip Okeover, Esq.
of Okeover, High Sheriff of co. Derby and Notts 5 and 14
Edwabd I'V., lineally descended from Orme, Lord of Achovie,
about the year 1100), m. Catherine, dau. of Sir Eobert Aston,
of Tixhall, and d. 25 April, SOHenbyVIII., leaving, with other
issue, a son and heir,

Philip Okeoteb, Esq. of Okeover, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Thomas Babington. Esq. of Dethick, co. Derby, and was s. by
his grandson (the son of Eowland Okeover, by Anne Needhaiu
his wife),

Humphrey Okeoveb, Esq. of Okeover, High Sheriff of co.
Derby 1631, who ?)i. Martha, dau. of Sir Oliver Cheney, and by
her had issue. The eldest son,

Sib Eowland Okeover, of Okeover, 5. 1624 ; m. Mercy, dau.
of Edward Goodyere, Esq. of Heythrop, co. Oxford, and d.
1692, leaving,

I. Eowland, his heir.

II. Thomas, of Tylney St. Lawrence, Norfolk, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Thomas Farmer, Esq. of Oldbury, co. Warwick, and
d. 10 Aug. 1657, leaving,

Eowland, of Oldbury, who m. twice, but left issue only by
Alice, dau. of John Gregory, Esq., Merchant, of London,
Eowland Farmer, of Oldbury Hall, b. 30 Nov. 1745; m.
1st, Bridget, dau. of James Haughton Langston, Esq.,
of Bedford Square, London, and had,
Haughton Fabmeb, who became of Okeover.
Mr. Eowland Farmer Okeover m. 2ndly, Judith Holden,
widow, 3rd dau. of William Eobinson, Esq. of Hill
Eidware, co. Stafford, and d. 1793, having by her had

Charles Gregory (Rev.), b. 11 May, 1792 ; m. 17 Sept.
1823, Mary Anne, eldest dau. of Gen. Sir George
Anson, G.C.B., M.P., uncle of Thomas, 2nd Earl of
Lichfield, and by her (who to. 2ndly, 14 Feb. 1833,
Eobert Plumer Ward, Esq. of Gilston Park, Herts,
and d. 1875) he left at his decease, 2 Aug. 1826, a
son, the present Haughton Charles Okeover, Esq.
of Okeover, and a dau. Mary Ann, d. unm. 6 Feb.

I. Elizabeth, m. Wolstan Adderley, Esq.

II. Mercy, 6. 10 May, 1654; in. William Trafford, Esq. of
Swithamley, co. Stafford.

The eldest son,

Eowland Okeoveb, Esq. of Okeover, in. Elizabeth, only dau.
and heir of Sir Thomas Pettus, Bart, of Eackheath, and d.
1729, leaving a son and successor,

Thomas Okeoveb, Esq. of Okeover, m. Catherine, only dau.
and heir of the Hon. William Leek, Baron of the Exchequer,
and had issue,

Leake Okeoveb, Esq. of Okeover, 6. 1701 ; m. Mary, dau.
of John Nichol, Esq., but d. without issue. His cousin and
heir male was

Haughton Fabmeb Okeoveb, Esq. of Okeover, 6. 7 Sept.
1776, High Sheriff of co. Stafford ISOO, at whose decease,
s. p. the representation of this very ancient family de-
volved on his nephew the present Hacghton Charles
Okeoveb, Esq.

Arvis — Erm., on a chief gu. three bezants. Crest — A demi-
wyvern erm., langued gu., issuing out of a coronet or. Motto
— Esto vigilans.

Seat— Okeover Hall, Ashbourne, co. Derby. Residence — 6,
Upper George Street, Bryanston Square, W.


McCabthy-O'Leaet, John, Esq. of Coomlagane,
CO. Cork, J.P. cos. Cork and Kerry, D.L. co. Cork,
High Sheriff 1854, b. 19 Sept. 1814; m. 29 Oct.
1839, Jane, eldest dau. of John O'Connell, Esq. of
Grenagh, co. Kerry, and relict of O'Donoghue of
The Glens, and has had issue,

I. John Arthur, late of the 34th Eegt., b. 3 Aug. 1840; m.
4 March, 1869, at Brussels, LaComtesseAnnade Villegas
de St. Pierre Jette, and d. 1870, lea>-ing issue, John and
Madeleine Felicia.





n. Penis Chables, J. P., Barrister-at-Law, 6. Oct. 1841 ; to.

J 874, Frances, dau. of John P. Euwe, Esq. of Victoria ; d.

at Melbourne, July, 1886.
ui. William, Major South Lancashire Eegt., b. Jan. 1S49;

m. 2 July, 1878, Minnie, dau. of Heffernan Considine,

Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Derk, co. Limerick.
IV. Maurice Charles, b. March, 1854.
I. Elizabeth Mary. ii. Leonora Mary, d. 1859.

III. Amy Jane, d. 19 March, 1873.

IV. Lucinda, deceased.

Iiilieag"e. — Dermot McCarthy, of Carhue and Dooneen
son (according to the family pedigree) of Donogh MacCartliy,
of Drishane, a descendant of the noble family of Muskerry,
)-(i. previous to to 1635, Eleanor, dau. of Darby O'Callaghan, of
Kilpeader, co. Cork, and by her was father of

DoKOGH McDermot McCarthy, of Dooneen (mentioned in
the will of his uncle, Cahir O'Callaghan, dated 1679), m. Jane
Eadley, of Knockrour, co. Cork, and had (with a son, Daniel,
the father of Dermot and Justin) a son and successor,

Denis McCarthy, Esq. of Dooneen, b. 1677 ; m. Jane, dau.
of J. Barrett, Esq. of Barrett's Country, and d. 24 June, 1761,
aged 84, leaving issue (with four daus., one of whom, Joan, m.
Timothy McCarthy, of Lyradane), three sons,

I. JnsTiN, of whom hereafter.

II. Denis, m. Ellen, dau. of Daniel McCartliy, and had issue.
Denis, Charles, Mary, Catherine, and Jane.

in. Alexander, of Knocknagrae, co. Cork, 6. 1718, an OfBcer
in Lord Clare's Irish Brigade, in France, who fought in 1745
under the banner of the Young Chevalier. He m. Mary,
dau. of Daniel Duggan, of Mount Infant, co. Cork, and d.
1802, aged 84, leaving issue,

1 Denis, who had, with other issue, Florence, of Crook-
haven, father of Thomas, of New York, Barrister-at-Law.

2 Florence, Capt. in the ll.E.I.C.S.,rf. 1778.

8 Daniel, Major in the Austrian service, d. of wounds
received at the taking of Dusseldorff by the French.

4 Justin, Capt. in the H.E I.C.S., d. in India, 1788.

5 Alexander, of Cork, b. 25 March, 1771 ; m. Eliza, dau.
of Stephen Fagan, Esq., and by her (who d. 30 May,
1829) had (with junior issue) a son,

Alexander, b. 1800, Barristcr-at-Law, M.P. for the city
and afterwards for the co. of Cork ; High Sheriff 1856,
d. unm.

1 Ellen, in. Denis Mahony, of Islandaugher.

2 Mary, m. Martin Lawlor, of Killarney.

3 Jane, m. 1st, — O'Driscoll, and 2ndly, Capt. Coghlan, of

The eldest son,

Justin McCarthy, Esq., in. 1730, Anne, dau. of Charles
McCarthy, Esq. of Lyradane, co. Cork, and had issue (with a
dau Jane), a son,

Denis McCarthy, Esq. of Glynn, co. Cork, who m. 1st,
1770, Anne, dau. of Felix McCarthy, Esq. of Springhouse, co.
Tipperary, and by her (whod. 1780) had issue,

Denis, of whom presently.

Ellen, m. Albert Stubbeman, Esq. of Cork.

Mary, m. Timothy Mahony, Esq. of Cork.
Mr. McCarthy m. 2ndly, Helen, only child of O'Leary, of
Millstreet, who d. s. p., having devised the estates to her
stepson, Denis McCarthy, on condition of his assuming the
name of O'Leabt. Mr. McCarthy d. 1824, and was s. by his

Denis McCarthy-O'Leary, Esq. of Coomlagane, m. 1812,
Leonora, dau. of John Howley, Esq. of Eichill, co. Limeiick,
and by her (who d. 1832) left at his decease, Oct. 1829, a son
and heir, the present John McCarthy-O'Leary, Esq., now of

Seat — Coomlagane, near Millstreet, co. Cork.


Kington-Oliphant, Thomas LArRENCE, Esq. of
Gask, CO. Perth, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, J.P. h.
1831 ; m. 1856, Frances Dorothy, dau. of Henry
Jebb, Esq. of Boston, co. Lincoln.

Lineage. — The family of Olifard or Oliphant is of
Korman origin, and was settled in Northamptonshire shortly
after the Conquest. It never subsequently appears as a
name of note in England, but for centuries occupied a distin-
guished place in the annals of Scotland. Two interesting
work.s concerning the Oliphants have recently been published,
viz.: "The Oliphants in Scotland," and ''The Jacobite
Lairds of Gask."

David Olifard was a godson of David I. of Scotland,
and had the good fortune to save the Kings life
at the raising of the siege of 'Winchester, in 1141. Soon

afterwards he appears as holding lands from the Crown in
Scotland, and eventually as Justiciary of the southern part of
that kingdom, known as Laodonia, but of much greater
extent than the Lothians of the present day.

From him sprang many distinguished men, the best
known in history being Sir William Oliphant who
defended Stirling Castle against the English in 1303, and
whose son. Sib Walter Oliphant, was, as Crawford says in
his Peerage, " So gallant and brave a man that his merit
preferred him to a marriage with the Lady Elizabeth
Bruce, daughter to King Eobert I. and sister to King
David II."

In 1458, Sib Laurence Oliphant, the fifth in direct descent
from Sir Walter, just mentioned, was created Lord Oliphant.
To him succeeded John, 2nd Lord, both of whose sons, Colin,
Master of Oliphant, and Laurence, Abbot of Incheffray, fell \
at Flodden. Colin left two sons, Laurence, afterwards 3rd'i
Lord, and William, of Newton and Thrumster.

William Oliphant, Esq. of Newton, in the co. of Perth,s .
who is mentioned in a complaint to the Privy Council oi •
Scotland, 21 Nov. 1587. He m. Margaret, dau. and heir •
of Sir William Oliphant, Knt. of Berrydale, and was father

Laurence Oliphant, Esq. of Newton and Thrumster, to.
Mary, dau. of Andrew EoUo, Esq , Duncrub, and was s. by his

eldest son,
Laurence Oliphant, Laird of Gask, who purchased the -

estate of Gask from his cousin the fifth Lord. He m. _.

1G06, Lilias, dau. of Patrick Graham, Esq. of Inchbraikie.

and widow of William Colville, Esq. of Condie, and had

Sir Laurence Oliphant, Knt. of Gask, m. 1634, Hon. Lilias

Oliphant, dau. of Patrick, 6th Lord Oliphant, and had, with.

four younger sons and three daus., two elder sons,

I. Patrick, disinherited by his father.

II. Laurence, on whom his father settled the estate of Gask,.
16.i9; m. 1661, Anne, dau. of Sir George Preston, Knt. of
Vulleyfield, and d. 1672, leaving with two daus. (Katherine,
TO. Hugh Paterson, and Anne; three sons, i. George, of
Gask, m. twice, but d. s. p. 1684; li. Laurence, d. s.p.;
III. William, of Gask, d. unm. 1704, when the estates
returned to the senior line.

Sir Laurence d. 20 July, 1679. His eldest son,

Patrick Oliphant, Laird of Williamston, disinherited, m.
Margaret, dau. of Eev. John Murray, Minister of Trinity
Gask, and d. 1694, when he was g. by his son,

James Oliphant, Laird of Gask, to which he succeeded upon
the demise of his cousin, William, in 1704. He m. 16 July,
1689, Janet, dau. of Eev. Anthony Murray, of Woodend, and .
was father of

Laurence Oliphant, Laird of Gask, b. 1691 ; m. Hon.
Amelia Anne Sophia Nairne, 2nd dau. of William, 2nd Lord
Nairnc, and had a son and heir,

Laurence Oliphant, Laird of Gask (went out in 1715 and,
1745), 1)1. 1755, Margaret, dau. of Duncan Eobertson, Esq. of.
Strowan, by whom (who d. 18 March, 1774) he had two sons,
and four daus., one of whom was the poetess Lady Nairne.
He d. 1 Jan. 1792, and was s. by his eldest son,

Laurence Oliphant, Laird of Gask (went out in 1745), m.
1795, Christian, dau. and heir of Dr. Joseph Eobertson, of
Ardblair, and had (with four younger daus., Christiau,.
Harriet, Amelia, and Caroline),

I. Laurence, his heir.

II. Ja.mes Blair, successor to his brother.

I. Eachel, successor to her brother in Ardblair.

II. Margaret, in. 1830, Thomas Kington, Esq. of Charlton
House, Somerset (son of Thomas Kington, Esq., by Char-
lotte Miles his wife), and d. 1839. leaving by him (.who d.

1 Thomas Laurence, now of Gask.

2 Philip Oliphant (Kington-Blair-Oliphant) of Ardblair,
CO. Perth, b. 1832, who assumed ls68, the additional
surnames of Blair-Oliphant, ia. 1859, Henrietta, dau.
of VViliiam H. Yaldwyn, Esq. of Blackdown, Su.ssex, and
d. 189.', leaving issue, Philip Laurence; Emily Caroline;

Margaret Ethel : Lilian : Mabel Henrietta, deceased.

3 William Miles Nairn, m. Ist, 1872, Sophia Baker, and.
has issue, William Miles; Hugh Beresfonl; Norah S,\ye:
Kathleen Frances. He m. 2ndly, 1S82, Gertrude, dau. of-
Lieut.-Col. Uimston, and ha.% further issue, Philip Urm-.
ston, b. 1892; Phyllis Nairn; Gertrude Joan; Marjorie-
Oliphant; Cicely Brabazon (deceased), and Joyce

1 Caroline Margaret, m. Dr. FyfTe, and has issue, four sons
and three daus.
Mr. Oliphant was s. by his eldest son,

Laurence Oliphant, Laird of Gask, who (i. Mnm. 31 Dec,
1828, was s. by his brother.





James Blaik Oliphant, of Gask, J.P. and D.L. co. Perth, m.
1840, Henrietta, dau. and heir of James Gillespie Graham, Esq.
of Orchill, same co. ; she <?. 9 Dec. ISS6. Mr. Oliphant wag
served, 18 Aug. 1839, heir male of Francis, 10th and last Lord
Oliphant, and d. s. p. 1S47, ^vhen he was s. in Ardblair by his

Kachel Oliphant, who d. unm. 1864, and was s.
in Ardblair, in 1864, by her nephew, Thomas LAnKENCE
Kington-Oliphant, now of Gask, who was served heir to
James Oliphant in GasU, in 1S67.

Seat — Gask, Auchterarder, co. Perth.


Oliphant, Colonel Laurence James, of Condie
and Newton, co. Perth, Col. lately Commanding
Grenadier Guards, b. Dec. 1846 ; *. liis father 1862 ;
771. 19 Nov. 1878, Hon. Mary Monica Gerai'd, dau.
of Eobert, 1st Lord Gerard, and has issue,

I. Laurence Henry, b.

II. Francis, 6. 1883.
I. Helen, b. 1891.

; Nov. 1879.

Xiineag'e. — Laurence Oliphant, Esq., 1st of Condie (an
estate purchased in 1601\ son of Alexander Oliphant, the
Albany Herald, and gi'andson of William Oliphant, of
Kewton (see Oliphant of Gask, and Oliphant of Rossie). He
m. Miss Murray, of Tullibardine, ancestor of the Athole family,
by whom he had issue,

Laurence, m. Harriot, dau. and heirof Sir John Blackadder,

of Tullialan, and thereby disobliging his father, was in a

great measure disinherited.
Thomas, who had the lands of Kossie, and was ancestor of

the Oliphants of that pl.ace.
William, m. Elspeth, dau. of Sir Henry Stirling, Bart, of

James, ancestor of the Oliphants of Kinneder, in Fife.

Laurence, first of Condie, being displeased, as stated above, by
the marriage of his elder son, bequeathed his extensive estates
among his younger children. The disinherited son,

Laurence Oliphant, Esq., 2nd of Condie, was s. at his de-
cease by his son,

Laurence Oliphant, Esq., 3rd of Condie, m. Helen, sister
of Sir James Wemyss, Bart, of Bogie, by whom he had, with
several other children, a son and heir,

Laurence Oliphant, Esq., 4th of Condie, m. Jeannette
Meldrum, dau. of Meldrum, of Lethers, co. Aberdeen (whose
half-sister, Mary Ogilvie, ru. Charles, 7th Lord Oliphant) and
had a son and successor,

Laurence Oliphant, Esq., 5th of Condie, m. Lilias Oliphant,
of Gask, and was s. by his only son,

Lacrence Oliphant, Esq., 6th of Condie. He m. Margaret,
dau. of Anthony Murray, Esq. of DoUerie, by whom he had
issue, Ebenezer, his heir; Margaret, m. George Grajrae, Esq.
of Inchbrakie ; Grace; and Helen. Mr. Oliphant was drowned
crossing the river May, and was s. by his only son,

Ebenezer Oliphant, Esq., 7th of Condie, m. 1790, Mary,
3rd dau. of Sir William Stirling, Bart, of Ardoch, and bj her
(who d. 1847) had issue,

I. Laurence, late of Condie and Newton.

II. William, 6 1792, Capt. H.E.I.C.'s artillery, d. in India,
1828, unm.

III. Anthony (Sir), C.B., b. 17 Nov. 1793, m. Maria, dau. of
Gen. Bonald Caaipbell : was Attorney-General Cape of
Good Hope, and afterwards Chief Justice in Ceylon,
knighted 1840, and d. l8o9, having had one son, Laurence
Oliphant, b. 1829, of Lincoln's Inn, Harrister-at-Law, and
also an advocate at the Scottish bar, M.P. for the Stirling
burghs 1865-8, having previously been private secretary to
Lord Elgin, then Governor-General of Canada and Civil
Secretary and Superintendent of Indian affairs. He was

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