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of Thomas Orde, Esq. of Felkington, co. Durham (see Orde of
^unnyhlrh), m. about 1733, Sarah, 2nd dau. and eventually
sole heir of Rev. Leonard Shafto, of Weetwood, Rector of
Gateshead, and by her had (with three daus.) two sons, Leonard
Shafto, the elder, a Capt. in the army, slain ia the battle of
Minden, v.nni. The younger,

John Orde, Esq. of Weetwood, Commander R.N., b. 1739;
m. 1st, Rosamond, only child and heir of James Daglish,
Esq. of Weetwood, Northumberland, and 2ndly, Miss
Margaret Ord; by the former (who d. 6 April, 1776) he had

Leonard Shafto, of whom presently.

John, M.A.. Rector of Wensley, co. York, m. I9t, 24 Aug.
1802, the Hon. Frances Carleton, 2nd dau. of Guy, 1st Lord
Dorchester; and 2ndly, Mary Anne, dau. of Blake Burley,
Esq. of Little Chelsea.

James, Lieut.-Gen. in the army, m. 1st, 15 May, 1811, Mar-
garet Maria Elizabeth, elder dau. of William Beckford, ',
Esq. of Fonthill, Wilts, and 2ndly, 11 Nov. 1829, Lady I
Elizabeth Susan O'Brien, relict of Admiral Lord Edwartfi
O'Brien, and 2nd dau. of Henry Charles, 6th Duke of \
Beaufort, K.G. Gen. Orde d. 21 May, 1850, leaving by hisi ;
2nd wife (who d. 1876), a son, James Henry Orde, Esq. of
Hopton House, Norfolk (see next Article), and two daus.,
Charlotte Elizabeth, m. William Lloyd Browne, Esq.,,
Major 5th Royal Irish Lancers, and Isabel Anne.

Mary, m. Rev. William Bell Moises, M.A.. Vicar of Felton. ]

Juliana Anne, m. 15 July, 1804, Robert, 2nd Earl of Roden„i

He d. 24 Dec. 1818, aged 80, and was s. by his eldest son,

Leonard Shafto Orde, Esq. of Weetwood House, a Lieut.-
Gen. in the army, 6. 25 March, 1769; in. 1st, Penelope, dau. i
of — Ogilvie, Esq. of Argyle Street, Edinburgh ; 2ndly, U I
May, 1801, Lady Louisa Anne Jocelyn, 5th dau. of Robert, IstI
Earl of Roden, which lady d. 1st Sept. 1807 ; and 3rdly,
Harriet, dau. of — Bevan, Esq. of Salop. Gen. Orde d. 'i <
Aug. Is20, leaving issue by his 2nd wife (who cj. 2 Sept.
1807), I

Leonard Shafto, now of Weetwood.

Robert Jocelyn Shafto. |

Annie Rosamond, m. 1827, Major Stratton, H.E.I.C.S.
And by his 3rd wife,

Henry William.


Harriet, m. 1833, Lleut.-Col. Kent Murray, Knt. St. F., and

Arms, &e. — As Orde of Nunnyhirk.

Scats— Weetwood Hall, Bellor'd, and Shorestone Hall, Chat
Hill, Northumberland.


Oede, Charles Someetille, Esq. of Hopton,
Suffolk, J.P., late Capt. 2nd Vol. batt. Norfolk Regt.,
h. 8 Aug. 1858 ; s. his father Feb. 1880 ; m. 25 April,|
1889, Margaret Susan, 4th dau. of Rev. Williaiai
James Stracey, of 50 Portland Place, W. formerlyl
Vicar of Buxton, Norfolk, and has issue, |

Myrtle Evelyn, 6. 14 Dec. 1890. |

Iris Rosalind, b. 2 Jan. 1892. |

Lineage.— See Orde of JVectionod.

James Henry Orde, Esq. of Hopton House, Suffolk, J.F.,
M.A., 6. 30 Sept. 1830 (son of Gen. James Orde, by Ladyi
Elizabeth Susan his wife, dau. of Henry Charles, 6th Duke of I
Beaufort, K.G.) ; m. 5 June, 1856, Margaret, youngest dau. of;
the late Daniel Gurney, Esq. of North Runcton Hall, near
King's Lynn, by his wife, Lady Harriet Jemima Hay, 2nd dau.
of William, 15th Earl of Erroll, and had issue, i

I. Charles Somervills, now of Hopton House.

n. Lancelot Francis, b. 23 Oct. 1859.

III. Julian Walter, 6. 14 Jan. 1861; m. 1885, Alice Georgiana,
eldest dau. of Frederick Arehdale, Esq. of Baldock, Herts,
and has issue, Michael Amsas Julian, b. 1887 ; Cuthbert
Julian, 6. 1888, Herbert Walter Julian, b. 1889, and Elizabeth

I. Evelyn Alice, m. 20 April, 1892, Edwin Lancelot Orde,
Esq., 3rd son of Charles William Orde, Esq. of Nunny-
kirk, Northumberland (see Orde of Nimnykirk) and has a
son, Simon Edwin Henry, 6. 1893.

II. Sybil Margaret.

III. Margaret Louisa.

IV. Olive Elizabeth Emily, m. 17 Jan. 1894, Robert Basil,
eldest son of Robert Gurney Hoare, Esq. of Desmond Park,
near Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Mr. Orde d. 21 Feb. 1880.
Scat — Hopton House, near Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk.
Town Residence — 45, Hans Place, S.W.


The O'Reilly (Myles Geokge), of East Brefny
late Capt. North Cork Rifles, J. P. co. Leitrim, h
30 Oct. 1829 ; m. 1858, Elizabeth , dau. of Georgf
BruDskill, Esq. of The Lodge, Turnham Green, anc:
by her (who d. 1881) had issue,

I. Mtles John, b. 23 Jan. 1860.

II. Edmund Adalbert, 6. 5 Dec. 1879.





». Melanie Georgina.

"II. Gwendoline Beresford, m. 25 Oct. 1887, Stanley Mundey,

in. BrunehaiUt Mildred Elizabeth, m. 1890, Dr. Sidney
I 17. Guinevere Hilda. v. Elizatetli Eeresford.

Xineag'e. — Ragallagh (the son of Cathalan, Prince of
Brefny, and grandson of Dcbh Cbon, a le.iding chief against
the Danes, who was eldest son of Maolmobdha, Dynast of
East Brefny, lineally descended from Bbian, the 4th Milesian
King of Connaught) s. his father in the government of Muintir
Maolmordha a.d. 981, and commanded the royal army during
the reign of Maolseachluin until the dethronement of that
prince, in 1002, in favour of Brian Boroimhe, from which period
Eagallagh accompanied that celebrated cliief in all his expe-
ditions, and at length fell with him at the battle of Clontarf.
Eagallagh's son and successor,

Abten, Prince of East Brefny, was father of

Tabgaille, Prince of East Brefny, who was the first that
assumed the name of Ua Eagallagh, or O'Reilly. From
this time, too, the principality of East Brefny went by the
appellation of Brefny O'Reilly, and that of West Brefny by
that of Brefny O'Euare, until both were converted into shire
ground, called counties, by Queen Elizabeth, under the
government of Thomas, Earl of Sussex, a.d. 1562, at which
time the eastern division was called the co. of Cavan, and the
western the co. of Leitrim. Our limited space precludes us
from entering minutely into the history of the subsequent
O'Eeillys, Princes of Brefny, until we come to

Edmond O'Reilly, of Kilnacrott, «. as Prince of East
Brefny. He m. twice; 1st, a dau. of the noble house of
i'lunkett, and 2ndly, a dau. of that of Nugent, and had
several children. From his youngest son, Turlough, sprang
the Scabvach family {which see). He d. April, 1601. His 3rd

John O'Reilly, Esq. m. Catherine, dau. of Sir James Butler,
and dying 1621, left a son,

Bbian O'Reilly, Esq., m. Hon. Mary Plunlcet, dau. of Lord
Dunsany, and d. 1631, having had (with three other sons,
Cathal ; Eogan, d. s. p. ; and Hugh) an eldest son,

Maolmobdha, or Myles O'Reilly, Esq., an able military
ofiScer during the civil wars of 1641, killed at the head of his
troops, leaving, by Catherine his wife, dau. of Col. Charles
O'Reilly, of co. Leitrim (with a younger son, Edmond), an
elder son,

John O'Reilly, Esq. of Conlyn and Garryrocock, co. Cavan,
and subsequently of Bally macadd,co.Meath, M.P. for co. Cavan
1689, who raised a regiment of Dragoons at his own expense
for the service of King James II. He vi. Margaret, dau. of
Owen O'Reilly, and d. Feb. 1716, having had (with two daus.)
five sons,

Conob, of Garryrocock, co. Cavan, Capt. in his father's regt.
of Dragoons, d. s. p. May, 1723.

Myles, m. Aug. 1698, Mary Barnewall, by whom he had
(with two daus., Mary m. Philip Tuite, of Newcastle, co.
Meath, and Margaret, m. AValter Dowdall, Esq. of Cloune;
CO. Meath) three sons, John, his heir, d. s. p. 1767;
Dominick; Francis, d. s. p. He d. June, 1731.

Bbyan, of whom we treat.

Owen, or Eugene, who m. and had a son, James.

Thomas, ancestor of the Baltrasna branch {which see).
The 3rd son,

Bbyan O'Reilly, Esq. of Ballenrink, Capt. in his father's
regt. of Dragoons, m. Margaret, dau. of Col. Luke M'Dowell, of
Montach, co. Roscommon, and by her (who d. 30 Nov. 1755)
had six sons. Capt. O'Reilly d. 6 Sept. 1748, in his 72nd year.
His eldest son,

Myles O'Reilly, Esq. of TuUystown, co. 'Westmeath, m.
1740, Sarah, dau. of 'William Fitzsimons, Esq. of Garadice, co.
Meath, and had (with a dau. Margaret, m. the Baron de
Bellegarde, Seigneur de Laran, &,c., of Toulouse, in France)
three sons,

John Alexander, Lieut. -Col. of the Regt. of Hibernia, in
Chables IV., King of Spain's service, m. Mary Lalor, of
Crana, co. Tipperary, and d. s.p. 1801.

DowELL, of whom presently.

Matthew, (ancestor of O'Reilly of Knock Abbey).
Mr. O'Reilly d. in Dublin 4 Feb. 1775, aged 67 years. The
2nd son,

DowELL O'Reilly, Esq. of Heath House, Queen's co., m. 1st,
May, 1775, Margaret, dau. of John O'Conor Failghe, Esq. of
the city of Dublin, but by her (who d. in the same year) had no
surviving issue. He m. 2ndly, March, 1780, Elizabeth, dau. of
James Knox, Esq. of Moyne, co. Mayo, by Dorothy Rutledge
his wife, and had issue.

Miles John, his heir.

James Fitzsimons, Capt. 13th British Regt., and Col. of a
Spanish regt., killed in a sortie from the town of Tolosa,
in Spain, unm.

Alexander, d. young.

Dowell, Capt. R.N,, a distinguished Naval Officer, m. Jane,
dau. of Dr. Digory King Marshall, of Truro, Cornwall,
and left at his decease, 1817, one son, Dowell Knox, Capt.
69th and 85th Regts., m. Katherine, only dau. of James G.
Cavenagh, Esq. of Wexford, Surgeon Hoyal Staff Corps^
and d. in the West Indies, having by her (who d. 1858) two
children, who d. in infancy.

Dorinda, d. unm.

Elizabeth, m. Stephen Hastings Atkins, Esq.

Margaret, m. her cousin, William O'Reilly, Esq. of Knock
Abbey Castle, and d. 1842.

Sarah, d. unm.

Mr. O'Reilly d. 13 Nov. 1&38, and wass. by his eldest son,

Myles John O'Reilly, Esq., D.L., of The Heath House, b.
15 Dec. 1780; m. 16 Jan. 1829, Elizabeth Anne, elder dau. of
the Hon. and Rev. George de la Poer Beresford, son of William,
1st Lord Decies, Archbishop of Tuam, by Elizabeth FitzGibbon
his wife, sister of Lord Chancellor Clare, and had issue,

I. Myles Geobge, his heir.

II. George Beresford, b. 30 March, 1832 ; m. 1867, Harrietta,
dau. of H. Adams, Esq. of Santa ¥6 de Bogota, U.S.

III. Henry Tristram, an Officer H.E.I.C.S., 6. 30 Nov. 1836;
m. 1862, Miss Hickson, dau. of Rev. E. Hickson, of co.
Cork, and d. 1890.

I. Susan Rachel, of the Heath House, which she sold, m.
William Porter, Esq.

II. Elizabeth Ellen, m. James Deakin, M.D., Surgeon, 70th

Mr. O'Reilly d. 1857.

^rms— Quarterly ; 1st and 4th, vert, a dexter hand ppr.
bloody, supported by two lions rampant or ; 2nd and 3rd, arg.,
on a mount an oak, with a snake descending its trunk ppr.,
supported by two lions rampant gu. Crests— 1st, An oak tree,
with a snake entwined descendant ppr., issuing out of a ducal
coronet or ; 2nd, An arm mailed in armour, couped at the
elbow, the gauntlet grasping a Cagier, all ppr. Sujiponers —
Two lions or. Motto — Fortitudine et prudentia.

liesidence—6, Denmark Terrace, Brighton, Sussex.


O'Ekilly, William Joseph, Esq. of Knock
Abbey, co. Louth, J.P., b. 16 Eeb. 1862, s. bis
father, Feb. 1880.

Lineage.— This is a branch of the ancient Milesian House
of O'Reilly, Pbinces or East Bbefny.

Matthew O'Reilly, Esq. of Knock Abbey, co. Louth, 3rd
son of Myles O'Reilly, Esq. of TuUystown (see precedinrj
Memoir), m. 1st, 1777, Anne Maria, dau. of John O'Conor
Failghe, Esq. of Dublin, and had issue,
Matthew, his heir.

John, b. Nov. 1780; d. unm. March, 1830.
Anna Maria, m. Richard Dease, M.D., and was mother of
Matthew O'Reilly Dease, of Dee Farm, co. Louth, J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff co. Louth 1857, and for oo. Cavan
1861, and M.P. for Louth 1868-74, b. 1819.

Mr. O'Reilly m. 2ndly, Nov. 1789, Margaret, dau. of Myles
Dowdall, Esq. of Carne Isle, co. Meath, by his wife, Elizabeth
Lyster, of New Park, co. Roscommon, and by her had,

Mjles, b. Sept. 1791 ; d. unm. Oct. 1822.

AViLLiAM, of whom presently.

Walter, Col. in the army, C.B., h. Sept. 1793; m. 14 Nov.
1827, Harriett, Duchess of Roxburgh, widow of James, 5th
Duke, d. s. p. 4 March, 1844.

Dowell, Attorney-General of Jamaica, b. May, 1793 ; d. unm.

Richard Anthony, a Judge in Jamaica, 6. March, 1841 ; d.
unm. 1860.

Elizabeth, d. unm. 1854.
Mr. O'Reilly d. I Jan. 1817, and was s. by his eldest son,

Matthew O'Reilly, Esq. of Knock Abbey, 6. May, 1779 ; m.
Feb. 1830, Susan Anne, dau. of Hon. and Rev. George de la
Poer Beresford, but dying without issue, June, 1841 (his widow
m. 2ndly, 2 June, 1842, Gerald S. Fitzgerald, Esq. of Mount
Offaley), was s. by his brother,

William O'Reilly, Esq. of Knock Abbey, J.P. and M.P. for
Dundalk, b. Sept. 1792; m. Aug. 1820, Margaret, 4th dau. of
Dowell O'Reilly, Esq. of The Heath House, Queen's co., and
had issue,

Myles William Patbick, his heir.

Elizabeth Margaret, d. unm. 1873.
Mr. O'Reilly d. 1844, and was s. by his only son,

Myles William Patbick O'Reilly, Esq. of Knock Abbey,
CO. Louth, J.P, and D.L., B.A. London, LL.D. Rome, High





Sheriff 1841, M.P. for co. Longford 1862-79, 6. 13 March,
1825; m. 3 AuR. 1859, Ida, 2nd dau. of Edmund Jerningham,
Esq. of 43, Eutland Gate, Hyde Park, London, and by her (who
d. 20 April, 1S7S) had issue,

I. William, now of Knock Atibey.

II. Edmund, b. 24 April, 1866.

III. Charles, b. 4 Jan. 1869.

IV. Francis, b. 1 Oct. 18!2.

I. Mary. n. Edith.

Mr. O'Eeilly d. 6 Feb. 1880.

Arms, d-c. — See O'Reilly of East Brcfny.
Sfati— Knock Abbey, Dundalk, co. Louth, and Knocknegan,
Balbriggan, co. Dublin.


O'Eeilly, James, Esq. of Baltrasna, co. Meath,
eldest son of Edward Watts-Russell, Esq., by Alicia
liis wife, dan. and eo-lieir of Anthony O'Reilly,
Esq. of Baltrasna, b. 1869 ; s. to this property under
the ■will of his maternal grandfather, and assumed
the surname of O'Eeilly.

Xiineag'e. — This is another branch of the princely House
of O'Eeilly.

Thomas O'Eeillt, Esq. of Ballgarny, youngest son of
John O'Reilly, Esq. {sti O'Reilly of £ast Brefny), was in his
father's regiment ; he to. 1691, Rosa, dau. of Luke M'Dowell,
Esq. of Montagh, CO. Eoscommon; and d. 1756, having had

Patrick, d. g. p.

Philip, a friar of the Order of St. Dominick.
James, of whom presently.

Thoicas, of Eobuck, co. Cavan, d. Feb. 1786, leaving an only
dau. and heir, who to. Capt. Adams, who took the name of
O'Reilly, and became O'Eeilly of Belmont.
Connor, a!, s.p.

Dominick, 6. May, 1719. Lieut.-Gen. in the Spanish service,
and Chamberlain to H.R.H. Don Antonio, Infanta of Spain,
Nicholas, Capt. in the Spanish service, d. in Spain.
Alexander (Count), b. at Baltrasna, 1722, Generalissimo in
the Spanish service, Capt.-Gen. of Andalusia, Governor of
Cadiz, Inspector-Gen. of Infantry, Commander of the Order
of Calatrava, and Grandee of Spain of the First Class.
He TO. Donna Rosa los Casas, and (/. 1794. His eldest son,
Peteb Paul, Count O'Reilly, to. the Countess of Buena
Vista, and d. at the Havannah, leaving issue, i. Don
Manuel, Count O'Reilly,* Marquess de Buena Vista,
Grandee of Spain, &c. ; ii. Don Pedro, Capt. of Cavalry
and Aide-de-Camp to his uncle, the Duke of Baylen, at
Madrid ; iii. Don Ferdinand ; i. Rosa, w. M. de Henera ;
II. Maria de la Concepcion.
The 3rd son,

James O'Reilly, Esq. of Baltrasna, m. Catherine, dau. of
Philip Tuite, Esq. of Newcastle, co. Meath, and d. 5 Jan.
1786, leaving (with a dau. Mary, to. James O'Reilly, Esq. of
Millcastle, co. Westmeath) two sons, Thomas, his heir, and
Anthony, b. 30 April, 1746; d. s. p. Sept. 1803. The former,

Thomas O'Reilly, Esq. of Baltrasna, J. P., an Officer in the
army, 6. 22 April, 1741 ; to. March, 1773, Margaret, dau. of
the lion. Justice Robert Sibthorp, of Duneany, co. Louth,
by Marianne his wife, dau. of Gen. Cochrane, and niece to
Thomas, 8th Earl of Dudonald, and by her (who d. 1823) had

James, his heir.

Kobert, b. 10 March, 1779 ; d. 1788.

Thomas, b. 21 Feb. 1780: d. unm.

Anthony Alexander, b. 23 Sept. 1781, Col. in the army; to.
5 Aug. 1799, Anne, dau. of Edward Graves, Esq. of Mary-
borough, and had (with two daus., Anne, m. Capt. Leeson,
H.E.I.C.S., and Catharine, to. Col. M'Clean, 27th Regt.)
five sons, 1 Thomas ; 2 James, to. Miss Henricks, of Somer-
set, Cape of Good Hope, and had issue; 3 John Robert,
Cape Mounted Rifles; 4 George: 5 Anthony.

Stephen, b. 1786 ; d. g. p.

John Roberts, Lieut. R.N., b. 9 April, 1794; who, by Anne
his wife, had issue, a dau. Georgiana Geraldine, to. Albert
Haseltine, Esq., R.N.

Marianne Margaret. Catherine, d. unm.

Mr. O'Reilly d. Dec. 1805, and was s. by his eldest son,

James O'Reilly, Esq. of Baltrasna, J. P., b. 22 June, 1775;
m. 1 Oct. 1799, Henrietta Catherine Blanche, youngest dau.
of Oliver Nugent, Esq. of Farren Council, co. Cavan, and had

James, 6. 5 .July, 1800 : d. s. p. 9 Sept. 1825.

Thomas, 6. 11 Feb. 1804 ; d. 24 June, 1822.

* Count O'Reilly succeeded to the dukedom of Baylen, held
t>y the well-known Gen. Castanos.

Anthony, of Baltrasna.
Robert John, of Millcastle, co. Westmeath, Barrister-at-Lsir <
b. 9 July, 1813; m. 1st, 30 Dec. 1842, Florence Tankerviu'
dau. of Godfrey Kneller, Esq. of Donhead Hall, Wilts, ami
2ndly, 29 Aug. 1857, Eleanor Grace, 2nd dau. of Sir Norton
Joseph Knatchbull, Bart., and d. 18 Dec. 1879, leaving i
dau. Kathleen Mary.
Henrietta Catharine, to. Richard Bolger, Esq. of Ballard, coj

Westmeath, and has issue.
Caroline Blanche, to. William B. Stoker, Esq., Barrister-a

Law, d. g. p.
Selina, d. unm. 21 Nov. 1829.
Louisa Marianne Mervyn, d. unm. 24 May, 1827.
Mr. O'Reilly served as High Sheriff for Meath in 1803, and
for Cavan in 1804. He d. 19 March, 1853, and was «. l^r hii

Anthony O'Reilly, Esq. of Baltrasna, co. Meath, J.P. and
D.L., b. 23 June, 1812 ; m. 14 May, 1836, Alicia Maria, dau. o<
Capt. John Fortescue, by Margaret his wife, dau. of Sir John
Meredyth, Bart., of Newtown, co. Meath, and by her (who d.
20 Feb. I85S) had issue,

I. James William Fortescue, b. 3 Oct. 1841 ; d. June:

I. Caroline Maria, m. 12 Sept. 1861, William Mark Miller
Fortescue, Esq., late of the 60th Eifles (of the Clermont
family), and d. s. p. 20 Sept. 1862.

II. Alicia Margaret, to. 28 Dec, 1867, Edward Watts-Eussellj
Esq., youngest son of Jesse Watts Eussell, Esq. of Ilan
Hall, CO. Stafford, and had James (now James O'Reilly, o{
Baltrasna), and other issue.

in. Harriet Georgina, m. 24 June, 1865, Matthew E. Weld
O'Conor, Esq. of Viewniount, Longford, and has issue.

IV. Florence Henrietta, m. 6 Dec. 1871, John Archibald
Murray, Esq., C!apt. 97th Regt., of Hornby HaD, Lancaster,
and has issue.

V. Edith Sophia, m. 3 Oct. 1878, Capt. Philip Bame, late
60th Rifles, 2nd son of Frederick Barne, Esq. of Sotterley
and Dunwich, Suffolk.

VI. Olivia Blanche, m. 12 Jan. 1869, William George Claytoii
Wade, Esq., eldest son of Robert Craven Wade, Esq. oi
Clonebrany, co. Meath, and has issue.

VII. Eva Cornelia, m. 16 April, 1879, Albert Beauchamii
Astley Cooper, youngest son of Sir Astley Cooper, Bart.^
and has issue.

Mr. O'Reilly was High Sheriff co. Cavan 1845. He d. 1874.

A7-^ns, drc. — Same as O'Reilly of East Brefny.
Seat — Baltrasna, Oldcastle, co. Meath.


Oelebae, Richaed, Esq. of Hinwick, co. Bedforc^
J.P. for Beds and Northants, b. 10 April, 1833 ;'
m. 30 July, 1861, Erederica St. John, 5th dau. of''
the late Sir William Edward Rouse Boughton, 10th'
Bart, of Downton Hall, Salop, and has issue,

I. Richakd Rouse Boughton, of Poddington,Wellingborough,

J.P. and D.L. for Beds, b. 20 May, 1862 ; to. 23 Dee.
1889, Faith Henrietta, 3rd dau. of Lieut.-Col. Bourne, of,
Cowarne Court, co. Hereford, and has issue, one dau.;
Gehesta Ruth.

II. Beauchamp Orlando Chichele, 6. 3 May, 1863.

Xiiueagre. — This family was very early settled at Harrdd,
CO. Bedford, and in its neiKhbourhood. The name is a Saxon
compound derived from the village and hundred of Orlingbiiry,
CO. Northampton, about twenty miles from Bedford, in which
form it was occasionally spelt, as well as in that of Orlebare and
Oulebare. In the reign of Edward III., Thomas Oblebeee
was M.P. for the town of Bedford. His descendant, J.»hn
Orlebere or Orlebar, of Harrold, left three sons,
Robert, c^ unm. George, of whom presently.

John, m. Mary, dau. of Richard Ryder, of Kent, and had an
only surviving dau., b. 1630 ; to. Sir Jonathan Keate, Bart,
of The Hoo, Herts.
The 2nd son,

George Orlebar, to. Margaret, only dau. and soleh«irof
Richard Child, Esq. of Poddington, and heir also of William
Payne, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Poddington and of Hinwick,
and by her had issue,

George, successor to his father.

Richard, b. 1625; to. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Cooper, Esq.
of Arthingworth, co. Northampton, by whom he had one
son and three dau-^.. Cooper, whose dau. and heir Eliza-
beth, TO. Sir Thomas Hatton, Bart.; Susannah, m. Humphrey
Wykeham, Esq. of SwalclifTe; Anne, m. Rev. Dr. Carrier^
Canon of Peterborough ; and Judith, m. Dr. James Johnson,
Master of Sydney Sussex College, Camb,
John, of whom hereafter.
The eldest son,





I Geosge Orlebak, Esq., m. Ursula, dau. of Oliver Boteler,
' Esq. of Wooton, co. Bedford, and had (with other issue) three
sons and two daus., i. Richard, his heir; ii. George, proved
founder's kin to Archbishop Chichele, of All Souls', Oxford,
til rough his mother; iii. Oliver; i. Judith, m. 1676, James
Boteler, of Harrold; ii. Margaret, m. 1676, John Hawes. The
eldest son,

EicHARD Oriebar, Esq. m. Jane, dau. of Sir Thomas Hatton,
Bart, of Long Stanton, co. Cambridge, and had issue,

HiCHARD, his successor.

Thoraae, m. his first-cousin, Judith, dau. of James Boteler,
and was ancestor in the female line of the Ilcv. Orlebar
Smyth, of Apsley House, liev. Orlebar Marsh, and the
Eev. Orlebar St. John Cooper, all of co. Bedford.
William, an Officer in lUe army, d. unm. at Boston,
[ America.
:; The eldest son,

i EicHARD Orlebak, Esq., built Ilinwick House, leaving the
old residence of the family;at Poddington to become a farm-
house, which still remains and bears traces of having been
embattled. He m. Diana, dau. and (with her sister. Lady
Suffolk) co-heir of Sir Samuel Astrey, of Henbury, Clerk of
the Privy Council of James II., and d. s. p., having devised
his property to his cousin. We now return to John, 3rd son
of George Orlebar, Esq., by Margaret Child his wife. This

John Orlebar, Esq. of the Midiile Temple, b. 1633 ; m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Sir John Kelynge, of Scuthhill, Beds, Lord Chief
Justice of the Court of King's Bench, by Martha, his 2nd wife,
dau. of Sir Thomas Boteler, of Bidenham, co. Bedford, and had
a son, John Orlebar, of the Middle Temple, a Master in
Chancery, b. 16G7 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Whitfield, Esq.
of Ives Place, Berks, and left an only son, John Oklebab, of
the Middle Temple, who eventually inherited the property of
; his cousin, Eichard Orelebar. The last-named

John Orlebak, Commissioner of Excise, and M.P. for
Bedford, 6. 1697; m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Eolt, Esq., M.P.,
of Milton Ernest, co. Bedford, and had a son and successor,

Eichard Orlebar, Esq. of Hinwick, b. 1736, one of the
Clerks Extraordinary of the Privy Council, m. 1st, Elizabeth,
dau. of Rev. Joseph Cuthbert, Rector of Bulpham, Essex, by
whom he had issue,

Richard, his successor.

Mary, m. William Augustus Skinner, Esq.

He TO. 2ndly, Charlotte, only child of Robert Willing, Esq. of
■ London, and had issue,

Ij I. John Eichard, Capt. E.A., 6. 1781 ; d. unm.
It. George, R.N., 6. 1782, deceased.

III. Robert Charles, of Husborne Crawley, co. Bedford, D.L.,
b. 1783; m. 1807, Charlotte, dau. and heir of Eev. Daniel
Shipton,* Rector of Wavendon and Willen, and by her (who
d. 1837; left at his decease,

1 Robert Shipton, of Crawley House, 6. 12 May, 1808 ; m.
10 April, 1^34, Chorlotte, dau. of Rev. Valentine Ellis, of
Walton, Bucks, and d. 8 Jan. 1879, having had two daus.,
Arabella Emily, m. her cousin, Capt. Orlando Orlebar, of
Crawley House, Beds, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour,
and d. July, 1862, leaving a son, Orlando ; and Valentine

2 Arthur Bedford, M.A., 6. 11 June, 1810; m. his cousin,
Eliza Orlebar, of Hinwick, and has issue, 1 Eichard ; 1
Maria Charlotte; 2 Amy; 3 Fanny Christina; and 4
Madeleua Eliza.

3 John Charles (Eev.), Rector of Whipsnade, Beds, 6.
18 March, 1812 ; m. and has a son, John Francis.

4 Charles Daniel, b. 19 April, 1813 ; d. s. p. 1874.

5 William, b. 16 Aug. 1816.

6 Augustus (Eev.), M.A., Vicar of Willington, Beds, Rural
Dean, b. 14 June, 18i4 ; m. 14 July, 185U, Caroline i'ardc,
dau. of Rev. John Scobell, B.D., Rector of Southern and
All Saints', Lewes, Sussex, and Prebendary of Chichester
Cathedral, and has issue, Augustus Scobell, h. 28 Apr

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