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1860; Evelyn Henry, Lieut. Royal Marine Light Infantry,
6. 19 Aug. 1863; George Crewe, 6. 26 Nov. 1866 : Edward
Yardc, 6. 16 Aug. 1872 ; Caroline Scobell; and Margaret

1 Charlotte Temperance, m. William Wells, Esq. of
Somerset House.

2 Mary Constantia, m. Col. George Hugh Messiter, 69th

3 Emily, m. Thomas Williams Hinchcliffe Granville, Esq.
of BexhUl Lodge, Sussex, and d. s. p. 1869.

IV. Orlando, 6. 1786, Comm. E.N. ; m. Helen, only dau. of
Admiral Aplin, and by her (who d. 15 Nov. 1831) had

* By his wife, Temperance, dau. of Rev. Arthur Bedford,
Vicar of Poddington and Sharnbrook, co. Bedford. Temperance,
the wife of Rev. Daniel Shipton, by the will of her cousin,
Thomas James Selby, Esq. of Whaddon Hall and Wavendon ,
Bucks, i, to a part of his estates in 1772.

1 Orlando Robert Hammond, late Capt. 28th Refft.,
Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, to. hia cousin,
Arabella Orlebar, and d. 3 March, 1878, having had a,
son, Orlando Robert Aplin.

1 Helen Maria, m. Capt, Burton, B.N.

2 Caroline Anna, m. Rev. Alexander Burton, Incumbent
of Trinity Church, Southampton.

V. Frederic, H.E.I. C.S., 6. 1787; m. 22 April, 1829, Ann.
dau. of Stephen Round, Esq. of Beech Hill, Berks, and
d. s. p. 1840.

VI. William Augustus, 6. 1794; -m. Mary Caroline, 2nd
dau. of Benjamin Longuet, Esq. of Bath, and d. 18 Nov.

VII. Henry, R.N., b. 1798, deceased.

I. Constantia, m. Edward Carey, Esq.

II. Anna Elizs, d. unm. in. Sydney, deceased.

IV. Frances Charlotte, m. 1st, W. Oakes Blount, Esq., and
2ndly, John William Eobe, Esq. of Tickford Abbey>

Mr. Orlebar d. 1803, and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard Orlebar, Esq. of Hinwick, 6. 1775 ; m. 1804,
Maria, 4th dau. of Benjamin Longuet, Esq. of Bath, and by her
(who m. 2ndly, Eev. Vere Alston, Rector of Odell, Beds, and
d. 18631 had issue,

I. Richard Longuet, of Hinwick.

II. Cuthbert (Rev.), b. 1807; m. 31 March, 1838, Eleanor,.
eldest dau. of John Kingston, Esq. of Regent's Park, late
one of Her Majesty's Commissioners at Somerset House,
granddau. of Thomas Kingston, Esq. of Oak Hill, Herts,,
M.P., and had issue,

1 Cuthbert Knightley, b. 1844, d. 23 Jan. 1882.

2 Vere Bernard, Conmi. H.M.S. "Revenge," b. 184G ; to. 31'
Dec. 1886, Agnes Dorothea Fergusson.

1 Eleanor Edith. 2 Mary Louisa.

3 Florence, 771.2 Dec. 1874, George William Boase, Esq. of
Dundee. 4 Madeline.

He d. 1 Aug. 1861.

III. John, Rear-AdmiralR.N., 6. 1810: to. at Quebec, 5 Feb.
1838, Harriet, youngest dau. of John Hale, Esq., Receiver-
General of Lower Canada, and niece of William Pitt Am-
herst, 1st Earl Amherst, and has issue,

1 Henry. 2 John Hale, late R.N.

3 Hotham.

1 Harriot. 2 Frances.

IV. Alexander, R.E., &. May, 1814, and d. at Bermuda^

I. Diana, m. 1831, her cousin, Edward Carey, Esq., and d^
leaving a son, lidward, R.N.

II. Maria Caroline, m. Eev. Frederick Layton, and has-

III. Madelena Augusta, m. at Paris, 22 Oct. 1839, M. le-
Vicomte de Belle Isle, Capt. of Dragoons in the French,
army, and d. in Algeria 1852.

IV. Eliza Hannah, m. her cousin, Arthur Bedford Orlebar,.
and d. in Australia 1856.

V. Ann Harriet, d. at Versailles 1829.

Mr. Orlebar, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire 1808, d. 20 Jan. 1833,.
and was s. by his son,

Richard Longdet Orlebar, Esq. of Hinwick, J.P. and'
D.L., &. 21 June, 1806; m. 23 May, 1831, Sophia' eldest dau.
of Jasper Parrott,Esq.ofDundridge,co. Devon, M.P. forTotnes^
and had issue,
Eichard, now of Hinwick.

John, b. 19 Aug. 1834; m. 8 Dec. 1874, Julia Charlotte, 2nd
dau. of Henry Pearse, Esq., and has issue, two sons, Basil
and Geoffrey.

Caroline Augusta, m. Aug. 1856, Eev. Edward Penrose-
Arnold, Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, 3rd son of
Dr. Arnold, Head Master of Eugby, and d. 4 Jan. I860,,
leaving a son, Edward Augustus, b. 15 July, 1857 ; m.
Minnie, dau. of W. H. Wakefield, Esq. of Sedgwick, West-
Mary. Rachel Sophia. Maud.

Mr. Orlebar served as High Sheriff of Bedfordshire 1859. He-
d. 1 March, 1870.

Arms — Arg., two bars gu. the upper charged with two roses,
the lower with one of the field, barbed vert, seeded or. Crest —
An eagle's head between two wings erect arg., charged on the-
neck with two barrulets gu. Motto — Ora et labora.

Seats— Hinwick House and Hmwick Hall, WeUingborough„


Oeme, Robert William, Esq. of Owenmore, co»
Mayo, and Enniscrone, co. Sligo, J.P. for cos..
Mayo and Sligo, High SherifE of Mayo 1877, 6.

Lineage.— William Obme, Esq. of Hanse Hall, by
Longden Green, in the co. of Stafford, descended from a
family long settled in co. Chester, m. 1612, Grace, dau. of





Kicholas Hurt, Esq. of Casterne, co. Stafford, and d. 1623,
Jeaving a son,

William Orme, Esq. of Hanse Hall, who, being a Royalist,
suffered heavy fines and imprisonment at the hands of Oliver
Cromwell. He lived to witness the Eestoration, and had a
confirmation of his arms from Dugdale, Norroy, 1665. He m.
Anne, dau. of Thomas Brudenell, Esq. of Staunton ^Yeevill,
CO. Leicester, and had issue, i. Tho.mas, his heir, s. to Hanse
Hall, d. 22 May, 1716, without surviving issue; ii. William,
Col. in the French army, d. 1676; in. James, of whom
presently; iv. Robert, d. zoiw. ; i. Dorothea,;;!. John Huckley,
Esq. of Leicester. He d. 14 Aug. 1665. His 3rd son,

James Orme, settled circa 1671 in the co. of Mayo, where he
purchased considerable estates. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Thomas Barrow, Esq. of co. Cork, and had issue, two sons,

I. Robert, his heir.

II. William, of Ballintobber, who?e will is dated 21 Nov.
1727, m. Dorothea, dau. of Robert Fleming, Esq. of Achonry,
•CO. Sligo, and had issue,

William, of Ballintobber, Major in the army, High Sheriff
CO. Mayo, d. xoivi.

Elizabeth, m. 1759, her cousin, William Orme, Esq. of Fal-

Dorothea, to. Matthew Fleming, Esq. of Old Rock,
llr. Orme d. 1807, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Obme, Esq. of Carne, co. Mayo, iu. 1703, Elizabeth,
<3au. of James Johnston, Esq., and by her left issue, four sons
and three daus.,

J. Thomas, of Carne, h. 1705; m. Jan. 1754, Elizabeth, dau.
of William Atkinson, Esq. of Forgney, co. Longford, and
sister of Col. Atkinson, and d. Jan. 1780, leaving an only
.son and successor,

William, of Abbeytown, co. Mayo, 6. 1757 ; m. 19 June,
1785, Anne, 2nd dau. of George Jackson, Esq. of Enniscoe,
CO. Mayo, and d. 20 May, 1813, leaving issue,

1 Thomas, of Abbeytown, Major North Mayo Militia, b.
7 June, 1787; vi. 23 May, 1814, Elizabeth, 4th dau. of
Col. George Jackson, M.P. of Enniscoe, co. Mayo, andd.
12 June, 1826, leaving (with three younger sons, George ;
Thomas, Ensign 96th Rcgt., d. s. p. 1839; James,
R.A. ; and a dau. Marian) an eldest son, his heir,
AVilliam Henrt, of Abbeytown, M.A., Brevet-Major,
s. as representative of this family in Ireland.

2 WiUiam, of Glenmore, co. Mayo, b. 16 Nov. 1789 ; in.
ist, 23 May, 1815, Cherry, youngest dau. of Francis
Knox, Esq. of Rappa Castle, co. Mayo, by Mary his
wife, dau. and co-heir of Annesley Gore, Esq. of Belleek,
CO. Mayo, brother of Arthur, 1st Earl of Arran, and by
ier (who d. 10 May, 1817) had issue, two sons,

William Knox, of Glenmore, Ballina, co. Mayo, b. 23
May, 1816, formerly Col. in the army.
Francis Knox, B.A., Banister-at-Law, 6. 23 April,

He m. 2ndly, 13 March, 1826, Anne Emily, 5th dau. of
Col. George Jackson, of Enniscoe, by Maria his wife,
only dau. and heir of William Rutledge, Esq. of Fox-
iord, 80. Mayo, and d. 20 Aug. 1836, leaving by her two
eons and a dau.,

Thomas, 6. 26 Jlay, 1827 ; d. s. p. 30 Nov. 1848.
George, b. 13 Oct. 1829.
Maria Sidney.

1 Jane, m. 5 Dec. 1803, Samuel Handy, Esq. of Bracca
Castle, CO. Westmeath.

2 Elizabeth, m. 1804, William Fetherston, Esq. of Car-
rick, CO. Westmeath.

II. James, of Fairfield, co. Mayo, m. Catherine, dau. of
Robert Hillias, Esq. of Seaview, co. Sligo, and d. without
male issue.

jii. William, of whom hereafter. '

IV. Robert, who settled in America, in Jones County, and
became a Member of Congress.

J. Mary, m. John Leech, Esq. of Frankfort, co. Sligo.

II. Margaret, m. Thomas Paget, Esq. of Knockglass, co.

III. Lettice, m. Robert Atkinson, Esq.
The 3rd son,

William Orme, Esq. of Falgarriff, co. Mayo, to. 1759, Eliza-
beth, dau. of William Orme, Esq. of Ballintobber, by his wife
Dorothea, dau. of Robert Fleming, Esq. of Achonry, co. Sligo,
and by her (who d. 1 Jan. 1818, aged 87) left issue,

I. Robert, of Milbrook, m. Dorothea, dau. of Matthew Flem-
ing, Esq. of Old Rock, who d. 18 Aug. 1831. He d. s. p. 29
Nov. 1833.

II. WiLLLiM, of whom hereafter.
The 2nd son,

William Obme, Esq. of Belleville, co. Mayo, J. P., to. 3 Sept.
1806, Isabella, dau. of John Ormsby, Esq. of Gortner Abbey,
same co., and by her (who d. 1847) had issue,

I. William, his heir.

ii. Robert, successor to his brother.

III. John Ormsby, m. Mary Jane, dau. of Rev. Eichard St
George, Vicar of Crossmolina, co. Mayo, and has issue,
1 William Richard, Capt. in army.
1 Isabella. 2 Dorothea Jane. 3 Annette.

I. Elizabeth. n. Dorothea.

III. Jane. iv. Isabella Maria.

Mr. William Orme d. 24 Aug. 1840, and was s. by his eldest

William Obme, Esq. of Owenmore, co. Mayo, J. P., b. 16
Feb. 1810; to. 1st, 10 Oct. 1837, Janette, dau. of Christopher
Carleton L'Estrange, Esq. of Market Hill, co. Fermanagh,
which lady d. 1850. He to. 2ndly, 16 Feb. 1858, Margaret
Barbara, eldest dau. of Rev. Savage Hall, Rector of Lough-
gall, CO. Armagh, and d. s. p. when he was s. by his brother,

Robert Orme, Esq. of Owenmore, co. Mayo, and Enniscrone,
CO. Sligo, J. P. and D.L., co. Sligo, m. 16 Feb. 1843, Sydney
Irances, dau. of Major Christopher Carleton L'Estrange, of
Market Hill, co. Fermanagh, and d. 1877, leaving issue,

I. Robert William, now of Owenmore and Enniscrone.

II. Christopher Guy. in. Albert.

I. Janet Georgiaa, m. Claude Brownlow, Esq. of Killynether,
CO. Down.

j^rjns— Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., an eagle displayed be-
tween three pole-axes or; 2nd and 3rd arg., a chevron between
three escallops gu. Crest— A dolphin embowed az., fins and
tail or, surmounted of a pole-axe as in the arms. Motto—
Fortis et fidelis.

SetiJ— Owenmore, Crossmolina, co. Mayo.


Oemeeod, Eev. Geoege Thomas Bailet, M.A.,
of Tjldesley, co. Lancester, late Vicar of Oakridge,
Gloucester, b. 1st April, 1846 ; m. 5 Aug. 1875,
Kate, 4tli dau. of T. D. Hill, Esq. of Stroud, co.

liineag'e. — The estate of Ormerod, Cliviger, which gave
name to this family in the 13th century, is seated in the parisli
of Whalley and honour of Clithero, a mountainous district oi
Lancashire, granted to the Lacies soon after the Conquest, and
divided by them amongst their military followers.*

Of this family, Mathew de Hoemebode appears in charters
of the time of Henby III.

Adam and Tille de Orjierode, next occur in the inq. post
mortem Hen. de Laci, Earl of Lincoln (4th Edward II., 1341),
as free tenants of their lands in Cliviger, under the Lord of

The next generations were Gilbert, 1316 ; John ; John
Laurence, 1438; Adam, 1480; and Piers, 1495, father (by his
wife, Elizabeth) of John.

This John de Ormerod is found by inq. post mortem,
17 Henrt VIII. , 1526, to have d. seised of lands at Cliviger
held from the King in capite, as of his duchy of Lancaster, iu
which fee Clithero had been merged.

Peter Ormerod, son and heir by this inq., and aged 22 years
in 1526, was father of

Peteb, who continued at Ormerod.

John (of Haslingden, in Lancashire), ancestor of a branch
settled in Somersetshire, of whicti was Oliver Ormerod
M.A. of Emanuel Coll. Cambridge, author of the Picture
of a Puritan, 1605, and the Picture of a Papist, 1606, the
latter of which was patronised by the Secretary Cecil,
Earl of Salisbury. In 1617, the author was piesented by
the Earl of Bath to the rectory of Huntspill, and d. 1626.
leaving male issue, which he had previously connected with
the elder line, by an entry in Camden's Somersetshire Visi-
tation of 1623.
The eldest son,

Peter Oemebod, Esq. of Ormerod (buried at Burnley, 1578),
was father (by his wife, Mary, dau. of Simon Haydock, of
Heysandforth) of

Lawrence Ormerod, of Ormerod, who m. 1587, Elizabeth,
dau. of Robert Barcroft, of Barcroft, Lancashire, and had
Peter, continuer of the line. John.

Lawrence, of Burnley, m. Frances, dau. of Joseph Radcliffe,
of Rochdale, and had issue, Mary, dau. and heir, wife of
Robert Townley, Esq. of Royle.
The eldest son,

Peter Ormerod, Esq. of Ormerod, 6. 1588; d. 1653 (will
dated 1650, proved 1656), left issue (by his 1st wife, Joanna,

* The particulars of the tenure, etymology of the name, and
other circumstances will be found at length in the History/ of
WUalUy, by Dr. WUitaker.





dau. of George Howarth, of Monton), with three daus., four
Lawrence, who inherited Ormercd, and was direct ancestor,
of Lawrence Oemerod, Esq. of thut place, who d. 1793,
leaving issue (by his wife, Martha Anne, dau. and finally
heir of the Eev. Ashburnham Legli,* by his wife, Charlotte
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Holland Egerton, Bart, of Heaton),
one dau.,

Charlotte Anne Ormerod, wife of Col. John Hargreaves,
and mother of two daus. and co-heirs, Eleanor Mary,
wife of the late Rev. W. Thursby, of Ormerod, and
Charlotte Anne, wife of Major-Gen. Hon. Sir J. Y. Scarlett,
John, who d. s. p. 1642. Peter. George.

The youngest son,

George Ormerod, 6. 1620; co-executor of his father's will,
1656, s. to Monton, Eecles, and was father of a numerous
issue, of whom the following children, named in his will
(Oated and proved 1696), survived him at his decease in that
year (with two daus.),


Oliver, from whom the following line is entered in the
records of the Heralds College.

Oliver Ormerod, b. at Bury, Lancashire, ni. there 1704,
Anne, dau. of Charles Howarth, of Chatterton Hey, Tot-
tington. and dying at Bury 1768, left issue, three daus. and
one son,
George Ormerod, Esq. of Bury, h. 1719: m. 1743, Anne,
dau. of John Hutchinson, of Bury, Merchant, by whom he
had an only child,
George, of Bury, who d. 7 Oct. 1785, father (by his wife,
Elizabeth, dau., by Susannah his wife, dau. and heir of
Samuel Wareing, Esq., of Thomas Johnson, Esq. of
Tyldesley, High Sheriff 1755, to whom he was m. 18 Oct.
1784) of an only and posthumous child,
George Ormerod, heir to his grandfather, and heir
also to his uncle, Thomas Johnson, Esq.., D.L., of

Tliis George ORirEBOD, Esq. of Sedbury Park, co. Gloucester,
and of Tyldesley, co. Lancaster (author of the History of
Cheshire), J.P. for cos. Chester, Gloucester, and Monmouth,
Hon. D.C.L. Oxford, F.R.S., F.S.A., and F.G.S., D.L. for co.
Gloucester, 6. 20 Oct. 1785; m. 2 Aug. 1808, at Sandbach,
Sarah, eldest dau. of John Latham, M.D., F.R.S., of Bradwall,
Cheshire, and by her (who d. 11 April, I860) had issue,
I. Thomas Johnson (Ven.), M.A., J. P., Archdeacon of Suffolk
and Rector of Eedenhall, 6. 27 July, 1809 ; m. 25 Jan. 1838,
Maria Susan, eldest dau. of Sir Joseph Bailey, Bart. M.P.,
of Glanusk Park, and d. 2 Dec. 1874, leaving by her (who
d. 20 Feb. 1871),
George Thomas Baieet (Rev.), now of Tyldesley.
Joseph Arderne, M.D., 6. 7 April, 1848 ; to. 9 May, 1878,
May Ellen, 3rd dau. of E. Milner, Esq. of Dulwich, and
has issue,

1 George Milner, h. 8 Feb. 1879.

2 Edward Wareing, b. 18 May, 1880.

3 Henry Arderne, b. 16 March, 1886.

4 Thomas Laurence, b. 28 July, 1892.

1 May Arderne. 2 Katharine Elizabeth.

3 Joyce Eleanor. 4 Helen Barbara.

5 Diana Sarah.

Edward Stanley, b. 28 Jan. 1852.

Elizabeth Mary, m. 2 Aug. Ib65, Rev. C. J. Evans (who d.
Dec. 1882), and has issue.

Gertrude Susan. Alice Catherine.

n. George Wareing, M.A., F.G.S.,of Chagford, Devon, b. 12

Oct. 1810; d. 6 Jan.lS91.
lit. John Arderne (Rev.), M.A., and Fellow of Brasenose
Coll. Oxford, b. 8 June, 1813; d. unm. Dec. 1864.

IV. Henry Mere, of Manchester, b. 10 Jan. 1816; m. 9 April,
1872, Madalina Clementina, mdowof R. G. Stapylton, Esq.,
LL.U., and d. 17 JIarch, 1873. She d. 1 Oct. 1889.

V. WilliamPiers, F.n.C.S., London, 6. 14May, 1818; d.unm.
10 June, 1860.

VI. Edward Latham, M.D., F.R.C.P., 6. 27 Aug. 1819; m.
1st, 12 April, 1853, Mary Olivia, eldest dau. of Edward
Robert Porter, Esq. of Brighton, which lady d. s. p. 29
.Tune, 1853, and 2ndly, 29 March, 1856, Maria, 2nd dau. of
Frederick MiUett, Esq. of Woodhill, near Guildford, some
lime Member of the Supreme Council of India, by whom
he has surviving issue,

Ernest William, b. 6 Nov. 1868.
Arthur Latham, b. 14 July, 1870.
Edith Harriet. Alice Myra.

Effie Margaret. Rose Evelyn.

Tii. Arthur Stanley (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Halvergate,
Korfolk, b. 14 Aug. 1821 ; d. 22 Feb. 1884.

I. Susan Mary.
III. Eleanor Anne.

11. Georgiana Elizabeth.

Mr. George Ormerod d. 9 Oct. 1873.

Arms— Or, three bars and a lion passant in chief gu. Crest
— A wolf's head couped, harry of four or and gu., in the-
mouth an ostrich feather erect ppr. This crest is that of
Wareing, duly confirmed to the Tyldesley branch of Ormerod.
The previous crest used after the alliance with Haydock was
a fleur-de-lis gu.

;5ea(— Tyldesley, co. Lancaster. Residence— StroVi6., co.

* A younger brother of the Cheshire family of Legh of




Oemsbt, Jonx, Esq. of Gortner Abbej, co. Mayo,
b. 1S2S; s. his father 1836.

liiueagre. — Henrt Ormsbt, stated to have been a member
of the family of Ormsby of co. Lincoln, settled in Ireland in the
reign of Queen Elizabeth. He m. 1st, Susan Kelph, by
whom he had three sons,
I. Edward, of Tobervaddy, co. Roscommon, J. P., whose
will IS dated 13 July, 1664. By Sarah his wife he had
Robert Ormesbt, Major in the army, in. 1st, the dau. of
Gilbert, of Kilminchy, in Queen's co., and 2ndly, Miss
Ware, and d, v. p. 12 April, 1664, leaving with other

1 Edward (Sir) of Tobervaddy and Shrale, co. Mayo, M.P..
CO. Galway 1709, and for Carrick-on-Shannon 1713, m,
Jane Murray, and d. s. p.

2 Gilbert Ormsby, of Tobervaddy, J. P., s. his brother,
Sir Edward Ormesby, M.P., m. Sarah, dau. of Aithur
Hill, Esq. of Hillsborough, co. Down, and had, with
other issue,

Sidney Ormsbt, of Grange, co. Roscommon, m. Susan,.

dau. of Owen Lloyd, Esq. of liockville, same co., and

had issue,
Gilbert Ormsbt, of Grange, High Sheriff, co. Eos-
common 1770, m. 1st, Catherine, dau. of Very Rev,
Peter Mahon, Dean nf Elphin, by whom he had,,
with a dau. Catherine, m. Henry Kelly, a son,
Sidney (Rev)., of G.'ange, rn. twice, and had issue.
Gilbert Ormsby m. 2ndly (mar. lie. 13 Nov. 1781),
Mary, dau. of Owen Lloyd, Esq. of RockviUe, co.
Roscommon, by whom he had another son.
Owen Ormsbt (Rev.), of Ballymarcas, co. Louth, m.
19 Oct. 1803, Anne, dau. of Eev. William Phibbs, of
Abbeyville, co. Sligo, and d. Dec. 1834, leaving-

1 William (Eev.), M.A., of Kilmore, co. Ros-
common, m. 1st, Borah, dau. of Owen Thomas
Lloyd, Esq. of Hermitage, co. Roscommon, by
whom he had no surviving issue, and 2ndly,
Henrietta Armstrong, by whom he had Alex-
ander, d. 1864; Watson; George: Emily, d.
lo66. He -III. 3rdly, Annie Hodgson, and by her
has Henry ; Robert ; Oswald : Sidney ; Emma ;

2 George, of Omhanga Lodge, Auckland, New
Zealand, m. Jan. 184i, Selina, dau. of Eev. Lam-
bert Watson Hepenstall, of Altadore, co. Wick-
low, and d. 4 April, ls61, a.ged 47, leaving

Lambert Hepenstall, M.D., of Merrion Square,
Dublin, in. 16 July, 1874, Anastasia, dau. of
John Dickinson, Esq., and has, Owen, b. II
July, 1875; Gilbert John Anthony, b. 16 Sent.
1876; Alice Maud Mary, b. 11 Feb. 1878; Stella
Beatrice, 6. 14 Nov. 1880.

Isabel, b. 29 Mav, 1845 ; d. 6 Sept. 1875,

Emily, b. 4 April, 1847 ; d. 24 June, 1870.

Louisa, d. 1863. Helen.

3 Robert, went to New Zealand, 1844, m. and
has issue.

4 Arthur, m. and has issue.

1 Harriett, rn. James Irwin, Esq. of Dungannon.

2 Anne, d. 1863. 3 Isabel.
n. Aothony, ancestor of Ormsbt of Rathlee.

III. Ma LEY, of whom hereafter.

Henry Ormsby m. 2ndly, Elizabeth Newman, widow o5
Thomas Crompton, and had further issue.

IV. John.

V. Philip, ancestor of Ormsbt of Willoiclrool-, co. Sligo, re-
represented by Lord Harlech.

VI. Thomas, ancestor of Ormsbt of Ballinamore (.see that

The 3rd son,

Malbt Ormsbt, Esq. of Cloghans, co. Mayo, m. Boss
O'Naughten, and was s. by his son,

John Ormsbt, Esq. of Cloghans, m. Winifred Jordan, and
had, with a younger son, Stephen, of Castle Dargan, whose will
is dated 15 .May, 1702, au eldest son, his heir,

5 B





EoBERT Ormsbt, Esq. of Clofrhans, m. Maiy Blakeney, and
had (with three daus., Elinor, Mary, and Letticc) four sons,

I. John, his heir.

II. Joseph, of Ballj-macrecn, co. Sligo.

III. Oliver.

IV. Paul, of Knockmore, co. Mayo, m. a dau. of Blakeney,
of Abbert, co. Galway, and had a son, Charles of Foxford,
CO. JIayo, b. 1707 ; m. Anne. dau. of Rev. James Price, M.A.,
a Minor Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and d. 1769,
leaving by her (who d. 1783, aged 74), with other issue,

James, Capt. 46th Hegt., h. 1737; to. 1762, Jane, dau.
of Capt. Stephen de Gualy, of Languedoc, France, and
d. 1S07, leaving by her (who was b. 1741; d. 1808),
with two daus. (Mrs. Corneille and Mrs. Carey), seven

1 Charles Montagu (Sin), Earrister-at-Law, M.P.,
Knighted Jan. 1806, created a Baronet by letters patent
dated 29 Pec. 1812, b. 23 April, 1767; to. June, 1794,
ElizaDcth, dau. of Thomas Kingsbury, Esq., and d. 3
March, 1818, leaving two sons, SiB James, 2nd Bart.,
d. s. p. 1822, and Sir Tho.mas, 3rd Bart, who d. s. i). 9
Aug. 1833, when the title became extinct.

2 Stephen, Major in the army, wi. the dau. of Maxi-
milian Faviere, Esq. of Dublin, and d. s. p.

3 James Wilmot (Kev.), m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Hugh
Dillon Massey, 1st Bart, of Doonass, and d. 1831,
leaving with four daus., one son, James Wilmot,

4 Henry (Kev.), M.A., Rector of Kilskeer, co. Meath, m.
Margaret, dau. of Rev. Michael Sandys, Rector of
Powerscourt, and d. Sept. 1818, leaving a dau. Mary
Charlotte, m. 19 July, 1838, Rev. Hugh Hamilton, and

iive sons,

John Blosset (Rev.), Rector of Templemore, b. 25 May,
18C5; TO. 13 Jan. 1839, Martha, 3rd dau. of Rev.
Kichard Greir, D.D., of Middleton, co. Cork ; and d.
J848, having had issue, Henry Magee, M.A Queen's
■Coll. Oxford, Capt. 1st Vol. Batt. Royal Lancaster
Regt., and Sarah Margaret {d. 1871), m. Lieut.-Col.
F. Wheeler, son of Sir Hugh Massy Wheeler, Bart.

AVilliam Edwin (Rev.), b. G July, 1808; in. 9 Dec.

1839, EUen, dau. of James Price, Esq.

Charles Montagu, Barrister-at-Law, b. 27 Oct. 1810 ;

TO. 13 Dec 1838, Anne Christina, dau. of Thomas

'■ Hutchiuson, Esq., and widow of George Keough,

Esq., and had Charles Montagu Francis, b. 1 Feb.


Henry Wilmot (Right Hon.), P.C. (1875), a Land
Judge of the Chancery Division of the High Court of
Justice in Ireland 1876 to 1885, b. 19 Feb. 181! ;
called to the Irish Bar 1835, Q.C. 1858, Solioitor-
■General for Ireland 1874, Attorney-General, 1875,
Judge Landed Estates Court, Ireland, Nov. 1875 : to.

1840, Julia, dau. of Henry Hamilton, Esq. of Tully-
lish, CO. Down, and d. 17 Sept. 1887, leaving four
«ons and three daus. His son Frederick (Rev.),
31. A., Vicar of Hanover Church, London, m. 20 Feb.
1888, Caroline Ellen Mary, dau. of the late T. ¥.
Eraser, Esq.

Edwin Sandys, b. 12 Nov. 1813.

5 WiUiam, Capt. 16th Madras N.I.

6 George, Capt. R.N.

7 John Blosset, Capt. 7th Regt.

Robert Ormsby d. 1700, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Obmbst, Esq. of Cloghans and Gortner Abbey, m. 1st,
Elenrietta Bingham, of Ncwbrook, and 2ndly, Frances Vesey,
and had, with other issue,

William Obmsbt, Esq. of Gortner Abbey, co. Mayo, to.
Isabella, youngest dau. of Thomas Palmer, Esq. of Carrow-
inore, co. Mayo, by Eleanor Jackson his wife, and had issue
(with others, who d. unvi.), John, his heir; Hannah, ?;i.
William Palmer, Esq. of Richmond, co. Mayo; Elizabeth, d.
unm. William Ormsby, Esq., d. Oct. 1790, at a very advanced
age, and was s. by his only son,

John Ormsby, Esq. of Gortner Abbey, High Sheriff 1807.
He to. circa 1785, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of George Jackson,
Esq. of Enniscoe, co. Mayo, by Jane his wife, dau. of the
Eight Hon. James Cuff, M.P., and sister of .Tames, Lord
Tyrawley, and by her (who rf. 1830) had issue, with nine other
daus. who all d. young or unni.,

John, his he

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