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h, 1603.

4 John, of Shrewsbury, living 1572.

1 Elizabeth, m. Hugh Phillipps, of Shrewsbury.

IV. Thomas, Serjeant-at-Law, who left an only dau. Ursula.
Owen ap Griffith was s. by his eldest son,

David Lloyd ap Owen, m. Thomasine, dau. and co-heir of 1
Thomas Ireland, Esq. of Oswestry, sister of his father's 2nd j
wife, and had (with four daus.) an only son and heir, \

John ap David Lloyd, of Machynlleth, ??i. Matilda, dau. of
Hugh ap Ievan, of Mathafarn, and had

Owen ap John, otherwise Owen Jones, of Machynlleth, who
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Owen ap Howel Goch. By her he had
(with five daus.) an only son and heir,

Rowland Owen, of Llunllo, who first adopted the surname
of Owen ; he was High Sheriff co. Montgomery 1611, m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Richard Pugh, Esq. of Mathafarn, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Thomas Owen, Esq. of Llunllo, who m. Joyce Pugh, of
Mathafarn, and was father of

Rowland Owen, Esq. of Llunllo. He m. Barbara, dau. of
Lumley Williams, Esq. of Ystymcollwyn, and had one son,

Thomas Owen, Esq. of Llunllo, in. 1st, Anna, dau. of Sir
Thomas Powell, Knt. of Llechwedd Dyrys, co. Cardigan, one
of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, and by her had
two sons,

I. Thomas, of Llunllo, High Sheriff co. Montgomery, 1726,
?)!. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Cornelius Le Brun, Esq. of
Kanteos, co. Cardigan, and had, with two daus.,

1 Rowland, of Llunllo, m. Frances Philipps, of co.
Carmarthen, d. s. p. 15 Jan. 1738.

2 Thomas, of Llunllo, heir to his brother, iii. Anne, dau.
of Lewis Edwards, Esq. of Talgarth, co. Merioneth, and
had issue,

Thomas, d. unm. Robert, d. unm.

Lewis, d. unm.

Avarina Brunetta, heir of her father, m. 19 May, 1772,

John Herbert, Esq. of Dolvorgan, co. Montgomery, and

had i.'sue.
Susan, d. unm.
Margaret, m. Thomas Lloyd Anwyl, Esq.

II. William, of Bettws, of whom hereafter.

Mr. Owen ?n. 2ndly, Abigail, dau. and co-heir of Rev. Hugh
Owen, of Bronyclydwr, and by her had,

III. Hugh (see Owen of Tedsmore).

I. Barbara, d. unm.

II. Martha, m. Richard Bclkeley Hatchett, Esq., from
whom descended Owen of Tedsmore (see Diat family).

The 2nd son, whose descendant became eventual heir male,

William Owen, Esq. of Bettws, co. Montgomery, in. 24
June, 1704, Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of Richard Pryce,
Esq. of Henvaes (son of Thomas Pryce, Esq., by Elizabetli
his wife, dau. of John Lingaine, Esq. of Bettws), and had,
with a younger son, Thomas, b. 1712, who d. unm., a suc-

Lingaine Owen, Esq. of Bettws, m. 1706, Mary, dau. of
Jenkin Lloyd, Esq. of Clockfaen, co. Montgomery (by Rachael
his wife, dau. of John Fowler, Esq. of Abbey Cwm Ilir, co.
Radnor), and by her (who m. 2ndly, John Gethwyn, Gent, of
Vaynor, and d. 1797, aged 90 years) left at his decease, 1735,
aged 29 (with four daus.), one son,

Pryce Owen, Esq. of Bettws, m. Bridget, only dau. and
heiress of John Wliitfield, Esq. of Shrewsbury, and left at his
decease, 31 July, 1786, a dau. Harriet, in. Rev. John Rocke,
M.A., Rector of Clungunford, co. Salop, and a son,

Ven. Hugh Owen, M.A., of Bettws, Archdeacon of Salop,
Prebendaryof Lichfield and Sarum.and Portionist of Brampton,
CO. Oxford, m. Harriet, dau. and co-heir of Edward Jeffreys.
Esq. of Shrewsbury, and had issue,

Edward Pbtce, his heir.

Harriett, m. Charles Townshcnd Wilson, Esq., son of
Richard Wilson, Esq. co. Tyrone, by his wife, Anne,
dau. of Right Hon. John Townshend, Chancellor of tha





Archdeacon Owen d. 23 Pec. 1827, and was s. by his son,

Bev. Edward Prsce Owen, M.A., of Bettws, Vicar of
Wellington, and Rector of Eyton, co. Salop, 6. 3 March, 1788 ;
m. 6 Dec. 1825, Mary, only dau. and heiress of Samuel Darby,
Esq. of Colebrookdale, and had issue,

Hugh Dabbt, his heir.

Mary, m. 18 July, 1350, Colmore Frind Colmore, Esq. of
Moore End, near Cheltenham, and has issue.
Mr. Owen d. 6 Nov. 18G3, and was s. by his son,

Hdgh Dabbt Owen, Esq. of Bettws Hall, 6. 1 July, 1827 ;
Si!. 25 Sept. 1851, Harriet Eliza, dau. of Samuel Smith, Esq.,
Judge at Calicut, Malabar Coast, Jladras, and had issue,

I. Hugh Darby Anneslkt, liis lieir.

II. Edward Koderick, 6. 7 May, la5G.

I. Wary Matilda. it. Alice Harriot Eva.

III. Georgina West. iv. Evelyn Maud.
Mr. Owen d. 18C8.

^n)is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., a lion rampant sa., a
canton of the last ; 2nd and 3rd arg., a cross flory engrailed sa.
between four Cornish choughs ppr., on a chief az. a boar's
head couped arg., tusked or, langued gu. Crests — 1st, A Cornish
ckough ppr. holding in the dexter claw a fleur-de-lis arg. ; 2nd,
Two eagle's heads conjoined and erased per fesse or and gu.,
membered of the last.

Seats— Bettws Hall, Newtown, co. Montgomery, and Eoderic
House, Cheltenham.

Keaide7ice3~CaMon Curliew, Leicester, and 37, Lowndes Sq.,



EuLKELET, o£ Tcdsinore Hall, co. Salop, B.A.,
J.P., b. 15 Not. 1827; m. 24 Aug. 1880, Hon.
Tanny Mary Katharine Ormsby Gore, only child
of John Ealph, 1st Lord Harlech, and widow of
Hon. Lloyd Kenyon, eldest son of the 3rd Baron
Kenyon, of Gredington, and mother of Lloyd, 4th
Baron Kenyon (see Bueke's Peerage).

Liineag'e. — Hugh Owen, M.D. (3rd son of TnoirAs Owen, of
Ltunllo, see Owen of Bcttics), lived at Shrewsbury, until his
cousin, Mrs. Sarah Owen, last of the family of WooJhouse,
made a deed of gift of the 'Woodhouse estate in his favour,
whither, at lier request, he moved. He rf. 28 June, 1764,
aged 56. He had previously made a will, by which he be-
queathed Woodhouse back to Mrs. Sarah Owen, who, on the
14th of the next August, made a new settlement of the property
<s£«OsvEN of Woodhouse). Dr. Owen's sister,

Martha Owen, and her husband, Richard Bclkeley
Hatchett (who was the only son of Edward Hatchett, Esq. of
JLee, CO. Salop, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Robert Bulkeley,
of Coedana, in Anglesey, son of Rev. Richard Bulkeley, of
Clanygors, whose father, William, was son of Tristram, the
8th son of the 2nd marriage of Sir Richard Bulkeley, of
.B-eaumaris), erected the mansion house at Tedsmore, on her
property. She had issue by Mr. Hatchett (who d. 15 Dec.
i!803, aged 80),

Bclkeley Hatchett, of Ellesmere, 6. 15 May, 1750, who s.
liis younger brother in Tedsmore.

Hugh Hatchett, 6. 4 Oct lb51, of whom presently, as first
successor to Tedsmore.

Mary Hatchett, d. v.iun.

Sarah Hatchett, m. Thomas Salusbury, Esq., brother of Sir
Eoberi Salusbury, Bart, of Llanwern, co. Monmouth.
The 2nd son, Hugh, having «. to the Tedsmore and other
<6tates of the Owen family, assumed that surname, and

Hugh Owen, Esq. of Tedsmore. He d. unm. 25 Dec. 1818,
when his estates passed to his elder brother,

Bdlkeley Hatchett, Esq. of Tedsmore, previously of Elles-
fnere, m. about 1789, Mary, only dau. and heir of Tlionias
Mainwaring, Esq. of London, 2nd son of James Mainwariug,
of Bombro, co. Chester, by whom he had issue,

Thomas Bulkeley, s. to Tedsmore.

Hugh James, d. '25 May, 1791.

Samuel Bulkeley, b. 17 Aug. 1792; d. unm. 21 July, 1817.

Mr. Hatchett d. 23 Aug. 1830. His eldest son,

Thomas Bulkeley Bulkeley-Owen, Esq. of Tedsmore, h.
16 July, 1790 ; m. 24 March, 1824, Marianne, eldest dau. of
Eev. Edward Thelwall, of Llanbedr Hall, and Bathafarn
Park, CO. Denbigh, and by her (who d. 1 March, 1865) had

Bulkeley Hatchett, his heir.

Thomas Mainwaring Bulkeley, heir to his brother.

Maiiaune Eliza irances, m. 22 July, 1852, Kev. Edward

Jacson, Rector of Thrnxtnn, Hereford, son of George
Jaeson, Esq. of Barton Hall, co. Lancaster, and had issue,
Shalcross Bulkeley ; Edward Roger; Mainwaring George;
Owen Fiizlierbert ; Frances Charlotte, m. Robert Evelyn
Hay Murray, only son of Robert Hay Murray, Esq. of Spin-
field, Marlow (see Athole, U.).
This gentleman adopted the surnames of Bulkeley-Owen as
heir to a branch of the Owen family. He d. April, 1867, and
was s. by his eldest son,

Bulkeley Hatchett BuLKELET-OwEN.m. 3 Oct. 1867, Emma
Maria Heywood, dau. of Rev. George Heywood, Rector of Ide-
ford, CO. Devon; d. s. p. 10 Aug. 1868, and was s. by his
brother. Rev. Thomas Mainwaring Bulkeley Bclkelei-
OwEN, now of Tedsmore.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th counter-quartered, 1st and
4th arg., a lion rampant sa., a canton of the last ; 2nd and 3id
arg., a cross flory engrailed sa. between four Cornish chouglis
ppr., on a chief az. a boar's head couped arg., tusked or, and
lai.gued gu., for Owen ; 2nd and 3rd sa., a chevron between
three bulls' heads cabossed arg., for Bulkeley. Crests — 1st,
Owen, Two eagles' heads conjoined and erased per fesse or ana
gu., membered of the last ; 'Jnd, Bulkeley, Out of a ducal
coronet or, a bull's Ijead arg. armed of the first. Mottoes —
Ceidw, Owain a Gafodd; Nee temere nee limide ; Eryr Eryrod
jSeai— Tedsmore Hall, Oswestry, co. Salop.


MosTTN-OwEN, Aethur, Esq. of Woodlionse, co.
Salop, J.P., High SherifE 1873, late of Madras Civil
Service, b. Oct. 1813; m. 1851, Julia, 3rd dau. of
William Herring, Esq. of Hethersett Hall, co. Nor-
folk, and has issue,

I. Arthur William, 6. Oct. 1853, late 1st Eoyal

II. Charles Roger, b. May, 18£5 ; m. 8 Feb. 1S88, Beatiice
Sophia, 2nd dau. of the late John Radcliffe, Esq. of
Moorfield, co. Lancaster, and has issue, Roger Arthur, b.
1 Dec. 1888, and Guy Charles, b. 25 Oct. 1891.

liineag'e. — Howel, 2nd son of Owen ap Griffith, of
Llunllo (see Owen of Bettws), resided In Machynlleth, and was
father of

Richard Owen, Esq. of Shrewsbury, who m. Alicia, dau. of
David Ireland, of same place, and was father of

Edward Owen, Esq. of Shrewsbury, one of the executors of
his cousin. Judge Owen, of Condover, was s. by his eon,

Robert Owen, of Woodhouse, High Sheriff co. Salop, 1613,
ni. three times and had eighteen children. He was s. by liis

Edward Owen, Esq. of Woodhouse, b. 1602, whose eldest
surviving son,

Robert Owen, Esq. of Woodhouse, High Sheriff co. Salop,
16G7, m. Mary, dau. of John Eddisbury, and had issue,

I. John, his heir.

I. Mary, who m. Piers Lloyd, Esq., ancestorof Joun Llotd,
Esq. of Trawscoed, of whom hereafter.

II. Anne, d. unm.

III. Martha, vi. Humphrey Kynaston, Esq. of Bryngwyn, co.
Montgomery, and had an only child and heir,

Mary Kynaston, m. William Mostyn, (Esq. (son of Rev.
John Mosiyn, grandson of Ven. William Mostyn, Arch-
deacon of Bangor, and great-grandson of Sir Roger
Mostyn, Knt. of Mo.styn), and had a son,
William Mostyn, Esq. of Bryngwyn, m. Grace, dau. of
Robert Wynn, Esq. of Blas-ny-wydd, and was father
William Mostin, eventual inheritor of Woodhouse.
rv. Muriel, m. John Evans, Gent.
Robert Owen d. 1696, and was s. by his son,

John Owen, Esq. of Woodhouse, m. Sarah, dau. and co-heir
of Thomas Cotton, Esq. of Pulley, near Shrewsbury, and dying-
1737, left two daus., and co-heirs, viz.,

Muriel Owen and Sarah Owen. These ladies agreed to put
into possession of the Woodhouse estate, by a deed of gift,
Hugh Owen, M.D., son of Thomas Owen, of Llunllo, by his
2nd wife ; but that gentleman came to an untimely death
28 June, 1784, having previously made a will, by which he
bequeathed the said estate to his benefactress, Mrs. Sarah
Owen, who survived him, and who, 14 Aug. following, created
a new entail of the property successively to John Lloyd, of
Trawscoed; William, eldest son of William Mostyn, of Bryn-
gwyn; Robert, 3rd son of the said William Mostyn ; and Pryce
Owen, M.D., of Shrewsbury; remainder, in default of issue
male of all these persons, to her next heir male of the name





and family of Owen, of Woodhoiise. At the decease of Johu
Uoyd, Esq. of Trawscoed, Woodhouse, it devolved on

William Mosttn, Esq. of Woodhouse, grandson of Mary
Kynaston, granddau. of Robert Owen, of Woodhouse, who then
assumed the surname of Owen. He was High Sheriff co. Salop
ICGT, and M.P. co. Montgomery in three Farliaments. He 7)1.
llebecca, sister of Thomas Crewe Pod, Esq. of Edge, co. Chester,
and had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Edward Henry Jlostyn-Owen (Hev.), Rector of Cound,
Salop, m. Elizabeth Sophia, dau. of Kev. Henry Hincheliffe,
of Barthoniley, co. Chester, and d. having had four sons
and four daus.

I. Kebeeca, m. John Humffreys, Esq. of Llwyn, co. Mont^
gomery, and had issue, four sons and two daus.

II. Frances Maria, i?i. Eichard, 4th Lord Berwick, and had

311. Harriet, m. John Jlytton, Esq. of Halston, co. Salop, and
had issue.

IV. Sobieski, jh. K. B. Dean, Esq., and had issue.

V. Eloisa, m. Kev. Henry Calveley Cotton, Rector of Hin-
stock, and Vicar of Great Xess, Salop, and had issue.

VI. Laura, d. unm.

Mr. Mostyn-Owen d. 11 March, 1705, and was s. by his eldest

William Mosttn-Owen, Esq. of Woodhouse, m. Harriet
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Major T. Gordon-Cumming, of Bath,
and had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Arthur, now of Woodhouse.

III. Francis, of Althrcy Hall, co. Denbigh, formerly Capt.
63rd and 44th Foot, 6. 1815. m. 22 July, 1845, Hon.
Georgiana Noel Hill, dau. of Richard, 4th Lord Berwick,
of Attiiigham, and by her, who d. 23 March, 1S54, has two

Georgina Harriet, vi. 1871, Henry Walker, Esq. of Calder-
stone, CO. Lancaster.

Helen Louisa Muriel, m. 1879, Francis Philip Egerton
Cotton, Esq.
rv, Henry, d. unm.

V. Charles, m. Frances, dau. of Rev. Edward Duncombe,
Rector of Barthomley, co. Chester, and has three sons and
two daus.

I. Sarah Harriet, m. 1st, Edward Hosier-Williams, Esq. of
Eaton Thapcott, Shrewsbury, who d. 1844, and 2ndly Hon.
Judge Haliburton, of Gorton House, Isleworth.

II. Frances, vi. Col. Robert Jlyddleton-Biddulph, M.P., of
Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh (who d. 1872), leaving issue.

III. Caroline, m. 1S48, George SpofTortU-Lister, Esq., J. P.
and D.L., of Finningley Park, co. York, and Hirst Priory,
CO. Lincoln.

IV. Emma. v. Sobieski.

His eldest son,

William Mosttn-Owen, Major Royal Dragoons, d. unm.
1868, and was s. by his brother, now of Woodhouse.

Arms — Arg., a lion rampant and a canton sa. Cresl — Two
eagles" heads conjoined and erased per fesse or and gu., mem-
bered of the last.

Seat — Woodhouse, West Felton, Oswestry.


Htjmpheets-Owen, AETHrR Charles, Esq. of
GrlanseTern, co. Montgomery, J. P., D.L., and Cliair-
man of County Council and Deputy Chairman of
Quarter Sessions for co. Montgomery, and J. P. for
CO. Merioneth, b. 9 Nov. 1836 ; called to the Bar
1864, assumed by royal licence the name and arms
of Owen in 1876, in compliance with a settlement
of the Glansevern estate made by Mrs. Anne
Warburtou Owen ; m. 26 Jan. 1874, Maria, eldest
dau. of the late James Eussell, Esq., Q.C., and has
I. AETHrR Erskine Owen, &. 16 June, IS76.

I. Eleanor Frances.

II. Alici. in. Diana.

liineage. — Llewelyn at Howel, m. about 1470, Ang-
harad, dau. and heiress of Llewelyn ap Phylip, of Cevn Havod,
CO. Montgomery, seventh in descent from Madog Danwr, and
was ancestor of the Owens of Cevn Havod and Glansevern.
From this marriage descended

David Owen, of Cevn Havod, m. Frances, dau. of John
Rogers, Esq. of Cevn y Berain, and d. 1777, leaving by her
(who d. 1754, aged 66), with other issue, an eldest son,

Owen Owen, of Cevn Havod, High Sheriff co. Mont-
gomery 1766, 6. 1723 ; m. 1745, Anne, dau. and heir of Charles
Davies, Esq. of Tynycoed, in the parish of Berriew, by Sarah

his wife, dau. and heir of Edward Evans, of Rhyd y Carw,
in the parish of Treveglwys, and had issue,

I. Arthur (Sir), his heir.

II. David (Rev.), M.A., Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb., d. unm.

m. William, heir to his brother.

I. Mary. m. Thomas Johnes, Esq. of Garthmyl-isav, and left
with other issue,

Edward Johnes, M.D., of Garthmyl-isav, whose yoimgest
Eliza, TO. Nov. 1835, Erskine Humphreys, of Lincoln's
Inn, Banister-at-Law (see Humphrets), and d. 19 Feb.
1863, having had issue,

1 Arthur Charles Homphrets-Owen, now of Glan-

2 Edward Wingfield, of Garthmyl, New Zealand, m.
April, I86y, Alice, younger dau. of the late Hon.
Joseph Hawdon, M.L.C., New Zealand, and tJ. s. j).
26 April, 1892.

II. Eleanor, d. t«?m. 1816.

Owen Owen d. 1789, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Arthur Davies Owen, Knt. of Glansevern, co. Mont-
gomery, High Sheriff 1814, who d. s. p. 1816, and was s. by his

William Owen, Esq. of Glansevern, Fellow of Trin. Coll.
Camb. and King's Counsel. He m. Anne Warburton, widow of
Rev. Thomas Coupland, of The Priory, Chester, dau. of Capt.
Thomas Sloughter, 16th Light Dragoons, and granddau. of
Thomas Sloughter (High Sheriff of Chester 1755), by Anne his-
wife, sister of Sir Peter Warburton, 4th Bart, of Arley, but
d. s. p. 1837, when he bequeathed Glansevern to his widow,
who d. 1876, when the estate passed, in pursuance of a settle-
ment made by her to her husband's great-great-nephew,
Arthur Charles Humphrets, who thereupon assumed the
surname and arms of Owen.

J'amilji of Ijumjjljrtgs.

Arthur Humphreys, of Gwernawid, in the parish of Kerry,
CO. Montgomery, and Llanilar, co. Cardigan, m. 7 Pec. 1712,
Anne, only child of Charles Gardiner, of Joyce Hall, South-
fleet, Kent, and had, with other issue, who all d. s. p.

James Christmas Arthur, m. and had three sons, Arthur,
Richard, Charles, and a dau. Edith.

Charles Gardiner, of whom presently.

The 2nd surviving son,

Charles Gardiner Humphreys, of Bank House, Mont-
gomery, m. Martha, dau. of Edward Bright, and by her had

I. Charles Gardiner, 6.28 March, 1757; to. Elizabeth, dau.
of Rev. — Smith. Vicar of Wellington, Salop, and Canon of
Chester Cathedral, and had issue, Charles Gardiner, 14th
Light Dragoons, d. unm. ; Richard Smith, of Bank House,
Montgomery (who had issue a dau., Maria Micaela de Los
Mercedes, TO. Nicholas Watson Fairies Humphreys, Esq.);
Martha, vi. Christopher Rowland Richard-son; Mary,
d. s. p.; Elizabeth, d. s. p.

II. Samuel, b. 17 May, 1760; m. at Bombay, 1799, Anne, dau.
of Joseph Popham, of Cork, H.B.M. Consul at Tangieis,
and half-sister of the late Sir Home Popham, and by her
(who d. 1852) had iesue,

Erskine, Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's Inn, b. 9 July,
1803 ; in. Nov. 1835, Eliza, dau. of Edward Johnes,
Esq., M.D., of Lower Garthmyl, and d. 28 Sept. 1877.

Charles Wyndham, Hon. E.l.Co.'s Artillery, 6. 9 Nov.
1806 ; d. unm. 1826.

Catherine, to. Robert Baines.
HI. Richard, H.E.l.C. Engineers, 6. 28 Jan. 1762; d. unm.

IV. James, b. 15 April, 1765; d. in infancy.

V. James, b. 27 Sept. 1768; m. Charlotte Dorothy, dau. —
Goodrich, of Saling Grove, Essex, and d. s. ]>.

VI. Edward, 6. 4 Feb. 1771; m. Marianne, dau. of Thomas
Salt, and had issue, Edward, d. uiim.; Thomas, ?)?.. Jean-
nette Napoli, only child of the late John Cotman, Esq., and
had issue, three sons and six daus; Marianne, d. mmwi. ;
Selina, Hi,. Herbert Brown, late Surveyor-General of Customs,
and had issue, Frances ; Charlotte.

I. Anne, 6. 30 Aug. 1763; d. unm.

II. Mary, b. 16 Aug. 17i8; 771. Rev. James Johnson Baines,
Rector of Caynhani, co. Salop, and had issue.

Artns — Sa., a tilting-spear erect or, the head ppr., imbrued,
gu., between three scaling-ladders arg., on a chief erm. a tort
triple-towered of the third. Crest— A wolf salient ppr. suii-
poriing a scaling-ladder arg. Jl/o»o— Toraf cyn plygaf.

/Seat— Glansevern, Garthmyl, co. Montgomery.


Owen, Griffith Humphreys, Esq. of Ymwlch,
CO. Carnarvon, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff 1864, late





Capt. Eoyal Carnarvon Militia, I. 1833 ; m. 1865,
Marian, 2nd dau. of JosiaTi Kadcliffe, Esq. of Wer-
netli Park, Oldham, and by her (who d. 1884) has

I. Gbiffith KADCLirrE, 6. IS'36; Capt. 4th Batt. E.W.

II. Arthur Llewellyn, 6. 1869.
lu. Charles Samuel, h. 1879.

liineagre. — Rey. Griffith Owen, Eectorot Llanenddwyn,
CO. Merioneth, M.A., J. P., to. 1789, Catherine, ^nd dau. of
Hugh Thomas, Esq. of Hendre, same cc, and d. 1826, leaving
by her (who d. 1820) a son,

Eev.GbifiithOwen, M.A.Oxon,of Ymwlch, J.P. for cos. Car-
narvon and Merioneth, Rector of Penniorfa, diocese of Bangor,
m. 1816, Anne, only dau. and heir of Humphreys Jones, Esq.
of Brithdir Mawr, co. Carnarvon, and hy her (who d. 1851)
had issue,

Griffith Homphrets, his heir.

Jane Catherine, m. 1S59, Rev. Thomas Morgan, Rector of
Dyserth, who d. 1893. She d. 1880.

Elizabeth Anne, m. 1849, Robert Siincocks Perrott, Esq. of
Bronbyddon, co. Montgomery, and had issue, five sons and
three daus.
Rev. Griffith Owen d. 1853.

Scat — Ymwlch, Critcieth.


Owen, Daniel, Esq. of Ash Hall, co. Glamorgan,
J.P., 5. 27 May, 1829; m. 12 July, 1852, Sarah
Ann, dau. of Rev. Griffith Jones, and has issue,

Edward Tudob, h. 18 Nov. 1870.

Mary, 6. 26 April, 1869; m. Dr. Naunton Wingfield Davies,
Bridgend, and has issue.

Mr. Owen is son of David Owen, Esq. of New
Forest House, co. Glamorgan, (who d. j)e,c. 1888),
by his wife, Mary Morgan (m. 1827 j d. July,
&tai — Ash Hall, near Cowbridge.


Owen, George Leader, Esq., LL.B. (Cantab.),
of Withybush, co. Pembroke, J. P. and D.L., on roll
for High Sheriff 1895, h. 1838; m. 1887, Jane, Lady
Maxwell, of Calderwood, widow of Sir William
Maxwell, 10th Bart, of Calderwood, and dau. of
Erank Daird, Esq. Mr. Owen is 2nd son of
William Owen, Esq. of Withybush and Pcyston
(who d. 1879), D.L. and J. P. for co. Pembroke,
Sheriff 1859, by his wife Martha Hall (d. 1886),
dau. of George Stevenson, Esq. ; and grandson
(by Letitia, his wife, m. 1790), of William Owen,

Seat— Withybush, Haverfordwest.


Owen, Charles Edward Jones, Esq. of Heng-
wrtucha, co. Merioneth, J. P., D.L., High Sheriff
1890 ; b. 17 Sept. 1857 ; m. 11 July, 1889, Mary
Maitland, younger dau. of J. Vaughan, Esq. of
Ifannau, co. Merioneth. Mr. Owen, who was edu-
cated at Eton and Ch. Ch. Oxford, is son of the
Eev. E. C. Owen, by his wife, the dau. and co-heiress
of Hugh Jones, Esq. of Hengwrtucha. He has
three sisters, viz., Anna Eva Mary Sophia, m. Col.
Jones- Vaughan, A.A.G. atDevonport; Ella Cathe-
rine Jane Frances ; Amy Caroline Lydia Mar-
guerite, m. Eev. LI. Wynne-Jones, M.A.

Residences — Hengwrtucha, Dolgelly ; and Aberhirieth Hall,
Cemmaes, co. Montgomery.

tn. 1861, Evelyn Margaret, dau. of Robert James
Tennent, Esq. of Rushpark, co. Antrim, J. P.
and D.L.

Lineagre. — The family of Gillilan, from which that of
Owens derives the Holestone property, went from Scotland to>
Ireland in the reign of Charles II.

Henry Oweks, Esq., m. 1724, Jane, eldest dau. of William
Gillilan, Esq. of Holestone, by which marriage the Gillilarj
property, for want of heirs male, passed to the Owens, and by
her had two sons,

William, of Holestone, 6. 1725; d. unm., when the estate-
devolved upon his nephew. John.

The 2nd son,

John Owens, Esq. of Tildarg, 6. 1726; m. 7 March, 1769,
Anne, dau. of the Rev. George Rogers, Rector of Dunachy, co.
Antrim, and left a son,

James Owens, Esq. of Holestone, co. Antrim, J.P. and D.L.,
6. 18 June, 1777, who served as High Sheriff co. Antrim 1838.
He m. 20 Dec. 1799, Mary, dau. of John Forsythe, Esq. of
Ballymure, by Sarah his wife, dau. of William Gillilan, Esq. of
Collin, and by her (who d. 1852) left at his decease, 21 Nov.
1848, a son and successor,

John Owens, Esq. of Holestone, J. P., b. 30 Jan. 1801 ; m 4-
Feb. 1828, Jane, dau. of James Stewart Moore, Esq. of Bally-
divity, CO. Antrim, J.P. and D.L., and d. 7 Nov. 1874, having-
had issue,

I. James, now of Holestone.

I. Harriett Skeffington, m. 8 Jan. 1850, the Rev. James Orr,
and d. 14 April, 1855.

II. Mary Sarah, d. April, 1861.

III. Margaret. iv. Jane.

v. Elizabeth Anne, m. Jan. 1868, Harry Adair Trncey, Lieut. -
Col. R.A., and d. 1872, leaving a son, Harry Owens, 0. 11
July, 1869, and two daus.

Arms — Gu., on a mount in base vert, a boar passant arg.,.
armed collared and chained or, to a hollybusli ppr., on ai
canton of the third, three ravens' legs erased, meeting at the
fesse point sa. Crest — A boar j'assant ppr., collared and chaiiicci
or, as in the arms, il/oito— Inutilis vis est.
(Seat— Holestone, Doagh, co. Antrim.


Owens, James, Esq. of Holestone, co. Antrim,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1878, b. 3 Aug. 1836;


OxLET, Charles Lister, Esq. of Minster House-
CO. York, J.P., Capt. R.N., in command of H.M.S,
"Agamemnon," b. 1841; m. 1878, Emily, eldest;
dau. of Robert Kearsley, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Highfield, Rip

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